Have You Heard Of The “Tradwife Movement”?

In our time, everything about marriage, family and gender is being redefined, but not everyone is happy with these changes.  In fact, many long for a bygone era when life was simpler and families seemed to be much happier.  This desire to recapture what has been lost has spawned the “tradwife movement”, and this movement has been causing a tremendous amount of controversy all over social media in recent months.  Needless to say, many modern feminists absolutely abhor the social values of the 1950s, but it is precisely those values that “tradwives” are seeking to promote(Read More...)

Russia Readies Its “Poseidon” Doomsday Weapon As The World Stumbles To The Brink Of Nuclear Conflict

In a game of “nuclear chicken”, one of the potential outcomes is that everybody loses.  We have reached a point where nuclear annihilation is just one mistake away, and that should deeply alarm all of us.  But as I discussed in a previous article, most people don’t seem to care.  Instead, most people just seem to assume that our leaders have everything under control and that they know exactly what they are doing.  Unfortunately, the truth is that they are completely nuts.  They just decided to escalate the war in Ukraine again, and they are dragging us to the brink of nuclear conflict.  Of course once a nuclear war starts, the option of choosing new leaders will be gone. (Read More...)

We Live In An ‘Idiocracy’ In Which Violence Of Epic Proportions Has Become The Norm

Have you ever wondered why our streets are now filled with so much extreme violence?  The truth is that we didn’t get here by accident.  Our blood-soaked streets are the inevitable result of living in a blood-soaked “idiocracy” that has very little respect for human life.  In this article I am not even going to discuss all of the mass shootings that have happened in recent days.  News coverage of one mass shooting just bleeds into coverage of the next mass shooting in a seemingly endless cycle of carnage.  Instead, in this piece I am going to focus on examples that are representative of the extreme violence that we witness night after night in communities all over the United States. (Read More...)

If This Is What The Future Of America’s Major Cities Is Going To Look Like, We Are In Big Trouble

How could we have allowed things to deteriorate this badly?  For a moment, I want you to imagine that you have just arrived in a major city in a foreign country.  Unfortunately, instead of the shiny new buildings and beautiful homes that you expect to see, there is trash, filth and the sound of police sirens everywhere that you go.  After walking a few blocks, you stumble upon one of the dozens of open air drug markets that are freely operating in that particular city.  Many addicts are lying on the ground wherever they suddenly passed out, others with visible gaping wounds are staggering around like zombies, and you even spot one enterprising addict that has decided to take a dump right in the middle of the street.  Of course there are used needles scattered everywhere, and you try not to step on them.  You decide that it is time to leave, but it is already too late, because protesters behind you and in front of you have started to clash with the police.  Moments later a police car is set on fire, and you can smell tear gas in the air.  Thankfully, you are able to scramble to safety, and eventually you find your way back to your hotel room and lock the door.  When you turn on the news to see what they are saying about the chaos in the streets, you are amazed to discover that it is being reported that the protests were “mostly peaceful” and that everything is just fine. (Read More...)

14 Incredibly Awesome Animal Videos That Will Help You To Smile During These Troubled Times

If you are a news junkie like I am, it can be really easy to focus on all of the bad things that are going on in the world.  Right now, economic conditions are rapidly deteriorating, the global food crisis is getting worse, the fabric of our society is decaying all around us, and it appears that the war in Ukraine is about to go to an entirely new level.  I know that I write about a lot of subjects that are very heavy, and so once in a while I will try to balance that out by posting something that is designed to bring you some joy.  I love animals, and I think that one of the greatest things about the Internet is all of the wonderful animal videos that people share.  Hopefully what I have decided to share below will be a blessing to you.  The following are 14 incredibly awesome animal videos that will help you to smile during these troubled times… (Read More...)

Has The World Economic Forum Just Reached “Peak Creepy”?

Why do people think that it is creepy that a group of “select human beings” have gathered in Davos, Switzerland to shape the agenda of the entire planet?  Could it be because many of the attendees are horny aging narcissists that truly believe that they are “saving the world”?  During the day they listen to speeches about diversity, equality and inclusion, and then at night many of them pay young women to perform degrading sex acts.  But since they have lots of money, they are able to pay the “sex workers” very well.  Of course a lot of them flew into Davos on carbon-spewing private jets, but then they have the gall to lecture the rest of us about turning up our thermostats a little bit too much in the middle of the winter.  Sadly, no matter what these elitists do, the mainstream media will continue to portray them as “saviors” that are justifiably telling the rest of us how to live our lives. (Read More...)

Something Really Strange Is Happening…

Have you noticed that a lot of people have started to behave very strangely?  It is almost as if the level of insanity in our society has been suddenly ramped up several notches, and I don’t have a rational explanation for why this is happening.  All I know is that everywhere I look, people are behaving quite oddly.  Perhaps we have simply reached a point where the number of stupid people in our society has reached a critical mass.  Sadly, the truth is that intelligence levels in our society have been dropping for decades. (Read More...)

The World Economic Forum Has Invented A New Word To Describe The Extreme Chaos That Is Gripping Our Planet

This week, 2,658 of the “world’s decision-makers” will gather in Davos, Switzerland for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.  Protected by thousands of police officers and soldiers, the elite of the world will feast and party throughout the week as they shape the global agenda for the coming year.  Needless to say, our input is not desired or welcomed.  In order to get into this conference, you have got to be a part of their club, and in order to be a part of their club you must be a very important person.  It is being reported that the official list of 2,658 attendees this year includes “heads of state, business royalty, actual royalty, media honchos, and academics”… (Read More...)