Is Elevating Kamala Harris To The Presidency The Next Stage In Their Plan?

Ever since Joe Biden dropped out of the race, prominent Republicans have been relentlessly calling for him to resign.  They argue that if Biden is unfit to run, he is also unfit to serve.  It is hard to argue with that.  But getting Biden to resign would essentially be the equivalent of throwing Brer Rabbit into the briar patch.  Elevating Kamala Harris to the presidency is not going to help Republicans win in November.  In fact, it would almost certainly help Harris and the Democrats. (Read More...)

3 Major Bombshells Just Dropped That Everybody Should Be Talking About Right Now

The past couple of weeks have truly been historic.  Take a moment and just consider some of the major events that we have witnessed.  Donald Trump got shot, Joe Biden dropped out of the race for president, and Kamala Harris quickly became the new presumptive nominee.  It is hard to remember a time when so much has happened in such a short period of time.  Now more bombshells have dropped, but because so much else is going on they are not getting the attention that they deserve.  The following are 3 major bombshells that everybody should be talking about right now… (Read More...)

A Woman Says That An Angel Showed Her 4 Major Things That Are Going To Happen In 2025

Are you ready for complete and utter chaos to break loose in 2025?  In this article, I am going to share with you a very alarming video that a friend sent over.  I watched the entire video, and it really resonated with me.  A woman says that an angel showed her 4 major things that are coming in 2025, and all of the major things that this woman was shown have also been seen by others.  In recent years, people all over the world have been having supernatural experiences in which details about important events that are going to happen in the future are revealed, and this is something that I have been documenting for a long time.  Unfortunately, most of the global population is not interested in such warnings. (Read More...)

Who Will Kamala Harris Pick As Her Running Mate? Here Are 6 Of The Leading Contenders…

What in the world just happened?  Within the past 24 hours, Joe Biden dropped out of the presidential race, Kamala Harris became the presumptive nominee, and hordes of top Democrats publicly endorsed her.  We are finding out that lots of people apparently knew that this was going to happen on Sunday in advance.  To call all of this “orchestrated” would be a tremendous understatement.  It appears that the Democratic party machine was absolutely determined to slam the door shut on anyone that would even think of challenging Harris.  And this is the party that was attempting to claim that it would “save democracy”? (Read More...)

In California “Unprecedented Land Movement” Of About A Foot Per Week Is Breaking Gas Lines, Cracking Roads And Causing Homes To Sink

What in the world has been happening in Rancho Palos Verdes?  When I heard that the land was “moving” there, it immediately got my attention, because I have been warning about geological instability along the California coast for more than a decade.  What is taking place has been described as an ongoing “landslide”, but that term simply does not do it justice.  Others are calling what we are witnessing “land movement” on a massive scale, and I think that is much more accurate.  According to FOX 11 in southern California, this “land movement” is breaking gas lines, cracking roads and causing homes to sink… (Read More...)

The Left Has Been Trying To Come Up With Wild Conspiracy Theories About The Trump Shooting, But They Are Failing Badly

Ever since the moment that Donald Trump was shot during a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, the left has been pushing wild conspiracy theories all over the Internet.  Unfortunately for the left, their conspiracy theories are so ridiculous that most rational people immediately see right through them.  Yes, there are legitimate questions that need to be asked about what really happened at that rally, and I have been writing about many of those questions.  But to suggest that the assassination attempt was staged or that Trump was never hit by a bullet is just nuts.  As you will see below, the stuff that the left has been coming up with is straight out of crazy town. (Read More...)

Did DEI Almost Get Donald Trump Killed?

All throughout human history, leaders of nations have been guarded by elite warriors.  That only makes sense, because there is so much to lose if a king or a president is killed.  So considering the fact that we are currently the most powerful country on the entire planet, you would think that the people that are protecting our national leaders would be extraordinarily impressive.  But actually the opposite is true.  On Saturday, we had a bunch of obvious DEI hires trying to protect Donald Trump, and he almost died. (Read More...)

Here Is The Trump Shooting Prophecy That Everybody Is Talking About

Was the attempt on Donald Trump’s life prophesied in advance?  Right now, so many people are talking about a podcast that was posted by Steve Cioccolanti on YouTube on March 14th, 2024.  During that podcast, Cioccolanti interviewed Brandon Biggs and Amanda Grace.  It is what Biggs had to say starting at the 11 minute mark that is getting so much attention.  I have even been seeing lots of non-Christian sources talking about this, and Cioccolanti’s original podcast now has over 1.2 million views.  A number of my readers have contacted me about this prophecy, and so I felt that it was important for me to address it. (Read More...)