Children All Over The United States Are Starting To Develop “White Lung Syndrome”

What in the world is going on?  Last week, we were getting reports that hospitals in China were being absolutely overwhelmed by sick kids that had developed a condition known as “white lung syndrome”.  Unfortunately, now we are learning that large numbers of children in the United States and Europe are also developing “white lung syndrome”.  In many of these cases, “white lung syndrome” is being caused by “a bacterial infection that many antibiotics cannot fight”(Read More...)

Has Whatever Is Spreading Like Wildfire In China Already Reached The United States And Europe?

Why are so many children all over the world suddenly developing pneumonia?  For the moment, health authorities are telling us that there is no reason to be alarmed.  They are telling us that all of these cases of pneumonia are being caused by the flu, RSV and other common respiratory diseases.  Hopefully that is the truth.  But to many of us, it certainly appears that something very unusual is going on.  As I discussed yesterday, massive numbers of children in China have been getting seriously sick.  According to CBS News, Beijing and other areas of northern China have been hit the hardest so far… (Read More...)

Winter Is Coming, And Deadly Pestilences Are Raging All Over The Planet…

Are we heading into a “dark winter”?  Many were hoping that the outbreaks that we have witnessed over the past few years would fade away and that life would soon return to normal.  Unfortunately, the truth is that “normal” is never coming back.  Even as you read this article, mad scientists all over the globe are monkeying around with some of the deadliest bugs ever known to humanity, and as we have seen it is way too easy for a “mistake” to happen.  Our ability to create deadly diseases far exceeds our ability to control them, and once a pathogen gets loose it can spread around the world in the blink of an eye.  So whenever a new outbreak erupts, we need to watch it very carefully. (Read More...)

A Shocking New Survey Reveals The Greatest Threats That Preppers In The U.S. Believe We Are Facing

I was very surprised by the results of a survey of preppers that was recently conducted by Fortitude Ranch.  The CEO of Fortitude Ranch, Drew Miller, says that preppers are “folks who watch events and read up on threats” and so they have a really good feel for what is really going on out there.  Today, millions of Americans are preparing for the collapse of society because we really are facing very serious existential threats which could cause the complex systems that we depend upon on a daily basis to fail at any time.  So I was very interested to examine the results of this new survey, because it gives us some insight into what the prepping community is thinking right now. (Read More...)

The Iranians Seem To Believe That The War In The Middle East Is Going To Get Much More Violent

Rumors that the war in the Middle East is about to go to the next level are flying all over social media right now.  The Iranians and the terror organizations that they support absolutely hate what is going on in Gaza, and they have been preparing to take action.  So will we see a major move soon?  That is hard to say, because there is so much that goes into such a decision.  But the former commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards is publicly telling us that “in the coming days” we will see “additional fronts join the conflict in Gaza”(Read More...)

4 Key Areas To Focus On As You Prepare For The Chaotic Events Of 2024 And Beyond

Are you ready for what is coming next?  Recently, I have been getting a lot of questions about prepping.  Thanks to the war in the Middle East, a lot of people out there are realizing that we really are running out of time.  So in this article, I am going to give some very basic practical advice.  In the short-term, it is going to be very important for you to build up your emergency fund.  Times are going to get a lot harder, and in the midst of those hard times you are going to need to continue to pay the bills.  Looking beyond a short-term perspective, you are going to need to be prepared to survive in a world that has gone completely mad. (Read More...)

Are You Prepared For The Cataclysmic Earth Changes That Are On The Way?

An absolutely massive volcanic eruption in Russia has created a cloud of dust and ash that is a thousand miles long.  Yeah, that is “normal”.  In recent days we have also seen a spectacular eruption of lava at Mt. Etna in Italy, volcanic activity has caused a brand new island to emerge off the coast of Japan, and thousands of people have been forced to evacuate in Iceland as volcanic magma races to the surface near the town of Grindavik.  If you understand the period of world history that we are living in, then you already know that what we are experiencing now is just the tip of the iceberg.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population is completely and utterly unprepared for the apocalyptic “Earth changes” that are rapidly approaching. (Read More...)

Erdogan Claims That Israel Is “Threatening People With Atomic Bombs” As Hezbollah Ramps Up Their Attacks From The North

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is doing his best to inflame tensions in the Middle East.  We all knew that he was a lunatic, but the inflammatory rhetoric that is coming out of him now is the sort of thing that we would expect to hear from leaders of Hamas or Hezbollah.  During a “fiery speech” on Wednesday, Erdogan accused Israel of being a “terror state”, and he boldly declared that Israel’s leaders must be held accountable as war criminals in international courts… (Read More...)