In California “Unprecedented Land Movement” Of About A Foot Per Week Is Breaking Gas Lines, Cracking Roads And Causing Homes To Sink

What in the world has been happening in Rancho Palos Verdes?  When I heard that the land was “moving” there, it immediately got my attention, because I have been warning about geological instability along the California coast for more than a decade.  What is taking place has been described as an ongoing “landslide”, but that term simply does not do it justice.  Others are calling what we are witnessing “land movement” on a massive scale, and I think that is much more accurate.  According to FOX 11 in southern California, this “land movement” is breaking gas lines, cracking roads and causing homes to sink… (Read More...)

The Left Has Been Trying To Come Up With Wild Conspiracy Theories About The Trump Shooting, But They Are Failing Badly

Ever since the moment that Donald Trump was shot during a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, the left has been pushing wild conspiracy theories all over the Internet.  Unfortunately for the left, their conspiracy theories are so ridiculous that most rational people immediately see right through them.  Yes, there are legitimate questions that need to be asked about what really happened at that rally, and I have been writing about many of those questions.  But to suggest that the assassination attempt was staged or that Trump was never hit by a bullet is just nuts.  As you will see below, the stuff that the left has been coming up with is straight out of crazy town. (Read More...)

Did DEI Almost Get Donald Trump Killed?

All throughout human history, leaders of nations have been guarded by elite warriors.  That only makes sense, because there is so much to lose if a king or a president is killed.  So considering the fact that we are currently the most powerful country on the entire planet, you would think that the people that are protecting our national leaders would be extraordinarily impressive.  But actually the opposite is true.  On Saturday, we had a bunch of obvious DEI hires trying to protect Donald Trump, and he almost died. (Read More...)

Here Is The Trump Shooting Prophecy That Everybody Is Talking About

Was the attempt on Donald Trump’s life prophesied in advance?  Right now, so many people are talking about a podcast that was posted by Steve Cioccolanti on YouTube on March 14th, 2024.  During that podcast, Cioccolanti interviewed Brandon Biggs and Amanda Grace.  It is what Biggs had to say starting at the 11 minute mark that is getting so much attention.  I have even been seeing lots of non-Christian sources talking about this, and Cioccolanti’s original podcast now has over 1.2 million views.  A number of my readers have contacted me about this prophecy, and so I felt that it was important for me to address it. (Read More...)

10 Burning Questions That Every American Should Be Asking About The Trump Shooting

The people that guard our leaders are supposed to be the most highly trained security personnel in the world.  So how could something like this have happened?  As I mentioned in a previous article, I have been trying to put the pieces together.  To me, it appears that we either just witnessed incompetence on an epic scale or something more insidious was going on out there.  The American people deserve answers, and hopefully we will get them.  But I think that one thing is clear.  I don’t see any possible way that the head of the Secret Service, Kimberly Cheatle, can be allowed to keep her job.  There is no way that this shooting would have happened the way that it did if competent people were running the show. (Read More...)

The Truth About Abortion In America

Abortion should be one of the central issues during this election season, because it has enormous implications for our future.  Last year, more than a million abortions were performed in the United States.  That was the first year since 2012 that we have surpassed the one million abortion mark.  Many people thought that the number of abortions would go down once Roe v. Wade was overturned, but that didn’t happen.  One of the primary reasons why the number of abortions is going up is because of the widespread availability of abortion pills.  It has become so easy to get abortion pills through the mail, and that includes states where abortion is otherwise restricted or banned.  If we don’t do something about all of these abortion pills that are flying around, the number of abortions in this country will almost certainly continue to go up.  Unfortunately, it does not appear that anything will be done to restrict abortion pills on the national level any time soon. (Read More...)

A Time Of Famine, And A Time Of War…

The tremendous suffering that we are seeing all over the world right now is only just the beginning.  As I have documented repeatedly, we are in the midst of the worst global food crisis in modern history, and we haven’t seen this many countries engaged in military conflict since World War II.  In other words, this is a time of famine, and it is a time of war.  This represents a major problem for those that believe that humans are intrinsically good and that humanity is moving into a new golden era of peace and prosperity.  If humans are intrinsically good, why is there so much evil all around us?  Of course the truth is that the evil that we see all around is the product of the evil in human hearts.  Humanity is the reason why there is so much war, so much famine, so much greed, so much corruption, and so much suffering. (Read More...)

Okay, So Who Has “Bubonic Plague” On Their 2024 Disaster Bingo Card?

This has been quite a decade for global pestilences.  The first one to hit was COVID, and that created a wave of panic that literally paralyzed the entire globe.  The next one to hit was the bird flu.  More than 100 million birds are dead, and now mammals all over the planet are getting infected.  There is a lot of concern that humans could be next, and we will be watching future developments very closely.  Two years ago, Mpox exploded on to the scene, and it rapidly circulated around the world.  Now a much deadlier new version has emerged in Africa, and global health authorities are quite alarmed about this.  On top of everything else, this year we are dealing with the worst outbreak of dengue fever that we have ever witnessed.  Millions have already been infected, and there have even been hundreds of cases here in the United States. (Read More...)