Another Pestilence: RSV Is Cutting Through The U.S. Like A Blowtorch Through Butter

We are witnessing an unprecedented explosion of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) all over the United States right now.  RSV is the leading cause of both bronchiolitis and pneumonia in children under the age of one in this country, and globally we normally see somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 babies die from the virus each year.  The only disease that normally kills more children is malaria.  But this year RSV could potentially take the number one spot because the virus is spreading like wildfire and hospitals are rapidly filling up.  According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 77 percent of all pediatric hospital beds in the U.S. are currently occupied.  That is an extremely high figure, and more children are being hospitalized with RSV every single day. (Read More...)

Will This Be The Last World Cup Ever?

Are we about to witness the end of an era?  From November 20th to December 18th, people all over the world will gather around their televisions to watch the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.  It really is one of the very few things that unites the entire planet, and it is very sad to think that it could be the last one that we ever see.  After this one, the next World Cup is not scheduled to be played until 2026, and by that time our world will be a far different place than it is right now.  So this may be our last chance to see Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Mbappe, Lewandowski and the other great players of this generation represent their national teams at the World Cup level. (Read More...)

There Was A “Red Wave” In One State

There was most definitely a “red wave” on Tuesday.  But it was not the sort of “red wave” that most Republicans were expecting.  Instead of a national “bloodbath”, the Republican Party greatly exceeded expectations in just one state.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis beat Charlie Crist by a whopping 19 points, and several other Republican candidates won by double digit margins as well.  Florida is now being called a “red state”, but just four years ago it was considered to be a purple state.  In fact, in 2018 DeSantis defeated Andrew Gillum by just 0.4 percentage points.  So what has changed?  And why was there a “red wave” in Florida but not in other states? (Read More...)

China Is “Preparing For War” – I Will Give You One Guess Who The Primary Opponent Will Be

Chinese President Xi Jinping has just announced that China will be “preparing for war”, and that should deeply alarm all of us.  Needless to say, nobody is going to be attacking China any time soon.  So why would the Chinese need to prepare for war if there is zero chance that they will be attacked?  Unfortunately, the answer is obvious.  The only reason China would be engaged in a military conflict any time soon is if it chooses to invade Taiwan.  The moment such an invasion is launched, the United States and China will be at war.  The Chinese know this, but Chinese President Xi Jinping is going ahead with preparations for war anyway… (Read More...)

As Doomsday Approaches, It Is Being Estimated That Approximately 10 Percent Of All Americans Are Now “Preppers”

Why is the number of preppers growing so rapidly?  Prior to the pandemic, somewhere around 2 or 3 percent of all Americans were preppers, but now that figure has shot up to about 10 percent.  Needless to say, the pandemic certainly put a good scare into a lot of people, but now it has largely passed and so you would think that interest in prepping would subside.  But instead, the prepping community just continues to grow.  On a very basic level, most of us understand that the party is ending and most of us can feel that something really big is coming.  In 2023 and beyond, there will be more war, more economic turmoil, more famines, more pestilences and more historic natural disasters.  In such an environment, it will pay to be prepared. (Read More...)

The Shortages Are Coming

Do you remember in early 2020 when they told us that the shortages that we were experiencing would just be temporary?  Of course some of them were, but then more shortages just kept on erupting.  That wasn’t supposed to happen, and now it appears that our supply chain problems could potentially get a whole lot worse.  In just a few short months, we will be three years away from the beginning of the pandemic in the United States.  But instead of a “return to normal”, more shortages are on the way.  And in some cases, they could even be life threatening. (Read More...)

Are We Living In The “End Times”?

Are we living in the days just before the return of Jesus Christ to this planet?  Right now, there is a tremendous amount of chatter about the “end times” all over the Internet.  So many really crazy things are starting to happen all over the world, and many people correctly recognize that we were specifically warned that a lot of these crazy things would happen in the last days.  For example, in Matthew 24 Jesus specifically told us that there would be “wars and rumours of wars”, “famines” and “pestilences” just prior to His return.  As global events continue to spiral out of control, speculation that prophetic events described in the Bible are happening will only intensify even more. (Read More...)

3 More Major Wars That Could Suddenly Erupt In 2023

Are we going to see more war in the months ahead?  Both sides just continue to escalate the conflict in Ukraine, but it may soon have to share top billing as more wars suddenly erupt around the globe.  Now that it looks like Benjamin Netanyahu will be returning to power in Israel, a major confrontation with Iran is seemingly closer than ever.  Meanwhile, tensions between North Korea and South Korea have risen to the highest level in my entire lifetime.  Most people don’t realize this, but the North Koreans are poised to launch an invasion at all times.  All they need is an opportunity, and that may come when China invades Taiwan.  Chinese President Xi Jinping recently reaffirmed his commitment to “reunification” with Taiwan, and officials in the western world are warning that this could come sooner rather than later.  As I detail in my brand new book entitled “End Times”, we truly are living in a time of “wars and rumors of wars”.  Let us hope that the potential wars that I just listed can be delayed for as long as possible, because the death and destruction that they would cause would be off the charts. (Read More...)