U.S. Food Production Just Keeps Getting Slammed By One Disaster After Another…

You have probably noticed that food prices just keep going up at the grocery store.  Many people believe that this is just a temporary phenomenon, and those people would be wrong.  In fact, things are really going to start going haywire when a lot of the food that is supposed to be on our store shelves in 2023 doesn’t show up.  Of course the reason that food isn’t going to be there is because it isn’t being grown in 2022.  This summer, food production in the United States is constantly being slammed by one disaster after another.  Sadly, most Americans still don’t understand that this is going to deeply affect all of us in the months ahead. (Read More...)

Is Someone Trying To Tell Us Something? We Are Being Hit By Unprecedented Drought And Unprecedented Flooding At The Same Time

We have never seen anything like this before.  There are some parts of the globe that are being absolutely devastated by endless drought, and there are other parts of the globe that are being absolutely devastated by relentless flooding.  So if you happen to live some place where weather patterns are still behaving normally, you should consider yourself to be incredibly blessed.  In all my years, I have never seen extreme conditions in so many areas of the world simultaneously.  This is a major red flag, but unfortunately the vast majority of the general population is still not paying attention. (Read More...)

Unusual Diseases Are Killing Animals In Large Numbers All Over America

It isn’t just humans that are being hit extremely hard by deadly pestilences.  In recent weeks, I have written numerous articles about the strange diseases that have been causing severe illness and death among human populations in various parts of the globe.  But there are other plagues that have suddenly erupted that aren’t affecting us at all.  Instead, they are devastating animal populations, and so they get less media coverage.  But the truth is that some of these diseases are extremely serious.  For example, tens of millions of our chickens and turkeys are already dead due to an unprecedented bird flu pandemic.  That deeply impacts each one of us, because now chicken and turkey are much more expensive at the grocery store.  And one or more of the diseases that I am going to talk about in this article could make the jump to humans, and if that happens we could potentially be facing a big time nightmare. (Read More...)

What Are The Odds? The U.S., Europe, Africa And China Are All Simultaneously Experiencing Droughts Of Epic Proportions

Do you believe in “coincidences”?  There have always been droughts all throughout human history.  So if there were a couple of isolated droughts in 2022, it wouldn’t be a big deal.  But that isn’t what we are facing.  Instead, right now the United States, Europe, Africa and China are all experiencing droughts of epic proportions.  As a result, crops are failing in key agricultural areas all over the globe.  Of course if just one country or one region was experiencing a “historic drought”, agricultural production from the rest of the world could make up for that.  Unfortunately, what we are currently witnessing is truly unprecedented.  For the very first time in modern history, virtually all of the largest economies on the entire planet have been hit by extreme drought conditions simultaneously, and that means that global agricultural production is going to be way below expectations in 2022. (Read More...)

The Numbers Tell Us That Americans Are Rapidly Losing Hope As We Head Toward 2023

If you have hope, you can make it through just about anything that life throws your way.  Unfortunately, survey after survey is telling us that the American people are increasingly losing hope.  Conditions are steadily getting worse in this country, and there isn’t much confidence that our current crop of leaders can turn things around any time soon.  In fact, most people appear to believe that things will be even worse in 2023.  If that turns out to be the case, will our country be able to handle that? (Read More...)

There Will Be Pestilences: Authorities Don’t Understand Why So Many Vile Diseases Are Suddenly Erupting Around The World

Why are we seeing so many unusual outbreaks of disease in 2022?  Coming into this year, there was just one major outbreak that everyone was talking about.  But then 2022 came along, and all of a sudden it seemed like there was a new disease in the news every month.  First, an eruption of the bird flu spread like wildfire and that resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of our chickens and turkeys.  Then monkeypox took the world by storm.  It has spread to nearly 100 different countries, and it is now the worst monkeypox outbreak in history by a very wide margin.  And now more weird diseases are popping up.  Earlier this month, I wrote an article about the appearance of “Langya henipavirus” in China and the case of polio that was just detected in New York, and in this article I will be telling you about even more strange outbreaks that are deeply alarming global authorities. (Read More...)

What Will You Say When Millions Of People Starve To Death?

For a long time, those of us that were claiming that a global famine was coming were widely mocked.  The skeptics could see the exact same trends that everyone else could see, but they just assumed that we would find a way to muddle through somehow.  So they didn’t want to listen to common sense, and they weren’t interested in warnings from “gloom and doomers” such as myself.  But I don’t consider myself to be a “doom and gloomer” because I am actually a very optimistic person.  I am so excited to be living during this time in human history, but I also know that very difficult times are ahead of us.  One of the major trends that I keep writing about over and over is famine, because the truth is that there simply is not going to be enough food for everyone on the planet in 2023 and beyond.  Of course the mainstream media is also starting to issue similar warnings.  For example, the following comes from a Yahoo News article entitled “Millions in East Africa face starvation due to drought”(Read More...)

Is Monkeypox A Plague Of The End Times?

This monkeypox outbreak is now far worse than most of the experts originally anticipated.  The number of confirmed cases has continued to rise at an exponential rate, and many victims have experienced extreme agony for weeks after contracting the virus.  So could it be possible that monkeypox is a plague of the end times?  The Bible does tell us that “pestilences” will be one of the signs of the end times, and we have certainly seen multiple “pestilences” erupt over the past couple of years.  At first, a lot of people were dismissive of monkeypox because the corporate media made it sound like it wouldn’t be that serious.  But now we are learning the truth, and it is pretty horrifying. (Read More...)