Verbally Abusive Middle School Kids Make A 68 Year Old Bus Monitor Cry

A video of a bunch of verbally abusive middle school bullies making a 68 year old bus monitor cry has gone viral all over the Internet.  This video is a perfect example of the social decay that is destroying this nation.  We are raising a generation of young people that do not have respect for anyone or anything.  In the video, 68 year old Karen Klein is repeatedly called poor, fat, ugly and a whole bunch of other things that I cannot repeat in this space.  The bullies refer to “her sweat” and “her flab” over and over throughout the ten minute video.  They call her a troll and an elephant and make numerous sexual comments about her.  This video is beyond horrifying, but the truth is that this is the kind of thing that happens in classrooms and in school buses all over America every single day.  If you have not seen it yet, you have got to see this incredibly disturbing video….


The good news is that a campaign has been started to send Karen Klein on vacation.  After dealing with those kids, she sure could use one.  The original goal was to raise $5,000, but close to a quarter of a million dollars was raised in less than 24 hours.

So perhaps there are still some kind-hearted people out there.

Sadly, this video of kids making a 68 year old bus monitor cry is not an isolated incident.  The reality is that America is raising an entire generation of cold-hearted children that lack discipline.

One very interesting recent study found that societies that believe in hell have a lower crime rate than societies that do not.  Perhaps if the kids in the video above were made aware that there are serious consequences for treating others very badly they may not behave like that.

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