This Guy Really Needs To Move Out Of His Parents’ Basement…

This is a photo of a collection of Dungeons and Dragons miniatures that a user known as “Sasaki” posted on Reddit.  On the one hand, it is an extremely impressive collection that must have taken hundreds upon hundreds of hours to complete, but on the other hand it also represents a colossal waste of time.  This particular individual spent approximately four thousand dollars on this collection, and there is nothing wrong with having a hobby as long as it still leaves time for more important things.  Sadly, so many of our young people today are focused on similar pursuits instead of taking on adult responsibilities.  At this point 38.4 percent of all Millennials live with their parents or other relatives, and that is a level never seen before in all of U.S. history.


Just recently, the case of one 30-year-old male that refused to leave home even after being sued by his own parents made headline news all over the nation.  The following comes from the Guardian

During the hearing on Tuesday, state supreme court justice Donald Greenwood tried to convince Michael Rotondo, who reportedly moved back home eight years ago, to leave the family home in Camillus, near Syracuse, of his own accord. But Rotondo, who represented himself in court, argued that he was entitled to six more months of living with his family.

Greenwood called this demand “outrageous” and served him with an eviction order. Michael, in turn, called the eviction order outrageous.

Suing their son in state supreme court was a last resort for Christina and Mark Rotondo, who have spent the past few months sending Michael formal letters asking him to leave.

Alex Jones even flew this guy down to Austin and gave him $3000 to start a new life.

Let us hope that Michael Rotondo takes that money and finally starts a life of his own.

In America today it is so easy to escape from reality.  We have hundreds of television channels, we have more movies than we could ever possibly watch, we have the most immersive video games ever created and if all of that is not enough we have just about every other form of entertainment that you can possibly imagine.  It is understandable that so many of our young people would rather be addicted to entertainment than engage the tough realities of the real world, but if you ever want to truly be an adult you must confront those tough realities.

Life is not about escaping from reality.  Rather, life is all about embracing the amazing gift that we have been given and making the most out of it.

May we all make the most out of this life, because we only get one shot at it.

Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist.  He is the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.