Pastor John Kilpatrick Just Issued An Ominous Prophetic Warning About What Is Coming That You Must Hear

For only the third time in his 53 year ministry, Pastor John Kilpatrick has issued an urgent prophetic warning to the public.  The first warning came just before 9/11, the second warning came just before the COVID pandemic, and now this new warning is the third one.  Kilpatrick has ominously declared that “the land is going to manifest the sins that are proliferating” in our nation.  He says that there will be problems with “earthquakes”, “volcanoes” and “the weather”.  Of course this lines up perfectly with what Perry Stone was just shown and with what I warn about in my latest books.  Our planet is becoming increasingly unstable, and we will soon witness unprecedented shaking.


If you have not seen Kilpatrick’s new prophetic warning yet, you can view it right here

I would encourage you to watch the entire thing, because the message that he shares is very powerful.

In it, he links the shakings that are coming to the rampant sins of our country

In a recent sermon, Pastor John Kilpatrick unfolded a profound revelation concerning the connection between sin and the Earth’s manifestations. Pastor Kilpatrick, prompted by the Holy Spirit, emphasized the need to warn people about the signs taking place globally, shedding light on the spiritual perspective that sin affects the Earth profoundly.

The pastor highlighted the crucial distinction between divine actions and the consequences of the fall of Adam and Eve. He stressed the direct connection between the state of the land and humanity, linking them through the impact of sin. The message echoed the idea that the Earth, affected by the fall, is now manifesting events that grab the world’s attention.

Drawing attention to the increasing prevalence of sin, Pastor Kilpatrick noted the rise of blatant rebellion against God, indicating a significant shift in societal values. He connected this surge in lawlessness to the prophesied manifestation of the Earth in response to the prevailing sin.

He is right.

Tremendous natural disasters will happen on U.S. soil.

During the years ahead, there will be tsunamis on both coasts, the New Madrid fault zone will be ripped wide open, there will be a massive eruption of Mt. Rainier, and “the Big One” will hit California.

Speaking of “the Big One”, one recent earthquake in southern California was felt so keenly that Disneyland was forced to shut down a number of their rides

Disneyland was forced to shut a number of rides at its theme park in Anaheim, California, on Monday night, following a 3.5 magnitude earthquake.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported an earthquake striking at around 8:09 p.m., with the epicenter recorded at just over a mile east of Fullerton—two miles north of Disneyland. A smaller aftershock was reported to have struck at around 8:30 p.m.

Prophetically, there is now nothing that needs to take place before “the Big One” absolutely devastates the state of California.

So keep a very close eye on the west coast.

Meanwhile, lots of other weird stuff is happening elsewhere.

For example, some parts of Mexico are being ravaged by “miles-long clouds of locusts”

Miles-long clouds of locusts have been blanketing the skies above the state of Yucatán this week, flying through shopping plazas, smacking into the windows of apartment complexes and gobbling up anything green in local parks.

Social media users and the Mexican press both asked the same question: Is this a sign the world is coming to an end?

That is certainly something that I did not expect.

And this week we were warned that Earth’s magnetic field may be getting ready to “flip”

The Earth’s magnetic field plays a big role in protecting people from hazardous radiation and geomagnetic activity that could affect satellite communication and the operation of power grids. And it moves.

Scientists have studied and tracked the motion of the magnetic poles for centuries. The historical movement of these poles indicates a change in the global geometry of the Earth’s magnetic field. It may even indicate the beginning of a field reversal – a “flip” between the north and south magnetic poles.

I would encourage you to keep your eyes open for stories about Earth’s magnetic field, because this will eventually become an enormous story.

We are going to see so much happen in the geophysical realm in the days ahead, and as Pastor John Kilpatrick has explained, this is linked with all of the great evil that is rapidly exploding all around us.

Our society is going downhill really fast at this point.

And it makes me very sad to say that even our churches are going downhill very fast.  For example, a Baptist church in Virginia is actually hosting a concert that will feature a drag queen named “Flamy Grant”

Grace Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia is hosting a drag queen concert. Yes, folks, a Baptist church.

The church is featuring “Flamy Grant” – a so-called Christian drag queen.

What in the world has happened to us?

America has been given many years to repent, but there has been no national repentance.

So now judgment is on the way.

If you want to know what is coming next, I would encourage you to get my new book entitled “Chaos” and to share it with as many people as you can.

It is an extremely urgent warning for the entire country.

We will soon see cataclysmic events happen that are beyond what most people can even imagine right now.

God keeps sending warning after warning, but most of the population does not want to listen.

Unfortunately for them, the clock continues to tick away and soon there will be no time left.

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