Obama’s Mistakes: 12 Examples That Show That Just About Everything That Barack Obama Tries To Do Turns Out Badly

Why does it seem like virtually everything that Barack Obama tries to do turns out badly?  There is a reason why his approval rating has fallen so precipitously.  Whether you agree with his policies or not, it is getting hard to deny that he is having a really hard time getting anything done right.  Health care reform was a total disaster, the economy continues to get worse, foreign policy is an unmitigated mess and faith in the federal government is at an all-time low.  Some Democrat insiders are now wondering if Barack Obama is actually losing it.  There are even whispers that Barack Obama may be challenged for the Democratic nomination in 2012.  That still seems far-fetched at this point, but without a doubt it is not just Republicans that are wondering about Barack Obama’s competence at this point.


These past two years have been an absolute nightmare in so many ways.  The following is a list of 12 huge mistakes that Obama has made so far.  Of course there are many, many others which could be added to this list.  The truth is that almost everything that Barack Obama tries to do turns out badly….

#1 The health care reform law was supposed to expand health care coverage and make health care plans less expensive.  Instead, it is doing just the opposite.  For example, 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union has announced that they are dropping health care coverage for the children of more than 30,000 low-wage workers due to increased costs.  The ironic thing is that SEIU union workers were some of Barack Obama’s most loyal troops in helping get the health care reform law passed.  Now they are some of the first ones to suffer for it.  Not only that, but health insurance premiums are rising significantly all over the nation due to the new health care law.  It is quickly becoming clear that the health care reform law is one of the worst pieces of legislation that the U.S. Congress has ever passed.

#2 UN officials have issued a very angry response to some shocking new revelations that were brought to light by the WikiLeaks documents that were just released.  It turns out that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had apparently ordered U.S. staff to spy on UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other diplomats at the United Nations.  Talk about a mess.  This scandal has the potential to destroy Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions forever.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that virtually nobody in the Obama administration or in Hillary Clinton’s State Department has much of a clue about foreign policy.

#3 Barack Obama thought that he would toss those wanting to cut the federal deficit a bone by announcing a two year wage freeze for federal workers, but really all he has done is give several million pissed off federal workers a really good reason not to vote for him in the next election.

#4 After years of civil liberties abuses by the Bush administration, many Americans voted for Barack Obama hoping for something better.  Instead, things have gotten even worse.  One of the most prominent examples of this is the horrific abuse U.S. air travelers must endure at the hands of TSA agents.  Barack Obama could stop the naked body scanners and the TSA groping tomorrow if he wanted to, but the truth is that he simply does not want to.

#5 The Obama administration seems to have no clue how to handle the rapidly unraveling situation over on the Korean peninsula.  Let us hope that Obama’s incompetence does not end up causing World War 3 to erupt over there.

#6 Barack Obama and the Democrats keep pushing the Dream Act which would provide amnesty for millions of illegal aliens even though a solid majority of the American people are against this.  This could cost Barack Obama a ton of votes in 2012.  Most Americans want something done about our horrible security on the border.  When Arizona got fed up and tried to do something themselves, the federal government actually stepped in and took them to court.  Talk about clueless.

#7 Barack Obama’s job-killing “cap and trade” scheme looked like it might get through Congress last year, but fortunately it did not make it.  If that thing had been implemented it would have been absolutely disastrous for the struggling U.S. economy.  However, it did wake millions of American up to the fact that Barack Obama  is a relentless promoter of the radical green agenda.

#8 Barack Obama could have struck a populist chord by standing up to Wall Street when he took office, but instead he nominated the head of the New York Federal Reserve bank (Timothy Geithner) as his Treasury Secretary and he renominated Ben Bernanke to another term as Federal Reserve Chairman.  Barack Obama has surrounded himself with hordes of incompetents and Wall Street lackeys, and the American people are not impressed.

#9 The financial reform bill is a toothless joke that isn’t worth the paper it was printed on, and yet Barack Obama and other top Democrats keep touting how “tough” it is.  The American people wanted real Wall Street reform and what they got was essentially nothing.

#10 Most Americans are tired of wasting hundreds of billions of dollars and precious American lives trying to police Afghanistan.  But instead of pulling out of that nation, Barack Obama has greatly escalated the war.

#11 Barack Obama and other top Democrats supported the incredibly expensive Wall Street bailouts and “economic stimulus packages” and yet the U.S. economic situation just continues to deteriorate.  At this point Barack Obama seems to have kind of given up on economic policy and is more or less letting the Federal Reserve run the show at this point.  Meanwhile, the U.S. economy continues to turn into a post-industrial wasteland.

#12 The Obama administration has been running the biggest budget deficits in U.S. history and yet Barack Obama keeps insisting that we will soon have the U.S. national debt under control.  The U.S. government has piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the globe, and when it is all said and done Barack Obama is going to be one of the politicians responsible for it.

No matter how loudly the American people have yelled and screamed about some of these issues, Barack Obama and his administration have refused to listen.

When Barack Obama first took office, he had unbelievably high approval ratings.  But in the latest Zogby poll, Obama’s approval rating had dropped to 39 percent.  The American people voted for “change”, but the only “changes” that Barack Obama has brought have been for the worse.

Now even many Democrats are openly wondering if Barack Obama is actually losing it.  There have been persistent rumors that someone may challenge him for the Democratic nomination in 2012 or that he may simply decide not to run again at all.  If things go as badly over the next two years as they have for the previous two years, then it would be hard to imagine Obama winning another term.

But you never know – stranger things have happened, and the American people have a long tradition of sending incompetents back to Washington D.C.

Just look at Congress.