Gang Members Outnumber Police 22 To 1 In The City Of Chicago, And The Ratio Just Keeps Getting Worse

The city of Chicago has become a time bomb, and it is a prime example of a very disturbing trend that is happening all over America.  Criminal gangs are thriving in most of our major urban areas, and Joe Biden’s open border policies are greatly fueling their growth.  With each passing day, more deeply impoverished young migrants pour into our cities, and many of them are quickly recruited by gangs.  It would be difficult for me to overstate the seriousness of this crisis, but it is largely being ignored by the mainstream media.


A number of years ago I wrote about the gang problem in Chicago, and at that time gang members outnumbered police by 10 to 1.

Unfortunately, things have gotten so much worse since then.

Today, the CPD has identified more than 280,000 gang members in the city of Chicago…

The Chicago Police Department maintains two massive gang databases, collectively labeling more than 280,000 people as “gang members.” 95% of those people listed are people of color, most being young men in their late teens and 20s, but also thousands being Black and Latinx youth and elders.

That is the size of a small army!

And it is important to note that these are just the individuals that the CPD has been able to identify and put into their databases.

There are undoubtedly more that they don’t know about or have not been able to identify.

Meanwhile, the size of the CPD has been hovering just above 12,000

However, the size of the Chicago Police Department was essentially unchanged on Johnson’s 100th day in office as compared with his first day in office. CPD had 12,360 employees on Johnson’s first full day in office and 12,363 employees on Monday, according to a city database. The number of sworn officers has also remained steady, with 11,720 officers on duty as of May 1, and 11,722 on the force as of Aug. 1, according to a database maintained by the Chicago Police Department.

Once I had the numbers, I did the math, and I discovered that gang members now outnumber police in the city of Chicago by a ratio of 22 to 1.

So it should come as no surprise that major crime in the Windy City was way up in 2023

Overall major crime was up in 2023 by 16%, with robberies up 23%. There is likely significant underreporting of crimes given police shortages. Over half of “high priority” 911 calls did not have an officer available to respond when the call came in. This is a huge increase compared to 2019, when 19% of all calls didn’t have an officer available.

Memphis is another city that has an absolutely massive gang problem.

It is being reported that the mayor recently met with gang leaders and “asked them to agree to a seven-day ceasefire”

The mayor of Memphis, Tennessee, met with local gang leaders and asked them to agree to a seven-day ceasefire, as crime has seemingly spiraled out of control in the city.

The mayor said that he had talks, not “negotiations,” with Memphis gang leaders, with community representatives adding that the number of gangs in the city has also become a problem in itself.

A seven day ceasefire?

That sounds like something that would happen in the Middle East.

But of course the truth is that Memphis really has become a war zone.

If you can believe it, over 3,500 property crimes were reported in Memphis during the month of January alone

The gang members told the mayor a recent “epidemic of car break-ins” was simply due to their younger gang members being bored and having nothing to do.

Including the break-ins, more than 3,500 property crimes were reported in January 2024 alone, according to police statistics.

Yesterday, I wrote an article about how wonderful the state of Tennessee is, but I also warned my readers to avoid the Memphis area entirely.

It really is that bad.

The Atlanta metropolitan area is also caught in a downward spiral.  Crime is completely out of control, and over the weekend a massive riot that involved hundreds of young people made headlines all over the nation

One person was shot when suspects opened fire on police during a riot involving hundreds of ‘youths’ at a Six Flags amusement park in Georgia over the weekend, according to reports.

The shocking string of events unfolded on Saturday evening in Austell, a city in the Atlanta metro region.

Thousands of people turned out for opening day at Six Flags Over Georgia before the event devolved into extreme mob violence.

Hundreds of mostly-younger guests began fighting and sowing chaos throughout the park, forcing evacuations as security lost control of the crowd.

We wanted to push every shred of traditional morality out of our schools.

So the truth is that we have brought this on ourselves.

Our young people didn’t have to turn out this way.  If we had raised them differently we would have gotten different results.

Right now, the state of California is experiencing an absolutely relentless crime wave, and authorities are telling us that approximately 300,000 gang members currently reside there…

The California Department of Justice estimates that there could be as many as 300,000 gang members in this state.

California has had a problem with crime for decades, but never anything like this.

According to one recent survey, a whopping 86 percent of business owners in the state believe “that crime has increased in their area”

More than 86% of business owners in California say that crime has increased in their area, while 67% from the same survey claimed to be considering moving their headquarters out of the Golden State, according to the latest numbers from RedBalloon and PublicSq.’s Freedom Economy Index.

At this point, I don’t know why anyone would still want to live there.

Two California business owners that were interviewed by Fox News explained why they are thinking of leaving

“The building where I have my office has just installed floodlights throughout the parking lot, installed new doors and upgraded the security system to improve safety,” Carvalho detailed. “Throughout the neighborhood, there are signs reminding people not to leave valuables in their cars.”

“It used to be this very nice town, now it is just horrible,” Falwell said. “We have been in our home for 17 years, we have had mail theft. The crime has impacted my desire to even leave my house or business.”

When crime is so bad that you don’t even want to leave your own home, it is definitely time to look for greener pastures.

Of course the truth is that crime is getting worse virtually everywhere, and the open border policies of the Biden administration are certainly not helping matters.

This week, we learned that the Biden administration has actually been flying hundreds of thousands of “asylum seekers” directly into the United States…

A Freedom of Information Act lawsuit has revealed that the Biden administration has flown at least 320,000 migrants into the United States in an effort to reduce the number of crossings at the southern border, according to Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies.

“The program at the center of the FOIA litigation is perhaps the most enigmatic and least-known of the Biden administration’s uses of the CBP One cellphone scheduling app, even though it is responsible for almost invisibly importing by air 320,000 aliens with no legal right to enter the United States since it got underway in late 2022,” wrote Bensman.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had initially refused to disclose information about the flights, which use a cell phone app, CBP One, to arrange.

“Under these legally dubious parole programs, aliens who cannot legally enter the country use the CBP One app to apply for travel authorization and temporary humanitarian release from those airports. The parole program allows for two-year periods of legal status during which adults are eligible for work authorization,” Bensman continues.

Overall, it is being estimated that there will be over 8 million “asylum seekers” living in the U.S. “by the end of September”

More than 8 million asylum seekers and other migrants will be living inside the U.S in legal limbo by the end of September — a roughly 167% increase in five years, according to internal government projections obtained by Axios.

We are witnessing a spike in migration that is unlike anything we have ever seen before.

And this is one of the primary reasons why gangs are experiencing such explosive growth.

The stage is being set for societal chaos on an epic scale.

Unfortunately, there is no turning back now.  Our leaders have been making disastrous decisions for a long time, and those disastrous decisions are going to have extremely bitter consequences.

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