Woman Performs C-Section On A Dog In Her Own Home And Uses Glue To Close The Wound

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Mastiff - Photo by FotosuabeWhat should be done to a woman that performs a C-section on a dog without anesthesia and then closes up the wound with non-medical glue?  What you are about to read is absolutely sickening.  In fact, if you can’t handle reading about extreme animal cruelty you should probably skip this article entirely.  One of the true tests of a society is how it treats animals, and that is why it is so alarming that we continue to see so much animal abuse in America.  In particular, our pets trust us implicitly, and they are at our mercy.  When we willingly choose to abuse them, it shows how evil we truly are.


It takes a very sick person to perform a C-section on a dog without anesthesia.  But that is what police say that one woman down in Florida actually did

Police arrested a woman after she performed a cesarean section on a dog and used glue to close the incision.

Candace Patricia Hauser is facing one charge of aggravated cruelty to animals after removing two of the 14 puppies from the dog she cut open and then closing the incision with non-medical glue, the Brandenton Herald reported.

And you know what is really tragic?

According to the Bradenton Herald, there was a veterinarian just down the street…

Investigators said the dog’s owner, Brenda Hines of Winter Haven, brought her pregnant Mastiff, Nadia, to Hauser’s house in the early morning hours on March 4.

Hauser, 31, had said she could help deliver puppies, although, investigators said, Hauser also told Hines there was a veterinarian right down the street.

Police said the Mastiff began experiencing trouble giving birth to the last two puppies, so Hauser, who does not have a veterinary license, performed a C-section on the dog without anesthesia. The dog later died on the way home.

So what should be done to the owner of that dog and to the woman that performed the C-section?  At the end of this article, please share your thoughts by posting a comment.

Other forms of extreme animal cruelty appear to be on the rise as well.  For instance, there have been quite a few stories in the news lately about men raping dogs.  The following is just one recent example

They heard the puppy yelping through the walls of their Daytona Beach apartment.

Witnesses called police, alleging their neighbor was raping his 8-month-old female dog on his porch.

The suspect, James Guy Bull, 61, remained in the Volusia County Branch Jail today, charged with two counts of animal cruelty, after his arrest Tuesday.

Two neighbors told police they saw Bull attacking the dog on several occasions.

“They heard the animal yelp and cry but [Bull] continued with the conduct,” police said in a report.

I will tell you exactly what I think should be done to that guy.

I believe that he deserves the death penalty.

There is absolutely no excuse for that kind of behavior.

But it is becoming more common with each passing day.

In fact, our society is steadily becoming more heartless and cruel.  This is even true of “the authorities”.

In the old days, police tried very hard “to protect and serve” the communities that they lived in.

But now, many of them seem to revel in cruelty.

For example, a woman from Las Vegas says that her entire leg is scarred for life after police pinned her to the scorching hot pavement despite her desperate screams on a really hot day…

A Las Vegas woman is suing the Metropolitan Police Department saying she was literally given the “third degree.”

Local artist Cristina Paulos received third degree burns during an encounter with police after a traffic accident.

It all began on a hot August day when a car crash and a woman’s arrest led to severe burns from scorching pavement and a lawsuit alleging excessive force.

“So, this is two years of healing. So, it’s got a lot better, it used to look a lot worse,” Paulos said.

You can see some graphic photos of the severe scarring on her legs right here.

And this next example is even worse.  A police officer in Beaumont, Texas recently snapped a kid’s arm in two as he screamed out in pain…

Shocking video has emerged of a campus police officer violently breaking a student’s arm as he screams out in agony during an incident at West Brook High School in Beaumont, Texas.

Footage of the incident shows squabbles breaking out before a female officer grabs a male student and hauls him to the ground, aided by Officer Steve Rivers.

As the female officer presses the student’s face to the ground, Rivers grabs his left arm and violently bends it backwards in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to snap the bone. A sickening crunch is audible as the student screams out in agony. Although the kid is clearly in severe trauma, Rivers continues to push his head to the floor.

Video of this incident was taken down by YouTube.

So what do all of these examples demonstrate?

They show that our hearts are growing very cold.

America is becoming a cold, cruel place where those with power are increasingly using that power to abuse those that are at their mercy.

If you are interested in reading even more about this, please see my previous article entitled “16 Examples That Show The United States Has Become A Seriously Messed Up Country“.

The problems that the United States is facing are not just economic or political.  The truth is that our hearts are not right.  We have become sick and twisted, and this is manifesting itself in thousands of different ways.

So what is the answer?  Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

Mastiff - Photo by Fotosuabe

  • Tim

    I didn’t read the article. The title is enough to make me realize that our society is beyond sick. But I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that someone would do something like this to a dog. After all, children are dismembered in their mothers’ wombs every day in this nation.

    • Zechariah

      I totally agree with you. We as a culture are way beyond sick where gleeful pleasure is sought from pain, blood, destruction, and death. Alas, the sickening TV show “The Walking Dead” is more truth than fable. Even so Come Lord Jesus!

      • Tom

        If you believe that Jesus, a DEAD PERSON, will come back, you must be mentally ill. All religious people are mentally ill.

  • Kim

    You lost me at “…you should probably skip this article entirely…”

  • K

    Let us discuss the animal cruelty people first. These are sick people. A couple of decades ago, they would have been in a mental institution. What happened? We ran such institutions on the cheap, and they turned into snake pits. Did we fix them? No we closed them down, because of the fact they were rundown, and abuse occurred in them. Where did these people go? Most of them are on the street. Now let us talk about the storm trooper cops. For over a decade most large city police forces and now many smaller ones. Will not hire anyone with an IQ over 105 to serve on the police force. Their reason? Smarter people get bored and leave, thus they lose all the money the spent training them. Real reason. They want people who will just obey orders. No one smart enough to object, that an order is not legal. This has been going on for over a decade. So what kind of cops do you think you should have. The idea of a Republic assumes, that the citizens will pay attention to their duties. What duties? Research before you vote. Monitor what your Government is doing, and object loudly, when they are on the wrong course. The citizens of this Country have allowed things to get this bad. I have no reason to think they will change. It is said you get the Government you deserve. For 80% of the people in the U.S. they have the Government they deserve..

  • Cheryl

    There isn’t enough room on this planet for people who hurt animals or kids. They are psychopaths who can never be cured. One nice round hole between the eyes s/b sufficient. Maybe if you stand the man in front of the woman you can get them both with one shot. As for the neighbors who knew the man was raping his dog and DID NOTHING ABOUT IT! You are as guilty as he is.

  • JasonD

    This doesn’t even touch on factory farming, which is 100x more cruel than the dog story, but poor dog.

    And the cops, yes they’re totally out of control. Of course, when this poor woman wins this suit, which she will, the taxpayers will be the ones punished by having to pay out. The cop that did it probably got rewarded by a paid suspension (i.e. free vacation) so he can sit on his couch and play violent video games on his x-box and eat donuts all day.

  • Tatiana Covington

    All of these are others’ failures, not mine. I had nothing to do with any of these events, nor with those who did them.

    *I* am not at fault. I am *not* my brother’s keeper. For me to do that, I would have to be either a warden or a prison guard.

  • Hiroshi Yamamoto

    People which hurts animals are just sick scumbags. Everybody know that vast majority of psychopaths, serial killers or rapists start with hurting the weakest – innocent animals. The american society is dumbest than ever. Brainwashed by crap Mainstream Media and brain-dead thanks to fluoride and prescription drugs. Younger are even dumber. Wasting time partying, addicted to Facebook and dumb “music” like Bieber or M Cyrus. We don’t need to wait long until the hell will brook loose. Society is so corrupted that only thing to start a fire is a spark.

  • DJohn1

    On the subject of the dog, do we have the real story?
    14 baby pups is a female dog on some kind of record. I can see someone getting desperate as more and more pups are born, and moving the animal is not going to work at that point in time. Not unless you want to get severely bitten.
    I am figuring this person is probably someone that is farm-oriented. Birth is something that they deal with every day. They do not necessarily go to a vet unless they absolutely have to because that costs money they do not have. Hindsight is always 20/20, and if this person going through this nightmare had it to do over again, I am sure that the vet would have been called.
    That he attempted a c section on a dog does not surprise me at all. Not having local pain killers injected to help with the pain, that is a problem. I think the man did what he could for the animal. As for using glue, that is a standby that a lot of doctors use now days in an emergency. Sadly he was not able to save the dog, despite everything he attempted to do.
    The other incidents have to be dealt with by people that overlook things like people on drugs and having adrenalin problems that make they many times stronger than a normal human being. That does not excuse bad behavior by police officers. Those individuals that are sadists need to be weeded out before they cause the city a great deal of credibility and harm. Internal Affairs needs to get active and take these people off the streets before they do things like what has been described in this article. They are hesitating because on the street there is a fine line between what is necessary and what is not necessary to preserve the life of the officers involved.

    • “14 baby pups is a female dog on some kind of record.”

      No, not among large breeds. As far as I know 16 per litter is normal and even 20 wouldn’t be shocking.

  • DJohn1

    Making difficult choices is also meaning you are damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. I wasn’t there. So I refrain from judgement because I simply do not have all the facts.

  • FirstGarden

    I thought they had a good idea in the movie Papillon with Paul Newman. Send them all on an island where they’ll never get off. Let them all kill one another.

    • nekksys

      Hear, Hear!!!

  • rkb100100

    A preview of American Healthcare.

  • Chris

    Speechless but at the same time disgusted!

  • Hope

    What about people who treat animals better than humans? What about animals that have more rights than a baby in the womb? I’m not suggesting that animal cruelty is right, but where are our priorities in this life?
    How is God going to punish us in the coming months and years for disregarding Him as our supreme Creator, and ignoring His laws, statutes and commandments which He commanded for our good? Time to get back into His Word, and turn to Him as the world is doomed.
    Happy Sabbath, btw. God ordained and sanctified the Sabbath (7th day–Saturday) as His day for us to worship. When humans can start to submit to Him, and not to the changes the Catholic church brought about, then they can have a TRUE relationship with our Creator.

    • “What about people who treat animals better than humans?”

      Yes, what about us? Animals are generally nicer than humans. They’re at least more honest. I can do without everyday face-to-face contact with human beings. but I don’t cherish the thought of not having my dogs in my vicinity. The two nicest of my dogs, that is. Hopefully we’ll be together every day and most of the day “till death do us part”. The other two, well… not so much. Noisy creatures, but I still miss them when they’re away and I want them to be treated well.
      Humans? Let’s call them “flawed animals”.

      • nekksys

        Good point… After all, we are the only animals that will befoul our living space and move on only to repeat the process…

  • Squirreleo

    Why are the actions of some stupid person news? This really isn’t an example of anything except the fact that there is and always will be stupid crazy people

  • J

    No big surprise here. Especially since now its acceptable to kill unborn HUMAN children in the womb

    • Tom

      Oh here we go, the whole “abortion is bad” rubbish again. There is NOTHING wrong with abortion. Especially if the “child” is a microscopic, featureless ball of cells that has no idea of its own existence and still has several weeks to develop into an actual body, meaning it cannot possibly experience any pain whatsoever. If abortion is bad, then I guess masturbation must be bad too. All those poor, defenceless sperm!

      • nekksys

        What if that “child” was YOUR microscopic, featureless ball of cells? Would you still abort it??

        Now here’s the shocker for you: Most abortions don’t take place when the child is still that “featureless ball of cells.” Most take place at a later time when the fetus is discernably human. What about then? Would you still abort your own child if it was “discernably human?”

  • Tom

    *falls over laughing*

    Oh boy, you Americans sure as delusional! Yeah, lol, let’s all believe that there’s this giant flying man with magical powers who lives with the fairies in the clouds and an evil demon guy who lives under the ground and is the one responsible for making us all evil. Yeah, these understandable lifeforms can definitely exist… suuuure… XD

    • nekksys

      If that’s the case, why is it that the various “Anonymous” 12-step programs work so well? 12-step programs are designed to introduce a person to some kind of faith and to give the person following the steps something greater to believe in and a place to lay their troubles, burdens, anger and regrets. 12-step programs aren’t about finding God in the Christian sense; they’re about finding faith in something outside one’s self. I’ve seen the positive results in numerous people’s lives thru these programs.

      Please, do take time to answer this: If believing in some nebulous Greater Power is so ridiculous, why is it that 12-step programs work and work quite well?

  • ZombieDawg

    Sickening, but it’s just one of many examples of chronic human stupidity. Animal dumping is at plague levels in the USA, Indonesia, Europe and no doubt many other countries/regions.
    I’ve seen similar stories and pics on other sites and it breaks my heart, as I love dogs and would sooner stick a knife in my own leg than hurt a dog.
    It’s long overdue to have legally mandated owner training to ensure only decent and responsible people get to own an animal. Yes I know it’s yet another big brother law to put up with but at least it targets rednecks and losers.
    What should be done with this pathetic woman?
    If I had the power, she would get the same non-anaesthetised surgery and make the bitch suffer to gain an understanding of what she inflicted on the dog.

    As for all the religious crowd touting God as mankind’s salvation, perhaps a dose of history insomuch as the number of wars and countless millions dead as a result of blindly following such beliefs…
    More atrocities have been committed in the guise of religion than any other cause…

    • barry oldwater

      Look liberal, we don’t need anymore mandates from a governing body, its people like you that want to impose your will and what you think is right onto others, go vote for a democrat like you want to
      , they need all the help they can get.

    • “It’s long overdue to have legally mandated owner training to ensure only decent and responsible people get to own an animal.”

      Yes, there’s no doubt that irresponsible owners would care to get that training.

    • “If I had the power, she would get the same non-anaesthetised surgery and make the bitch suffer to gain an understanding of what she inflicted on the dog.”

      With the slight difference that she (unlike the sentencing judge or the executor of the suggested punishment) probably was in a terribly pressed situation and, if I’m allowed a guess, felt she had to do something to relieve the (assumed) problem. Good people may do bad things in certain situations.

      Futher I’m willing to claim that that woman has suffered enough, as I’m sure that in addition to the bitch, even all the 14 puppies died. If something like that happened to me I suppose that I would die from grief. Losing one dog is hard enough; for instance, last autumn we got a stillborn puppy in a litter of seven. But losing 15?

    • nekksys

      “It’s long overdue to have legally mandated owner training to ensure only decent and responsible people get to own an animal. Yes I know it’s yet another big brother law to put up with but at least it targets rednecks and losers.”

      What about doing the same for humans? Training and licensing for pet ownership isn’t that much different from training and licensing for parenthood… Do you really want to start down that slippery slope??

  • nekksys

    The woman in Florida, oddly enough, must have thought she was actually helping the Mastiff when she acted. This is the sick part. I was trained by the military to be a field medic as part of my C.U.T. (Cross Utilization Training). I know how to do a multitude of clinical and field-expedient medical procedures. Performing a C-section isn’t one of those procedures! You NEVER expose anyone (human or animal) to further injury / distress; especially not in an unsanitary environment. What’s more, without anesthesia, you’re garanteed the patient will die from shock when such a procedure is performed not to mention blood loss or even subsequent infection.

    I truly love animals of all kinds but I also hunt. I honestly do not like releasing the arrow / pulling the trigger. Why, you might ask? I truly hate not getting a clean kill. Having to fire a second shot or track a wounded animal ALWAYS bothers me. I wouldn’t want to lay wounded and waiting to die; so, why would I want that for my prey? I am completely bewildered as to why anyone would stoop to treating anyone (again, human or animal) with such disdain and disrespect; especially under the guise of “helping.”

    The cops in the other two incidences were being plain cruel. There’s nothing else to be said other than these evil SOB’s should be stripped of their commissions as police officers and incarcerated for life in a jail filled with folks they helped imprison. Payback is a royal witch, isn’t it?

  • Jacob Rene

    This is bad who would do something like this to a dog?

  • The people who commit these atrocities shall surely meet their demise.