7 Numbers That Clearly Reveal The Direction That America Has Chosen

Over the past several decades, America’s culture has been transformed at a pace that is absolutely breathtaking.  When I was growing up, I was convinced that I believed in a shared set of national values that most other Americans also embraced.  But in our day and age those values have been discarded and now people that see the world the way that I do are clearly not in the majority any longer.  I know that a lot of people out there may not want to hear that our national values have been turned upside down, but it is the truth.  Those that sought to “fundamentally transform” this country have succeeded, and at this point “American values” are vastly different from the “American values” that I cherished as a young boy.  The following are 7 numbers that clearly reveal the direction that America has chosen…


#1 There is more political chaos in our nation than there has ever been in my entire lifetime, and more than 40 percent of U.S. voters actually believe that a “second civil war” is likely within the next five years…

More than four-in-ten US voters say the country is likely to get ripped apart in a second civil war within five years, a shocking new survey reveals.

The Rasmussen Reports poll shows that 41 percent eye a civil conflict, compared to 49 percent who say it’s not likely. Another 10 percent said they were not sure.

That amounts to 106 million US adults saying civil war is on the horizon.

The survey comes against a backdrop of mounting violence on US college campuses, where pro-Palestine protestors clash with law enforcers, conservatives, some Jewish students and others.

#2 According to a recent Gallup survey, only 36 percent of Americans approve of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza…

After narrowly backing Israel’s military action in Gaza in November, Americans now oppose the campaign by a solid margin. Fifty-five percent currently disapprove of Israel’s actions, while 36% approve.

The latest results are from a March 1-20 survey. The Israel-Hamas war has continued for five months and has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Palestinians and over 1,000 Israelis. Major parts of Gaza have been destroyed, complicating efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians still living there. The United Nations and international community, including the Biden administration, have called for a cease-fire, but the two warring sides have been unable to agree.

#3 65 percent of Americans do not approve of the Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade…

About two-thirds (65%) oppose the 2022 Supreme Court decision, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, and 34% approve, numbers that have remained effectively unchanged in CNN’s polling across the nearly two years since the ruling. Those who strongly disapprove of the decision continue to outnumber those who strongly approve by a more than 2-to-1 margin.

A 69% majority who disapprove of overturning Roe, including 82% of those who strongly disapprove, say that federal politicians should work to pass laws ensuring national abortion access. Those who support the ruling largely say federal politicians shouldn’t take action on the issue: 59% say laws on abortion should be left up to the states, with 29% in favor of further restrictions to abortion access nationwide. New national restrictions are supported by just about one-quarter of Republicans, White Evangelical Christians and those who describe themselves as conservative.

#4 More than 20 percent of Generation Z adults (22.3 percent to be specific) now identify as LGBTQ+

Overall, each younger generation is about twice as likely as the generation that preceded it to identify as LGBTQ+. More than one in five Gen Z adults, ranging in age from 18 to 26 in 2023, identify as LGBTQ+, as do nearly one in 10 millennials (aged 27 to 42). The percentage drops to less than 5% of Generation X, 2% of baby boomers and 1% of the Silent Generation.

Bisexuality is the most common LGBTQ+ status among Generation Z, millennials and Generation X. Fifteen percent of all Generation Z adults — representing more than two-thirds of those with an LGBTQ+ identification — are bisexual.

#5 According to the Daily Mail, the number of transgender troops in the U.S. Army has doubled since 2020…

The Pentagon has spent more than $26million treating transgender troops since 2020, official records show.

The number of US army staff with gender dysphoria has doubled in that time — from around 1,800 to 3,700, according to DoD data seen by DailyMail.com.

In the past three years, $17.5m in taxpayer money was spent on psychotherapy for trans service people and $1.5m went towards hormone drugs.

A further $7.6m funded gender-affirming surgeries, including facial tweaks to make a recruit more masculine or feminine, and the removal or creation of breasts and genitals.

#6 By a vote of 692 to 51, the United Methodist Church has voted to approve LGBTQ clergy and same sex weddings in their churches…

The United Methodist Church, one of the largest Protestant denominations in the U.S., has voted to repeal its ban on LGBTQ clergy as well as prohibitions on its ministers from officiating at same-sex weddings.

Delegates overwhelmingly approved the changes, 692 to 51, during the United Methodist Church’s General Conference.

The meeting is taking place this week in Charlotte, N.C. after the pandemic delayed the 2020 General Conference where these decisions had been slated to take place.

#7 Only 3.6 million babies were born in the U.S. last year, and the birth rate is now at the lowest level ever recorded…

The birth rate in the US has declined to a new low, according to data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The figures show that fewer than 3.6 million babies were born in the US last year, the lowest amount since 1979 and equating to the lowest fertility rate EVER recorded.

The CDC analysed the 2023 data and found that the birth rate is down 2 percent on the previous year.

If you go back to 1960, the average U.S. woman gave birth to 3.65 children during her lifetime.

Today, that number has fallen all the way down to 1.6.

But we need a birth rate of at least 2.1 just to keep replacing ourselves.

If we didn’t have so much immigration going on, our population would be steadily falling.

In my latest book entitled “Chaos”, I have an entire chapter about the population collapse that is happening in wealthy nations all over the industrialized world.

It is often said that children are the future of our society, but we have greatly devalued marriage and parenthood.

Meanwhile, birth rates are still very high in many nations in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Given enough time, those that are willing to multiply would become increasingly powerful and those that are not willing to multiply would become less powerful.

But the fact that we aren’t reproducing ourselves is just one of the existential problems that we are facing.

At this point we live in an upside down society that has rejected the values that this nation was founded upon.

If we stay on this path, there isn’t going to be a future for America, and that is the truth.

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