Will The Coming 21% Cut In Medicare Payments Force Doctors To Boycott Medicare Patients?

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Will the 21 percent cut in Medicare payments coming this month force many doctors to boycott Medicare patients in order to survive? That is a question that thousands of American doctors are pondering as the U.S. Congress deliberates whether or not to allow a 21 percent cut in Medicare payments to go into effect. In fact, the cuts were already supposed to go into effect, but the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has put a hold for 10 business days on physician Medicare claims, thus giving the U.S. Congress a little bit more time to act. It is thought the the U.S. Congress simply cannot allow these cuts to go into effect, but so far they have not acted.


And what if they don’t?

It could literally force many U.S. doctors into bankruptcy and many others would be forced to shut their practices. 

For example, CNN recently interviewed Dr. William Schreiber, a primary care physician based in North Syracuse, New York.  According to CNN, his practice will be absolutely devastated if Congress allows these cuts to go through….

Schreiber sees 120 patients a week. About 30% of them are enrolled directly in Medicare, while another 65% have private insurance plans that peg their payments on Medicare’s rates. Only 5% pay on their own.

As a result, Schreiber expects the cuts to take away $3 out of every $5 he currently earns. And, as a primary care physician, he already wasn’t earning anything near the salary of a specialist.

Are you starting to get the picture?

These Medicare payment cuts would crush the American Dream for thousands upon thousands of U.S. doctors.

So why isn’t Congress doing anything yet?


These cuts were originally passed as part of a deficit-reduction measure.

The reality is that U.S. government spending is wildly out of control, and cuts need to come from somewhere.

But if these Medicare cuts are allowed to stand, it will literally be catastrophic for doctors across the United States.  Just check out what the doctor in the following YouTube video has to say about what these cuts would mean….

  • Greg

    The success of the plan for bringing down America must have the demons smiling. So many “crises” have been created to bring about the planned end result and the effective dumbing down of the populace has kept too many from understanding what is being done to us. We only have a healthcare crisis because we intentionally destroyed it with open borders and mandated care for any one that shows up. Duh! And now it looks like our only solution is to kill the old people. Garsh, what else can we do, compadre? Jose’s wife needs the bed for another anchor baby!

  • Eli

    Greg, we can’t blame all of our countries ills on illegals who cross the border to have a better life (they are a part of the problem but not the whole problem). What would you do if you lived in a poor third world country with no means to better yourself and your family’s situation? You would do the same thing! Don’t think you are better than someone from Mexico just because you were L-U-C-K-Y to be born in America.

  • Eli

    Doctors and hospitals bankrupted Medicare and now they are crying foul! I know first hand all of the shenanigans and deceit that goes on with Medicare billing. Many doctors and hospitals will overbill Medicare, do unnecessary tests and sometimes not do the whole work and then ask for full payment. No wonder Medicare is bankrupt!

    Everybody is hurting in today’s economy and doctors, lawyers, teachers, police officers, union tradesman should not be immune to the economic downturn either. Doctors are playing scare tactics (i.e. give us full Medicare payments or else we will shut down our offices). If the doctors don’t like having less Medicare payments, then they can obtain another job. But I seriously doubt they will.

  • Greg

    Eli – Ridiculous “feel good” statements are irrelevant. Would you justify a bank robber if it was to pay for something justifiable in your mind? My brother had a tough childhood so is his crack addiction justifiable in your mind? It is frustrating when a “feel-gooder” picks and chooses what is acceptable and not acceptable and then accuses others of blaming everything on one thing when a point is made about the problem the “feel-gooder” wants to justify. The illegal invasion from Mexico is a major piece of the plan to bring America down and it is having the intended affect.

    Regarding doctors, you are again showing your inability to see the whole picture. Doctors spend 8 to 12 years and come out of school with at least $250K of debt, work harder than most people could imagine, make peanuts for the first 3-5 years and face incessant abuse and challenges from those who resent and covet their income they finally achieve. They invest those years and dollars with the hope of making a good living and it is not reasonable to demand that they not make a significant income as we demand when they get paid peanuts through the government programs. When they can’t make a good living we will end up with a lower standard of persons pursuing that profession.

    So you have compassion for illegal invaders who take jobs Americans need to be doing but you cold-heartedly tell doctors to “obtain another job” after investing so much of their lives toward that profession! Some people need to learn how to think, but I seriously doubt they will.

  • Eli

    Greg- let’s stop the name calling. (i.e. “feel gooder”) Some people who can not make a strong cogent argument will use simple words/statements like “you are a feel good liberal”, “you are a Socialist” and not make supporting statements in favor of their premise.

    My point about illegal Mexicans is that they are doing what anyone in their circumstance would do; obtain a better life even if it means to cross the border and do hardworking back breaking jobs. When I was in college, I worked in restaurants. And let me tell you, those poor illegals worked 10 to 14 hours per day, and they worked their tail off. I have all the sympathy in the world for people who come from a poor country whose only crime is to have a better life. But I have no sympathy for someone who wants to come here illegally and then rob people, steal property from hard working Americans, etc…

    Now, about doctors. I understand doctors worked hard for their credentials, and made sacrifices. But why do doctors want to fight the free market? Free market capitalism Greg has made America the most prosperous nation in the world. Doctors are demanding a subsidy from Medicare that the free market would not bear. We live in a free country. If doctors feel they are being “ripped off” or “cheated” then they can find another line of work just like any other professional in a free country who feels that their salary is not in line with their output.

  • Greg

    Eli – your brain seems to be scrambled and you are most certainly in the fantasy feel-gooder land. The wetbacks’ “only crime” is not to have a better life. Their crime is ignoring our border laws and if you care to look into the matter you will find that they also ignore numerous other laws. Look at statistics for the percentage of illegals in a society and their share of crime and incarceration. You will see that the crime rate and incarceration rate significantly exceed their percentage of population. If you get in an accident with an illegal invader you better have good insurance because they most likely won’t have any. Only an idiot would expect anything other than these crime statistics because the illegal invaders prove they are not law abiding persons when they violate our laws to get here.

    Now, about doctors…you boggle my mind!! You equate free market capitalism with Medicare?! Doctors are being forced to have a lower income due to the elimination of our free market. You also amaze me that you care so much about the poor invaders but tell the doctors to find another profession. You will soon experience the sad results of our stupidity in this nation to disallow doctors to make a good living. The standard of care is going to drop dramatically. I am sure that these illegal invaders who have been depending on working, tax-paying American citizens to pay for their anchor babies and other emergency room trips will rush right in to take care of the rest of us when we need medical care that won’t be here. Feel-gooder mentality is going to lead to a very costly and painful result.