Why Are There So Many Natural Disasters In 2011?

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So far in 2011, we have seen a record number of tornadoes, unprecedented flooding, rampant earthquakes, disturbing volcanic eruptions and a tsunami in Japan that none of us will ever forget.  So why are there so many natural disasters in 2011?  Our top scientists seem to be at a complete loss to explain what is happening.  It just seems like there is one disaster or emergency after another.  Many Americans are getting “disaster fatigue” as the requests to donate money to various relief efforts never seem to end.  There has never been a time in recent history when we have seen so many natural disasters compressed into such a short period of time.  So exactly what is going on here?  Is something causing all of this or is this all one big coincidence?


Well, there is one thing that we can rule out and that is the theory of man-made global warming.

The truth is that the climate has always changed and it will always be changing.  But it is not because of anything man is doing.  The following are just a few key points to remember as to why the theory of man-made global warming is completely and totally wrong….

*Ice core records have shown that global temperatures rise before levels of carbon dioxide go up.  When temperatures rise, it causes a “life bloom” and this causes levels of carbon dioxide to increase.

*Levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere were far greater in the distant past than they are today.  In fact, the truth is that our atmosphere actually does not have nearly enough carbon dioxide.

*During periods when advocates of the theory of man-made global warming claimed that the earth was heating up due to human activity, all of the planets in the solar system were actually heating up.  The ice caps on other planets were not melting because of carbon dioxide levels on earth.  Rather, all of the planets in the solar system were experiencing higher temperature levels because of the giant ball of fire called the sun that they are moving around.

*A growing body of scientific research shows that changes in the energy output of the sun account for most of the recent heating and cooling that we have experienced.

*Carbon dioxide is one of the basic building blocks of life on planet earth.  If there was no carbon dioxide we would all die.

*If we reduce levels of carbon dioxide it will make it harder for crops to grow and could set off a global famine.

*An increasing number of scientists are acknowledging that carbon dioxide has nothing to do with global warming.

*Over 95% of all carbon dioxide emissions would still occur even if humans were not present on Earth.

Yes, the climate is changing.  It has always changed and it will always be changing.

But carbon dioxide emissions are not doing the changing.

So now that we have cleared that up, let us get back to all of the crazy natural disasters that we have seen so far in 2011.

Right now, a major tornado outbreak is almost a nightly occurrence in the United States.  In April, there were approximately 600 tornadoes across the country.  That is the most tornadoes that have ever been recorded in a single month inside the United States.  Usually, we only have about 1,200 tornadoes for the entire year.

The massive tornado outbreak in the southeast U.S. at the end of April is being called the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina.  One F5 tornado that ripped through the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area was reportedly a mile wide and scientists are estimating that it had winds that exceeded 260 miles an hour.  Tuscaloosa looks like a war zone right now.

The tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri recently is being called the deadliest single tornado in more than 60 years.  It ripped a path of destruction more than a mile wide and more than 6 miles long directly through the city.  One British newspaper has some amazing before and after pictures of Joplin that you can view right here.

But it is not just tornadoes that are increasing in frequency and power.  Major earthquakes are happening more regularly all over the globe, and the earthquake that struck off the coast of Japan in March was one of the largest ever recorded.  That earthquake spawned the worst tsunami that any of us have ever seen.

Unfortunately, that tsunami also absolutely devastated the nuclear power complex at Fukushima. TEPCO is finally admitting that there were at least partial meltdowns at three of the nuclear reactors at Fukushima. It has been more than 2 months since the disaster and TEPCO still does not have the situation under control.  Highly radioactive material continues to be pumped into the environment at a frightening pace.  Many believe that all of this radiation will ultimately render much of northern Japan uninhabitable.

Greenpeace recently conducted some tests for radiation on samples of seaweed, fish, and shellfish off the coast of Japan, and what they found is extremely disturbing….

The results of the details analysis are back – and we can say that the situation in the ocean along the Fukushima coast is worse than we originally thought.

The new data shows that some seaweed contamination levels are not only 50 times higher than safety limits – far higher than our initial measurements showed – but also that the contamination is spreading over a wide area, and accumulating in sea life, rather than simply dispersing like the Japanese authorities originally claimed would happen.

The news just keeps getting worse and worse.

Now, on top of everything else, the path of Super Typhoon Songda (with sustained winds of 160 mph and gusts up to 195 mph) could take it directly over the Fukushima complex.

Needless to say, that could potentially be a nightmare.

Sadly, more catastrophic seismic events may be on the way.  As I have written about previously, there is a growing body of evidence that the “Ring of Fire” is waking up….

*In February, a large earthquake absolutely devastated Christchurch, New Zealand.

*Two massive volcanoes in the Kamchatka region of Russia erupted at almost the exact same moment when the massive magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck Japan back in March.

*One of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, Mount Karangetang, erupted just a couple of hours after the earthquake hit Japan in March.

*The Fuego volcano in Guatemala absolutely exploded back in late February.

*800 meter high ash plumes rose from the Santiaguito volcano in Guatemala near the end of February.

*A number of other volcanoes along the Ring of Fire have been erupting recently.

*Although not on the Ring of Fire, Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is also in the Pacific Ocean and it has also been extremely active lately.  It shot lava 65 feet into the air a couple months ago.

*2011 is just continuing a trend of increased activity along the Ring of Fire that began last year.  It turns out that 2010 was a banner year for volcanic eruptions around the Ring of Fire.

*The west coast of the United States is also along the Ring of Fire.  Last year, over 2000 earthquakes struck southern California in just one week.

*A magnitude 8.8 earthquake rattled central Chile in February 2010 and produced a tsunami that killed 524 people.  The earthquake in Chile was so powerful that it actually knocked the earth off of its axis and shortened the length of the day.

We have also seen extreme heat and cold in many areas of the world over the past 12 months.  Last winter was called “the coldest winter in 1000 years” in some parts of Europe.

Last summer, the hottest summer ever recorded destroyed crops and caused wildfires all over Russia.

Over the past year we have also seen unprecedented flooding in Australia, China and Pakistan.  Some of the flooding has been so dramatic that is has been hard to believe that it is actually real.

In the United States, we just experienced one of the worst Mississippi River floods ever.  It is being called a flood that only happens “once every hundred years”.

John Michael Riley, an agricultural economist at Mississippi State University, is estimating that the damage to farms alone is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 billion dollars.

In Iceland, a massive eruption of the Grimsvotn volcano a few days ago sent a plume of white ash 18,000 feet into the air.  Volcanoes all over Iceland (and all over the world) have been erupting with increasing frequency lately and nobody seems to know why this is happening.

Something really unusual is going on.  All of these natural disasters should not be happening at the same time.

The following video has some really great footage of many of the natural disasters that we have seen over the past 12 months….

Sadly, all of these natural disasters are coming at a time when the world economy is coming apart at the seams.  The truth is that almost all of the economic news is really bad right now.

The Greek debt crisis continues to get worse, the Japanese economy has plunged into a recession, the United States has never recovered from the last economic crisis and the price of food and gasoline are skyrocketing.

If natural disasters keep happening at the same pace for the rest of 2011, it may be enough to push the struggling global economy over the edge.

The world has become an extremely unstable place, and nobody is really sure what is going to happen next.  In times like these, it is imperative that you make certain that you and your family are prepared.

So what do you think about all of this?  Do you think that you know why there are so many natural disasters in 2011 so far?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    First Great article this is a keeper. Second somebody once said we know more about the moon than we do how out own planet works. The Earth is 4.7 Billion years old it has went though colds spells and warm spells. The Earth has recovered from events that would have killed us off as a species or at least as a civlization. The human race in its present form is about 250,000 years old. Add to that a time when critical thinking is dying and ill informed option is running rampant, you have the early 21st century and the non-sense of man made global warming.
    Something is obviously going on, I think it’s just the Earth going though one of its Grumpy patches the trouble is when the Earth gets Grumpy people die. Lets hope the Earth get in a better mood because no matter how many Carbon Credits you buy it will not help.

    • Bob


  • Gary

    This is nothing but coincidence. 100 year floods do indeed happen.

    I personally think this is God punishing us for allowing the gross wealth and income inequality we have in the USA.

    I think we had better tax the rich hard and spread the wealth before more bad weather hits us.

    I think my theory makes even more sense than the original post (sorry Michael I could not resist:)

    • D-Hawk

      Haha, I read this, and the Economic Collapse blog daily and I always enjoy seeing this comment.

      Whilst I am not sure this would be the solution to all the troubles with the economy over there, I think it’s a very good start…

    • Reid

      Gary…I agree taxing the rich would be prudent, but you have to realize that the majority of Americans are the rich compared to the rest of the world…so tax on…all of you/us and we will have no argument.

      When there are countries without running water, refrigeration, sanitation and fresh food, compared to us, we all live in luxury. Having traveled several third world countries, finding a 7-11 or quick eats is out of the question, let alone hygenic toilets or clear, clean running water.

      Americans are deluded (speaking as one) in thinking that the rich are a small percentage…all of us are significantly rich and if we did away with most all of the entitlement programs, we’d be able to balance a lot of budgets. I for one think if you receive anything on the dole, you need to work for it, not just collect a check. Those folks should clear litter along the highways, and more…

  • Jonathan

    Interesting article but you have already answered your own question. The seismic and volcanic activity as well as the flooding are par and parcel for planet earth. People often forget how many billions of years old the earth is. They also fail to put into perspective how little time humans have been walking the earth. Since most of us live less than 100 years, we have no perspective for the cyclical nature of the changing climate. As tragic as these events have been, we should take heart that the ‘global warming’ myth has been debunked as that story was part of the propaganda campaign that the elitists have been trying to shove down our throats to push their state of fear agenda designed to control us. We humans have proven to be a resilient bunch and will continue to find ways to adapt to and overcome any disasters be they natural or man made.

  • Gods Creation

    It is Gods way revolting against the bankers and thieves that have stolen the souls of his creations through corporate fraud.

  • Eugene Kovach

    Have You Heard Of The Mayan Long Calendar Check What Long Calendar Means

  • The Sojourner

    We have arrived at the point that Christ called “the beginning of sorrows”. And I am sorry to say, it is prophesied to get more extreme. There is no place to run to and no place to hide(physically speaking).

    • frw55

      I am looking up for my redemption draweth nigh.

  • Despite my best efforts to understand things from a purely empirical standpoint, I confess I am at a loss. The sheer magnitude of the frequency, combined with the intensity, of the phenomenological events suggests that just maybe there is more to the apocalyptic Biblical view than the scientific among us might like to admit–and that includes me. Camping is definitely wrong about the Rapture’s timing, but it may yet be that the Bible is NOT! I also found a great passage describing the uptick: Matthew 24. All I can say is….hmmmm…things that make you go: hmmmmmmmmmm!

  • Anonymium

    Earth is growing and this growth might not be constant.


  • WM

    I love the comments that some have made regarding the age of the earth, almost arrogantly putting a year on the age of the earth, ( 4.7 billion, billions and billions of years, etc). This is so typical of people who deny the Bible and the creation story….the LAST thing in the world they will admit is that the Bible may in fact be correct about end time prophecies, and of course that would mean they are WRONG, thus hitting their ego and pride where it hurts. Never ceases to amaze me how many explainations people come up with to try to explain away the increasing natural activity and the increase of moral depravity we witness on a daily basis. Are the increased disasters around the world just coincidence, or is is POSSIBLE, that we are experieincing the God of the Bible fulfilling his prophecies???

    • Patty

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I do think that this NOT coincidence, I think this is God. No matter how many hours and how many scientist try to figure out a solution, they will not be able to. My advice to everyone is to turn your lives over to God and be ready, I know I am.

    • frw55

      We are living in interesting times. It’s like we’re seeing the prophecies of Jesus and others in the Scriptures coming true in our time. Maybe skeptics will become desperate enough to turn to them soon.

  • Peter

    We are near the end times as described in Revelations, Daniel and various other books in the Bible.

  • This whole article is about the many natural disasters and there’s no mention of HAARP? Wake up people!

    Watch this video and spectrum analyzer to see that Japan’s earthquake was man-made. http://www.exohuman.com/wordpress/2011/05/haarp-japan-quake-induced/

    No doubt HAARP is manipulating the weather to cause more economic crisis in this country.

    Be prepared for more natural disasters and an economic collapse. SURVIVE IN PLACE Urban Survival Guide

  • All of these disasters makes you want to be more prepared. Have a place to go in case of an emergency.

    Have caches of food and supplies in different locations, so that you can survive when the support system fails.

    Prepare now with long term food storage, because the grocery store may not be there when a natural disaster hits. Free Food To Go

  • I don’t know why these things are taking place. In time the answers will be known. I am not affraid.

  • Sorry for the loss… Tornados in the Midwest, Hurricanes near oceans and Earthquakes along fault lines are not evidence of anything other than normal operating procedure for NATURE.

    We help you find jobs in Asia – http://www.pathtoasia.com/ and in the USA – http://www.jobwaltz.com

  • Tatiana Covington

    It is nothing more than natural events happening randomly. Sometimes there are more. Sometimes there are fewer.

    Our short little lifetimes prevent us from seeing that it all averages out.

    One word:


  • Judah

    As someone who grew up non-religious, but became Torah-observant as an adult, I can look at these phenomena from both perspectives: scientific/skeptical, and religious/Divinely-ordained. It has been said that for someone who doesn’t believe in G-d there are no answers, but for someone who does believe, there are no questions. That’s a little too simplistic for me, but at least with a viewpoint that G-d controls every moment of our lives, and that he rewards and punishes according to his Law, it is not so difficult to accept that what we are seeing is the fulfillment of end-time prophecies.

    Perhaps the prophecies didn’t explicitly state what would trigger their realization, but the Bible (Torah) clearly states that (paraphrasing here): whoever blesses G-d’s people Israel will be blessed, and they are cursed who curse her. Traditional commentators point out that the significance of the inverted syntax is that one must actually pronounce a blessing to receive one, but all it takes is the thought or intent to curse to be cursed oneself.

    Many people have demonstrated the correlation between the timing of various American administrations’ calls for Israel’s withdrawal from its G-d-given land, or Arafat’s visit to America, and the almost immediate Divine reactions delivered in the form of major natural disasters: Gaza/Katrina is just one of many examples. Here is just one post that lists many of them: http://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/natural-disasters-and-harming-israel/

    To those of you who read this and continue to scoff at what many of us see as obvious, consider that just as there are none so blind as those who refuse to see, so too there are none so ignorant as those who refuse to become educated.

  • AB

    I agree with prior posts regarding punishments for the self-centeredness in the world. Whe God was removed from society c.1960 the downward spiral began,it has been quite obvious to me as witness to the downspiral we have incurred since then. It will change for the better when we acknowledge our creator. How hard it is for people to believe they are not the controller or end point of their own universe.Pride was the downfall of the devil and will be with those who follow. So obvious….

  • What is the purpose of prophecy if ain’t going to be fulfilled? This world was never designed nor formed to be an eternal one, that world is yet to come. So this world has to have an end some day as prophesied. And God has given plenty of unmistakable signs to show those who believe and watch when this end will be in the process of transpiring. We may be close to the beginning of the end but the only way to know for sure that we have gone beyond the point of no return will be when 2 billion or so people die off relatively quickly (in 3-7 years) through WAR, FAMINE, EARTHQUAKES and related disasters, and PANDEMICS. This will be the undeniable evidence that what we are witnessing is nothing short of the time of the end of the world as we know it. Regrettably this is just the first stage, by the time it is all over and done, and Jesus has returned, some 90% of the population will have died and the planet will look worse than the worst post apocalyptic movie ever made. This process will not be as quick as most people think but could take 3 decades or longer, so the finish line is not yet in sight. And what we have seen so far is only the trailer, the full movie is yet to start playing. Fukushima and Joplin will be remembered (if they are remembered) as minor disasters in comparison to what is yet to come. Can anything be done to survive what’s coming? From a bodily perspective, there is little that can be done but believing in Jesus Christ will save your soul. Hey the body’s gonna die one day anyway, so why fret about it? What’s important is the soul and the only one who can save it is Jesus, believe it or not!

  • Buy American

    An African “seer” by the name of John Mulinde came through US a few days before 9/11. He say a vision of America on a pillar which started to crumble. He asked God why this was happening and God told him the cry of sin in America was becoming louder than the cry of prayer. A few days later came 9/11 and America began to fall apart from that point.

    Another Brazilian prophetess I know went to Israel in 2006. She was given a vision in which she saw an earthquake going across America and Europe. God told her it would be an economic shakeup that would strike the Western nations, Brazil would feel the tremors but would be OK.

    I’m sure there have been many more messages from God trying to wake us up. The problem of sin has existed since mankind and there have been many societies more evil than ours. The main difference that has been made throughout history and continues to make a difference today is prayer. When God’s people stop dedicating themselves to prayer and intercession, repenting for the sins of their land, it ties God’s hands and the corruption in the world takes over. The bible talks about the land being cursed and the earth vomiting out it’s inhabitants.

    In some countries and cities in the land, the reverse is taking place. In Fiji, the coral reefs and agrigulture is miraculously being restored. There are regions in Africa where incredible changes are happening. Many cities on the earth the land is being healed and crops are growing where none previously would grow. If you ask the locals why, they will tell you that they started praying to God, together.

    So the crime, corruption and sin in America is really the symptom of God’s people not praying. If American believers would get on their knees and take prayer seriously, God would change both the evil and the environmental problems. It has been proven over and over again – 100% without fail. Over 1,000 communities around the world have had this experience and it is documented. The key to change is in the hands of the church, not the politicians or billionaires. It only requires a commitment to prayer.

    • Marika


  • Susyjo

    I believe that most of the disasters happening this year can be attributed to something which has many names: Elenin, Brown Dwarf Star, Nibiru, Planet X, etc. To the best of my understanding, Elenin is very large, bigger than Jupiter, and the reason it is so hard to see is that it is a brown dwarf star. Many of the earthquakes in the past year or so have happened on dates when Elenin was in an alignment of some sort with earth. It is causing a gravitational pull on the earth and it’s not done yet. Beginning in August 2011 it will begin more alignments, earth passes, or something. I’ve seen various dates and timelines regarding alignments and such on certain days this fall. At one point it will be less than 22 million miles from earth, which, in space is pretty close. More severe earthquakes and a violent, catastrophic, earth changing pole shift are predicted for this fall. It would seem that the Bible backs up what is being predicted by this coming Elenin. Isaiah 24:20 says that “the earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard” Isaiah 13:10 says that the sun, moon, and stars will not give their light. This Elenin is supposed to be huge. Think of earth as a golf ball and Elenin as a basketball. When it comes that close, it makes you understand how it could happen that the sun, moon, and stars would not give their light. If this is all true, it’s time to make sure that we are right with our Maker.

    • DonB

      Elenin is no longer – it has been disintegrated by the sun at the end of August during it’s slingshot around the sun, and besides, it was only a tiny comet, not even large enough to have any gravity to speak of, and no magnetic field. Larger more effective comets have passed by close to Earth with no affect. There’s no dwarf star following either – they don’t move so fast.

      • Lune

        You’re wrong my friend, planet X very much exist and is on it’s way for sure. God doesn’t lie. You might want to check out http://www.escapeallthesethings.com and I hope that you will find the truth! :-)

  • Linda

    Not a single mention of HAARP or geogengineering in this article. That is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to address. Weather is being controlled and used as a weapon against humanity. What we are experiencing is not GOD’s work or the wrath of Mother Nature, it’s being done by MEN, hellbent on controlling and dominating all of us. Wake up!

    • Reid

      Linda, there’s absent any discussion of the flipside as well…men not controlled by God, but by the prince of this earth, as dictated in the Torah(Bible). He inherited rule on this earth after the fall…so all evil here on earth is his creation…God allows it for the time being, but there will be an accounting. Men doing experiments (HAARP etc) are just manipulating things without awareness that they are part of the bigger plan.

  • Virginia

    Everything is growing expoentially out of control on our planet with population being at a nonsustainable crisis level. We do belong to a “solar system” and what happens to the earth and is also happening to other planets due to the effects of the sun. What is happening now is due to no fault of our own but due to natural forces taking care of business. Unfortunately, the pace is speeding up due to a tipping point of sustainability.

  • It’s already too late.

  • SteganosV

    You decide by reading this book: ‘Worlds in Collision’ by Immanuel Velikovsky.

    It will help you better understand and assess many of the calamities happening globally.


  • It seems to me that its a combination of several things,

    1) HAARP,
    2) Galactic Meridian/photon belt
    3) Comet Elenin

    Google these then you may want to visit

  • bloke

    magnatic pole reversal.
    look it up people.
    read the book “magnetic pole reversals and evolutionary leaps” by robert felix.

    last week (29-5-2011)the “southern lights” (aurora australis) was seen from new zealand and from the southern tip of tasmania.

    this is more evidence of an impending magnetic pole reversal

  • bruce

    its g-ds way of punishing those who go against Israel and the Jews

  • frog on slow boil

    research the HAARP facility and it’s weather modification abilities in Gakona, Alaska.

    Jesse Ventura did a video presentation that was aired on tv about the subject, made him look like a kook, but he brought out much secret information. Thanks Jesse.

    HAARP is capable of weather manipulation (earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, etc) and according to data posted on its site and taken down, responsible for setting off Ring of Fire earthquake activity surrounding Fukushima incident, also Katrina, Haiti, Joplin, Pakistan floods, Russian drought, and much much more…equating it to the most secretive horrendous weapon of mass destruction ever erected! And our govt murders its own people with it, sickening!…our tax dollars coerced out of us to kill Americans and other nations citizens secretly…this should repulse anyone reading…if you dont believe, do your own research, learn truth! This machine they have contrived is also capable of mind control at certain electromagnetic pulse frequencies, it has been tested and employed in Kuwait, and is now prepared to be used fully on the American People.

    kindly, wake the fk UP!

    • facilidad de ser

      So many comments and only one correct one, it´s sad, but “frog on the slow boil” says the truth, all the 2011 desasters so far are manmade.

      The only thing that is more sad than this, is the fact that the people don´t understand at all whats going on and how this is meant to end for them. Please inform yourself on youtube about weather modification and Haarp, it´s free.

  • We have strong evidence HAARP is responsible for the tornados and storms. A guy named Dutchsinse has been predicting the storms based on sattelite imagery of the HAARP rings within 24-48 hours. He predicted Joplin within 24 hours using this method.

    Unfortunately the author of this article has overlooked this relevant information that the U.S. military complex is involved in attacks on America using HAARP technology. We’ve got solid evidence and Congress has been recently notified as such. Visit Dutchsinse Channel on YouTube to see for yourself.

  • Keanin

    H.A.A.R.P. google-haarp

  • Keanin

    I didn’t even read the one above F@#$%*& A facilidad de ser

  • I B

    The 1980’s was the third warmest decade of all time. The 1990’s were the second warmest decade on record. The 2000’s decade was the warmest decade on record. This is a REAL TREND. Global warming is a real phenomenon directly caused by HUMANS and man-mad pollution. How many humans do you think this world can sustain before it breaks down?! At current rate, the world population will reach 9.1 BILLION in only 40 years! That’s 9 billion people eating, pooping, farting, driving cars, hunting, creating tons of trash every year, stripping land of resources, and shooting extra methane gas farts into the air. Methane gas is the worst of all green house gases. The more methane gas in the atmosphere( the sky), the warmer some sections of the Earth will become. Think of a green house full of tropical plants and humidity, it gets really hot in there! This is because water vapor is a green house gas too. Now imagine opening the door to a snow blizzard. You’d probably feel sick!! The Earth is very sick right now! As the Earth continues to heat up, water will continue to evaporate at larger quantities than would have happened normally. This causes excess water vapor to collect in the atmosphere. The more water in the sky, the more rain will fall, and the more extreme the weather will become; hence, epic floods, more frequent tornado outbreaks, and more powerful hurricanes. ‘Global warming’ is just one piece of the big picture that is Climate Change, extreme changes in global weather). That is, super hot air (global warming) in those areas heated by the sun, and super cold air in the poles(global cooling). The weather will continue become increasingly more, and more extreme. Look folks, SOMETHING is going on here,,, we can’t continue to live such wasteful lives,, think of all the trash you produce,, now times that by 9 billion!!! I can at least find peace in knowing that the world, planet Earth, will cleanse itself of Humans one ‘natural disaster’ after another.

  • Sharon

    We are witinessing what Jesus said would mark the last days of this world “There will great earthquakes in one place after another…”. Have you ever seen so many apocalyptic situations happening in the world all at the same time?

  • I am teaching at a university in China. My students’ end of term assignment will deal with covert global environmental warfare with reference to HAARP. It’s all theater, Covert Global Environmental Warfare. The Pentagon has the technology, but the United States is a primary victim. People have to face the fact that there really is a World Government and it has penetrated every sovereign state, in particular the United States, which no longer exists. The United States has a lapsed constitution, a Kenyan president and can’t issue its own money. The electorate has no influence over legislation, which is in the hands of the World Government’s puppets. These people openly laugh at Americans. No politicians in history ever laughed so much. To find out about the Global Environmental War, google ‘Leuren Moret’ and find out about covert nuclear war, covert earthquake warfare, covert weather warfare etc. All these are being combined with covert economic warfare in order to cause total chaos, depopulation, mass pauperization and the disappearance of the middle class to create a two tier society similar to George Orwell’s ‘oligarchical collectivism’. The ‘oligarchy’ is them, and the pauperized ‘collective’ is us.

  • Imdad Nadeem

    These are the signs of Day of Judgment. This is also the result of a lot of greed; Interest based transactions & transgressions against human beings & interference with the environment.

  • As a woman in travail, the spiritual war of the adversary is led by the Gorgon of the serpentine now in this last of the fifth and final age to wreak havoc in the energetic by frequency of the electronic cage. He seals the pineal, alters the DNA into the third stran to remove all knowledge of the most high, and destroys all he surveys that his time is short, to take as many souls into eternal seperation as he may. The blind who fall away serve him from above and below, that they may live, yet only unto their own eternal destruction. Fix your heart on the most high that all will be added to you. The energetic is a vail covering reality of our nature by our co-creating thought & intent in limited senses. Be not deceived. The seat of mercy is covered by he who alone, is worthy to open the book of life denied to the adversary. Repent and enter by the heart. The temple must take no mark to gain what the adversary would steal for himself. He will have a thousand years to ponder his eternal destiny while ruin surrounds he and his, while we live in the city prepared for us, until the time of no more tears after judgement. Prepare your hearts for the gathering.

  • Larry

    I think the only prophesy that’s been fulfilled is the one where Jesus said something about coming and bringing a sword, and or dividing people. That much prophesy I’ve seen, but that’s it! The rest was happening before and will continue to happen. On second thought forget the sword and division thing,.. that was all happening thousands of years before Jesus’ alleged arrival as well.

  • jen chen

    it is not real-these very ‘un’ natural catastrophes and ‘so called’ accidents are staged to cover up the real agenda depopulation-they make people die and they can blame it all on the cover-meanwhile they are killing you all off, not BP they can just blame Fukashima, BP and tornados-which are actually a new weapon. Only the stupid and obedient (soldiers and police) will be left alive-to (willingly and easily) be turned into robots with technology 666. Machine, computerized, robot, slaves-with added pig DNA-that is the NWO agenda. Soon only police & soldiers will be paid-no one else will have money or anything but a ride to the Fema camps and these police and soldiers will only be paid if they join satanism and have no conscience about killing/torturing all of you for their masters-and as proof that they accept satan as their God.

  • Gilles

    Good article. Just have a look at the Hopi Indians’ prophecies and how they view the hole natural disaster problem.
    Here a video to inspire everybody:

  • Cat

    I can think of similar causes. Cancer, HIV or any disease spread over human. The more and more sick cells taking over all body made human feel more sweat, high fever, and thirst or dry. That is similar to Earth. More and more humans on Earth just like cancer or diseases can produce global warming like fever, more floods like sweat, and drought like thirst or dry. Earth is really sick now and try to fight and get better by earthquake, volcano, and get rid of humans. Maybe it needs to reduce human population.

  • louis

    Yea, its Climate Change. Im not saying people are causing it because we are not but it is changing none the less. Just because the temp and co2 were higher in the past is not reassuring that things will be fine now. To say “oh well people are not the problem so there is no problem” is a recipe for disaster.

    Water and food are already stressed by our exploding population and a hotter world will only make that worse. As the ice melts the crust rebounds causing more earthquakes. more water vapor in the atmosphere means heavier rain and floods. heat and drought mean more wildfires. in short be prepared to secure your own land and family because the day is coming.

  • karen

    we are living in revelations. jesus is comming !!!

    • luca

      Revelation has really not begun, it will be much much worse, read the book and you will see many things have to take place, many prophecies have come to pass, but many still need to come to pass, we are certainly living in end times,

  • Tim

    I think it is the changing of ages going into aquarius. We will be met with almost extinction level disasters then over 2000 years of peace when everybody gets along and no one religion or beliefe system will persicute any other Just like it was before the Birth of the age of pisces.

  • Dr.A.Jagadeesh

    Yes. 2011 has seen many calamities. Scientists must investigate the root cause for these.

    Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India
    Wind energy Expert

  • Velkyn


  • saadi takoua

    do we cold change what is happening ?

    • luca

      we can pray that the Lord has mercy on us and He may if enogh people are actually repentful.

  • Dadlieana

    What`s the point in finding out these disasters. We all (God forbid)could die tomorrow or we could of died years ago. Eventually we are all here on earth to live life and die. Basically we live to die. One day I was talking to my friend Shariffe about the world ending and all the other stuff. He said “God might not be please with what the world had become.So he took some people out and going to make a ”Final Judgement” on earth. Me-“So your trying to say we are going to have a afterlife and this right now is our past life?” Him-“That is all in his judgement whether or not we shall live again.” Me-“What if we do live again? There would be the same people except were not them anymore.So there might be another Michael Jackson but his life will be different than the last.” Him-“I understand your point but Michael Jackson?”Me-“What? We need somebody to be ”king of pop”also he help out the kids in Africa who needed food and water and other places.” Him-” O.k. what about Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy,etc…” Me-“I would of said them too.” Him-“If this human race gets wipe out I wondered what will happen next…”

  • I know God is coming back. But can’t we change our ways? Are Americans too stuck up to realize God is the answer? Gay marriage, abortions, etc. This is payback. Wake up and realize! The Bible says, “You will know by the times” And if this isn’t enough disasters then I don’t know what is!

    • luca

      right on sister, i use to be gay… and now i see what has to happen, the truth above anything else the Lord Jesus is the truth, and my needs do not matter, only His. AMERICA BLESS GOD.

  • Loren

    Im 27 yrs old I am a believer in the bible but the crazy part to all dis mayhem is the one thing the bible n the mayans had n common was there will be a end point…..isnt strange the mayans perdict the end of the calendar2012…but the bible says no man will know the time n day….but it does give off signs of the return of god….which is happening now especially n this year2011..so if the mayans were right…..we are on the path of that actually happening but if you believe in GOD it u will not know the time n day but…..regradless what or who u believe n….ITS GOING TO HAPPEN SOON N WE ALL WILL EXPERIENCE THE WRATH OF “natural disaste” or the works of god its all n ur head how u interpit it all…..n who u believe n….CORRECTION ON THE SPELLING ERRORS BUT U GET MY POINT……PEACE

  • Marika

    Haarp! Hydron colider! Man made snow in China!
    Space trash! Hmmmmm! And we still wonder…..

  • Scovia

    I am so scared. These disasters could be reflecting what is written in the book of revelation in the Jerusalem Bible. We should return to God.

    • rach


      I feel the same as you. It is very scary. Never did I think we would see it in our lifetime.

      I hope people turn to God too.

      My prayers are with you and your family.

  • charles

    2012’s a coming! Ancient mayan’s discovered, and modern astronomers agree, that on december 21, 2012, the solar system will cross over the gravitational center of the galaxy. With that many billions of stars, as well as the center of the galaxy itself, lined up, a tidal effect can occur effecting the magma underneath the earth’s surface. Thin spots of crust take pressure from the “Tide”, and cant hold it. therefore they blow. And no one knows how the increased activity, especially that in the ocean, is going to effect ocean currents, water temperature, atmosphere temperature, and overall, climate and weather patterns. So. Guess what. 2012’s a coming.

  • paige

    2012 is not the end in the bible no won shale now wen the end is ner and were did u learn this a made up romer

    • luca

      thats right, but it is Gods judgement on us

  • Lune

    You guys have obviously not read Tim McHyde’s book. Check out http://www.escapeallthesethings.com and realise that you realy should be excited, not scared! :-D I pray that you shall find the truth and that it shall set you free! x

  • AL


  • Leroy

    So, you’re “completely sure” that all this pollution of the atmosphere does absolutely nothing. You laugh at scientists who spend their careers studying global warming and their effects because they’re not nearly as smart as you.

    Then, you give endless facts about individual disasters and the misery they caused over many paragraphs, yet don’t even venture a sentence as to a possible explanation.

    I’ve noticed this is the new attitude of humankind it seems, just mindless facts but no conclusion. And, of course, the word “family” has to to come up at the end.

  • Marika

    Some say 28/10/2011 is the date to look forward to

  • Alex

    Hey marika 10/28/11 has already passed and look WERE NOT DEAD i have heard that scientist say that it will be the end in 11/11/11 right now its 11/6/11and i dont wonna die im vearly 13 i dont wonna: (

  • Bob

    First off, for any of you to say that these natural disasters are due to the world ending in 2012 is completely gibberish. The world we live in is full of violence and chaos, especially in the Middle East, so I would be more concerned about that.

  • Shin

    I like the direct denial of Climate Change with completely bullshit factoids before we even get started. “Tell me what you think is going on, and oh you have to ignore the one really plausible reason other than overpopulation/more news coverage.”

    Those that look for the ‘signs’ will find them, even if it takes ignoring a large chunk of science for hearsay and a primary schooler’s understanding of cause and effect/basic science.

    Carbon dioxide will not change the world, oohoo, glad some git on the internet has finally solved something that took – is still taking – scientists years to come to terms with. I’m glad your world is so simplified, and I’d like to invite you to visit Venus for a fairly accurate prediction of your ignorance. Have fun with the end of all things, and good job on stepping into it so gleefully.

  • Fabio

    No one really knows what is going to happen. Although some proclaim to know. What will be will be. The Annunaki are coming back in 2012. I have met one of them and he has said some things but not much. All he said was to prpare ourselves for life changing experiences. Life as we know it will change. That is why the monetory system is in a collapsing state. All of you materialistic people out there should heed this.

  • john e

    OK what everyone says is true,but what happened to the people that caused this situation?
    from what i know the CEO ‘s of all the banks were never charged with any crimes….

    they all work for the President of the unites states…it’s going to get worst…

  • theresa

    All I know is that it is pretty scarey that life as we know it today is slowly being destroyed both economically and naturally. Just pray and hope for the best. Dread for this summer.

  • Carolyn Blue

    Natural disasters reflect the prophecy. The beginning days of sorrow are real. People on this earth is mourning because their loves are withering away, yeah dying because of natural disasters. Remember the Holy Bible says, All the nations will mourn. The earth mourns and withers, the world fads and withers. Our God is working in the field, whatever he plucks up we know he will plant it somewhere. Yeah heaven and hell is real. I had a dream about God working in the field, and in this dream so many people were dying from natural disasters. He told me the reason he was plucking the people up is due to the fact they were not growing like golden wheat. Thus is he directed my attention to the field and said, I only have this much to go, meaning he going to pluck up the whole field. So first we mourn as we witness our love ones withering away, and than the world fads and withers.

  • Joshua Potter

    Sadly this blog is so much “hot air” (pun intended). None of your assertations are cited and you merely note “an increasing # of scientists”? Sadly in a day and age where anyone can publish anything and everything with a simple click, rubbish like this pervades the communal psyche…

  • nantual disaters are rally sacry thought so i really would not go to that place

  • Nick Vavavas

    So, the world ends in 2012? Well, OK but it better happen AFTER late October! I’ve got a feeling the Mets are going all the way to the World Series, and WIN IT!
    I wanna be around to see it, damnit!!! So it would be a huuuge disappointment if the world ends BEFORE the Fall Classic!

  • luca

    because the Lord said if we rebel against Him, He will have judgement on us, if we ALL were to repent, it would stop, I promise. its nothing but the Lord turning us over to our sin.. think its bad now, live your life seperated from God and see what else He can and will do.my advice. submit yourself to Him, get to church that teaches the truth meaning… if the pastor reads it and thats what it actually says in the bible then its a good church, if what they say does not co inside with the bible they are not teaching the truth.