Was The Magnitude 8.9 Earthquake In Japan A Sign That The Ring Of Fire Is Coming To Life?

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Please pray for Japan.  The footage of the devastation caused by the magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Japan is absolutely heartbreaking.  It was the worst earthquake in the history of Japan, and it was one of the five largest earthquakes that has ever been recorded.  The magnitude 8.9 earthquake unleashed a tsunami that was absolutely unprecedented in that part of the world.  30 foot walls of water swept as much as 6 miles inland.  Cars and homes were pushed along by the rushing water as if they were toys for children.  Since the initial quake, there has been over 100 aftershocks of magnitude 5.0 or greater.  Hundreds of dead bodies have been discovered so far, and according to one report, 88,000 people are currently missing.  There is no telling how high the death toll will eventually be.  Large areas of land are now completely under water and 4.4 million households in northeastern Japan do not have electricity.  So will we see more earthquakes like this?  Are there other signs that the “Ring of Fire” is coming to life?


If you have never heard of the “Ring of Fire”, now would be a great time to start learning about it.  Sadly, we will probably be hearing a whole lot more about it in the months to come.  The following is how Wikipedia defines the “Ring of Fire”….

The Pacific Ring of Fire (or sometimes just the Ring of Fire) is an area where large numbers of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in the basin of the Pacific Ocean. In a 40,000 km (25,000 mi) horseshoe shape, it is associated with a nearly continuous series of oceanic trenches, volcanic arcs, and volcanic belts and/or plate movements.

Approximately 90 percent of the earthquakes in the world occur along the Ring of Fire.  About 75 percent of the world’s volcanoes lie along the Ring of Fire.

Do you remember the December 26, 2004 Indonesian tsunami?  That happened along the Ring of Fire.  Also, the 8.8 earthquake that struck central Chile last February was on the Ring of Fire as well.

But this earthquake in Japan was the most dramatic event that we have had along the Ring of Fire in ages….

So is there evidence that the rest of the Ring of Fire is coming to life?

Well, consider the following facts….

*Last month, a large earthquake absolutely devastated Christchurch, New Zealand.

*Two massive volcanoes in the Kamchatka region of Russia erupted at almost the exact same moment when the massive magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck Japan.

*One of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, Mount Karangetang, erupted just a couple of hours after the earthquake hit Japan.

*The Fuego volcano in Guatemala exploded back in late February.

*800 meter high ash plumes rose from the Santiaguito volcano in Guatemala near the end of February.

*A number of other volcanoes along the Ring of Fire have been erupting recently.

*Although not on the Ring of Fire, Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is also in the Pacific Ocean and it has also been extremely active lately.  It shot lava 65 feet into the air last weekend.

*2011 is just continuing a trend of increased activity along the Ring of Fire that began last year.  It turns out that 2010 was a banner year for volcanic eruptions around the Ring of Fire.

*The west coast of the United States is also along the Ring of Fire.  Last year, over 2000 earthquakes struck southern California in just one week.

*A magnitude 8.8 earthquake rattled central Chile last February and produced a tsunami that killed 524 people.

Sadly, the list of examples could go on and on and on.

The truth is that there are reports of significant earthquakes and significant volcano eruptions somewhere in the world almost every single day now.

If you have been thinking that it sure seems like there have been more natural disasters recently you are not imagining things.

The truth is that the number of earthquakes and the number of volcano eruptions have definitely been increasing.

Of course there are some “naysayers” in the scientific community that are still trying to insist that all of this is perfectly “normal” and that the reason why more quakes and more eruptions are being reported is because we have gotten so much better at detecting them.

So are you buying that?

To most of the rest of us it is very clear that the earth is waking up.

So why is this happening?

Well, there are dozens of theories for it that are being floated around the Internet.

For example, some are blaming the earthquake in Japan on the “supermoon” phenomenon.  Those promoting this theory note that the 2004 Indonesian tsunami also occurred just about the time of a “supermoon”.

Others that have studied the 2012 phenomenon are warning that the earthquake we have just seen in Japan is an example of the increased geological instability we will be witnessing as we approach that date.

Still others say that this is evidence that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled.  For example, Jesus warned us in Matthew 24:7 that earthquakes would be one of the signs of the last days: “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.”

But however you want to explain it, the truth is that it is becoming increasingly clear that the earth is becoming very unstable.

So can something like we just saw in Japan happen inside the United States?

Well, as I have written about previously, the New Madrid fault could potentially come to life at any time.  A massive earthquake along that fault someday would absolutely devastate the center of the nation.

Also, there is the constant threat that the “big one” could finally strike California.  California sits right along the Ring of Fire and many are convinced that someday a gigantic earthquake will permanently change the geography of that state.  The truth is that California is way overdue for a large quake.  An article in Time Magazine last year noted the following….

California has more than 300 faults running beneath its surface, including the massive San Andreas Fault, yet the quake to end all quakes has yet to occur. In 1980, a federal report declared the likelihood of a major earthquake striking California within the next 30 years to be “well in excess of 50%.”

But whatever you think about all of this, hopefully all of us can agree that one lesson that we can all learn from recent events is that it is very important to be prepared.

You never know what is going to happen next.  Many of the people living in Japan probably never imagined that a tsunami could reach 6 miles inland.

But it did.

Would you and your family be prepared if disaster struck in your area?

If not, why not?

The truth is that there are millions of people in the United States and around the world that now consider themselves to be “preppers”.  People are doing amazing things with the limited resources that they have, and you can too.

The world is becoming a very unstable place, and disaster can strike at any time.  When things do go sour, it is those that have prepared that are going to have the best chance to make it through.

As the people of Japan have discovered, natural disasters can dramatically change our lives in a single day.

It is only a matter of time until a major disaster hits the United States.

When that happens will you be ready?

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    God bless the Japan people!

    Best regards,
    Val Vesa

    New Media

  • mondobeyondo

    “Ring of Fire? Huh? Why should I care? And what does this have to do with ME?”

    – Typical American consumer

    I wish so many of my fellow sheeple, er, people would stop being so narcissistic and self centered. There is a world beyond the U.S. borders, and it affects the entire planet.

    The music scale does not go, “Do, re, mi, mi, mi, mi, miiiiiii…”

  • mondobeyondo

    San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle…

    I hope you guys are taking notes on what happened in Japan. You could be next. The San Andreas hasn’t shifted in a while.

    Oh yeah, you too along the New Madrid fault. St. Louis, Arkansas, Ohio, etc. Could be you, too.

  • Charles Grey

    I was one of the first the learn about the Japan earthquake at 4am eastern time watching the early morning news. What would happen if it happened on the west coast? A disruption in communications and resources would be devastating.

  • Grover Lembeck

    Let’s not forget the Pacific NW and the Oregon subduction zone- we’re well over due for a major quake, the last one of which led to a massive tsunami…in Japan! We are no where near as well prepared as the Japanese, either, despite some improvements in construction requirements. An 8.9 quake would devastate Seattle or Portland the way Katrina devastated New Orleans.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I think by 2013 we’ll all need a panic button.

  • Mike

    If Ben Bernanke prints us some more money, everything will be all right. Go back to watching dancing with the stars, you sheeple.

  • Keith Proctor

    Watch the heavens, for your savior is comming…quickly. amen

    • atljay

      I agree. Amen

      • David

        I’m sorry, but your imaginary friend (you probably refer to this friend as ‘god’) can do no work outside of your quarter-inch of brain-constricting skull.

        If this ‘saviour’ is comming, I’d recommend an umbrella, else all the women will be pregnant again!!

        Hmmm… perhaps that explains the virgin birth… naw… no-one is THAT gullible any more (surely!)

    • mike a


  • Buy American

    In watching these scenes, I couldn’t help thinking how many of these people were going on as if life would never end, never giving a thought to “what if”. How many people I know also have this same mentality. We think life will continue to go on as is and are not prepared for famine, turmoil, anarchy or sudden death. All of these can be prepared for to one degree or another if we plan ahead. Having provisions stored up, having finances in order, having a home or land in another location or country can prevent many calamities.

    But many don’t give a thought about death – Death is pretty definitive and if there is life on the other side, one needs to think about how to prepare. A tornado or tsunami during the night could suddenly propel us from life into death. If there is nothing on the other side, then no big deal, other than the moments or hours of pain making that transition. However, if there is life on the other side, and if per chance, the ancient writings are correct, and the testimonies of those, like the young boy in the new book “Heaven is for real”, are true, then we need to prepare now to make sure we go to the right place. The bible warns there are two options – destruction OR life. The choice is ours. By simply believing that God has made a way by offering his son as a sacrifice for our moral crimes (sins), we can get a free ticket to safety and freedom. If we choose to reject such a simple and free gift, the bible says we unfortunately choose our own destiny – not God’s choice – ours.

    So, as many of us are making plans to prepare for economic and social disasters, which may or may not happen, we should also think about preparing for death – just in case the writers of the scriptures were indeed right.

  • Ben Sieira

    OK, so now everybody is listening – I will re-publish what I have written before over recent years. In the book of Revelation where it describes “something like a mountain on fire being cast into the sea….”, where the sea turns to blood and a third of all living things die and a third of ships are destroyed, it is easy to understand. The Pacific Ocean floor is rich in iron, so when eventually one of the large volcanoes in the Pacific really blows its lid, you will see virtually an entire mountain blown off the face of the earth and fall away into the ocean in a blaze of fire and glowing lava, and the rupture, along with many other simultaneous ones, will be so immense that the ocean will start quickly acidifying as it is rapidly inundated with sulfur-rich lava. The strong sulfuric acid being of higher density that even oceanic salt water will make its way to the ocean floor and leach out a lot of iron. The iron solution will mingle with the lighter salt water above and eventually find its way near the ocean surface where when it is combined with higher levels of oxygen it is precipitated out of solution into several forms of iron oxide. This turns the ocean red like blood. At the same time, when combined with the continuing rise of acidity, all life in the ocean is perishing and the hulls of ships are corroding as the water nearer the surface is progressively acidifying. Guess just what proportion of the world’s surface waters constitute the Pacific Ocean? Yep, that’s right, ONE THIRD. This will be similar to what happened in the days of Noah – the whole Pacific area and nearby land masses were inundated with massive seismic and volcanic activity – I currently live atop one of those old volcanic vents in the midst of a massive plain created by lava flows and peppered with mounds from ancient vents. It’s all happening and it will happen faster and faster.

  • chetan


  • John Berbatis

    Pole Shift – how & why.
    In the past ten years, there has been an exponential melting of the ice sheets and a noticeable disintegration of the ice shelves, owing to ‘global warming’. The loss of mass from the underlying Tectonics Plates causes them to ascend (iso-static rebound), and this results in an increase in the intensification and frequency of global seismological activity. The seismic data of the past ten years confirm this conjecture. Furthermore, the ice shelves impede the flow of glaciers and ice sheets into to the oceans; and when the ‘polar regions’ are subjected to unprecedented seismic upheavals, these events will then cause the ice sheets and glaciers to be dislodged en masse into the ocean. This occurrence will then instantly destabilize the earth’s crust weight distribution (isostasy), and so precipitate a ‘crust displacement’ (Mag. 12), that is, an axis change. The previous subterranean extraction of fossil fuels will greatly exacerbate this impending Apocalypse. Currently, the excessive amount of carbon and methane gasses in the atmosphere is causing catastrophic weather conditions, globally – and this situation will rapidly deteriorate into ‘a runaway climate’.

    The result of the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet dislodging.
    “In a polar region there is a continual deposition of ice, which is not symmetrically distributed about the pole. The earth’s rotation acts on these asymmetrically deposited masses [of ice], and produces centrifugal momentum that is transmitted to the rigid crust of the earth. The constantly increasing centrifugal momentum produced in this way will, when it has reached a certain point, produce a movement of the earth’s crust over the rest of the earth’s body, and this will displace the polar regions toward the equator.”
    Albert Einstein foreward in The Path of the Pole by Prof Charles Hapgood.

    Pole Shift by John White

    What will happen during a pole shift.

    “The ultimate disaster! Enormous tidal waves will roll across the continents as oceans become displaced from their basins. Hurricane winds of hundreds of miles per hour will scour the planet. Earthquakes greater than any ever measured will change the shape of the continents. Volcanoes will pour out huge lava flows, along with poisonous gases and choking ash. Climates will change instantly, and the geography of the globe will be radically altered. If the pole shift is less than a full 180 degrees, the polar icecaps will melt rapidly, raising sea levels, while new icecaps will begin to build. And large numbers of organisms, including the human race, will be decimated or even become extinct, with signs of their existence hidden under thick layers of sediment and debris or at the bottom of newly established seas…”

    ‘Such displacements may take place as the consequence of comparatively slight forces exerted on the crust……… which in turn will tend to alter the axis’.
    Albert Einstein 1879 – 1955. Foreward in The Path of the Pole by Prof Charles Hapgood

  • Rangoo

    I see earthquake happen. I chineese man, me and mistress was in hotel at time, me feel sudden terror for cheat on wife and think. I should do no more cheating on wife and now, Now I change forever, I never cheat on my wife ever again forever.

  • With the damage already done to the ocean with nuclear and thermal plants lost in the Tsunami, considering our planet is surrounded by water, more contamination to effect mankind and the aquatic environment just keeps on adding to the nightmare….

  • Frank

    I’ve noticed anecdotally that for the past year, starting with Chile and Haiti, quakes of great than 5.0 magnitudes have seemed to be more common that previously. I honestly don’t know if this is a result of media coverage or my own increased awareness though.

    What I find most interesting though, is the risk to the West Coast of the U.S. from the resulting tsunamis:


    The Japanese quake threatened all of America’s coastline, much more than a single earthquake located in the U.S. ever could.

  • mondobeyondo

    As Jesus said in Matthew 24, “Earthquakes in divers (= diverse) places”.

    Places where most people would never think of earthquakes happening. Japan and California – yeah. They’re used to quakes. But Haiti?! New Zealand?!

    For most people in the midwest and eastern U.S., hurricanes, snowstorms and flooding are bigger priorities than earthquakes. But the New Madrid faultline runs right through the center of the country. Oh great, something new to worry about, huh? You may have thought about your house being shaken and destroyed. But next time it won’t be from a tornado…

    p.s. If you’re in Kansas City, you don’t have to worry much about tsunamis.

    • David

      ummm… NZ is one of the most quake-prone areas on the planet… do your research man!!

      (and Haiti isn’t far behind, either)

  • concered canadian

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  • I think Japanese people are disciplined and calm despite all these, so they’ll probably be up soon. The question more likely is: What do we do next year when oil supplies start running out?

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  • kiwi

    mondobeyondo: there are earthquakes in new zealand all the time. we have thousands every year/on the ring of fire, etc (we also have many dormant volcanoes). not unexpected at all. Christchurch itself however was a surprise to me :(

  • JD

    What do you mean ‘coming to life’. It has always been alive. It is the most active region of the Earth. It does seem to be getting more violent more often. 2012? Only time will tell

  • A.S.

    As an Orthodox Jew, I must state that the disaster in Japan happened because of middot knegged middod, which means, action for action. Because Japan unjustly arrested and holds in its prison 4 Jewish young men for unintentional drug transportation, they got their disaster. Warning to Japan: release them ASAP unconditionally, with a full pardon and reimbursement of a large sum of money for the years of life they lost, or G-d Almighty will strike Japan with more disasters. If you believe in G-d, especially you Christians out there, then you will get these young Jewish men released today!

    • David

      you remarkably foolish, bigoted person.

      HOW DARE you equate a natural disaster with the imprisonment of four people (druggies are druggies – if they were Jewish, then clearly they were remarkably stupid Jews).

      How would you feel if the rest of the world agitated for the release of non-Jews from Israeli prisons for the sole reason that they’re not Jews?

      …and in outlining your response, you might also like to explain why (seemingly from your suggestion) a Jew can do no wrong… ever.

  • Maruyama

    reply to A.S.

    I am British, of no religion, although my Grandparents were Jews, and I live in Japan. I resent people who use the name of God to justify pain and suffering on any human being of any race and color and any religion. Too many people twist the word of their Gods to suit themselves. Far too many wars over religion, have killed more people than natural disasters. There has never been adequate proof what religion is true. THAT is the reason my parents and myself chose to believe in whatever we feel ourselves, keeping it private. Shame on you, calling yourself an orthodox Jew. All those innocent Jews were murdered for their beliefs in the Holocaust. WAS THAT because of middot knegged middod, which you say, means, action for action too? You say the 4 Jewish men were arrested for unintentional drug transportation. Where is your proof? If you have enough proof of their innocence, provide it to the authorities. Hatred is something that is going to eat you up. I hope your God helps you overcome this. How can you think that killing tens of thousands of innocent people, is what any God would do, to justify holding 4 Jews for what the police believe to be a case of illegal drug transportation based on the evidence they have? I thank your God, that all Jews are not like you.You sound more like a potential terrorist.
    I want to thank ALL volunteers, people who donated and well wishers for all their support to Japan since the March 11th Earthquake and Tsunami. May all the Gods bless you and keep you all safe, and everyone else too.

  • Zee

    Sorry A.S. I can’t agree with you. I find it highly offensive that you think God wiped out thousands of people just for 4 imprisoned Jews. Your thought process is ridiculous. I know you feel Jews are God’s chosen people and at one time they were but when Jesus came (which was the WHOLE reason for why Jews were chosen in the first place–to get Him here) everything changed. God is not vengeful. He sent Christ to save us all and it is our choice to do so or not. Why did the earthquake happen and kill so many precious people? You know why because your Torah teaches it and you know it. Not my fault you don’t want to believe in Jesus but if you did you’d hear the heart beat of God for His creation and the deep desire that they not perish like so many Japanese did on 3-11. The earth is a living thing and it changes and moves and reacts to things just like we do. For an angry god to kill off his own creation because of those who break natural law is highly stupid especially if he has said he loves us and wants us to have prosperous and fulfilling lives.

    I will continue to pray for Japan, the victims, the helping organizations over there now. If we are commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves it is our responsibility to help them and treat them as HUMANS not numbers to be disregarded or spat on.

  • Opie the opiate

    Why is it that so many people here have this holier than thou approach to this? ‘sheeple this dancing with stars that’ come on. It’s almost as if many of you people want something catastrosphic to happen, just so you can say, ‘ha told you so’. If you want to raise awareness, by all means please do. If you want to provide a swift kick in the butt to many Americans, by all means, we need it. This middle school derision needs to stop though. I do not doubt for a second that if something awful did happen some of us might not be as prepared as we think we are. With all of that said, I appreciate the tireless research regular joes and jane’s share with the rest of us. It not only gives us an idea of how to prepare, but it also serves as a starting point for individual research ourselves. So thank you to all you ‘tin foil experts’, and I hope to my made in china lunchbox that you are all wrong about everything…

  • A believer

    A lot o people fear what they do not understand so, its understandable that many will give a reply on predictions of this world coming to an end, as it is written in the Bible. This is noted all throughout the written word from the Old Testament into the new and in Revelations, which I truly belive is Gods own chapter that He wrote himself, thru his apostle,John.
    He said there will be many signs and wonders in the last days to warn of that which is to come..”There will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth”..read Matthew 24. In it He explains to His disciples the events that are to come and will manifest themselves in the end time. Just watch the weather, the oceans behaviours and the Ring of Fire faults..it all makes sense according to His word. People that state these things, such as I am, are not trying to give a ‘Holier than thou” image or anything like that, we are just stating what the Bible states and that we believe it. Like I said in the beginning..people are afraid of what they don’t understand. All u have to do is read the Bible to see it.God is never wrong. He can’t be because He is perfect.

  • mike a

    TO A BELIEVER:the bible has been written and rewritten over the past 3000yrs by man! the catholic church (which is the 1st church) puts out only what they want and how they want it ! please do the research on your bible and how it came to be before you make yourself out to be any dumber then you have already! AND FOR THE RECORD GOD WAS AN ALIEN!

  • 6.9

    agree with Mike a