There Have Been More Than 30,000 Documented Terror Attacks Worldwide Since September 2001

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When are we going to say that enough is enough?  According to Act For America, more than 30,000 documented terror attacks have taken place around the world since September 11th, 2001.  And in case you were wondering, almost all of those terror attacks were committed by radical Islamic terrorists.  According to one website that tracks these things, in 2017 alone “there were 2035 Islamic attacks in 61 countries, in which 15,700 people were killed and 14,302 injured.”  Even though ISIS is on the ropes, Islamic terror continues to spread, and we must boldly confront this threat.


But instead, many western nations have been eagerly importing large numbers of young males from hotbeds of Islamic terror.  As a result, levels of crime are absolutely exploding.  Just check out the latest crime numbers from the city of London

For example, gun crime in London is up 15 percent, homicides are up 25 percent, including an explosion in youth homicide of 70 percent, robbery is up by more than a third.

Those numbers are extremely chilling, but there is more.  According to WND, the number of acid attacks in London has “soared exponentially” in recent years…

Among the most terrifying crimes in London are acid attacks, which have soared exponentially since 2014. There were 431 such attacks record in 2016 and police report they have become the tactic of first resort for some gangs.

Acid attacks also seem to be correlated to the large Muslim population in some areas of the city.

Of course London is far from alone.  Over in France, the chaos and violence never seems to end.  On New Year’s Eve, more than 1,000 vehicles were set on fire, and authorities are claiming that this is a victory because that number only “slightly exceeded” the figure from last year when 935 vehicles were torched…

New Year’s Eve celebrations in France have turned out to be not only a time of joy, but also a frantic spell for police and emergency service personnel who faced mass disorder across the country.

The number of vehicles torched during the festivities that spiralled out of control in Paris and other French cities have surpassed 1,000, the French Interior Ministry said in a statement reviewing the New Year’s Eve celebrations. The number of vehicle arson attacks “slightly exceeded” last year’s figures, when 935 cars were set alight, the ministry added.

Things are getting really bad elsewhere in Europe as well.

Over in Germany, one recent study concluded that the recent spike in crime in Germany has been caused primarily by an “influx of mostly young, male migrants”.  The following originally comes from Reuters

The recent influx of mostly young, male migrants into Germany has led to an increase in violent crime in the country, according to a government-funded study published Wednesday.

The study used figures from the northern state of Lower Saxony to examine the impact of refugee arrivals on crime in 2015 and 2016, a period when the number of violent crimes reported increased by 10.4 percent.

The authors concluded that 92 percent of the additional crimes recorded could be attributed to the increase in refugee numbers.

What is happening in these western European nations is completely and utterly obvious to us, but the politically-correct crowd is still in a horrifying state of denial.

For example, just check out the storyline of a new television movie in Germany

The TV movie “Break-out to the Unknown” (WDR/ARD Degeto), on Wednesday, 14 February 2018, at 8.15 pm, tells the tale of family fleeing a totalitarian system under life-threatening circumstances, from an unusual perspective: in the near future, Europe has collapsed into chaos. In many countries right-wing extremists have taken power. The formerly democratic state of Germany has become a totalitarian system that persecutes dissidents, Muslims and homosexuals.

As a lawyer, Jan Schneider (Fabian Busch) has taken the side of dispossessed victims. When he learns that the regime intends to put him in prison once more, he decides to flee. His goal is the South-African Union, which is enjoying political and economic stability after an economic boom. A cargo ship is to take him, his wife Sarah (Maria Simon) and both children Nora (Athena Strates) and Nick (Ben Gertz) together with other refugees to Cape Town, but the people traffickers put the passengers in boats that are far too small in front of the coast of Namibia.

And here in the United States, you can actually be arrested and prosecuted if you say the wrong things about radical Islam.  The following comes from Information Liberation

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is attempting to prosecute 41-year-old Mark Feigin for criticizing Muslims on the Islamic Center of Southern California’s Facebook page in September 2016.

The Attorney General’s Office claims Feigin’s Facebook posts were “meant to annoy and harass” through “repeated contact by means of an electronic communication device” in violation of Cal. Penal Code § 653m(b) and should therefor not be protected by the First Amendment.

Have we gone completely and utterly insane?

We are trying to convince ourselves that radical terrorists that are committed to achieving world domination by violent means are actually solid citizens and will openly embrace us as friends if we will just treat them with kindness.

Meanwhile, the reality of the matter is that we are witnessing rape after rape and terror attack after terror attack.

In Sweden, violent gang rapes are becoming so common that incidents such as this one barely make a blip on the news anymore…

On January 21, 2017 in Uppsala, Sweden three men broke into a woman’s home armed with guns, tore off her clothes and gang raped her for three hours while livestreaming the whole attack on Facebook. Similar to other horrific rapes, the liberal mainstream media refused to unequivocally identify the offenders as Muslim immigrants. Jihad Watch reported that “The Swedish publication NyheterIdag says that the attackers were “nysvenskar,” that is, “new Swedes,” which is the establishment media euphemism for Muslim migrants.” A 21 year old woman came forward after she saw the Facebook broadcast and stated that she recognized one of the perpetrators who raped her 15 months earlier.

If you are “pro-woman”, you should be speaking out about this.  But instead, many have been trained to believe that they can’t stand up and defend these victims because it might not be “politically-correct” to do so.

The goal of radical Islam is to completely dominate the entire globe.  The intend to dominate us physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.  Omar Ahmad, the founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), once made the following statement about what his organization’s ultimate goals are…

Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.

We are not going to allow these jihadists to install their totalitarian system in the United States.  They are the enemies of liberty and freedom, and we are going to fight their agenda every step of the way.

Michael Snyder is a pro-Trump candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on

  • “[Y]ou can actually be arrested and prosecuted if you say the wrong things about radical Islam[…]
    […] posts were “meant to annoy and harass” through “repeated contact by means of an electronic communication device” in violation of Cal. Penal Code § 653m(b) and should therefor not be protected by the First Amendment.”

    False. What you CAN be arrested/prosecuted for is the violating the already-present legal statute of harassment and stalking, which the above jerk very clearly did, using his computer. The “victim” didn’t have to be Islam, it could’ve been a school teacher, a window washer, a bank, etc. Hoestly, this site isn’t even trying to appear rational or honest anymore.

  • “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to
    become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”

    Source, please? I can only find those ridiculous words attributed to him via anti-Islam websites, and no real source, i.e., it is a lie with no valid sourcing.

    • woodstock

      Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and the Revolt of Islam

      The trolling needs to stop. Autism spectrum disorder people should find something else to do. Netflix, golf, bowling, YouTube, video games, at least try something!

      • “Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and the Revolt of Islam”
        Ummm, DURRRRR, this is the only type of thing *I* could find, and… it… has… NO… SOURCE. It is a political documentary written and directed by Joel Gilbert — who is anti-Islamic and apparently pulling quotes out of his woodstock! <<< THAT is why I wanted any sort of source, and instead I just got the unsubstantiated words of someone who hates all things Middle East!

        If you think your autism is to blame for your pointless trolling of my question, well, I can only hope your mother will escort you out of her home and require you to become part of the economy and the real world. I know it's a lot harder than sperging at me, but you need to not do that shizz again.

        • joanofark06

          You sound like you’re one of those koran readin, muslim….how far has the take over gotten?

      • L. A. McDonough

        Websites (so called patriot ones) fail to screen out trolls for strange reasons. which is why I never subscribe to them.

  • ” […] many western nations have been eagerly importing large numbers of young males from hotbeds of Islamic terror. As a result, levels of crime are absolutely exploding.”

    The blatant misandry on this website is disgusting. Yes, men are violent. Yes, men murder left and right. Yes, men are responsible for the vast majority of the world’s violence, here, there, and everywhere. But to continually demonize men in your articles is just beyond the pale.

    • L. A. McDonough

      This country is headed down the abyss like the E.U. is now. No law and order, as police paid to look other way. The harbinger of judgements is on the land (and elsewhere) incl this super polar storm up and down the east coast. (the harbinger jonathan cahn you tube)America is cursed, voting is useless from now on.

      • Yes, as of last November the nation realized that voting has become useless. As they say, if voting meant anything, the government wouldn’t allow us to do it.

        Out of love for my family and fear of what our Lightening rod Loser POTUS is going to make happen in the nuclear arena, I moved my family to another continent. The North Korean DJT will have no desire to destroy countries without his orange Doppelgänger, so if you can do it, bug out sooner rather than later. It might be safe to come back after the impeachment, but that’s no guarantee.

      • cm7

        You should see geoengineeringwatch dot org

  • “There Have Been More Than 30,000 Documented Terror Attacks Worldwide Since September 2001”

    Welp, there’s gonna be one more ***REALLY* big one coming from the Oval Office as Crooked Criminal Donald feels Mueller’s noose tightening so delightfully around his bloated neck. Donald has historically created new news to distract us from the actual news against him, and this time ought to be no different. Expect Tiny-Hands Trumpie to press down on his nuclear button sooner rather than later, as yet another last ditch effort to distract us from his impending doom.

  • francio smith

    One of the problems the world has is its refusal to call it what it really is. Muslim terrorism. The pc description is radical islamic terrorism as if you can separate the two. The perpetrators are all muslims. It used to be called muslim terrorist. Now its suicide bomber. When one bloodthirsty mooslime commits an act you call it lone wolf. The excuse is he was angry about something so he went out and murdered infidels. Where did he get radicalized is the next stupid question. Not where but when. I will tell you. When he decided that it would be cool to join a group of bloodthirsty mooslimes so that he also can cut, not chop off, infidels head for the demon called allah

    • So what you are ignorantly boasting is that ALL Christians kidnap and raρe their daughters for breeding stock, merely because the radicalized Christians have been doing it (read the newspapers, this is what some “Christian” men have been doing with their daughters).

      There is as wide a chasm between Islam and radicalized Islam as there is between G-d-fearing Christians and daughter-breeding Christians. I know that part of the worst radicalized evangelical strain of Christianity loves to spend their days warping other people, other countries, other religions, and other-everything-else for some horrible reason, but it doesn’t make it truthful.

      G-d does not want his children fighting His other children, LEAST OF ALL in His name. LEAVE THAT FOR THE RADICALIZED CHRISTIANS TO DO. The radicalized Muslims will be there to meet you in the middle and oblige your ignorant fight.

      • ramrodd

        how many baptist suicide bombers do you know!
        youre an apologist for jihad…an apologist for Sharia

      • Katalin Etsedy

        If you have problem with Christianity you can choose several other religions or Atheism instead of supporting a religion of hate. Don’t be a cattle. There’s always an other way.

    • guest

      Woman Who Declared Her Gun Range A ‘Muslim Free Zone’ Enters Arkansas Governor’s Race.
      She owns the Gun Cave shooting range in Hot Springs. In 2014, she drew national media attention by declaring her gun range a “Muslim Free Zone,” saying that she was concerned about the safety of other customers if Muslims patronized her business. Morgan has criticized Hutchinson as someone who “campaigns like a conservative Republican but governs like a liberal Democrat.” If elected, Morgan would become. Arkansas’ first female governor.

  • Howard

    I can’t find my recent comment here, so I’ll try again.

    It’s all islam, so please stop calling them “radical islam”. The radical ones are just impatient; islam itself wants to dominate the world.

    Thomas Jefferson had to deal with these people. President Trump will soon deal with them, too.

    • L. A. McDonough

      Have you seen webistes: and

      • Howard

        Yes, I know about those websites. Thanks.

    • That is as ignorant as saying “all Christians blow up women’s clinics, breed with their daughters, and hate gays”, when none of that is true. Only the radicalized Christians do any of that.

      The same is true of Muslims. The vast, vast majority of them live dull-but-happy lives just as the vast majority of Christians do. Then you have your radicalized Muslims who seek out groups to commit violence just as we [unfortunately] have radicalized Christians seeking out Alt-Reich groups to bolster their strength to “take over” when they think society can be taken over. No different, and to claim that there are no passive, non-violent Muslims only speaks poorly to your comprehension of reality.

      • ramrodd

        THIS is hate; all from the Qur’an.”

        The eternal, unchanging words of Allah:

        Q 2:193 “And kill them [unbelievers] wherever you find them.”

        Q 2:216 “Fighting is prescribed for you.”

        Q 8:12 “I will strike terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.”

        Q 9:5 “Slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush.”

        Q 9:123 “O you who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness.”

        Q 4:73 “So, when you meet those who disbelieve smite at their necks till whenyou have killed them and wounded many of them.”

        Q 5:14 : “We [Muslims] estranged them [Christians] with enmity and HATRED between one and the other, TO THE DAY OF JUDGMENT.”

    • j238

      He blocks his own name in order to filter out some of the criticism.

  • joanofark06

    Ok satan, make sure you blame this and everything else on the jews…how is your brother hitler doing these days?

    • The more rabid posters on this very site delight in blaming the Jews, namely Soros, for everything bad. The entire Alt-Right exists out of a hatred for the Jews, and many Proud Boys/Alt-Righters post here too. Many are quite explicit in how they would “cleanse” the planet of “the parasites”.

      Blanket hatred against religions or people will never be right, whether against Jewish or Muslim. But you delight in hating your feigned enemies.

      • ramrodd

        The Alt-Right is Not Right – It’s Left…..The alt-right is myth

        One of the pillars of conservatism is “The Golden
        Rule,” which automatically precludes white nationalism or racial supremacy
        of any kind.

        According to McPaper, the white nationalist/supremacist Richard Spencer
        coined the term in 2008. If he uses the term alt-right to identify himself and
        his fellow believers – this begs a question?

        Was President Woodrow Wilson a member of the alt-right? He was a racist
        white supremacist.

        So were President Lyndon Johnson and the late Democrat Senator Robert

        Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to halt the spread of the black race. I’d
        call that white supremacism.

        The KKK was the enforcers of the white supremacist Southern Democrat Party,
        the Dixiecrats.

        Alt-right demonstrators hit the streets adorned with Nazi paraphernalia and
        Confederate flags.

        Neither of those symbols represents American conservatism.

        In fact, the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party, which these nuts appear to
        be so fond of, was a tale of combat between two competing leftist ideologies –
        fascism and communism.

        Neither faction incidentally resembled conservatism or what we’ve come to
        know as “the right.”

        The German KPD was the largest communist party outside the Soviet Union
        during the 1920s.

        It was the Trotsky-inspired KPD or German Communist Party vs. the Hitler
        led fascist “National Socialist German Workers Party” (Nazis).

        There were no “right-wingers” involved at all.

        And did I see the word socialist?

        By cracky, I did.

        I don’t know of anyone who would confuse conservatism with socialism.

        The alt-right is myth.

        It’s a name crafted to confuse the public into thinking these loons were
        spawned out of the conservative movement.

        It should actually be relabeled, or labeled properly as the National
        Socialist American Party, because they are in fact fascists – not of the right
        and certainly not conservative.

        But because of our woefully inept education system in this country, most
        believe fascism and Hitler were right wing.

        They couldn’t be more wrong.

        The fascists were leftists who had/have a lot more in common with
        communists than with free market conservative capitalists.

        The major difference between fascists and communists is that the former is
        nationalistic and the latter, internationalistic.Freedom Outpost

  • joanofark06

    I would share your good wishes of what we hope God will do, but i’m afraid, rev 20:4 tells us why these demons are taking over, and will continue to. Read that verse, and then wonder…who could be so evil as to give THAT kind of punishment for NOT taking the mark? The same punishment is in that verse, and the koran…..put it together, and now you know, why they’ve immigrated by the hundreds of thousands to all these many countries….satans needs many to take care of many….who, like us two, will NOT take his mark. They will be taking over high positions in governments, and will continue to take over. Our heaven awaits us…As God sacrificed His life, we shall sacrifice our own…for HIM.

  • DJohn1

    Abraham had an Egyptian hand maiden. He had a son. That son was half Hebrew and half Egyptian.
    Later the Lord God granted him another son by his wife. This son was fully Hebrew.
    From the two brothers came nations.
    But they both had the same genetic traits. The reputation is one of nitpicking and out right lies. Deception is common. Anyone that reads about Jacob in Genesis knows this. There is ancient history in the Bible. He had a reputation as a deceiver.
    Abraham’s first son went on to become the people of the Muslim faith of today. These people cannot be trusted to keep their word. As many in recent history have found out the hard way.
    Terrorism is the result to anyone that is not a member of the Muslim religion.
    Their entire culture is based on exclusive membership as a Muslim. They do not feel it is wrong to lie and cheat anyone else. Murder? Is it murder to kill a Christian? Do they think so?
    As with their relatives, money is very important to them.
    The only way to stop all terrorism is to make it really unprofitable.
    That can be in resources, money, or anything else. If it does not profit them to terrorize other people then they will not do it.
    So how to we break them of lying, cheating, murder and much more?
    I suggest we break away from our dependence on their oil resources and buy our oil elsewhere for a start. That is not an easy task.
    Only deal with people that keep their word. Then if they do not, quit dealing with them period.
    If they use terrorism here deport the entire family back to where they came from.
    If they face deportation for the entire family then they will face local judgment from their own people.
    I suggest an arbitration board that determines whether or not they have broken a contract. If they have, the contract is null and void and they are liable for damages in our courts.
    Make it cost them loads of money to misbehave.

    • That’s all a pretty long-winded way of saying G-d can’t be trusted.

      There are other websites where your atheistic opinions will win you upvotes, bub.

    • “Only deal with people that keep their word. Then if they do not, quit dealing with them period.”

      How do you reckon to get the presidential impeachment going then? Not that Mueller needs any help on that front…

  • “Allah” IS G-d. Just as “Dios” is G-d in Spanish, and “Deus” in Portuguese and “Gott” in German, so is “Allah” in Arabic. To call G-d a demon is blasphemy against ϒHVH.

    Remember too that the Quran speaks more highly of Jesus Christ than most so-called “Christians” do today.

    Do not fall into the division and hate that Satan is telling you is OK. Be stronger than Satan, and turn your back on his wish to divide G-d’s children.

    • ramrodd

      Allah is the Moon God-Satan
      Jesus Christ is only a prophet under islam
      The truth is that Jesus Christ is God in the Flesh….but
      one is considered an infidel if he believes this under islam..

  • Hey, if the author of this site gets into Congress, you can seamlessly takeover his writing job here!

  • SantosGarcia

    Clearly the ignorance of our electorate and the vast majority of the American citizenry continues to put our Constitutional Republic in jeopardy. The ‘fallen ones’ do not sleep- their work is insidious and pervasive through all manner of schemes and wicked devices. The two most prevalent today are ‘Islam’ and ‘The New Age Movement’.
    For clear exposé of what each one teaches- prayerfully consider these:
    1) AND…
    Blessings to all who love the LORD and worship Him in spirit and in truth!

  • cm7

    It is ironic that it’s Jews flooding the world with Muslims–Rothchilds and Soros.

    Jews own the finances of the U.S., and when we pay taxes some of them go right to the Rothchilds via their private bank (Federal Reserve).

    I’m not anti-Jew, I much prefer them over Muslims (I have to say that or he’ll delete my comment).

    • L. A. McDonough

      These are secular “khazar jews” (also called Ashkenazi jews a mixed blood) which have lots of E European mixed blood, nothing close to Orth. jews at all.

      • cm7

        You evangelicals always get defensive about Jews. I don’t think the elite Jews are all part European. Then there’s all the Jews running Wall Street.

  • ramrodd

    Pamela Geller: There are No Lone Wolves in Jihad.. Millions of Muslims all around the world are following the same playbook — the Quran — and the same ideology — Islam.but the Media wont ever tell you that, it wouldnt fit in with their pro-jihad propaganda offensive..

  • ramrodd

    this ssite refuses to post links

  • ramrodd

    If you are a politically-correct bliss-ninny with a coexist bumper sticker
    slapped on the back of your Subaru, and you don’t have the slightest clue what the following ten words mean, then this essay is not meant for you.
    You are excused.

    dawah, dhimmi, hijra, jizya, kafir, shaheed, shariah, takfir, taqiyya, ummah

    But if you are a national security professional, senior military officer or
    political leader involved in any aspect of the “Global War On Terror,” AKA
    “Countering Violent Extremism,” these are ten words that should already
    be a part of your working vocabulary. If you can’t readily discuss their
    meaning, significance, and relationships, then you are worse than a
    fool, you are disgrace to your office and a danger to your country.

  • Neil Meliment

    United States of Israel=9/11.
    The world knows.

    • Neil Meliment

      The United States of Israel
      (under the same management).

      The whole world is becoming aware.
      Truth is unstoppable.

  • Neil Meliment

    The United States of Israel has been occupying Palestine and everywhere else in the Middle East. (Not to mention the self- inflicted wound of 9/11, for which they were made the scapegoat).

    Is it any surprise that some Muslims would not consider us an enemy to be attacked?