The Republican Party Just Got A Major League Wake Up Call

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Tuesday night was a major shock for millions of Republicans, but it shouldn’t have been.  I have been warning for months that Democrats were raising lots of money and had more energy and enthusiasm on their side, and it showed.  From coast to coast Republicans got trounced, and if we don’t get our act together we are going to get killed in the 2018 mid-term elections.  Last November, we witnessed the greatest miracle in the history of U.S. politics, and afterwards millions of conservatives promptly went to sleep.  That was a tragic mistake, because we are literally in a battle for the future of America, and at the moment the Democrats have the momentum.


Earlier today, USA Today published a pretty good summary of the carnage that we saw…

Democrats won the governor’s mansions in Virginia and New Jersey. They also flipped a massive number of seats in the Virginia House of Delegates, and Maine voted to expand Medicaid. And voters elected a slew of women and minorities along with several transgender candidates to government offices around the nation.

“The Democratic Party is back,” Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez announced on a call with reporters Wednesday morning. “We’re taking our country back from Donald Trump one election at a time.”

Once upon a time, Virginia was considered a “purple state”, and leading into the election on Tuesday the GOP had a huge edge in the House of Delegates.  But now UVA’s Larry Sabato says that it looks like the Democrats may have flipped enough seats to be in control…

Sabato said the high turnout in an off-year, the clear margins of victory and the sheer volume of seats that flipped in the House of Delegates all while rain poured down in Virginia could not be ignored. Voters “were determined to send Trump a message.” Republicans went into Tuesday with a 66-34 advantage in the House of Delegates; by the end of the night, Democrats controlled 48 seats, Republicans 47 and the rest were still undecided.

Do you want to see headlines next November about how the Democrats have taken control of the U.S. Senate or the House of Representatives?

If not, we need to get to work.  There are pro-Trump candidates all over the nation that need volunteers, donations and media exposure.  If you don’t want the left to run this country, then we are going to have to fight with everything that we have got.

At this point, Democratic leaders can already smell victory.  Just consider what Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are saying

Democratic leaders in Congress said Tuesday’s massive victories for their party were a rejection of President Trump and predicted a wave election next year that could even switch control of the U.S. House.

“The door is certainly open for us,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, told reporters as she took stock of Democratic wins at the top in New Jersey and Virginia, and in down-ballot races across the country.

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer said he was reminded of 2005, when Democrats won races in both states, which he said presaged the 2006 mid-term elections that cost the GOP control of both houses of Congress.

And they aren’t the only ones.  Mainstream political analysts are also anticipating a victory for Democrats next year.  For example, this is what Dave Wasserman said to USA Today about last night’s results…

“It’s hard to look at last night and conclude that Democrats are anything other than the narrow favorites for control of the House next year. The results could unleash more Republican retirements and it could spur Democratic recruitment,” Dave Wasserman, House editor for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, told USA TODAY. Nearly three dozen Republicans have have left Congress or announced they plan to retire or seek another position at the end of their term. Just about a half-dozen Democrats have said they won’t seek re-election.

In my new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters”, I lay out a blueprint for how Republicans should approach 2018.  We need to embrace the platform that Donald Trump ran on, because it was a platform that resonated with working class people all over the country.

There will be Republican primaries all over the nation next spring, and that is our opportunity to get pro-Trump candidates on to the ballot next November.  There is no time to waste if we want to win.

Because if we sit back and watch the Democrats work harder, raise more money and be more organized, they will absolutely kill us next November and we won’t have anyone to blame but ourselves.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on

  • Scott

    “Democrats won the governor’s mansions in Virginia and New Jersey.”

    Keep in mind these are already blue states that Hillary won. Republicans are 5-5 in special congressional elections since Trump took office which is a more substantial indicator. Virginia has been shifting blue for some time now. What Trump needs to hold on to are key states like Wisconsin and Michigan that have been shifting right.

  • Mandy

    The American worker just got a major league wakeup call as Trump is trying to export more jobs to China.

    • Double-talkin’ Donald is not only exporting even more jobs to foreign countries, but he’s *also* importing foreign workers to replace American staff at his resort properties!

      I am still gobsmacked at how gullible Crooked Donald’s [former] supporters were when they voted for him. He’s known for being a FAMOUS liar.

      • Gay Veteran

        it was your Slick Willie that got NAFTA passed

  • DJohn1

    The problem with both Democrat and Republican candidates?
    Follow the money.
    That is basically why nothing is done.
    Obamacare? Follow the money to who sponsored their elections.
    Who benefits from Obamacare continuing? Did Republicans mouth a good fight and except funds from the Insurance industry?
    The pendulum swings. One year it is Republican. The next election it is Democrat.
    Neither side represents the common people of this country.
    What did the Congress legislate for itself concerning health care?
    What kind of pension plan do they have?
    How did the Democrats vote?
    Did they vote for Planned Parenthood? That makes them something we do not want. Monsters killing babies. There are things Republicans do to get things done. One of which is compromise. Did your representative in Congress vote for Abortion?

    Hillary Clinton lost that election plain and simple. The reason is that a lot of good church-going people got off their lazy behinds and voted against her.
    What has to happen is the lies have to be exposed for what they are and stopped. Then the people telling those lies have to be voted out of office regardless of what party they represent.
    Until that happens enjoy the circus that is Washington, D.C.

    These people are in office because you and I never did our homework.
    Those same people know this.
    They now own most of the media out there and control what you hear or read.
    That should have set off alarms long before this.
    When Reagan ran it should have set off alarms.
    Right now the most disgraceful display of controlled media has been going on since Mr. Trump was elected President and most of it can be traced back to Democrats.
    They even have their own special prosecutor trying to impeach the President.
    Until this country wakes up and fights back nothing will change.

  • Seen2013

    “Last November, we witnessed the greatest miracle in the history of U.S. politics, and afterwards millions of conservatives promptly went to sleep.”

    Thus far, I’m compelled to disagree.

    “Ed Gillespie, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee and a counselor to former president George W. Bush”

    Gillespie history supports that he is a Bush Republicanism proponent that makes him pro-globalization, open border policies, and expansionist foreign policy. He’d been the perfect candidate if Kasich, J Bush, Walker, Romney, Ryan, McCain, and other Bush Republicanism, Moderate Republicans, and even Social Conservatives who advocate centrally the US Constitution grants rights promoted through social conservative values won the Presidency

    RINO’s are no different than Democrats unless you want to argue party affiliation is a difference with distinction, but their policies are a difference without distinction.

    If you think Republican rank and file support factions will support National Reviews breakdown of the Republican Party into “fiscal conservatives”, “moderate conservatives”, and “social conservatives” banking on Republicans hate Democrats and therefore ignore difference without distinction under the basis of party affiliation, there is really no point in supporting someone who will support globalization, open border policies, and expansionist foreign policy under the name of “Trump’s Agenda”.

    The longer Trump opts to pull pointless maneuvers to gain favor with Republican leadership; the less support he has going into 2020. If he wants to act like Kasich, he’ll be treated like Kasich, and after Kasich’s deceptive Presidential bid Ohio hates him more than ever.

  • carson

    America needs to repent call upon the Lord to be born again in Christ, barring that it’ll follow the world the flesh and the devil.

    • I 100% agree. The first devil we must cast out is Demonic Donald at 1600. Only then will G-d grant us the blessings the USA so sorely needs.

      • carson

        a bit focused on the world maybe?
        America doesn’t need blessings, it and each person needs being a new creation in Christ.
        If a whole bunch of american’s repented and humbled themselves to be born again in Christ some things might change but it wouldn’t matter as much as the fact that any sinner became saved, washed in the blood of Jesus Christ from sins and given the Spirit to then walk in the Spirit.

        What does it benefit any person to gain the whole world, make a great country according to your or anothers idea’s, and still lose their soul?

        But again if the country as a whole repented and called upon the Lord some things within would change, the path to change starts individually and with the heart and only by Christ not by politico’s.

        • Uhhh, kitchen sink much???

          Exorcising the demon in the White House (well, “in the White House” from 9-5, Monday through Thursday, anyway) is the priority which needs Americans’ concerted efforts, prayers, and whatever else it takes. Our souls are only on loan from G-d, and forgiveness and repentance can only take place once we acknowledge our sin (of permitting that demon for as long as we have).

          By the way, the article is about the nation’s awakening to our possession by the devil named Donald; it isn’t about being born again in Christ, etc., therefore your original post was in violation of Disqus’ terms of use, i.e., no off-topic posts permitted. It’s a fine notion, but this is not the platform for it.

          • Gay Veteran

            LOL, still crying over Hillary’s loss

  • John Carman, a New Jersey politician who joked that the Women’s March would interfere with women cooking dinner, was unseated by — wait for it — a first-time female candidate. Ashley Bennett, now a member of the Atlantic County freeholders board, was in fact one of dozens of women who flocked to a January meeting to protest Carman’s remarks. “People want change,” Bennett told Philly. com after her unlikely win. “I am beyond speechless and incredibly grateful to serve my community.” The loss might sting for Carman, but on the bright side, he’ll now have plenty of time to cook his own meals.

    • MEP325

      Wow, what a victory for women. So inspiring. Those dozens of women protesting sure did implement some groundbreaking change, huh? I guess their protesting didn’t help Kim Guadagno, a woman, beat Phil Murphy, a man, for the New Jersey Governor seat.

      New Jersey is a cesspool of whack job political hacks and is only gong to get worse. It’s a one party state (Democratic) The gender of of the elected people does not matter in Jersey because 99% of them are total hacks devoid of any real substance. The state has some of the highest property taxes in the nation and continue to rise. Now that the nutjob Murphy got elected, the state is facing a grim future if he gets his imbecilic polices passed.

      • A.) I’ve never heard of Kim G., but a cursory search shows she was a sҺ!t candidate.

        B.) Pointing to someone (Kim G.) that had absolutely ZERO relationship to the topic at hand (John Carman/Ashley Bennett) only shows a desire to sidetrack and obfuscate the topic (which is fine with me, because it makes you look bad).

        C.) Oh, such kind words about New Jersey, our Ditherer-in-Chief’s FAVORITE STATE in the union! Hey, maybe you should tweet the other twίt and share your drab and unoriginal pablum with him?

        • MEP325

          Here’s the point: you gush about this Women’s March mocker John Carman being unseated by this Ashley Bennet, which is completely irrelevant because nothing will change for the better in New Jersey. She’s a Democrat and more than likely is a total hack that will go along with Murphy’s agenda (15$ minimum wage, pander to illegal immigrants, sanctuary state) Northeastern Democrats are borderline mental patients.

          Kind words about New Jersey? It’s the total truth. I know how the state is because I live in it.

          • “Here’s the point: you gush about this Women’s March mocker John Carman being unseated by this Ashley Bennet”

            No, I didn’t; you were just suffering from reading comprehension issues. Cool, I’ll fix that for ya: the loser opened his ignorant yap and called his opponent a bunch of widdle cwy-baby names, and he got his retard αss thrown out for all of his efforts.

            Any more of that story is just your own additions, pointless, except for the fun in watching you seethe over his humiliating loss.

          • MEP325

            Seethe over his humiliating loss? I never heard of this guy until just a week or two ago and I couldn’t give a s%^& about his loss. He was probably another hack too despite being a Republican. I’m seething over nothing. You gushed over his loss because you’re a bitter, man-hating kook.

          • Yeah, re-read your above post — you were seething. Maybe you didn’t seethe until you heard of the guy’s loss, sure.

            Bitter? Me? Man-hating? Ha! Please back up your accusations with even a tiny morsel of evidence. I have nothing to be bitter over, nor do I hate men — what *lazy* and tiresome insults. I make dang good ‘ n sure that — as a woman on the Internet — I never even come close to ever appearing as those two favored insults that men levy against women here (the Internet) all.the.time.

            Also, learn that “informing” and “gushing” actually don’t mean the same thing.

          • MEP325

            Yea, re-read your post. You were gushing for joy. Comments that you have made in the past indicate that you do have some animosity toward men. Out of the the mouth the heart speaks.

          • I have no animosity toward men… I have animosity toward criminals. Please do not use such blatantly misandrist arguments with me where you interchangeably equate “men” with “criminals”… see, believe it or not, not all men are criminals!

            If I am wrong (which I most certainly am not), then please provide where I have animosity toward non-criminal men. I post here plenty, so the job should be easy to prove.