The Establishment Media Is Already Trying To Blame The Tea Party And Opponents Of The Federal Reserve For The Coming Economic Collapse

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Why does it seem like major establishment news outlets come out with the exact same talking points so often?  This time, the mainstream media in both the United States and in the UK are placing blame for an economic collapse that hasn’t even happened yet on the Tea Party movement and on opponents of the Federal Reserve.  Of course it is completely and totally ridiculous to even think for a moment that the Tea Party could be responsible for our current financial problems.  The Tea Party is still basically brand new, and even though they gained a a number of seats in Congress during this past election, they still have far, far less power than the establishment Democrats or the establishment Republicans.  The notion that the Tea Party could be responsible for plunging the entire globe into a devastating economic depression is absolutely hilarious.  But that is exactly what some major mainstream media outlets are actually suggesting.


Just consider the following examples….

*Time Magazine ran an article on November 10th with this headline: “Will Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Cause Hyperinflation?” In that article we find gems such as the following….

“Before the Tea Party, inflation is rising slowly. But in the first year the Tea Party or a group with similar views wins the Presidency or takes over Congress, whamm-o. Inflation doubles, and keeps going up.”

According to the Time Magazine article, the Federal Reserve is not going to cause hyper-inflation.  Instead, the real threat to our economy would be if someone lowers our taxes….

Turns outs that it is very unlikely the Fed would cause hyper-inflation. That’s why near zero interest rates and the Fed’s early efforts to drive down long-term interest rates have done little to boost inflation. The real threat of inflation comes from tax policy, namely lower taxes. Lower taxes and the government will have a harder time paying back its debt. Investors run from our bonds and currency. Inflation ensues.
The article repeatedly portrays the Federal Reserve as a group of wise experts and portrays Tea Party members as unthinking idiots….
“The Fed is well aware that its policies could have profound inflation consequences,” says Leeper. “Where as the Tea Party is not thinking that at all.”

*But Time Magazine is not alone.  In “Post-Tea-Party Nation” New York Times columnist David Frum blasts Tea Party politicians as idiots who do not understand the most basic things about economics….

Too often, conservatives dupe themselves. They wrap themselves in closed information systems based upon pretend information.

*Even the mainstream media in the UK is openly attacking the Tea Party movement.  In an article from the 13th of November entitled “How the Tea Party is brewing up trouble for the world’s currencies”, Edmund Conway of the Telegraph seemed absolutely horrified that the Tea Party movement may disrupt the delicate consensus among both major political parties in the United States that “free trade”, globalization and the Federal Reserve are all wonderful things….

The Republicans used to be the party of the Washington Consensus, of free trade and deregulation – in short, supporting Globalisation III. No longer: a recent Pew Research Center report found that the Republican party is now more anti-free trade than the Democrats. Many of the Tea Party’s leading voices want an abolition of the Federal Reserve. The message from the mid-terms was that these voices can no longer safely be ignored. And if the US itself can’t work out a plan to overhaul the international economy, what hope is there for the rest of us?

*But perhaps the most blatant attempt to link the Tea Party movement and opponents of the Federal Reserve to the coming economic collapse happened on MSNBC on election night.  That night, when MSNBC anchors should have been covering election results, they actually spent an extended amount of time discussing how Rand Paul could single-handedly cause a massive worldwide economic depression….

This is how insane things have gotten.  It is amazing that they can say these kinds of things with a straight face.

The truth is that the establishment is completely and totally freaked out by the Tea Party movement, and they are doing everything they can to demonize it.

Instead of blaming the Federal Reserve, globalization, the exploding national debt, the deindustrialization of America and the millions of business-crushing regulations that government has placed on our backs for the economic problems that we are having, many in the mainstream media are going to become increasingly tempted to find a way to blame the Tea Party movement for what is happening.

But the American people will see through this.  A big reason why the Tea Party has experienced such a dramatic rise is because of the horrific mismanagement of our government and of our financial system that has brought us to this point.

The Tea Party is not the cause of our economic problems.  The Tea Party is an attempt by the American people to try to find a solution.

Unfortunately, the Tea Party movement still only has a very, very small amount of political power.  Hopefully that power will grow with every election, but right now establishment politicians still have their hands very securely on the levers of power.

This is another example of why it is so important to educate the American people about what is really going on.  The mainstream media has lost a ton of credibility, but they will still be able to mislead a lot of people if there are not other voices out there telling the truth.

The U.S. economy is headed for a collapse.  When it happens, someone is going to get blamed.  Let us make sure that when that day arrives, responsibility is placed where it really belongs – on the Federal Reserve and on all of the others that have supported the insane economic policies of the establishment.

  • Had the establishment done its job properly, we wouldn’t be in this mess and the Tea Party wouldn’t exist.

    This party is people’s answer to the other parties: “ENOUGH”. Enough of their corruption, their selfishness, we’ve had enough being treated like idiots, being lied to, enough of those ever growing regulations…

    If they want to see who’s guilty of the economic collapse, they better look in a mirror.

  • Mr Carpenter

    This is why I can barely stand to even watch the lamestream media on TV nor read any of their stuff online, or in print.

    I wish more people would adopt this stance!

  • R4i

    I’m not sure it’s the Tea Party’s fault but for sure they’re not exactly doing anything to help!

  • Johnson

    While I don’t agree with the left on many of their ideas, the suggestion that lower taxes will reduce our debt is insane. The Bush Tax cuts would have made sense and done what they were supposed to do had it not been for the bipartisan
    deregulation efforts during the Clinton administration that sent the manufacturing jobs overseas in droves. Sure the wealthy folks that were saving enough money to invest did just that. And they created jobs…in China, Mexico, Indonesia, ect.
    As for the Tea Party, those folks are mostly made up of people who have enjoyed the best that America has had to offer. Maxxing out credit cards, re-financing their houses to make use of “equity” (actually, taking imaginary money from the artificially higher value of their homes) and generally living beyond their means while looking down their nose at working poor folks (like me) who just struggle to make ends meet. When (as it always does) capitalism reset itself, our economy shrank immediately by 20%. I believe that a third of that is maxxed out credit cards and houses that have mortgages that are way bigger than the value of the houses.
    The other two thirds is this insane idea that home ownership is a right and not something you have to earn. Thank the Democrats and the scumbag moneychangers in the banking industry for that. They loaned money to too many people for houses they would never be able to pay for.
    As for your hope that the Tea Party grows in power, that would be a disaster for this country. No matter how much you want to deny it, The Tea Party is just the Gestapo wing of the Republican Party. It is filled with racists, classists, and led by the same kind of rich bloodsuckers who will never be happy until they have all of the money end everyone else is starving.
    Tea Party candidates support big business. In my own state, Nikki Haley wants to do away with corporate taxes, raise taxes on groceries and add new taxes on things like electricity and water. Most small businesses don’t file corporate taxes so it won’t help them. I actually wouldn’t mind paying tax on my consumption but not when my income is taxed by both the state and the federal government. But the Fair Tax idea won’t ever fly because it is FAIR to everyone and the extreme left and right don’t want equality or fairness in this country.

  • zack

    Blaming the Tea Party for the economic collapse is like blaming the doctor for diagnosing terminal cancer. The Tea Party is sounding the alarm on an out of control government, so of course those that carry water for the government and benefit from the status quot will lash out at that which threatens their lucre.

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  • Who listens to time magazine? All of their shilling from all of their men can’t put the fiat economy back together again.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Most thinking people stopped listening to the lame stream media years ago. If your a big of fool to believe Time, The Chicken Noodle Network, and CNBS and the others if you’re to stupid to realize you are being lied to and misled then you really deserve what happens to you.
    I am simply sick and tired of trying to save people from there own ignorance, emotion driven thought process, and just plain old stupity. People are going to have to learn to think for themselves, to sooner the better your chances of surviving.

  • mondobeyondo

    I’ve found that The Onion ( and The National Enquirer are more truthful and honest, than Time, Newsweek, ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN.

    And yes, I believe Bat Boy really exists! (snicker)

  • Gary

    the tea baggers are a bunch of toothless goofs who need to go back to the trailer park. I know a lot of people are stupid but after seeing the tea bagger victory the country has sunk to a new low. These fools take their orders from Rush. What dolts.