Solid Evidence That The Media Is Biased Against Donald Trump

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Donald Trump Words - Public DomainOnce upon a time, the mainstream media worked very hard to maintain the illusion that they were “objective” and “unbiased” when it came to reporting on national elections, but now those days are long gone. Some of the biggest newspapers in the country like the New York Times and the Washington Post are publishing hit piece after hit piece in an all-out attempt to destroy Donald Trump. In fact, if you go to just about any prominent mainstream news website on any particular day, it is inevitable that you will find an anti-Trump story on the main page right near the top, and it is usually accompanied by a pro-Clinton story nearby. Of course the big cable news networks are constantly spewing an endless stream of anti-Trump propaganda as well. In fact, it has been documented that CNN has spent literally half their time on anti-Trump stories on certain days. The elite are desperate to keep Donald Trump out of the White House, and if that means shedding all notions of media objectivity and sicking their attack dogs on Trump day after day, then that is precisely what they are going to do.


Just look at how the media are covering the political response to the tragedy in Louisiana. Hillary Clinton has not visited the state. Barack Obama has not visited either, although he has finally been publicly shamed into scheduling a visit.

But Donald Trump took the time to go down and see the suffering firsthand, and he was greeted very warmly by cheering crowds. One supporter reportedly yelled out “we knew you’d be here Mr. Trump“, and the 18-wheeler full of supplies that he brought with him definitely helped a lot of hurting families.

Sadly, the mainstream media had to turn this into a negative story about how this was just a “photo op” for Trump, and an incredible amount of attention was given to one particular aid worker that is virulently anti-Trump. The following is a portion of what this aid worker had to say about Trump’s visit

“I don’t want to see you in your suit in AUGUST carrying boxes off a truck like you care about us. Louisiana is an incredible place. Baton Rouge is my home and I have watched people drop EVERYTHING to help one another during this time. The whole country seems to be floored by the generosity and love that our residents show each other during tough times, but to us this is normal. This is Louisiana. And you do not belong here.”

Why doesn’t Donald Trump belong there?

He is running for president – of course he belongs there.

But this is what the anti-Trump forces do. They spin every story into something negative for Trump.

What we have seen during this campaign season has been absolutely unprecedented. The following are just five headlines that I have picked out that show how incredibly biased the media is against Trump…

#1Donald Trump is the most unpopular presidential candidate since the former head of the Ku Klux Klan

#2The voters Trump drives from the GOP aren’t likely to return

#3Clinton campaign manager: Trump may be Kremlin ‘puppet’

#4Here are 13 examples of Donald Trump being racist

#5Trump’s toxic temperament should disqualify him from the presidency

Could you imagine the mainstream media running similar headlines against Hillary Clinton?

It would be a shock if they did, because the media elite have been showering the Clintons with cash for a very long time. Politico has put together a list of major media organizations that have made “charitable contributions” to the Clinton Foundation over the past several years. As you can see, this list represents almost every major news organization, and the amounts of money that we are talking about are very large…


Carlos Slim
Chairman & CEO of Telmex, largest New York Times shareholder

James Murdoch
Chief Operating Officer of 21st Century Fox

Newsmax Media
Florida-based conservative media network

Thomson Reuters
Owner of the Reuters news service



News Corporation Foundation
Philanthropic arm of former Fox News parent company


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Richard Mellon Scaife
Owner of Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


Abigail Disney
Documentary filmmaker

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Howard Stringer
Former CBS, CBS News and Sony executive

Intermountain West Communications Company
Local television affiliate owner (formerly Sunbelt Communications)


Bloomberg L.P.

Discovery Communications Inc.

George Stephanopoulos
ABC News chief anchor and chief political correspondent

Mort Zuckerman
Owner of New York Daily News and U.S. News & World Report

Time Warner Inc.
Owner of CNN parent company Turner Broadcasting




Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Presenters of the Golden Globe Awards



Knight Foundation
Non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting journalism

Public Radio International

Turner Broadcasting
Parent company of CNN



Parent copmany of NBCUniversal

NBC Universal
Parent company of NBC News, MSNBC and CNBC

Public Broadcasting Service

Do you think that they are going to turn around and start trashing her now?

Of course not.

And they are not alone. The big Wall Street money has lined up behind Hillary Clinton in a major way, and meanwhile Donald Trump is really struggling to raise money

Trump’s campaign committee reported $18.5 million in disbursements in July, up from $7.8 million in June, according to a Federal Election Commission report released Saturday. That compares with the roughly $38.2 million spent by his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton and falls well short of what recent nominees have spent.

With all that money, Hillary Clinton can do some unprecedented things.

One thing she has done is to invest more than a million dollars in an army of online trolls that are pushing pro-Clinton propaganda all over the Internet and that are attacking websites that are pro-Trump…

Correct The Record will invest more than $1 million into Barrier Breakers 2016 activities, including the more than tripling of its digital operation to engage in online messaging both for Secretary Clinton and to push back against attackers on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram. Barrier Breakers 2016 is a project of Correct The Record and the brainchild of David Brock, and the task force will be overseen by President of Correct The Record Brad Woodhouse and Digital Director Benjamin Fischbein. The task force staff’s backgrounds are as diverse as the community they will be engaging with and include former reporters, bloggers, public affairs specialists, designers, Ready for Hillary alumni, and Hillary super fans who have led groups similar to those with which the task force will organize.

One of the tasks of these trolls is to try to refute or “disappear” information that casts Clinton in a bad light. The Clinton campaign has worked very hard to try to suppress damaging information about her health, and the mainstream media has very much helped her out in this regard, but it is becoming exceedingly apparent that there is something seriously wrong with her. The following comes from an article by Makia Fremman

Up until 2 weeks ago, Hillary had done a successful job of hiding her serious health problems – but it’s all come out now, and it’s quite scary. We have evidence in the form of leaked emails, leaked reports from insiders, photos and video clips that the real Hillary Clinton has a whole host of health issues, including:

– being regularly confused;

– becoming dazed and distracted (e.g. calling Donald Trump her husband);

struggling to walk up, or tripping up on, stairs;

– having “short circuits” where she loses it mid-sentence;

– having a bizarre hole in her tongue;

– indulging in utterly inappropriate laughter;

– erupting into barely containable coughing fits;

– adopting wild crossed-eyed looks; and

– going into convulsive seizures on camera in public.

For a while after the conventions were done, it looked like Hillary Clinton was building a big lead, but now the polls have tightened up again.

In recent months, I have been asked repeatedly about whether or not I think that Donald Trump will win the election. So I produced a video on this subject that you can view right here

At this moment, we are about two and a half months away from the election.

The mainstream media will continue their endless assaults on Trump, the elite will continue to shower the Clinton campaign with unprecedented amounts of cash, and we will likely see even more establishment Republicans come out and publicly pledge to vote for Hillary Clinton.

But if that isn’t enough, the elite certainly have even more dirty tricks in their playbook, and it remains my contention that they will do whatever it takes to keep Donald Trump from ever setting foot in the White House.

  • K

    It is obvious the media is behind Hillary. At least it is, to anyone paying attention. Sadly, at best that is 15% of the population. With their willingness to steal elections. She would probably win. With as little as 1/3 of the vote. And I do not say this lightly. Because there are more people waking up. If she wins. All matter of things will be pushed through with record speed. Before too many can organize and say no.It has been said, the U,S. could only fall from within. At my age, I figured I would not live to see it. Now I think, I just may see that very thing.

  • watchmannonthewall

    Glad to see God provided us with a Donald Trump nomination for the simple fact it has smoked out all the false republicians and made the plans of the elite visible to any who are paying attention. This is just another in a long series of events that should have taught us not to put our trust in any man or man’s system. Someone always seems to be behind the curtain. It has been a con game for decades!

    If your worldview is the same as the elites, vote for Hillary. If not, pray!

    • Donald is the only false Republican. He donated more money to the Clintons (and to countless other lefts/Dems) than you’ll see in a lifetime.

      He’s a lying, thieving, money-hungry, power-mad despot. Anyone who is OK with Calling Donald Trump a “Republican” is NOT a good or truthful human being.

      • watchmannonthewall

        Facts are stubbon things for many to deal with. He is at the top of the ticket.

      • Gay Veteran

        Anyone who is OK with NOT Calling Hillary Clinton a war-monger is NOT a good or truthful human being.

        • Well, most people on this very site will state with just as much enthusiasm that “anyone who is OK with being GAY is not a good person”, and people on other websites can say that “anyone who is OK with being a veteran is not a good person”, etc.

          There are no absolutes in those statements, only strongly-held, venomous beliefs. The negatives against Clinton are, sadly, also true about Donald. And one cannot ever compare military actions taken, when ONLY ONE of the two people has ever been near political power. To hold dipsh!t Donald to some higher status simply because he’s never been in a position to conduct military action is disingenuous, and frankly quite stupid. I’d say only someone stupid enough to vote for Draft-deferrin’ Donald would try to make such an unequal comparison.

          • Gay Veteran

            hey junior, with Hiligua we KNOW we’ll get more war.
            with Trump there is a chance we won’t.
            AND more importantly, Trump won’t start a war with Russia

          • Gay Veteran

            “…The negatives against Clinton are, sadly, also true about Donald….”

            oh really?!?!?!?
            Hiligua got her bribes (while Secretary of State) placed into the Clinton Foundation.
            is the same true for Trump?

          • Yes, the same is true of Donald. He’s funneling campaign cash directly into his own pocket, in violation of the laws. His campaign $$ bought Donald Trump hardback books to be “given” to fans, while he receives profit from those book sales (and phony bragging rights about yuuuuge book sales).

            His campaign headquarters are also at the Trump Tower, where rent has been steady for years; upon realizing he could charge his phony campaign anything he wanted, he jacked up the “rent” to $169,758… from which he profits directly.

            Unlike Clinton, who’s been cleared of wrongdoing, ol’ Defraudin’ Donald keeps postponing the fraud investigations against him “until after the election”; Clinton WISHES she had that kind of power or influence to magically shove away investigations.

          • Gay Veteran

            when was Hiligua cleared of wrongdoing?
            the Clinton Foundation is a sewer of corruption, how many foreigners BOUGHT acces to Her Highness?
            and Comey set out the basis for her indictment. and her use of the special program to permanently delete emails is the cherry on top of the sundae

          • “when was Hiligua[sic] cleared of wrongdoing?”
            I could Google the date(s) for each time the witch hunts failed, but as I said earlier I will be charging you if you wish the work handed to you (geez, you Donald-heads are the laziest sacksash!t).

            If you actually though she was guilty (rather than just wishing it til pee runs down your leg), you wouldn’t be sweating the possibility of her running, let alone winning.

          • Gay Veteran

            I was in the Army. If a peasant like me mishandled Top Secret info then I would spends YEARS in jail.

            But Hilgiua is a member of the political nobility, she doesn’t have the obey the laws we peasants have to obey.

            welcome to the neofeudal society

          • And I own my own business. If a peasant like me decided to not pay those whom I hired, decided to intentionally discriminate based upon skin color, and decided to pay my own family members out of donations intended for something business-only, then *I* would spend years in jail.

            If you dislike [the next President of the United States, Hillary Clinton], then don’t vote for the guy who kept her so well-funded and the guy who spent years singing her praises.

          • Gay Veteran

            darling I’m not voting for either one of them.
            BUT with Hiligua you are GUARANTEED more war, possibly with Russia

          • Then how lucky aren’t we all that no such-named person is on the ballot!

            Sadly, pro-war “I’d bomb the s#it out of Libya” Donald — or is that “what’s the point of having nukes if we aren’t going to use them?” Donald — is gearing up so strongly for war that he’s even promised it in his speeches.

          • Gay Veteran

            carrie, you have to work harder.
            Hiligua voted for the war of aggression against Iraq, supported the war in Libya, supported the war in Syria and Yemen, etc..
            A track record of pure FAILURE with well over a MILLION people dead and 1000s and 1000s of refugees flooding into Europe and America. Not to mention to the cost of $TRILLIONS and 1000s of dead American troops

          • Nope! If you want me to work harder, you’re going to have to pay harder. I’ve already told you you need to pony up with that PayPal address for me to charge you if you want anymore attention/smackdowns. That still holds true.

            The reason I’ve been deleting your hysterical spam without responding is because it’s unhinged, biased, and it continually excuses the worse nature of Hillary Clinton’s “Republican” opponent, Donald “I’d-bomb-the-$hit-out-of-em” Trump.

            Donald has already promised war; his finger should not be allowed anywhere near any buttons. He’s shown he is willing to run any venture straight into bankruptcy and then shrug and walk away from it. He’s the only one to be feared.

            But seriously — your PayPal address or stop expecting to get corrected for free anymore.

          • Gay Veteran

            wow, you write a lot. must be nice to bet paid by the word.

            hysterical? unhinged? biased?
            wow, impressive projection

            … continually excuses the worse nature of Hillary Clinton’s “Republican” opponent, Donald “I’d-bomb-the-$hit-out-of-em” Trump….”

            when have I defended Trump? unlike your defense of Hiligua

            “…Donald has already promised war….”

            THE question every voter MUST ask is “who is LEAST likely to start a war with Russia?”

            the answer is clear: Trump

          • I haven’t defended Secretary of State and the next President of the United States of America, Hillary Clinton, not even once. I have only continually corrected your one-sided attempts at “arguments” that Donald “I’d-bomb-the-$hit-out-of-em” Trump is, has been, or would be any better of a choice. THAT is not defending, unless you are severely unhinged. You seem heck-bent on proving beyond all doubt for that to be true.

            “THE question every voter MUST ask is “who is LEAST likely to start a war with Russia?””
            Well, that’s a question you can sit and ask yourself, in fact you can ask it repeatedly to the point of hysteria and beyond (oops, already did that, didn’t ya). A much smarter and more valid set of questions would be “who is the least likely to start any wars altogether, not to mention who is least likely to destroy this country from the inside?” The answer is clear: NOT Donald. Consider this a pro-Hillary Clinton statement if it makes you warm and fuzzy, but no one would be voting for Clinton if literally ANY other Republican were on the ticket. I’d have gagged down ANY of the other options, in fact I was enthusiastic about a few of them. Trump is 100% at fault for the future Clinton Presidency, and this makes me despise that loser even more.

          • GV

            hysteria? there you go again with your personal attacks, you Clinton TROLL

            “…A much smarter and more valid set of questions would be “who is the least likely to start any wars altogether….
            just look at Hiligua’s record:
            vote FOR the war of aggression against Iraq, supported war in Libya, supported war in Syria, etc.

          • iris

            You’re right, she will be the next president, but we’ll be able to thank the money from global banking families which is probably funding DHS to make sure that the GEMS program or something even harder to track, will be protected from hackers who would dare to expose the workings and outcome of such.

          • iris


    • iris

      Yes, pray!, since she’ll most probably get into that oval office, by hook or by crook. I hope the Rinos and globalist elites are being seen for what they really are, but then again, many Americans aren’t brave enough or concerned enough, or open minded enough, to search for a website like this. Bottom line, is, you’re so right, though! We shouldn’t put our trust in man at all, because we can’t. Like it says on the penny, “In God, we trust”. That was taken from a verse in Isaiah, 14:32, (I had to look it up), “The poor will put their trust in God.” But then, maybe that’s what we need, to get us to look Up, again. “Our help comes from Him, who made heaven and earth”, “even though the mountains should crumble to the sea”.

  • iris

    Check out a site called black box voting . org. Bev Harris is an expert, and her articles are excellent. I’ll still vote, but this one will be rigged for sure. Even if our votes only count for demographics gathering, those of us who don’t want Hillary in that oval office, should vote otherwise to show them that we don’t believe the MSM and other “powers that be” behind them, anymore.

    For the Christian, our citizenship is in heaven, but as earthly citizens of a country where we’re still supposed to have a say in who gets elected, we should at least say, even if saying is all we can do. We are supposed to fight evil ideas. The battle is not against flesh and blood, but if we don’t take a stand against evil, we’ll regret not having had the courage to speak out, and may not be able to speak out at all in the future.

    • Pete Okuhira

      Unfortunately, we are battling against flesh and blood. Just look at the conservatives nowadays. They are fighting against liberals, Muslims, and any foreign countries that does not agree with the United States. The secular conservatives are the worst. They think they are following the morally justified law of the bible, but in fact, they use provocative, sometimes crude and vulgar languages and images towards the people who are being labeled as “liberals”. Another example: When the Japanese were held a 70th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima to pay respect for those who perished in the bombing, many American conservatives bashed the Japanese through social media and on news media comments. What kind of moral “justification” is that? Is this what “the battle is not against flesh and blood” is about? It’s more of hatred, cowardly acts.

      • algol2000

        You are not battling against flesh and blood, but against ideologies. Get rid of those with poisonous ideology, and problem solved.

        • iris

          What do you mean by that statement? If you’re a far left liberal, you might mean getting rid of conservatives, just rounding them up and “rehabilitating” them in some FEMA camp, never to be seen again. If it comes to that, I look forward to going home to Jesus Christ. And imo, truly open minded people better be aware that these kinds of things are possible, it certainly has been throughout history, and this country looks to be falling apart at the seams. Oh wait, football is still on, and Mc D’s still wants to supersize us for an extra $1., so those crazy end times conservative Christians just need to readjust their tin hats, eh?

      • iris

        Look at my comment again. I’m talking about being able to have a vote count, or to even be able to speak out if one believes an idea is evil and should be done away with, i.e., elective abortion when the mother’s physical life isn’t at stake, without being accused of a hate crime, since 58 million of our own citizens have died by that ideology. I didn’t use a caricature or hate symbol, I didn’t use foul language, but you know that. I don’t want Orwell’s 1984, since we’re supposed to be living in a free country. Your first sentence reads like a threat towards those you disdain. And, I didn’t excuse the detainment of Japanese in WW2, but you know that, too.

  • Pete Okuhira

    The country is divided into 2 political ideologies: liberalism and conservatism. Smh, give me a break. If this country is about free thinking and liberty to voice out your opinions, then where is the middle ground? and I’ve noticed that many other communities in the United States wants themselves out of the political arena because it’s getting stupid to the point where people bash each other, even trolling and threatening each other because of their political stand point. More and more people I’ve encountered in both real life and online wants nothing to do with politics and political issues. They rather want to solve social issues and other important issues without the government and without political commentators telling them what to do. To me, I think both Liberals and Conservatives have some truths in certain issues that people face everyday. I’m getting sick and tired of people who are politically motivated are labeling one another a bunch of “bad guys” just because others have different viewpoints or political stand points or just does not want to get involved with any political debates. And I’m getting sick and tired of people bashing other countries when in fact, they are just looking at it in one particular scope of lens and ignores the rest or not even looking at it from different angles. I swear, no wonder this country is losing its world status in general, but not all.

  • piccadillybabe

    Trump has recently been reaching out to Bernie Sanders supporters. If he could gain their support, as many are pledging not to vote at all if Clinton is their only option, he could position himself very favorably with Bernie voters.

    • You are operating on some very dated opinions. That is only how the Bern-outs felt when they were still tasting sour grapes of having lost. They are now between 75% – 90% pro-Clinton, and are as anti-Donald as you can get. (Bern-outs dislike Donald more than pro-Clinton voters hate Donald, so good luck with getting any of them to pull 180s and change their opinions about Crooked Donald.)

      • jaxon64

        Any Bernie supporter who votes Clinton is the ultimate hypocrite.
        They will support the military/industrial complex candidate Clinton who is backed by the Bush clan, Cheney, McCain, the Koch brothers and all of the globalists who use the USA youth as the world’s enforcers?
        They will back the person who has accepted $30+ million from Wall Street and the media who stole the nomination from Sanders?
        The will support the evil which has used the Clinton foundation, her pedophile husband and her position as Sect of State to extort hundreds of millions in donations from earthquake ravaged Haiti to every warlord in Africa who impoverishes their citizenry while donating millions to Clinton….
        I always thought that Bern supporters were a bunch of shallow hipsters with little understanding of what they truly supported–but this proves fully their phony outrage if your numbers are true.

        • Bern-outs were indeed a bunch of shallow hipster sheep who found a blathering messiah in Sanders. They thought it might be cool to be Nouveau-∀narchᵎsts. They didn’t know a darned fact, so they kept regurgitating the Hillary-is-a-liarrrrr claim for attention (which they got TONS of).

          When Bernie kept losing and kept losing and kept losing (because Millennials aren’t the only ones who vote), they got their little feelz hurt because they weren’t going to get their way. Then Bernie spake unto his Bern-outs and told them to go forth and vote Hillary, and being mindless Millennials, they said OK, wut evs. He could have told them to vote Stein (like most had predicted he would), he could have told them to stay home, he could have told them whatever — but the best goal for the country — no matter which side of the political aisle you’re on — is keeping the dangerous orange madman OUT of the White House.

          • Gay Veteran

            Bernie lost because the DNC had the system rigged for Hiligua

          • Name-calling? from you? I’d always thought you were so above that.

            (Not that an Internet stranger’s opinion holds all that much importance, but still disappointing.)

            Aside from that, Secretary of State Clinton has been widely hated for the
            last quarter of a century, even by her own party. The DNC did her no favors. Obama did her a favor — but only very late in the game. Wasserman-Schultz, yeah. And she got booted for it.

            No one with any maturity wanted a rambling madman in Bernie. If the U.S. Presidential election were a videogame, or a reality show (in some distant country), then SURE, a lot of us would’ve gone along with the sputtering grampa, but mostly just to see the mayhem it caused.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…No one with any maturity wanted a rambling madman in Bernie….”

            unlike the stumbling neo-conservative war-mongering psychopath that is Hiligua.

            she wanted regime change in Iraq, now over a MILLION Iraqis have died and refugees are flooding into Europe!

            she wanted regime change in Libya, now 10 of 1000s have died and refugees are flooding into Europe!

            she wanted regime change in Syria, now over a 100,000 have died and refugees are flooding into Europe!

            and the psychopath wants war with nuclear armed Russia

            vote Hiligua, vote for MORE WAR

          • Donald scores higher than Clinton on any Psychopathic trait test, in fact according to Oxford University psychologist Dr Kevin Dutton who recently
            measured Donald using the Psychopathic Personality Inventory
            test, Donald outscored not only Secretary of State Clinton, but also Adolf H!tler.

            Donald also wants “MORE WAR”, so let’s not pretend otherwise.

          • Gay Veteran

            hey Einstin, who has actually killed people? who is lusting for war with Russia? calling Putin the new Hit ler? that would be Hiligua.

            I hope you’re being paid well by Hilgiua

          • “hey Einstin[sic], who has actually killed people?”

            Oh, I think I know this one!! Answer: Neither! Yayyy! Oh, to answer something you didn’t ask: only ONE of the two top candidates has ever, ever, ever held any political power, ergo, only ONE of the top two candidates will have ever had the exposure to military decision-making.

            Chickenhawk Draft-deferrin’ Donald can’t understand why our country even has nukes if we aren’t going to use them.


            “I hope you’re being paid well by [future President Hillary Rodham Clinton]”

            I bet you don’t actually hope that. Besides, why would she pay people who aren’t even voting for her? And just out of curiosity, some of my kids would LOVE some easy summer cash — so just where exactly can one *sign up for* this paid gig of which you speak? They are too young to vote, but they’re old enough to recognize what a dangerous He|| on Earth the U.S. would become under the treasonous thumb of Disastrous Donald.

          • Gay Veteran

            don’t know why you’re harping on draft deferments, you do know that Slick Will got draft deferements, don’t you?

            “…only ONE of the top two candidates will have ever had the exposure to military decision-making….”
            yep, and Hiligua consistently made the WRONG decision which cost the lives of MILLIONS, including 1000s of American troops and a cost of $TRILLIONS

            “…they’re old enough to recognize what a dangerous He|| on Earth the U.S. would become under the treasonous thumb of Disastrous Donald.”
            treason??? Hiligua got BRIBES from foreign interests while Secretary of State, all that money went into the Clinton Foundation. AND that is why she deleted so many emails using a computer program that makes those deletions unrecoverable

          • Well, if you approved whole-heartedly of Bill Clinton’s [fewer] draft deferments, then I see why you approve of Draft-deferrin’ Donald’s.

            “that is why she deleted so many emails”

            Putting aside your claim of personal Vulcan Mind Meld skills with her, seemingly knowing her specific rationales in the matter, I hope you raised as much of an obsessed ruckus when George Bush’s war emails also went missing. Because as it stands, you’re giving a free pass to those Presidents who did precisely what Hillary Clinton is now *being accused of*. The same sh!t’s happening in Brazil to Dilma Rousseff; her male predecessors did precisely what she’s accused of doing, and they were given their free passes. But The Woman Card™ — akin to WWII’s yellow Star of David — means you can’t get away with the same behaviors as those without the Woman Card’s burden.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…Putting aside your claim of personal Vulcan Mind Meld skills with her, seemingly knowing her specific rationales in the matter….”

            her emails weren’t merely deleted, she used a special program that totally prevents them from being recovered. gee, wonder WHY?

            “…Because as it stands, you’re giving a free pass to those Presidents who did precisely what Hillary Clinton is now *being accused of*….”

            you’re raising that issue for the first time. George W Bush is a war criminal.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…why would she pay people who aren’t even voting for her?…”

            oh now the troll is being cute by saying you won’t vote for Hiligua, just sliming Trump

          • Darn you Internet-slangers, always changing the meaning of words before we employed grownups can catch up!

            Now “troll” means “truth-teller”??? Dang.
            As for Dismal-failure Donald, no, of course I won’t be voting for him. No Republican should. His voting history (and his donation history) supports a long line of Democrats (including both Clintons!), and he’s a ninny to boot. He’s a bought-and-paid-for ringer to guarantee Hillary Clinton’s ascendancy to the White House, plain and simple. Even if he weren’t, his speeches illustrate a barely-functioning moron who whose only votes would come from the rabid anti-Hillary crowd and NO ONE else.

            Since I’m a Republican, ergo NOT voting for Donald, who’s our next best bet? Gary Johnson. Imperfect still, but EONS better than the other options.

            Super-coolz of you to keep up your own hysterical smearing of the future President while having a problem with smarter people’s statements of fact against the ninny-in-chief, Donald.

          • Gay Veteran

            smearing? nope, just the facts

            want more war? vote Hiligua

            want more “free” trade deals? vote Hiligua

            want Wall Street banksters to continue ripping us off? vote Hiligua

          • Too bad each of those talking points is just as factual against ol’ Democrat Donald.

          • Gay Veteran

            more war? maybe, but CERTAIN with Hiligua

            “free” trade deals? probably not

          • iris

            Probably! But the whole thing’s going to be rigged.

          • Gay Veteran

            well Hillary is a liar, and should be in jail for mishandling top secret information.

            If one of us peasants had done what she did WE would be in JAIL for a long time!

            Hiligua is a neo-conservative war-mongering psychopath. She must be kept OUT of the White House

          • And Deceitful Donald is a liar too. He (well, his money) got several lawsuits against him “postponed” until after the election, so as not to detract from his Presidential run. (I can only bet my life savings that Hillary wishes she had that kind of money or power!)

            Duplicitous Donald should be in prison, forget jail. He has cheated and defrauded too, too many people to be walking free. Unlike Clinton, his actions haven’t been deemed non-criminal. (And as soon as the country can see him investigated and prosecuted, he’ll go straight to j— oh, heck, he’ll figure a way to bribe everyone into silence, like always.)

          • iris

            Hillary has every world bank and the global elite families behind them, backing her. They find a way to get richer with every joke they play, regardless of who wins or loses, so make no mistake, she’ll be winning this election. They might make it “look” close, with the GEMS program the electronic voting machines use, but we have another leftie for our next prez, because that’s what the Bilderberg set wants, and she’s one of their players. Notice that Trump was not invited to their last session. She certainly was.

          • Gay Veteran

            oh I see you just breezed by Hiligua’s criminal mishandling of top secret information.
            wonder how many counties had access to her private server? Russia, China, Iran?
            and now we know she deliberately use software that prevented the recovery of emails she deleted.
            wonder why?
            her getting Clinton Foundation payoffs (BRIBES) while being Secretary of State?

          • The nation and the government are against her — they pretty much despise her… and the litany of lawsuits prove this. If there was any “there” there, she’d have been locked up. Or did you think Ken Starr just had an unrequited crush on her?

            The nation LOVES a good witch-burning, and they have been coming after her for DECADES with their pitchforks and torches. The MINUTE her actions can be construed (legally) as going beyond the law, she’ll be imprisoned. So you keep cozying up to false language like “criminal mishandling”, when the witch hunt turned up no such level of criminality.

          • Gay Veteran

            poor Carrie, either too stupid or too partisan to know that the Elite do not have to obey the laws we peasants have to obey

          • ding-ding-ding! Prevailing trait of psychopathy is talking to someone while addressing them using the third-person.

            You have revealed where your problems are coming from.

          • Gay Veteran

            psychopathy? tell us all about your doctorate in psychology.

            your problems is taking money from Hiligua to spread the propaganda

          • Right, so if someone serves you a coffee with 2 ounces of sugar added, you are of course prohibited from pointing out how you know that 2 ounces is too much sugar for a cup of coffee. But let’s see your Culinary Degrees, shall we? Because without that, facts are meaningless. I wish I did know more about psychopathy… because I wonder if your phony demand of a doctorate would be another sign.


            “Taking money from [intentionally and repeatedly distorted name of real person] to spread propaganda facts” most definitely IS a sign of Paranoid personality disorder (PPD). If you want to know how I know, just do what I did and USE THE INTERNET. No doctorates necessary to do that.

          • Gay Veteran

            oh yes, judging whether coffee has too much sugar in it and judging whether someone is a psychopath involve the SAME or even remotely skills.

            you’re f-ing brilliant

          • Gay Veteran

            Paranoid personality disorder?
            project much?

          • “Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their
            existence in themselves while attributing them to others.”

            According to the definition of projection, I don’t project “much” at all. But you’ve rather ironically given yourself away.

          • Gay Veteran

            oh carrie, people like you who project often don’t even realize they’re doing it.

      • Gay Veteran

        ROFLOL, yeah, keep whistling past that graveyard. Massive amounts of Bernie voters will NOT vote for Hiligua

        • Who am I to disbelieve Bernie’s [former] supporters when they say they will obey his final command to keep Donald OUT of the White House?

          I think they are more honest in their statements than you give them credit for.

          • Gay Veteran

            lots of Bernie’s voters recognize Hiligua for what she is: a pawn of Wall Street, a neoconservative war-mongering psychopath

          • His Bern-outs were famous, yes, for consistently parroting their doddering grampa’s ramblings. And now they are famous for parroting their doddering grampa’s goal of getting her elected. Who knew that obsessed little BernieBros could turn on a dime just as quickly as Bernie grampa?

            It’s far from a perfect system, isn’t it?

          • iris

            Yep, that’s the way of humanity, on a dime, with herd mentality. Ever watched a video of a cattle stampede?

          • We’re all going to see quite a few cattle stampedes the first week of November.

            I wonder if it would be smarter to buy some property in Montana, or somewhere like Costa Rica. There is civil unrest coming from the alt-righties, regardless of who gets sworn in.

          • iris

            and from the alt-lefties, some of whom are just as much or more, in one’s face, militant. This is certainly a time for reason and keeping one’s cool.

          • The alt-righties would become a huge problem regardless of who becomes President. If their Führer became Prez, they’d be just as bad as if he’d lost. They are a violent bunch just waiting to have a “justifiable” excuse for committing mayhem in the streets. (They’re like soccer hooligans, they riot whether their team wins OR loses.)

            The alt-lefties — whom I AGREE are bratty, annoying whiners — lack the violence component that Donald’s Bevölkerung are promising on Stormfront and NatVan, etc.

          • iris

            hmm, have to disagree with you there. Where I live, Trump signs get hacked to pieces or have bullet holes in them. Strange, that doesn’t happen to the signs the Dems put up. Lenin, Stalin and Mao were lefties and they certainly weren’t simply bratty annoying whiners. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Our country has been moving incrementally left for many decades, perhaps that bears taking a harder look at, because we’re very much farther left than we were in the 1930s, and a good deal farther left than we were in the 1980s. There have been some great things which happened because of this, but also, some very evil things, imo. We need a balance. I’m not going to quote this exactly, but the gist is the same, a first hand witness to what happened in Nazi Germany wrote that people go crazy in a group, but only one by one, come to their senses.

          • I would suspect the bullet holes are self-inflicted then, to manufacture false blame against the eebil leftists lefties. Dems claim they can’t stand guns and I don’t know ONE left-leaner who’d put money toward owning any.

            My family and I live in a very conservative city in a left-voting state, so things are… odd to pin down exactly. Because we tend to vote GOP here — but Donald Trump has poisoned that option to us all — most of my neighbors who put up campaign signs in their yards are sporting Gary Johnson. The left-leaning parents we sometimes have over (when our kids have a thing happening) don’t mind the Gary Johnson support, but the Trumpies go frothing-at-the-mouth, Alex-Jones-level nuts. Old guys in golf clothes (a standard sight around these parts) have stood out front of houses with Clinton or Johnson signs, somewhat picketing. We have not had any gun shots to my knowledge.

          • Gay Veteran

            I see you avoided my points.

            So let me repeat them:

            lots of Bernie’s voters recognize Hiligua for what she is: a pawn of Wall Street, a neoconservative war-mongering psychopath

          • Well, isn’t that special!

            What Bernie’s bern-outs also recognize is that Double-talkin’ Donald is a bigger, mouthier version of all those things you claim to dislike about Secretary of State Clinton.

            So, they will be doing as Bernie commanded them — voting for the candidate who will keep Draft-deferrin’ Donald OUT of the White House. They won’t be happy about doing it, nor will most of us.

          • Gay Veteran

            hey Einstein, Slick Willie got draft deferments.

            and the Bernie voters know Hiligua is OWNED by Wall Street and the military-industrial-surveillance complex

          • Then what a huge choad they must all be swallowing by manning the Hillary phones and going door to door on her behalf like they are.

            {wiping away tear emoji}

          • Gay Veteran

            got any REAL poll data showing what % of Bernie voters are going to vote for Hiligiua?

          • Oh, absoluetly none are voting for Hiligula[sic]. I did a quick check and it turns out there’s no such name on the ballot.

            Oh, well, whatever the latest “Never Donald” candidate is, that’s the one the Bern-outs will be voting for.

            Get your credit card out, doing this research that YOU could have done YOURSELF is costing you from this moment on: “Without third-party candidates, Clinton was already doing much better
            with Bernie’s fans. Still, the convention helped: She moved from 79
            percent up to 91 percent among Sanders supporters in CNN’s polls”
            fivethirtyeight . c o m /features/about-a-third-of-bernie-sanders-supporters-still-arent-backing-hillary-clinton/

          • Gay Veteran

            Riiiiiiiiiight, citing a poll from the Clinton News Network.

            btw, does Hiligua pay you by the word?

          • I post facts for free, and sadly for you, I also combat trolling for free.

            But YOU keep seeming to think that there’s money in this… so I respectfully ask for a verifiable link to any place that pays for posting facts and for disputing trolls, lies, and propaganda. My kids would love the extra $$, and I can’t think of a nobler way to earn cash than to combat spam and propaganda like yours.

            Mind you, if you *cannot* provide any such link, then this will serve as your admission that there are no such paying “jobs”, and it was just your lazy way of reluctantly admitting you have nothing.

          • Gay Veteran

            awwwww, go ahead and pat yourself on the back, you’re posting because of your civic mindedness

          • All I did was ask for any modicum of proof that such a paid site exists. You failed. Since this is your public acknowledgment that there are no such “paid” positions you kept pretending existed, you will no longer deflect to such excuses and accusations when you’ve been forced to realize your positions hold no merit.

          • Gay Veteran

            everyone will just have to take your word there are no paid internet trolls

          • Darn. My kids are going to be so disappointed. I’d told them — based on your increasingly hysterical insistence — that there not only was a company that would pay to post honest facts, but that you could provide at least ONE link to support your delusions.

            I should have known better to trust the one who can’t see the truth; why would he tell it if he can’t even see it.

          • Gay Veteran


            there you go again with your ad hominem attacks

          • Calling a hysterical person hysterical is not what an ad hominem is. What you have intermittently done to me over the last score or two of messages would better fit that definition.

            Also just so you know, calling someone a blatant liar when they have blatantly lied about someone else getting paid to correct [your] lies is also not an ad hominem, you blatant liar.

          • GV

            awwww, little Carrie getting upset, stoopid cow

    • Studious_Guy

      That generation is distrustful of almost everyone. After being burned once by Hil-corruption, they are likely to react in unpredictable ways.

  • greanfinisher .

    With his own party backing the Hillary beast, there’s not a chance in the world that the Trump campaign will ever leave the dock.

  • iris

    I agree with you, and believe we have been under attack in many ways, for decades. Imo, it’s all culminating now to the point where it’s possible our country has already been dismantled, just silently and under the table, using smoke and mirrors, semantics, lies and platitudes. We have most certainly lost most of our rights and privacy, I wonder how much longer we’ll be allowed property or a day in court. I think the powers that be are itching for us to pick up arms and revolt with the use of violence. Then, there could be several outcomes from that. I don’t know what’s best, I just know that it’s looking really bad for conservatives who want to stand up against what we know is evil, or not prescribe certain things for conscience’s sake, or want their vote to count, and the list goes on.

    • iris

      and I wasn’t referring to radical Islamic ideology, although it’s a dangerous one.

  • seekless

    The dems are scared and go around right wing websites and then banter backlash attacks with twists and turns..Basically they try to turn all the positives into negatives..Its a waste of time, but it makes them feel better.

  • “[…]the tragedy in Louisiana. Hillary Clinton has not visited the state. Barack Obama has not visited either, although he has finally been publicly shamed into scheduling a visit.
    But Donald Trump took the time to go down and see the suffering firsthand […]
    Sadly, the mainstream media had to turn this into a negative story about how this was just a “photo op” for Trump”

    Umm, NO. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards TOLD Obama (and Clinton) to stay away from the flood-damaged areas until supplies were safely delivered. He also told Donald to stay away, but nope, ol’ photo-op-seeking Donald didn’t care — his one-minute photo session (holding a useless box of Play Doh) meant that his Secret Service detail was required to close down the few roads bringing supplies to desperate, hungry, homeless people who had lost everything. Selfish sack of you-know-what Trump’s ego was more important than those victims getting food. Google “Governor of Louisiana praises President Obama’s flood response, warns Donald Trump” or “Right-Wing Media Lambaste Obama For Not Visiting Flooded Louisiana, Despite Governor’s Request That He Not Come” and read for yourselves. While you’re in the pursuit of facts, also Google “Louisiana authorities dispute Donald Trump’s claim that he donated the truckload of supplies” to read how Donald did NOT donate any food or supply trucks. He conveniently stood NEAR a truck that was already there to look like HE donated it. What a monster, a disgusting, disgusting monster.

    The reason the media appears to be anti-Trump is because every time they report THE TRUTH, the truth will always invariably be ANTI-TRUMP. It’s not like the media are pro-Clinton; they report FACTS against her as well. There are just far, far fewer negative facts against Clinton than there are against Donald. I’d call Donald Trump “S atan”, but he hasn’t earned the gravitas behind the name.

    • Studious_Guy

      Carrie, you are one of the trolls mentioned in the article. How must has HiLIARy paid you to trash him here? Accepting money to generate a political opinion is a low form of treason punishable by being forced to live under the the tyranny created when your puppet masters turn their backs on you.

      • Thorazine — get your Rx refilled. (NICE sockpuppet account there. Very brave indeed, even braver than draft-deferring Donald.)

        Your street-corner paranoid schizophrenia aside, I AM A REGISTERED REPUBLICAN. So are the growing majority of people speaking the only truth about Donald Trump — he is an idiot, a buffoon, a constant and pathological liar (that’s a liar who lies whether it benefits them or not, they simply let the lying demon take over their tongue), he is a fraudster, a conman, good friends with several well-known serial s3xual abusers (Roger Ailes, Jeffrey Epstein – and HIMSELF), he shoots himself in the foot DAILY by bashing every demographic that a candidate is supposed to curry favor with. It doesn’t take the majority of Republicans’ bashing him to get it through his (and your) thick head that he’s an utter failure and a humiliation upon this country.

        You want to talk about treason, lol? Set your sights on good ol’ TREASONOUS Donald Trump. He’s got plenty of court cases against him currently, I bet he could fit in a few more related to his treason a la Putin.

        • jaxon64

          You aren’t one of those Clinton shills who blame everything from email leaks, to Syrian deaths on Russia are you? I’m sure you’ll come out with a public apology and admitting you’re wrong when we are on the brink of WW3…Hillary and mindless trolls like you are scary.
          You’d vote for Hillary who has gallons and gallons of blood on her hands and trails, yet you’ll hate and bash Trump ” because he is a big meanie who says mean stuff and doesn’t play nice and affirm that I am special”

          • “You aren’t one of those Clinton shills”

            ^^^ Correct — I am only voting “Not Trump”, in fact I am more than likely still voting the only person I like: Gary Johnson. It’s only the hysterically sensitive people who think speaking the truth about Lyin’, Cheatin’, Defraudin’ Donald = love for Clinton. You people are so blinded by your hypocrisies.

            “yet you’ll hate and bash Trump ” because he is a big meanie who says
            mean stuff and doesn’t play nice and affirm that I am special””

            ^^^ I shudder to think of what orifice you pulled all of that delusional claptrap from. Fêcês holds a much higher place of importance and value than anything in your absurd closing sentence, so I truly hope the orifice where you pulled that utter nonsense from isn’t the same one where p00p comes from… although I can’t think of anywhere it could have come from.

        • Gay Veteran

          treason a la Putin?
          Hiligua wants war with Russia, she’s a psycopath

        • Gay Veteran

          you’re a registered republican?


          Hiligua is a neo-conservative war-mongering psychopath

          • Yes, that IS riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, I AM a registered Republican, and but for the time I got swept away by Ross Perot, I have only ever voted Republican — even in local elections.

            DONALD is a neo-conservative war-mongering psychopath.” <— There, fixed it for ya. BTW, if you dislike Secretary of State Clinton so much, I would hope you aren't voting for Donald. Unlike me, and unlike other Republicans, Dipstick Donald has contributed to her campaigns (and her husband’s), he has had glowing things to say about her, he’s invited (or bribed?) her to come to his wedding(s), and generally complimented the living daylights out of her until he *mysteriously* decided to run against her. (Ha ha, I kid. There’s nothing mysterious about his run; his good buddy Hillary Clinton needed a ringer to run against to ensure her victory. LITERALLY ANY OTHER CANDIDATE would have won easily against her, but Dopey Donald was the easy, obvious choice to run against if she wanted to win.)

          • Gay Veteran

            “”DONALD is a neo-conservative war-mongering psychopath. <— There, fixed it for ya…."

            how many wars has Trump started?
            Because of Hiligua, millions have died in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc. and millions of refugees have been created, and now they are flooding to Europe and America (and SHE supports that!)

            and the final bit of info which should convince any SANE person not to vote for Hiligua:
            she wants war with Russia

    • Gay Veteran

      speaking of damage, how much damage has the Hiligua done to Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc.
      She is a neo-conservative war-mongering psychopath

      • Oh, ’bout as much as any other American Secretary of State.

        I’m going to have to either start charging you for these lessons, or at least teach you how to conduct your own Internet searches. This whole asking-me-the-same-things thing gets tiresome. Even my kids know when the fxck to stop that shxt.

        • Gay Veteran

          hey Einstein, NAME the other Secretaries of State who used PRIVATE computer servers to receive and transmit Top Secret information.

          ………………crickets, yeah, I thought so

          • Howsabout you name the ones who didn’t.

            I certainly can’t make the claims you’re constantly demanding that I make for you… seems like you’re the only one here with access to that super-private info. I look forward to your long, drawn-out posts explicitly providing evidence that no other Secretaries of State did this common practice too.

            Because UNTIL you provide evidence that no other SoS’s did any differently, you’re full of naught but sh!t.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…Because UNTIL you provide evidence that no other SoS’s did any differently, you’re full of naught but sh!t.”

            IF what Hiligua did was standard practice then YOU prove other Secretaries of State did the same.

            keep on shilling for Hiligua, troll

          • Cool, so you *CAN’T* name any. Didn’t think ya could.


          • Gay Veteran

            oh no, junior, IF what Hiligua did was standard practice then YOU prove other Secretaries of State did the same.

          • Actually, oh, yes, senior — I knew you couldn’t name any, and so did you.

          • Gay Veteran

            Actually, oh, yes, junior — I knew you couldn’t name any, and so did you.

  • “#1 “Donald Trump is the most unpopular presidential candidate since the former head of the Ku Klux Klan”
    #2 “The voters Trump drives from the GOP aren’t likely to return”
    #3 “Clinton campaign manager: Trump may be Kremlin ‘puppet’”
    #4 “Here are 13 examples of Donald Trump being racist”
    #5 “Trump’s toxic temperament should disqualify him from the presidency”

    Could you imagine the mainstream media running similar headlines against Hillary Clinton?”

    LOL, we don’t *have to* imagine that — because the MSM have been running with DECADES of far worse slams than those wimpy little (and entirely factual) claims against Donald. I recall an angry comedian recounting a story wherein a woman told him to stop calling her a fat b!t¢h, and he told her “I’ll stop calling you a fat b!t¢h when you stop being fat and stop being a b!t¢h”. If anyone wants to stop seeing the headlines of Donald’s lies, fraud, racism, sexism, low IQ, and toxic temperament, then tell Donald to stop exhibiting each and every one of those personality traits.

    • Gay Veteran

      so when will Hiligua stop being a neo-conservative war-mongering psychopath?

      • iris

        When it stops paying her buko bucks to be so? I think she also enjoys her supposed adulation by fans. Quite the prima donna, imo.

  • yep

    total media bias on trump, go to alternative media, look at the truth, it all there, look at whatreallyhappened, look at rense, and more, etc, the prove is there, she is a real sick puppy, she can’t even go up any stairs without someone helping her, she is on so many drugs,she talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk, she will screw so middle income people, as for the poor, i feel sorry for you, don’t believe in me, watch

  • Dr Robert

    We know the MSM is bought and paid for, but how is it that so many Americans will still insist on voting for Hillary even when confronted with the indisputable, deeply criminal graft of the Clinton Foundation? Is it that they don’t understand the enormity of systematically selling out government policies for personal gain, or that they are led to consider such practices normal and acceptable?

  • Mike Deveault

    I don’t think any true Christian could vote for Trump or Clinton.