President Trump Wants Tax Cuts, But Once Again The RINOs In Congress May Block His Agenda

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It has become exceedingly clear that we need to try to remove as many establishment Republicans from Congress as we possibly can in 2018. Even though the Republicans are in control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives, the “Make America Great Again” agenda is not being implemented, and the blame for that lies entirely with the RINOs (Republicans in name only). Obamacare still has not been repealed, the wall has not been built, and now there is talk that the RINOs plan to block Trump’s tax reform bill. It was expected that the Democrats would try to obstruct Trump’s agenda, but Trump’s biggest problem so far in his presidency has been his fellow Republicans. If they won’t go along with what he is trying to do, we will kick them out and put in people who will.


On Wednesday, Trump delivered a major speech in which he boldly declared that we have a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” to implement tax reform.

And he is exactly right. The Republicans have not often had simultaneous control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives, and so they should be attempting to push through as much of Trump’s agenda as possible.

During his speech, Trump outlined four basic principles that he intends to follow when it comes to tax reform. First of all, he believes that the tax code should be much simpler…

Here are my four principles for tax reform: First, we need a tax code that is simple, fair, and easy to understand. (Applause.) That means getting rid of the loopholes and complexity that primarily benefit the wealthiest Americans and special interests.

This is something that we should all be able to agree with. Right now the tax code is more than 2 million words long, and the regulations add another 7 million words. I once spent an entire year studying tax law, and at the end of that year I came to the conclusion that the best thing that we could do would be to throw the entire tax code in a shredder and start over.

In addition to simplifying things, Trump also wants to implement changes that will create more jobs for U.S. workers…

Second, we need a competitive tax code that creates more jobs and higher wages for Americans. It’s time to give American workers the pay raise that they’ve been looking for for many, many years.

One of the key things that we can do to reach that goal would be to cut the corporate tax rate. As Rand Paul recently noted, cutting the corporate tax rate to 15 percent would likely create about two million new jobs…

Cut the rate so it is competitive with other countries. (15% makes us even with Canada’s federal rate.) Cut the rate so that it can create jobs. Cut the rate to encourage people to start new businesses, hire more people and grow. According to a 2016 Tax Foundation analysis of then-candidate Donald Trump’s tax plan, comprehensive reform, including lowering the corporate rate to 15%, could create around 2 million new jobs.

Thirdly, President Trump wants to make sure that middle class families greatly benefit from any tax cuts…

The third principle for tax reform is a crucial one: tax relief for middle-class families. (Applause.) In a way — and I’ve been saying this for a long time — they’ve been sort of the forgotten people, but they’re not forgotten any longer. I can tell you that. (Applause.)

For years, I have been detailing the demise of the middle class in America. The middle class became a minority of the population for the first time ever in 2015, and each year it continues to shrink.

Cutting taxes on the middle class won’t solve our problems, but it would be a positive step in the right direction.

Lastly, Trump wants to repatriate trillions of dollars that are currently being held offshore by U.S. companies…

Fourth and finally, we want to bring back trillions of dollars in wealth that’s parked overseas. Because of our high tax rate and horrible, outdated, bureaucratic rules, large companies that do business overseas will often park their profits offshore to avoid paying a high United States tax if the money is brought back home. So they leave the money over there.

The amount of money we’re talking about is anywhere from $3 trillion to $5 trillion. Can you believe that? By making it less punitive for companies to bring back this money, and by making the process far less bureaucratic and difficult, we can return trillions and trillions of dollars to our economy and spur billions of dollars in new investments in our struggling communities and throughout our nation.

Personally, I would be in favor of giving companies a limited window to bring all of that money into the country for free. It would potentially be a tremendous boon for the economy, and hopefully President Trump will be able to get this done.

Unfortunately, the establishment Republicans in Congress seem absolutely determined to obstruct what Trump is trying to do every step of the way. This is a point that Rush Limbaugh made very succinctly on his program just the other day

Limbaugh flayed Republican lawmakers for betraying the people who elected them.

“The Republicans have a chance to do everything they said they’d do,” he explained.

They haven’t gotten one thing done legislatively. Tax cuts, the Democrats can’t stop. Folks, they have an opportunity do everything they have been promising to do. A once-in-a-career opportunity. They’re never gonna have this kind of power. And what are they doing? Nothing. In fact, it’s worse than nothing. It appears to outsiders that they are part of the effort to thwart and stop Trump. Do they think this kind of behavior is going to be rewarded with re-election? Do they think that the American voters are gonna blame all of this on Trump and re-elect Republicans and try to get rid of Trump?”

As we approach the mid-term elections in 2018, it is going to be very important for Republican voters to determine who is in the pro-Trump camp and who is in the anti-Trump camp. It simply is not good enough for someone to have an “R” next to their name anymore. We need to send good pro-Trump candidates to Washington, and that is one of the reasons why so many people are getting so excited about my campaign.

And the key is the Republican primaries next spring. Only a small minority of the population votes in primaries, and if we can get pro-Trump forces galvanized, we can kick out a whole bunch of these RINOs.

But if pro-Trump voters don’t support the pro-Trump candidates that are out there, when we get to November 2018 we won’t even have anyone to vote for. Instead, we will be stuck choosing between Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans.

If you have read my new book, then you already know how determined I am to implement the elements of the “Make America Great Again” agenda. If we do nothing, we are going to get more of the same, and that simply is not acceptable. For example, it is being reported that Americans now spend more on taxes than they do on food and clothing combined

Americans on average spent more on taxes in 2016 than they did on food and clothing combined, according to data released this week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The same data also shows that in three years—from 2013 to 2016—the average tax bill for Americans increased 41.13 percent.

In 2016, according to BLS, “consumer units” (which include families, financially independent individuals, and people living in a single household who share expenses) spent more on average on federal, state and local taxes ($10,489) than they did on food ($7,203) and clothing ($1,803) combined ($9,006).

If you like the status quo, then feel free to do nothing.

But if you are sick and tired of the way that things are, please support President Trump and the pro-Trump candidates that are running for office all over the nation. It isn’t going to be easy, but if we work together I believe that we can do some truly remarkable things.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on

  • iris

    The Scotus has ruled multiple times that the individual federal income tax on wages earned is unconstitutional. If that alone were enforced, perhaps it would help the middle class to rebound, but that the RINOs continue to go along with business as usual, tells me that our Congress takes orders from higher ups, in global circles. Perhaps they don’t work with Trump because they aren’t “allowed” to?

    • Jim Davis

      Please cite one ruling where SCOTUS has ruled that the individual federal income tax on wages earned is unconstitutional. SCOTUS certainly doesn’t give a damn about individuals just like the rest of our government.

      • iris

        I think it’s been five times over the course of a couple of decades. I’d have to research that, as I don’t remember the original article, which contained dates. It’s why a few of our states don’t allow it. Good for them! If one tries to buck the system, one better have a darn good tax lawyer, but if one does, it can be beat. We have our taxes done by a professional, which helps greatly, not that we’re that rich or have anything to hide. Our concern is that if we were to get audited, the burden of proof falls on the person who did our taxes. The U.S. tax code has more wordage than the Bible does, and they feel their oats.

        • iris

          Actually, it’s probably more like a few decades total, that the issue has made it to the Supreme Court.

  • “Obamacare still has not been repealed, the wall has not been built”

    ▸As much as I fought against the Affordable Care Act (as did many other Americans way back when), and as much as I hated just about everything about it, it has saved many lives, and it is now very much wanted by the majority of Americans, including those who voted for Crooked Donald.

    ▸People who have almost NO capacity for rational thought probably believed there was a chance of The Wall™ being built; there isn’t. There never will be. The Wall™ was a bill of goods sold to fools only.

    So in the end, not having repealed the ACA and not having funded
    The [absurd] Wall™ is something that the supposed “RINOs” should be thanked for.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Only because many are concerned that whatever alternative the Establisement brings could be worst.

      Wall? Again, GOP opposition.

      The answer is to think big. The answer is the physical removal of all these Establishement scums. Kinda like what Stalin did in 1937-1939.

      • “Kinda like what Stalin did in 1937-1939”


        Anywhooooo, both sides of the citizenry have come out against building the Border Boondoggle. The stupidest-of-the-stupidest thought Mexico would pay for it, they realized they were fooled/lied to by an inveterate conman, and have moved on. NO ONE wants America to foot the multi-billion dollar Boondoggle. Even the majority of what’s left of Crooked Donald’s acolytes want to ditch The Wall™. Just like they don’t want to lose their access to affordable, life-saving medical care.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…it has saved many lives….”

      it was NEVER the solution
      the solution to incredibly high “health care” costs is to enforce the anti-trust laws and consumer protection laws. that would reduce costs by well over 50%

  • DJohn1

    If you want to know why Rhinos vote the way they do then examine who financed their election. It was not the church crowd.
    I suggest if you follow the money you would know exactly why they vote the way they do. It is likely the big money groups of Washington D.C.
    Obamacare is failing simply because the insurance industry that supported it is failing. Insurance company after insurance company is going bankrupt under this plan despite the obvious advantage of forcing people to take insurance.
    That is evident as one after another they close down in various states around the nation. Yet they figured they would earn millions under the plan.
    They figured wrong.
    We are the real losers as deductables go up 10 times what they were prior to the affordable care business. It is anything but affordable under current rules.
    Trump mentioned that the industry would collapse under its own weight earlier this year when the Rhinos kept a decent plan from coming forward as law.
    The reason affordable care does not work is simple. The people it brings into the system do not pay their own way. Under insurance rules of the past they could not get insurance because they were too much of a liability.
    And that is what is killing the system as written. It is not the middle class of workers but the ones that do not work and want coverage. Many of which are total liability to the insurance industry.
    The entire industry as it stands right now does not make much sense financially at all.
    Trump knows this and tried to change it to a workable system.
    The insurance industry itself is drowning now in its own greed.
    The only system likely to work is one based on firm financial principles and one that takes into account the huge liability factor in insurance.
    We do need to address the needs of the poor concerning health care.
    To do so means a form of social medicine that I abhor.
    It means a national health insurance program that covers everyone universally and that means doing away with individual company insurance plans all together.
    It means we are all under one umbrella.
    It means we all pay the same amount regardless of who you are and what you make for a living.
    It means raising the bar so that a whole lot of people can afford to become doctors not just an elite group.
    If we do not? Then the entire medical profession is likely to crash along with the insurance industry.

  • Seen2013

    If you really want to show RINO’s your primary challenge support means business and seen as Uniparty or what have you, your resolve in response to a failed primary challenge means voting Democrat in the general election.

    This is why RINO’s who makeup Republicans’ leadership banks on statistics of Republicans hate Democrats and brackets Republican base support factions into conservative meaning “fiscal conservatives”, social conservatives “mainly Bible Belt”, and moderate conservatives primarily “Neocons”.

    Note, capital structure has been neglected for over 20 years; fiscal conservatives will not invest in prioritizing capital structures for the sheer spending issue.

    Note, globalization promoted free trade agreements are about promoting and enhancing governmental fiefdoms, public-private partnerships, and public-private mergers not really free trade. Free trade is the ability and willingness to trade with warring factions such as the War of 1812 by Madison trading with Britain and France during a Anglo-Franco War, and trade with nations that the US’s leadership didn’t agree with. Globalization by any other name is a Trade War.

    Note, globalization promoted global economy places Foreign Policy emphasis on militarily defending pillars of the US Dollar’s world’s reserve currency status and global economy’s economic centers:
    Euro-OPEC members of the Arabian Alliance chaired by Saudi Arabia primarily.
    Economic centers of the global economy includes Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea.

    The present path trend ends in War and Rationing or Severe Austerity Measures if you want a course correction; you’re going to have to pay closer attention to policy structures and catalysts.

  • Jim Davis

    I always laugh when I hear someone use the term RINO. This implies that the Republicans that are doing the bidding of globalists/establishment are not “real” Republicans. Get a clue! Those ARE the REAL Republicans. That’s the way it’s been since Lincoln and it’s never going to change.

  • abinico

    We need the tax code our Founding Fathers intended – business pays taxes; working people do not.