Obama Campaigns In Vegas While Storm Victims Defecate In The Hallways And Rummage Through Garbage Dumpsters For Food

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Will Hurricane Sandy turn out to be Obama’s Katrina?  When the storm first hit, the media was full of praise for the way that Barack Obama was handling the crisis.  But that was just based on the bold statements that Obama was making at the time.  If those statements are not backed up by actions, what good are they?  Obama has always been good with words.  Unfortunately, several days after the storm it has become apparent that the federal response to Hurricane Sandy has been absolutely nightmarish.  Large areas affected by the storm are still without power, and authorities now say that some power outages could persist until late November.  Due to the lack of power and widespread transportation disruptions, very few gas stations are open right now.  On Thursday, officials estimated that more than 80 percent of the gas stations in New Jersey were closed, and the lines at the stations that were still open were so long that some people had to wait for up to six hours for gasoline.  Meanwhile, people are running out of food and they are getting desperate.  There have been news reports that show hungry people rummaging through garbage dumpsters for food.  There have been other reports of people actually defecating in the hallways because they have nowhere else to go.  If you don’t believe this, just check out this video from NBC News.  So what is “President” Obama doing about all of this?  Well, after his 90 minute tour of the devastation that Hurricane Sandy caused, he jetted off to Las Vegas where he posed for pictures with Eva Longoria and did some last minute campaigning.


One would like to believe that the federal government has learned a few things about disaster response in the years since Hurricane Katrina.  But instead, Obama’s big promises have turned out to be empty words and he now seems far more concerned about campaigning than about helping the people that are deeply suffering.

Could this end up turning millions of voters against Obama?

As you can see from this video, the devastation on Staten Island is absolutely mind blowing, and many people are desperate for help…

It would be hard to overstate how bad things are on Staten Island right now.  People have been waiting days for assistance from the federal government that never seems to arrive.  The patience of many of those living on Staten Island is really starting to run out…

The residents of Staten Island are pleading for help from elected officials, begging for gasoline, food and clothing three days after Sandy slammed the New York City borough.

“We’re going to die! We’re going to freeze! We got 90-year-old people!” Donna Solli told visiting officials. “You don’t understand. You gotta get your trucks down here on the corner now. It’s been three days!”

Sons of Anarchy star Theo Rossi grew up on Staten Island and he says that the devastation there is far worse than what is being reported in the mainstream media…

It’s so bad here, a lot worse than how its being portrayed by the media. They are finding bodies left and right, elderly people who don’t even watch the news or who knew the storm was coming. I was just with one of my best friends from high school and college, and his house is completely gone. One story I heard was about this one guy who evacuated his house during Hurricane Irene but then it got looted. So when they told him to evacuate for Sandy, he said, ‘I’m not leaving.’ Now they can’t find him, his 13-year-old daughter is dead, and his wife is in critical condition at the hospital.

In fact, Rossi says that many parts of Staten Island are “post-apocalyptic” at this point and that the island has basically been “completely destroyed”…

To get gas requires a three-and-a-half hour wait. It’s like this odd, post-apocalyptic kind of thing. Most trees are down. Power lines are down. It’s like a movie, or like The Walking Dead. You can’t believe it. Especially when you grow up here. I moved to Los Angeles in 1999, but this has always been my home. There’s the place I kissed a girl, that’s the place I played handball. I know this island in and out. To see it completely destroyed is bizarre.

This is a time when the president of the United States should be taking a very strong leadership role.  Millions upon millions of people in New York City and along the Jersey shore are deeply hurting.  The entire nation is watching this tragedy unfold.  Barack Obama has an opportunity to win millions of votes or to lose millions of votes right now.

Unfortunately for Obama, public opinion is starting to turn against him in a big way.  The following is what some people are saying on Twitter…

Obama went to NJ for his photo op, put on big boy jacket for a rally, now in #Vegas while NY and NJ are pooping in the hallways. #tcot #ohio (Link)

Obama was hanging out with Eva Longoria while people in NY & NJ were dumpster diving for food. But he’s on top of it, right? (Link)

If you think Katrina was bad, I give you Obama’s Sandy. People are dying all over the East coast, Obama is in Las Vegas. (Link)

on a night out with @EvaLongoria in , while victims are out of their homes back east. (Link)

If Sandy had happened and two or three days later Bush was in Vegas campaigning.. All media hell would break loose. Obama..? Nothing. (Link)

Obama does quick photo op for an hour with Gov Christie then back n Vegas the next day campaigning as many are without food,power,gas&water (Link)

Civil unrest in NYC: dumpster diving, looting and anger. But at least Obama is comfortable in Vegas campaigning… (Link)

Obama hits Vegas with Eva Longoria while Sandy victims Dumpster-dive in NYC | Twitchy http://fb.me/1jFPfXsVU (Link)

So what do you think of the response by the federal government to Hurricane Sandy so far?

Do you think that Obama should have handled things differently?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

  • GA

    Is anybody surprised? Really? This is just more proof that you can only depend on yourself for your survival. Get a sound plan in place now before it’s too late. We can help at http://www.survive2balive.com Become self reliant and please do not rely on anybody else. Do it know before it’s too late.

  • Roadster

    This is why you should never rely on the gubmint for anything. They are all part of the Elite Class and only care about themselves first.

    Can you imagine when the entire global economic system collapses? They have created a system that enslaves you and makes you dependent to them. The just in time delivery system does just that. It makes things convenient for you while you trade your freedom for it.

    • Rodster

      And to be fair to Obummer, both Chris Christie and Mayor Doomberg are pieces of crap too. I love how Christie wormed his way out of the union thugs turning away out of state help.

      Doomberg Is even worse. He was planning to stage a race and providing food, water and electricity to the media and participants.

  • mark

    Where else would you expect a guy that we spent 1.4 billion on in one year to hang. He is way past the new street people these days. You don’t want him to get dirty do you. Heck the taxpayers would have to buy him some new threads man. If he scratched that fine leather jacket with his seal on it that might be the end of the world. Anyway, he needs to relax with a round of golf that he has earned.lol

    • mark

      update: FEMA out of water until monday when the big bidder will deliver to a wharehouse and then they have to distribute the water. from Breitbart
      So much for the free gas as the government tells the public the first responders get theirs first and you have to wait until more is delivered. I think when they line up with their red plastic containers, it is for their gen sets so that they have a little power. That seems like a first line need for many. They need to keep their food in the fridge cold since the government has not brought in much food. Obama could have had this in the bag if he would have had hot food, cots with blankets, tents in some areas and some dry socks and shown he was a real leader. Instead jets to Vegas with golden plate full of food and pretty girls.

  • mark

    You can say what you want about Mitt Romney’s policies, but he does care about people and if you took the time to research his personal service to other people you would have a different opinion of him. Mitt cares and Obama uses the poor to get ahead within his party.

    • DL.

      You’re joking, right? And I’m not even in the 47 percent! I actually pay income taxes besides what gets withheld. Romney cares more than Obama? Are you nuts? Or are you a deluded Romney supporter? I’d say the latter. As far as I’m concerned the only other folks he cares about besides his elite buddies are Mormons. How many Mormons live on the East Coast? Maybe a few.

      • mark

        You really are not informed about Romney. First Romney chose to leave Bain Capital to serve in public service. He really did serve. For example, his wage he was paid for saving the olimpics was $1.00 that’s right one dollar. Second, when he served as Gov of Mass. His wage was zero, let me repeat that number, zero dollars. As a Bishop in the Mormon Church, zero pay again and 20 plus hours a week for 10 or 12 years, many people passing through that are not Mormons ask for and recieve Church wefare assistance. Bishops have the responsibility for all those in need that live in that Wards boundries. The Church has a huge food distribution program through the Bishops wharehouse. This support of Romney has nothing to do with canidate Romney, it is about the man Romney. Romney has a history of doing good for people without making the good deeds known to the public. I saw an article the other day that if Romney had not left Bain Capital when he chose to, his net worth would have been over 2 billion dollars today instead of a couple of hundred million. That sounds more like a guy that can say when is enough, enough. The man just wants to serve the Country with the knowledge he has learned in business, as a Bishop helping people and as a Gov. of a Democratic controled State. He has a good life now, I for one would not want the pressure of being President. He does not need more money, He does not come across to me as a total control freak as Obama seems to be. So with that in mind, I don’t feel that I am nuts. Is he the perfect guy, no. Do I agree with a lot of his policies, no. But he would be a whole bunch better than Obama. What other choice do you have that could win?

  • Gary2

    Americans disagree with Romney, Ryan and the T Party. Americans believe that the rich should pay more taxes. Americans believe that Medicare shouldn’t be VoucherCare. Americans believe that those less fortunate should receive government assistance. Americans believe that FEMA should be there in cases of national emergencies.

    • Graham


      It’s during times like this that the form of “Capitalism” [Corporatism, Fascism] being practiced in the USA (and elsewhere) comes home to roost. This report covers a level of callousness and lack of preparedness that will rear its head again and again.. and it goes far beyond weather related devastation and Government behaviour in a crisis.

      When things seem good and people are on the “service to self” treadmill, all this gets forgotten. Connections between humans should never be forgotten, but rather built upon so the bonds go from strength to strength. Its called “service to others”, or community spirit. Unfortunately, history continues to repeat itself as words like “socialism” are purposely misconstrued to grossly mislead people in the USA. Why is the USA in such a stricken mess financially? Capitalism at its very worst? You are all clearly living in a completely failed system.

      Anything that threatens the status quo, which in return is threatening the existence of the vast majority of people, needs to be rooted out. What happens after Tuesday will prove to be very interesting… globally. You will never achieve peace whilst the collective consciousness is wallowing in the “third state” and all the illusion and drama it brings to the party. The mind is often blinded by its own stupidity and stupid minds do stupid things that affect many others.

      Those who vote for Romney will be held responsible for their ignorance of his background and modus operandi if his party create any further devastation across this planet. I have posted enough links for people to educate themselves. Ignorance is not “bliss”, as many have been conditioned to believe. Get to know your enemy better, as it may not be who you are told to believe it is!

      Study the elite and study them very closely. Only then will their weaknesses become clear. Only then will you know how to target them and dispose of their failed systems that have benefitted so few. Anything that has been built upon the “egoic state of consciousness” is destined to disintegrate and collapse. The latter is ongoing right now and cannot be stopped. Beware of deliberate distractions.

      Forget the so called good times and build new times. There is no other choice. A three party system would likely change America.. very quickly. It is going to take a lot of pain to make any gain and life will be lost in the process. Psychopaths have no morals or mercy and many countries are being run by them.

      It is undoubtedly the mindset of Satan which thrives on madness and insanity. To fully understand the latter, you have to study the mind. The new “normal” is completely “abnormal”, so don’t fall for all the mind programming tactics that make things appear acceptable. Much of it is subliminal. Many say “waken up”, but so few understand what it means.

      Just my two cents after many decades of intense research. Don’t read to believe or disbelieve. Read with interest then watch what happens. Eventually the pieces become clear and a profound picture emerges. A picture the average Joe was never meant to see. Look closely and thou shall find! The truth is often hidden in plain sight, so don’t walk around with “eyes wide shut”!

    • gary is a fool

      gary, i think you need to pull yer head out that nether region and wake up, fast. you 4 years with your boy in power- what great things has he done? and dont quote stats from his administration. its morons like you who shouldnt be allowed to vote, ignorant. if you aint a productive part of society, go back into your basement cave til mama has dinner ready for you. loser

      • Gary2

        affordable care act

        • witness the end

          Unsustainable! When it all collapses, Katrina and Sandy will look like a brief summer rain shower.

          When it collapses, there won’t be any government assistance, no obama care, no social security, welfare, food stamps, police, fire, sewer, water, gas, electric, no more money.

          When we are living in the Mad Max world, we will see how well you libs adapt!

  • Gary2

    Michael–you are such an obvious right wing hack. I like you anyways though…

    • Michael

      I am glad that you still like me. :)


  • Ben

    This was a storm that most knew was coming. Yet people did nothing to prepare? And how can it be that the ‘only’ place to crap is a hallway? Please. The government owes us nothing and I want nothing except to be left alone. I am no Obama fan but watching people cry because they are stupid pisses me off.

  • Eisenkreutz

    Just think of all those millions of women desperate for food.

    Preppers shall inherit the Earth…and all the beautiful Hispanic hoes.

    • Gay Veteran


  • George Kadlec

    Many of these people crying for help elected these jackasses. I feel sorry for them but these are the ones they elected – now the truth comes home.



  • jaxon64

    The hypocrisy of the left is truly amazing. I’m also reading many posts by the deeply koolaid drunk who are saying things like, ” Obama didn’t cause the storm-it’s not his fault” or ” the people were warned days ahead of time to leave, it’s their fault not Obama’s” etc etc..

    The amazing thing is that these same people were lambasting Bush for Katrina.

    The biggest hypocrits are the MSM. These people need to get off of their knees in front of their “messiah” or annointed one and continue to follow the story. For weeks after Katrina that is all that was shown. Searching for new horrific images and interviews of people’s misery.

    Now? The Sandy story on the MSM appears to be passe if not completely over, it is getting little news coverage still by comparison–I’m already hearing some people downplay it as ” not as bad as feared”, “over-hyped”…so of course O will get a pass for hanging out with celebrities, having $1000 a plate fundraisers while Americans are eating out of dumpsters. He’ll probably catch 18 holes on a plush desert course while he’s in Vegas…

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    What’s interesting is the News coverage if you read the articles in the US press you seldom see a negative reference to BHO. If you look at how Katrina was covered George the II was vilified. It’s becoming more and more obvious of the MSN bias the issue is how many are paying attention?

    Another thing NYC and the North East are maybe the worst places in regard to prepping. Three days and the place were falling apart, people dumpster diving, gas shortages, people getting into fist fights in gas lines guns being drawn (how about that gun control?). The Projects, and public housing hardly bastions of personal responsibility are teetering on the edge of anarchy. I fear this is a wake up call few will answer.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Oh, BTW BHO get reelected he takes the Electoral Collage, Mittens gets the Popular vote. Below is one of the easier to follow and pretty well thought out electoral breakdowns.

    (Remember where you heard it first)


  • Sd

    Obama doesn’t care about non black people.

  • Sd

    We are seeing the hand of God in this election. Both Sandy and Benghazi happening weeks before the election just coincidence?

    • Graham


      Another word for coincidence is “synchronicity”. Certain things happen for a reason; a reason that is not often apparent. There are many things your Government doesn’t tell you about because their shadow masters won’t allow it. Whilst the shadow masters think they are gods, they are not.

      Those who open their mouth and seriously expose those masters and their myriad of agenda’s are prone to sudden heart attacks and mysterious car/plane crashes. Family “disappear” too. All is then made to look normal whilst intelligence battles it out in the darkest of corners. One of those corners was Benghazi.

      The masters use both “left and right” to suit and shape their agenda’s. Most people get caught in the middle in complete and utter confusion. Having “sides” maintains an enemy sense of spirit and such enemies can easily be manipulated to suit. The tactics are divide and conquer. Proxies do the rest once the seeds have been sown. Many refer to it as a “Matrix”.

      Ensure to “check in”… outside of their box!

  • Doug Diggler

    Yeah, Mitt’s really gonna do anything for disaster victims, that guy doesn’t even like poor people and non-mormons, he doesn’t even like 47% of the populace, so yeah, what could possibly go wrong under Herr Mittler?

    • gary is a fool

      more than the communist dougie. how do you KNOW what mitt will or wont do? fool. look you have a crapyp boss and then you get a chance for another, you never say, ‘nope, cant hire this new guy, he will be just like the loser we haev now.’. you give him a chacne, lets give mitt a chacne, we know what teh current POS can do, its called his record these past four years, snap out of your obamacoma already. IDIOT

    • Laurus

      Dougie, Mormans have been prepping for years. Check out their websites, some of the best around for food storage, etc. Our grain stores will be full!! Ha-ha. The Mormans could show FEMA a thing or two about disaster prep. Good grief, FEMA can’t even get water bottles and food to the folks. The only reason Obama put in an appearance in NJ was for the pre-election photo-op. Obama cannot make a decision without putting his finger in the air to test the political winds first. Remember, the big oil spill…daaaaays before he checked that situation out.

  • I live in NYC and i have to say this is so much bigger than
    the slimy MSM is reporting. It looks like a warzone on the entire
    east coast of the NJ Shoreline. Did anyone see the FEMA press with Obama?
    Pathetic! Its going to get worse with people starving, and lack of
    gas to fill up the tanks. Military National Guard troops say looting
    is rampant and “shoot to kill orders” can be enforced.

  • Paul


    • gary is a fool

      amen brother

  • Dave Webb

    Gee, what would a real President do?
    Well, to start off with He is the commander in chief of the U.S. Army Engineers! Maybe no one told him this . . . He can order things done.
    What would they do? To start they would get in there and repair all the utilities pronto. That means a lot of work and fast. Then they would set up facilities to get people in from the main land with trucks and supplies to get things moving. Back Hoes and dump trucks would be in right now to clear away the wreckage and close off any power lines that go to wrecked buildings. Then the power comes back on.
    I suggest free gasoline trucks come in to get people back to a civilized area while all this is going on. I am assuming their cars work if they are waiting in line for gasoline. So give them the gas to leave. I suggest a tank will get them to people that care, like family in unaffected areas.
    The engineers can put a temporary bridge up faster than anyone I know. Porta-potties can be brought into public areas easily enough. We do it all the time for baseball games in the summer and football in the fall.
    We have the skilled help to put this emergency behind us. It does take leadership.
    If you cannot do the job, get out of the way and let someone do it that can.

    • Mr. G

      I agree, Dave. Where are our can-do action men? Afghanistan? What the heck are they doing there? Mr. G

  • JasonD

    Check out the FEMA guy at 2:10 smirking looking down and trying not to bust out laughing. Disgusting.

    You’re doing a heck of a job Brown!

  • 1% fan

    Obama is inept but he should stay away. Presidents just muck up the works when they show up with the inevitable security concerns. Send in military with MRE supplies and cut red tape (hell, remove it permanently). But states have governors, mayors, police, etc..let them handle it.

  • Deborah

    I am in tears sick of trying so hard to believe in this fool. ************* pray for this godless nation where there is no leadership. I voted for him and I am so angry that he was here and gone so quickly. I will not vote for Romney. I will NOT vote this year. My footsteps are for prepping only from now on.

    Pray for the northeast. This is our Katrina.

    • K

      Deborah, I was also not going to vote. Instead I early voted, for all independent candidates. Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party, got my Presidential vote. The two party system is not a true democracy. The two parties spend all their time, trying to dominate each other. Their dream to rule without any input from the other party. A true third party, and if possible a fourth party, would solve all this. No party would ever again be in total control. They would have to work with,at least one of the other parties. Break the two party system, and spread the power around. Yes a little change in Gary’s favorite saying. But mine would work.

      • wm

        K: Sorry to hear that…you threw your votes away, the primaries have been over and the only 2 candidates were Romney and obummer. Your votes meant nothing and perhaps more people that voted like you added to obummer getting in. Thanks!

        • K

          I threw away nothing. It is people like you, who destroy this Country. By choosing between two equally corrupt parties.

    • Shawn

      I am sorry to hear you are suffering. However, if you are dissatisfied with president obama, you are a fool to not vote for Romney. Your “not voting” will add to the problem. Good luck.

  • Colin

    What says the President isn’t doing something about the disaster this day or tomorrow? We don’t know everything that the President is doing on this day or tomorrow. He could be working on this disaster before and after the event in Las Vegas.

    Another thing – Barack Obama is the leader of his party. He has a duty to his party as well. One of these duties involves morale boosting junkets like the one in Las Vegas.

    Being President means being two people – the head of the country and the head of the party. President Obama is juggling these dual roles as best as he can.

    I am less offended by the President’s actions then you, Michael. I am, however, offended by Governor Romney’s attempt to show that he is a compassionate man by having his staffers buy groceries at Walmart, then having those staffers hand those goods to people who came to see him speak and were instructed to turn these goods over to the campaign.

    President Obama is capable of sympathy. I don’t believe the same of Governor Romney.

    • gary is a fool

      lol..good one colin, wheres the punchline tho? if you wanna be a successful comedian, you gotta have a zinger.how do you kno mitt is heartless? proff pleez? i can easily show how cold and heartless the current POS 9 NOT POTUS) is.. one word, BENGHAZI

  • Graham


    I believe you have observed something that many others need to observe too, preferably prior to Tuesday. In saying that, I’m pretty certain the “owned” voting machines will decide the outcome. Obama would narrowly win otherwise.

    If Romney gets it, watch what war footing the US goes on fairly quickly. Their Khazarian masters have a very clear agenda and a pitiful economy to divert people’s attention from.

    The military industrial complex undoubtedly needs a “boost”, certainly in the minds of some. It will begin with the MSM programming the people for what’s to come. That’s their job and the sheep will blindly follow.

  • ScoutMotto

    “When is the government coming??”

    What was she doing when she had five days notice to leave somewhere? Big mistake, relying on government to help.

  • WarriorClass III

    THE most important single issue facing the U.S. is its post-1965 immigration disaster, both legal and illegal. The bipartisan Permanent Government is literally Electing A New People. Among other problems caused by this utterly selfish and irresponsible policy—immiseration of the working class, cultural dispossession, linguistic balkanization, increased crime, overpopulation, etc. —there is the amazing fact that within 30 years, the U.S. will be majority non-white. The U.S., as it has been known to history, will simply cease to exist within the lives of children now born (including my own).

    Overall, the Obama years have been disastrous for native-born workers. The deterioration in native-born employment in both absolute terms and, more dramatically, relative to foreign-born employment, is highlighted in the New VDARE.com American Worker Displacement Index (NVDAWDI):

    From January 2009 to October 2012:

    Foreign-born employment rose 1.635 million, or by 7.6%
    Native-born employment fell by 0.472 million, or by 0.4%

    Since Obama took office native-born job losses are nearly one-third the immigrant job gains. Put differently, during the Obama era one native-born worker has been displaced per every three foreign-born workers added to the U.S. workforce.

  • Virginia

    It’s hard to believe that some of the people in NY do not listen to the news or know what is going on in the world. They were so forewarned about Sandy’s fury all over TV, radio, newspaper, etc.
    Don’t they talk to their neighbors? Well, it could happen to any of us. Our weather has become downright unpredictable and scary as you never know when it can creep up and catch one off guard. It’s easy to criticize people in need. Why didn’t they prep? Why didn’t they listen to the news? Why didn’t they just get out when they could, at least have some plan in mind? This country is dealing with so many economic issues that many are just stressed out to the point of being numb and unable to take action. Where are the FEMA trailers?

    • Deborah

      actually virginia, we were warned about 2 days before. prior to friday 10/27 we were told by smiling weather folks that a possible situation was coming but too early to tell. Friday night was still a maybe. I think that you are a bit naive to think that we did not try to prepare, this was a tough storm to prepare for. Nothing could prepare us. the sad thing is that the media continued to smile as they gave reports on Sunday. I heard one say the word “catastrophic” and I listened and prepared. Thats the most you could do. Areas that NEVER flood were flooded. It was truly a freakish storm.

  • bertaggle

    we need more and bigger government!

  • Colin

    I have sympathy for people on the East Coast. I am sure that the disaster is worse than it looks on the news.

    However, while you are complaining about the President, why don’t you consider the role of Congress, especially the HoR? They have consistently threatened to cut disaster aid to offset spending increases in other areas. And, Governor Romney, the potential head of the party, has stated that he will abolish FEMA.

    I fear that Republicans live in a parallel universe, and, when reality collides with this universe, bad things often do happen.

    Be careful what you wish for, for you might get it.

  • 005

    Michael, this article is off topic, it’s a long read, yet makes an interesting point of how a huge amount of treasury notes could be destroyed, and the slower impact that could have

  • Mr. G

    It is truly remarkable how these people cry out for the government. I mean, I can understand the impulse – but my many years of living have taught me that the government never helps anyone who deserves or really needs it, and this is more and more true the higher up in government you are talking about. I wish that government could solve those problems, but when it is as corrupt and value-less as ours, we should not expect too much.

    If I were in a similar situation, I would probably cry out for help from the feds too, but looking at it from afar, I know that this is not the right way to be. There is just not likely to be much real help forthcoming. I feel bad for these people and I wish them the best. I just think real community and government are not the same thing. Mr. G

  • Paul

    FEMA just ordered a trillon rounds of expensive hollow point ammo, so they didn’t have much money left over for food and water. They are preparing to kill you not feed you.

  • proObama

    Pathetic Americans. You all had ample warning. And this is just a trial run. Let the climate change games begin….

  • david duarte

    Obama is a fuxking N and that’s not call good people any name. In my book if your White, Black, Italian,Mexican, Indian and a good person your not included. sorry or maybe you want to be, so be it.