Is This What The Whole Country Is Going To Look Like After The Economy Collapses?: 4 Restaurant Brawl Videos That Are So Wild You Won’t Believe They Happened In America

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What in the world is happening to America?  The things that you are about to see in the videos posted in this article are so disturbing and so violent that it is hard to believe that it is actually Americans that are doing this to one another.  Once upon a time, Americans generally conducted themselves with humility, grace, civility, honor and with a tremendous amount of respect for others.  Sadly, those days are now long gone.  Now, large numbers of people in this country are just going wild.  Unfortunately, the videos you are about to watch are not isolated incidents.  Stuff like this is going on all over the country.  So what is going to happen when the economy collapses and shortages begin?  What kind of violence and rioting should we expect to see at that point?  Just recall what we witnessed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Sadly, if the videos below are any indication, the thin facade of civilization that we all take for granted every day could completely disintegrate in the event of a major economic catastrophe.


Today, society actually teaches our young people to be disrespectful and rude.  Arrogance and violent behavior are glorified in our movies, on television and in our music.  Our culture is literally degenerating right in front of our eyes.  The whole country seems to become more selfish, more self-centered and more greedy every single day.  In such an environment, is it any wonder that our young people are exhibiting such extreme behaviors?

The violence that you are about to see is very disturbing because it is real.  If you spend most of your time isolated in your own little world, these scenes of brawling and violence will probably come as a great shock to you.  But this is what is really happening in the United States of America today.

The following are 4 restaurant brawl videos that are so wild that you won’t believe that they actually happened in America….

#1 IHOP Brawl

#2 McDonalds Brawl In San Francisco

#3 Wild Scene At Denny’s

#4 Huge Brawl In Front Of A Restaurant In New York City

*Bonus* Wild Brawl In The Parking Lot Of An Ocala, Florida Gas Station

If people are willing to go so wild while times are still relatively good, what in the world is going to happen if a major disaster strikes or the economy collapses and they have been without food for two or three days?

This is something that we all really need to consider.  In the United States today, there are millions of people with no jobs, no hope and no future.  The mainstream media keeps promising that an “economic recovery” is right around the corner and most Americans are desperately hoping that 2011 will be better, but you can almost feel the frustration of the American people rising.

We live in a country today that is very frustrated and very angry.  Some of that anger and frustration is rational, but a whole lot of it is irrational.  Most Americans have been brought up to believe that they are entitled to “a good life”, and when that doesn’t happen they start behaving like spoiled little brats.

If some major emergency comes along that pushes the U.S. economy over the edge, it could cause massive societal upheaval.  There wouldn’t be close to enough law enforcement personnel in the entire country to be able to handle the rioting and looting that we could potentially see.

Back during the Great Depression of the 1930s, the American people were able to pull through because our citizens still possessed a great deal of character.  But today many Americans are incredibly spoiled.  Many Americans believe that they are entitled to everything and that life is all about them.  They are in love with themselves, they are in love with money and wealth, they are arrogant and boastful, they don’t respect their parents, they are addicted to entertainment, they have very little self-control and they have very little love for others.

Fortunately, there are also many Americans that still have good hearts, that are willing to fight for the truth and that are willing to live for something greater than themselves.

This is one of the most extraordinary times in all of human history to be alive, and as I noted in a previous article, it is those that are willing to live life unselfishly that will be pleased with the legacy that they have left behind….

When I was young, someone told me the following: “Life is like a coin – you can spend it any way that you want, but you can only spend it once.” So how are you spending your life? Are you just “killing time” and watching world events go by or are you actively trying to make a difference? When your life is over, will you be proud of the legacy that you have left, or will you be ashamed of what you have done with the time that you were given? None of us can go back now and change what we have done in the past, but the future stands unwritten before us. The remaining chapters of your life can be a beautiful thing – but only if you are courageous enough to seize the day.

We are going to need leaders that are going to be able to keep it together when times get tough in the years ahead.  When most people realize that the “good times” are gone forever, they are absolutely going to lose it.  Many people are going to totally freak out.

But if you are willing to embrace the challenges ahead instead of letting them swamp you with anger and desperation, then the coming years could become a great time of victory and adventure for you.

So what do you think about the crazy videos that you just viewed above?  Do you think that Americans are emotionally prepared for an economic collapse?  Why do you think people are suddenly acting so crazy?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below….

  • Yes, most Americans are NOT prepared for economic collapse, but understand that events depicted in videos like above are also because so many Americans are over-medicated. Further, it is much less likely that you will see stuff like the above in rural area restaurants…but in urban ones like above (and esp. in fast food joints like above) I am not surprised this stuff is happening..and I live in the “isolated” rural remote (but grew up 5 miles from NYC…and taught in gangland HS in El Paso…)

  • Pam Simms

    My husband and I teach public school and I can tell you that many students today act the way these videos show. Animals raised by animals!!!! The local fillup sees fights break out 3-4 times per week when people arrive at the pump at the same time. Neither one is willing to allow the other to fill first or acknowledge who was there first. Yes, people are animals now so get your food and guns and ammo because you will need them.

  • Tahoe

    Twenty Nine Palms, California: Marines are training in a mock city the size of San Diego. Foreign troops will be used also in the event of social unrest. The FEMA camps are staffed and ready. Welcome to the future.

  • mondobeyondo

    Our nation’s descent into anarchy is already beginning – and there isn’t even a real crisis! **Yet.** It’s coming, though. Hurricane Katrina was a frat party, compared to what’s coming.

    Bad and awful may be understatements, when the S truly HTF. You’ll need a new superlative, perhaps “horrific”? Nope, that won’t describe it either. “Apocalyptic”? Maybe…

    Those videos are scary stuff, indeed. Lord help us.

  • mondobeyondo

    Just my opinion, but perhaps we are going through a major cultural paradigm shift.

    Even during the dark days of 1932-1934, you didn’t hear of mass shootings, riots, and so forth. People didn’t kill each other fighting over food in the soup lines. They stood up and protested – especially the WW1 veterans who marched in Washington in 1932, demanding an early payment and compensation for their military service. (If you wanna Google it, it was the “Bonus Army” march).

    And times were tougher back then, than they are now…How would our generation act today? Just some food for thought…

    Happy days aren’t here again. Brother, can you spare a thousand dollars?

  • Colin

    Due to our increasing reliance on technology, many of us are ill-prepared to survive a major disaster. Technology brings us water, heat, food, and money – the essentials of life. In the last year, I have seen shows on the Discovery and History channels which comment on and dramatize what could happen to our society if a major disaster occurred. The lesson I learned from these programs is that we are not prepared for what is coming, and many people will die. In one hypothetical situation, a massive solar storm, like the 1859 Solar Storm (see wikipedia article), would devastate our electrical network and could possibly result in the death of 100 million Americans. (Discovery Channel, Perfect Disaster, Solar Storm). One of the better programs I saw from last year depicting our country after a disaster is After Armageddon which aired on the History Channel. This show contained many important tips, ex. avoid major arteries as gangs will set up road blocks and take advantage of travelers.

  • I went to public school in San Francisco from Kindergarten to 12th grade. I’ve seen kids throw books across the room and I’ve even seen a kid try to throw a a desk over a classroom wall(a temporary wall divided a large room making it two classrooms). The table and book throwing happened in junior high at a school next to San Francisco’s barrio in the Mission District.

    I’ve seen a guy pull out a gun because he was mad about losing a pre-season basketball game in high school. The location of this incident was in South San Francisco.

    The worst thing I ever saw was in my Senior year of high school. I went into a 9th grade math class to give my friend, his homework assignment he missed because he was late to school. I saw a 8-12 kids facing the teacher. One of them was playing video games. On the left 8-10 students had arranged their desks in a circle and they were talking like it was lunch time instead of class. Their were two kids on the computer in the back of the class. Four kids had there had down on tables. I asked my friend if the class was always like this after I gave him his assignment and he said,”Yeah.”

    The school I went to in high school was the second best academic public school in San Francisco at the time.

  • M. L.

    In your article, you wrote:
    “But today many Americans are incredibly spoiled. Many Americans believe that they are entitled to everything and that life is all about them. They are in love with themselves, they are in love with money and wealth, they are arrogant and boastful, they don’t respect their parents, they are addicted to entertainment, they have very little self-control and they have very little love for others.”

    This statement reminded me of a Scripture describing the Godlessness of the last days:

    2 Timothy 3:1-4
    But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—

  • Grover Lembeck

    The biggest difference between now and 25 years ago? Now, everyone has a camera on them. I remember “brawls” like these (the iHop one, for instance, was more of a fight than a “brawl”) from 25 years ago, and they couldn’t have been all that uncommon if I witnessed 2-4 of them personally. Don’t get me wrong- I agree with 99% of the posts here, but this one is much ado about nothing.
    As for the public school teacher Pam Simms, please get a different job, Pam, because if that’s your attitude towards your students, you are contributing to the problem in a very big way. Stating other people act like animals then urging people to “get their guns and ammo”, is a little contradictory, also, or at least lacking in self reflection. At least no one in these videos are animal enough to start shooting at each other.

  • Susan

    These people are trash. And I don’t say that with a nod to their value as human beings, that is without question. I do refer to their lack of respect for others, lack of manners and lack of restraint. It would be easy to hold pop culture and public schools accountable in entirety, but I’m afraid we have to look at their upbringing in conjunction with those other factors to get the full picture.

    I am not a perfect person, naturally, but I do try to seek truth and learn things and teach my children. They aren’t perfect, either, but we do have hard lines we will not have crossed, and woe be to mine if they ever exhibit the behavior caught on these videos.

    A little motherly disappointment never hurt anybody. More people should have a parent that cares enough to guide them and chastise dangerous behaviors.

  • Debbie

    I have been teaching public school for 33 years.I must tell you over the last couple of years it has been a disappointmentt!!So much so that I will be retiring this June. The parents seem not to have any control over their children.Students are out of control and in many urban areas have no respect for education. Just last week two teachers were assaulted by students in the school where I teach. The administration did not want to press charges.I am afraid for this country!!People have become so self -centered and arrogant.

  • Ed K

    I am a Police Officer in a large northeastern city for the last 25 years. My fellow officers and I observe this behavior on a regular basis. We have been saying for a least the last 10 years that if the Gov’t checks stop comming ;the unwinding and chaos will be quite breathtaking.

    The lady schoolteacher is quite correct (beans, bullets, and bandaids) You will want to have a very good supply.

  • bobinsherwood

    Acceptance is key. The sooner you can push past denial and anger, the sooner you can begin preparation. I have become the Ant and am storing as much as I can so that I can help as many grasshoppers as possible during the long cold winter to come. I have been warning friends since 2000-2003 when the signs were becoming all too evident but it’s not easy to pay off your mortgage and begin to hunker down. If you can form a neighborhood group with emphasis on protecting the children and elderly and get as close to the rural as possible!

  • Think about this:

    During the Great Depression of the 1930’s my grandparents lived on a small family farm in northern New Hampshire.

    Every so often a “hobo” would wander by, asking to do some work in exchange for a meal: work like chopping firewood, bringing in hay for the livestock, etc. My grandparents would gladly help out a fellow human being in need and fed many a man down on his luck.

    What do you think would happen today? My guess is many homeless hungry people wouldn’t even think of asking for work in exchange for food. No, after generations of free handouts at others (taxpayers) expense, they are too accustomed to getting food, shelter, and other necessities for free via welfare, foodstamps, etc.

    What are they going to do when the economy totally collapses and the free spigot is turned off?

    Work for food? What, are you serious, ME work?

    They would rob my grandparents (and you and your family), perhaps even do physical harm to them in order to get what was wanted. Should my grandparents resist, it is likely they would have to constantly defend their home and barn from looters and those who would burn the farm down, shoot their livestock, raid their gardens, etc.

    The entire social environment has changed drastically since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

  • mondobeyondo

    Wanna know why I own a Glock pistol?

    Watch the above videos. There’s your answer.

  • Richard

    “No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can
    any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is
    preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant,
    and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own
    weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.”- Samuel Adams

  • El Pollo de Oro

    There is an old saying: The Devil finds work for idle hands. And at a time when the REAL unemployment rate is over 20% (the government figures of 9.4.% are bogus) and you have unemployed college graduates competing with unemployed construction workers for part-time minimum wage jobs at the dollar store, there are a lot of idle hands out there.

    Ed K: I also live in a large northeastern city: Philadelphia, where a manager at a Starbuck’s was violently attacked by a group of high school students in a subway station near City Hall a few years ago and suffered a fatal asthma attack as a result. Why did the high schoolers attack him? Just for the hell of it–a little “after school fun.” One of my neighbors is an officer for the Philadelphia Police Department; we’ve had some sobering conservations about the amount of crime in this city and how much worse things could get if there are police department cutbacks combined with even higher unemployment. These are dark times we’re living in, that’s for sure.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    This is deeply embarrassing to watch I saw the one of eight women fighting on Zero Hedge. The problem you have is because of Welfare you have an entire generation who doesn’t know the basics how to interview, how to behave with dignity and decorum, basically how to act civilized. The veneer of civilization has always been thin in the US, read some of the many books about Katrina and it’s aftermath there where pitched battles between looters and property owners. That’s’ why protection has to be part of your plan, get a gun and learn how to use it, get training. When the checks stop coming that’s when the fun is really going to start.

  • LMAO. Buy lots & lots of ammo, that’s all I have to say.

  • John S

    It’s odd that these brawls only seem to break out in urban settings that have “common sense” gun laws–meaning, of course, that law abiding citizens have been disarmed. Beans, bandaids and automatic weapons, folks.

  • Ralph Nadeer

    Richard has it spot on. The dumbing down of America has been a long time in the works. Now there are masses of ignorant, arrogant people with no manners and nothing on the horizon. It seems Congress is representing these people accurately after all.

  • I would love for once a politician to tell us how they are going to raise our standard of living. That is the most important measure of success.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • premurderedGOM

    Orangeburg is in S.C. In the country……

  • Michael

    Pretty horrific.

    Advice to all:

    If you ever find yourself trapped in this type of mayhem, immediately locate the fire alarm and pull it. Then arm yourself with a fire extinguisher if necessary. Lethal weapons such as guns and knives can only put yourself in a legal mess. Many fire alarms are located in conspicuous places and in eyes view.

    As far as economic disaster and the rule of law being suspended, prepare for such an event with storable food, clean water supply, and arms. Educate yourself and your family on the use these necessities. You really have no choice. When a society breaks down you need to stay in place, a safe place and not move. Do not comply with any orders from any individual, only comply with common sense. If necessary defend you and yours to the death. Remember, your inalienable natural rights are yours to defend as you see fit.

    God save the Constitution.
    God bless the Republic.

  • Sam

    The reason people in the Depression were so “well-behaved” is because they still had God in their lives. (Now, I know that you people will name-call me, but that’s because you’re part of the problem.) People were optimistic, they were humble, they were respectful of others, because God and church were still a central part of their lives. What do we have today? We have schools that “teach” that rights come from government – not from God. We have greedy, lying, selfish “leaders” from whom the people take their cue from, instead of denouncing them for what they are. We have lazy “parents” who prefer to have a beer and watch “The Big Game,” instead of truly parenting. We have the murder of the unborn; and soon the murder of the elderly, the sick, the feeble, because they don’t fit into today’s world. We have a gullible public who believes that a charlatan like Obama is THE messiah.

    Get with the program, people! Should something REALLY happen, punks like in these videos will be the first to die by the hands of terrified homeowners. If you really want to rebuild the country, get right with God – trust me, the rest will fall into place. If you can’t find a Bible, try CBN’s Bible verses a day – they’re readable and make sense. Stop worshiping people, or you’ll continue to be where you are – out of hope and out of luck.

  • Patient

    What is extremely difficult to comprehend is the willful ignorance of most who respond to this site. Consistently refering to the lack of morality and animalistic tendencies found in “those” who live in the inner city. “Those” who have not been raised correctly “those” who have been raised on government checks. For a very long time “those” people have complained about the existant inequalities of the system the prejudicial environment in which they were expected to live and always they were disregarded and told that they would have to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps”. What you are all witnessing is the reward of discounting the sufferring of others. You think your guns will save you. You think you can fight. Your brainwashed minds will be unable to comprehend the overwhelming swiftness and power with which “the change” will occur. I pray for you, I pray that those who have eyes will see and ears to listen will hear. I pray that there will be no fighting that there will only be relflection on how we got here and how “we” can slowly repair ourselves and our spirits. I am not so innocent to believe that this will occur butu I am innocent enough to know that there is a power that will protect those who have faith and no fear. I you see, am one of “those” and all my life have been protected from you by that power. No matter what has been done to me, my family, my friends I still considered you to be my brothers I still prayed that you would see the damage you were doing and stop. There has been much injustice done at some point as you were told before “the chickens will come home to roost” well…… the cock crows to quote one one of the best at the game “It’s morning in America”.

  • @Firesteel: During the Depression, my grandfather used to send hobos to his home for his wife to feed. They didn’t have to work for it. They may have been too weak from hunger to work! Who would take in a wanderer for a free meal today?

    Street people no longer ask for jobs because they know nobody will offer one. People are afraid a stranger on their property might rape or steal. Real jobs demand references and a college degree, and probably also a urine test! Employers also want well-groomed people with good teeth.

    My grandmother got by for a while by taking in boarders. Today’s city bylaws forbid that, even if a home is big enough.

    About 12 other members of the extended family shared one room facing onto a courtyard where they could hang laundry, grow vegetables, and keep a cow, pig and chickens. What housing complex would allow this today? Even laundry on the line is considered unsightly!

  • Rebeecca

    We are all part of the problem and so we will all part of the solutions. We should show cooler heads prevail, educate and seek to understand, see ourselves in unity not in division. Those in control of the media should not have monolpies, nor those in power. We are a clever, resourceful people and I think we are a lot better then we are lead to beleive. Have anyone of you besides the cop, been involved in such fights? It’s a big country. Millions go to bed at night without a scratch.

  • nathen

    Strange that most of the comments that compare this time to earlier eras only go back as far as the 1930s. But Americans are only 100-200 years removed from utter ignorance and chaos during and between our initial Revolution and our (so far) only Civil War.
    There was no mandatory education in any state in the US until MA in 1852. It took until 1918 until MS became the final state to insist that their children receive at least basic education.
    The vast majority were incredibly ignorant, although not by choice.
    There was also no ability to communicate quickly with others. The Pony Express was no internet/facebook/twitter, which is technology greatly in support of resisting tyranny and chaos. You can see it’s benefit in Tunisia and Egypt ‘as we speak’.
    Were Americans in the Revolutionary and Civil War times ‘ready’ for such social upheaval? Of course not! It was pure hell for millions of destitute families with no post-FDR social net, as it was an even worse hell for those impacted by the vicious decade-long revolution in France — during which time any citizen could send another to the guillotine by simply proclaiming them a traitor to those who happened to be in charge of the guillotines that month. No habeus corpus there!
    And what about America’s wild west days, when lawlessness was so rife that ‘justice’ was mostly accomplished vigilante-style?
    We have moved so far from those more animalistic days that we seem to take it for granted and not realize and appreciate how far we have come as a globally-linked civilization — such a short time!
    Also, among many other social ills, during the Great Depression there were no civil rights laws for minorities, who were lynched by the thousands as a matter of course between the 1800s and the 1960s. This occurred during times of ‘peace’, not upheaval.
    ‘Of course’ there will be upheaval again in this country and around the globe. Significantly needed changes are often accomplished by mass uprisings. It’s a major part of our human make-up. But to say that we are far more violent and ignorant than in the past is just historically inaccurate.
    Get a gun if you must, but at least get some perspective…

  • StillWorking

    My area was innundated with Katrina evacuees…then directly in the evacuation path of many of those Rita evacuees from Houston/Galveston that ran out of gas, water, food, medications, patience, hope, and common sense & decency.

    Civility is indeed a VERY thin veneer.

    It CAN happen in rural areas because I’ve seen it happen when we are flooded with those from the urban areas looking for a safe haven.
    Don’t be to comfortable that a rural location will protect you from chaos.

  • My Bean

    “Brawl Videos That Are So Wild You Won’t Believe They Happened In America”

    – don’t you mean “so wild, they could ONLY happen in America”?

    Hollywood loves a fight scene – it’s scarcely surprising people follow the role models.

  • donald

    I for one am scared. We live in a small rural texas town, where ppl are still polite, we smile at each other and the kids behave and still get swats at school.

    What I see in these videos is FOREIGN to me.
    I dont see this happening where I live. I dont want to see it happen EVER.

    We are preppers and are beginning to prepare for the coming economic collapse, but hopefully this trash will die off before they reach where we are. If they dont, then the can meet our Smith/Wesson family.

  • GW

    The fight scene videos are sickening. To see people act in this way. We are ‘lucky’ that some people filmed the scenes so we could view that type of behaviour, but at the same time, isn’t it sad that some people thought of standing around, watching out of curiosity rather than trying to diffuse the tension, break up the fight, or go and get help or (if too dangerous) just get the hell out of there…?

    There has always been violence, cruelty and horror in all countries and throughout the ages. And like the policeman (above) I saw many fights when I was young, in a ‘quiet’, middle class town in England twenty five years ago. The question is, are these instances of violence happening more frequently than before, and for what reason?

    I live in France and until recently lived in a large city for ten years. I noticed the tension increase gradually. Now, when you walk down the street, large groups of youths of North African descent loiter on street corners and in shopping malls. If you look in their direction, they’re likely to start a fight with you.

    I was walking to work a couple of years back, in a ‘sensitive’ neighbourhood. A ten year old boy threw a stone at me for no reason. When I challenged him, the situation degenerated and I was quickly surrounded by over twenty young, aggressive people. When I walked away, they began throwing stones at me and alarm bells rang out: ‘get out!!!’ so I ran for my life.

    I think people are more and more disconnected from one another, and find it hard to see the consequences of their actions.
    I’m not saying that everything was rosy, but if you think back to small communities, villages with people looking out for each other, making sure their neighbour was alright. Everyone knew each other And if some youngsters were out of line, you’d tell their parents and they’d reel them in.
    Otherwise the family would be dishonoured and so that culture of trying to maintain good social behaviour would perpetuate itself. Again, I’m not saying there weren’t thefts, murders and such like, but I would definitely say the context was different.

    Now cities are anonymous – walk down a street in a large urban area and how many people do you recognise? Does it really matter if you’re rude to someone, if you don’t take time to be nice to someone. Will anyone notice? Will you be caught if you steal something or hurt someone? Probably not. Will you see the effect of the person who was hurt, or who went hungry because of the money you stole? No.

    I’ve heard that rapists who are forced to confront their victims in therapist guided sessions, and see the emotional effects of their violence, often regret what they did, and genuinely ask for forgiveness from their victims. And the victims, though nothing can undo the horror they experienced, can begin to heal their wounds.

    We need to see people as human beings, individuals, with souls. To respect them, care for them. It’s the only way.

    There is a lot of talk on this posting about buying guns. This is understandable, people want to protect themselves, but we need to be careful about escalating the potential for violence. I live in a country where most people do not have guns. I think I’m lucky. But I have kids, and if I were in the States right now, I may make the same choices as you. But if everyone is armed, then no one is. No-one has the advantage over the other. All that has happened is that the stakes have been upped, and you are just as at risk as before.

    Last week in Lyon, France, some people were waiting in line at a baker’s in the early hours. One youth didn’t want to wait, and so tried to push in front of another. When the man in front resisted, he was stabbed and died. 37 years old. Can anyone explain that? We are living in a time of peace (in the West at least) and yet we are capable of this. He didn’t kill the customer in self-defence, or because he was starving. Just because he didn’t want to wait. Disconnected from each other…..from consequence.

    Are things reaching a climax? Are things getting worse? Are we headed for social and economic collapse? Or are we just more exposed to events through the media and so it only seems so? I’m not sure. What do you think?

  • Mr Carpenter

    There are 18,443 “towns” in the United States, and 366 “metropolitan” areas.

    82.6% of the population live in “metropolitan” areas.

    When looking at Sperling’s website (which relates to attributes of towns & cities), you’ll notice that (on a score of 1-10 with 1 being “best”) the US “average” for “crime” is 4 for violent and 4 for non-violent.

    I often wondered why, then, when you look at virtually all towns larger than about 25,000, you find higher than “average” crime numbers in almost all cases.

    It is because they average out the numbers of ALL TOWNS. Do you understand?

    If they averaged out the numbers by POPULATION, I suspect the US crime average would be more like 8 or 9. After all, the US has the highest percentage of citizens in prison in the WORLD.

    This also should be highly illuminating for anyone considering surviving the upcoming major upheavals.

    Thing is, you can’t just “show up” in a small town or rural setting after the problems begin to manifest themselves to where everyone knows the ‘fit has hit the shan’. You’ll be as unwelcome as the rest of the city folk (whom I’ll best describe as “USERS” instead of givers and sharers).

    If you wish to survive, you might be well to start by preparing to move to a suitable place, settle in WITH either a modest job or perhaps self employment doing something useful, and become involved in the community. Choose carefully… do some research. In fact, a lot of research.

    On the other hand, if you’re just another “user” and have been living off the government, please do stay where you are in the cities and don’t bother the rest of us. You may as well try to survive where you are (good luck) rather than dying by trying to steal from well prepared people who are willing and able to defend their own families from thieves.

    Because even if folk don’t realize it, having the government forcefully take from fruitful and hard working people to ‘redistribute’ income is nothing but cowardice on your part and thievery done on your behalf by goons in positions of illegitimate authority. That means the government steals on your behalf and you’re cowards to not bother trying to just do it yourselves (and face the inevitable consequences).

    When the excess money available for theft by the government dries up, those who haven’t prepared to support themselves somehow won’t have anything, and that is why so many preppers are doing the common sense thing and obtaining what they need now while it is ‘summer and fall’ – because on a very real basis, ‘winter’ is coming to our culture and ‘sillivazation’. As Margaret Thatcher (prior Conservative party Prime Minister of the UK) once famously said “socialism only works until you run out of other people’s money.”

    The good thing is that spring will also come some day; remember that. I suspect that this may well be a world-wide situation, as well.

    Can’t you feel the global societal blizzard in the air?

  • Enrique

    I hear alot of this “buy alot of ammo” talk with regards to coming changes … aren’t you all going to be the same as the animals who are in these videos ?? Even worse bcuz you are willing to kill someone to spare your own life ?? Is murder ever justifiable ?? Even when faced with harm .. to harm another is never the way to go … I am not religious but i do believe everything we do does matter … we carry it with us always … even beyond life to the next world

  • Humanity has left us

    What had become of humanity? My God. Thank you to the author of this blog. Your articles have helped me greatly. I won’t be visiting any longer. While I am not putting my head in the sand; I know I need to stop reading these articles before I give up hope.

    God Bless you.

  • Cabriael

    Grace died when Galarraga was stolen his perfect game and treated the culprit umpire Jim Joyce with grace. Now Galarraga is out of the Majors while Joyce still has his job.

    Don’t expect grace if you can’t get it back. It’s everyone for himself.

  • JT

    I see this type of crap every day. As someone the liberals want to classify as a member of a “minority community”, I will admit to you that most of this type of behavior is among certain ethnic groups. Those groups being primarily hispanics, blacks, and SE asians. However, I’ve see plenty of white people behaving like this too, but then they’ve divided themselves into warring clans as well.

    Stereo types exist for a reason. It isn’t racism for acknowledging the majority of those involved in criminal behavior are from certain ethnic groups.

    When society collapses you will see many people, especially those in urban environments, revert back to savagery in short order.

    I would urge any decent people, who have the ability, to get out of the cities now. You need to be more than a tank of gasoline away from major urban centers.

    Someone commented previously that we didn’t see this type of behavior in the 30’s because people had God in their lives. I would agree to a point, but there is one other critical factor that people overlook.

    Back then it didn’t matter where you or your ancestors came from, once you were here, you were an American and you were damn proud of it. Today, everyone is something else, and maybe they will throw in a hyphen and then American last.

    Not me. I am an American.

  • JT


    Dude. Wake up.

    Quoting you:

    “For a very long time “those” people have complained about the existant inequalities of the system the prejudicial environment in which they were expected to live and always they were disregarded and told that they would have to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps”.”

    end quote.

    The people to whom “those” people complained kept them there because it was profitable. Just ask Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Ask Byrd, Gore Sr. and the others who built political careers and fortunes on “those” people.

    “those” people who were too lazy and stupid to do anything about it were paid in coin stolen from the rest of us who did something with their lives. Regardless of racism, bigotry, and discrimination.

    You speak like the entire American society and people are in place just to keep “those” people down. The truth is anything but the picture you paint.

    Racism, bigotry and discrimination are the tools of control used by the politicians and the profiteers against “those” people.

  • Lilly

    This is ghetto behavior that has gone mainstream via entertainment and modeling by the elite.

    We can not do anything about it. The elite will not stop the moral assualt on the American people because they are ghetto rats on the inside themselves.

    The people will have to suffer before they realise following the pied pippers of hell is not a great way to be.

  • Other Mr T (dont pity damn fools)

    No, this isn’t what the whole country is going to look like. There won’t be any people putting up with this kind of crap. This is just stupid behavior. They aren’t taking food or robbing these places. It’s just a bunch of idiots having their idea of fun. All fun and games will be over, after the social collapse. You won’t see idiot gang banger wannabes making fools of themselves in fast food restaraunts. First of all, there won’t be any McD’ or IHOP open anymore, because they have long and thin supply distribution, it won’t hold up if gas prices and food ingredient prices will continue to climb much farther. These business models won’t survive. No one will be able to afford, what they would have to charge for their crappy food. All it takes is 72 hours without food and you’re in survival mode. No police around to help, if you’re in trouble – you’ll shoot any son of a bitch that even looks wrong at you. I predict many exceedingly polite young people will be around in the future, because being hungry and knowing that people will shoot your ass if you pop off, stops one from acting the fool.

  • x

    Blowback from the welfare generation.

  • Sohel

    The Economic collaspe is designed to happen as soon as The US Government need additional troops to fight for in different parts of the world. If you are economically weak, you will do anything for food for your family and children. So you will volunteer to fight for the Elite…

  • Rebecca2

    I work in the public school system as well, and I’ve seen kids as young as second grade brawl like this -including throwing chairs. On Thursday of this week I saw a first grader -a six year old! -throw a trash can at his teacher because she asked him to sit down and he didn’t want to.

    These kids have no manners, no training, no parenting, and they’re not getting an education because even the teachers who aren’t burned out can’t teach; they spend all their time disciplining the students.

    And the parents of these kids are mostly like the ones in the brawl videos; I’ve several kids tell me they missed school because they had to be at their daddy or mommy’s court hearing.

    What is going to happen to these children when they grow up??????

  • mondobeyondo

    Rest assured, Sasha and Malia Obama aren’t attending any of those schools where this is taking place.

    “Um, Mom…I’m pregnant!” Watch Michelle start throwing the White House china and glasses all over the place. The East Room would be a wreck. Barack would pull both of the girls out of their public school and immediately send them to Harvard!! They’re super bright 9 and 11 year olds, y’know.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have that option.

    Politicians live in a totally different world, and they don’t see (or refuse to see – or deliberately refuse to see) what the rest of this country is enduring on a daily basis.

  • mondobeyondo

    Symptoms of the gradual (and now nearly complete) disintegration of our society.

    Yes, there was crime in the 1930’s, lots of it. But it was generally confined to organized crime, like Al Capone, or the occasional bank robbers like John Dillinger or Bonnie and Clyde. I’m quite sure there were crazy people in those days too, but there were not many school shooting sprees in 1932, if there were any at all. The general population for the most part, remained rather civil.

    These days, it’s the average John Doe shooting up a school or restaurant, or the demented sicko shooting politicians and 9 year old girls. Times have changed, and not for the better.

  • mondobeyondo

    “Round ’em up, lock ’em up, Round ’em up, lock ’em up…

    That isn’t a very effective solution either.

    Sure, we can take all the little hooligans to court and hand out prison sentences. Feels good.

    But we already have one of the highest prison populations of any country in the WORLD!! California is actually now releasing prisoners from their jails, because the state is so broke it simply can’t afford it anymore.

    What do we do with them, then?
    Execute them? Nooo… Well, that’s fine for the rapists and child molesters. But please don’t kill the little darlings…

    Send them to an isolated island? Maybe. Britain tried that with its criminals 200 years ago. Sent them to some faraway land called Australia.


    Avoid places that cater to the under-30 section 8 crowd and patronize the following for your physical and mental health:

    Whole Foods Market
    Barnes and Noble
    24Hour Fitness

    Also avoid public places after 5pm on Fri.and Sat.

  • steppenwolfsayshi

    Yeah, I think the truth is something in between the blogger’s opinion and Other Mr. T’s. The people in the videos are idiots. They would be quickly reigned in by the real gang members and armed thugs. But if there are food shortages, there might be riots for a few days before the military rolls in. And then there would still be gangs having a an all out war with the military, which I think would be worse.
    Petty theft would still be a problem. Petty theft, like chicken stealing, was actually a big problem during the Depression. I imagine it would be worse since Americans in general have less pride and few have ever missed more than one meal for any reason and most don’t have saleable skills for farm work or construction. An overweight lawyer would be a pretty lousy roofer.

  • el jefe

    yes, i am young. i am youthful, in college, and i have few positive prospects for a career when i graduate. i do not respect my parents. this is not because i am “full of myself,” or “spoiled.” rather, i do not respect my parents because they are “full of themselves” and “spoiled,” and i want none of that, and i do not want to play their selfish games. i do, however, respect my grandparents and the siblings of my parents (who are not “full of themselves” and are not “spoiled”). be careful not to generalize all young people, and baby-boomers.

  • UrbanFarewell

    Mr. Carpenter said:

    “This also should be highly illuminating for anyone considering surviving the upcoming major upheavals.

    “Thing is, you can’t just “show up” in a small town or rural setting after the problems begin to manifest themselves to where everyone knows the ‘fit has hit the shan’. You’ll be as unwelcome as the rest of the city folk (whom I’ll best describe as “USERS” instead of givers and sharers).

    “If you wish to survive, you might be well to start by preparing to move to a suitable place, settle in WITH either a modest job or perhaps self employment doing something useful, and become involved in the community. Choose carefully… do some research. In fact, a lot of research.”

    Mr. Carpenter’s comments are the best statement of what is and what should be done that any of you can read anywhere. I’ve been doing research by actual visits to different parts of the country and different small towns and I hope to move our family this year–since I think after this year will be too late.

    I know precisely that we can’t show up “after the fact”. The most difficult thing is that those in urban/old suburban areas have to keep working as long as they can to save as much as they can. We have to find a way to contribute and integrate into a new community we move too–and not be a burden on it. We must be a wanted additional member.

    And move we must.

    And, if any of you in urban/older suburban residential neighborhoods think you can stay–that’s mistaken. I live in a completely safe, 100-year old smaller suburban city in the San Francisco Bay Area. Where I live there isn’t a bad neighborhood (we’re really just one big neighborhood) and there isn’t a single bad street or even a bad apartment building. The schools are excellent and the graduation rate is 99%. The schools clearly have programs to help all students. Our little city is about 7% African-American, over 30% Asian-American, 20% or so Hispanic and the rest “caucasian/non-hispanic”. The city budget is in balance. The schools are civilized except… in the last 2 years my quiet, peaceful son has been physically and verbally harassed in total by about 6 kids: 5 African-American and 1 Hispanic. My daughter pointed to the one girl who always pushes in line at school and causes trouble: African-American. These are the facts. Call me racist for stating the facts. But the bad behavior is totally statistically out of line–especially given that NO ONE is disadvantaged in this little town. I heard an African-American parent complain at a PTA meeting that one of the schools didn’t “respect” African-Americans. With a 99% graduation rate, where’s the proof? And where’s the respect for my son?

    I told about the bullying of my son to a group of my liberal/leftists friends and their near uniform response after a pregnant pause: “Self-Defense Classes.” Well, there’s the Big Denial for you. It’s too late for me to care about the sociological reasons for this. IF I lived in a more urban place with bad schools (aka Oakland) then we can all pull out the excuses. And, believe me, I believe African-Americans have had every disadvantage possible from under-employment, communities flooded with drugs, racist film stereotypes, racist police profiling, unfair arrests, unfair sentencing and disproportionate sentencing of an entire generation of black males, institutional racism and the rest.

    BUT, ideological understanding won’t help you when things go bad. And Self-Defense Classes don’t explain why in a perfectly peaceful, fair community my son is a target of African-Americans and would need those classes. There are no “bridges” for me to build here. It’s been an eye-opener. This is not Oakland. Rationalization doesn’t work here. It’s a fact that needs to be accepted. Simply put: statistically, it would appear that the fewer African-Americans there are where we live, the safer my son will be and the less bad behavior there will be. I won’t even make a judgement about it. It is what it is and I need to make decisions based on it.

    When I research towns/small cities I go to and check out the demographics. I have my view toward a town that is 97% white, votes 60% Republican in Presidential Elections and is 39% ethnically German. Quite a change from here. The reason: Once I become a member of the community and contribute I also want to be able to criticize other members of the community if the need arises. I don’t want to be called racist. I’ll want to help the community survive. I want my children to grow up being able to focus on learning how to navigate The Collapse. I don’t want ideological issues of “respect” to supersede necessary community action. I don’t want to worry about socially- or racially-based violence against my son or my daughter.

    There are a lot of aspects of The American Dream that we will have to let go of in the years ahead. You can see the ones our family is going to have to leave behind. Living in a “large, culturally rich” urban area with theaters, museums, “diverse neighborhoods” and amusements beyond measure is one of those things that needs to be left behind.

  • mondobeyondo

    @ UrbanFarewell

    It has much, much more to do with bad parenting, bad circumstances and upbringing, than it does race.

    Many African American families these days are headed by a single parent, usually a female. She’s likely out working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet. Mom can’t afford daycare. There’s no time to take care of the kids, so they run rampant, sell drugs, rob and steal, and so forth. Their entertainment consists of television, rap music and video games. (Movies? At 9-10 bucks a pop? Are you kidding?!)

    Where’s Dad? In prison most likely, or off dating another woman. He could care less.

    Hispanic families are more tight-knit, but even that is beginning to change.

  • UrbanEscaper

    Thanks UrbanFarewell,
    Reading your comment and this blog post I think I have reached a turning point. The culture and thinking of the community one lives in really does matter. If a culture is dominated by a demand for respect rather than the offering of respect to others, barbarity is sure to develop eventually.

    American liberal culture has heavily propagandized African Americans that white racism is to blame for any of their problems, and that any discomfort they feel around whites is a sign of racism that should be attacked. The response of liberal American culture to any level of crime and violence in African American communities beyond blaming racism has been complete denial.

    The big government enabling group rights concept of ‘social justice’ has resulted in a culture where instead of taking the self responsibility of giving respect to others, respect is violently demanded as a member of a particular victim group. Other victim group include government/teacher union members, any recipients of the governments many types of welfare and more. It’s really most of the country, it’s just that some groups have been more heavily propagandized than others.

    Purposely choosing a community that has a culture of giving respect and earning ones way rather than demanding it is the right thing to do for all our children’s futures and I commend you. As the American nation crumbles under the boot of the all controlling government, only the most morally and culturally sound communities will even have a chance of maintaining prosperity and genuine civility.

  • Colleen

    I understand that our country is completely out of control. A few months ago in my small community, a very unpleasant event occurred. I was shopping in a local dollar store when trouble erupted. Just as I was about to empty my cart, a man jumped in front of me. I calmly stated to the man, that I was there first, and a demon emerged. He became so irate by my comment that I thought he was going to hit me. I became very frightened, but did not let him know it. I told the man that it was alright for him to step in front of me. That comment did not set well with him either. He began to curse and swing his arms around in a violent matter. I will not repeat his exact words, but they were very offensive in nature. Everyone in the store began to feel nervous. The clerk did not bother calling the police, because she knew the man. Finally, after much ranting and raving, the irate man left, slamming the heavy doors as he left. I was afraid to leave the store alone after his horrific outbursts. People were shaking their heads as this man ranted and raved. Finally, I mustered the courage to leave the store and slip into the safety of my vehicle. I did not visit that store for a long time after that. It does not pay to say anything to anyone anymore! You never know if you are stepping on the last nerve of that person or persons. It is not safe in America anymore. I have encountered numerous angry Americans over the past five years or so. It seems that everyone you encounter is mad about something. I have noticed that our younger generation seems to be carrying a chip on their shoulders as well. Even at Walmart, folks do not mind running over you with their shopping carts, without an apology of any kind. Americans in a hurry to get back to their beloved TV sets to watch their sports, and other inane programming. Maybe the olden days were the very best days after all. At least, folks had some respect for humankind back then. Those “good old” days are gone for ever!

  • rebeccaferrell

    Does anyone remember the civil rights and anti-war protests of the 60s? Does anyone remember the kids in the Little Rock Arkansas who needed guards to be able to get into school?
    Remember the fights for fair wages, etc.?
    The Watts riots?

    UrbanEscaper said “American liberal culture has heavily propagandized African Americans that white racism is to blame for any of their problems, and that any discomfort they feel around whites is a sign of racism that should be attacked. (so the KKK and Neo-Nazis the OJ trials, “…gorillas in the mist..” were just teasing and had nothing to do with race?) The response of liberal American culture to any level of crime and violence in African American communities beyond blaming racism has been complete denial.

    The GOP took us into Iraq and Afghanistan I think war qualifies more violent then a McDonalds brawl. And most liberals are against war and for gun control. Urban escape you show yourself to be a racist. Lets hear it for Mark

  • gibby62

    You can’t even drive down the street without seeing a “me first” mentality blatantly (and very annoyingly) on display. We sarcastically joke that the reason they cut us off with their turn in front of us is so we could witness it since there is rarely anyone behind us. We might not have seen them turn otherwise and “oh the horror” that would have been wrought if that had happened.

  • gibby62

    The veneer of civility has been wearing thinner every year and there are more differences than just character since the Great Depression. One being that most people are not very self-sufficient. They hire others to do everything for them. What will they do when the only food around is what is grown in their yards?? Probably steal from those who had the foresight to learn how to garden edible food.

    Another change is the increased use of prescription drugs. What is going to happen when people don’t get their anti-depressants??

    Another change is the moral basis of our society. How many professing Christians even now what that means? They removed God from the schools and it sure didn’t take long for our society to plunge headlong into the bread and circuses that part of the decline of the Roman Empire.

  • She Who Quietly Listens

    To many above, especially UrbanFarewell and Colleen, you all are right on target. You folks are, believe it or not, well ahead of the game. Look around America, folks! Do you even care to look around anymore, or you expect the govt and others to do that for you too? The author of this article is warning everyone, but who is actually gonna listen? Everything author stated is backed up with video footage, so who can possibly disagree with the thesis of this article? Bottom line – Be prepared, be very, very prepared. Folks, if you can, leave the cities NOW. Stock up on things you need to make it through hard times NOW. It will not just affect you, but everyone you care about too. You don’t want to look into your children’s or loved one’s eyes when they keep telling you how hungry or scared they are. Also, TURN OFF THE T.V. You are only getting lies, lies and more lies. Media is not reporting anything closely resembling this article. Want the REAL NEWS? Go on the internet and you will find out a heck of alot more from reputable sources with solid financial and economic backgrounds. DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND PREPARE. Things are NOT getting better.

  • Jahnis

    UrbanFarewell you are blatantly racist in addition to elitist. What if your son or daughter was being bullied by a white person? Would that make a difference? But there are not you will say, no doubt, and to that I will remind you that race has no biological basis and is a social construct. Bullies exist and are everywhere and there is even such a thing as inter-racial racism.

    In the end you create your own reality, so the fact that your son and daughter have been bullied is no random event. It happened for a reason and what matters most is how you deal with it. I have suffered the very same bullying that your children have from ALL types of Americans from white to black and from poor to low to middle income. I’ve even suffered bullying at a very early age from my older sibiling! And I have even bullied others in my life. It’s a phenomena that has more to do with ignorance than anything else. What else is new?


  • This should not happen in America. Period. I see this type of brutal violence from robbers and murderers but not from everyday people like you and me. What happened to the American Dream?. Freedom. Prosperity. We need to work to keep the dream alive.

    <a href=

  • Nexus

    But John violence is happening in the US. I worked in the US last year. Happy to visit but would never want to live there. The ‘dream’ is rapidly becoming a nightmare as the ‘exploitative’ nature of the dollar is diminished via both inflation pressure and devaluation. It will not be long before Americans face reality and have to pay the real cost of raw materials – the cost of basics will rapidly erode standards of living and that should put a of people on edge. The dream was always a chimera.

  • Col Patrick

    Keep smiling folks, and start looking after one another. It’s what is missing in the world, and we must start remembering that as the human race, we will stand united, or fall divided.
    The system has failed the people, the people must restore their own values.

  • bill

    This all started when they got away with killing JFK. It’s all been downhill from there. Pre 63 every move was vetted against the constitution. After that is was just a ******** piece of paper.

  • I agree with bill on this one , it has been downhill since then, and nobody was able to stop it what so ever

  • gforce

    I’d like to read everyone a fairy tale:

    Once upon a time there was a shining land called America, where it’s citizens “generally conducted themselves with grace, civility and honor.” usually this esteemed behavior was exhibited between white Americans. All of this wonderfull civility happened in Norman Rockwell settings full of good honest white folks.
    However, an evil witch put a curse on those hard workin’ kind folk: that they would pay for their kindesses by doing evil to others for generations to come! Those nice civil folk who generally conducted themselves so well, were cursed to carry out the genocide of the indigenous population and practice slavery, while later generations wouldn’t let black people use the same bathroom or water fountain.

    That’s just the first chapter.

    Goodnite Johnboy.

    Oh and P.S UrbanFarewell

    REAllY? You base your opinion that black people are violent based on the one black kid that bully’s your son at school?? Really? What if the kid was a white kid, would you extrapolate that all white people are inherently violent? (which when you look at history, the violence has been generally perpetrated by us white people, but hey.)
    You know what? I am a white girl and I used to live near the Page Street Project and the Haight St. projects. I used to walk around in the middle of the night, and I never felt threatned by any violent black people. O.K, I take that back, once a 12 year old black kid yelled at me that I was a “Satan Worshiper” probably because I was wearing black and had purple hair. Most of the violence that happened around Haight and Fillmore was from a white skinhead speed dealer I knew that used to get really high and shoot into the projects.
    Get a grip dude.

  • An alien

    What about the culture of “cool” and being a “dark-sider” and what they get out of pop culture. Just evil. I’m not trolling.

    You’ll probably laugh, but I’m pretty sure these are the last years (I’m guessing 7-20 years) before the return. I don’t have a date, just some spiritual sense.

  • Ray

    I can’t see that these incidents are anything exceptional. In every major city every weekend you get these kinds of “brawls” – These a minor tiffs – They are not brawls.

  • i dont live around crazy people like the one in the ihop. that is everyday behavior in certain inner city nieghborhoods. it has more to do with the type of people than anything else.

  • alright i wont try to mince words. in my world those ihop bastards would get their asses beaten down like rodney king. im so glad im fortuanate enough not to have to live around portch monkeys. we do need a cleansing. bring it on!

  • Hope

    I have an idea, If it isn’t made here it isn’t sold here,period no excuses,period,signed,j walker ,a patriotic American..