No Jobs, No Hope, No Future: 27 Signs That America’s Poverty Class Is Rapidly Becoming Larger Than America’s Middle Class

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In the America that most of us grew up in, most Americans considered themselves to be part of the “upper middle class”, the “middle class” or “the lower middle class”.  Yes, there have always been poor people and homeless people, but they were thought to be a very small sliver of the population.  Well, today all of that is dramatically changing.  America’s emerging “poverty class” is exploding in size at the same time that America’s middle class is rapidly disappearing.  You won’t hear it on the mainstream news, but the truth is that the United States has lost ten percent of its middle class jobs over the past decade.  Only the top 5 percent of income earners in the U.S. has had their incomes increase enough to keep up with the rising cost of living over the past 40 years.  The truth is that today there are a whole lot of people aggressively jostling for the small number of good jobs that are actually available and each year millions more Americans are being squeezed out of the middle class.  The number of Americans that are financially dependent on the U.S. government continues to set new records month after month.  The number of Americans that are participating in the labor force continues to go down.  The sad reality is that the “American Dream” that so many Americans used to take for granted is being ripped away from us.  If you still believe that the United States is guaranteed to always have a very large, very prosperous middle class then you really need to read the statistics listed below.


If you told most Americans ten years ago that in 2011 over 43 million Americans would be on food stamps hardly anyone would have believed you.

But yet here we are.

The U.S. economy simply is not producing enough good jobs anymore.  Most of those that are able to acquire one of these jobs have been able to cling to middle class status, but for millions upon millions of others economic desperation has become “the new normal”.

In fact, more Americans than ever seem to have just given up.  The number of working age Americans that are not even looking for work anymore is at a record high.  The number of Americans that endlessly receive government “anti-poverty” benefits continues to go up and up.

Once upon a time America was a nation packed with hopelessly optimistic “go-getters” that were brimming with entrepreneurial spirit.  But now we have tens of millions of docile sheep that seemingly have no hope, no future and that apparently have no problem with permanently being dependent on the government.

But of course it must be noted that thanks to “globalism” and thanks to the greed of the gigantic predator corporations that now dominate our economy that it has become extremely difficult to “make it” in today’s economy.

It really is incredible to see what has happened to America.  Once upon a time we were the greatest economic machine in the history of the world, but now we are literally being dismantled piece by piece.  The poverty that we are witnessing today is only going to become even worse as the U.S. economy continues to decline.

The following are 27 signs that America’s poverty class is rapidly becoming larger than America’s middle class….

#1 Only 47 percent of working-age Americans have a full-time job at this point.

#2 One out of every six elderly Americans now lives below the federal poverty line.

#3 In America today, 8.9 million people are working part-time jobs for “economic reasons”.

#4 During the last school year, almost half of all school children in the state of Illinois came from families that were considered to be “low-income”.

#5 In 2010, more Americans than ever before were living below the official federal poverty line.

#6 The number of net jobs gained by the U.S. economy during this past decade was smaller than during any other decade since World War 2.

#7 The Bureau of Labor Statistics originally predicted that the U.S. economy would create approximately 22 million jobs during the decade of the 2000s, but it turns out that the U.S. economy only produced about 7 million jobs during that time period.

#8 108.6 million Americans are either unemployed, underemployed or considered to be “not in the labor force”.

#9 The United States now has 10 percent fewer “middle class jobs” than it did just ten years ago.

#10 The number of Americans that have become so discouraged that they have given up searching for work completely now stands at an all-time high.

#11 Back in 1970, 25 percent of all jobs in the United States were manufacturing jobs. Today, only 9 percent of the jobs in the United States are manufacturing jobs.

#12 According to the U.S. Conference of Mayors, visits to soup kitchens are up 24 percent over the past year.

#13 Approximately 5 million U.S. homeowners are now at least two months behind on their mortgage payments.

#14 The number of Americans filing for bankruptcy rose another 9 percent in 2010.

#15 In 2009, total wages, median wages, and average wages all declined in the United States.

#16 According to a survey released very close to the end of 2010, 55 percent of all Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck.

#17 Half of all American workers now earn $505 or less per week.

#18 The number of Americans on food stamps set a new all-time record every single month during 2010, and now well over 43 million Americans are enrolled in the program.

#19 Even in our nation’s capital stunningly large numbers of Americans are suffering in desperate poverty.  Today, 21.5 percent of the population of Washington D.C. is on food stamps.

#20 It now takes the average unemployed American over 33 weeks to find a job.

#21 The United States has lost a staggering 32 percent of its manufacturing jobs since the year 2000.

#22 The number of American families that were booted out of their homes and into the streets set a new all-time record in 2010.

#23 Some formerly great industrial cities are rapidly turning into ghost towns.  For example, in Dayton, Ohio today 18.9 percent of all houses are now standing empty.

#24 Ten years ago, the “employment rate” in the United States was about 64%.  Since then it has been constantly declining and now the “employment rate” in the United States is only about 58%.  So where did all of those jobs go?

#25 A recent study by a law professor from the University of Michigan found that Americans that are 55 years of age or older now account for 20 percent of all bankruptcies in the United States.  Back in 2001, they only accounted for 12 percent of all bankruptcies.  It is getting really, really hard to live on a fixed income in the United States.

#26 In the United States today, there are over 6 million Americans that have been unemployed for half a year or longer.

#27 One out of every six Americans is now enrolled in at least one anti-poverty program run by the federal government.

In 2011, even more Americans are going to fall out of the middle class and into the poverty class.

The dynamics of the game have changed.  Once upon a time if you got a college education and you worked really hard you were virtually guaranteed a ticket to the middle class.

Well, no matter what you may have been promised, those days are now long gone.  Now those in the U.S. middle class are trapped inside a really twisted, really bizarre game of musical chairs.  If you still have your seat you should be very thankful, because chairs are being pulled out of the game constantly as the middle class rapidly shrinks.

Sadly, the economic decline of America is only going to accelerate as government debt continues to mount and as our jobs and our industries are shipped overseas as part of the new “global economy”.

Our politicians are doing nothing to stop all of the long-term trends that are ripping the middle class to shreds so the poverty class is going to continue to explode in size in the months and years to come.

So if you are still part of the middle class, enjoy it while you can, because the party is ending and they are starting to turn out the lights.

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  • Vince

    People are probably not going to like it but I really have to say it now, after spending a very long time reading your excellent blog but always getting angry when I read stuff like this:

    “The sad reality is that the “American Dream” that so many Americans used to take for granted is being ripped away from us.”

    The reality isn’t the one you describe: the reality is that the “American dream” is a fantasy that only American are still believing in.

    America hasn’t been anybody’s dream for years. For years now, you have just been seen as a rogue and dictatorial nation, filled with ignorant people who are more interested in American Idol and basketball than in real issues.

    In fact, if it weren’t for a few awakened people like you who are willing to spend their time educating the ignorant masses, I’m pretty sure American people wouldn’t know a damn thing about how close to death your nation is.

    In the minds of million, America today just stands for unjustified wars, a fear-mongering police state, a revolting need to rule other countries’ life as if it was your own, and absolute unaccountability for your politicians regardless of the magnitute of their lies and crimes (although you’re not the only nation to suffer from this one).

    There used to be an American dream, no question about it, but it was destroyed decades ago. Your endeavour and the ones of other smart people like you is a noble one but it comes years after the battle was lost to your despicable ruling elite.

    And eventually, I wouldn’t care that much and read all I read about the US if it hadn’t a devastating impact on the world as a whole.

    The American dream has since long become the world’s nightmare, and I see no end to it, except for the worst.

  • Mark …

    Enjoy, … according to the dreamers, everything will be fine again soon !


    Forget Great Recession, growth super-cycle ahead

    For only the third time since the Industrial Revolution, the world may be entering a long-term growth cycle that will lift all economies simultaneously, according to leading economists attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland


  • interdriot

    Very well put. The key to all of this is the LONG TERM trends. That’s what got us to the point we have reached today. It’s like a bathtub’s slow dripping faucet. It takes a very long while before you notice the tub filled to the point of overflow. I appreciate you pounding away point with your postings. Maybe more people will take notice to what the real situation is. I still know so many who could care less about all of this information and are somehow hoping that it will all just go away as if by magic.

  • Gary

    And still all the right wants is to give tax cuts to the rich. That is their most pressing issue. I realize that the dems are not much better but come on folks why in the world would republicans lobby to let hedge fund managers continue to pay 15% capital gains taxes on their income but continue to tax working people much more.

    I can not for the life of me see how anyone can disagree with taxing the rich and spreading the wealth!

  • mondobeyondo

    Baaaa! Is it the first day of the month yet?
    Where’s my unemployment check? And my food stamps?
    When can we go to Wal-Mart?

  • mondobeyondo

    The rules have changed. Simple as that.

    Remember when you played Monopoly, how you passed “Go” and got $200 when your boot trinket made it past a certain point?

    It doesn’t work that way anymore. If you own Broadway or Park Place, pass “Go” and get $2 million, all the “Get Out of Jail” cards you need, and 4 extra hotels.

    And the same rules apply, for each trip around the board.

    Oh, to be wealthy in America.

  • This continuing divergence of the classes in America is one of the things that really concerns me for our future stability as nation states. And I’m certain that the Federal gov is also very concerned on how to use this divergence to their ends.

  • William

    The current disparity of income and wealth is a sure sign that the current “system” will not endure. I do not know what will come in the future, but is is NOT status quo. When the top 1/10th of 1 percent controls more wealth than the bottom 33%, you KNOW that a change is coming.

  • #17 Half of all American workers now earn $505 or less per week.

    Hahha, I live in Bosnia. We earn that much in 8 weeks XD.
    In Soviet Bosnia money earns you XD

  • Tahoe

    Mondo, this is for you & anyone that needs a dose of laughter. … Peace & Good Luck in the future.

  • alex


    • RealityBetraysUs

      There is a similar saying about the Nazi’s in WWII Germany First they came after the jews, then the trade unionist, then the gypsies, then all the less than normal people (mentally dificient, poor, homeless), the Catholics, finally there was no one left except those that were in the nazi party or SS. Ironically they will destroy the middle class in America, the same way. By the time the rest of the country wakes up there will be no one to listen….

  • alex


  • Keeping house prices inflated to protect the banks is going to be tough when they’re falling below the cost of foreclosure. And it appears fairly obvious that there can be no recovery and no way to handle the deficit/debt without creating new private sector jobs.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • Paul Revere

    When you climb a ladder, then you get to the top, there’s only 2 things you can do. Go back down the way you came up? Or fall off! The sooner we reach 3rd world status the better. I’m sick off my fellow citizens, acting like nothing is wrong, and the citizens who realize our country is doomed, are laughed at. I want them all to feel the pain, the sooner the better. Once they are so desperate that they have nothing left to lose, nothing to live for, only then will they fight. Our founding fathers would already have begun the revolution by now, they would be fighting for their rights and freedoms. But not this generation, no, they are to stupid, to caught up in the selfish, greedy,pathic lives!!! Let the Riots begin!Home of the brave? Not in this country, Home of the gutless, passive, pathic, idiots!! How it ever got instilled in the American peoples head that violence solves nothing, is beyond me? But we have been dumbed down for so long, that most people don’t have any fight left in them. That is when the Ruling class walks in and takes what ever they want from you, then tell you if you don’t like it vote different next year, vote for “hope and change” How’s that working for ya anyway??? Stand and fight or shut up!! Voting only works in a honest society, honest government. Those days have been gone for many, many, decades.. WAKE UP!!! I don’t feel sorry for any of you good citizen voters, you get what you vote for!! How’s that working for ya??? You make me laugh.. :) Idiots! Serving a president that won’t even furnish a birth certific that any honest man would be proud of should be your first clue. Of course common sense has been missing for Decades also.

  • Jose

    I almost didn’t leave a comment after I noticed a large quantity of birthers here, but why let idiots scare me away?

    The fact is, the government CAN and HAS spent its way out of far worse. For example, World War 2 – the big bad evil government brought us out of the depression through spending. Eisenhower helped pay off those debts by raising the payroll tax on gazillionaires to 94%, meaning that they made roughly what the median wage earner made. I see no Marxism in this situation. The fact is, billionaires work is no less imporant than the person cleaning their toilets and the value placed on them has bred this culture of plutocracy. Why should they be rewarded for destroying our unions, outsourcing our jobs, devaluing the Laborer and stripping us of social safety nets? I say eat the rich, restore America.

  • TheNewShakespeare

    “All The World’s A Ghetto”

  • alex

    your house is a getto shakespeare

  • Gary

    Alex-it seems to me that it is a rich vs. poor regardless of race. I recently read a book called “the new Jim Crow” or something along that line (I read a lot the title may not be exactly right) on how a large number of people of color are being disadvantaged for life by having a drug conviction. With that conviction they can not get federal student aid and are disqualified for many gov aid programs. Needless to say the private sector wants nothing to do with people with records. This is causing a large number of black males to be consigned to a permanent underclass status. Also consider that the penalties for blacks are generally harsher (crack vs powdered cocaine as an ex) and I could really see the authors point about Jim Crow laws still being silently in place. As a grossly underemployed middle age (45) white male working in a low wage job I can see the troubles several of my co-workers go through and that we talk about. I can say without a shadow of doubt that racism is alive and well.

  • Ray

    I lived this life. Parents had no money, poor farmers in central Texas who got a raise when they went on Social Security. Couldn’t send me to college, so urged me to quit school and help work on the farm at age 16. MY TEACHERS urged me to finish high school. MY TEACHERS helped me get a scholarship for a year at Blinn Jr. College. I majored in Math with a minor in Physics. Studied hard and made all “A”‘s. Had no money for a second year in college so got a job working as a plumber’s helper in Houston. I dug ditches and saved my pay. The plumber encouraged me to get my Journeyman’s Plumber License. I did. Continued my education at Wharton Jr. College while working part time as a plumber and saving my money. Made friends at my local church. Friends were going to Univ. of Texas in Austin for final 2 years, encouraged me to go with them and share living expenses. I did. Met my wife in German Class. Got Drafted into the Army. My wife worked and we both saved our money. Got out of the Army and returned to Austin to finish College. Studied hard and made all “A” grades. Recruited by IBM to work on the Space Program at NASA in Houston. Worked for IBM at various jobs in the computer field for 15 years, saved money. Started my own company. Worked hard. Employed 130 people and installed my product all over the world. THE GOVERNMENT DIDN’T HELP ME AND NEITHER DID ANYONE ELSE. The bank wouldn’t even give me a line of credit for the first ten years, said computer business was too risky. So I made a profit every year because I couldn’t afford to fail. Never missed a paycheck to my employees on Fridays. Went without paycheck myself when money was tight, but employees were always paid. Just hard work by me and my wife. A commitment to excellence handed down to my employees. They worked hard and made a lot of money, too. Sold the company after 20 years for multiple millions. THIS IS THE AMERICAN DREAM and it is available for anyone in this country. I had the ideas for the product and I led the team of programmers who developed the product. I DESERVE THE MONEY I MADE. If you want wealth, WORK FOR IT. Don’t expect the Government to take mine and give it to you.


    • Dan Dagerman

      Its nice you made $$. I started my own company too and i WORKED WAY HARDER THAN YOU. today i have nothing…i would love the government to “TAKE YOURS”… i say this because i worked very hard to sell a product, something physical you can touch and hold in your hand, something you can own…so why do i get screwed?? because the housing market crashed, and people are no longer buying homes, i cant find anyone to buy my product. (here is my problem with you) you worked on the computer for ten years and now you sell for 20 million$$?? its not fair… its not a real job…. its not something like a milk man or a postal worker or someone who can give you something…where would you be without the computer?? maybe a wealthy farmer i dunno. i actually agree that you should not be taxed more for being wealthy….thats not fair.. just because your successful you pay a higher price?? totally not fair, i get it… but you never actually built buildings or bridges or developed cities. thats my problem… it sounds like you created something on a computer, and then the computer did the work for you!! and then you got payed a ridiculous amount of money!!! anyway, maybe im all wrong… but because you claim you made huge amounts of $$ basically over night, i hope you do get higher taxes and i hope it ruins your day…just so you know i am poor and hungry and its not because i dont want to work hard or educate myself and for that, my day is ruined as soon as i wake up. so if you do get higher taxes dont loose any sleep over it. just think of me and how lucky you are!!

      • Renee Bouvier

        The poorer one is, the higher percentage one pays toward taxes. By lowering certain taxes on the wealthy, the costs are then transferred onto the poor folk or what was once the middle class. No one is saying that the wealthy need to pay higher taxes. What we educated middle class people want is for the wealthy (the 1% and not the want-a-bee 58%) to pay their fair share. This includes the multi-billion-dollar corporations, who still receive subsidies (your tax dollars) from Uncle Sam. President Bush created all sorts of tax credits for the wealthy. If you own a home, which costs at least $1 million, you receive a tax credit from the IRS. Get rid of all of the tax credits to the wealthy and get rid of all of the subidies to the rich corporations. It’s not a question of paying more taxes; it’s a question of paying one’s fair share of the taxes without generous tax credits and subsidization from the working class and middle classes. Why should you subsidize a multi-billion-dollar corporation? Why should you give tax credits to the billionaires? What have they done for you? You don’t have single payer healthcare insurance like the rest of the world. Instead of being able to use your own money for your own welfare and safety and future, you have to pay taxes to compensate for the wealthy corporations and wealthy people receiving all sorts of loopholes and subsidies and tax credits from the IRS. When is the last time the IRS sent you a check in the millions of dollars? In the thousands? Oops!

    • Renee Bouvier

      When you went to college, you didn’t have to pay such high tuition rates, plus many more scholarships and fellowships (graduate school) were available. I love when baby boomers (the 1960s to early 1970s crowd) reminisce about the good, old days, when they did everything on their own with the Welfare student benefits packages, and then, their VA benefits package. All of the benefits you experienced were, in fact, eviscerated beginning in the late 1970s. If one became chronically ill, one was prohibited from finishing graduate school and working, because one was prohibited from receiving medical treatment. There are many, who developed autoimmune diseases from the vaccines of the mid-1960s – your youngest brothers and little sisters were turned into pin cushion guinea pigs, and then, deliberately violated by for-profit healthcare corporations and pharmaceutical drug companies. Many of us made it at least halfway through grad school, but ya can’t do anything without first-tier quality healthcare. You benefited, but the hell with the rest of us, even though some of us were involved in very dangerous fieldwork and other adventures to serve our country before you knew a goddamn quelque chose about the ME. You sound like a typical baby booming, self-centered mamzer.

  • Steve

    Job destruction is permanent and escalating. Just read Jeremy Rifkin’s 1994 book The End of Work and William Brain’s Robotic Nation. The owners of the means of production in this country and around the world are using the 3rd Industrial Revolution to automate all jobs so that they don’t have to pay out wages, salaries and commissions any more. The human being is becoming literally obsolete in the work place. The result will be 95% human unemployment by 2050 A.D. Although the technology is remarkable economic horror is coming becuase the owners of the means of production WILL NOT share their future wealth with the unemployed masses. If any one doubts this eventuality- just consider that banks and employers in the U.S. are sitting on TWO TRILLION dollars of bail-oy money and they are not making loans nor creating jobs in the U.S. Federal governments will be forced to provide free housing, food, clothing, education, transportation, health care and electronics to the unemployed masses or rish civil unrest and violence. Just look at what is happening in Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon as well as Greece, Indonesia, and Latin America. Jobs are being destroyed. Jobs are being destroyed. AND NOTHING CAN STOP IT!

  • LJK

    Drug the whole country with fluoride and you get dumbed down sheeple.. it’s as easy as that!

    I’m an American living in Europe and I had hoped one day to return to my home country. When I read an article like this I realize that hope is gone and I’m better off staying where I am.. where we can afford for me to be a stay at home mother. Where anyone who works is guaranteed 40+ days of paid vacation a year and reasonable health insurance rates.

  • mondobeyondo

    The name of the game is power and control by the elite.

    Money and resources are secondary. They are simply a means to the end. Control the populace, and you’ll have all the money and resources your greedy little mind can wish for. Every dictator knows this. That is how evil works. Remember that.

  • RJTB

    It’s evident that we should not be afraid of our governments, our governments should be afraid of us. Just look at Tunisia, Egypt, and possibly Yemen. We, as the masses, have the power to take back control of our own lives and stop these fraudulent governments taxing us for every movement we make. It’s obvious we have got to the point where we depend upon supermarkets to survive which is further fueling the elites. Petrol prices are rising daily because the oil companies know sheeple will still use their cars to get to their jobs… and that’s the problem, sheeple truely believe they have to work, when really they are just glorified slaves working to fund the government. Slavery never ended it just evolved.

  • Cindy

    You epitomize the American Dream.
    I salute you.

  • Life is Random

    Sorry to break it to you Ray, but in addition to telling a story that started decades ago in a vastly different climate than the one that exists today, you also over-emphasize your own role in the story.

    While I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you worked very hard and you are to be commended for your hard work, acting like you did it all alone skips a lot of steps. I hate when people tell stories like yours and act like they did it alone. Can we all have a moment of honesty and recognize that often times we just get lucky, and sometimes many times over? Just reading your story reveals several instances of your good fortune:

    * – You admitted yourself that it was your teachers who encouraged you to continue school when your parents urged you not to. Had you a different set of teachers, your story doesn’t exist.

    * – You also stated that your teachers helped you get a scholarship. Therefore, your big bold print bottom line statement about how you did it all alone with help from nobody is a lie. You got help from your teachers. And once again, had you a different set of teachers, the story goes differently.

    * – There was a job available for you to become a plumber’s helper. Have you tried looking for such jobs today? Not exactly prevalent. Also, in general job hunting was a different ballgame 30 and 40 years ago than it is today. One of the things that amazes me about the stories of people who became successes who are baby boomers or older (especially those of the generation before the baby boomers) are how many people could get jobs with virtually no qualifications. Or who could just walk into a building and annoy the bosses into giving them entry level or garbage/lackey jobs that they could work their way up from. Such as being a plumber’s assistant. A very fortunate person MIGHT be able to do that today, but by and large that method of job acquisition no longer exists, even at the lower rungs of pay scale. Just about the only way to work in that fashion anymore is to offer to cut lawns or shovel snow for money, and if you believe the per hour wages on such activity would be enough with the current costs of goods and services to do much saving of relevance, I don’t know what to tell you.

    * – Once you managed to get that job, you were encouraged BY THE PLUMBER to get a journeyman’s plumbers license. Perhaps without his encouragement, you don’t make that extra money.

    * – Made friends who all had a plan that was congruent with what you had going on. Had you lived in a different area, or had your friends had a different plan, your story is different.

    * – I noticed you “missed a check sometimes but your employees got paid”. I assume then that you lived off your wife’s check? What if you would have never met her? Worse yet, what if she were a different type of lady and seeing that her husband was broke, didn’t feel like there was a future with you and left you? Either of those scenarios, and your story is different. And by the way, that would be yet another person that helped you, even though you put in big letters that nobody helped you.

    So just in the things that you were willing to admit in your lengthy story, there are six bullet points where simple fortune smiled upon you. Any one of those six bullet points change, and your story is different. If multiple bullet points change it could be dramatically different, or if ones earlier in the process change. Luck. And that was in an era when the deck was less stacked against you than it might be today. It takes the “want” to succeed, but it also takes fortune.

    The further the deck stacks and tilts against people who have nothing, the more it will require fortune than talent for a talented person to succeed, no matter how bad they want it. The more you open up the door to fortune (or misfortune) and probability, the more likely the talented and driven one is to fail.

    • tone

      Life is Random
      now that was well put,old timers are always comparing a time that no longer exist,there was a time that this country made at about 95% of production in the garment industral,today is not even 5%,that is a big difrent if anyone one to compare, compare that.Ray talk about today.not 40 or 50 years ago

  • They have mortgages at least some college education and a professional or managerial job that earns them somewhere between 30 000 and 100 000 a year. They have several credit cards each and a lot of luxury goods but they still believe that others have more than they do. In 1970 TIME middle America as people who sing the national anthem at football games and mean it. ….That might be because the middle class is slightly more conservative than liberal over half oppose gay marriage .

  • As a former Roman Catholic I remember many prominent clergymen ranting against the fact that with a relatively small population we consumed the lion’s share of world resources. They thought this was a terrible violation of social justice and of course they pleaded with you to donate to the Catholic relief fund. Now thanks to globaliztion this untenable economic disparty is being rectified. We all have to share with the rest of the world and live more frugal lives. Just get over it!

  • Erik Brown

    Ray: In addition to everything Life is Random has said…

    EVERYONE gets taxed. Poor get taxed a greater percentage than the rich. How is that right? Poor people already have a hard time paying their bills. Now, perhaps the rich shouldn’t have a greater chunk of your paycheck taken, but you should have a proportionally equal chunk. After all, you’ll still be able to pay the bills while the poor individual is now using grocery money to pay rent.

    If you seriously think you work harder than the people under you and thus deserve the money you make you’re completely full of yourself. Rich people don’t work harder, they’re just in a better position to make their work actually count for something.

    And you can’t say you’ve worked hard longer. I’ve seen countless hard workers who have had their positions for the longest time and have never been promoted. Why? Because there is no competition they can go to who will pay them any more. They could quit, but then they’d be even worse off.

    No, rich people are largely rich because they are lucky. Last promotion I got significantly increased my paycheck and gave me benefits for the first time in my life. I got the position because the guy who had the it before me shot himself in the head. Lucky for me, not so much for him.

  • Mark

    This is why we have decided to leave this country.

  • Dean

    Bottom line. Taxes should be a simple %. Rich and poor pay same %. Neither should get a tax break, but as we all know, only the wealthy get the tax breaks. How many people in our government get paid a crazy amount each year, and do pretty much nothing. Lets get peoples pay back to a normal level…..Nobody is worth more than $100k a year, but we all know paychecks in government go way beyond that….People living on government “benefits” such as Food Stamps, and “checks”, its a good system for people who truly need the help. Way to many are abusing the system. Assistance should be a stepping stone, not a foundation.

  • peter miller

    what the media really will not tell you about the middle class is that the white middle class is disappearing and becoming the black and latino middle class.

  • DJ

    To: Life is Random & Erik Brown,
    Where do you get off telling Ray, a true hard working American that, despite the odds, worked hard and actually did acquire the American Dream, that he didn’t do it “alone with no help”, get off your high horse! He had “encouragement” from teachers and good friends to “go for it”. How dare you! Oh, I see, I’ll bet your this spoiled brat generation that thinks everything is owed to them. You punks think you know it all, but then why not? Especially when you youngsters don’t know a damn thing about what it takes to truly work. That’s the problem with this country; us baby boomers worked our butts off, got “drafted” into wars we had no choice about, and never collected food stamps, welfare and actually had pride in working hard to achieve the american dream, unlike this current generation who prides itself on having babies so they can get more welfare, which the hard working people end up paying for, and every other stinking benefit you punks think you deserve and get! You immature youngsters have no clue about hard work; only about “milking” the system, which we, the hard working people who still have some pride, actually pay for! I’m sick of you punks and your comments you don’t know anything about. It’s because of all you “users” that our country is going broke!! LOOK AT YOUR OWN LAZY SELVES BEFORE CRITICIZING HARD WORKING PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY MADE THE AMERICAN DREAM COME TRUE! Blame your government for PAYING ALL YOU USERS THAT COMES OUT OF THE HARDWORKING TAXPAYING AMERICANS INCOME! I’m SICK of paying for you lazy people!!

  • Issac Howsare

    I am not positive if I’m writing this in the correct location, however I’m preparing to transfer to the U . S . and am looking to secure employment in the technology field. I currently have a job lead with a company and sought some thoughts on the best way to study them to see if they will be a great business to work for. I’ve checked on their website, but thought somebody here may have some other ideas on exactly where to look. Thank very much.

    • RealityBetraysUs

      Do not transfer to the US, Just like mexico,India and
      China all of America’s jobs are now moving offshore, so do not come here looking for jobs, you will have better luck staying where you are at in the 3rd world and looking for jobs there, because employers and company owners do not want to pay American wages, they would rather pay “slave labor wages in the 3rd world.” There are too many American’s overqualified in techinical fields that cannot find jobs in technical fields, and they do not have the (government paperwor problems) that illegal aliens have in finding jobs in the USA. Stay where you are at, in all likelihood they will be moving American factories to where you live, because they do not want to pay American wages to American citizens in the USA.”Slave labor” is the latest trend.Ask Steve jobs who built slave labor- foxcon factories in China rather than have apple computers built in the USA. Does that not prove my point?

  • Timmy Ni

    If you are still without a job you might want to consider leaving the US for a few years or even indefinitely if things don’t improve. Even if you don’t speak any other languages, you can always teach English at developing Asian countries where there’s a general perception that foreign English teachers are better at teaching the Language.

    The salary might be a smaller sum if you were to convert it to US Dollars but it will allow you to have at the very least, a better than middle class lifestyle in those countries. No worries about starving as the food and lodging is generally cheap if you don’t splurge on classy restaurants or big hotels.

    If you don’t like teaching, you are also generally welcomed in areas like IT, Management, Consulting, Engineering, Science, Modeling, Customer Service, Healthcare, Tertiary Education and the like where you bring good head knowledge and know how.

    Local companies tend to love hiring a white guy as it adds a sense of prestige and quality. Just make sure you are able to do your job well and behave appropriately (no smoking weed, showing up dirty and unshaven, frequently not turning up, demanding all kinds of stuff, sexual harassment, making racist jokes and generally doing anything that would get you fired if you were in the US)If you perform well, all sorts of benefits and promotions await you. (way easier than the local workers by virtue of your skin color and better English)

    However, don’t come expecting to find employment as plumbers, electrical technicians, salesmen, brick layers, cleaners, mechanics, pizza delivery guys as well as all kinds of manual labor as you won’t stand a chance due to the market being already highly saturated with cheap labor from India,Bangladesh, and the like. Though you might be able to pull off working as cooks, bartenders, waiters at big hotels, and the like. Generally, something classy and catering to foreigners.

    Make sure you work in the capital though as that’s where all the jobs that welcome expatriates are. You tend to get preferential treatment if you have fair skin like Europeans this includes but isn’t limited to those whose ancestors came from the Middle East and Ex-Soviet countries. Good luck. Check out blogs like these:

  • Libs&Rinosuck

    Taxing the “evil rich people” in the US is all the leftwingers can talk about. The fact remains that most of the wealthy in our country are self made and earned their wealth through their business acumen. Consequently, these wealthy folks have employees who work for them. Keep punishing the wealthy with more and more taxation, and more and more people will be out of work. Yeah, flawless Liberal “logic” at work, along with the “share the wealth” nonsense. Gary and the other leftwing dolts out there are drinking too much coolaid.

  • Liz

    Some of these people are crazy, when you use up all the water and all the land and all the trees then you will see you can’t eat money Jerks, I have a probblem with what they are saying because they I am talking about the rich know how they treated and are still treating minorities and not even giving thenm a break even when they have all that money. Most of them are so selfish they won’t even pay us a decent wage when we do work our butts off for them they are just disgusting. And now in the end they took my job and left hanging out to dry with this little bit of pension, and they cryin because someone going to take their little tax money, guess what they are taking mine too because with my pension and my earnings from my little part time job they said I am making to much for one person to live off of image that! And on the other hand what happen to my 47,000 that got lost in that 401k that we were encouraged to join as a group in the company no one knows what happen to that money or how to track all of our losses down and some people lost way more than I did you f in jerks. signed (UAW)

  • I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that your knowledge of economics sucks! It is not punishment of the wealthy to raise their taxes to what they paid prior to the Bush devastating tax cut… get educated prior to spouting off about libersls….

  • Nationalism MUST resist and exterminate globalism (ideologically speaking) if Our Nation is to survive — if Liberty is to survive. We’re besieged by international socialism and corporate globalism, both in complicity with each other, yet both competing with each other over whose form of world-spanning incompetence, apathy, and oppression is superior. A house divided against itself cannot stand. It is Our Duty as Nationalists to use any means at our disposal to subvert the influence of globalism. If globalists are splintered into factions, we should pit those factions against each other. Whisper suggestions into their subconscious thoughts. Utilize psychological warfare. Encourage them to wage war on each other. Make them see no other alternative. Then, after they’ve widdled down their own ranks, the Champions of Liberty from all parts of the world will exterminate the remnant in one fell swoop.
    Hail Tyrannicide.

  • Esoteric Knowledge

    In My Opinion: Lots of ageism. Young people are just lazy, I hear this a lot. Some people have gone psychotic. “I worked hard look at me, now I can spit on the youth, I’m so wonderful.” Yeah, hard work, bla bla bla. Those niggers are lazy too, oh wait, it’s the same damn thing calling your kids lazy, didn’t really think of that did you. The world isn’t the same as the 1950s. You can’t go to college for 100 bucks a semester anymore. School and credit cards (which didn’t exist in the 1950’s) are predatory lending schemes. The world has changed but the wages are still the same as the 1970s. The problem with you high and mighty types, don’t realise how little difference there is between you and the younger people, if you had their life’s you might develop higher emotions like compassion, instead of relying on pre-kindergarden name calling to avoid thinking about what is going on, and maybe stop blaming the victim. Voting conservative is how we got in this mess, maybe you feel guilty. Conservatives have always been the problem, if you think for 5 seconds. Young people now realise how close we are to fascism, we might be there already, all brought about by mass apathy. And the blood thirsty criminally minded uncaring, unthinking attitudes expressed by some here. You don’t even know why you are culturally programmed to hate the poor, you don’t know the history behind that. And I’m not going to tell you. You just keep thinking we are lazy and stupid. I’ll keep thinking you are lazy…in the mind, and that’s real.

  • Ty

    This is happening intentionally by the criminal government. It’s sad. I’m 18,and I actually thought I was going to have a future. There’s no hope for the economy. It will likely just get worse and worse and worse. What a very depressing thought.

  • Mike

    Honestly it just seems like everyone who DOESN’T see what little option is left anymore, won’t even take any arguments seriously. The whole young people are lazy thing is and always has been self-indulgent tripe, and that’s why nobody with that mindset can justify themselves to anyone else. They’re still trying to justify themselves to themselves. It seems like these people don’t understand that when the process of a debate goes like this:

    -listen to points
    -refute, compromise, or surrender to the validity of EACH point
    -provide an alternative point, doesn’t necessarily have to be counteractive, just alternate.
    -reach a conclusion that everyone is comfortable with

    instead of this

    -listen to points begrudgingly
    -ignore all points and insert your own (or) make personal attacks and vague statements so the only refute is “that’s not true” (which it isn’t, because it isn’t)
    -reach a conclusion you’re comfortable with and damn everyone else.

    On top of that I’m sick of these people remaining silent when they’ve clearly had their “argument” torn apart, as if confirming to themself that other peoples positions just dont apply to them. The main argument is that the rich are taking advantage of the poor. To do that, you check to see if the rich are taking advantage of the poor. Are the rich taking advantage of the poor right now? YES. Conclusion: the rich are taking advantage of the poor. Need more specifics? Like how do you determine if the rich are taking advantage of the poor? You look at which group has more options, and whether options for either group or shrinking or expanding. Options for lower class expanding? I dont think so. Options for Upper class expanding? YOU BET YOUR ASS. I’m sick of a one-sided monologue where everyone being shit on has to continue being shit on because the people doing the shitting feel like the effort they put into shitting on people is an inconvenience. Theres no compromise there, and it’s pretty clear why to everyone who isn’t riding down rodeo drive in a rolls royce and a monacle, snubbing the beggars and “dredges of society”. It’s because you’ve never had to compromise. People who don’t have enough SURVIVE through compromise. People who are well off generally just lose profit when they compromise.

  • WTF!

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH A WONDERFUL THING!!! Lets add more greed, more racism, more unemployment, right winged left wing communist for goverment, spread in more illegal immigrants, greedy corporations, geez the way I see it the american dream ingredients listed above its still alive and well!Dont let me forget reality tv, steeling from whoever you can, beating the ****** outa someone because they looked at you wrong, I think girls have more testosterone then the boys bieng born these days, a black person gets killed by a person who is white or brown and its racism wether it was self defense or not, a white gets killed an its a great day! ******* this is what america has become and dumb MFRS still wanna come to this great country!!! and you people who say its all in the choices we make my husband had his own company and we did well we had it all and bam this great country of ours took a ******* well we live with family now so you people who still have your millions good for you one day karma will get ya and shes a bitch!!! my husband has been unable to keep a job for more then a year because the companies end up shutting down NOT OUR FAULT!!!!!! so you dam people who say its our fault for not having anything up your ******!!! the american dream as I see it is struggling everyday just to make it in this land of the free!!!!

  • Kitty

    I’m 17 and extremely worried about this already, the moment I can I’m moving to Canada, I hate this country officially. I have no hope and was screwed from the start despite my artistic abilities, no hope, America…country of the hopelessly lost and longing…

  • Renee Bouvier

    You’re the guys and gals from out in the Midwest and down South, who continued to buy into the “No Big Government” schtick. As a consequence, all oversight and accountability was literally eviscerated overnight. “Deregulation” quickly turned into “De-criminalization.” Hey, stealing money from Americans is easier than stealing candy from a newborn infant. The U.S. is the only country in the world, which does not have universal healthcare or single payer insurance coverage (Medicare for All). You idiots bought into the so-called “Death Panels.” In no other country does the expression “Death Panels” exist. Why? Because the American for-profit healthcare insurance corporations created the expression of “Death Panels.” In fact, these insurance corporations now practice “Death Panels” by charging prohibitive deductibles, co-pays, and premiums. When these insurance corporations don’t want to pay for your life-saving treatments, they just terminate your insurance policy. Guess what happens to you? So who did, in fact, create the “Death Panels?” The answer is contained in the forgoing, if you think. God gave you a brain – Use it, ************ you! Remember, God helps those, who help themselves. If you allow the GOP Tea Party (Koch Brothers) dominate you like a bitch and entrap you like a real stupid, dumn bitch, you get what you deserve. The educated middle class is not your enemy. We’re going down with the blue-collar working middle class. Some of us are fleeing the country in trickles, but it’s just as unbearable for us as it is for you folk in the rural areas of this country. It finally trickled up the ladder, so to speak. Get rid of those ***************** GOP mamzers – and their sponsors!

  • Ron

    There can be no hope for America until people really understand what the problem is, and people will never understand the real problem when it is taboo to even discuss it rationally. The religion of America has become multiculturalism. It is a fanatical cult, and if you say anything about the clash of cultures in this country, you are shouted down as a racist and a hater, so nothing is done about the continued and purposeful erosion of the European culture which built America into that sea of hopes and expectations that you bewail the death of. Stop calling America a “nation”; it is not one. A nation is a homogeneous entity, not this confused mess built upon greed, with a hundred different ways of looking at the world laughably competing to form some sort of consensus. We are distracted by party politics, which is utterly subservient to the taboo which I spoke of, so there can be no solutions there, and most of the voters really are the ignorant fools who worship celebrities and gangsta culture anyway, because that is where the media has led them. No one cares about his neighbor because there is no commonality to share with him. The proof I am right is Iceland. This homogeneous nation was happy until they let global corporatists and banksters in, but within a few years they were bankrupt and miserable. Only their ability to stand up to the leeches as ONE NATION and kick them out saved them. They are now on their way to recovery, and unless they lose their homogeneity, they WILL recover. Unlike us.

  • Felipe De Siqueira

    The problem is systemic.

    Perhaps not only of our political, social, and economic systems but of ourselves. We live in the lull of a dangerous cognitive dissonance which says that almost no matter what if we work hard and strive to do our best without making any “mistakes” (drugs, laziness, etc) that we will find something to sustain ourselves with. That’s what we are told as the poor.

    The conclusion then is if we do achieve that we must have somehow slacked, squandered, or pissed our opportunity away. This is bullshit for a litany of reasons, but let the numbers tell the truth. When it is said that money was made by those on top due to their “superior business acumen” it is neglected how those folks came upon that acumen, whether it be educational, family privilege or otherwise… their success does not mean the poor does not try.

    As I traverse the world I don’t see a race of humans that see each other as an ultimate single unit. We are killing, depriving, and torturing each other out of fear of being killed, deprived, or tortured. We use our differences to ignite xenophobia and cannot face the ultimate truth…

    Which is that nothing is ever produced in this universe, only exchanged. The luxuries you have are ultimately at the expense of someone who does not have.

    These bring up questions no one wants to face, such as population control and eugenics. At it’s maxim American culture rewards that which produces or assists in the production for the nation. It rewards individuals who do this and treats groups operating for a single person as individuals (companies in america are considered people in a legal stand point).

    The opposite is a society based on human attributes rather than what they can produce. The consequence of this is measuring rewards/greatness based on other factors such as genetics, talent, intelligence, and morality. These parameters are usually dictated by those who make the laws. One side to this is democracy, whereby the majority decides on these parameters. The problem here is that there are those who do not believe the majority possess the capacity to govern others, much less themselves.

    Due to the nature of the bell curve and unbelievably vast difference in education this world has between the educated and the non-educated (and I don’t mean going to school so much as simply those that understand basic math, philosophy, logic, and such). I unfortunately contend to agree that the masses are ill equip to handle themselves.

    This very conclusion is what justifies the ruling elite to themselves.

    The eventuality is clear. The ruling elite not of this country, but if this world knows that our current system of rampant human reproduction and decline of energy and resources will result in the eventual population decline and destruction we all feel is coming. They are attempting to secure their own lives to weather the storm, and most of the lesser rich people are having a blast comforting themselves with the fact that they have, and the have nots will not touch them.

    However, in these circumstances. Revolution will come, people will die, ignorance will be spread, and the world will slowly have it’s reset button pressed. Perhaps future generations will look back and finally learn…

    We are not religions
    we are not countries
    we are not lines drawn
    we are not different

    we are human

    We have needs and the human machine will always seek to justify and fulfill it’s own desires. If we continue down our current path, and I believe we will because diverting from it involves answering questions about ourselves we are simply as a whole not ready to address… If we continue, that’s the only eventuality that will pass.

    Until you wake up and you realize that all you truly need is good companionship, a good meal, fresh air, and the ability to expand your knowledge to learn more about our fabulous world. Until you can sit and appreciate the beautiful nuances of the human experience. Until you have the compassion to wish these observations of beauty and knowledge upon every person that lives in this world, until you can wish, with peace in your heart, all the good experiences and life you wish for yourself on to another person…

    There will be no peace.

  • Ron

    You only have to look at Obama’s record versus what he said he would do and you see the strings being pulled. Contradiction is a way of life in politics. The fact is that international bankers dictate policy in the United States. That’s what happens when you let private individuals print your money and then borrow that money with interest. The last president who took them on (see executive order 11110) was promptly assassinated.

    The dreams of a democratic nation for the people we’re long ago sold out by Woodrow Wilson (see his greatest regret). It no longer matters who you vote for they represent the same group. Until a new revolution arrives things will just get worse. It’s time for a constitution update that seperates big business and state.


    Seriously!? This is just getting so much worse in America! I am so suprised that we arent in another world war with how much our prsident is trying to get into other countries problems! In 2013 Obama tried to interfere with Syria’s hardship. HE WANTED TO GO TO WAR WITH SYRIA!!!! Seriously!? I am 13 and I already understand that it was the worst desicion! They would kill our entire army in a couple of months! He wanted to war with someone on the other side of the world that did something to a completely different country!!!!!! I think it is amazing and sad that, someone my age could understand so much about our government. Yet, a lot of our adaults here in this country do not understand a cotton picking thing! And I admit…. I am scared to death. But I know, that with The Lord on my side, I have nothing to worry about. And THAT is what gives me my comfort. The only thing that does. I am happy that he will “Never leave me nor forsake me” in his promise. And he hasent yet.
    I have to say though. In November of 2012, America made THE WORST desicion ever. On election day. It must have been the saddest day of our lives!
    Listen. I dont want to scare ANYBODY. Although….. America has to get SO MUCH worse in order for Christ to come back to Earth for his people. But Lord. I am ready! PLEASE TAKE US SOON!!!