Be A Watchman

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When I was young, someone told me the following: “Life is like a coin – you can spend it any way that you want, but you can only spend it once.”  So how are you spending your life?  Are you just “killing time” and watching world events go by or are you actively trying to make a difference?  When your life is over, will you be proud of the legacy that you have left, or will you be ashamed of what you have done with the time that you were given?  None of us can go back now and change what we have done in the past, but the future stands unwritten before us.  The remaining chapters of your life can be a beautiful thing – but only if you are courageous enough to seize the day.  One way that you can make a difference in this world is by being a watchman.  So exactly is a watchman?  Well, in the ancient world they did not have any of the modern forms of communication that we take for granted today, so the only way a city would know that a threat was approaching would be to post watchmen on the city walls.  A watchman would stand at his post for endless hours, watching intently for any threats that might be headed for the city.  If the watchman did spot something troubling on the horizon it was his job to sound the alarm – thus buying the residents of the city precious time to prepare.  If the watchman did his job correctly, it could potentially deliver the city from total disaster and literally save the lives of thousands upon thousands of people.


Our founding fathers were watchmen.  The founders relentlessly warned their countrymen about the dangers of British tyranny, and when the time came they rallied them together to oppose it.

Who can forget the actions of one of America’s most famous watchmen – Paul Revere?  In the days leading up to April 18th, 1775 Paul Revere had told Robert Newman that he was to use lanterns to signal to the residents of Charlestown the direction that the British army was attacking from.  This is where the phrase “one if by land, two if by sea” came from.  One lantern would signal that the British were attacking by land, but two lanterns would signal that the British were attacking by sea.

Well, on the night of April 18th at about 11 PM two lanterns were held up in the Old North Church and Paul Revere began his famous “midnight ride” throughout the countryside to warn his countrymen what was taking place.  Well over 200 years later we are still talking about his bravery.

If you had lived back then, would you have just accepted that British tyranny was inevitable, or would you have risked life and limb to be a watchman for the cause of freedom?

The truth is that the road to greatness is rarely easy.  Just think about all of the men and women that we think of as being “great”.

Did they face great odds?

Was it easy for them to accomplish what they were trying to do?

Was the “establishment” fighting their efforts every step of the way?

The “easy road” may seem more pleasant, but it is not a path that will bring you meaning and purpose in life.

What if there was more to life than what you have been programmed to accept?

What if instead of watching the news you could actually make the news?

What if you could leave a great legacy that will actually be remembered instead of fading away as just another nameless, faceless nobody that never really tried to make a difference?

The truth is that you and I live during one of the most extraordinary times in human history.

Today it seems like more happens in a single week than used to happen in an entire year.  The pace of change continues to accelerate, and it seems as though history is building toward some sort of crescendo.

If you are a student of history, then you know that this is an incredible time to be alive.  Personally, I am convinced that this will be one of the most talked about eras in all of human history.

So do you want to wake up and actually do something during this extraordinary time, or do you want to remain “comfortably numb” serving the system and pumping as much entertainment as possible into your brain?

Unfortunately, the world system that you and I live in is not here to serve us.  Rather, the world system intends for us to serve it.  The world system is becoming increasingly insidious with each passing year, and those shaping the world system from behind the scenes are constructing a very dark future that will not include much “liberty” or “freedom” for anyone.

Are you just going to sit there while our liberties and our freedoms are taken from us?

Are you just going to sit there while evil grows?

Or are you going to do something?

Our forefathers have passed down a great legacy to us.  They have passed down a legacy of freedom and liberty that must be protected in each new generation.  Now it is our turn to stand up for the truth.

So will you be a watchman that warns others what is coming and that rallies them to action?

Will you tell others about the economic collapse that is on the horizon so that they can have time to prepare themselves and their families for what is coming?

Will you try to educate others about how our financial system really works and about how debt is destroying all of the wealth that has been handed down to us?

Will you cry out as the moral decay that is running rampant wherever you look literally rips this country apart?

Will you point out the horrific corruption in Washington D.C. and on Wall Street so that the American people can wake up and demand change?

Will you speak out about the emerging Big Brother police state control grid, or are you just going to sit idly by as all of our constitutional freedoms are ripped out of our hands?

Will you tell your countrymen how we are literally being poisoned by what we eat, by what we drink and by what we breathe?

Will you educate those around you about the dangers of genetically-modified organisms or are you just content to watch the beautiful world we have been given turned into a very toxic place full of freakishly bizarre creatures?

Will you work to expose the lies that are being passed off as “truth” by the mainstream media and our education system, or will you just “go with the flow”?

Will you attempt to alert your fellow Americans about the betrayal of our national sovereignty, or are you not really concerned if there will even be a place called “America” when your children get to be your age?

Will you seek to be a force for love in a world that is becoming more cold-hearted and hateful by the day?

When the world financial system collapses, will your first impulse be to hurt someone or to love and help someone?

When things start falling apart all around you, are you going to be a leader or a whiner?

Are you strong enough to love your enemies?

Will you do what you know is right even when it seems like the entire world is trying to get you to go in another direction?

Someday when they come to put an identification chip in you and your family, will you be strong enough to refuse even if you and your family will lose everything?

Are you willing to be a light in the darkness?

Are you willing to be a servant to others that they may live?

Are you willing to seek the truth even when the truth is extremely inconvenient and extremely uncomfortable?

Are you willing to proclaim the truth to your family and friends even when they won’t listen and even when they look at you like you are crazy?

Will you take a stand against the emerging one world economic system, the emerging one world religious system and the emerging one world government, or are you content to live on a planet that is run by highly centralized tyranny?

It is time to wake up.

You can have a life full of meaning and purpose if you are willing to open your eyes to what is real.

Have you ever had something to really live for?

Well, try being a watchman for a while – you might just be surprised how your life will change.

So will everyone listen to you when you try to warn them?

Of course not.

In fact, a whole lot of people might decide that you are completely nuts.

But some people might listen to you.  In fact, a lot of people might end up listening to your warnings.

In the end, you could end up saving the lives of thousands of people.

You could also end up giving thousands of people something to live for.

There are some people that have been watchmen for many years.  In fact, if I just mention names such as “Alex” and “Steve” many of you instantly know who I am talking about.

But in the end, being a watchman is not about fame or fortune.  It is about doing what is right and making a real difference in the world.

It is about being a force for good in a world that is becoming more evil by the day.  It is about standing up to the darkness and declaring that you are not afraid.

So if you want to be a watchman, how do you do it?

Well, you just start where you are.

Talk to your family.

Talk to your friends.

Share the truth on Facebook.

Share the truth on Twitter.

Join an organization.

Go on a march.

Write a letter to the editor.

Write a letter to your representatives in Congress.

Run for office.

Start a blog.

Start a website.

Make YouTube videos.

Make new friends.

Connect with new people.

Feed the homeless.

Visit those who are hurting.

Give to someone in need.

Volunteer for a cause.

Pass out fliers.

Pass out books.

Pass out DVDs.

Give a speech.

Send out emails.

Write a book.

Make a movie.

The truth is that there are thousands of ways to be a watchman.  Nobody has the ability (or the time) to do it all.

But all of us, in our own small ways, can make a difference.

Will you make a difference?

  • Jack Nichols

    I will be a watcher, I will stand up for a free America that our Fathers left us.

  • William

    One can not be a “watchman” in America today. There are too many who do NOT want to hear the truth about 911.

  • This is an excellent post, very insightful. Indeed we are watchmen and until now haven’t thought of it like that. By keeping tabs on what is going on around us we can then best decide how to best protect and serve our loved ones, our communities, and our world. While the majority of people sleep in comfort someone strong dependable must watch over them. We keep a constant vigil, we are the watchmen.

  • Mr Carpenter

    I’ve often felt like the lone stranger in trying to do just this, over the past 30 plus years. More often than not, ignored.

    But still, I keep on.

    My wife is (finally) starting to listen to me after 3 decades. Almost nobody else is, however.

    But still, I keep on.

    It may well be past the time of any possibility of saving this nation from its own folly.

    But still, I keep on.

    What about you?

    Because the good fight is the worthy fight is the right fight is the needed fight.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I agree with you what we might disagree on is how long humans will be around. This is one of the more interesting posts you’ve done, because it supposes the system can be saved if you’re willing to put out the effort. I don’t think it is, to many people are dependent on it, to many have gotten rich off of it, to many think there is something wrong but simply don’t want to deal with it, to many don’t understand it and as long as the boob tube works and Wal Mart is open and stocked they don’t care.

    This may sound cynical, but if you look at recorded history we as a species don’t have a good record of dealing with problems proactively, or worse ignoring the monster in the room. To quote the Farmer to his wife who was ignoring the start of WWIII in the TV mini Series The Day After, “This is a genuine National Emergency” Her classic response was as the Minutemen threes where bring launched “Your daughter is getting married in the morning they’ll have to have it without me.” I’m done arguing I’ll net the nukes do the talking.

  • Scott

    I woke up about six years ago and realized how many lies and propaganda we’ve all bought into but trying to warn people is like talking to a wall. All they care about is sports and TV drinking there fluoride water and eating chemical laced foods while caught up in the left/right paradigm.

  • great uplifting post. i have been working on a site (few days away) with basic info to at least provide a gateway for people to research themselves.

    dodgy bloke. disagree with you. sure many wont make it. but if enough of us got enough people to buy some silver and store some food etc. real americans would be that much more wealthy. -there will be a select amount of people to pick up the pieces and restore our nation. i think its up to us to determine that amount.

  • Mauro

    I’m Argentinian, and I’m being a watchman by advising to everyone that I know,about what it is actually happening. AMERICANS PATRIOTS KICK OFF THE BRITISH EMPIRE TO THE GARBAGE BIN ONCE AND FOREVER!!!
    NOW NOW!!!
    GO GO GO!
    the world needs us

  • Just me

    Excellent. I’ve been a town crier for decades.

  • mondobeyondo

    I’m willing to guard the watch tower. Don’t know if anyone else is, though.

    Because in order to accomplish anything worthwhile, you’ve got to be willing to sacrifice at least a bit of yourself. Freedom is not free. The vast majority of Americans think it is, because they’re vegetating on the sofa watching “American Idol” and Miley Cyrus.

    A lot of the people who signed the Declaration of Independence, did not go on to live promising lives. Many of them did indeed sacrifice their lives and their sacred honor.

    Anytime you stand up for what you believe, you risk being struck down. (Abe Lincoln, JFK, MLK, RFK, to name just a few). But as MLK himself said, it’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

    And realize that the status quo is your enemy. You WILL be ridiculed. They mocked and ridiculed Noah, Jeremiah, even Jesus Himself. People laughed at the Wright Brothers. They laughed at Thomas Edison. They will laugh at you, too. Join the crowd.

    They’ll probably call you a “conspiracy theorist”. That’s a nice compliment. Conspiracies aren’t exposed for what they are, until it’s far too late to bring those responsible to justice. Of course, by then it’s too late.

    More than likely, they’ll call you a “freak”, and an “idiot”, and that you’re “insane”. Just keep pressing on, and being faithful in what is right and just, and you will succeed.

    Besides, what are THEY doing? Your fellow citizens? Apart from watching “American Idol” or “Dancing with the Dancers” or whatever it’s called? Get up off of that couch, and do something! Take some college classes. Plant a garden. Volunteer! Go to a local food bank and hand out turkey dinners, like I did this past Thanksgiving. Go on Wikipedia and do a search for Ben Franklin and George Washington. Just do SOMETHING! Just don’t sit there, vegetate and sprout like a sofa spud.

    Hell, take a couple of dance lessons from that Fred Astaire dance school. You too will be dancing like a star!

    Just keep telling the truth, no matter what. The powers that be, don’t want you to know the truth. And most people can’t handle the truth. But the truth will set you free. Do you want to be free? Or captive in your comfortable American Idol universe?

    “Truth pressed to earth shall rise again” – MLK

  • If you tell the truth on the internet, sooner or later you will be attacked. There are organized groups in the US that are turning every blog and forum into character assassination contests. These same groups also post many negative product reviews hoping to destroy as many businesses as possible.

  • Rich

    This was awesome. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this. I wanted to briefly respond though to those who always seem to have an apathetic response.

    To you I simply ask, why do you come to sites like these? This article was about encouraging us to do SOMETHING instead of crying about things and pretending like we are doing something just because we know information. Knowing information doesn’t help anyone outside of yourself if you’re not taking some type of action. There are plenty of options out there, find one that fits your personality and start by taking as little of a step as you want, but take that step.

  • Nice article, and well written hats off to you!

    Small things make big difference. Being a watchman is easy, but being a GOOD watchman is tough. Plus, there will be detractors who will twist your words in their own good.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • ..No the biggest challenge hasbeenthe voice inside mymind…Its the one that says You can never do this. That wont ever change…Youvestruggled with thattoo?..Were not the only ones…As says in her book the Israelites also battled fear and insecurities ..If theres a single word that doomed this generation of Gods people from experiencing Promised Land living in their lifetime its this one nevertheless…They had heard with their own ears the assurances of God. They had seen and certainly tasted the cluster of fruit that more than verified beyond their wildest imaginations just how accurate God had been when He had described the land to them……Nevertheless…She goes on to say that were all tempted to do the same…Idiscover those words as I sit onmy back porch one evening.