Dumb As A Rock: You Will Be Absolutely Amazed At The Things That U.S. High School Students Do Not Know

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Are we raising the stupidest generation in American history?  The statistics that you are about to read below are incredibly shocking.  They indicate that U.S. high school students are basically as dumb as a rock.  As you read the rest of this article, you will be absolutely amazed at the things that U.S. high school students do not know.  At this point, it is really hard to argue that the U.S. education system is a success.  Our children are spoiled and lazy, our schools do not challenge them and students in Europe and in Asia routinely outperform our students very badly on standardized tests.  In particular, schools in America do an incredibly poor job of teaching our students subjects such as history, economics and geography that are necessary for understanding the things that are taking place in our world today.  For example, according to a survey conducted by the National Geographic Society, only 37 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 can find Iraq on a map of the world.  According to that same survey, 50 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 can’t even find the state of New York on a map.  If our students cannot even find Iraq and New York on a map, what hope is there that they will be able to think critically about the important world events of our day?


Sadly, almost every survey or study about high school students that gets done shows that most of our students are not even receiving a basic education.

For example, the following comes from an article posted on MSNBC….

Just 13 percent of high school seniors who took the 2010 National Assessment of Educational Progress — called the Nation’s Report Card — showed solid academic performance in American history.

So only 13 percent of our high school seniors are proficient in history?

That doesn’t sound good.

So what does that mean exactly?

Well, there have been some other surveys and studies that have quizzed U.S. high school students about specific historical facts.

The following are some of the absolutely amazing results of a study conducted a few years ago by Common Core….

*Only 43 percent of all U.S. high school students knew that the Civil War was fought some time between 1850 and 1900.

*More than a quarter of all U.S. high school students thought that Christopher Columbus made his famous voyage across the Atlantic Ocean after the year 1750.

*Approximately a third of all U.S. high school students did not know that the Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  (This is a topic that I touched on yesterday).

*Only 60 percent of all U.S. students knew that World War I was fought some time between 1900 and 1950.

Even more shocking were the results of a survey of Oklahoma high school students conducted back in 2009.  The following is a list of the questions that were asked and the percentage of students that answered correctly….

What is the supreme law of the land? 28 percent

What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution? 26 percent

What are the two parts of the U.S. Congress? 27 percent

How many justices are there on the Supreme Court? 10 percent

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? 14 percent

What ocean is on the east coast of the United States? 61 percent

What are the two major political parties in the United States? 43 percent

We elect a U.S. senator for how many years? 11 percent

Who was the first President of the United States? 23 percent

Who is in charge of the executive branch? 29 percent

Some have criticized the survey results above because they came from a telephone survey, but the truth is that they are not some sort of an anomaly.  Many other surveys have produced similar results.  It doesn’t take a genius to realize that a large percentage of our high school students are as dumb as a rock.

The following is from an article written by reporter Mark Morford in which he described his conversations with a longtime Oakland high school teacher that was nearing retirement….

It’s gotten so bad that, as my friend nears retirement, he says he is very seriously considering moving out of the country so as to escape what he sees will be the surefire collapse of functioning American society in the next handful of years due to the absolutely irrefutable destruction, the shocking — and nearly hopeless — dumb-ification of the American brain. It is just that bad.

Now, you may think he’s merely a curmudgeon, a tired old teacher who stopped caring long ago. Not true. Teaching is his life. He says he loves his students, loves education and learning and watching young minds awaken. Problem is, he is seeing much less of it.

Later on in that same article, Morford tells us that the high school teacher even admitted that very few of his students even know how to put a sentence together….

It gets worse. My friend cites the fact that, of the 6,000 high school students he estimates he’s taught over the span of his career, only a small fraction now make it to his grade with a functioning understanding of written English. They do not know how to form a sentence. They cannot write an intelligible paragraph. Recently, after giving an assignment that required drawing lines, he realized that not a single student actually knew how to use a ruler.

It is not that our students do not have the capacity to be great.

It is just that they have learned to be incredibly lazy and our schools do not challenge them at all.

One study found that 55 percent of all U.S. high school students spend 3 hours or less per week preparing for class.

Other nations require their students to work far longer and far harder.

And they get much better results.

Today, American 15-year-olds do not even rank in the top half of all advanced nations when it comes to math or science literacy.

So how do we expect to compete if this continues?

If we would just challenge our students and require more out of them we could do so much better.  What most public schools are doing right now simply does not work.  The following is from a report that John Stossel did a few years ago entitled “Stupid In America“….

I talked with 18-year-old Dorian Cain in South Carolina, who was still struggling to read a single sentence in a first-grade level book when I met him. Although his public schools had spent nearly $100,000 on him over 12 years, he still couldn’t read.

So “20/20” sent Dorian to a private learning center, Sylvan, to see if teachers there could teach Dorian to read when the South Carolina public schools failed to.

Using computers and workbooks, Dorian’s reading went up two grade levels — after just 72 hours of instruction.

His mother, Gena Cain, is thrilled with Dorian’s progress but disappointed with his public schools. “With Sylvan, it’s a huge improvement. And they’re doing what they’re supposed to do. They’re on point. But I can’t say the same for the public schools,” she said.

It absolutely amazes me how millions upon millions of our students can get all the way through high school without ever learning how to read, write or speak at a functional level.

Instead of producing the leaders of tomorrow, our education system is producing a bunch of sheep that are trained to take orders and that are pretty good at taking multiple choice tests.

If you want to get really depressed about the future of America, just watch some of the Jaywalking segments that Jay Leno does.  Yes, it is funny to watch as he demonstrates how little Americans actually know about world events.  But it is also a sign of how far our education system has fallen.

If Americans cannot even answer basic factual questions about our own government, then how in the world will anyone ever be able to persuade them to think critically about the Federal Reserve, the economic crisis or about our corrupt political system?

Our children are the future of this nation, and right now that future is looking quite bleak.

So what do all of you think about the U.S. education system?  Do any of you have any education horror stories to share?  Do you believe that our schools have rapidly gone downhill?  Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below….

  • Gary2

    The first thing that came to mind when I saw “Dumb as a bag of Rocks” was that Michael was talking about conservatives/republicans and that he was finely taking to heart that he needs to be more balanced.

    This is exactly how I feel about those on the right. I am absolutely amazed at what the conservatives do not know. They take the term low information easily led/manipulated to a whole new level.

    These high school students are obviously future conservatives.

    • sidewinderaz

      @Gary2 – Speaking of dumb as a rock, you exemplify the author’s point which you missed completely. To attempt to sway people into thinking this was a journy by you into the Twilight Zone of your small twisted mind. Michael wasn’t placing this into a conservative / progressive category but trying to explain to his audience that our education system is a complete failure with the outcome based education system.
      Your three posts show that your mind is so bent toward the left that you are drinking the socialist Kool-Aid from a puddle on the ground.
      To put it bluntly sir, you’re an idiot!

    • Kenw

      If you were educated and made the right choices you wouldn’t feel compelled to steel from others. You are to blame for where you are. Stop whining and playing the victim.

      • Gary2

        Like I said conservatives are low information dolts! Boy such insightful commentary NOT!

    • justadad

      The liberal teachers unions (NEA et al) are the major power brokers in the U.S educational system. They purposely want to leave the children of this nation uneducated so that the liberals will remain in power. Their greatest loss would be an informed public. Study the formation of the NEA and their manifesto: They set about to destroy allegiance to family and church (conservative bastions)and have had great sucess, as proven by the voting record of people under the age og 25 and the constant drivel you produce.

      • Gay Veteran

        right-wing tripe

    • Gary2

      I get the authors point. I was just saying that the first this I thought about when I read the dumb as a bag of rocks was conservative republicans. (no offence to the rocks)

      • Adam

        Glad to see loser Gary2 is busy typing away on his computer and not earning a wage. Just say “thank you” to people like me that pay for your Section 8 housing. HAHA loser!

        • Gary2

          Like I said conservatives are as dumb as a bag of rocks. You perfectly make my point.

          • Steve

            This is not the complete list; it was taken from the 45 Communist goals that found their way down the halls of our great Capitol back in 1963.

            Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963 Current Communist Goals EXTENSION OF REMARKS OF HON. A. S. HERLONG, JR. OF FLORIDA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Thursday, January 10, 1963 .

            3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

            15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

            17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
            26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.” 

            (Leviticus 20:13If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.)

            27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”
            30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”
            31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

            36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.
            37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

            Luke 10:18And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
            In ancient Hebrew the word for lightning is barack, the word for heaven or the
            heights is bama and to connect the words either an “a” or an “o” is used.

            “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Barack Hussein Obama – Audacity of Hope

            2 Thessalonians 2:3 (King James Version)
            3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

            Political Correctness a term first seen in Mao’s Little Red Book, a communist engendered abomination that is instituting censorship little by little.

            “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”- George Washington

            Carl Marx, once wrote that, the goal of the Communists was to quote,. “enter into men’s minds and cast God down from his throne.”

            Matthew 12:31Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.


            In ancient Babylon their economy was based on usury.
            “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
            Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
            Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
             Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that only the Congress can print and coin money! 

            The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was slipped thru congress during the Christmas break with the majority of it’s members absent. 

            The Federal Reserve is self serving and privately owned in violation to the Constitution, charging interest on illegally printed money. Money printed from nothing!
            In America On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. Five months later A UNITED STATES PRESIDENT, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY was MURDERED BY COMMUNIST! 

            Our own US Congress voted themselves a raise. (But vetoed a raise for those on Social Security) A member of Congress only have to be in Congress one time to receive a pension that is more than $15,000 per month. And most are now equal to being millionaires plus.  If some one in the military stays  in for 20 years (providing that they are not killed in combat before that) and gets out as an E-7, they may receive a pension of $2,000 per month, and the very people who placed them in harm’s way receives a pension of $15,000 per month.

            The debt added by the previous 43 U.S. Presidents from 1789 through 2002 combined was
               $6.3 trillion

            The debt added by Obama is
                $6.5 trillion

            “I seek social ownership of property, the abolition of the properties class, and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.”—Roger Baldwin, leftist, anarchist, and Communist, was born in Wellesley MA and co-founded the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

            “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
            Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
            Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
            In ancient Babylon their priest sacrificed babies to their gods baal, and molech.  
            In America the communist under their socialist programs have sacrificed over 50 million American babies to their god satan!
            Leviticus 20:2-5
            2Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel , Whosoever he be of the children of Israel , or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel , that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.
            3And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.
            4And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not:
            5Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.
            Luke 22:35-36 Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. 36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.
            Jeremiah 50:16Cut off the sower from Babylon, and him that handleth the SICKLE in the time of harvest: for fear of the oppressing sword they shall turn every one to his people, and they shall flee every one to his own land.
            Jeremiah 50:23How is the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH CUT ASUNDER AND BROKEN! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!
            BABYLON = the HAMMER and SICKLE!
            Jeremiah 50:14 “ Put yourselves in array against Babylon all around, All you who bend the bow; Shoot at her, spare no arrows, For she has sinned against the LORD.

            “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”— Norman Thomas, Socialist Party Presidential Candidate in 1940, 1944 and 1948, co-founder of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
            “We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have communism.”—Nikita Kruschev, former Soviet Premier/dictator.

            All nations compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD will I destroy them. Psalm 118:10

            “The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees!”. George Washington

              2 Timothy 2:15   Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 

            Jeremiah 48: 10Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.

            Revelation 18:21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying , Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down , and shall be found no more at all.

            “NO KING BUT KING JESUS!”


    • amamerc

      Murry Rothbard explains: “Pessimism, however, both short-run and long-run, is precisely what the prognosis of Conservatism deserves; for Conservatism is a dying remnant of the ancien régime of the preindustrial era, and, as such, it has no future. In its contemporary American form, the recent Conservative Revival embodied the death throes of an ineluctably moribund, Fundamentalist, rural, small-town, white Anglo-Saxon America.”

      While I believe in conservative values, I am not a Conservative in any traditionalist-American sense, because of my age, because of the environment within which I have grown up.

      That being said, Constitutionalism and true, classical liberalism — not crypto-Marxian socialism — are invaluable, and are gaining support among the masses. If our education system wasn’t so utterly trashed by the federal government, and by our cultural anomie and degradation — thanks to, in part, anti-conservative values — people would never have stopped loving the Constitution and liberty.

  • Gary2

    “Are we raising the stupidest generation in American history”

    Given the number of conservative republicans who are allowed to vote I would have to say that the tense needs to be changed to “We Raised the stupidest generation in American history”

    • Ben Dover

      You are why I must continue to own firearms. You think that only people who agree with you should have any voice. You are typical of the people who constantly preach “tolerance”.

  • Gary2

    dumb-ification of the American brain. It is just that bad.–Thanks fox news! thanks AM hate radio.

    • ScoutMotto

      Thank you for proving to us just how much you are a procduct of government schools, Gary.

      • ScoutMotto

        Of course, it would help if I proofread my comments for fat-fingering before hitting Submit.

    • Stuey

      If the average IQ for democrats vs republicans was ever compared it would be interesting to see which side has the highest average IQ.




      I know you are a hardcore lefty, in the tradition of the Green Arrow, but don’t be a total sucker by voting for Obama again in 2012 and hoping that somehow the inner democrat in him will finally escape his rightwing prison and reign happiness and joy throughout the land.

      IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN………………….

      You rail against the republican wing of the war party but you give Obama and the democrat wing of the war party a pass. What’s wrong with this picture?

  • Tim

    While a member of the
    Communist Party, we discussed the fluoridation of water supplies and how
    we were using it in Russia as a tranquilizer in the prison camps. That
    if it could be induced into the American water supply, it would bring
    about a spirit of lethargy in the nation, where …it could keep the
    ……general public docile during a steady encroachment of Communism.” –
    Oliver Kenneth Goff, 1939

  • the dumping down of america is by design, the last thing the establishment wants is a couple of million critical thinkers, god forbid, that people wake up and realize that republicans, and democrats, are controlled by the same hand full of globalist. the real sad/scary part is how are the dumped down masses going to make a living in the world with such a poor education

  • Ed_B

    Well, gee, Gary. Just who is in charge of the US education system? Yes, that would be your fellow lefto-communists. Those of us who were educated in the US prior to the complete take-over of the educational system by leftists really can use math, know history, and can put together quite a few sentences and paragraphs. Heck, we can even SPELL so we don’t type LOOSE when we mean LOSE, use two, to, and too properly, etc. Those who came after us in the same schools did not fare nearly as well. Maybe they are just too busy showing how condoms fit on cucumbers or teaching Bobby and Sally how to feel good about their abysmal ignorance to have the time to really teach American children anything of real value? The good news for the L-Cs is that the sheep are now ready for herding now that the rams have been all culled from the flock.

  • NWO Alert


    As regards education, he indicated that kids would spend more time in schools, but in many schools they wouldn’t learn anything.

    You wouldn’t have access to material in other fields, outside your own area of study, without approval.

    But they won’t be able to get a broad education and won’t be able to understand what is going on overall.


  • Konnie

    If you think this is a left/right thing, you are a fool. However, that doesn’t surprise me. The youth of today are portrayed in the 3 above comments. I am astounded at how ignorant they are.

  • GSM1(sw)

    My wife and I have taught our children what they need to know. I believe they could answer every question posed in the article correctly.

  • Justa Guy

    This has obviously been done by design. Uneducated people are incapable of analytical thinking, so they won’t question anything that happens in our society, and without that there will never be rebellion against TPTB when these people start losing their rights. In essence, these people will be used like animals, and accept whatever happens to them, because “that’s just the way things are”. They will be incapable of thinking of a different scenario than the one they see, in effect becoming legal slaves to the TPTB, taking whatever they are given, however meager.

    • Gary2

      This has obviously been done by design. Uneducated people are incapable of analytical thinking,

      This is why there are so many republicans who are so easily led by the likes of pillhead dumbo rush etc.



        As if the ditto-heads led like lemmings over every ciff by the democrat wing of the war party are any smarter……………

  • Emily

    Cannon Fodder for the New World Order

  • HeartofShadows

    Considering your generation about as dumb mike I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with this one too.
    Schools have long since been seen by those with sense as giant daycare centers where they are fed propaganda all day rather than places of learning.

  • BeenThere

    I think the key thing here is duming down of public school education. To maintain the position of the eletes, only the eletes children must be able to receive a real education

  • mondobeyondo

    Our children aren’t stupid. They’ve just been taught to be stupid.

    Students graduating from high school without knowing the Bill of Rights?!?**

    Seriously? Oh gosh. Back in my day, when T-Rexes roamed the earth (um, 1983), you wouldn’t have gotten a high school diploma without learning the Bill of Rights in Social Studies class. You know, the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. Freedom of assembly (hello, Occupy protestors!!) , freedom of religion, right to a fair and speedy trial, prohibition of searches and seizures without a warrant, and so forth and so on, yada, yada. You can read the rest of it in your civics syllabus, Google it, or many other sources. In fact, please DO read the rest of it.

    • mondobeyondo

      **Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

      Almost forgot that. Sorrryyyy….

  • mondobeyondo

    Perhaps someone should do a survey….
    “Which conflict was fought first, World War One or World War Two?”

    — and then determine how many high school students decide that WWII was fought before WWI.

    Please pray that my suspicions are wrong……

  • wondering

    How can you not know how to use a ruler? It´s rather intuitive, isn´t it? My little pre-scholl kids learnt it themselves…

  • Henry Jennings

    As a former history teacher, everything is required to be dumbed down for fear someone might get offended. And people get offended by everything (including having to do homework, write papers, read) so basically you just let the students sit there and because no one fails and “everyone is a winner” they just sit there and become a winner by failing. Hurrah! America! Yeah!

  • William

    I figure that when I was graduated from high school in 1965, I had the general knowledge of a college senior of today. As Sen Moynihan said, “dumbed down”. It is the lack of knowledge of the US Constitution and the history
    of America that has permitted the reconstituted Cheka to destroy America. Freedom is not free. It is rather costly. Just ask Stolypin, or the millions who were starved to death in the Ukraine in the early 1930s by Stalin’s henchman Kaganovich.

    • Emily

      Hey Bill, are you my brother from Stockton,CA? If not sorry!

  • Noah

    I’m sorry but just because Europe ranked better, does not mean that we have a perfect education.
    We produce just as many sheeps as you.

  • BBB

    Applies to both side of the political ‘fence’, Gary. And that would be ‘finally’ (vs. ‘finely’)…

  • Kenw

    If you were so bright you wouldnt be on here whining about other people’s success and green with envy. You are obviously a shining example of our failed education system. If you don’t like your situation go back to school, work hard and change. You are always playong the victim. You don’t deserve any of my hard-earned money. You are an ignorant idealogue. Your lot in life is your own responsibility

    • Gary2

      aww such intellegent commentary from the right–such orginal and critical thinking.

  • Jay

    I recently attended an “educational workshop” at which the presenter used an example of a poor little girl who couldn’t learn her U.S. states on a map. He then proceeded to tell the attendees that the poor little girl shouldn’t have to learn her state map because “she can just push a button to find that information anyway”. When I was in school, we had discussions about who the greatest guitarist or jazz trumpeter was, or the latest books. A few days ago, I heard students have an hour long discussion on the show, “How I Met Your Mother”. We’re screwed.

  • Tim


    Your comments are totally irrelevant to the point of the article.

  • Rowell

    When I was a kid, some 20 years or so ago, I went to public school. No, the schools weren’t the best in the country, but the teachers (for the most part) were intent on providing an education to their students. Students that were lagging behind were often focused on by the teacher, giving him/her more help where needed, even if that meant explaining the problem and steps taken to resolve it two or three times. Teachers were almost always available after school to help students out when they were having trouble. I was sometimes asked to stay after school in math class. I hated it back then, but these days I look back and am thankful that a teacher took the time after class was done to sit down and help me out.

    When I speak to friends with children in the schools that I attended in my youth, I hear utter horror stories about how kids that are having trouble in a class are ignored. Teachers are so controlled by rules and regulations, that they no longer have the freedom to help the stragglers keep up. The best they can do is focus on the kids that can “make it” and hope for the best.

    When I was growing up, I had an uncle that always said that he was scared out his head to think of the younger generation running the country. I always thought I’d never say those words, but more and more, I find myself trending that way. America is going to be a scary place if it is run by people that can’t figure out how to use a ruler, or don’t know how our government works. But then again….maybe that’s what the “powers that be” want. Mindless sheep that follows instruction and are easily led.

    It’s such a sad idea to even contemplate.

  • I’m not surprised – most parents are not involved with their kids lives at all, let alone school. Even private & charter schools are dumber than when I went to school, but if the parents obey the bible & ‘teach your children in the way they should go, when they are old they will not depart from it” rings true.

    We taught our daughter simple math & multiplication tables when she was 4. We taught her to read, write & speak in a second language before any language classes were offered in public school. We always taught more than the schools & most importantly how to study & think critically. Combine this with logic, common sense, instilling a strong work ethic & opportunity training/discussions about life in general, our daughter ended up as an honors student. She progressed way past her peers (which was easy) & entered the early college program. She earned an associates in science with all A’s before she graduated high school & went on the earn a 4 year full ride scholarship with room & board included.


    Because she was smart & it was easy? No, she had to work hard & still does. However it shows that if you leave the rearing of your child to the state, you will get what you put in, which is a lack luster education, low morals & little or no work ethic. Just think all this is being paid by your tax dollars.


    So if your wondering how to raise your child, do what is right & NOT what the state does.

    Thanks Michael, keep up the good work,


  • Joe Johnson

    What would you expect when a large segment of your population consists of illegals. As a consequence of this, the level and speed of instruction in the classroom must be curtailed as to not leave to many students in the dust. If a good portion of any given class consists of ESL students, instruction will need to be slowed considerably. Admitedly this is not the only problem but a major component none the less. Also, I have talked to more than a few elementary level teachers, most were idiots. An elementary level teaching degree is one of the easiest to get and leads to a guaranteed under paid career. The best and brightest are not attracted to such careers.

  • karen

    My daughter graduated from high school four years ago, we are very close, she would often tell me about the school she attended. She said most of all the kids would have sex with either male or female just to try it out, there is a type of game some play called bumming it has been out for sometime, young people gang-up on homeless folks and kill them so they can watch them die, emo has been around for sometime mostly young girls cut themselves to release emotions, they are lonely and have no other way to express themselves, their parents are to busy with there own selves to be a parent. over in Greese they just passed a law giving sex perverts of children benefits. Are we not a sick world and getting mentally stranger everyday and at the sake of children. The schools are funded by the goverment, the goverment wants all dumbed down and it sure is working, many cannot read or write, and really they the kids don’t care because mom and dad doesn’t care, schools are really daycares for parents so parents don’t have to deal with there own kids, folks if we don’t start changing things mostly are selves the point of no return is just around the corner.

    • Michael


      Thank you for sharing that information from your daughter.

      I am amazed at how far this nation has declined.




    There are six crucial elements that are required in order to have a properly educated, critical thinking and functioning society:

    1. Administrators and faculty that are fully focused on educating people, rather than gladhanders seeking football money and other fundraiser cash and hiding sex scandals of their criminal minions. Penn State ring any bells?

    2. Teachers that are fully commited to teaching children not only academics, (reading, math, history, teaching them to learn how to think, etc.) but also those every day things needed to survive in the world, such as how to balance a check book, manage credit, and so on. They don’t need “old hags and crones” and “perverts” chasing down teenage boys and girls for wild, drug and alcohol fueled sex parties……….

    3. Parents who truly care about their children being educated and knowing those things that are necessary for a society to continue functioning. Not crack addicted or career criminal parents who are basically dooming their children to a life of incarceration, drugs, and despair.

    4. Children who have a hunger, thirst and desire to learn, to become functioning members of society, not sports jocks with the I.Q. of quicksand, gangbangers, skinheads, or jerks riding motorcycles running amok causing mayhem. Facebook, Twitter, and Google need to be reserved for home use, not during school hours. And the Beverly Hills 90210 syndrome needs to die, and die quickly. Children need to focus on learning and nothing else.

    5. An environment that is conducive to learning. An environment that is free from teachers raping children, cops gunning them down in hallways, and gangbangers from starting fights and mayhem. Suburban soccer moms and hang ’em high white males need to keep their mouths shut and stop calling for cops to be everwhere. Cops don’t belong in schools, they are the last thing that young people need to see in a learning environment.

    6. Proper resources. This is does not mean high teacher and administrator salaries, but actual tools that children need to learn. For example, buildings that are not falling apart, but in good repair, updated textbooks, musical instruments for music, art supplies for art, etc.

    When society can develop the presence of mind and the force of intellect to get all six of these elements working in unison, synchronized on all gears and all cylinders running, then, and only then will you have a populace that can be properly educated and thus ready to take over for the generation that preceeded them………

    • Gary2

      good ideas all! Your post is a good example of good educated critical thinking presented in a understandable format. No usless bible verses, no calling ideas socialism but clearly articulating your points.

      Well Done.



    I can raise the education level at least ten percentage points for the rest of us who care with one action:

    Allow all red states to secede…………

    • Gary2

      would also reduce the obesity rate and more of the poeple who are left would have teeth.

  • Faux Gary

    Apparently the communist troll Gary2 likes to hear himself talk. Perhaps his solution to the dumbing-down of American students will be “tax the rich and spread the wealth around”, as usual.

    • Gary2

      Actually taxing the rich and spreading the wealth is the ultimate solution. We would then have more resourses to fix education.

  • Alpeaux

    It is amazing how much alcohol and dope can influence (and control) these kids. Legalization is NOT the AIM, control IS.

  • Gary’sMOM

    gee Gary, you still believe in left/right politics, now who is the stupid one?

  • Cinderella Man

    Public education at its finest: See Gary2
    Nope thanks Marxist literature! Its not all these kid’s fault for being dumber that a bag of hammers, they have been drinking fluoridated water, GMO school lunches, vaccinated with dangerous levels of mercury, and have stupid parents like Gary2, who pass their tainted genes and commie theology down to their kids. So the school is only part of the problem. Dumb sheep kids = perfect NWO wage slaves ignorant of history and government that will follow any leader without question.

  • I teach English to teens in Latin America (Colombia)and they did not know where the Pacific Ocean or China were. Colombia borders on both Oceans. They could however, do English grammar better than almost any American student. They can not speak one sentence but they can pass a grammar test. When I was in Spain none of my students even knew about the Gulf oil spill. Maybe someone should put it in a rap video.

  • cshellz

    This makes a great soundbite but it’s worse than you could ever imagine. The teens I work with are dumb. What’s even worse is that the ability to learn has been molded out of them by the school district. They can’t learn, they can’t problem solve, they can’t create. We’ve allowed the schools to teach them how to parrot, how to test and how to stand in line. How sad is that?

  • 1stVARifleman

    Gary 2, I realize the last comment I made about one of your comments was not very objective, so this time I will attempt to be as objective as possible. The Progressive agenda which is broadcasted by the establishment media (NBC, Viacom, Disney, Time Warner) is just as bad or worse about misinforming the American people as the neo-conservative agenda through the establishment press (News Corps: Fox News, WSJ, NatGeo, News Max, Rush ect). I’m challenging you Gary to really open your mind and look into who really controls the Progressives. If you objectively look into this you’ll come to the conclusion that the Progressives are subject to the same masters as the Neo-Cons: Wall Street, International Bankers, and the Military Industrial Complex. It’s a challenge Gary, don’t be a sheep anymore.

    Long live the Constitutional Republic, especially the Bill of Rights!

    • Gary2

      As I have said before-both parties suck. The dems just suck way less.

  • Nanette

    Gary2, being as dumb as a rock would be a massive improvement for you.

  • Joe

    Well they certainly do some things well at public schools (like smoking a lot of dope!!).

    Its all over my middle school and is completely out of control.

  • CB

    Wow, liberalism and their union enablers have owned the US education system lock, stock and barrel since the hippie generation of the ’60s got their basket-weaving degrees and became the teachers and administrators of the ’70s but the problem is Fox News and AM radio?

    • Gary2

      yep-you got that right-fox and AM hate radio are a big part of the dumbing down. Glad you agree.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Instead of producing the leaders of tomorrow, our education system is producing a bunch of sheep that are trained to take orders and that are pretty good at taking multiple choice tests….”

      and WHERE are the parents?!?!?!?!?

  • KB

    The schools are so busy trying to do the government’s dirty work that they have forgotten what they are really there for: to teach. Also, you have to have an extremely uneducated populace in order to institute fascism or communism — so they are dumbing America down as it makes the herd easier to control.

  • Education is a lifelong process. There is still hope.

    I have a kid who struggles in school, and I can’t give you an easy answer. We have always been a no-tv house (though there is internet access), feeding nutritious food, keeping on top of homework, and still the kid struggles.

    Don’t blame the kids — the curriculum of public school is insanely dumbed down, politically motivated, and one-sided — and has been since forever. When I went to school I never learned anything about how the REAL world worked, ie, the economy, making a living, real life skills. NOT ONE THING. Yes, history is important, but a working knowledge of (for instance) how banks invent money at no risk to themselves to enslave people would have been more practical than geometry.

    Probably the most important education I have given to my child is about how to NOT enter into debt-slavery through the American banking system (credit cards). THAT’s what I’d like to see taught.

  • godsofold

    Gary2, it seems everything with you is an issue of political party. I’m wondering when you’ll finally wake up and take notice that both parties serve the same agenda. You’re still living in the dark ages believing in the two party concept. Read the book by Gary Allen called, “None Dare Call it Conspiracy”. May do you some good.

  • Judas Jones


  • How to really improve the public schools by taking the “public” out of them…


  • JR

    Look at the bright side: These dumbed down kids make GREAT “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters

  • mememe

    my daughter graduated from a private, college prep high school a few years ago. As a requirement of high school they must take and pass civics. When Obama was inaugurated my daughter believed he would take office next day. She’d never even heard of the president-elect.

    What was she taught? It was only one semester later.

    I don’t think my daughter or I got my moneys worth. We were on a reduced tuition program.

  • Dumb as a rock and rotten to the core from other articles.
    Don’t we deserve a big collapse?

    • i’vegivenup

      Yes we do. Long and hard…

  • Ryan Winston

    These are terrifying statistics. I can’t even imagine what’s going on in schools these days to warrant such results. Part of me thinks this is simply an isolated incident amongst school districts that are heavily stricken with crime and poverty. I’m currently working towards my Master of Education degree online at this site: http://www.cu-portland.edu/ and as a future teacher I can only hope that I will have a better effect on my students.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    There is something about abundance that turns some people into liberal’s morons or in most cases both. How many of thier parents know the questions you presented I would guess not very many. So what’s the point? How many of these people can plant a garden? How many can hunt or fish? How many can do minor house repairs? How many can mix concrete? These are the skills that are going to be needed after the party is over, not playing on XBox, or watching 16 and pregnant (If you want to be REALLY depressed watch that little piece of Americana).

  • Ken

    What are the two major political parties in the United States? Hint: they’re the two currently crushing the life out of the American people.

  • Ken

    We elect a U.S. senator for how many years? Too many.

    • mondobeyondo

      Four years. U.S. representatives are elected for 6 years.

      You see, I actually DID learn something in high school!

      • Sandy

        It saddens me to burst your confidence bubble, but for the sake of those who might take your comment as valid information, here goes:

        Senators are elected to serve 6-year terms.
        Representatives serve 2-year terms.

        You were wrong on both counts. Please pick up a copy of the Constitution (or download one) and READ it.

        • Sandy

          Sorry, Ken, I got it wrong as well: I was actually addressing “mondobeyondo”‘s mistakes.

  • Tatiana Covington

    However, what does it matter how many people recall who the first president was? He’s been dead for 212 years. Achievement matters more than do names and dates. People like Jonas Salk, JS Bach, and Norman Borlaug count for far more.

    Perhaps, if he is in on the right track, the presently quite obscure Miguel Alcubierre may well be the most important person now living. Why? Because he has extended general theory to allow for a faster-than-light star drive.

    Which is more important? The dates of some long-ago war which should never have occurred, or the (possible, still very much unproven) breakthrough which might give us starships?

    • Reality 4U

      The history of these wars are very relevent. The names and associations of our Founding Fathers is of serious concern. Before you get locked into this “starship babbling nonsense” how well are you versed in what actually started these World Wars? Are you doomed to serve these people of which CRIST declared a race of people who are from the synogog of satin and their father is of the devil? Talk about uneducated–serve your master.

      • LordRhynn

        “synogog of satin”?

        Is that where you go when you want to hear sermons highlighting the dangers of subscribing to drunken revelry and falling prey to the temptations brought about by “the look and feel of cotton”?

        Idiocracy, the movie.

        • beaglechase

          hahahahaha…..my thoughts exactly!!!!!

      • What is wrong with you

        Then you are ripe to repeat the errors of ages past. You will fall for the lies, agendas and subtleties of another Hitler or Lenin. I sure hope you don’t vote or have children

      • Tatiana Covington

        Ultimately, the USA will be as forgotten as presently is Sumer. Ultimately, one just has to move on and forget. Ultimately, all the empires and wars are over and done with. Ultimately, so will be the human race (at least as we know it).

        Fifty thousand years from now, who’ll care about the holocaust, or even remember it?

        As for the synogog of satin, I go in for spandex, myself.

    • Fred Garr

      History is terribly important and must be learned by those that truly desire to become educated. I don’t mean indoctrinated either, I mean educated. If an individual does not know what events happened and whom was involved in these events that preceded his existence be it a hundred years or a thousand years that individual is destined to repeat the mistakes of the past.Granted all history is not completely accurate for obvious reasons depending upon the political or social bent of those that wrote it. Most history however is accurate with respect to the singularity of events. It’s when the stated reasons why these events occurred that falsity and inaccuracy comes into play.

  • Citizen X

    The education is indeed a failure, but I feel an equal if not more pressing concern is the neural/cognitive damage done by overexposure to EM radiation and the subliminal manipulation of video gaming. Older folks (I’m 56) cannot begin to imagine the amount of time young people spend BBQing their brains between gaming consoles, Ipad, Ipod, Cell phones, and PCs at home.
    My best friend recently admitted his 14 year old son spent the entire last summer in his room playing video games. ANY attempt to get him to stop provoked an almost immediate semi hysterical rage. They’ve basically written the kid off- at 14! These sheeplettes will be about as useful as a 3rd leg in our immediate future.

    • Tom Fox

      They might want to get their 14 year old son evaluated. By the description, it could be incipient mental illness.

  • i’vegivenup

    Many kids have been brought up expecting everything to be handed to them without earning them and thus they don’t have any motivation to learn or work hard. Technology like video games, computers, cell phones, and other hand held devices have contributed to the downturn of America’s youth. Too many distractions and parents who don’t monitor their kid’s activities. Sad state of affairs and dark times ahead for an already depressed country…

  • Loveless One

    I just wanted to add something; our complete disregard to continue learning past compulsion (which I consider college and grad school to be) and outside any promise of monetary gain is sickening.

    It’s one thing to have dumb high schoolers who’re largely victims of their environment, but adults who will go out of their way to not become enriched or better themselves is even more shocking. We are so obsessed with getting money and entertainment here in the U.S. that you’ll see books like “The Secret” on the best seller lists, while books about true spirituality or enrichment sink because well, hey, who’s got time to read that crap when there’s money to be made?!

    Our inability to become interested in current and historical world affairs, events like the JFK assassination, Gulf of Tonkein, Iran-Contra, 9/11, MK Ultra, GMOs, the military industrial complex etc., are the reason why we keep getting duped and stay asleep. We refuse to read between the lines and wise up to the truth, not because it would scare us, but because we find it boring and there’s no money involved.

    “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” Edward R. Murrow

  • Deborah

    I am a teacher and a parent of a first grader and preschooler. I fully support my union and feel that without it, education would suffer. I do feel that unions protect some ineffective teachers, and I am fully supportive of reform, in both the system and the union.

    The main reasons for the failure of education in this country are lack of family values (and any cultural/religious morality) and poverty. I teach in a poor community, so I know what poverty does to a child’s ability to learn. It is hard to learn when you worked at a factory all night or if the only meal you can get is the free lunch at school.

    My husband has not worked since 2008 and we changed our entire financial outlook. At first it was horrible. Everything we planned financially changed. We cannot save or expand our 900 sq. ft. home. We can just afford the mortgage. But something happened during the last 4 yrs. Now we have decided for him to stay home because it has given us a better life than we imagined. We turned the TV off and play board games with our kids. We cook and eat together. We pray and talk together. We read together, exercise together. There is always a parent home to see them off, pick them up and give them love. We became a close family. I realize that not all families are like this. It is a race to make money and get big things in this country. Not a race to build beautiful people. I am taking pride now in the beautiful people I want to turn my sons into.

    The problem in this country is definately poverty, but mostly it is because people are no longer taking pride in FAMILY, they take more pride in STUFF. I have chosen family and I think that my sons will enjoy a better education because of this.

    • Loveless One

      @Deborah; I agree with you about poverty hurting children. As our neighborhoods continue to be systematically destabilized education will fall further and further behind, replaced by people just trying to literally SURVIVE. I’m happy you were able to find a silver-lining in your husband’s unemployment, imho forging a strong relationship with family is more important than rat-racing for cash.

      I’ve been unemployed since 23 back in 2010, but it’s funny, at 25 and having much free time to explore, read and discover new things, I feel smarter and more independent than ever. What you say is true and compliments what I said earlier, we are morally bankrupt.

      It’s not something as trivial as not being well read in the Bible, Qur’an or Torah, it’s not knowing how to love ourselves let alone others or the world. When any measure of self-worth or pride should be based upon material or monetary wealth in a society, they are gone. I fear this poisonous way of thinking is too entrenched here in the west, people certainly don’t want to become more educated outside of what’s needed so how do we raise awareness of the problem?

      The only solution I can come too, after much soul-searching and racking my brain is to turn my back to this land. It’s unfortunate that the other English speaking countries suffer this same malaise, or I would leave it all tomorrow. It’s a shame that I want to leave the place I was born, but I see no other way outside of an Any Rand maneuver with all of us simply going Galt and walking away…

    • Reality 4U

      Fact is, this country was based on hard work and family values. In the mid 1820’s it was a cabal of international bankers associated with the Rothschild’s banking house that set the world on a collision course with JESUS CHRIST. This group came up the the terms “capitalism and communism.” The underlying theme of both is the same. Look into the Communist Manifesto and you will see the function of taking over the public school system. Do you not see that here in the US. Was it not in 1965 that LB Johnson–the slayer of the Southern Baptists–having created the Department of Education and with this taking control of our education system from the respective States? The failure is obvious, the disaster awaits us.

  • Concerned person

    I heartily agree. I have a first cousin who is functionally illiterate, yet graduated high school. He can’t read books, only comic books. And he isn’t an idiot either. Thanks to social media his reading skills have much improved.

    On another note I have a highly gifted son who isn’t being challenged at all. He is bored and hides his intelligence for fear of sticking out.

    • DB200

      Then you as a parent should challenge your son. It is your responsibility to raise your son, not that of the school.

      We gave our 8 year old son an atlas for X-mas. When we drive long distances we take the atlas with us and use it for educating our son by asking questions. He then has to look up the answers in the atlas.

      He does a typing course in the evenings and is now half way. When he was at school and had to do an assignment behind the computer within a group, guess who was doing the typing?

  • Archangel

    Gary2, you are a liberal.
    By definition, you are an idiotic fool who has no mind of his own.
    If it is true that conservatives have no heart, it is much more true that liberals have no mind.
    Gary2, stop attempting to formulate a valid argument,it’s really not working and you are only embarrassing yourself. Really, just go get a job and stop clogging up Wall Street. Those of us here with a job would like to utilize our consitutionally allowed capitalistic/laissez faire economy the way it was intended to be used: by those with money.

    • Reality 4U

      It was debt by script that JESUS CHRIST warned us not to get involved with. As for this country being “capitalistic” in nature, you could never be so wrong. This country is and was based upon enterprise and individual contributions, not money and purchasing power.

  • Archangel

    Hey everybody on here with a mind:
    Let’s Liberate Wall Street from the idiotic Occupiers!

    • Gary2

      not surprised as the republicans are the party of the rich. What you posted perfectly embodies this morally bankrupt philophsy.

      • LordRhynn

        Yet another customer of the system. There is no “party of the rich”, and no corresponding “party of the poor”.

        This is a prime illustration of the dangers inherent in a society that expresses such unabashed scorn when faced with the suggestion to open a book. Had you done so, you’d realize that back in the pre Civil War period, the party that owned the slaves, ran the industry, resisted emancipation, refused to unify and formed the Confederacy that fought the Union was the Democratic Party. In fact, the very reason for the formation of the Republican Party was to oppose the expansion of slavery beyond the South.

        Meanwhile, the Democrats moved up into the New York area and founded the Tammany Society, which became Tammany Hall, and under the auspices of a benevolent shepherd of incoming European immigrants, instead exploited them to provide cannon fodder for the fight against the Union and installed a corruption in NY politics that lasted all the way through the 30’s which is the first time since they started that a Republican mayor of New York could be elected and break their hold. Tammany couldn’t have cared less for the poor they exploited. They lived in squalor, worked for little more than an indentured servant or freed slave would, and staged the Draft Riots in response to same, plus refusal to be forced to go to war.

        The names have changed many times over history, but now we have a situation where neither party has any connection whatsoever to the poor except when it’s time to drum up additional support for re-election. They are both rich, both corrupt, and have no intention of going hungry so you can eat.

        You didn’t really think you were going to be getting a diametrically opposite President from Obama by voting with the Republican base did you? Or Vice versa? Did you think being a Democrat had anything to do with whether or not Obama was a true liberal? Does he appear to be one, with the warmongering and police state crap that’s running through under his watch? With how many of Bush’s policies he’s done nothing to revoke or change? And for all the disdain the Republican base has for his administration, every candidate in the Republican base is promising more of the same. Publicly denouncing a health care policy from Obama that was based DIRECTLY on an existing policy created and operating at the hand of their leading candidate Romney. Guaranteeing that they will finish the job of initiating a war against Iran that has been going on via America since we installed the Shah as a puppet government back in ’53 and has been going on via Israel against the Islamic nation since ’48.

        It is really impossible to have studied history and still be surprised by what is happening today. It is similarly impossible to understand why there is no vote for the restoration of America to its core values except a vote for Paul if one has any understanding of history.Now would be a good time to crack open a book and start understanding the game of chess you’re a pawn in.

        • Fred Garr

          Wonderful learned comment. I totally agree

      • beaglechase

        i’m a republican and i’m certainly not rich!!!! i’ve read enough of your comments to realize you sir, are an idiot!!! tax the rich and spread the wealth??? how would you feel if you worked and got paid for a job, and half your money was given to joe blow who just sat with his thumb up his ass??? just spreading the wealth……i don’t want what i didn’t work for….. but why am i wasting my breath saying this to you…..you’re just one of the sheep….. you won’t get it until you’re running over the edge of the cliff with all the other brainwashed lemmings…….

    • DB200

      Let’s liberate the world from Wall Street. How about that?

  • Gary2

    The whole modus operandi of the Republican Party has been to say a bunch of simple-minded things to appeal to a bunch of simple-minded people, in order to get enough votes to do the bidding of their plutocratic benefactors, so they can secure themselves a cushy $1 million plus K Street job, paid for by the same benefactors, after they leave office.

    That bag of rocks is looking pretty smart compared to conservatives/repubes.

    • Fred Garr

      It isn’t just the Republicans that are controlled by outside forces connected to the international central banking cartels, it is also the Democrats, and I might add that it is the controlling liberal wing of the Dem’s that have brought us closer to socialist world government than most Republicans during the past century. True traditional conservatism that has generally been associated with the Republican party and believers in limited government is in short supply these days, but with few exceptions during the past century Republicans did not foster legislative measures that supported the relentless trek towards socialist government. The democrats however be they duped or otherwise did support all of the socialist policies that we have with us today.
      I am not a supporter of the Republicans, especially during these times because they also have sold their soul to the controllers behind the scene. In case you haven’t noticed we no longer have any real choice in any part of the presidential elective process.

  • Thank you so very much for your articles on both The Economic Collapse and The American Dream websites. I look forward on a daily basis to see if you have new articles to read. GOD bless and keep fighting the “good” fight!!


    • Michael


      Thank you for saying that. I have written so many hundreds of articles on both sites that it is a real challenge to come up with something new and interesting to write about. :)


  • Wozza Xing

    I have learn’t alot of evrythng frm da T.V. but I just can’t rember any of it at da moment :) Bigup!

    • Polly

      We rest our case.

      • ghost of tomorrow

        I wouldn’t blame the education system. The majority of the staff in public schools present the opportunity for maximum knowledge, but how can you expect them to teach and reach disrespectful weak minded students who have no desire to learn? (no offense I’m probably no better myself.) They are also human and may feel discouraged and unappreciated. Even so, they continue to make efforts. As an indivual you should not be dependant solely on school, especially in this era where you have the advantage of technology and choice.
        I do believe it is the duty of the indiviual to educate himself, no excuses!
        at least I think so! I could be wrong.
        ahh america america america , I still believe in her

  • tommcd

    The poor quality of the American public educational system is not an accident. It was deliberately planned. Read the “Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Charlotte Iserbyt.
    The author was a senior policy advisor in the Department of Education; and her father and grandfather were members of the Skull and Bones secret society:

  • Buck Wheate

    Spot on essay. 30 yrs in the classroom.
    Worse, kids don’t even wash their hands after using the restroom. Worse, still, administration does not care. And to think, they play wid your burger at McD’s.
    Hi-ho…Hip..Hop…getchya a tattoo and demand respect.

  • Steve

    Deborah lives in her unionized dream world. I attended Parochial School (K thru 7) back in the 60’s thru 70’s. By 8th grade we had moved, and I had to attend public schools. By the 10th grade I had dropped out. Why? Public High School 9th + 10th grade was teaching me the same things I had already been taught in 5th + 6th grade in Parochial School. 10th grade History, I never went to a class once, except to take the mid-term test. Teacher asked why I showed up. I told her to prove what she was teaching I already had been taught years ago. She had me take the test at her desk while she watched. I got a 99%. I left school that year, took my GED, and never looked back. And it has only gotten worse since then! Public education in this country is a joke; a sick, twisted joke!

  • Mr Carpenter

    I actually kind of knew this.

    It also partly explains the fact that our real unemployment rate is about 20% in this country (government lies say it is under 10%), but that a lot of employers are having a tough time finding people capable of doing relatively simple jobs with anything resembling competence. The education levels for people in what used to be 3rd world countries is now leaving the USA and probably also the UK, in the dust.

    Little wonder my day-job employer is now wanting college degreed people only – even with the extremely dumbed-down higher educational system, they’re at least equivalent to a High School education when I graduated from school in 1975!

    But this dumbing-down as it’s called, has been going on a long time. Mrs. and I were at an old book store (now closed as most of them are) and I found a book which had an 8th grade test from the 1890’s (that’d be age 13, when the majority of people finished school back then).

    I was shocked to realize that even with a college degree obtained in the 1980’s, I probably would not have gotten more than a passing “average” grade on that 8th grade final ! ! ! I strongly suspect that virtually all of the current youngsters would fail it even age age 18.

    I will add this. I know of a little church in my local area which started teaching their own children in a 1-room school house in 1976. They are Biblical Christians; Mennonites.

    These children have no tv in their homes and no computer “games”. They don’t tend to associate with the young savages who now make up much of our “youth culture” in this country, but among themselves not because they are forbidden, but because they have virtually nothing in common with them.

    When I visit their church, it is like a fresh breeze on a clear sky summer day at a mountaintop. These kids are the most well adjusted people of their age that I know, as are their parents. Yep; they’re still kids, but they can hold an age appropriate intelligent conversation with adult visitors and parents alike. It’s amazing.

    I’m also taking a course to continue my education to become a better Pastor in my own church and I’m reading a book entitled “Under the Influence” (How Christianity Transformed Civilization).

    The fact that in western sillivization, we are losing Christianity has much more to do with this overall decline than most people realize.

    Pastor Glenn

    • Michael

      Thanks for that great comment. I think that the Mennonites have a lot that they could teach all of us.


  • dsmith8ball

    The scariest thing to me is that these people will vote someday.

    • Gary2

      I know-conservatives should not be allowed to even drive, much less vote!

  • Gerry

    I am glad that commenters touch on causes other than bad schools. Parents and our social system are at least equally to blame. I saw a cartoon recently depicting what happened when Johnny got a bad grade in:
    a.1950 where the parents are yelling at the kid
    b.2011 where the parents AND the kid are yelling at the teacher

  • Lynell Milner

    John Dewey, socialist, was responsible for the discontinued use of phonics in our schools and literacy has plummeted ever since.

    “In 1750 nearly 90 percent of New England women (and virtually all men) could read and write, giving this region a higher literacy rate than any other area in Europe or America.”
    Source: MSN Encarta

    John Dewey wrote: “We violate the child’s nature and render difficult the best ethical results by introducing the child too abruptly to a number of special studies, of reading, writing, geography, etc.” (1897) “The plea for the predominance of learning to read in early school life because of the great importance attaching to literature seems to me a perversion.” (1898)

    Edmund Burke Huey in his 1908 textbook wrote: “It is not indeed necessary that the child should be able to pronounce correctly or pronounce at all, at first, the new words that appear in his reading, any more than that he should spell or write all the new words that he hears spoken….And even if the child substitutes words of his own for some that are on the page, provided that these express the meaning, it is an encouraging sign that the reading has been real, and recognition of details will come as it is needed. The shock that such a statement will give to many a practical teacher of reading is but an accurate measure of the hold that a false ideal has taken of us, viz., that to read is to say just what is upon the page, instead of to think, each in his own way, the meaning that the page suggests.”

    G. Stanley Hall (Huey’s mentor) spelled it out in 1911: “The knowledge which illiterates acquire is probably a much larger proportion of it practical….It is possible, despite the stigma our bepedagogued age puts upon this disability, for those who are under it not only to lead a useful, happy, virtuous life, but to be really well educated in many other ways.”

  • “Approximately a third of all U.S. high school students did not know that the Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of religion. (This is a topic that I touched on yesterday).”
    It doesn’t where did you get your education? It is merely a prohibition on the Federal Government.

  • Who was the first President of the United States? 23 percent
    It was not George Washington he was the first President under the Constitution there were are few before him under the articles of Confederation.

    John Hanson is the answer.

    • Bart

      Without looking it up, I’m pretty sure you mean John Hancock. That is technically correct if you include the Articles of Confederation, but whenever we ask who the first president was, we’re always asking who it was under the U.S. Constitution. Almost no one knows that the first president under the Articles was Hancock.

      • No, Samuel Huntington was first president under the Articles. John Hancock was president of the Second Continental Congress when independence was declared, making him first president of the United States instead of the United Colonies. The president before him was Peyton Randolph.

  • Morgaine

    Those who don’t learn and understand their history are doomed to repeat it– or worse.

    This attitude is the reason young people don’t value education.

    Having taught students from the “free market West” as well as from former Soviet Bloc countries (right after the end of communism, so they had gotten their primary and secondary education under the Soviet system), I can say that those educated under communism were, almost without exception, better educated, had better basic (3Rs) skills as well as better critical thinking skills.

    I don’t mean to argue causality, only correlation; but it’s got nothing to do with being “free” or “capitalist” or “democratic”.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    It’s no coincidence that, as Michael T. Snyder points out, “students in Europe and in Asia routinely outperform our students very badly on standardized tests.” This is by design. Knowledge is power, and the more that American youths are dumbed down and undereducated, the easier it is for the corporatist thugs to keep them under their boots. The more that American youths are dumbed down and undereducated, the more likely they will be to become cannon fodder in imperialist wars or work for slave wages in a sweatshop. The ruling class corporatist thugs don’t want American youths listening to Gerald Celente and Alex Jones or reading Paul Craig Roberts and Justin Raimondo or learning how to be entrepreneurs or campaigning for Ron Paul—no, they want them passive, docile, ignorant and happy to serve their slavemasters.

    Ah, but here’s the thing: the fact that youths are uneducated doesn’t necessarily mean that they lack street smarts. And many of them will decide that there is more future in drug trafficking or kidnapping than there is in fighting an imperialist war or working in a sweatshop. This is the violent, unstable Third World society that Gerald Celente and Alex Jones have been warning us about. We ignore them at our peril.

    • LordRhynn

      This is exactly what I referred to in an earlier post, as it is exactly what happened during the immigration period of the Civil War era. That time, it was uneducated Irish, and other immigrants from Europe who had no political power or representation save that of the uber corrupt Tammany Hall bent on converting them to cannon fodder in said war. Now, the same thing is going on both with immigrants, illegals, and citizens. The slave base is merely expanding by disregarding and legislating out laws that were put in place to shield those under Constitutional protection from that expansion. And it is being done with full consent of same after selling a bill of goods about “security” and “spreading Democracy” to them.

      The long and the short of it is that with the Constitution destroyed, everyone, regardless of color and citizenship status, is in the process of having their status in this country converted to that of a pre-Emancipation slave. As a Black man, fully sick of the talk of race cards and the oft regurgitated statistics trotted out to show me what a blight I am on the planet despite the efforts of such a benevolent majority and government to “rehabilitate” and “facilitate” me, I actually consider my refusal to say “suck it White majority” and my choice to instead feel compassion for it as a testament to my humanity.

      And why the need for such extreme compassion? Because everybody else in this country knew exactly what car in the crazy train they were riding in – the cattle car. Only White middle America believed it was taking the trip in the first class dining car with the company execs.

      There was a great quote in the movie “Gangs of New York” attributed to Boss Tweed by rich guy “Mr. Shermerhorn” during the Draft Riots where he says “you can always hire one half of the poor to kill the other half”. How true. Especially when one or both of the sides has no idea that the “other half” is not the enemy and never was.

  • jude

    Years ago I removed my kids from public/Catholic school due to the dumbing down. 30 parents got together and we formed a home school atmosphere in a old mansion ( rehabilitated). We had 60 students/ 2 teachers, 6 aids, every parent had to contribute some skill. I taught art and cooking. Some taught music – others gardening, carpentry, mechanics, theater, etc. My sons could read at 12th grade level by 3rd grade. My little one ( 1st grade) could name every state and capital. I blame parents today for their indifference. Also I am against (had autistic brother) having handicapped, mentally challenged, emotionally challenged all in one classroom. All the children suffer/ testing is geared to all students despite grave disabilities. You DO NOT see this in Sidwell other $$$ private schools where the elite/ politically connected send their children (learning Chinese – literature – travel abroad – algebra – physics – science buildings – computer labs etc). They are planning a CLASS for war and the local Wigget Factory (your kids) and the leaders (private schools). Social engineering has replaced teaching/ passivity and conformity.

  • Loveless One

    I am a firm believer that older generations even as far back to ancient Egypt were SIGNIFICANTLY more intelligent than our current one. Honestly, what great minds do we have? We have no real philosophers, radical scientists, artists or great thinkers. Our generation is a “me” generation, meaning nothing will be done without proper benefits, and I’m not just talking about the kids.

    Generations ago guys like Giordano Bruno and Galileo laid down their lives and personal freedoms for radical and controversial beliefs. Today we have a society chock full of sycophants who pledge fealty to corrupt institutions for scraps, so long as they elevate their status, get the car, the mate, the house…THE PRIZE.

    IIRC I remember a quote that went something like this, “Americans place greater emphases on major corporations and businesses, than rugged on individuals who personify the American spirit of individualism, determination, courage and honor like Clint Eastwood.” I paraphrased that badly, but you get the point, the age of the true individual is dead and buried.

  • A.S.

    To Quote:”Instead of producing the leaders of tomorrow, our education system is producing a bunch of sheep that are trained to take orders and that are pretty good at taking multiple choice tests.”

    It is really much worse! Trained to take order without thinking or questioning. For example: I recently flew and was told I had to pay extra for my second piece of luggage (new policy for most airlines, not wanting to give two for free). I told them, “You can clearly see that on your screen that I did not have even one coming into NYC. I think you should give me the second one for free to make up for the one I didn’t use.” They refused…”sorry, it is against our policy.” I demanded to see the supervisor. Told him the same thing and that this policy to begin with is outright theft. He also refused. I saw that I was getting no where, but at least I tried. These idiots really tick me off because a lot of their “policies” end up being theft.

    As for the multiple choice tests, don’t you mean multiple guess? Since they don’t know the answer, let alone an an “educated guess,” the really are blindly selecting the correct answer. I remember taking multiple choice tests that you into h or i or even j, where such letter are “a and b” or “c and d” or “a and c but could have been b too under condition x.” Even these were a super simple. I found fill in really challenging, because you had to know. Essay questions were my favorite because this really challenged you and even if you didn’t quite know the answer, at least the teacher gave partial credit for trying!

    Where are such teachers? Not in my former state-run high school. Heck, not even in a state-run college. You talk about high school student? What about college graduates that can’t answers those questions? That teacher that wants to escape the U.S. has a point. Give it two more generations and the U.S. will be full of 5-year olds controlled by the super elite who are not even intelligent compared to 13-year olds of 1850. “G-d Save the Queen?” It should be “G-d Save the U.S.!”

  • Alan Nevling

    The Public Fool System is a roaring success, outdoing even the wildest dreams of those who designed and sponsored it, and keeping pace, at least, with the desires of those who control and struggle to expand it today. From the outset, it was intended to make those whom it processed, into useful tools for their “betters,” yet dependent, incapable of suscessfully challenging the powers that be.

    Those few who doubt this (and actually give a damn) may read an egaging proof — The Underground History of American Education, by John Taylor Gatto — for free at: http://johntaylorgatto.com/chapters/index.htm … provided they actually can read. Ethical readers may even purchase a printed copy.

    • Excellent book recommendation! Gatto is the former NY State Teacher of the Year who not only left the public school system but became very vocal about its failings. He is now a homeschool advocate. His other books are also very good; his essay “The Seven Lesson Schoolteacher” will open your eyes, too: http://www.newciv.org/whole/schoolteacher.txt

    • Fred Garr

      Here is another reference that is an absolute necessity for those that wish to acquire an handle on why our government schools have been purposefully programmed to fail. It is a huge book by Charlotte Iserbyt and is available on a free download at this link…..http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/

  • Bart

    I’ve always been good at math, and as I was attending college in Alaska many years ago, I was a math tutor. When you are learning about math in general, you have to remember what you are learning, so you can keep going. The thing about math is that it’s endless. You can’t just learn the part you’re studying and then forget about it, because there is always more, even if you happen to be a PhD. All of math depends upon what you’ve already learned, otherwise you can’t go any further.

    Well, one time a young Native kid came in, who was having trouble with his integral calculus. In order to perform integration, however, one must first be familiar with differential calculus, which is covered in the first semester. He was deep into the second semester, just six weeks from finals.

    In order to solve the problem he was trying to work on, first he had to perform some pretty straightforward differential calculus, which he should have learned long before then. He didn’t know how to do it. Obviously I could not teach him nearly a year of calculus in one session, so I was unable to help him at all. He just picked up and left, suddenly aware that he was going to fail the class.

    So, kids: If you’re studying math and want to keep going, you have to remember all of what you’ve studied about it.

  • Libertarian Jerry

    What we are witnessing today,in American education,is the final result of the Cultural Marxist assault on American culture. 100 years ago the Left knew that in order to gain power they had to change their tactics. The Left knew that it couldn’t compete with the Free Enterprise System in creating a large Middle Class. That the Middle Class of 100 years ago would not accept Socialism by voting it in. So instead they came up with the idea of taking over and influencing the Culture of the West. By controlling and influencing the Media,Academia,Public Education,the Arts etc. They could,to a large extent,control the thinking and actions of the masses as far as accepting a Socialist,top down power structure. Unfortunately, the collectivists of both Right and Left have succeeded in their efforts beyond their wildest dreams. The only answer is a counter-revolution of trying,step by step,to recapture the world of ideas. This crusade of liberty may take a generation or two of hard work to implement,but judging by the Ron Paul Revolution and the proliferation of the Internet I think that the believers in individual liberty and self reliance are off tho a good start. In the end,its a race against time. This counter-revolution must succeed before the forces of tyranny are in place to stifle any resistance. Its a matter of constructing a rebirth of liberty in America before the construction of the gulags and the police state can grow to the point of no return.

    • Fred Garr

      Excellent comment. The internet may help if enough people actually read, and discern what’s available, but I do believe we may be past the point of mounting any type of peaceful counter-revolution. I unlike yourself believe the forces of tyranny are mostly in place now and becoming stronger every day. The traditional road towards peaceful resolution is our Congress. Unfortunately they no longer listen as representatives of the people so that leaves resolution by civil resistance or armed force.

  • Gregory8

    By 6th grade in 1965 I knew all of the information that was in John Stossel’s “Stupid In America”. What the hell happened? But perhaps I’m making too much of this. Maybe it’s not so important when all you have to know are one of two phrases: “paper or plastic?”, or “do you want fries with that?”

    • mondobeyondo

      I’ll take the fries, thank you very much. No ice or stamps today, though.

  • charlie

    All they need to know is reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic. Everything else they can look up.

    • Fred Garr

      That’s true Charlie, but they don’t teach the basics anymore. In some indoctrination centers (PS schools) they shove computers in front of 1st graders before they know the how to add in their head. Haven’t you noticed the kids working at McDonald’s are lost in making change without their little counter mounted devices??

  • JT

    John Hanson was President of the Continental Congress, never President of the United States. I do however understand the point the writer was trying to get across. Many people do not consider the years the United States did not have a president. The country being born on July 4, 1776, but our first president, George Washington, first assumed office in 1789. That is a period of some 13 years without a president. The President of the Continental Congress was one of many equals. Someone had to lead that group, and the first was of course John Hanson. But the writer has a very valid point, in that few people even know of the name John Hanson, or the significance of his place in our nation’s history. I mention this not to technically correct the writer, but merely to inform other readers.

    It is a shame when a high school graduate can’t name the first president, can’t identify Iraq on a map, can’t read a ruler, don’t know when or why the Civil War was fought, or know the ocean that touches the eastern border of the mainland United States. We’ve got to know history to be able to foresee a solid future. We’ve got to know geography to know our neighbors. We’ve got to know math to make ends meet. We’ve got to know our government, so we can know who we are. And we’ve got to know English to clearly communicate.

    This entire thread reinforces the need for improving the educational system in our country. The tone of some of the responses here is questionably civil. Much like our Congress, there will never be any significant improvements until we can all work together without personal attacks. There must be a respect for all opinions of those who genuinely care.

    I’d like to think that most school teachers genuinely care about teaching. I’m sure some do not. We need to keep the best teachers, and retire those who can’t cut the mustard. If I am about to have surgery, I don’t want a surgeon who is not up to par. I want someone who is good, qualified, and cares. I think the same should hold true to teachers, and to any profession for that matter.

    Poverty does adversely affect many students. But poverty does not adversely affect the student’s ability to learn. Parents must participate in their children’s education. Those who claim poverty as a reason a child does not get a good education must also look for additional reasons, not excuses. A child in this country can get a good education, if they have the desire. That desire should be instilled by parents, or guardians as is the case with many students.

    One of the problems in the schools today is that teachers have no control in their classrooms. There can be little to no discipline in the classroom. One of my cousins is a second grade teacher in a public school. She cannot even have a student stand in a corner for acting up as back in my day. There is too much fear of a lawsuit. When teachers have no control, all students on the classroom suffer. When teachers have to spend time with one problem student, the remaining 20 or so students suffer as a result of the lack of teaching. Yes, the problems of society negatively affect our educational system.

    I could go on with many other reasons our educational system is flawed. Many of you on this thread could add many as well. This isn’t a Liberal problem; this isn’t a Conservative problem; this isn’t a race problem; this isn’t a gender problem; and this isn’t a status problem – it’s our problem. It is the problem of our children and grand children. And it will start to get better only when we stop blaming the Democrats, stop blaming the Republicans, stop blaming the wealthy, stop blaming the poor, stop blaming the blacks, stop blaming the whites, and stop blaming our neighbors.

    Let’s do something to make it better.

  • Behind the Wall

    We educate everyone up to 16. The other countries give a middle school to high school option. Complain all you want, take your kids and leave the U.S. I will see you coming back. As for these survey clowns, the inner cities of the U.S. are the most populated and poverty stricken. If you remove that group from your SURVEY we have the best educational system in the world by far. Most kids just choose to do other things. We have to just deal with it and hope that we raise our kids the right way in the home so when they go to school they know how to take advantage of the free education that is being provided to them.

    • Fred Garr

      Unfortunately you have not the slightest clue what you are talking about. Do some more reading and and pay attention to those that refer to people like Charlotte Iserbyte, and John Taylor Gatto in their comments.

  • Bob Carlsen

    I LOVE IT! I love it when people who bewail the failings of others have exactly the same problems themselves.

    They do not know how to form a sentence.

    R-i-i-i-ght. You mean, like this:

    > If we would just challenge our students and require more out of them we could do so much better.

    (1) When a sentence begins with a subordinate clause, you need a comma before the main clause.

    (2) What kind of verb form is this ‘If we would just challenge … and require…’ ? It’s not English! When you have a conditional in the main clause ( ‘we could do …’ ), the verb in the subordinate clause needs to be past simple.

    So, your sentence — properly formed — should read

    > If we just challenged our students and required more out of them, we could do so much better.

    best regards,

    Robert Carlsen
    retired professor of linguistics

    • Nice going, Bob. I agree about the comma. A bit stodgy concerning the ‘would’, however. I might take out the ‘just’ too. It implies ‘only’ and then proceeds to refer to a compound verb.

      I was only a student of linguistics, though, not a professor. :-)

  • emily jane squires

    …train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it….
    Proverbs 22:6…

    The Communist planners long ago knew the use and importance of education of the young in their well stated philosophy for world conquest. What people must learn is ‘communism’ is really only one side of a coin called totalitarianism…the other side of the same coin is called ‘corporatism.’ ‘They’ have most of the West now confused and believing that the ‘corporatism’ side of the coin is ‘Capitalism. In otherwords…by making it look and having enough of the public believing that what is destroying the Western economic system is ‘Capitalism’ it makes it possible to begin replacing ‘capitalism’ by using ‘corporatism’ with ‘Socialism’….which is the last phase of the transformation before pure ‘communism.’
    Confusing isn’t it!

    The Russian revolution of 1917 and takeover by Lenin was actually planned, financed and arranged by powerful ‘Western’ bankers. Not enough space here to get into the whole story, but hopefully you get the gist.

    John Dewey, an agent of the early wealthy ‘elite’ socialists said that the schools: “Take an active part in determining the social order of the future as the teachers align themselves with the forces making for social control of ‘economic forces.” John D. Rockefeller started the General Education Board…the fore-runner to todays Rockefeller Foundation(tax free)…as a means of introducing the world of education to the wealthy. The Board’s Chairman, Frederick T. Gates wrote: “In our dreams, we have limitless resources now(taxpayer money) and the people yield their children with perfect agreement to our molding hands. The present educational conventions fade from our minds and , unhampered by tradition, we work our good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk.”

    Of course you are now seeing the progression of their success. The pattern of using the schools to mold the character to the Soviet totalitarian system of society and economy will be furthered by a national Union of school teachers(NEA). Schools will become clinics whose purpose is to provide individualized, psycho-social treatment for the student, and teachers will become ‘societal change agents’ and psycho-social therapists.

    Some people have begun noticing at least the symptoms and results from what I read here.

    • Fred Garr

      Great and accurate comment. You have done your homework.

  • Tatiana Covington

    The hard, harsh reality of the 21st and 22nd centuries is that technology is infinitely more important than any war or politician.

    I expect that, once we understand how our brains work (which is not very well), we shall finally be able to control our emotions and behaviors, thus eliminating war essentially as a medical problem requiring psychotropics.

    One retort to me blames Jews. Frankly, I’m not all that concerned with them, since all religions are nonsense anyway.

    You’re much better off reading a physics textbook.

  • Bob

    The nurse at my doctors office couldnt operate a scale or a blood pressure monitor. I had to teach her how to use the scale. This country is seriously going to hell.

  • Coyote wisdom

    I am finally commenting on big-city American students who are for the most part slow-turtle brained brats. They are spoiled and lazy and refuse to follow the simplest of instructions, OK, maybe a third listen, but the remainder have come to the conclusion that they’ll be fine if their school work looks like a drunk wrote it. No pride, no goals. If we have another ten years I’ll be shocked. I am forgetting it was like this 40 years ago?

  • Come on, “First President of the United States” is a trick question. I assume it is safe to not answer Peyton Randolph because even though he was president of the first Continental Congress, at the time they were the “United Colonies.”

    That leaves the first contender for the title to be John Hancock as he was president when independence was declared, transitioning from United Colonies to United States.

    The second contender for the title would be Samuel Huntington, the first president after the Articles of Confederation were passed and therefore the first to preside over an official federal body.

    The third contender is, of course, George Washington.

    • mondobeyondo

      I thought the first President of the U.S. was Christopher Columbus. He sailed with a bunch of Spanish and Italian guys on the Queen Mary, which sank after hitting an iceberg on April 15th, 1912. Several decades later, he built the Queen Mary 2.

      After that, they sailed westward in their lifeboats until they reached New York City. Everyone praised old Chris for being a valiant leader, and in 1916 he was elected President.

      As you can see, I lerned a lat in hi skool.

      • mondobeyondo

        I also remember my grandpa telling me stories about fighting in the Civil War way back in 1962. The Germans were bombing Pearl Harbor, and Granddad took up arms (and legs), and headed for the nearest Marine recruitment place.

        Unfortunately, the Vietnamese launched an atomic bomb, which set the Allied forces back several years…

  • mondobeyondo

    God Bless America! We’re Number One! Yaaayy!

    Wow, that’s getting old.

  • Edgar Westmoreland

    There is no way I would send a child to public school today. No school at all would be a better education than can be gotten at most of them. Most of what they do could better be characterized as torture than teaching.

  • Rafael

    I am an employer. One day while driving in a truck with an employee I asked this 20 something “what is the definition of the word ‘democracy'”? To make a long story short he had no idea whatsoever. I was so astonished that I asked my other employees (teens to 40 years) and not one of them could give any definition. I am still reeling from the experience. The solution?
    Get the federal government out of education and leave carriculum up to the local school board and the parents. The “localer” the better.

  • If you don’t believe the author of this article, then look up John Taylor Gatto or Charlotte Iserbyt (pronounced Iser-bee).

    Charlotte Iserbyt’s father and grandfather both went to Yale and became members of the infamous Skull & Bones secret society. As a result, Charlotte now has documents from Skull & Bones (including their membership lists, which have her listed in them as her father’s daughter) that prove beyond a doubt that Skull & Bones deliberately took over the U.S. school system and engineered it to fail. This isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s conspiracy fact.

    You can read both Gatto and Iserbyt’s books about the “deliberate dumbing down of America” as they call it, for free online. You can also see the video interview that Infowars did with Iserbyt on YouTube, just do a search for “The Charlotte Iserbyt story”.

    BTW, Charlotte Iserbyt was Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement at US Dept. of Education during the Reagan administration. She also worked for the State Department. It doesn’t get much more insider than that.

    If you are still not convinced, then you’re simply immune to the truth.

    • Ffred Garr

      You are one of the few who know the truth behind the failed PS system. Your references are accurate and appropriate. I’ve studied the dumbing down of America problem for many years in my retirement, and it’s heartening to see there are a few out there who know the truth even though I hate to admit that it’s too late now for any effective fix.

      • It is sad to have to admit it. But it IS too late to fix the system from within. One would need to sacrifice their own children’s futures to try tilting at these windmills. ( I could segue to the EPA and “sustainable energy policy” here, but I’ll restrain myself.)

  • Thank you for this post.

    As an educator of some 40 years who now works with groups of homeschoolers, I have a keen interest in this topic.

    Clearly, our public education system is failing. Can Americans not see this? Can they not understand the grave danger?

  • DB200

    “If our students cannot even find Iraq and New York on a map, what hope is there that they will be able to think critically about the important world events of our day?”

    Now, that would make them ideal employees for the TSA!

  • Lulu13

    I am in the 7th grade and when i see all of these things about how little high school students know, it frightens me! I know much more than those “people”. It is really sad that they don’t know who the U.S. first president was! I mean come on!!! He is in our history books. The U.S. general who defeated the British. He crossed the Delaware River and that was one of our big marks in history! It’s George Washington!! I have stated all these facts and it is sad that high school students can’t even answer this question correctly on a multiple choice question test… All i have to say now is, Sad…

  • ” only 37 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 can find Iraq on a map of the world. ”

    yet must in 1990, 2001 and likely, still today, are fine invading them, killing them and nuking them…otherwise, antiwar voices are silenced for the crime of “not supporting the troops”

  • I work on MEDICAID disability cases, this statement:

    “I talked with 18-year-old Dorian Cain in South Carolina, who was still struggling to read a single sentence in a first-grade level book when I met him”

    You would be surprised how often I see people with GED/12th grade ed or at least 8-9th grade ed that cannot fill out simple forms, nor read and understand simple forms. One person told me recently he could not read/write more then his name and told me, rather matter of fact “well, I only went to 9th grade”…..as if basic reading kicks in then or sometime later…….the plan, dumbind down the “mundanes” going rather wll, thank you Dewey/Rockafellar,et al…….

  • meant “dumbed down”, my education is fine, typing skills, not so much…….then again, my IQ in past was around 117 (when I was sick and having memory issues 2nd to hypoxia) and went to private school most of my time….

  • Tyrean

    The time required to teach does not need to be expanded. The quality of time spent teaching is important. Smaller classroom sizes, quality teaching, and a good attitude make a difference.
    Homeschooling is on the rise for many of the reasons that you state in your article. Homeschoolers may not spend 6-7 hours learning how to work to the sound of bells, and getting their attendance taken repetively, but they do get in quality education in a small classroom setting from teacher-parents who care deeply for their children’s well-being, success, and understanding of the world around them.
    My kids have known the location of Iraq on a world map since they were in early elementary school and we were learning about Mesopotamia.

  • TinkerTailerSoldier

    Here is a shocking thing to say: Lets ban the monopoly the government has on state sponsored education. Public unions and the government are the raison d’tre for MORE of this style of education? If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. BUT…the assertion is that the system is broke right? Don’t put the same people in charge that broke the system in the first place. They have to go. Imagine a world without PUBLIC UNIONS and GOVERNMENT MONOPOLY ON EDUCATION. Just IMAGINE!!!

  • Kevin

    The early mid 1970s in HS was no picnic for sure. Many did learn vital math skills like there are 28 grams in an ounce.

    I had an interest in history and like most here learned it by reading on my own. I wish the internet was around back then. If you don’t know history with the availability of the internet no teaching will drill it in your head.

    The majority of people just don’t care about anything except that which provides them with immediate pleasure and comfort.

    • Hugh

      I heartily agree with your argument about a phenomenological narcissism being a key source to our education problems. We do live in an era where “me” “me” and “feel good now” is marketed and imposed on a public that is not paying attention — and that’s the adults!

  • wayneb2012

    How does one “prepare” to be dumbed down in the classroom? This article says that kids need to prepare better for class.

  • Eric Marks

    I am a 30 year old researcher and writer who was luckily blessed with two things growing up. Number one, I am naturally intelligent. Concepts come easy to me and I am aware about the proper ways to discern true and false information. Secondly, I went to private school from kindergarten through third grade. In addition to learning how to read at a very early age using phonix, we also learned French from 1st grade on. When the tutiton became too high in 1st grade, I moved back to public school for the rest of that year, but I hated it in public school so I eventually went back to my old school. While I was in public school, I noticed that I was a far better reader than the rest of my class. I went back to private school till the beginning of 4th grade. Public school that year was a nightmare. I had a physically abusive teacher who routinely put her hands on me and shoved me around for misbehaving. One day she grabbed me by my cheeks pressing up against my gumms so hard that I had bruises. My principle and family didn’t believe me and never thought to ask my classmates what they saw. Then one day, one of my classmates was pushing in line and all I did was push back and tell him to stop. My teacher grabbed my arm, flung me around as hard as she could and rammed my lower back into the metal chalk tray. I sunk to the floor, writhing in agony. If I wasn’t so hurt my rage may have led me to do something completely out of character, but to this day my back is messed up because of her. Nobody believed me when I told them and nothing was ever done to dicscipline this teacher. Middle school and high-school weren’t much better, educationally. I luckily had a few teachers here and there who actually taught me a lot. My 8th grade English teacher knew I was a good writer and nurtured my talent, for example. It wasn’t until I graduated and went to community college that I found out how much I didn’t know. This was especially true with history. I had always been extremely facsinated by the past, but apparently during high-school I had been taught a bunch of useless crap because my college history professor enlightened me to a great many truths that I had no idea about. I also had a few English professors who molded my raw writing talent and who taught me that having the ability to write beautiful prose is only the first step towards becoming a good writer. I learned about a whole range of things about writing that I never knew beforehand. During the time it took me to get my associates degree and move on to a 4-year school, critical thinking and original ideas were encouraged. Some professors structured their entire class in line with that. Community college’s aren’t funded by the state, and therefore do not have to teach pre-sanctioned, politically correct nonsense in place of real education. I will always be grateful for my time there, because had I gone from highschool straight to a four year school without community college inbetween, I would not be the person I am today. I attend Rutgers University now, and original thinking seems like a pair of dirty words. By the time I got there, I’d already had four history courses with a professor who taught us the truth. Rutgers history professors are forced to teach from preapproved books and cannot tell the truth about certain subjects. Challenging some of these professors is akin to academic suicide, and in all my courses, to see how little my classmates actually know makes me sad and worried for this once great and free nation’s future. Kids are getting dumber and dumber, public education is coddling and encouraging their stupidity. Then Americans wonder why our country is going down the drain and why the rest of the world hates us. It isn’t freedom other countries hate. It’s America’s self-imposed role as world police, and the brutal, hypocritical and almost completely failed foriegn and domestic policies. Our government is screwing up so bad, that they are now coming after our right to call them on their crap! That is what SOPA and PIPA are about! The government never wants their own words and actions to be used against them. They want to act with impunity and the dumber the public is, the easier that will be…

    • Jombo

      Did anyone teach you about paragraphs?

      • Anne Frank

        Indeed. How did our self-proclaimed genius avoid learning simple English grammar?

        > Duh! Which community college’s what is not funded by the state?

  • ive got guns

    Europeans are sucking more… they cant even use computer and internet… who needs education these days??

  • “Our children are spoiled and lazy, our schools do not challenge them and students in Europe and in Asia routinely outperform our students very badly on standardized tests.”

    I should have figured that this should be where I stopped reading, however it all panned out as I thought it would and well done to you for having idiots complain about the system which they enabled – good job!

  • Arthur Fonzarelli

    It’s the NAGGERS….the system has to cater to the lowest common denominator.

  • Jaak Yvagvagah

    i’m been a hiskull grad and haz berry goodt comprehennzion, allso goodt in spieling, reeding and *phonix*.

  • I had a very similar experience to the teacher mentioned in the article. That, and other such experiences led me to abandon teaching and go back to engineering. High schools in America are sexually saturated, politically correct, indoctrination centers, that have no intention of challenging students and imparting knowledge. I wrote about this scam we call public education in my book, Set Our Children Free. Only radical change can save us from this next generation.

  • Concerned citizen

    When I started seventh grade, I was the only one who could identify the seven continents. It was all downhill from there. I have a 7yo who can identify all 50 states on a blank map and around 70 countries (to tell you the truth I can’t do the same). I homeschool,but even if he and his older brother were in school we would learn these things after schools. For all the shocked parents and grandparents reading this article, don’t rely on the schools to teach everything. They are forced to teach to the lowest common denominator. Just accept the fact that you need to step in and help with the deficiencies if you cannot afford private school, homeschooling, or an expensive school district. I’m sure enough of us are capable that we may just save society and have enough educated citizens to run the country.

  • unsheepled

    You all need to watch IDIOCRACY, another predictive in your face programming piece of reality !

  • LKY

    The real problem is not school. It is the modern parenthood. Children spend far more hours in home than school.

    Growing up in China, my family had a TV since my 1st grade. My mom only allow me to watch 30 minutes of cartoon on Saturdays only. The show is also be approved by my mom. If I got bad grade at school, then I will not watch TV till the end of school year.

    American parents believe that education is the job of school. There is no demand from parents to their children on their achivement. Only ask to try best and have fun. TV and computer game is used as babysitter. Why do we have so much problem with teenagers today? Just watch the Disney channel for teenagers for ten minutes. You will find all the teen attitude problems there.

    Growing up from a different culture, I see more problems with parents than schoo.

  • This is really sad. I wish parents took more of an interest in their child’s education. Where are the parents in all this? To busy to care?

    I guess so, they need to spend their 28 hours a week watching tv. Don’t want to miss out on Survivor.

  • Violet Arnold

    20 years ago I returned my kids to public school from being home schooled (by me a with only a GED myself and the help of some really great home school material.)They had been in my school for 3.5 years… The priniple at the school (knowing fully well I couldn’t have done a descent job) put the kids through every test they had it took three days… They were trying to prove that I was remiss at their education. It turned out that they had advanced, not declined. They left public school at and below grade level and return at and above… Did the school embrace them? NO? Did they welcome us as supporting parents of the school system? NO? We were forced into home schooling by my husbands military career…. They knew that, but still we were ostersized. What were they thinking?

  • PM

    The problem is that this was the design in the first place. Our education system is intended to promote ignorance and blind faith in authority figures(police, media, government, etc.). Free thought, expression, and questioning of the so-called lessons being taught is discouraged and sometimes punished. I’ve also seen several people state that the problem is that they teach to the “lowest common denominator”. This is absurd and wreaks of covert classism and racism. In truth, they intentionally create and perpetuate this “denominator” through their practices. Unfortunately, this is just another infiltrated institution of society. It is wholly and completely intended as a means of indoctrination. Nothing more.

  • Travis S. Anderson

    37% can’t find Iraq on a map, 50% can’t find New York, that’s y we need *********** maps! I’m intelligent, articulate, possess functioning common sense and clever logic, however if u hand me a blank map, say “point at New York”, sorry, but I won’t be able give you more than just the general area it’s located. If I could, why would I need the map? If they’re judging this from a labeled map, then we have bigger issues than we r admitting to, namely our illiteracy!

  • Eric Gunther Oberhauser

    And who was the FIRST president of the UNITED STATES?….. It certainly was not George Washington.

  • Joe Smith

    I’m in high school and I know the answer to all those questions. I am fortunate to be in a pretty good school district. But I also learn a lot outside of school.

  • Public Citizen

    These are the same young people who will soon be exercising the voting franchise. Do you think that they will make intelligent decisions based on critical analysis and thought or what the most recently heard “cool” soundbite put in their heads?
    We will be forced to institute some sort of voter testing in the near future or see the entire system break down from the inability of functionally illiterate voters to make valid decisions on the questions of how to run our society or who should be running it.
    The alternative is a technological equivalent of the old feudal serf system where the majority of people are tied to a certain locality and managed by their more educated feudal overlords.
    If you follow a broad range of political blogs I think that you will concur that the above scenario will probably be implemented some time before 2050 with 2035 or sooner looking more likely the more I read about the extent of the social planning being done behind the scenes and the continual plunge in educational test scores and accumulated anecdotal evidence of a failed and costly public education system.
    The tragic irony of this whole situation is that the same “educators” who are depending on the upcoming generations to provide for them in retirement years are guaranteeing their future impoverishment as their retirement funds implode from a failed labor pool that is unable to perform in what are increasingly global markets.
    The rest of the world will soon be using the United States as the US has used much of the rest of the world for over a century, as a source for raw materials and cheap uneducated labor.

  • Gerry

    LOL. What a shame, but what did you expect from the USA anyway?

  • Frances

    Americans do something to make sure the children are getting a good eduction from now on. No good talking, you need action. This is a way the elites will control the masses if they are dumb down the people in the early years. You can turn this around for the better for children, so they will have more control of their lives in the future. This will be a big job to do this, but it must be done. This didn’t happen over night it taking years to dumb the people down, and it will take years, to bring the people back to be clever again. Nothing wrong with the people it is way they have been educated.

  • It is indeed ironic that the loudest protests are generated by those who fostered the conditions to which they object. It is disinterested parents who ultimately bear the responsibility for the education of their offspring. If the parents fail to insist on competent schools in their communities and back up their demands with personal involvement, I’d say they’re getting pretty much what they’ve paid for.

  • Jaydan R. High School Junior

    Until ALL Americans have converted to atheism there shall NEVER be great intelligence in this nation.

    The antidote for religiousism and patriotism is cynicysm.

    • Richard A Nygaard

      Hopefully you will grow out of your stupidity.

  • Anonymous

    Is America really like this?
    I have traveled overseas on tuition based exchange trips nearly my whole life, and i have never been to America. all i see is the glorified news they show about the “Free Country”. I admit, i am young, and have not seen the ways of teaching other generations before me have had, but i am a self taught student. as well as being placed up a grade in school and applying for extended tuition in the afternoons, i study two hours a day and 6 hours on weekends. I spend my lunchtimes having serious conversations with the teachers of the school, and currently do extended studies. I understand this is all of my own will, my parents wish me to study less as i do not spend as much time with them, due to the fact i’m usually holed up in my room studying or overseas. The country i travel to is similar in it’s ways of tuition. I go to school for 8 hours a day, then two hours of tutoring, then studying til 10 o’clock at night.
    i understand not many children do this, especially at my age, but the state of America’s education really saddens me. Why can’t other children motivate themselves to achieve? The students in my class, while not to my extent, all study, and achieve higher marks than all the state schools in my area.

    • Anne Frank

      > Because they don’t have rich parents like yours, dumbass. And educated writers in the English language do not write, “due to the fact that.” They write, “because.” Only pseudo intellectuals trying to appear clever use five words when one will suffice.

      • Richard A Nygaard

        Oh Anne, how sad you are. Poor people succeed all the time in the US. Last year 70% of Harvard enrollee’s went to public school. Yeah, the same crappy public school everyone is complaining about.

  • Joe M

    There are two kinds of smart in America. Academics and inner wisdom. You can completely avoid public school education and still become very wise through life experience. After all, thousands of years have proven this to be true. Shoving Math, English, Science, Literature, and other nonsensical subject down a kid’s throat feeds nothing but his ego. It makes him a corporate puppet. And it teaches us NOTHING about life. Something that is far more important than impressing a boss. The problem has everything to do with how we spend our time from day to day. If we spend it listening to trash teen music that we see being pushed around, then we will likely fill our heads up with fluffy crap and there will be no room for logic and common sense. We all have a duty to be ready for becoming parents when we get older. Careers are for the selfish. Family life is for the humane. But it requires a minimum amount of understanding to be any good at parenting. Teen Idol worshippers likely turn out to be crappy parents.

  • Contrarian

    Actually, even Michael isn’t outlining the real problem (no offense, Michael). Yes, you can talk to the average American kid, immigrant, even schoolteacher, etc., and find them dumber than rocks.

    But, the lack of knowledge, as illustrated by poor marks, is not the problem, per se.

    It’s that schools deliberately do not teach kids how to think, or how to solve non-mathematical problems, or how to question even long-standing “truths” without their feeling self-conscious about doing so.

    There are plenty of people who have been gifted with “photographic” memories (which, technically, doesn’t even exist) and can recite the encyclopedia backwards & forwards – but can’t solve simple problems that don’t have pertinent facts pre-learned and already located within that photographic brain – (which by the way, is a beautiful attribute I wish I had. LOL).

    In other words, there are plenty of so-called “smart” people who can’t follow the breadcrumbs to grandma’s house.

    High school is where people go to become ignorant. And it’s not really their fault given the lack of parental guidance nowadays. College, however, for the past 20 – 30 years is where one goes to work hard at becoming really stupid. There’s no idiot like a college-educated idiot – until a few years after graduation when he/she realizes that all the stuff he/she swallowed (and forgot two months after graduation) was, for all practical purposes, useless crap anyway.

    We have to scrap the entire top heavy knowledge-based, regurgitate-for-tests curriculum in high schools in favor of going back to the basics again of reading, writing, ‘rithmetic from grades 1 through about 5. Then, pour heavy emphasis on logic & critical thinking from about grade 5 through 8 when kids’ brains are still receptive. History, geography, advanced math, chemistry, etc., are important classes, but should only be dabbled in (compared to brain development) until one gets to High School.

    Let the kids enjoy middle school and learn how to develop their brains. And by the time they’re in high school, they’ll eat up knowledge like teenage carnivorous computers. Of course, the powers that be don’t want a thinking populace. That’s why we have what we have today – androids, minus the plastic tubes and positronic brains.

    Do I hear an AMEN!

  • Bonnie

    “Know History?”

    REALLY! What is there to know?

    Tptb LIE to us about every bit of History…do you think that true History is ever taught to us, Human Beings?

    NOT on your Life!

    The History of Ancient Times is a lie from beginning to end! The History of WWII taught to us is a laugh!

    It’s just as well, the Students may be more wordlywise that us, their parents.

    • Richard A Nygaard

      Bonnie, I bet you are one of those big conspiracy theory people.

  • Rhynn

    Hate to tell those of you that insist on attributing this sort of idiocy to one political ideology or the other, but one of the hallmarks of decreased intelligence, as a behavior, is unwillingness or inability to understand that infighting over finger pointing and the inconsequential to the point of losing sight of the actual problem.

    To put things another way, those who insist on reading such reports and arguing over which side the reports describe from the standpoint of onlookers or observers are actually neither. They are MEMBERS of the group being described.

  • Steve

    Did you know that President’s Day was originally  celebrated as Washington’s Birthday? Does anyone remember him? You Know the Father of our country. The man who defied a Tyrant at the risk of his own life, and that of his family. The man who if caught would have been hung as a traitor because he knew that there was a higher authority than that of evil tyrannical rulers, an authority that everyone will eventually be accountable to! An authority that he often gave all the credit praise and glory to even while suffering the hardships of the winter at Valley Forge with his half naked, starving ragtag army who’s tracks could be traced by the blood left in the snow by many of his soldiers bare feet, almost always without provisions, a good quarter of the army died of cold, starvation, and disease. Several thousand more deserted. Yet those who stayed and survived the suffering of that brutal winter formed a brotherhood that could never be broken, for it was God Almighty that General George Washington credited for the American Army overcoming overwhelming odds and devastating hardships and defeating the strongest military power of his time! The very same authority that the communist of the world hate and despise because they are the egotistical, arrogant, self serving, self proclaimed masters of the universe, who expect you and me to bow down to! For History repeats itself and when communist and other tyrannical invaders destroyed a society from within, they first destroyed their history and their national pride, don’t let this happen remember our Fore Fathers and the risk they took for our Declaration of Independence! They knew exactly how to deal with Tyrants and we are their descendants, never let our children forget! I took an oath to protect my country against all enemies! Foreign and domestic!

    A nation that does not remember where it came from, or what its foundations were, is easily destroyed, by its enemies, either from within, or without.
    What kind of man was George Washington that ordinary men would follow him, though the misery and hardships of Valley Forge, on to the battle fields against the strongest military power of their time, fighting for a cause that if lost their very reason for fighting, the Declaration of Independence would have been their death warrants.
    Over 60 years ago all American children learned in school, the story of our founding father George Washington, as a 23 year old Colonel of Virginia Militia under the British General Braddock along the banks of the Monongahela river, near Fort Duquesne, which is now Pittsburgh , Pa. and how he miraculously survived the first major battle of the French and Indian War at the hand of God, 20 years before the signing of the declaration of independence.

    The Battle of the Mongahela, also known as Braddock’s Defeat was fought on July 9th 1755. 

     Washington had done everything he could to inform Gen. Braddock of the tactics of the French & Indians, of getting down behind cover and firing only when a target was visible, but Braddock was insulted to be advised by an inferior officer. On the morning of July 9th, 1755, Braddock and 1000 of his men, along with Washington and some of his Virginia regulars, crossed the southern shore of the Monongahela.
    Colonel Thomas Gage had a forward detachment of 350 soldiers, and 250 workers, and axemen, cutting a path. They were about 10 miles from Ft. Duquesne. It was around 1:00 pm. Gage and the forward detachment had just crossed a ravine, when scouts, and flanking parties came running back towards them, waving them off. Just then, they were hit with a fusillade of musket balls. It immediately became chaos. The British could not see their enemy, for they were hidden behind rocks, hills, and trees. The rain of bullets kept coming in on them, dropping them like flies. Gage’s men fired back at the direction of the smoke plumes from their enemies’ rifles, but hit nothing but rocks, hills, and trees, merely splintering bark. Gage’s men continued to drop, and the horses, some of them wounded, began to panic, and bolt, carrying wagons full of their weapons and ammo, trampling men on the ground as they galloped off. The workers and axe men fled. For the Indians, who were crack marksmen, this was like shooting sitting ducks! Eventually what was left of Gage’s forward detachment began to retreat. Gen. Braddock, hearing the gunfire, left 400 troops along with most of the Virginia regulars, with Sir Peter Halkett, and most of the baggage. Braddock and his remaining troops, Washington, and a 100 or so, Virginia militia hastened towards the battle. The retreating men collided with the advancing men, setting them to more confusion. All the while, the French and Indians continued to rain down musket balls upon them with deadly accuracy, and force. It became an instant slaughter, as Braddock instructed his men to form columns (making them easy to hit, because of their red coats, and being in plain sight) like they were accustomed to doing in Europe. Musket balls rained down on them at will, cutting them down and anything else that gets in its way, with an instantaneous efficiency! The 100 or so Virginia men, quickly adopted the Indian style of warfare, and dropped behind trees, and shot when only an enemy target was visible. Gen. Braddock was furious at this, and barked orders for them to get out from behind the trees. He saw this as cowardice, according to his rules of engagement. Braddock was undaunted in his task, bravely going to and fro amidst the shower of musket balls, trying to rally his troops. He had five horses shot out from under him. But for all his bravery, and reckless courage, he could not stem the tide.

     God’s hand can be seen protecting Washington this whole time. Because he was busy going back and forth across the battle field, completely exposed. Carrying out General Braddock’s orders. One soldier observing Washington stated: “I expected every moment to see him fall. Nothing but the superintending care of Providence could have saved him.” Indians testified later, that they had singled him out, but their bullets had no effect on him. The chief suddenly realized that a mighty power must be shielding this man. “Stop firing!” he commanded. “This one is under the special protection of the Great Spirit.” A brave standing nearby stated, “I had seventeen clear shots at him…and after all could not bring him to the ground. This man was not born to be killed by a bullet.” They were convinced that an Invisible Power was protecting him. Washington had two horses shot out from under him, he had four bullet holes in his coat. Yet he had been untouched by bullet, or arrow. Scores of victims had fallen beside him, yet he went unharmed, protected by God’s hand! Every other mounted officer had been slain! Eventually, Braddock was mortally wounded in the side, and fell. When this occurred, all the British troops fled in confusion. Washington gathered up what was left of the Virginia men, barely 30, the injured General, and covered the retreating British, leaving all the baggage, weapons, provisions, cattle, horses, behind for the enemy to plunder. General Braddock died three days later. In the aftermath, 714 British soldiers had been killed, 37 wounded. 26 officers out of 86 were killed, and 37 wounded. Only 30 men and 3 officers were killed, of the French and Indians!


    15 years later, after this battle, an old respected Indian Chief, sought out council with Washington , when he heard that he was in the area. Through an interpreter he explained that he had set out on a long journey to meet Washington personally, and to speak to him about the battle 15 years earlier. He said: “I am a chief and ruler over my tribes. My influence extends to the waters of the great lakes and to the far Blue Mountains . I have traveled a long and weary path that I might see the young warrior of the great battle. It was on the day when the white man’s blood mixed with the streams of our forest that I first beheld this chief. I called to my young men and said, mark yon tall and daring warrior? He is not of the red-coat tribe—he hath an Indian’s wisdom, and his warriors fight as we do—him is alone exposed. Quick, let your aim be certain, and he dies. Our rifles were leveled, rifles which, but for you, knew not how to miss—’twas all in vain, a power mightier far than we, shielded you. Seeing you were under the special guard ship of the Great Spirit, we immediately ceased to fire at you. I am old and soon shall be gathered to the great council fire of my fathers in the land of shades, but ere I go, there is something bids me speak in the voice of prophecy. Listen! The Great Spirit protects that man [pointing at Washington ], and guides his destinies—he will become the chief of nations, and a people yet unborn will hail him as the founder of a mighty empire. I am come to pay homage to the man who is the particular favorite of Heaven, and who can never die in battle.”


    This story was once well known by all Americans, taught to our children in our schools

    . But thanks to the traitors, and infiltrators who hate God and America this story and many like it can no longer be taught in school to our children!


    This is not the complete list; it was taken from the 45 Communist goals that found their way down the halls of our great Capitol back in 1963.

    Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963 Current Communist Goals EXTENSION OF REMARKS OF HON. A. S. HERLONG, JR. OF FLORIDA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Thursday, January 10, 1963 .
    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”

    30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

    31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

    Political Correctness a term first seen in Mao’s Little Red Book, a communist engendered abomination that is instituting censorship little by little.

    “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”- George Washington

    Carl Marx, once wrote that, the goal of the Communists was to quote,. “enter into men’s minds and cast God down from his throne.”

    Matthew 12:31Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.

    In ancient Babylon their economy was based on usury.
    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
     Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that only the Congress can print and coin money! 

    The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was slipped thru congress during the Christmas break with the majority of it’s members absent. 

    The Federal Reserve is self serving and privately owned in violation to the Constitution, charging interest on illegally printed money. Money printed from nothing!
    In America On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. Five months later A UNITED STATES PRESIDENT, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY was MURDERED BY COMMUNIST!

    Our own US Congress voted themselves a raise. (But vetoed a raise for those on Social Security.) Many of you don’t know that they only have to be in Congress one time to receive a pension that is more than $15,000 per month. And most are now equal to being millionaires plus.  If some one in the military stays  in for 20 years (providing that they are not killed in combat before that) and gets out as an E-7, they may receive a pension of $2,000 per month, and the very people who placed them in harm’s way receives a pension of $15,000 per month.

    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
    In ancient Babylon their priest sacrificed babies to their gods baal, and molech.  
    In America the communist under their socialist programs have sacrificed over 50 million American babies to their god satan!
    Leviticus 20:2-5
    2Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel , Whosoever he be of the children of Israel , or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel , that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.
    3And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.
    4And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not:
    5Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.
    Luke 22:35-36 Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. 36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.
    Jeremiah 50:16Cut off the sower from Babylon, and him that handleth the SICKLE in the time of harvest: for fear of the oppressing sword they shall turn every one to his people, and they shall flee every one to his own land.
    Jeremiah 50:23How is the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH CUT ASUNDER AND BROKEN! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!
    Jeremiah 50:14 “ Put yourselves in array against Babylon all around, All you who bend the bow; Shoot at her, spare no arrows, For she has sinned against the LORD.

    All nations compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD will I destroy them. Psalm 118:10

      2 Timothy 2:15   Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 

    Jeremiah 48: 10Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.

    Revelation 18:21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying , Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down , and shall be found no more at all.

    “The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees!”
    George Washington

    • Richard A Nygaard

      Interesting read, but you do realize that the Old Testament is the Jewish Law and History and for the most part doesn’t apply to Christians. It (the old law) died on the Cross with Jesus.

  • Steve

    Mention the Federal Reserve (FED) and most people, including Americans, will think that you are talking about the financial arm of the US government.

    That assumption, however, would be well off the mark.

    The Federal Reserve is in fact a private company.

    Many Americans also believe that the FED is part of their Constitution.

    However, that assumption is also far from true. In fact, Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution actually outlawed such an entity from ever existing –

    ‘only Congress shall have the power to create money and regulate the value thereof’.

    In stark contrast to this statement, the Federal Reserve Bank is owned and run by private individuals and international bankers.

    These international bankers have the power, through the United States Treasury, to print money by simply adding ink to worthless pieces of paper.

    What is more, they also control it’s value and even loan it to the US’ and other governments around the world, charging interest for the privilege.

    This ability affords the Federal Reserve huge amounts of power, despite the fact that their very existence violates the US Constitution.

    With that in mind is the Federal Reserve the greatest, and most overt, financial crime of all time?

    The Federal Reserve was originally begun with approximately 300 individuals and banks backing it.

    Each bought a number of shares at a cost of $100 each.

    As these shares are never publicly traded one can only wonder how much each is worth today!

    Collectively, the shareholders in the Federal Reserve make up the strongest financial cartel in history.

    Each year the Federal Reserve collects billions of dollars in interest payments alone, distributing the profit between it’s members.

    The Federal Reserve is allowed to print as much money as it chooses yet pays no interest, fees or charges to the US government.

    This ability to literally print as much money as it wants was bestowed upon the FED in 1913, despite it being quite illegal.


    The FED creates money and then lends it to individual, companies and governments throughout the world.

    Through the banking sector they then turn a huge profit by charging interest on these loans.

    The basic tenants of supply and demand dictate that the endless printing of new bank notes will cause inflationary pressures.

    This means that the FED could manipulate the money flow in order to drive up inflation and therefore interest rates.

    Any other organisation with that sort of power would be under constant surveillance in order to ensure that it wasn’t abusing it’s power in order to commit fraud.

    In stark contrast, the FED’s dealings are often concluded behind closed doors and with little to no supervision.


    Back in 1913 there had been many failed attempts to get the Federal Reserve Act through Congress.

    At this point in time the bankers elected to fund Woodrow Wilson’s attempt to gain the presidency of the United Sates, in return for his continuing support of the FED.

    Just before Christmas that year, when most other Senators were away on holidays, one Nelson Alrich managed to get the Federal Reserve Act through with little resistance.

    Nelson Aldrich, incidentally, was a grandfather to the Rockefellers.

    After his election to the Presidency Woodrow Wilson passed the Federal Reserve Act, only to later comment, “I have unwittingly ruined my country”.

    There are a great many commentators who believe that US presidential candidates are now carefully selected and funded by the FED, so that they can guarantee that every new president will be sympathetic to their cause.


    Whilst there may still be some smaller shareholders in the FED, it is believed that the Federal Reserve is owned and controlled primarily by the following Central banks –

    1.  Rothschild Bank of London
    2.  Warburg Bank of Hamburg
    3.  Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
    4.  Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
    5.  Rothschild Bank of Berlin
    6.  Lehman Brothers of New York
    7.  Lazard Brothers of Paris
    8.  Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
    9.  Goldman Sachs of New York
    10. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy


    On June the 4th 1963 one brave man attempted to remedy the situation by stripping the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest.

    President John F. Kennedy signed an Executive Order – No. 11110 – that instantly gave the U.S. government the right to issue currency without going through the Federal Reserve.

    This was achieved by granting the Treasury the power ‘to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury.’

    In other words, for every ounce of silver held in the U.S. Treasury’s vault, the government could print a certain, and limited, amount of new money.

    Under Executive Order 11110, Kennedy was responsible for introducing around $4.3 billion of notes into circulation.


    Executive Order 11110 could have been a hugely significant turning point in U.S. history.

    In an instant President Kennedy almost consigned the Federal Reserve Bank to oblivion.

    If  silver certificates had continued to be issued then there would soon have been a total lack of demand for Federal Reserve notes as the former were backed by silver and the latter backed by absolutely nothing at all.

    Executive Order 11110 had the potential to slash national debt as no interest would be payable.

    Eventually the government would have repaid all it owed to the Federal Reserve and at that point the Bank would have ceased to serve any kind of useful function.


    Just 5 months later and President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in what many believe was a grand conspiracy.

    Could Executive Order 11110 have cost Kennedy his life?

    After all, the Executive Order has never repealed by any subsequent U.S. President and could be enacted at any time.

    Why hasn’t any President followed Kennedy’s lead in returning to a monetary system backed by silver?

    Perhaps JFK’s assassination sent out a message that was well understood by his successors?

    Your income is taxed to pay the the Federal Reserve what they charge for printing money that is illegal and unconstitutional in the first place!

    Income taxes are unconstitutional
    Originally income taxes were illegal because the Constitution required all taxes to be apportioned among the states proportional to their populations, not their incomes.
    The 16th Amendment, which permits federal income taxes, was not ratified in the same language by three fourths of the United States as required by Article V of the Constitution and is therefore invalid. The approved wording was different in different states and therefore they ratified different amendments! (“Is Income Tax Un-American and Illegal?”, July and August, 1993, pp. 14-16).
    The courts refuse to cast down the 16th Amendment even though it was not legally ratified.

    The Federal Reserve is also a monopoly–in a country where monopolies are supposed to be illegal.  The IRS deposits people’s income tax checks directly in the Federal Reserve banks–not in the united States Treasury.  Therefore, the IRS, an unconstitutional entity, is merely the collection agency for the international banksters.  Over the years the IRS has become a tool of the elite banking families to financially attack and/or imprison people who expose the Federal Reserve.  It is also a tool used by the D.C. elite to attack people who expose government corruption.

  • JLangham

    As a High-Schooler, I can confirm that 90% of my fellow classmates are, in fact, ‘dumb as a rock’. They can’t remember simple things they’ve learned throughout the last 11 years of school, and refuse to learn new things most of the time.

    Yet, they always pass and get to move on.

    I’d shift the blame more on the teachers for not being more harsh. I mean, I’m a lazy student, but I’d rather have harder teachers than watch these idiots around me graduate and move on into a world they know nothing about. Who cares if failure rates are high? The solution to that problem is not to blindly pass students and move them on in life. If 90% of kids have to stay back a grade, then sure, that’s their faults for being stupid. The government should recognize that failure rates do not determine whether a School is good or not; It determines whether the student-teacher populace are idiots or not.

  • Guest

    yes, it’s sad the lack of knowledge amongst kids. heck, over half of my classmates in my geography class(which was an honors class by the way) in 9th grade in the beginning of year only knew where the a few countries were located at such as canada, mexico, russia, china, and england. by the end of the course, if lucky, they they could add 1-3 countries to the their small list of countries. 5 of my classmates didn’t learn squat. However though, one of kids in that class who started out knowing the locations of a few countries, by the end of the semester was able to locate at least 50 different countries correctly. My geo, teacher was pretty good, but unfortunately since some of my peers

    @ron jones-limted government is a necessary evil. authoritarian/totaltarian gov’t is worse than anarchy.

    i personally support the social market economy. i’m not a fan of captialism,socialism, or communism.

    i like the social market model since it help reduce the exploitation that capitalism does, but at the same time, government has only some control over the economy.

    • ShamanBlair

      They should have NO control over it. In a free market, the buyers can form outfits to make sure things are good & safe. In this era of instant communication, if a product or service is discovered to be harmful or badly done, news would be sent out far & wide about it.

      • Geochem1st

        Fantasy, pure fantasy. How quickly the 1890’s are forgotten. Industry ran rampant with very little control. Child labor abuses, no worker safety programs, environmental abuses, unsafe products, yet the market did nothing to correct any of it. What mattered was profit for the corporations and monopolies at great cost to the average worker. In today’s era of globalization, corporations simply find other markets that put up with their abuse. Slave labor in China, child labor in India, area’s that have very little worker safety or environmental concerns. As consumers we don’t care as long as it’s cheap. The market is neither efficient or self correcting.

        • ShamanBlair

          You assume too much. I haven’t forgotten a damned thing. There are =always= going to be crooks! What you DO is design laws which punish them, & sic the police on the stubborn ones. You do not need giant. government-run bureaucracies which are as greedy & ultimately as badly-run as the businesses they’re SUPPOSEDLY overseeing!

          We are a nation of laws, & lawbreakers can be stopped. With the technology we have now, it would be far easier to keep these criminals in line, while saving =billions.=

          • Bring Back NASA

            People are too stupid and greedy to be saved. Companies are too sly and greedy to let that media happen; they run the damn country. The U.S.’ future is doomed as ignorant parents neglect their stupid kids. The desire for intellectual pursuit is dead. After medical school, I’m moving somewhere with hope “and” a future.

          • ShamanBlair

            Shrug. Goodbye, then, & with that attitude, good riddance. This country’s in serious trouble, & you just tuck your tail between your hind legs & =run?= If it DOES fail, it will be due to cowards such as you.

            You don’t DESERVE to be here. Get out.

          • AngloUnion

            Hahaha….they have every right as you to be here. Maybe they just don’t buy into the super-patriotic stuff that the State likes to instill in our citizens. moving overseas, depending on the nation being moved to, is an attractive option.

          • ShamanBlair

            Shrug. Feel free to desert the ship,
            7 go with him. We don’t need either of you self-serving rats. If either of you reply to this.my mail system will dump you. Waste of time to talk to anything as selfish & cowardly as you.

          • Richard A Nygaard


          • Richard A Nygaard

            As someone who has traveled nearly all of Europe and Eastern Europe, parts of Africa, Asia and South America I’d love to know where you are going? I guess you can go to China, they just landed a moon rover.

        • Richard A Nygaard

          Geochem, you miss Shaman’s point.. the internet and instant communication along with the shrinking of the world really minimize problems like you are describing.

  • Smart girl

    I’m 16, and I score in the 90% percentile on most tests. As do alot of my friends. Generalization is not fair. The school system is failing kids it’s unfair to push all te blame on us. I can go weeks in most of my classes without doing homework and maintain a b. the curriculum is no challenging so no one is trying. Teachers don’t care. And people constantly say we can’t do it. So we no longer try. I’m not making excuses but before you complain about the intelligence of children remeber ADULTS are teaching them. Kids learn from adults and peers. So anything a child does is learned. You can’t say we are horrible, well where did you get it form then? Our behavior is learned. I think it’s because technology is easier to get so parents are giving 8 year olds the Internet. I had never been on the Internet unsupervised until 6th grade. They are learning things they don’t need and aren’t ready for. That’s because parents don’t care. They are too busy living their lives. They do t set boundaries so kids are running free. Most parents don’t realize how much it means to say you love your kid everyday or to tell them they are smart. My mom did and they gave me the confidence to try. So parents need to set a better example for their kids so we can learn.

    • Joe

      Smart Girl if you’re scoring in the 90th percentile it must be because the standards at your school are incredibly low. I found 7 spelling and grammatical errors in your post, and English is not my strongest subject (it’s American History). I’m not arguing that you score highly on some tests, but I’d be willing to bet that when and if you go to college that your English professors will tear you a new one, so to speak.

      • Smart girl

        I’m typing this on my iPhone so please do excuse my errors. Also I am currently enlisted in 3 college classes. And the scores are national not school wide or even regional. My point was that just because some kids don try its rude and Sterotypical to label us all “dumb as a rock.”

        • Joe

          Public education in our great nation is truly abysmal. You say that the standards are extremely low and you can go weeks without doing homework and maintain a B, and I know precisely why that is. It’s because the true function of schooling in the United States is not to educate the youth, but to ensure that all children in this country are submissive to authority and to be heavily reliant on the commands of those higher up. You seem to be atypical, and I applaud you for that. But just think about your school day. Every student must be there at a precise time or face a truancy officer. You are forbidden to speak or use the restroom unless given command. Each child can not head from one classroom to the next until the bell is sounded, giving you permission. Everything about public schooling is designed toward placating and breaking the will of free thinkers that don’t wish to go along with the “status quo”. Please google “the hidden agenda of public school” in your free time, as there are others that could elaborate on the subject better than me.

          Long story short, I suppose I’m saying that the anger of this article is misdirected at children and yours at the teachers and adults. This system was designed and implemented this way from the begining by our government. So when you have your own children, please home school them!

          • Stop blaming the “School System and Standards.” That is NOT what the problem is. The problem is lack of parental attention. I have had my children in public school and I have homeschooled for 4 years. Parents that are more concerned about materialistic goals or having a date with their new boyfriend/girlfriend are the problem.

          • Anonymous

            Dear Joe,
            Hey. That sounds like what school’s like in an Asian country. I know, because I live and went to school in one.

        • ShamanBlair

          No-one SAID =all.= Percentages were given, & they prove large quantities of students are NOT well-taught. Yes, it’s true adults are your teachers–we’re NOT blaming the students–but you need to learn that when my grandparents were in the 8th grade, they were on a level with college students of today. Schools have been deliberately dumbed down for many decades. Today, one can see misspellings & grammatical blunders on BILLBOARDS, or from newscasters.

        • Fred Swenson

          Young lady, one does not enlist in college classes; one enrolls in them or registers for them One enlists in the Armed Services. However, you have made your points very well, especially those regarding the responsibility of adults to ensure that students receive the basic instruction needed at the earliest grades so that a proper foundation is laid for them to be able to absorb and remember the material which will follow. Successful educators understand that teaching students how to learn is on par with the importance of teaching facts. Both are absolutely necessary for a successful educational outcome. And, especially in the primary grades 1-4, this needs to be an integrated process where students are discovering the processes by which they learn while they learn. This is the basis for developing critical thinking skills. When presented with a piece of information, students should be encouraged to determine whether it is true or not, and to document the reasoning process they used in arriving at their decision. Is this too much to expect for 8 year olds? I don’t think it is if textbook writers and teachers are doing their jobs and devising and implementing means of communicating curricula in age-appropriate fashion. You’re absolutely right when you say that all kids aren’t dumb, but dumb is different from ignorant. Everybody starts off the same way, ignorant; it’s up to teachers and parents to fill that void with knowledge and the wisdom to know how to apply it. As far as your grammar and spelling goes, I think you could get caught up pretty quickly just by finding a few well-edited books that pique your interest and take note of what good grammar and style looks like. Good luck to you and do us proud.

    • syrimne1

      I love these people critiquing this girl’s grammar, like that makes them “smart.” To me, you’re more proving the point that a lot of Americans don’t actually understand education or its purpose. She’s articulating an argument on a public forum on education and she has her own ideas about it, and you’re quibbling about typos? Seriously? It makes you all look like petty trolls.

      That being said, I do agree with the poster who said you might be blaming the wrong people (parents, “adults” in general, etc.). There is a very strong “anti-education” movement in this country right now, and I agree with the poster who talked about some of the nefarious intent behind some of these trends in public schools.

      However, I absolutely agree with you that these barriers can be transcended by thoughtful and loving parents, who work closely with their children and teach them that they don’t have to settle for this, that they can do a lot more with their lives and that their potential is infinitely greater than most public school systems imply. I think schools were a lot better when I was a kid (I’m in my 40s), but even back then, I did a lot better in school because my parents expected a lot from me, and because they instilled a certain level of confidence in me that allowed me to take intellectual chances. Even so, I bought into a lot of “shoulds” and “have-tos” when I was a young adult, a lot of those gleaned from school as well as the conformist crap you get fed all through your life by others. I think the sooner you can shed that stuff and think for yourself, and build your own life and realize you are entirely responsible for that life, the better. Don’t expect those “shoulds” to save you. The most unhappy people I’ve met are those who did what “they were supposed to do” instead of what they wanted, and felt like they got burned for it as a result, or else weren’t “rewarded” for their good behavior like they were promised.

      Live your own life. Be accountable for that life, and don’t expect others to be able to give you the answers all the time. Also, don’t believe people when they try to tell you your life has to look a certain way, or you’ll “fail” or be “ostracized” or end up a failure or whatever. Life holds a surprisingly large (infinite, really) number of possible permutations, so when someone is telling you it doesn’t, you need to regard everything they say with a fair bit of suspicion, in terms of their motive. Maybe they aren’t happy, and just want you to be unhappy too? Either way, they’re lying, even if they don’t know they are.

  • Seeker4Truth87

    Smart Girl, I agree with your post. Ignore, Joe. He’s just an immense douche bag.

  • Seeker4Truth87

    By the way, I graduated at the University of Texas. Guess what? The education system there is a joke. Students scan and analyze which professors they will choose based upon how lenient and easy the professor is. There is little-to-no emphasize on the true importance of educating. Actually, from my personal experience, the college system is worse than highschool because not only does the lack of education continue from high school, but college is a huge money profit system. Student loans now reach one trillion dollars. Yes, that’s $1,000,000,000,000-PLUS in student debt. Yeah, education sure pays off (to loan agencies). Furthermore, college professors don’t give a damn! I remember I completely forgot to study for a in-class essay assignment. As a result, I quickly googled the topic, made up some general B.S., and got an easy A 10 minutes later. Yeah, they sure tore me a new a-hole (satire). Smart Girl, do my generation and your generation a favor and wake them out of their trance. If society continues to decline in intelligence, our country will inevitable fail and become a 3rd world country.

    • TheSheriff

      I agree with you except i don’t think it is overall as bad. The way it is set up, students must work for and learn for themselves (i know this because I am a college student..first 2.5 years tried learning from the teachers and ot a 2.7 gpa. So in that sense it makes you learn and think more by yourself, which is a better way of learning than HS teachers having you copy down powerpoints and telling you what information that you learned in class will be on the test.
      But i very well can be wrong.

  • Steve

    It is even worse. At the Graduate Level in College/University I taught many classes to working adults that worked for a large Telecommunications company in town. Not only did they not do any homework most of the time but they actually expected me to give them the answers to the mid-term and final examinations !! And this was after I had provided, at the beginning of the course, copies of everything they needed to include my notes. Yeah I basically spoon fed them and still they wanted the answers. I was not the only professor doing this nor receiving a “come to Jesus” talk from the Chancellor of the University about failing students. I quit and moved on. In fact I left the U.S. The nausea I felt then still exists now as it has only gotten worse over the 16 years since I left.

  • empty pockets

    This just confirms the wisdom of those parents who either homeschool of work multiple jobs and scrimp to send their kids to private school.

    • ShamanBlair

      What are those folks to do when the State stops home schools? They =know= they can’t indoctrinate kids unless they can get them away from parental supervision!

    • That’s not true. While homeschooling can be a very good option, there are some homeschoolers who haven’t learned their multiplication facts by 8th grade. And private school are no better than public school if there are no parents to support the children. It is the LACK of parental involvement that creates failure.

      • CarrieB

        Why are you holding up multiplication facts by 8th grade as some standard? I’d rather kids be good critical thinkers, ask questions, and know how to research and find their own answers.
        Don’t let your reliance on someone else’s arbitrary “standards” color your judgement of how well a fellow home schooler is progressing. Some people recognize that others things are more important than rote memorization. After all, isn’t that what home schoolers are striving to escape?

        • Eric

          I learned to multiply in 2nd grade. How good is a critical thinker who can’t analyze what he is questioning? People need solid foundations when they see young. No knowing how to multiply in the 8th grade is a huge problem.

          • Kevin

            they give em calculators!!!!!!!!!!

      • Richard A Nygaard

        I think it depends what you mean by “multiplication facts”. Are you referring to memorizing 1 through 12 tables? I never learned them. I just learned how to double, triple and quad numbers in my head. Then adding or subtracting the difference from the nearest 10’s. I might not be explaining how I do it well but I found it helped me when doing math later in life that was harder than 12×12.

  • ShamanBlair

    Education horror stories? I could write a book. A very hefty book. Some years ago I was talking to a teen, & asked her what classes she enjoyed. “Do you like geography, for instance?” I asked. She looked curiously at me & said, “I don’t really have =classes= in that. We…we have a ‘geography DAY sometimes….” The same feeling I get when overturning a rock to find wriggly, slimy grubs went through me. I realized then how bad it was becoming. It could only get worse so long as state schools were malpracticing on children. And they’re going to forbid home schooling. Wait. You’ll see.

    • You sound like the NRA scaring everyone into buying more guns because all guns are going to be confiscated. Some homeschooled children are NOT learning THAT much. Just as some publicly schooled children are NOT learning that much….. Then you have the kids that are learning a LOT in both public and homeschool.

      • CarrieB

        And in your multiple posts on this article, Watzy, *you* sound like a teacher who is personally offended that the school system is being righteously lambasted. Worried your paycheck is going to disappear due to dismal results?

        • Watzy Norman

          Lack of parental support=failure. End of story.

          • Richard A Nygaard

            Lack of parental support is always the excuse. I had some great teachers in my day who could teach quite a bit in the hour they had. That one hour or whatever you get is yours… own it.

        • Richard A Nygaard

          Looks like you were right. Teacher.

  • LittleRedSchoolhouse

    If you eat your peas very quickly you will be able to stuff enough in your mouth that you won’t need to bother giving an answer.
    As a single mother I fed my child baked beans and bread many nights to keep my child in a private school. I worked my tail off to keep my child there. Everyone still gets to choose.

    My child worked their way through college and has always had a job. That adult child graduates from college in 8 weeks.

    Everyone still gets to choose. You can choose an education k-12 for your child or you can use the cash to buy any of the following.
    Dirt bikes,fashion boots, weekly manicures and pedicures,the latest game systems, toys,athletic shoes to match the outfit,a pool in the back yard,name brand fashions,a new car for you and your husband.new cookwear, new refrigerators,redecorating your room,redecorating your child’s room.
    Everyone can still choose.

    • Doriendurga

      Seems like you made the right choice. But you shouldn’t have had to do it with this level of difficulty. Quality education is a right. And you made this choice because of “your” knowledge and intelligence; you deducted it would be better to send your child to a private school. Not every parent will be able to do so. This is where the responsibility of the state comes in.
      “Everyone still gets to choose.” Years back, people got to choose, too, but they didn’t have to “work their tail off” to do so. A few years later, even working hard may not be enough to choose.

      • GENUG

        where do you get the “quality education is a RIGHT”? you have the oppty to pursue a quality education. You are not guaranteed one nor do you have a right to one.

        • Doriendurga

          I must have mistakenly got cought in the idea that a government’s- no, state’s responsibility and the reason to exist is prosperity of the people. Maybe I am wrong.

          • GENUG

            serious note: we are a country with a government of limited powers. You have a right to life, liberty and a PURSUIT of happiness – a Citizen is NOT guaranteed a quality education. There is NO power given to the federal government to make sure everyone has a quality education – that is a quest, not a right. There is no enumerated power in our federal Constitution guaranteeing education for the Citizens. Education laws are State laws – these laws are not supposed to come from ANY federal government. Article 1, Section 8 does NOT provide for education nor does ANY Constitution convey a “right” to quality education. Our national problem is that Citizens do not know what type of government we have nor do they care – everyone whines about things they say are rights, but have no basis in fact or law. Read up!! Educate yourself on the Republic.Now, if you want that “right”, try Article V – changes to the Constitution. Go for it!

          • Doriendurga

            Genug, I think there is a misunderstanding here. Or I failed to express myself, more likely. English is not my mother language, and I don’t live in USA. And from what I saw in American movies, people shouting “I know my rights! I pay my taxes! Oh, my rights!” etc. If that kind of behaviour is really common in real life, your reaction is quite understandable.
            When I said that it is a right, I seriously referenced it from the idea of the states’ reason of existence- not US constitution. Leaders or management organisations are formed for the need of people’s prosperity int he first place. Their sole purpose ‘should’ be that, in my opinion. There is nothing more natural -to me- than questioning your states’ effectiveness when people fail to meet their needs. Education is a need, in my opinion again, and I hold states responsible since they -in most counties- decide or affect the cirriculum, cost of education etc.
            Perhaps I am too idealist about these matters. But it is quite appalling to learn that the “biggest bad” of the countries, USA is helpless to provide a quality education to people while having the power to be at war with rest of the world almost nonstop since it was founded. This brings me to only one conclution: Perhaps USA is a country where you are actually as free as the size of your wallet and the existence reason of the state is to serve the giants in the top %1.

          • GENUG

            Thank you! and thank you for the dialogue. When people get to know each other, it’s hard to hurt the other. Education is key to understanding: live and let live! Stay Safe! and no one is too old to learn – expression: he/she who dies with the most knowledge, learning and compassion – wins!

          • Richard A Nygaard

            Funny you should mention people on TV shouting about their “rights”. As a former police officer I can tell you there are real rights and then there are the “TV Rights”. People get them confused all the time. I wont even list the ones people think are rights which are not because I dont want to read all the responses from the misinformed. We’ll I’ll list one, you have no right to a phone call when you get arrested.

          • Alicia Ayres

            This brings me to only one conclusion: Perhaps USA is a country where you are actually as free as the size of your wallet and the existence
            reason of the state is to serve the giants in the top %1 <<<< this is exactly correct a perfect summation of things as they are now.

          • Doriendurga

            P.S. If there is really a Article V proposing to change the constitution to make this a ‘right’ the way you mean it, people really should go for it, you are right. But again, people won’t know about it if they are not educated enough to involve in PURSUIT of INFORMATION or lack the knowledge to understand the works of constitutions and how to change it. Isn’t it interesting..

          • GENUG

            Listen to Mark Levin on radio – he wrote a book on this: “The Liberty Amendments”.

          • Libertyfriend

            He plagiarized many ideas from Kevin Gutzman PhD, author of James Madison and the Making of America, Who Killed the Constitution?, etc. If you agree with Levin’s book (stolen ideas he originally mocked), check out the Compact for America, a proposal for a Constitutional amendment.

          • GENUG

            I thank you much for the info!!!! I will so do!

      • Jenai Herod

        very true and even if you are diligent about ensuring good study habits at home and enforcing homework get involved and volunteering in class etc , you will soon see it is in vain and now focus too much on athletics and giving trophies to ALL CHILDREN so no one feels let out , REALLY ? how is this teaching any of our kids to add subtract or spell or even to read a map the public school system has been failing our children miserably for decades We have good teachers and bad teachers no doubt but the over all system is not teaching the right academics and are more often than not just babysitting for parents who arent paying attention to whats happening for a number of reasons that may or may not be their fault , regardless of parental involvement sadly w have the lowest record of 25 counties around the world , we rank 25th world wide in education , THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE for Americans and should scare the hell out of us as parents
        what does this amount to for our future???

    • Richard A Nygaard

      I’ll take the dirt bike, thanks.

      • Sarah

        WOW! Thanks for proving the point.

    • Mica

      Not when your family doesn’t make enough money to pay a tuition that costs over 10,000 dollars a year and also pay the bills and get ANYTHING to eat. There are many single parent households below the poverty line, and working multiple jobs make under 30,000 dollars a year. Sure people have a choice, but only privileged people like you. Be thankful instead of making other people feel guilty for having to spend their money to keep the water running rather than putting their kid into an extremely expensive school. Furthermore, anyone can make it in any school with the right combination of work ethic, good role models, attentive parents, and a solid baseline intelligence from being brought up right.

  • I Miss NASA

    The smart girl can’t even put together a proper paragraph. It is, however, true that high school is not challenging. The AP classes seem like they would be more effective as average classes.
    I’m moving to Japan after Med. School anyway; I just got told off by a high school student for no apparent reason, as I picked up my sister from that school, and I’ve about had it with these dull sheep.

  • My niece (22 year old high school graduate, now struggling in her first year of community college) didn’t know who the first president was-she told me she thought it was Abraham Lincoln, but wasn’t sure. I was flabbergasted! She is floundering about and lost in her first year in college. She can’t even take college level math because she did so poorly on the entrance exams. She is in remedial math at college to bring her up to par, and she is very frustrated and considering dropping out of college. I do however put a lot of the blame on her parents as the schools can only do so much.

    • Richard A Nygaard

      College isn’t for everyone. Maybe she should learn a trade.

  • First off, the school system should NOT be run by the government. Its essentially a dumbing down of the public so they can do whatever they want. Just like why there are so many subliminal messages and everyone is so perverted. I guess Ded Prez was right in their song They Schools when they said “School is like a 12 step brainwash camp”. Well done by the ones running our country, no wonder anyone who isn’t for gay marriage is demonized.

    • rxantos

      You are right on that.

      It benefit the two major political parties to have a dumb population unable to question government. So government have a gross conflict of interest. It also benefits for them to focus on sport and conformity to norms (thats what fashion is all about).

      They do not want smart people. They want people that do not question. They do not want education, they want training and indoctrination.

      Imagine if everyone was smart enough to ask the question “WHY” and to say “NO” without repercussion. True freedom of speech. But also a general population harder to manipulate.

    • foramerica

      You are 100% correct. The federal government should stay out of education. They only screw it up further. I think parents should be more involved. I was interested in helping out in adult literacy in my community. During the training I was told that many families did not even own a book and, of course, they did not read to their children. When the parents don’t get involved, the government does and in the end, all we have is a socialization process taking place. Social agendas are pushed rather than the three Rs.

  • rkb100100

    Education has been absorbed into the welfare state, the results are predictable.

  • Frustrated AP Student.

    The majority of the classes that I take in school are at the AP, college-level, but in sophomore year, I took regular geometry. When I got to my class, I spent the whole year with a 90 average and brought the class average up to a 58. 58. There had been so many points during the year where I just wanted to ram my head into a wall. I would get a 75, and everybody would crowd around me, exclaiming at my ‘awesome grade’. This is what they consider ‘awesome’. At one point during the year, my teacher gave us a first grade-level quiz on telling time on an analog clock, and I was the only one who passed with a 100. I don’t know about other schools, but the issue with my school was its obsession with athletics rather than academics and arts. While the library was stuck with an old catalog, and the art classes ran out of paints midway through the year, our high school was funding over 30 different sports teams, including a ‘freshman football’ team. The school claims that their academics are the best in the county, but that is only the work of the AP students. It’s horrific. I’m writing to my principal about it.

    • Adam Steiger

      I’m obviously late replying, but I had to comment here.

      Reading your post about the academic level of your high school peers was demoralizing. It honestly sounded like a real-life version of the film ‘Idiocracy’. I can’t even fathom being in a classroom full of young adults who can’t even grasp standard geometry.

      It sounds like you’re an exception to this “new normal” rule, nowadays. I hope your efforts pay off!

      My Creed: To engage others online with respect and civility, even if we don’t agree and even if it’s not given in return.

  • Nick

    In elementary school, and middle school, I was taught the basics of math, reading, science, history, and learned everything the American education system intended for me to learn. High school was a joke, I hardly learned a thing, and actually did most of my learning after school, on my own, from my own curiosity of the world and wanting to know as much as I can. Now I am 23, and I agree that most people my age, and especially those even younger, face a bleak future that they are too uneducated to even be aware of. The history that we were taught in school embellishes America to be the greatest, most honorable country in the world that other nations envy, but I find this to be untrue nowadays, and find that our corrupt nation starts wars, not ends them. Expands our government for more control, and paves the way for a future of absolute control physically, and even more so mentally, based on our education systems designed for children of my generation and future generations.
    Maybe if we just watch the news and listen to more American propaganda, everything will be ok? Ha.

  • William Kenneth Wright

    some of it might be true but I think it is just hype to sell his book, the survey was taken from telephone so you might had elderly people answering them also

  • Harlan

    Some of us have known for decades how miserably stupid, ignorant, illiterate and uneducated the average American is. Somebody is finally figuring this out…? Welcome to reality…!

  • Marie

    Since when did “intelligence” become a competition?

    • Richard A Nygaard

      Um, since forever. In the capitalistic society how much money you make is closely tied to education. College grads make a lot more than high school grads, and a ton more than drop outs. Thats a fact.

  • themanifester


    First off, our education system is based on the 3-class Prussian system that by design is to keep the masses illiterate and keep the real knowledge with the ruling elite.

    Our so called academic experts are the most illiterate of the bunch, because they actually believe the nonsense they were taught. The final stage of the Prussian system was just put into place with Common Core.

    Second, the food, water and medicine the American public ingests is poison and by design is to make you sick and dumb you down. There are many studies that show the fluoride in the water alone drops IQ by 30 points. Not to mention the massive encephalitis caused by prescription drugs and vaccines.

    If you want your child to be a genius, Filter your water, grow organic non GMO foods, stay as far away form western medicine as you can, and DO NOT hand your children over to the State for so called education.

    The sad truth is all this information is readily available to everyone. The fact is most are way to lazy to go to the library and read! There you will find the truth about how Carnegie and Rockefeller took over the medical education system and discredited real medicine (allopathic) for pharmaceuticals, how and what vaccines are really for, why Hitler put Fluoride in the water system, and if you really do some reading you will find out that the history you were taught was nonsense.

    The saddest part is most people in the world live in a false reality based on propaganda and lies.

    I challenge all to go look up what the Hegelian Dialectic is and how it is used on the masses. This will be a big eye opener on how the ruling elite divide and control you.

    AND turn off the TV!


    • Richard A Nygaard

      So you are telling me if I wouldn’t have drank the fluoride water I would have a 180 IQ?!?!? How many points did I erase with processed foods? Another 20? Thats 200!!!

  • Brain Biochem

    On top of the messed up system and culture of laziness, kids’ brain
    functioning will continue to degrade until we realize as a nation what
    raw materials it takes in the diet to actually build a well-functioning
    brain. EFAs and cholesterol build the brain. Also, the increasing rate
    of gluten sensitivity in kids blocks absorption of these (and every
    other) nutrient. All parents of kids with learning difficulties: please
    research nutrition and the brain…

    AND…pre-parents need to get their nutrition up, since EPIGENETICS shows that your nutrient biochemistry can impact your genes, i.e., your kids’ genes could be warped because of what you didn’t put in your body.

  • beth

    My curriculum (economics) is rigorous and the parents complain whenever their child’s grade is a C or lower. The other teachers don’t even grade anything. They just give a 100 for “participation.” The parents complain to the principal, but I refuse to lower my standards.

    • foramerica

      Don’t you get the feeling that everyone just wants to make children feel good about themselves, rather than teach them something meaningful? When I look back on my education (the 70s), my best teachers were probably like you; they pushed students to learn and to think. The goal was not to make me feel good, rather it was to teach me how to learn. Keep up the rigorous curriculum. Parents may complain, but your students will win in the end!

  • joel hutchison

    I am an Eighth grader taking high school level classes. I am litterally the smartest person in my grade( going off of standerdized tests, ACT scores(25), IQ(150) and other things). I am okay with my schools teaching capabilities, how ever, as I am informed, My school’s B is like an A in any other school in the state, which makes me very disapointed as I am not challenged nearly as much as I should be and yet I am in one of the smartest schools, so how is it that our system is not being dumbed down.

    • GENUG

      Joel: go for the gold ring. Leave the rest behind. (PS: screw cooperative learning). personal best is the flavor of the day!!! It’s lonely on top – but relish the feeling!!!!.

    • Aleks

      great job, but 8th grade is a breeze, i snoozed my way through middle school with almost perfect scores and the STAR, CST, GATE and whatever other test they wanted me to take. The only year I have ever struggled was junior year of high school. 7 AP/IB courses, water polo and band killed me, got through it. Didn’t get below a B and got 3’s-5’s on all my AP’s. I remember honestly that whenever anyone saw my school schedule they thought I was insane. I see people struggling with basic class, and this year i am taking one (huge mistake) since i didn’t have the time for a solid AP schedule. (working internships in software design and taking computer science courses) But in basic classes, even the teachers are dumbed down, they can’t even teach properly, they don’t discipline the kids who are failing they just try to give them a disappointed look and think that it will drive all the flunky-sheep that patrol my school.

      • Richard A Nygaard

        Great job, but you sure come off like a snob. Everyone is different man, just because you didn’t have a problem in 8th grade doesn’t mean others wont. That age can bring about a lot of changes for kids and even smart kids can struggle with emotional problems that spill over into the academic life. Why do you think people read posts in forums like this? To read about how smart you are? You didn’t post anything helpful to anyone, just info on how the tough classes you are taking are so easy for you. Because, after all, you are a genius. I would hate to spend any time around you.

      • joel hutchison

        its ludicrous, I’m forced to take some regular courses and they are so easy and they litterally teach me nothing, plus the teachers are so out of what all the kids are doing, half the time i feel like im teaching the class

    • Aleks

      Im also curious as to why even bother taking the ACT in the 8th grade, theres no use for it at that level, and mentioning your IQ is another useless tidbit as it is a relative score. An ACT of 25 really isn’t too bad a score especially for 8th grade, but with the million ACT prep books, study guides and tutors I’ve seen out there, anyone who reads through one will get a 25. 30-32+ is where you want to be, 33’s and above get you definitely looked at.

      • Richard A Nygaard

        Just because there are ACT prep books doesn’t mean people with lower intelligence will be able to grasp the info in said books and make a high score, 30+.

  • Andika Candra Jaya

    I am Indonesian and our nation also shared more-or-less same problem as American today. Our curriculum also had been dumbed down significantly since our independence back then in 1945. I can recall in middle-school when my mathematics coach gave me 1950’s middle-school geometry exam and I was surprised at that time seeing 1950’s exam was significantly tougher than 2000’s ‘competitive mathematics’ (yes, I was Olympian). That was mathematics, not economy, or geography. I’m not sure whether today’s curriculum is more challenging or not.
    The bottom line is, our curriculum (American and Indonesian similarly) is severely dumbed down as government wants to see better score. Instead of increasing academic rigor (by this means that separating best of the best students to be educated rigorously), goverment/school boards decided to take shortcut by lowering the common denominator. These problems are even excerbated further by mass media that is essentially owned by corporates and these two aspects (education and media) collaborated together to dumb us down. I can quote you-guess-who, “I don’t want a nation of thinkers. I only want a nation of workers,” who principally wants our people dumb to fulfill the position of workers/slaves.
    Read more in J.T. Gatto’s books, as much as your budget or storage shelf can afford

  • bobzilla

    Why use a picture of a now demolished school in Halifax N.S. Canada?

  • 晶晶

    I do not disagree with most of what has been said on here in regards to both the article and many of the comments.
    However, I would like to point out that there are many other factors going on in America than just the public education system that is affecting our students.

    Family units are often broken or non-existant
    Obsession with entertainment
    Obsession with material possessions
    The need for instant gratification
    The decline of hard, steadfast morals and conviction
    The decline of intrinsic motivation
    … just to name a few

    To throw the American students a “bone”, I would like to point out that most other countries track their students and that the statistics that are sent out are really only about the students who go on the college track. Typically, the scores of the students who get tracked into the job/labor route don’t get thrown in with the national scores. Also, as I’m currently living in an Asian country, I would like to note that the majority of students over here have everything memorized and have no critical thinking skills because that is how their public system teaches them. Could American schools use more memorization? Of course, but if we completely go that route, we’re not fixing the bigger issue of critical thinking. Believe me, life could be infinitely easier to live over here if everything wasn’t so inefficient (due to people in charge who are unable to think critically about the everyday problems like running a business, fix the street, set up a grocery store…etc). I tell myself, “I don’t have to understand,” so many times in a day it’s become my mantra.

    Sorry… I digress.

    As for teachers in America, I would argue that most of those teachers, when they were in college, were quite gung-ho about their future job. As a teacher myself (albeit, a young one), I think it’s safe to say that the majority of teachers are not going into the education field for the money. Rather, they/we are motivated by the desire to make a difference. So here’s the question… what happens to them? Why do they stop caring? Why do they stop trying?

    One last thing: I can’t even stress how important a loving guardian is to a child’s life who doesn’t just dote on the child, but who actually provides structure and discipline. Teachers are not a replacement for a student’s parents/guardians. Teachers cannot be everything to every student, it just isn’t possible.

    Anyway, all of that to say that yes, America’s future looks kind of bleak; however, there are other factors affecting the situation than just the school system.

  • newdawnlaw

    A cheer for the Tea Party aka CrackerNation: burn science books that teach evolution, cut spending on education (in rural China families spend half their income to get better education for their children)

    • foramerica

      You seem to have missed the point of the article. You can’t blame the tea party. They weren’t even around 10 years ago. This is a problem with government control and lack of parental involvement. Furthermore, when our schools spend more time trying to push social agendas and leave behind science, math, and reading, the above is what you get.

      • newdawnlaw

        And Tea Party policies and philosophy will address and correct this problem . . . exactly how? Regardless, MOOCs – mass open online courses – now underscore more than ever that in the Age of Information Ignorance Is A Choice. Over 50 years ago, an uncle self educated himself and became one of the very first microwave relay engineers in the industry. Where there is a will – and available resources – there is a way. Good luck to the youth of America, because if existing institutions fail them, they will have to find their own way, but fortunately, digital technology provides that way.

        • foramerica

          You still miss the point. The article is not about the tea party and has nothing to do with it. The tea party is not to blame for education policies. You might as well discuss apples since you can’t read the article and figure out what it is about.

          • Sarcastic_Bastard

            Apples are awesome. I love apples.

        • Richard A Nygaard

          Existing institutions can fail those with a will all they want, because as you say where there is a will there is a way. So only those without proper motivation will be left behind.

      • newdawnlaw

        “It is just that they have learned to be incredibly lazy and our schools do not challenge them at all.” My comments are in response to your extraneous assertion of a “social agenda” by educators as a purported cause of the plight of these pathetic students. Where in the article is that discussed? Go to any school district with an Asian population, no matter how public or “socialized” that district may be, and look at the statistics: the Asian students give everyone else a beat down in scores and GPAs. Because they and their families are education motivated. Put the blame where it belongs: lazy students and indifferent families. In districts where families are proactive in demanding better education and are involved in their children’s education they generally get results. To blame a lack of public school performance on left wing social agendas is a typical Tea Party mantra, so hence I’m exercising my 1st Amendment rights to bag on the Tea Party – and you, since you are in its corner. But I’ll take my erudition -and make no mistake about it as an idle boast – elsewhere, because being a giant among pygmies is not really very sporting at all.

        • foramerica

          I never said I was with the tea party. I was merely pointing out where you were wrong in your logic. So in your thinking it is wrong to blame left wing social agendas, but it is all right to blame ring wing social agendas. Could you explain your thinking here? Please try to do so without trying to attack me personally. That is never an argument and gets no where. Name calling is just a child’s way of arguing. My personal opinion is that education failure falls on government being involved and parents not being involved. The majority of children have incredible potential. But when our government gets involved and is more interested in pushing social issues on them, they come out at the end not knowing anything. Unfortunately, we have two problems. We can’t get government uninvolved and for some reason many parents don’t want to be involved.

  • Blackjack69

    Americans are loosers…. uhhhh I mean losers!!!! Most of them think New York City is the capital of New York… It’s sad.

  • Kayla

    Ok, I hate to comment on this. But I know that I do not know a lot about geography, and some of history as well. However, that does not mean I am stupid. I excel in other categories, and actually am far from stupid. I agree that high school didn’t teach me crap though, and maybe I would know more about history and geography if I had an actually good teacher genuinely interested in my ability to learn (I am not saying that all teachers don’t care, but there are quite a few that do not). I learned a lot after I had graduated high school and continued onto college. I’m definitely concerned for my son though (who is 5 months old), and I hope that the education in another few years gets better and not worse. I’ll have to figure something out, and enroll him in private school otherwise. I’m seriously concerned for our future generations education and well being.

  • John Q. Public

    The Dept. of Education gets what it wants.

  • Not an Ignorant Pig

    Ray Bradbury and George Orwell saw this more than 50 year in advance. They both saw a society ran by a government of the people, by the people, and for the 1%, with a dumb, uneducated population taught to let someone think for them. Being an anarcho-communist, I don’t like where America is heading. Americans, as a people, stopped caring about what was happening in the world a long time ago. Why worry about someone’s problem until you have to face it? Well, it will be your problem faster than you think.

  • Oakland

    Please tell me the writer is using the word “stupidest” as irony.

  • ฉันเชื่อว่าเด็กๆ ที่อยู่ในรูปเชื่อว่า มีหลายคนเคยเล่นรถไฟโทมัสมาก่อน เพราะรถไฟโทมัสเป็นของเล่นที่เด็กทั่วโลก นิยมเล่นกันมาก เพราะเป็นของเล่นที่สร้างเสริมจิตนาการ ได้เป็นอย่างดี

  • msmuller525

    Gee, maybe the kids should ATTEND school. I have dozens of kids who come 2-3 times a week and have no inclination to make up the work. When these kids FAIL senior English, their parents freak so administrators ask teachers to “work with them”. Graduation rates affect the school’s grade. Are you kidding me.

  • Another Perspective

    As someone who has worked in the public school system, I would say that at least half of the time it is not the school that causes these problems. Parents do not instill a sense of respect in students and teach students that they should get an A just for writing their name on a paper. Instead of working with schools to ensure their child becomes a productive member of society, parents often make excuses for their children and get angry when there are consequences for their child’s lack of effort.

  • Larry Vail

    so … what do we do about it. Personally I am just trying to get my own sons through high school. they have no incentive. Tell me they want to become you tube stars like their hero pewdi pie.

  • kayotic

    late i know….but the problem is the method of teaching, the forced education system, and even tossing kids into pre-school(children need to BE WITH THEIR MOTHERS during the first several years of life).

    look up the prussian school system, thats what America uses. THe school system actually isnt failing….its doing exactly what it was intended to do.

  • Totally Amazed

    I know quite a bit about the history of the US, but it seems to be changing. My answers to the questions when I was in high school would be different than now, like:
    What is the supreme law of the land? My new modified answer is, lobbyist!
    What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution? My saddened answer is forced to this, some only feel there is one, that God gave them the right to kill even though the bible says not to
    What are the two parts of the U.S. Congress? My new answer is, those who take bribes, and those who control wall street
    How many justices are there on the Supreme Court? My answer would now be, depends on how much money you have!
    Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Lobbyists are rewriting it daily!
    What are the two major political parties in the United States? The corruption party and the distraction party! They work well together
    We elect a U.S. senator for how many years? Answer in two parts, one, we don’t elect them, they are picked, the other part of the answer is, too many!
    Who was the first President of the United States? John Hanson (look it up)
    Who is in charge of the executive branch? Who ever has the most money

    The biggest reason kids are not very good in history is, they are too often lied to about true history and cannot determine facts from fiction. The US needs to be more trust worthy on factual history. Much of it is not too good, but the thing is, you can’t fix things based on lies! It is no different for a drug addict, if you don’t face your demon, you cannot defeat it, if you don’t make right the wrongs you did, you cannot be forgiven

  • Veritas Magnum

    It’s not the kids fault. The schools have been so dumbed down that most of what is taught is a waste of time.

  • margaret diamond

    Genug:What is your understanding of ‘American Exceptionalism?

    • GENUG

      good morning! (that’s part of) Constitutional and legal excellence!!!