Don’t Let Your Daughters Grow Up To Be Like Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus VMA MTV Video Music AwardsThe ultra-raunchy performance that Miley Cyrus put on at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards the other night is a perfect example of how morally bankrupt our culture has become.  Since that performance, Miley Cyrus has been the number one topic of conversation in America, and a whole lot of people have actually been defending her.  They have been saying stuff like “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it” and a CNN article even went so far as to say that we “need less outrage, less nannying” about such performances.  Unfortunately, the truth is that it would be a tragic mistake to simply ignore such filth.  Millions upon millions of young girls absolutely adored Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana on the Disney channel, and millions of those same girls are looking up to her as a role model now.  What they see her do is going to affect their behavior.  As for Miley Cyrus, she probably believes that the kind of performance that she put on the other night is exactly what her audience wants, and to a large degree that is probably true.  It is easy to denounce the garbage that we see at these award shows, but the cold, hard reality of the matter is that the behavior that we see on these shows is a reflection of who we are as a nation.


But certainly what Miley Cyrus did the other night was a new all-time low.  The following is how her performance was described by Time Magazine

Bopping up and down the catwalk in hair-twist devil’s horns and a flesh-colored latex bikini, Cyrus lewdly wagged her tongue, tickled her crotch with a foam finger, shook her buttocks in the air and spanked a 6-ft. 7-in. black burlesque queen.

If you have not seen her bizarre performance, I do not recommend that you go watch it.  Once you have seen it, it cannot be unseen.

But for parents, one positive that can come out of this is that it can be used as a teaching moment for your children.  In fact, one mother named Kim Keller wrote an open letter to her daughter on her blog entitled “Dear daughter, let Miley Cyrus be a lesson to you” that has gone viral all over the Internet…

Yes, this is what happens when you constantly hear everything you do is awesome. This is what happens when people fawn over your every Tweet and Instagram photo. This is what happens when no responsible adult has ever said the word “no,” made you change your clothes before leaving the house, or never spanked your butt for deliberate defiance.

If you ever even consider doing something like that, I promise you that I will run up and twerk so you will see how ridiculous twerking looks. I will duct tape your mouth shut so your tongue doesn’t hangout like an overheated hound dog. I will smack any male whom you decide to smash against his pelvis – after I first knock you on your butt for forgetting how a lady acts in public.

Why would I do that? Because I love you and I want you to respect yourself. Miley Cyrus is not edgy or cool or sexy. She’s a desperate girl screaming for attention: Notice me. Tell me I’m pretty. See how hot I am. I know all the guys want me. All the girls want to be me.

You probably know girls who will emulate this behavior at the next school dance. Don’t do it with them. You are far too valuable to sell yourself so cheaply. Walk away. Let the boys gawk and know in your heart that they see only a body that can be used for their pleasure and then forgotten.

These are the kinds of conversations that mothers should be having with their daughters all over America right now.

And I love how Keller ended the open letter to her daughter…

Dear daughter, I am going to fight or die trying to keep you from becoming like the Miley Cyruses of the world.

You can thank me later.

We have got to fight for our children.

Otherwise, our rapidly decaying culture will absolutely overwhelm them.

The following is how another mother described what happened when she sat down to watch the video music awards with her daughter…

Sadly, there are no longer many pastimes my teenage daughter, Flo, is prepared to enjoy doing with me. But, thankfully, watching TV together is one of them.

And so I leapt at the opportunity to sit down with her to watch the much- anticipated 2013 MTV Video Music Awards featuring her favourite singers and bands.

How I wish I had done something — anything — else instead. Because what I witnessed had me reaching for the ‘off’ button faster than you can say ‘live streaming’.

I am talking about Miley Cyrus’ jaw-droppingly lewd dance routine — if that’s what you want to call it.

My ten-year old son Monty (who happened to walk through the room just at the moment she stripped down to a nude, latex bikini) probably describes it best.

‘That’s disgusting,’ he proclaimed. ‘Why are you watching lap-dancing?’

The rest of the world is watching the filth that is being touted as “entertainment” in America today.  As Americans, we like to think that we are setting an “example” for the rest of the world, but the only example that we are setting is a bad one.

Is there any hope for our nation as it continues to go down this path?

The problem that we are facing is far, far larger than Miley Cyrus.  Our entire culture is in the process of decaying.  Ray Gano of put it this way…

I am sickened with Miley for many reasons, but I am thoroughly disgusted with the United States and utter unacceptable filth that is being put out there.

As I said, Miley is a by-product of a nation gone bad. I look at some of the other pictures and there were hundreds of teenage girls in the audience going crazy over the performance.

Miley Cyrus was once an innocent girl, she is now the poster child for free and open porn to the masses.

What saddens me is that she used to claim the title “Christian” and I understand that her family stood on good Christian values.

Don’t be surprised to hear that Miley will pose for Playboy, Penthouse or produce some smut film in the near future.

She is leading the pack of young girls down the path of hedonism.

But what is worse is that this is what our nation wants and demands.

From a very young age, kids in America are being taught to be highly sexualized, and the results are predictable.  The following statistics are from one of my previous articles

#1 There are 19 million new STD infections in the United States every single year.  Approximately half of them happen to young people in the 15 to 24-year-old age bracket.

#2 It costs the U.S. health care system approximately $17,000,000,000 every single year to treat sexually transmitted diseases.

#3 There were more than 1.4 million cases of chlamydia reported in the United States in 2011.  An astounding 33 percent of those cases involved Americans that were younger than 20 years of age.

#4 It is estimated that about one out of every six Americans between the ages of 14 and 49 have genital herpes.

#5 24,000 American women become infertile each year due to undiagnosed STDs.

#6 In the United States today, approximately 47 percent of all high school students have had sex.

#7 Sadly, one out of every four teen girls in the U.S. has at least one sexually transmitted disease.

#8 According to one survey, 24 percent of all U.S. teens that have STDs say that they still have unprotected sex.

#9 Amazingly, one out of every five teen girls in the U.S. actually wants to be a teenage mother.

#10 If you can believe it, the United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate on the entire planet.  In fact, the United States has a teen pregnancy rate that is more than twice as high as Canada, more than three times as high as France and more than seven times as high as Japan.

#11 When men don’t have to wait until they get married to have sex, then they are likely to delay marriage or never get married at all.  According to the Pew Research Center, only 51 percent of all Americans that are at least 18 years old are currently married.  Back in 1960, 72 percent of all U.S. adults were married.

#12 Today, an all-time low 44.2 percent of all Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 are married.

#13 In the United States today, more than half of all couples “move in together” before they get married.

#14 The divorce rate for couples that live together first is significantly higher than for those that do not.

#15 America has the highest divorce rate on the globe by a wide margin.

#16 For women under the age of 30 living in the United States today, more than half of all babies are being born out of wedlock.

#17 At this point, more than one out of every four children in the United States is being raised by a single parent.

#18 Approximately 42 percent of all single mothers in the United States are on food stamps.

#19 The sexual revolution has caused women to be primarily looked at as sex objects.  In this kind of environment, it should be no surprise that there has been an absolute explosion of pornography in recent years.  An astounding 30 percent of all Internet traffic now goes to pornography websites, and the U.S. produces more pornography than any other nation has in the history of the world.

#20 One survey discovered that 25 percent of all employees that have Internet access in America visit sex websites while they are at work.

#21 Overall, more than 50 million babies have been killed in America since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973.

#22 When you total up all forms of abortion, including those caused by the abortion drug RU 486, the grand total comes to more than a million abortions performed in the United States every single year.

#23 The number of American babies killed by abortion each year is roughly equal to the number of U.S. military deaths that have occurred in all of the wars that the United States has ever been involved in combined.

#24 It has been reported that a staggering 41 percent of all New York City pregnancies end in abortion.

#25 One study found that 86 percent of all abortions are done for the sake of convenience.

And as I wrote about the other day, our children are certainly not being influenced in the right direction at school either.  In fact, sometimes teachers are some of the worst examples.  For example, it has been reported that more than 200 teachers in Detroit are moonlighting as “sugar babies” in order to make some extra income.

As our young people sink even deeper into moral depravity, our culture is encouraging us to become more “accepting” of it.  If you can believe it, one recent article in the Huffington Post actually encouraged parents to “help” their teens “have sex well” with their friends…

Just when I think I’ve heard it all, I come across something that makes me pause in disgust. This week, I read an article from the Huffington Post titled, “How Do You Feel about Sex and Teenage Sleepovers?”

There’s no doubt how I feel, but let’s first take a look at what the author said. In the first paragraph she asks, “Why not teach children how to have sex well, the way you teach them how to do other things?” She elaborates, describing parents inviting the teenager’s partner over, having a nice dinner and then the couple “toddles” off to bed together. (In reality, that’s just permitting the behavior to take place, not actually educating.)

Then she goes further stating, “It seems logical to me that the same way I try to teach my kids to exercise, sleep well and be good people, I would teach them to have healthy sex with other good people.” Appalling mental scenarios come to mind, but I’m not going there.

What in the world is happening to America?

Is there any hope for this country?

Please feel free to share what you think about all of this by posting a comment below…

  • MelArk

    It’s disgraceful…it’s why I try to shelter my boys at home and un-pulg the television….it’s appalling to see, as a woman, how other females conduct their selves these’s shameful….I’m ashamed for these people I see online or read about…it’s not right and it’s our job as parents to just not expose our children to it…any of it, if we can prevent it

    • We got rid of TV when they switched over to the High Definition Broadcasts only. None of the kids missed it at all. When you consider the fact that all major media is owned by a few individuals, it is obvious that it is “they” that are trying to influence the culture rather than “it” being a reflection of our culture, so I disagree with Michael on that point.

    • Brian Harrington

      how can you be ashamed when you seen things and perhaps you done things granted that let you sheld your boys or daughters so they don’t grow up and thinking all women are like that but if you to eroupe sexuality is ok we are the only country that takes a massive consertive view on the matter besides in order to keep the fan base she and like wise other ladies in the entertainment matter create a form of contoversity because it seales think of like this
      don’t know if you remmber john lennon I was still a baby then but he said he was better then jesus christ in which everything beattles went beyond the moon that is how they there millions not that I agree but maybe he hadn’t slept in days on end but he did apploigize after that statement same with britney spears hey Ill be another madaona in the entertainment industry sex is prime comodity
      if charile sheen did go spastic he is making a tv show in which I use to do security called anger management but I think it was all planed out period and yes actress want to bees do flock to the casting couch hate to say like that but if ur a hot looking lady and got something worth while then you become something in hollywood

    • All American Chutzpah

      Talmudic Culture.

  • Uh-huh

    It is outright astounding at how swiftly the morality of America has decayed. Today, I watched a 1950s commercial …WOW!!!…what a difference from today’s America.

    If you have ever seen a futuristic movie where they take the camera into the spot where you see barely dressed people openly doing drugs, offering sex, looking like you have actually entered the gates of hell — that’s what America looks like today….we are there.

    • geepers

      I guess I live in a different America than you. The morality in America has on some levels improved since the Pre 50’s eras. Back then they were lynching blacks, had segregation, and many other strange acts. I don’t think you can base morality all on sex.

  • Tim

    “If you have not seen her bizarre performance, I do not recommend that you go watch it.”

    That’s good advice. I wish I hadn’t watched it.

    • Bad Kitty Cat

      I’d like to add: thank you for the advice. I know enough now to not watch it… I really don’t want to see that kind of stuff. And now I know (enough of) what the big deal about her is!

  • SRVES339

    “We have got to fight for our children”

    Michael, how about you fight for your children and I’ll fight for mine.

    btw… she did it for the publicity… and the media sheep fall fall for it every time, as you have.

    • Tim

      She did it because she serves the god of this world. She isn’t a Christian. Neither is her father a Christian. If he were, he wouldn’t have given her to the world for gain.

  • Colin

    Miley Cyrus shouldn’t shoulder the full burden of the blame for this routine. Her partner, Robin Thicke, the accompanying dancers, and the rest who choreographed and rehearsed this routine should be held to accounting as well. Paraphrasing a character from Jurassic Park, as they were preoccupied with thinking they could do this, they didn’t stop to think whether they should.

    • Momof4

      No, I don’t think she should get full blame, just 95% maybe?? At least he managed to keep his clothes on. But seriously, a 36 year old guy–what was he thinking? And his wife approved???

      • Colin

        I don’t know what he was thinking. This is doubly so after seeing the uncensored video for his song “Blurred Lines”. He and his buddies, who are fully dressed, are cavorting with topless women.

  • Hope

    Have you read about the father who wrote a letter to his teenage daughter in hopes she will have an awesome sex life.
    When reading the comments on Yahoo (where I first saw the article), most people thought this guy was a great father.

  • Rodster

    It’s all about selling yourself to the public and getting social media hit’s and trending. She accomplished what she wanted to do by upstaging Lady Gaga and be the talk of the nation. So mission accomplished.

    Do I approve what she did, NO but she is in show business and that’s what sells these days, SEX. She just took it up 5 notches and the next up and coming act will try and out do her, rinse and repeat.

    We are long past the time of class acts like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. It’s just a sign of the times.

  • Proftel
  • 2Gary2

    miley cyrus is trash tv. What sane person would watch that garbage?

    • Kim

      I didn’t watch it live, but the ensuing media coverage on television and the Internet, it’s kinda hard to miss. I guess people that love what is good, and what is up building, peaceable, and the loyal, clean and moral people left in the world should just cut themselves off from the media? That isn’t even a remotely realistic expectation. It’s not our fault that people like Cyrus want to publicly act out their twisted sexual desires in front of the eyes of millions.

      • 2Gary2

        Kim–I had no idea about any of this. I simply turn off the trash tv which is most tv and read a good book. Just do not watch it if you do not like it.

        • Kim

          I don’t “watch” it (which would imply I enjoy it). I saw it on the Internet the next day and cringed. I am suggesting it is impossible to shelter yourself from public displays indecency, especially when they are (these displays) are masquerading as entertainment or artistic expression. It’s unrealistic and unfair to expect the public to just hunker down in isolation and read a book.

  • Momof4

    It’s tough raising kids today because there is so much of this type of disgusting behavior. My pre-teen daughter doesn’t understand why I won’t let her dress like some of the people she sees on tv. She doesn’t understand why I’d like the skirts she wears to be a little longer. She doesn’t get it when I tell her she needs to cover up a bit more and I don’t want to see any bra straps hanging out. She certainly doesn’t like it when I tell her “you’re not getting that–put it back” when she picks out an article of clothing that is so see-through. Seriously, it’s a constant battle to find appropriate clothing for girls today. My daughter wanted to watch the VMA awards, but after seeing Lady GagGag on stage first and then Miley walking out of the TeddyBear, I told her she couldn’t. What’s a parent to do?

    • Rose

      Don’t known if you will read this, since its a late comment but my advise to you is to home school if you are able and get rid of the TV. And of coarse, go to church.

  • geepers

    The judgments being passed on this young damaged woman reminds me (and I’m not religious) of when Jesus rescued the prostitute from the blood thirsty crowds ready to stone her to death. Apparently, Jesus wrote something in the sand with a stick. Many have speculated on what he wrote, but it would seem it had to do with their own sins that were much like or worse than the woman they were condemning to death by stoning. I would ask society to at least be fair in its judgments, and condemn equally the men who created Miley Cyrus.

  • seth datta

    The predicted explosion of immorality before the end time continues. Not only that, but Cyrus is most likely a victim of MKULTRA/MONARCH programming, as most Disney (satanic) stars, such as Britney Spears and co.

    • English Kev

      Oh yes.
      Henry Makow has more to say on it also.

  • LC

    I would say her performance was invoking Krampus, the evil Yule demon. The devil horn hairdo, sticking out her tongue, dancing around with teddy bears, wearing a little kid’s outfit, etc. all reminded me of the Bavarian folklore of Krampus who took bad children away–never to be seen again. It all seemed a bit Satanic to me.

  • Jodi

    Glenn Beck talked about this on his radio show Monday & said a few years ago when he interviewed Billy Ray on CNN he said he just wanted to be her friend. That is an outrages thing to say. What she needs is a Dad not a friend. Unfortunately this is one of the problems in today’s society. Where are the fathers? It’s time for people to get their families in order, It’s time to start recognizing our problems. If this is the future of teens acting this way on the VMA’s then we are so screwed.

    I also would like to point out on how people have been defending her. I saw this post on FB. Get over it people, Miley is all grown up now she’s not Hanna Montana anymore. It’s unbelievable how people just don’t get it on morally bankrupt our society has become.

  • Person

    Miley Cyrus can be sexual and still have morals. Miley Cyrus can wear revealing clothing and still have morals. She can still be a good person, she can still be polite and giving and kind and be a sexual person. Being sexual has nothing to do with someones morals. Also, what is bothering me is that people are caring more about the way she chooses to express herself sexually, and seeing that as more of the problem, then the fact that she’s using cultural appropriation. She, as a white woman, is trying to act ‘ghetto’, without any idea of what it actually means. So, Miley Cyrus acting sexual (even though i agree that it was totally the wrong setting to act that way), is NOT the problem with her performance, and she should NOT be slut-shamed. The problem is that she is using cultural appropriation. THAT is the problem with Miley Cyrus.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    Why don’t young women grow up to be wholesome role models like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian anymore.?

    • English Kev

      Or Courtney ‘totally stable’ Love.Lol

  • DJohn1

    The Devil is probably responsible for the behavior. But I think the Devil is really messing up here. It gets to the point where we are all too used to the constant sexual blast that we get from movies, tv, and all the other media.
    My own thought is really simple. This is really the result of marketing gone way too far. In the business of advertising sex sells. When sex becomes common in our culture, when breasts are commonly exposed and other body parts best left covered are exposed constantly then it becomes taken for granted. And that is where the Devil has messed up.
    People after a while are no longer sexually aroused by this nude behavior. It is too common. If sexual marketing becomes too common is it really effective anymore?
    They pay motivational experts big money to design things that will make you and me make money decisions at the stores. Much of this is full of suggestions meant to get to your subconscious area.

    It is not uncommon for a national company to spend $8,000 dollars to place a full page ad in a newspaper. Or perhaps even a million on a full page ad on the backside of a magazine. The latest and greatest is the internet ads we are constantly plagued with. Big money is spent to influence all of us in our money making decisions.
    Miley Cyrus has handlers. Those handlers are responsible as much as anything else for her behavior on stage. Miley Cyrus is a product being sold on the open market in the form of imagery. Someone made a decision that this dance was good for her career. Well a lot of people will remember it.

    Don’t believe me? Watch any commercial on TV and see how many times they play to a 4 year old mind and repeat the commercial over and over ad sickening. It is because you are in the other room and they are seeking the subconscious decision making part of your mind.
    To stop this behavior on all media we have to take the profit out of it. And that is the trick of “belling the cat” because I don’t think it can be done.

    Yes, they can be fined. But if the fine doesn’t stop it what does? My own feeling is that if it became known that the majority of viewers switched channels as soon as it became apparent that something like this was going on, then yes, it would go away.
    The problem is not in the morales of the dancer but in the morales of those willing to watch it.

  • Brian Harrington

    hey sex sales period if you think that is bad go to eroupe
    topless beaches of all kinds which is ok miley is a grown woman but if she were to be raped and I was a juror I would not find the person guilty if miley wants to get her freak on let her do her thing but behind closed doors you are only putting yourself at risk of unwanted attention if I had a daughter I tell her don’t care what you do but be ready to defend yourself should u put yourself in a compromise positon remmember milley is grown woman she is not the only person who dose these things look at mondaona she slept her way to the top period and yes a woman will use her sexuality for anything to get anything sex is power period…

    • Kim

      Nude or topless beaches don’t bother me. Simulating sex acts in public is personal and ugly. Animals are better than that.

      Sex is a beautiful thing, highly personal and private. Miley makes it look ugly.

  • Joyce

    Miley has sold her soul to the devil for this kind of thing. And when payday comes….it will last forever.

  • Kim

    What in the world is happening to America>>>>

    It’s not hard to figure out. People like Cyrus (and of course there are many) are entertaining the invisible demonic spirit realm. Revelation tells us the satan and the demons have been cast to e earth and “woe” for the earth.

    Excessive sexual appetite has often been described as “animalistic” and “demonic” in the ancient Holy Scriptures. If satan and the demons are here on earth, it would follow that those they mislead (and Revelation tells us they are misleading the entire earth) would reflect the desires and personalities of those wicked spirits.

    If you found out your behaviors and conduct were entertaining wicked, murderous demons, would you still call it art?

    • Kim

      The Bible says: …and just a little while longer, the wicked on will be no more and you will certainly give attention to his place and he will not be.

      How nice that time will be.

  • Zach

    I still believe there is hope for our country. I think that God will allow America and the rest of the world to through the Tribulation so That those who survive it will humble themselves. That will allow a revival to happen and then we can start over.

  • Jim Davis

    Michael, this performance was not surprising in the least. If you listen to the lyrics of the idiotic song she was performing, you will hear her promoting drug use as well as being a slut. And she says something about “only God can judge her”.

    I think this might have awakened some people to the absolute gutter nature of the so-called “entertainment” industry. There was not even a veneer of artistry. There is nothing left to “rebel” against anymore, as there was in the 80s, since the degenerate culture is now mainstream.

  • dee

    What ever happened to clean wholesome music,
    and the singers that really put on a performance? They
    became famous, loved, and respected just by being themselves…
    …with hard work and pure motives for the most part.
    Sometimes I just wish these lost souls could really SEE
    themselves as they truly appear. They might run from
    whatever has a grip on them–of which we all know who it is–satan the angel of light in disguise.
    WILL THEY EVER SING THEIR SONG…no, but we, the faith-filled people of God…shall.

  • Jason Murker

    If you really agree with the author of the Miley letter’s comments, please read what a friend of her’s said about it before you start spreading it around.

  • SafetyViking


    Since little girls want to act like harlots, they should be treated as such…

  • Mr. Brabus

    while i do like alot of the sexual stuff on tv (my preferance) even i think that went a little too far…..she could’ve wore something a little less revealing….but if i had a daughter i wouldnt let her dress like that..ever. classy and sexy is the way to go (y)

  • Ezekiel Lamb

    Money is the driving force “sex sells” Worship of the golden image of Rev 13 ,

  • ConcernedAmerican

    Men are supposed to lead. This is exactly what men want from women. Ask any stripper or porn star how much money she makes from men. Then, go ask a filing clerk or secretary how much money they make doing work they keep their clothes on for. A lot of times, it is the same man that just went to the strip club and tipped hundreds to see someone’s daughter naked that pays so little to those that work while dressed. If you want to know why the country is in the shape it is in, look to our men and ask them about their hobbies and where they spend their money and how much they pay their staff.

    Anyone notice that all the men came out in suits while the women came out practically nude? Why isn’t there an article about how shameful Thicke’s behavior was? Women are always attacked while men get away with worse behavior and more. Hmmm…. where is the long article expressing outrage for the men’s behavior? Why is Robin Thicke treating someone’s daughter with such disrespect?

    • Sandbagger

      Agree. Many people think the feminist movement was started by women, for women. Not.

      It was started by men, for men. They wanted money (send them to work) and sex (liberation).

      Sad that today’s so-called feminists don’t see that.

      • All American Chutzpah


  • ConcernedAmerican

    Regarding the post box above, why isn’t anyone asking how a 10 year old even knows what a lap dance is?

  • Piglet

    [They have been saying stuff like “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.”] There’s some truth to this statement. TV programs survive on viewership for their advertising like plants rely on water. If people don’t watch, these kinds of shows will dry up.

    As for the low rates of marriage, our high rates of divorce hardly act as a recommendation for getting married. I know people who have been married three, four and five times, and going through divorce is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. In my office I’m one of the only ones still with my first (and only) wife. A lot of people are married to people they shouldn’t be with, and many of those still single would be well advised to keep their pants on, remain single, and instead do something useful with their lives. As a wise person once told me, “There’s nothing wrong with being single and happy.”

    • ConcernedAmerican

      Great comment. Perhaps the divorce rate is so high in the USA because the USA works more than any other industrialized country, according to a study. When do people have time to nurture personal relationships when they are working 2 jobs just to try to keep the lights on?

  • DJohn1

    This dates back all the way to Elvis Presley on the Ed Sullivan show. The object is to become controversial. He did with his hip gyrations. He was also a talented singer.
    I call it the “rude and crude” method of gaining public recognition.
    The problem being that once you become known as “rude and crude” with your actions, you have to keep progressing to more and cruder actions to maintain this kind of career. Evidence being numerous others that have taken the same path. This is especially true of young female career entertainers.

    In order for this to work you have to have a reaction from the more decent people in society declaring it to be not acceptable behavior on stage. So the youth theoretically accept them as rebels and one of their own.

    My own reaction is to simple change the channel on the cable. This does two things. I don’t have that filth in my home. The cable company monitors everything everyone watches. So they know it has flubbed.
    Supposedly the FCC also monitors this activity. But that is a political decision as to whether or not the network gets a huge fine for doing this on public tv. Wardrobe malfunctions have also been fined in the past with what to us are huge amounts of money but to them are like a traffic ticket.
    Nudity is a matter of local custom. All over the world women bare their breasts with impunity in public places like the beaches in France. Like Tahiti. The list goes on and on where nudity or partial nudity is acceptable.
    It is also very strictly controlled in other areas of the world and it is a high crime for a woman to be without clothes.
    The problem is our image in these areas of the world. They see us as evil because of broadcasts like this.
    There was a time in this country where that kind of act would have been considered as obscene and illegal. I think we need to go backwards and redefine what is acceptable on a public tv.

  • RJ

    Every time a female performer is worried about falling popularity they turn up the sex factor. Miley is just on her way out – no worries.

  • Nexusfast123

    I just find it tedious and rather boring. Not worth the effort to watch. Similar to all those crap programmers like big brother. You could not pay me to watch them…the majority have such low expectations.

  • SafetyViking

    The bottom line is: this chick isn’t even attractive. I find it more humorous than alarming. A pig in heavy makeup is still a pig…

  • graphicartist2k5

    miley cyrus did what she did for the same reason so many other pop/rock stars do the lewd, disgusting things they do: BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL BRAINWASHED SLAVES. SERIOUSLY. she’s not necessarily seeking attention as much as she is in reality carrying out what she was programmed to do by VERY demonic people.

    • All American Chutzpah

      All is Kosher.

  • cateye

    America is great because America is good…when America ceases to be good, America ceases to be great. The time has arrived. Tocqueville had it right.

  • C#

    Thanks for the article.

    Here is another good one, which I find an accurate description of what really went on: Miley was “sacrificed” by the Satanic music industry. That is, she was promoted as wholesome, only to be brought down as filth:

    Be aware that this article has less than wholesome pictures from that night.

  • DownWithLibs


  • chris

    She actually looks demonic, especially with the two little horns made out of her own hair.

  • zee788

    I don’t know if English is your second language, but please, please learn to write properly!

  • LC

    Krampus–the Christmas demon.

  • Rose

    Hi Brian, I don’t mean to be rude but it’s really difficult to read your comment. Where is the punctuation? It’s hard to see where your sentences start and end. Your grammar is, well, appalling to say the least. I would be interested in your comments but you need to clean it up to make it comprehendible.

  • Baldy1957

    Sadly, “Everyone does that which is right in their own eyes.” I’ve been saying for awhile that we’re on the down side of history. The Bible says nothing of the United States in its’ pages. Whereas we’ve been the strongest nation on earth for much of our history, we’re not mentioned in Scripture and we’ve entered the end times, I believe I’m right in what I said in sentence #2. We can expect the Temple to be rebuilt, probably following the wars spoken of in Ezekiel 38 and 39. For those who scoff, perhaps when the Lord turns those nations into dead men the scoffing will cease. The Temple will be rebuilt, the sacrifices will begin again for the first time in over 2000 years, and the anti-Christ will reveal himself. There’s no time like now to get right with the Lord, through the redemption offered only in Christ! Or, continue to play with the minions of evil and face the consequences.

  • All American Chutzpah

    Talmudic Culture at its finest.

  • All American Chutzpah

    Talmudic Culture, destroying western civilization, my friend.