Austerity Riots – A Glimpse Of America’s Future?

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Are the austerity protests and riots happening in Greece right now a glimpse of America’s future?  The truth is that both nations are absolutely drowning in debt.  It is just that the “day of reckoning” has already arrived for Greece but it has not arrived for the United States yet.  Yes, there are some important differences between the situation in Greece and the situation in the U.S., but there are also some important similarities.  Budget cuts and other austerity measures are being promoted by the political leaders of both countries. Greek citizens have reacted very negatively to the economic austerity programs that have been implemented in that nation.  As budget cuts on the federal, state and local levels in the United States start to really become painful, will we eventually see the same kind of austerity riots in this country that we are currently seeing in Greece?


There is a price to pay for living way, way beyond your means for decades.  The citizens of Greece are now feeling that economic pain.  In the United States, the pain of austerity is not being felt that severely yet.

So exactly what are austerity measures?  Well, in Greece they include tax increases, budget cuts and “privatization measures”.  The Greek government is swamped under an unpayable debt load and without international assistance the Greek government will default.

But all of that “international assistance” comes with strings.  The EU and the IMF are insisting on the implementation of very strict austerity measures, and the Greek people are not thrilled about this.

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou is telling the Greek people that it is their patriotic duty to accept these austerity measures, but most of the Greek population is not buying it.

The truth is that these international “bailouts” are just more new loans.  What the EU and the IMF are proposing is that Greece should go into even more debt and hand over even more sovereignty.

But Greece will not be able to pay back these new loans either.  In fact, these new loans will just enslave them to debt even further.  Sadly, Greece appears destined to default sooner or later regardless.

Meanwhile, big banks and big corporations are quite eager to purchase all of the juicy assets and pieces of land that the Greek government is being ordered to “privatize”.

Are you starting to understand why Greek citizens are so upset?

A lot of Greek citizens are quite apprehensive about the new austerity measures that are being proposed because the previous austerity measures have pushed many of them to the breaking point.  The following is a brief excerpt from a recent Daily Mail article about the situation in Greece….

‘They cut our pay by 25 percent and a lot of people in my department have not been paid for two months,’ said 52 year-old civil servant Yannis Zaharopoulos.

‘We have got to the point where families cannot make it. We are financially and psychologically wrecked.’

What would you do if your pay had already been cut by 25 percent, you had not been paid for two months and now the government was trying to push even more austerity measures down your throat?

The sad reality of the matter is that, as an article in The Guardian recently explained, austerity has taken a vicious toll on the Greek economy….

A year of wage and pension cuts, benefit losses and tax increases has taken its toll: almost a quarter of the population now live below the poverty line, unemployment is at a record 16% and, as the economy contracts for a third year, economists estimate that about 100,000 businesses have closed.

Today, there are strikes and austerity riots all over the nation of Greece.  The nation is literally falling to pieces.  Tens of thousands of protesters are violently clashing with police.  Stunning video of some of these protests is posted below….

You can see some additional pictures of these protests in Greece right here.

Sadly, many believe that we could see these kinds of economic riots inside the United States eventually.

Over the past several decades, the federal government, state governments and local governments have been on the greatest debt binge of all time.

We have been living way, way beyond our means for so long that most of us don’t even know what “normal” is supposed to look like.

For example, this year the federal government will take in about 2.2 trillion dollars.

It will spend about 3.7 or 3.8 trillion dollars.

So what would the U.S. economy look like if the federal government adopted a balanced budget?

Well, just imagine 1.5 trillion dollars being sucked out of the economy over the course of a year.

If you went out today and started spending one dollar every single second, it would take you over 46,000 years to spend 1.5 trillion dollars.

But the U.S. government simply cannot continue down the road that it is on.  Since Barack Obama was elected, the U.S. national debt has increased by almost 4 trillion dollars.  Our debt is increasing exponentially.  Something has to be done.

Right now the Democrats and the Republicans in Washington D.C. are fighting viciously over what to cut from the budget.  Eventually a deal will be reached and at least some cuts will be made.

If the cuts are deep enough, they will have a substantial negative impact on the U.S. economy.

But it is not just the federal government that is making cuts.  State and local governments all over the United States are cutting back as well.

Today, state and local government debt has reached at an all-time high of 22 percent of U.S. GDP.  It is major, major problem that not that many people are talking about.

In many areas of the country, absolutely brutal cuts are being made.  From coast to coast we are seeing police, firefighters and teachers being laid off.

Some of the austerity measures that we are witnessing are quite stunning.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the small town of Alto, Texas has laid off its entire police force for the next six months….

People here are bracing for a spike in crime after the city put its police force on furlough.

“Everybody’s talking about ‘bolt your doors, buy a gun,’ ” said Monty Collins, Alto’s mayor, who was against the measure.

But laying off police in a small Texas town is one thing.  It is an entirely different thing altogether to do it in one of the most dangerous cities in the entire country.

The city of Camden, New Jersey is known as “the second most dangerous city in America”, but because of massive budget problems the city recently felt compelled to lay off half of the city police force.

But that doesn’t mean that crime is taking a break in Camden.  Just consider the following report of a horrible incident that happened on Monday….

A 9-year-old boy was shot in the face Monday when he got caught in a crossfire on an otherwise quiet afternoon in East Camden’s Marlton section.

Things are getting crazy out there.

But it isn’t just impoverished areas that are having problems.  The truth is that entire states are on the verge of financial meltdown.

As I have written about previously, the state government of Illinois has 6 billion dollars in unpaid bills.  They are so broke that they are actually leaving some bills unpaid for years.

The state government of New Jersey is in such horrific financial shape that they still are facing a $10 billion budget deficit even after slashing a billion dollars from the education budget and laying off thousands of teachers.

All over the U.S. we are seeing many of our greatest cities being transformed into hellholes.  For example, the state government of Michigan recently approved a plan under which 70 public schools will be closed in the city of Detroit and only 72 will continue operating.  It is estimated that there will be more than 60 students in a single classroom in some of the schools that remain.

We are seeing austerity measures being implemented in many rural areas as well.  In fact, throughout the U.S. asphalt roads are being ripped up and replaced with gravel because gravel is cheaper to maintain.  The state of South Dakota has already changed over 100 miles of asphalt road into gravel, and 38 out of the 83 counties in the state of Michigan have replaced at least some of their asphalt roads with gravel roads.

It is almost as if economic progress in this nation is now stuck in reverse.

Sadly, many believe that even more difficult economic times are on the way.

According to Saxo Bank, the “second half of 2011 will be volatile and the uncertainty almost as great as during the financial crisis.”

The truth is that the world is becoming a very unstable place and the next major crisis could erupt at any moment.

The global financial system is so vulnerable right now that it would not take much to set off the next big global recession.

The unprecedented economic prosperity that we have enjoyed for decades is coming to an end.

The world is changing.

The United States is changing.

I hope that you are getting prepared for what is ahead.

  • Guido

    Reminds me of Atlas Shrugged.

    Get a gun and learn how to use it, folks. If ever you needed one, this is it.

    BTW-Anyone ever seen The Fourth World War? If you want to see what the future of IMF and World Bank interventions is, check this film out. I liked the South American protest they filmed-the locals got a great answer for tear gas grenades-they each carried a pot and merely placed it over the gas grenade, negating its effects. Pretty smart thinking…

    • Personally, I like to see it when the people throw the tear gas bombs back to the police.

      • Ben Dover

        Why are these people called criminals? They are trying to help control costs by reducing the number of gas grenades used.

    • jim galt

      Except that this is real and serious, whereas Rand’s ridiculous little ******* fantasy is nonsense of the first order?

  • Rob

    No doubt, we are in for some seriously rocky times ahead! No one really knows just how many hundreds of billions of dollars in derivatives are tied into the Greek situation. If Greece goes belly up and can’t pay, it may trigger defaults in Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and possibly Spain which in turn would trigger serious problems in France and Germany and then the U.S. banks which have sizable investments in Europe.

    Be prepared for civil unrest and to defend yourself in case of societal collapse. Just think, if the state and local govt’s go bankrupt and layoff police officers, who will protect you?

  • Xander cross

    I am getting prepared for it. Me and my wife are doing what we can and I have for years telling people about this and hardly no one listens. There is a group of us that read your articles to stay inform and make preparations for the collpase.

    • Michael


      I appreciate that you keep coming back to the site. I know that we don’t agree on all issues, but there is a lot that we do agree about.


  • There are a few differences between Greece and the USA.

    No other country is large enough to bail out the USA so austerity measures at the federal level will not be demanded by an external creditor.

    If US politicians ever decide to make significant spending cuts, they will probably pull the plug on Medicare recipients and take away their voting rights. Displaced nursing home patients will not be looting or rioting in the streets of America.

    • Ben Dover

      This WILL come to USA. The austerity will happen regardless of protests. I have not heard any of the protesters screaming about where the money will come from to continue as things are now.

      Glad to see the guy trashing the McDonald’s. He was probably enraged because the meal calorie counts were not posted and they didn’t offer apple slices with his Happy Meal.


      Amen gutter economist, amen. They will off the elderly.

  • For a glimpse of America’s better side, click the following link for videos about the forest fire (Las Conchas) near Los Alamos, New Mexico:

    Best wishes for residents of Los Alamos and LANL employees!

  • “It is almost as if economic progress in this nation is now stuck in reverse.”

    I think if you remove the third word from this sentence you will definitely be on to something, as every other part of your article shows.

    • Gary

      “It is almost as if economic progress in this nation is now stuck in reverse.”

      That is a very good way to describe things.

  • Richard

    The only way for Americans to deal with the coming horror in the US is to leave. This is not a fanciful suggestion. Great migrations have always existed since the onset of humanity. It was always assumed that people would want to migrate to the United States. Now it’s time to get used to the idea that “the thing to do” is to emigrate FROM the United States. The descendants of the people who had the vision a hundred + years ago to migrate TO the United States should, sadly already be executing plans to emigrate FROM the United States. Nobody ever expresses it this way. they all talk about “finding a safe place within the country far from anywhere where you can grow your own potatoes, etc”, but “the truth” (as Michael would say) is that the US is no longer a safe place ANYWHERE within its borders and you must leave and find a safe place in another country. Hard words for hard times…

    • Steve

      I’ve heard this argument before, but it always leaves me with the question, “To where will we go?” The world economy is so intrically tied together now that an economic collapse in a small country (like Greece) has radical implications around the world, like a set of dominoes standing ready to be toppled.
      So, if we have to leave the US because of the coming horror, where do we go? Where do we turn?

    • Ben Dover

      Wouldn’t surprise me to see news footage of American “boat people”.

      Americans are used to watching TV and seeing this happen to others. Most of us don’t think it could ever happen to US.

    • Jesse

      I have to disagree with you Richard. This land is choice above all other lands. We have the greatest natural resources. If it were managed right, we’d have more than enough for everyone. What we need is radical change for the good of everyone and a return to recognizing and praising our Creator.


    Fraud is so endemic that “honest politician” is now an oxymoron. Right up there with “sanitary sewer”, “jumbo shrimp” and “military intelligence”.

    We literally expect politicians to be dishonest. Bankers and lawyers too.. It’s almost at the point where in order to succeed, you have to lie, cheat and steal… or work for the government. They live the American Dream. You get to live the American NightmARE!!!

    • Jesse

      You are totally right on this one. Society now rewards the ones who are the best at lying, cheating and stealing. If you can get away with something, you get respect. It’s totally backwards today.


    The truth is we’re lost in the desert, careening down an unmarked road, odometer busted, GPS on the fritz, and fuel gauge hovering just above E. Washington can only hope that the American people, napping in the backseat, won’t notice.

    • Lauren

      People taking to the streets and rioting is a waste of time and energy. If it gets down to starvation, people should simply *********** – they have done it to us. That would probably changes things quickly. Rioting, even peaceful, does not work. Tycoons continue to go free of justice.

  • RevBryan

    Our plutocratic government will treat the debt limit with the same dose of consideration it had for the Gram-Rudman-Hollings Deficit Reduction Act… if anyone remembers it. “Turn out the lights, the party’s over.”

    • Ben Dover

      GRH worked soooo well!

  • Guido

    I think riots in the US will be much more interesting, since the authorities have a wide variety of weapons and devices to bring into play. The microwave guns ought to make riots easy to disperse. The pepper spray grenades, paintball guns, rubber bullets, silly string, goop, riot gas, and sound weapons also ought to make it very difficult to pull off a real old-fashioned riot. Then, the facial recognition software and cell/net monitoring ought to make it easy to scoop up the ringleaders.

    I don’t know how they train for riots now, but I’ve read that in the past, it was standard to seek out the ringleaders before they could get the crowd agitated beyond a mere mob.

    Have you ever heard of the Gem Stone plans? They were a series of operations planned and presented by G. Gordon Liddy for disrupting the democrat national convention and securing the republican national convention.

    They were, in essence, dirty tricks and clandestine operations aimed at discrediting the democrat party.

    The plans involved collecting intel, prostitution stings targeting top dems, and, most importantly, identifying radical leaders and kidnapping them just prior to the republican convention so they wouldn’t be able to riot or otherwise disrupt the event. The plan was to merely hold them secretly in Mexico until the event was over. (To me, however, if you’re willing to conduct kidnappings, you’re halfway to murder, since who would want their victims going to the press or the FBI afterwards?)

    • Ben Dover

      Protests would be on a geurilla warfare basis. People are not stupid enough to just keep standing there and allow themselves to be pummeled.

      Two-way radios thwart cell monitoring. People will FIND a way.

      • Guido

        I wonder if we won’t see some kind of new radicalism? Some kind of E-riot, if you will? Maybe targeted denial of service attacks posting the radicals’ messages, instead? Why riot in person when you can do just as much damage online now? Widespread site takeovers to get the message out, maybe some infrastructure hacking, like streetlights or electronic highway signs? All those highway signs lighting up and expressing slogans or demands during rush hour while the stoplights halt traffic would be kind of an impressive accomplishment.

      • Dr. Prepper

        they are on the west coast….

  • Mainuh1

    We have prepped for years – we’ve seen this coming for a while. There is no free lunch or easy money – the system was bound to collapse due to the greed of banksters and investors. The investors didn’t care as long as they received their monthly dividend checks and the banksters sold junk bonds and mortgages to feather their own nests. Now we will all pay a price but those that have made at least some preparations will at least see the greedy go down in flames.

  • Gary

    You bet there will be riots. The people that caused this mess and benefited from the gain get bailed out but people like me who did not benefit from any gain are now being asked to share the pain. I don’t think so. I don’t want to hear shared sacrifice crap when the rich have never had it so good.

    The republicans idea of shared sacrifice is to further cut taxes on the rich and cut programs that help the poor. You can’t make this up it is almost unbelievable.

    I know many many people who will be there on election day to once and for all crush the republican conservative scum into the ground.

    • Ben Dover

      EVERYTHING is the fault of the rebubics! Wake up Gary, they are all in bed together. While obummer and the dimoctats controlled everything, things continued to get worse.

      Sadly, the 2012 election, if it even takes place, will change nothing. The best bet is to let the USA finish it’s suicide and try to pick up some of the pieces afterward.

      • Gary

        Ben you are correct, however, the dems are A LOT better than the repubes. I call this harm reduction in voting. In the mean time we do need more than 2 parties to choose from.

  • C P Wendt

    Some places and times, it’s already like that.
    The people who got us to this point have their enclaves, gated communes and to heck with the rest of us. The right hand is police. Left hand is crime gangs. Both hands at our throats.
    Protection racket is basis of all organized crime. Rioters and police are working for the same elite, like gladiators in Rome.

  • Edward

    We the people will not be controlled by our governments that work for the Corrupt and perverse global wanker Bankers! The People will take their pound of flesh from those politicians and government officals that have sold the people out! Mark my words!

  • Ser Korz

    Don’t worry ; be happy, go shopping and just say no to freedom. Can we just get along? Okay? OK!

    The DNA sciences will change our DNA and will be as a monkey and all will be fine then.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    I was in Athens not long before the first Greek riots of 2008 broke out. I went all over the place: Syntagma Square, Monastiraki, Omonia, the Parthenon, Piraeus, you name it. Great food, friendly people, historically rich, efficient Metro, and almost all of the Greeks I met spoke English proficiently. So I got back to The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA), and a few weeks later, all hell was breaking loose in Athens. It was chilling to turn on the news and see so many of the places I visited around Syntagma being trashed.

    And sadly, the type of civil unrest we’re seeing in Greece is coming to the BRA. It’s only a matter of time. Gerald Celente is fond of saying, “When the money stops flowing down to Main Street, the blood begins to flow on the street. And the money is not flowing down.” No, it certainly isn’t. Millions of formerly middle class Americans have become the neo-poor/neo-peasants, and their financial desperation is only going to get worse—much worse, in fact. So get ready for the blood to flow like rivers through the streets of this rotting, collapsing Third World horror movie that used to be the United States. Get ready for civil unrest that will make the Los Angeles riots of 1992 look like a picnic.

    It’s going to be nasty.

    • Lauren

      Who caused this? What are people effectively going to do about this? Really. Blood in the streets only destroys innocent hard-working people – both police and majority of citizens. The top wealthiest percent will not be in the streets. Did they not cause all of this?

  • With 671 trillions of dollars of un funded entitlements that the government can not pay for it a sure bet that riots are coming to amerika.

  • Grumpy

    While there will be an increase in property and some violent crimes due to ‘austerity’ in the U.S., I don’t think that people here will riot en mass against the government’s handling of any situation, be it political, economic, or military in nature. This would imply a populace that was well-informed about current events and has the intelligence to act in their own rational self-interest.

    Sadly, these traits are no longer present in the vast majority of the people of the U.S due to many factors – an entertainment-based culture, an endless barrage of state-centric propaganda from the day one enters kindergarten, the lack of any meaningful civic (or any other kind of) education, continued propaganda from the lame-stream media by paid whores doing their masters’ bidding, willful ignorance of money, finance, the link between income taxes and the Federal (Feral) Reserve system, and a society that promotes (consciously or unconsciously) the amoral creed of Crowley (‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’).

    I see a lot of finger-pointing about who’s to blame for the current mess – some say it’s the R’s, some say the D’s, some say the ‘rich’, some say the ‘freeloaders’. I say it’s YOU and ME who are to blame.

    WE gave up our power and control to govern our own lives, educate our own children, engage in meaningful work and/or commerce, of the value of exchange (money), and of our personal safety to those that have an agenda to promote their own interests – not to look out for YOU and your family’s interests.

    And WE had better re-learn what self-reliance means in every aspect of our lives if WE want change. Looking for another media talking head or political figurehead to ‘save us’ does nothing but perpetuate the same folly that brought us here in the first place.

    • Guido

      Great points, Grumpy!

      I have to disagree, tho. It doesn’t take much to get a mob to turn into a riot.

      First, because most people are just plain ignorant.

      Second, because most people are field-oriented, that is, they WANT to do what the crowd is doing. It’s been shown again and again. Your average idiot is perfectly happy to join the crowd.

      The anonymity and power of the crowd enables the idiot to act out in a way they never would if they were alone. The various youtube videos of idiots vandalizing and rioting in the streets are great examples. It’s been shown before how easy it is to get people to do outrageous things if the crowd seems to support it.

      Check out the Milgram experiments or the UCLA prison experiments some time to get to the deeper roots of it. Check out The Wave some time, too. Peer pressure and group acceptance are powerful things and the riot is a great example of that. In this day and age, the anarchists have shown they can get a small number of agitators and have a riot brewed up pretty quick.

      Third, even though most people are so myopic they can’t see past their own nose, they know times are tough, money is short, fun is short, and the heat is rising. Tension is rising. And we’re already seeing our own mobs in the streets. Look at all the attacks and events over memorial day weekend. I wonder what 4th of July weekend will be like??? There was a mob in PA last night that ran through the streets. Tension is brewing and this summer is going to be NASTY.

      But I agree, it was us.

      • Grumpy

        Guido –

        Thanks for the references on mob mentality – I’ll be following up on those shortly.

        When you reference the ‘flash mob’ occurrences (or even the riots that have happened in relationship to sporting events), the motivation is different than that of, say, the Greek populace in the streets before the Syntagma.

        The ‘flash mob’ mentality seems to be ‘I’m gonna get me some free stuff’; sporting event riots are ‘victory celebrations’ taken to the Nth degree. If (when?) we ever see ‘flash mobs’ of middle-aged people and their children raiding grocery stores or defacing/destroying government buildings (or attacking government employees or politicians), then maybe I’ll change my thinking on the subject.

        Until then, I have every confidence in the sheep-like mentality of the average ‘brain switched to OFF position’ ‘Mercan in the BRA (h/t to El Pollo del Oro). Call me jaded. ;)

  • El Pollo de Oro

    About Camden, New Jersey:

    Campbell’s Soup has announced plans to lay off 770 workers worldwide, and about 130 of those jobs will be in the company’s Camden headquarters. The loss of 130 jobs is the last thing that crime-ridden basketcase of a city needs at this time.

  • The polititions went hog wild in expanding govt. They went on a spending binge. This set a wonderful example for the public who thought they could do it to.
    I do believe that when I hear that gov wants to also raise taxes as well as cut back, that is when I come unglued. Because when taxes are raised that tells me that gov has no intent in getting serious. There are too many gov agencies as it is now.

    • Lauren

      If you do not like the size of government, then move to Mexico or an island in the Caribbean where there is little government. Our country needs to raise taxes on the top .1% of wealth immediately. We also need to get rid of NAFTA and CAFTA immediately. Get rid of all work visa’s and get rid of the EB-5 like it is a terrorist. We do not have a government that does the right things. Wanting little or no government is not the answer. I think you may be a bit confused.

  • Ron

    I’ve been reading the last few days of a very disturbing series of group attacks in several US cities, this is not the first time, nor will it be the last, if the races of the attackers and victims were reversed this would be national, international news.

    Over the last few years I’ve read hundreds, if not thousands of such crimes, and MUCH WORSE, yet you won’t see 60 Minutes of Nightline or Brian Williams touching these.

    Teens in a mob assault and rob Center City patrons

    Bond set for suspect in 5 Points beating

    These are what one might call HUSH CRIMES, as the national news media are not interested in you knowing about them.

    From the Black Muslim killings of 270 White men, women and children in early 1970s, the only subset of that noted by media was the Zebra killings in San Francisco bay area, to this very day, there is a race war on the streets of America, the victims are White and the perps are black, brown, and Asian, in an America that is going to be Majority non-White in less than 15 years, you may wish to be in Greece, bad as it is.

    • Ben Dover

      USA won’t make it 15 years. The race war will explode much sooner.

      • Alfred E. Neuman

        Yes, and you will see the full force of the US government deployed to aid the rioting savages against any of their white victims who seek to defend themselves. Obongo is planning to push draconian gun control laws thru “under the radar” (his words) to further prepare the intended white losers in the new Amerikan paradigm for overt physical persecution and Zimbabwe-style expropriation. We already know he plans to increase the number of boots on the ground for HIS side thru an illegal alien amnesty-by-executive-order.

        The evidence of the last 40 years makes it abundantly clear that Amerika and its establishment have branded Whites as a pariah class with no rights — and they done this even while we are still in the majority. Think of what life will be like after 15 more years of unfettered demographic inundation from the Third World. Perhaps Euro-Americans should approach a foreign power like Russia to seek aid in defending ourselves from what’s coming. Amerika doesn’t like us very much, after all.

    • Guido

      You’re right, Ron.
      But if you point it out, you’re a racist.

      I think this kind of stuff is starting to backfire, though. You can only call average white folk racists so many times before they don’t get scared anymore. They won’t always be gun-shy and easy to cow. Sooner or later, the media will try to call them names and they just won’t care. I would rather be called a racist because I defended myself than listed as the latest victim of mob violence.

      How much you want to bet we have a Long Island Subway vigilante-was it Bernard Getz?-type incident soon where a white guy pulls a pistol and takes down a handful of creeps, gets called a racist because he was prepared, and touches off more violence?

      • Alfred E. Neuman

        Affirmative action is just the “tamest” expression of this official hostility. The openly proclaimed non-responsiveness of Eric “My People” Holder’s Justice Department to racially motivated crimes committed against Whites should be the writing on the wall for us all. The actual physical destruction of Whites through the official toleration of group violence against them in the future must be considered as the logical culmination of this policy.

        In an economic collapse, financial implosion or true SHTF scenario, there is no reason to believe that the governing coalition would not use the opportunity afforded by a crisis to implement their already expressed official hostility to the majority in a more aggressive and far-reaching manner.

    • mondobeyondo

      Just another reason to be fearful of the future of this country. The U.S. is rather unique in that we’re a “melting pot” of many different races, religions and ethnic groups, and many of them feel alienated. Another Rodney King type incident could set things off in a very bad way.

    • Ron

      I agree with you guys. BTW Obama and his administration and the government agencies are doing their most evil worst against our 2nd Amendment rights. Check this out:

      If you want to see the POWER that the Power Brokers have watch how even good, decent conservatives all parrot the line:
      “We love LEGAL immigration, it’s just ILLEGAL immigration we oppose”
      Well, legal immigration is designed to replace the former White majority with a Third World demographic. Just have to read about WHO were the architects of that change in the law back in 1965. However we are supposed to A. NOT know about it and B. Take it if we do.

      As you mentioned, if we mention any of this the PC mob and their MASTERS call us RACISTS and HATERS, well if the Gang that came from Bolsheviks that currently controls .gov had done this to any other people in any other land, it would be called, and so qualifies under UN Human Rights Charter, as GENOCIDE but since it is us White Christian folks that is A-OK with the Media Bosses and .gov.

      Look at the people in what was Rhodesia and South Africa, as was mentioned.
      Let me tell you something, this is your FUTURE once they get the full power.
      Once you lose social, cultural, and political dominance, THERE IS NO GETTING IT BACK AGAIN.

      A-G Holder: No Hate Crime Protection for White Christians

      Whites were effectively BARRED from Stimulus Jobs and the Dems made darn sure no E-Verify, I saw OBVIOUS spanish speaking illegals on Govt Stimulus job sites over and over again.

      Robert Reich, Obama’s economic adviser, and Charles Rangel, House Ways & Means Committee
      Testimony of Obama economic adviser Robert Reich, the evil dwarf of the Clinton era, before Representative Charles Rangel’s Ways and Means Committee on January 7th 2009

      Obamacare is “affirmative action on steroids,” including what amounts to a quota system for “underrepresented minorities” in medical schools.

  • Piglet

    The radio news report this morning cheerfully said that home sales are up in the greater DC area, although the announcer quietly mentioned something at the end about the next round of foreclosures that has yet to hit. The overall message, though, was that prosperity is returning. Happy days are here again!

    I’m reminded of the caption under the face of Alfred E. Newman in MAD Magazine years ago: “What, me worry?”

    I’ve yet to see a truthful news broadcast presenting the information available to readers of this website. No wonder so many people are absolutely oblivious to what’s coming.

    • OhmyGod

      Yes piglet i saw that too, while Greece was burning the News casters on FOX were all smiles and giggles about the housing market prices going up.
      WTF? Have Americans gone MAD?
      Is this the result of a coke induced media?
      Then one commentator on FOX business news asked “what the hell do the Greeks produce anyway”? “they only consume” he said, “they have no export business, all they do is tourism”?
      WTF? who writes these news comments?

  • Steve

    There is no real difference between Greece and America, other than the fact that Greece is further down the economic road than America is at the moment. Our time is coming, and once the government starts true spending cuts (being forced to by various economic pressures), the Free *hit Army will riot in every city across the entire country. With 51% (or more!) of its citizens receiving some sort of government hand-out, these people will have no other option since they don’t have the skills, or the inclination, to fend for themselves.

  • Gods Creation

    It is Greece against the banks. If the banks lose, the entire system will collapse and they know it.

    As similar will be fought here, with the same stakes, even if the People of Greece lose this round.

    The bankers do not take into account how many people are now awake to their fraud. It is enough to make the difference.

  • Mac

    I know what they’re protesting against in Greece, but what are they protesting for?

    To be able to keep up deficit spending forever, with all the perks they’re used to? Such as railroad workers retiring at 50 with 3500 Euros in pension every month? And Northern Europe should just finance that forever and the debt should just keep climbing? Germans, Dutch, Swedes and Danes should work til they’re 67 and pay the worlds’ highest taxes to funds Greeks who like to retire no later than 50 so they can sit at the taverna all day and drink Ouzo? Is that it?

    Note the first minute of the film. Greek anarchists trashing a McDonalds. Supposedly giving the middle finger to that “symbol of capitalism”, in reality destroying a business and putting the employees out of their jobs. Yeah, that’ll fix things, way to go!

    • Ben Dover

      McDonald’s will surely reopen THAT location if it is company owned. If it is a franchise, that shop owner will surely want to make repairs before the next round of riots.

      Just like in L.A., the rioters are further reducing employment in their own economic world.

  • It certainly isn’t looking good. I will definitely agree. The problem I see Greece making with their austerity measures is that they are layering on taxes and more governmental demands upon the citizens when what they should be doing is reducing both.

    • Ben Dover

      The cuts WILL come, one way or the other. Greece doesn’t have enough real industry to support such largesse. USA will be the same. As a nation, we have accepted impossible-to-keep promises for decades and refused to elect anyone who dared to tell us what we did not want to hear. The “greatest generation” and baby boomers have been the driving force behind this phenomena.

      • Totally agree with that analysis of the current state of entitlement mindset we have here in the USA and I think it gets the majority of its juice from FDR.

        • Lauren

          Americans want to work. They do not want to have to be helped out by the government. Americans also want to be able to feed their families and earn a living wage. Many of us Americans would like to own a business. The condition of our country is not structured to protect us from abuse of wealthy, corruption of politicians, and protections from having to compete with people in foreign lands that work for a fraction of what we need to charge in order to sustain a humble US lifestyle. How is it that you feel empowered to call this an entitlement? That is so evil. People have payed into unemployment and social security. That is not called an entitlement, it is called personal property. What would happen to you if all of a sudden you lived through a hemorrhagic stroke? Do you have the capacity to think that far into the future?

  • Saveli

    Please, stop to use same old term “Truth is…” it so bored…

  • Perry K

    The sad thing is that those of us who have prepared for the bleak future by filling our pantries will be the second targets of the hungry mobs once our food supply is interrupted (the box stores seem to be the targets of choice). It is best to not be bragging to your neighbors about what you have got hidden in the cellar. The upper crust still make a good profit, although IMHO a short-sighted profit, from selling guns and ammunition to us, so stock up on these before they finish eliminating the middle class and take away the last of our freedoms. Maybe by then the duped masses will realize who their true enemy is (wishful thinking?).

  • Kody’s Mom

    No one has mentioned one glaring fact: Greece has few if any options left as to what it can cut to regain financial stability — the USA does — ALL WE NEED TO DO IS STOP THE WARS IN IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN AND NOW LYBIA — simply bring the troops and $$$$ home to deal with our domestic issues. These sums are literally TRILLIONS of $$.

  • Greek

    Enough with all that foreign media propaganda about Greeks not paying their taxes and that they retire at 50.Greeks retire at 65 and YES they get paid NOTHING(300E pcm IS nothing).Has anyone actually read any real news about Greece?Do you know that a wage of 700E is considered ok?Do you know that they r even gonna tax those folks?Can anyone of you work for 20 pounds a day because many people here would run for a wage that high.Has anyone of you tried to live with 592E?And another thing,does anyone of you know that the Greeks work the most in Europe and place second in the world with a staggering 2119 hrs ANNUALLY compared to 1390 of Germany and 1646 of the UK?So if you ask me YOU are the LAZY ones!And another thing,Greece is bankrupt,Spain is going the same way,Italy owes trillions,so does the USA,Ireland is under the IMF,Portugal will join soon,Belgium owes almost as much as Greece and the UK owes double than Greeks,HOW ON EARTH ARE WE THE TAX AVOIDING ONES WHILE THE REST ARE OK?

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    There are massive differences between Greece and the US. That said that doesn’t mean we will not have our Greek Moment it’ll just be different. You will not have scores of lefties throwing rocks at police you will see car jackings, gas tanks being drilled, muggings, and more violent crime.
    You will see a rise in death rates, as people with chronic illnesses cannot get the health care from the VA, Medicare and Medicaid they use to.
    Government well get stupider as it tries to give the same services with fewer resources. You can expect more fees more fines, more back door taxes. As things spin more and more out of control Government on the local, state, and federal level will try to gain more control.
    This will make people angrier accelerating the spin until something breaks. Yes they’ll be looting rioting in the streets more people will be bounced into poverty maybe even open revolt in some places. You might even have marches on Washington, it will be horrid but much worse than Greece.

  • Gabe

    “What would you do if your pay had already been cut by 25 percent, you had not been paid for two months and now the government was trying to push even more austerity measures down your throat?”

    I’d start thinking about getting a real job. By the way, if you haven’t been paid in two months your paycut isn’t 25%, it’s 100%.

  • mondobeyondo

    If similar austerity measures were ever passed by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Obama, do you really think the American people will just sit back and take it? Really??

    No way.

    Hey Greece, nice protests and all, but, you wanna see how Americans do riots? Just announce that Social Security and Medicare will be eliminated, effective immediately. Raise all taxes. Cut all student loans and education financial assistance – bye bye Pell grants. All non-essential government agencies – gone. No more HUD, or NASA, Dep’t of Agriculture… but keep Homeland Security, because it keeps us “safe”. But don’t worry, there’s hundreds of millions of armed citizens in our cities and rural areas, ready to take on the goon squad police and national guard…

    Oh yes. There Will Be Blood. The riots of the 1960’s will look like birthday parties.

  • Cogitator

    It will be worse here. We have people who riot when their team wins! You can just imagine how out of control they will be when life really turns sour. Be armed and as far away from that element as you can be.

  • the world is slowly unraveling and its suppose to be that way at the end…goodbye

  • Prepper

    Americans would riot! No way, Im shocked lol. With deep social cuts our soon to be third world cities would quickly turn into war zones. When generation welfare no longer has access to free food, housing, and healthcare let the fun begin and for those who think the “good” in society will prevail in a time of crises i invite u to take a review of katrina or the LA riots to gain a better sense of reality.


    “Start digging a well before you get thirsty.
    (Chinese proverb)

  • Yep, if you have not started to get yourself and your family ready and prepared then now is the time. Not only for some type of economic decline or collapse but there are a number of events that could happen that if you are prepared you will be way ahead of the game and more prepped then 98 % of the people out there now.
    If you have been prepping then go back over your plans, double check everything, make lists of what you need and things you want to accomplish, stock up on what you think you may be missing. Also research more on getting ready, study and learn. If you are new to the prepping field or have been doing it for awhile here is a site that may help you out.
    I’m not selling anything, to busy working as a police sergeant, my desire is to help people and this is one of the ways I can help people out.

  • DB200

    Reading all these comments, I find it surprising that no one mentions the 9 year old boy, Jorge Cartagena. He was not only shot, but is in coma and may have become blind:

    Suppose it were your child whose life was destroyed? If the police can’t handle drugs criminals to protect normal citizens, and the police force is reduced by half, how would they be able to contain rioting? By the time the austerity measures lead to rioting, there will be no law enforcement left to contain it.

  • JR

    Well, gee… if anything goes really bad, I guess I’ll just run out in the street and start chanting “Yes we can, yes we can (or better, and more effectively, “Yes, we have no bananas”). Then, I’ll just wait for Obama’s men in their white coats to show up and give me my daily “free” chicken.

  • Ken w


    Same song and dance. I agree that the ultra wealthy have accumulated too much weath and the disparity is not a good thing, but you could take all the money from the multi millionaires and billionaires and it wouldn’t even bay 1 year of our current defcit. What about every year after that? We’re 100 trillion in the hole and it escapes me why you don’t understand that there’s not enough money in the world to pay off our debts. I’m ok with taxing the ultra weatlthy more, but people making under $300,000 aren’t ultra wealthy. There are no simple solutions and you’re dreaming if you think your answer will ever happen because the ultra rich run the world. Try some critical thinking instead the same communist line

  • This is in addition to a 50-billion euro austerity programme that was announced in January…Spain needs to cut its budget deficit from 11.2 per cent of GDP to three per cent by 2013 when it will be a legal upper limit. It is also imposing a tax on stock options and private sector bonuses…It is aiming to cut its deficit from 5.3 per cent in 2009 to 2.7 in 2012…The chief economist of the has warned that austerity measures might end up being counter-productive…There is a risk that under market pressure some countries overdo austerity said Olivier Blanchard in an interview with .

  • RetiredPara

    Gary, you couldnt be more wrong my friend. The Dems are the ones who pushed the progressive agenda which has brought us to this point. We used to be a nation of CITIZENS who understood that the federal government was an invention by the states to SECURE LIBERTY. Now most americans, (little ‘a’ by choice), think of government as necessary to provide PROGRAMS. We do not need reform, we need total abolition of the programs and agencies that have been created since the depression of the 30’s. Tear it down. Return to Freedom, Liberty, Family and God!

  • Naming Names: Your Real Government (When dark deeds unfold, point the finger in this direction).
    by Tony Cartalucci

    The Real Revolution
    “Boycott the globalists, cut off their support, undermine their system, and they lose their ability to commit these atrocities. That will be a real revolution and it can start today. Not burning cities and masked rebels waving flags, but communities no longer dependent and fueling a corrupt system we all know must come to an end.”


    The situation of the whole world reminds me soo much of Europe on the eve of the Great Plague, and the aftermath.
    What was the life of a serf? If they didn’t like it or they died from overuse, who cared. There were 15 more serfs available to take their place.
    This species acts as if the resources of this planet are infinite. No matter what anyone does, anywhere, sooner or later this basic truth will hit EVERYONE. The man who developed the drought, disease resistant variety of wheat some decades ago (won a nobel prize for it too) bringing about a short-lived ‘green revolution’ stated that unless we do something about human breeding, we would find ourselves right back in the same mess.
    Something has to give somewhere. We are throwing more and more people at fewer and fewer jobs. Same difference. I just hope and pray that what is lovely, good survives the coming disaster. And I pray for the little animals that depend on us, not only people.

    “For years I thought I was a pessimist crossed with a cynic. Then someone pointed out I was merely a realist.” two cents ¢¢