12 Things That The Mainstream Media Is Being Strangely Quiet About Right Now

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As the mainstream media continues to be obsessed with Anthony Weiner and his bizarre adventures on Twitter, much more serious events are happening around the world that are getting very little attention.  In America today, if the mainstream media does not cover something it is almost as if it never happened. Right now, the worst nuclear disaster in human history continues to unfold in Japan , U.S. nuclear facilities are being threatened by flood waters, the U.S. military is bombing Yemen, gigantic cracks in the earth are appearing all over the globe and the largest wildfire in Arizona history is causing immense devastation.  But Anthony Weiner, Bristol Palin and Miss USA are what the mainstream media want to tell us about and most Americans are buying it.


In times like these, it is more important than ever to think for ourselves.  The corporate-owned mainstream media is not interested in looking out for us.  Rather, they are going to tell us whatever fits with the agenda that their owners are pushing.

That is why more Americans than ever are turning to the alternative media.  Americans are hungry for the truth, and they know that the amount of truth that they get from the mainstream media continues to decline.

The following are 12 things that the mainstream media is being strangely quiet about right now….

#1 The crisis at the Fort Calhoun nuclear facility in Nebraska has received almost no attention in the national mainstream media.

Back on June 7th, there was a fire at Fort Calhoun.  The official story is that the fire was in an electrical switchgear room at the plant.  The facility lost power to a pump that cools the spent fuel pool for approximately 90 minutes.  According to the Omaha Public Power District, the fire was quickly extinguished and no radioactive material was released.

The following sequence of events is directly from the Omaha Public Power District website….

  • There was no such imminent danger with the Fort Calhoun Station spent-fuel pool.
  • Due to a fire in an electrical switchgear room at FCS on the morning of June 7, the plant temporarily lost power to a pump that cools the spent-fuel pool.
  • The fire-suppression system in that switchgear room operated as designed, extinguishing the fire quickly.
  • FCS plant operators switched the spent-fuel pool cooling system to an installed backup pump about 90 minutes after the loss of power.
  • During the interruption of cooling, temperature of the pool increased a few degrees, but the pool was never in danger of boiling.
  • Due to this situation, FCS declared an Alert at about 9:40 a.m. on June 7.
  • An alert is the second-least-serious of four emergency classifications established by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
  • At about 1:15 p.m. on June 7, FCS operators declared they had taken all appropriate measures to safely return to the previously declared Notification of Unusual Event emergency classification. (See first item above.)

But the crisis at Fort Calhoun is not over.  Right now, the nuclear facility at Fort Calhoun is essentially an island. It is surrounded by rising flood waters from the Missouri River.

Officials claim that there is no danger and that they are prepared for the river to rise another ten feet.

The Cooper Nuclear Station in Brownville, Nebraska is also being threatened by rising flood waters.  A “Notification of Unusual Event” was declared at Cooper Nuclear Station this morning at 4:02.  This notification was issued because the Missouri River’s water level reached 42.5 feet.

Right now the facility is operating normally and officials don’t expect a crisis.

But considering what has been going on at Fukushima, it would be nice if we could have gotten a lot more coverage of these events by the mainstream media.

#2 Most Americans are aware that the U.S. is involved in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.  However, the truth is that the U.S. military is also regularly bombing Yemen and parts of Pakistan.  If you count the countries where the U.S. has special forces and/or covert operatives on the ground, the U.S. is probably “active” in more countries in the Middle East than it is not.  Now there are even persistent rumors that U.S. ground units are being prepared to go into Libya.  Are we watching the early stages of World War 3 unfold before our eyes in slow motion?

#3 The crisis at Fukushima continues to get worse.  Arnold Gundersen, a former nuclear industry senior vice president, recently made the following statement about the Fukushima disaster….

“Fukushima is the biggest industrial catastrophe in the history of mankind”

TEPCO has finally admitted that this disaster has released more radioactive material into the environment than Chernobyl did.  That makes Fukushima the worst nuclear disaster of all time, and it is far from over.

Massive amounts of water is being poured into the spent fuel pools in order to keep them cool.  This is creating “hundreds of thousands of tons of highly radioactive sea water” that has got to go somewhere.  Inevitably much of it will get into the ground and into the sea.

Arnold Gundersen says that the scope of this problem is almost unimaginable….

“TEPCO announced they had a melt through. A melt down is when the fuel collapses to the bottom of the reactor, and a melt through means it has melted through some layers. That blob is incredibly radioactive, and now you have water on top of it. The water picks up enormous amounts of radiation, so you add more water and you are generating hundreds of thousands of tons of highly radioactive water.”

The mainstream media is not paying as much attention to Fukushima these days, but that doesn’t mean that it is not a major league nightmare.

Elevated levels of radiation are being reported by Japanese bloggers all over eastern Japan.  There are reports of sick children all over the region.  One adviser to the government of Japan says that an area approximately 17 times the size of Manhattan is probably going to be uninhabitable.

Of course the mainstream media has been telling us all along that Fukushima is nothing to be too concerned about and that authorities in Japan have everything under control.

If the mainstream media is not going to tell us the truth, how are they going to continue to have credibility?

#4 Members of Congress continue to mention Christians as a threat to national security.  For example, during a recent Congressional hearing U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee warned that “Christian militants” might try to “bring down the country” and that such groups need to be investigated.

#5 China’s eastern province of Zhejiang has experienced that worst flooding that it has seen in 55 years.  2 million people have already been forced to leave their homes.  China has already been having huge problems with their crops over the past few years and this is only going to make things worse.

#6 Thanks to the Dodd-Frank Act, over the counter trading of gold and silver is going to be illegal starting on July 15th.  Or at least that is what some companies apparently now believe.  The following is an excerpt from an email that Forex.com recently sent out to their customers….

Important Account Notice Re: Metals Trading

We wanted to make you aware of some upcoming changes to FOREX.com’s product offering. As a result of the Dodd-Frank Act enacted by US Congress, a new regulation prohibiting US residents from trading over the counter precious metals, including gold and silver, will go into effect on Friday, July 15, 2011.

In conjunction with this new regulation, FOREX.com must discontinue metals trading for US residents on Friday, July 15, 2011 at the close of trading at 5pm ET. As a result, all open metals positions must be closed by July 15, 2011 at 5pm ET.

We encourage you to wind down your trading activity in these products over the next month in anticipation of the new rule, as any open XAU or XAG positions that remain open prior to July 15, 2011 at approximately 5:00 pm ET will be automatically liquidated.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience complying with the new U.S. regulation may cause you. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

The Team at FOREX.com

Apparently, Section 742(a) of the Dodd-Frank Act prohibits anyone “from entering into, or offering to enter into, a transaction in any commodity with a person that is not an eligible contract participant or an eligible commercial entity, on a leveraged or margined basis.”

So what impact is this going to have on the gold and silver markets?

Nobody is quite sure yet.

#7 All over the world, huge cracks are appearing for no discernible reason.  For example, a massive crack that is approximately 3 kilometers long recent appeared in southern Peru.  Also, a 500 foot long crack suddenly appeared recently in the state of Michigan.  When you also throw in all of the gigantic sinkholes that have been opening all over the world, it is easy to conclude that the planet is becoming very unstable.

#8 According to U.S. Forest Service officials, the largest wildfire in Arizona state history has now covered more than 500,000 acres.  But based on the coverage it is being given by the mainstream media you would think that it is a non-event.

#9 There are reports that North Korea has tested a “super EMP weapon” which would be capable of taking out most of the U.S. power grid in a single shot.  The North Koreans are apparently about to conduct another nuclear test and that has some Obama administration officials very concerned.

#10 All over the United States, “active shooter drills” are being conducted in our public schools.  Often, most of the students are not told that these drills are fake.  Instead, students often go through hours of terror as they think a hostage situation or a shooting spree is really taking place.

#11 NASA has just launched a “major” preparedness initiative for all NASA personnel.  The following is an excerpt about this plan from NASA’s own website….

A major initiative has been placed on Family/Personal Preparedness for all NASA personnel. The NASA Family/Personal Preparedness Program is designed to provide awareness, resources, and tools to the NASA Family (civil servants and contractors) to prepare for an emergency situation. The most important assets in the successful completion of NASA’s mission are our employees’ and their families. We are taking the steps to prepare our workforce, but it is your personal obligation to prepare yourself and your families for emergencies.

#12 Over the past week over 40 temporary “no fly zones” have been declared by the FAA.  This is very highly unusual.  Nobody seems to know exactly why this is happening.

So what do all of these things mean?

It would be nice if the mainstream media would examine some of these important issues more closely and do some honest reporting on them.

Perhaps you have an opinion on some of these issues.  Feel free to share what you think by leaving a comment below….

  • Did you notice that the anti-nuclear hysteria centered on Al-Jazeera articles? Does it occur to you that they have a vested interest in people being terrified by nuclear power?

    Please don’t post that kind of nonsense. The Nebraska plant is in good shape too. Coal power just killed 2,000+ people today throughout the world as it does every day. Do you show any concern about that?

    • EJB

      Gee Michael, is coal radioactive for thousands of years, and will it poison all life forever? Who the hell are you to tell people what to post, and not post? None of this is in the mainstream news, as it should be, so that people can at least take steps to try to counteract the effects of the radiation that is traveling around the northern hemisphere. As a result, we are all poisoned, as is our food supply. Go dig another hole, and put your head back in the sand.

    • Katherine M. Fitch

      Just because coal is problematic doesn’t mean nuclear power isn’t. That’s like saying getting slapped is good because getting punched is worse.

    • kc

      The Nebraska plant is not in good shape.There own people stated yesterday that it is leaking into river and Obumma wants a media blackout.Red cross has 60 buses there to move out 10,000 people.Go read something before you make a false statement.You think its so safe,go grab a cup of river water and kick back on some sand bags and suck in some clean air outside your trusty reactor.And I know your one of the Obumma dummies paid to post fiction as to lead the sleepers into believing obummas lies.Or you wouldn’t be throwing coal out there,lets count the dead or dieing from these reactors world wide.We caught em last month pumping radiation into the Mississippi” and if not caught,they wouldn’t of said nothing,but had to evacuate a Tenn school due to radiation in water there.And I could go on.How about the fact obumma goes to court on the 27 for his fake b/c,or the fact 10 congress men have filed against him for starting wars without consulting congress or our citizens.READ…

      • gina

        I have family in Nebraska…I will seek to confirm this issue…

    • You Done a Great Job There, Brownie

      Dumbass. Automobile accidents will kill the same number today, but it is not NEWS because it has been happening for YEARS. On top of that, you make the unsubstantiated claim thatFort Calhoun is in good shape, too. Did you hear that from the MSM? You make the point of the article, and indeed prove to be another MSM-believing chump.

      • jimmy

        IMHO is not fair to compare car accidents to nuclear disaster. let’s say that there’s one drunk driver cause an accident, he maybe kill at most 5 people, so the high number in car accident is caused by many people who know how to drive don’t do the driving job very well… now in nuclear disaster how many people really understand nuclear and if they don’t do their job well how many people are going to die?? now imagine that people who knows about nuclear are the same with the amount of people who can drive and many of them make mistakes, how many people you think is gonna die??

    • David Hoarder

      “Coal power just killed 2,000+ people today”

      You just make that up? Or you get that from ALI Gore?
      1-fuku reactor is twice as big as Chernobyl and only one MELTED DOWN in russia and 6 in japan
      Once a nuke plant fails like japan did YOU CANT FIX IT!
      Nuke power will be the death of the human race!
      So shut the fuk up fed worker, leach to the system.

    • nonyabidness

      2000 deaths caused by coal fired plants huh? Well diesel fuel engines cause 10000 deaths but dnt see u complaining bout that. Heaven forbid if ppl couldn’t drive hummers or trucks, let alone get goods shipped.

    • Steve

      Ok use a little bit of common sense if you can/will? Coal does not have the option of killing of everyone like the problems with Nuke power if someone wants to take a risky job that’s their choice. But when it comes to nuclear power I say the concern of that outweighs the risk of coal problems. How do you know the plant is in good shape do you work there ? LOL I would guess not….. so in otherwords you are thinking it is not a big deal because big brother media inc didn’t say it was in bad shape. Get real wake up

    • Guido

      Say whaaaat? How does coal kill people? I’ve never worried about my thyroid absorbing radioactive coal before, but the radiation thing…

    • Do your research

      Yeah, I was thinking that when I saw the article came from Al Jazeera. They can not be trusted.

  • Ron

    As was reported here in an earlier entry the Idaho Statesman removed from their article about China a sentence that revealed too much, that might wake up a few lemmings:
    “The Chinese are looking for a beachhead in the United States,” said Idaho Commerce Secretary Don Dietrich. “Idaho is ready to give them one.”

    This blog and its companion blog, TEC, reveals just what is going on and just how dirty the so-called “respectable” media and government and society really is, and for most of us, we are sheep without a Shepherd. Luckily there are TRUTH-TELLERS out there, and THANK GOD for the internet, at least for now, we have the freedom to share TRUTH with each other, to wake people up.

    Another concern, I’ve read some of the commentary, that the 4 Democrat appointees to the Supreme Court have written, and let me tell you that if there is one more like those appointed to the bench, then Freedom of Speech is finished, and the 2nd Amendment will be just for the National Guard and Army Reserve, not the PEOPLE. Kagan and Sotomayor have been VERY blunt about speech which TELLS THE TRUTH, not being protected, they call it “Hate Speech”

    The other two have been cagier in their writings but not in their actions.

    When there have been THREE nuclear incidents in Alabama, one in Ohio, a very bad one in Mississippi, and these 2 reactors in Nebraska, just SINCE Fukushima, and yet unless you read this blog, how many of those did you hear about from ABC, CBS, NBC???

    Consider this: Millions of Americans, mostly Whites, have lost their jobs during this economic downturn, even though Hispanics have GAINED jobs in the same period, but have you EVER seen a mainstream media outlet talk about HALTING immigration, or halting those H1-B, H-2B, or J-1 visas>
    No, millions LEGALLY enter our nation each year and jump ahead of Americans through government and private mandated jobs quotas, aka Affirmative Action, government set asides for contracts, SBA loans etc.

    The enemy is in DC and the owners of TV and newspapers and radio, even so-called “conservatives” are mainly CONNING the good people.

    Rand and Ron Paul, that is about all we have, basically.

    Keep telling the truth!

    • kc


    • astralgirl01

      Way to disprove your theories by sticking in your racist propaganda in the mix….

      • David Madewell

        You are right on asstralgirl01, no Illegal Hispanic has ever had a job in the USA!

        • Informed

          Ha ha look in the south east berry production ( almost all illegal immigrants) … Mexicans, gutamolans, and what ever else is out there. Who else is going to pick your fruit ??? Not me been there tried that.

          • Shu

            This problem of US people (born here) who don’t want to pick fruit, etc., has only been a problem since Welfare came in, and people on welfare or even just food stamps are docked if they earn more than whatever it takes to qualify for help. Then came the common phrase often quoted in the media, “US people don’t want those picking jobs.” That was the 1st lie. Soon it became believed as fact. But in my own experience (not something i read about), when i was growing up on the Oregon Coast, enough kids from my grade school and then high school went to the fields to pick every summer that there was a bus to take them there. They picked so they could buy school clothes and other things that were important to them. I also tried it. Couldn’t handle the summer heat out in the berry fields. My problem. The other kids did just fine. Later, in my late 30’s, my husband and I and our 5 children living in the Okanogans would prune apple orchards in the cold, and pick in the fall. All the pickers and pruners lived there. No one came in from Mexico or Puerto Rico. The rate per bin seemed fair. The orchards never lacked for the season’s help. But then some enterprising people from Mexico came in and offered to pick for less. They’d bring car loads of family and friends from Mexico, work cheap and go back to Mexico with their money where they could live fine on wages that we could not live on in the States. Pretty soon all the orchards were doing it and the local people loyal for many years were out of jobs that we had depended on. End of story.
            Everyone should be able to glean a few clues from this personal experience. Nothing is quite as it seems. And nothing is quite as reported in the media including, WE WON’T WORK IN THE FIELDS OR THE ORCHARDS. The big question in this is WHY NOT.

      • Racist?? only response needed without a brain! however will gaurantee yu the greatest media (slut) coverage…no need to illustrate, done to many times in recent politics..helps if not on the dole?

      • Joseph

        Affirmative Action is just as racist as the attitudes it attempts to balance out. In fact, the very mention of “racism” is racist, and this is where we must begin if we are going to get rid of it.

        I do not know where you live or where you have been, but if you have not seen what is happening to Arizona and southern California, it may be wise to be aware of your ignorance of the situation. This is much more than just a border problem or a race problem.

      • Do your research

        We regret to inform all readers that the race card program has been discontinued. You may no longer use your race card, as the cards are no longer being accepted.

        We thank you for your cooperation.

    • Shu

      Well said Ron. Yes, we have Ron Paul and Rand Paul, but we also have Dennis Kusinich. And he is often published on OpEdNews where we can all read what he has to say, which is quite a lot.

  • Sonny

    Anyone notice that one of the declared no-fly zones that the article references (item #12) is the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant crisis (item #1)?

    • kc


  • seer

    No fly zones are no-picture/video zones. It is all about limiting the liability of the corporation. The corporation is the government and the nuclear power companies.

    Mainstream media are simple propaganda machines for these corporations.

    Now, would some stable private citizen go get some current pictures or videos of the Calhoun and Cooper nuclear plants?

    • It’s all about the pictures and videos these days. I cannot stress the importance of documenting all of these events with pictures and videos. Please note that the nuclear corporate mouthpieces continue to assure us that the rumors of a meltdown are without merit while disclosing nothing about the spent fuel rod pools. Nothing to see here…move on. No current pictures or videos are being provided of these nuclear plants to ease our concerns. Why? Because current pictures would reveal the true nature of the unfolding nuclear nightmare in the heart of the USA. Attention all private Americans: Please go forth and get video evidence of these nuclear plants if possible.

      • mondobeyondo

        As long as you are allowed to do so!

        I’ve heard it’s illegal for private citizens to videotape police officers in the act of making an arrest, subduing a subject, etc. Can’t verify that though. You can’t take photos or videos inside of a casino in Las Vegas. There isn’t as much freedom as we are led to believe…

        • Guido

          There’s a difference between taping cops and taping in a casino. One is private property where the owner can make up their own rules.

        • Vegas Dan

          You most certainly can take pics and videos inside most, if not all, Las Vegas casinos. I worked in IT for Caesar’s entertainment, covering the south end of the strip. People take photos and videos inside casinos daily. Everything except the restrooms and hotel rooms are video recorded 24/7 anyway.

  • Edwin

    Very simple lay down little sheep and follow the one only goat to the slaughter, you have a number like in germany and your number will be called soon. Only warnings need be issued to the ruling elite class and they in turn will keep you posted. Trust them all is well that ends well (there way). TY

    • kc

      TELL EM…

  • K

    When is “Right Now”?? It would be good if it was possible to see the publication dates for the articles on this site.

    • kc


    • H

      If you took the time to look at the bottom of the article, you would find that before the comment section the date of the article is June 20th 2011. And each article that is a point of topic has a date, you just have to go to the articles to read them, though NASA does not show a date for when they had the video listed to be prepared. I don’t mean to be rude, but it is your own job to research both sides, it is not the job of anyone other than yourself to make sure you’re informed. Knowledge is truth.

    • Phyllis

      Click on the links.

    • J

      Article is current, meaning within the last couple days.

      Read closer than just a quick skim “Back on June 7”. Worst case, that was only 2 weeks ago.

    • Rich

      Since the article mentions the floods in the midwest,China’s flooding, the AZ fires,the Dodd-Frank act, with a sunset of July 15, and all the comments dated 6/20/11,plus the Weinergate and Miss USA and other news distractions listed. It is good to see you keep up on current news. I would guess this article’s publish date as about 1975 or so. Power to the sheep!! Don’t think. go back to watching Survivor and Dancing with the Stars. You might hurt your head, thinking for yourself.

  • Severus

    We are not ‘at war’ with Libya. Being at war, would require a more active presence and ground troops. Drone attacks in pakistan and Yemen are targeted drone strikes. This does NOT constitute war. There is NO war in iraq. It was over in November 2010. Please stop peddling lies. The only war the US is fighting is Afghnaistan. Libya, Yemen, Pakistan are drone strikes and targeted missions. Usual for military commanders. NOT wars. War in Iraq was over when the troops came home.

    • Admin


      The U.S. military still has 45,000 troops in Iraq and there are even more “contractors” than that in the country.

      U.S. troops are still being wounded and are dying over there.

      Sorry the war is still on.


      • gnostic

        does “contractors” mean the funds allocated for rebuilding the damage these wars do are being paid to US companies?
        abit like the business of natural disastors, good people open their pockets and the money is spent with US contractors on overpriced infrastructor that doesnt help the suffering of the people in a permanent way.

        does anyone remember atlantis? we were told it was just a story – we may well end up in the sequel

    • Guido

      Actually, we have not had a real war since WWII, since we have not had a Congressional declaration of war in any of the many conflicts since then. What we engage in around the world now are police actions, military interventions, SASO (Stability And Support Ops), OOW (Operations Other than War), and other euphemisms for going and bombing people in other countries.

      You can call it whatever you want, but when you go to someone else’s country, and you need a gun or a fighter-bomber while you’re there, you’re at war. If you’re in uniform, you sure ain’t a tourist.

      Don’t let the president fool you on Yemen, either. When palestinians launch rockets at Israel, it’s terrorism. So what is it when we launch rockets at Yemen?

    • mia

      So when those planes “targeted” the WTC, that wasn’t war, was it? But we went over and blitzed Iraq and Afghanistan.
      Have you read 1984 by George Orwell. Is that where you learned to use doublethink?
      You are probably being paid. Guess what? No one believes the govt anymore. Their time is up.

  • Gary

    The MSM is garbage pure and simple. This is what happens when the right lets all these formerly independent stations be bought up by big corporations. All they care about is ratings and not reporting the news.

    I found it ironic that Faux Nues was not allowed to operate in Canada as they have some law that says news needs to be news and faux did not fit this requirement. (anyone with 1/2 a brains already knows this)

    Bring back the fairness doctrine. Break up the media as it is basically a monopoly with 4-5 companies owning everything, both is radio and TV. (does anyone really ever listen to radio anymore?)

  • stacy

    @ K do your research…you want it handed to you…no wonder so many Americans are stuck on stupid!

  • I live in the state of MI & have heard nothing about the crack…thank-u 4 sharing

  • #13: Barack Obama committed felony forgery by releasing a forged birth certificate to the media and claiming it to be authentic.

    #14: Barack Obama uses multiple social security numbers which is a felony without statute of limitations.

    #15: Barack Obama’s father was not a US citizen, therefore he is not a natural born citizen (which requires a birth to citizen parentS–plural), and is ineligible to hold office.

    #16: Barack Obama committed a war crime by unilaterally circumventing congress to launch a war in Libya.

    • Matt

      Actually, the Natural Born Citizen clause of the constitution only requires that someone be born within the US, both parents can be citizens and have a child outside the US and they child doesn’t count as natural born, while two non-citizens can have a child within the US and the child automatically counts as a natural born citizen.
      The issue with Obama is that he may not have been born in Hawaii but in Kenya, disqualifying him as a natural born citizen and making it illegal for him to hold the office of president or vice president (though he can still hold any other office). The fact that his father was not a US citizen has absolutely no baring on this issue.

  • Mike

    You are missing something, LOOK at each newsroom they are copys of control centers st lanley, touch screens monitors, traffic cams, filtered news look at euronews.net, also they have satilite access accounts(real time)video, they pay people to sit in front of cumputers for breaking posts, (blogs)photos, etc. ??????? wake UP- DONT ASK

  • Mike

    sorry for the misspelling

  • Sue Elias

    The genocide of the Afrikaner white minority farming community in South Africa is getting no media attention. Julius Malema’s “Kill the Boer,” attitude isn’t helping matters. He wants to nationalise the mines and take away farmers’ lands

    • Ron

      Sue that is a good point. I know that youtube takes down almost every single video that shows what is really going on, the TRUTH is HATE you know but I hope this is still there:
      YouTube- Nelson Mandela sings about killing whites

  • TJ

    I would like to add three other items which the MMS has either been paid off or afraid to publicize.

    1. The DWH oil spill has left the Gulf Coast in ruins. The local and state have been paid off by BP money to bring back the tourism and economy. In reality, we have sea life and wild life dying. The Coast Guard is still spraying corexit and is splashing on our beaches. Lisa Jackson will not address the fact that the people have been sick and more are getting sick. In fact, some have died because their immune system could not fight the chemicals. The hospitals and doctors have not been familiarized with detox situations when it comes to VOCs and PAHs. And no toxicologists have been sent to the Gulf Coast to help those that are dying. The women are unable to conceive and the miscarriages have increased dramatically, just as the dolphins with aborted births and dead mature dolphins laying on the beaches. Independent seafood testing has been done and the seafood is not safe. Testing the Rain just produced an article on the oysters, and all tests came back high in cancer-causing PAHs. Ironically, the Apalachicola oysters were not “allowed” to be tested and that is where 90 percent of the oysters are distributed throughout the U.S. and 10 percent internationally. Yes, the tar balls are still rolling in – don’t forget your bottle of Dawn!

    2. Geoengineering. The chemtrail spraying has gotten ridiculous. The weather manipulation has created droughts in some areas vs. flooding in other areas. The chemicals used are aluminum and barium. People are also feeling the effects as they breathe in these toxins. They are getting sick.

    3. And another issue is that radiation is not being reported – the air is unsafe in certain areas. Not only do we have the Japan melt down, but also in the U.S. Just last month Mississippi had a biohazard and no one should have been in the area. Just image what will happen when the flooding of toxins from the Mississippi River reach the gulf. Yes, one big toxic soup.

    • Admin

      Excellent points TJ.


  • Journalist

    In reference to K’s comment:

    K, you are correct. A journalist should NEVER, EVER EVER EVER headline his or her article with a period of time like “right now,” especially if there is no visible date to the article. This is very frustrating to me as a journalist because when scouring the Internet for sources, I need to know my information is current.

    • Israeli_1948

      Journalist…? Come on, troll, give us a break! What you really meant is that you are another corrupted media gang-member without the fortitude to look up for information by yourself, and thus want that this medium place the baby-food right in your toothless mouth? But we are not surprised because if you had any sense of decorum you would had used any other ‘name’ but the one that is synonym with Prostitute. Did you imagine that you were going to impress us with that self-proclamation? You succeeded at the very opposite and you should be ashamed, but can you?

  • What a great article. You nailed so many key things that are been swept under the carpet.

    Another issue that’s been readily written off is the threat of severe space weather in the form of strong X-Class Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections. You can read more about this threat on a petition I have set up here : http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/prepare-the-grid-for-severe-space-weather.html .

    Keep up the great work, Bright Garlick.

  • t quigy

    Writers should replace ‘MSM’ – MainstreamMedia – with Corporate Media.
    The Internet is the mainstream source of truth and information. Corporate-owned media is the source of lies and government/corporate propaganda.

  • Michel de Nostredame

    I was amused that the first comment was the usual obvious PR Troll catapulting the current propaganda.

    I keep wondering when the Sheeple will wake up enough to have a “come to Jesus” moment and realize that mainstream media is, at this late juncture in the Republic’s history, not in the news business but in the information and people control business.

    The major media is now owned lock, stock, barrel, and blow dried personalities completely. The agenda is NOT to inform people but to control them by controlling what they are allowed to know about.

    As James Burke put it: “What you know determines what you see, and when that changes everything changes.”

    What the controlling elites DO NOT want is an informed public.

  • Ann Onymous


    • Admin


      I actually just posted a huge article about Greece on my other site….


      Also, if I included every possible point in every article I would never get any sleep. We wouldn’t want that, now would we? :)


  • lith

    uh the publication of this article is below it… it is today…



    1. US is working on a matter/anti-matter weapon.

    2. US Dept of Energy, says there is no money for controlled Matter/anti-matter mix. Big Oil says no. Surprise !

  • Lois

    Does Revelations mean anything to anyone??

    • Jojo

      Does the mayan’s 2012? I mean, really– revelations has a historical context with it, as well.

      Whatever framework you choose to interpret these gloomy realities, bad things are happening. And we may very well all be screwed.

  • Kat

    Just click on the individual articles (in blue) and you will see dates.

  • Kent Hartland

    A “no-fly” is a type of FAA Notice to airmen” or NOTAM.

    NOTAMs are issued (and reported) for a number of reasons, such as:
    hazards such as air-shows, parachute jumps, kite flying, rocket launches, etc.
    flights by important people such as heads of state (sometimes referred to as Temporary Flight Restrictions, TFRs)
    closed runways
    inoperable radio navigational aids
    military exercises with resulting airspace restrictions
    inoperable lights on tall obstructions
    temporary erection of obstacles near airfields (e.g. cranes)
    passage of flocks of birds through airspace (a NOTAM in this category is known as a BIRDTAM)
    notifications of runway/taxiway/apron status with respect to snow, ice and standing water (a SNOWTAM)
    notification of an operationally significant change in volcanic ash or other dust contamination (an ASHTAM)
    software code risk announcements with associated patches to reduce specific vulnerabilities
    Aviation authorities typically exchange NOTAMs over AFTN circuits.

  • ac_class.of.86

    i am surprised that this article did Not mention the Threat from China on 19.May.2011 stating that “any attack on Pakistan would be considered an attack onChina….those are Words of War. I believe this same type of rhetoric was used leading to WW I.

    • Admin

      I can’t include everything in my articles or I would never get any sleep. :)


  • Russell Hunt

    I would like to know why there isn’t any media coverage of Comet Elenin. I know everyone remembers all the hype back in the 90’s over that fly-by.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    About Shelia Jackson I read her remark off of Drudge over the weekend. The best line I read was in the comments when some body said “The only thing stupider than this woman is the people who vote for her”. The cracks in the earth are a new one I haven’t heard before. I had read the North Koreans where up to no good, I had read they where miniaturizing their warheads to be put on ballistic missles. A super EMP really wouldn’t surprise me I would be shocked if and EMP attack on the US hadn’t been discussed among the many nations who wish us ill.
    Oh BTW I stopped watching FOX, MSNBS, the Chicken Noodle Network, CNBS, and the others about a year ago, not covering something is doing something.

  • #10 May not be true

    I have participated in several “active shooter” drills in schools and NEVER in my experience has one been conducted without the full knowledge of the students and staff of the school.

    • Admin

      Yes, there have been reports of it going both ways.


  • James

    Did any one notice that fort calhoun was added to the no fly zone the day before the fire?!

  • Here is another story that the mainstream media is silent about:

    New Hampshire man lights himself on fire to protest America’s decline


  • hyena

    When a Corporate profit center becomes a Cost center.. BEWARE!!!!
    USA INC is no longer profitable.
    Be very concerned.

    On another note: The media has been seemingly quiet on all fronts lately. Very interesting.

  • Colin

    Rep Lee is speaking about a specific subset of the Christian community. Christian militants (or fundamentalists), along with Islamic militants and Jewish militants, can be very dangerous to a society. The Spanish Inquisition and the Holocaust both had their origins in the Christian militant movement. Rep Lee is a Christian herself (she belongs to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church), and I believe she was taking on the role of a watchdog in her speech.

    Rep Lee is not the only one concerned about the rise of Christian militarism in our country. Here is the wikipedia article on this subject: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_terrorism

    To summarize – Members of Congress are expressing a concern shared by some in the intelligence community that believers in an extreme form of Christianity may perform acts of terrorism that could threaten our national security.

    There is a book on the subject called Holy War: The Rise of Militant Christian, Jewish and Islamic Fundamentalism, by David S. New. It’s available through Amazon.

  • Gloom

    Welcome to Earth. The place where you will die.

    Here is a hint for you newbies: The people that got here before you do not like you and do all they can to feed off of you and control your thoughts, actions, and mind, from the cradle to the grave, amen. Only one thing will EVER stop them. Love.

  • There is also very little being said about the mercury, sulfates, ozone, black carbon, and flu-laced desert dust that is making its way around the world from China. The 
fast-growing economies of Asia 
are filling the air with hazardous components that 
circumnavigate the globe. The long term effects are unimaginable.

    And yet the MSM has said nothing.

    • Stacey

      Talking about mercury.. whats in our childrens immunizations…. and the rise (huge rise) in Autism ?????? What other illnesses are being caused by what they have injected us with? hmmmmm

  • Brett Stallmann

    Accept Christ NOW!!!

    • Captain Guy

      In lieu of issue #4 above, I would have to say…no thank you.

  • mondobeyondo

    Mainstream media news is for the most part, a total and complete farce. It’s not about telling the truth, it’s about ratings, and they try to pander to their audience (viewers) by offering crap that they want to see.

    Some guaranteed ratings-boosters are stories about…(and this is ESPECIALLY true for local news media):

    1) Kittens
    2) Puppies
    3) Sick children
    4) Babies
    5) Health (cancer, new medical breakthrough etc blah blah)
    6) Any combination of the above (New hope for children with cancer! Scientists announce new medical breakthrough today!! – etc)
    7) Politicians and celebs who screw up their lives (i.e. Andrew Weiner, Amy Winehouse, the guy from the “Jackass” movies who crashed his car and died, may he rest in peace…)

    Fukushima? The tsunamis in Japan? The tornadoes in Joplin, MO? That’s yesterday’s news, apparently. Remember that earthquake in Haiti last year? The people there still haven’t recovered from that. And we don’t even get a follow-up report?!?

    Let’s put it this way – for real news, I check out the BBC and Russia Today websites. For entertainment news, I watch “Weekend Update” on Saturday Night Live. For REALLY funny entertainment news, I watch the NBC Nightly News and CBS Evening News.

  • little big sis

    Fema in Hibbing …mov ing in supplies?

  • lol… i Love staying in South Africa :) Such an awesome place.. the rest of the world has no idea :)

    • As They say where i stay in Cape Town.. they call it the Cape of Good Hope :)

  • Ivan.New Zealand.

    Sounds like a karma-berg centered on the u s of arseholes has arrived.Start date was the torturing of prisoners and the driving of drones.

  • Pretty much all of what we are seeing (and not seeing) is manufactured drama – crisis creation. We are going through a massive transitional period into a new type of global system, and the essence of what is happening right now, is the deliberate dissolution of the existing structures. Some of it is financial, some of it is geopolitical, some is sociological, and some of it is geological. However, there is a lot that is happening that is just pure sabre rattling – PSYOPS to make us confused and anxious. They are playing with the environment with all kinds of technologies, and causing all kinds of various anomalies and upheavals purely to distract us and keep us in a state of permanent anxiety. It has been shown in psychology, that most people can handle one, at the very most two, major crises and upheavals in their life at the same time. When it gets to three or more – the majority of people will become despondent, demoralized and unstable, making them much more easy to predict, and thus much more easy to control. In this state, they will not be able to rationally assess what is going on around them, and will be able to offer little resistance to it. The man on the street knows there’s a monster coming, even if he doesn’t know what it is. It’s the media’s job to make sure it stays that way.

    • Nic

      THIS spoke to me… in a nutshell… so do i start hording and canning my meat? or head to this hills with a backpack? what do we do to prepare in the now while functioning “normal” daily life?

      • mia

        Definitely put some food away like NOW. This will keep you panicking when TSHTF. You can’t make sound decisions when you are wondering where your next meal will come from. Don’t forget all supplies as well, batteries, meds, survival gear, fuel, whatever. And don’t forget things that comfort you.
        But more than that, prepare “spiritually”, that is to say, come to a consistent place of groundedness and awareness. Everyone has a different way of doing this. PRACTICE! Unbelievable answers, resiliency, and courage come in crisis from this place of peace.

  • jim

    It’s apparent to me and not surprising how very little you know about Nuclear Radiation and what the effects it can have on you rain water plants and vegetables milk and unborn children. Someone who would even write a piece like you did shows your true nature of how little knowledge you have. The fear is very real and people in the united states are feeling the effects and across the world. Japan is far worse than Chernobyl which killed over one million people most due to cancer caused by the Radiation. How can you say the people are lemmings and follow the fear factor from the worst nuclear disaster of mankind.
    You my friend need to do your research and you will find that the amount of radiation coming out of the Japan reactors are over 800 time the amount of radiation of the Nagasaki and Hiroshima combined.
    And it’s flowing across your head and fall on your lawn in the rain and in your water supply.
    So next time you disrespect any of us do your research first.

  • Ainge

    Don’t forget about the Haiti scandle. I am not MSM, quite proud of it. I was asked not to long ago to start digging on the Haiti issues of money and illness. Also, I am usually covering the GitMo story, however since things have happened to make it so no trials will be here in NYC, the Military Tribunals kicked in and my info was all but cut right now.

    Just thought I would put in my Free Press moment to add two more things that are not being reported.Oh yes, also, at least in here in NYC, Haitians are being deported home. It is a shame.


  • It’s been way too quiet about Fukushima. Given that it’s still emitting radiation, some of that is being carried by the jet streams into other countries, like the West Coast of the U.S.

    Make sure that you have extra Iodine in stock to protect your body in the event of exposure, especially with the recent Fort Calhoun nuclear facility having problems


  • Regarding #2, As soon as they get rid of Gaddafi, they will turn Libya over to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    This pattern will continue in Yemen, Jordan, Syria and finally Saudi Arabia.

    Pastor Lindsey Williams talks about this in the recent interview.


  • beachbum

    Take another look at the Gulf of Mexico (Toxico). It is still going on and BP would like for you to come on down and enjoy the beaches. Go to Florida Oil Spill Law dot com. Look at the pictures of the fish with sores caught this year.
    Check out the pictures of the rigs with oil streams poring out and floating across Gulf waters.
    Peace out!

    • TJ

      It’s a crime, isn’t it ???

  • Here in Christchurch, New Zealand, our city is being used to test out WEAPONS like HAARP!

    Over 7200 earthquakes since Sept 4th, 2010 an unheard of event in earthquake recorded history:(

    There’s much going on here people…

    • Mac

      7200 earthquakes sine sept 4th 2010 is not a lot in terms of how many earthquakes happen each year. For instance take a look at these statistics.


      “The USGS estimates that several million earthquakes occur in the world each year. Many go undetected because they hit remote areas or have very small magnitudes. The NEIC now locates about 50 earthquakes each day, or about 20,000 a year.”

      for example in 2008 there were 12,291 earthquakes ranging from 4.0-4.9 magnitude. So obviously you’re pulling shit out of your ass.

  • krishauna

    “We’re all going to die down here.”

  • hello

    the no fly zone is to protect us from terrorist, don’t you think?

  • expatriot

    Could you give a source of the north korean “super” emp test. Of all the things you listed an emp attack on America would be by far the worst. I remember all the hype I got fed during my practicing neocon days and they would scare the hell out of you with it.

  • Antoninus_PIUS

    On 11 – the planet nibiru doesn’t exist. It is a bluebeam project. A town appeared in China and was said to be a illusion, but it is a 3d holograma.

    • Simmer Sam

      Hey dummy that was a mistranslation of what was said, the illusion was that the city appeared to be floating on a cloud because of the fog. No city appeared in China, no hologram, and no universes merged. I cant believe you thought a city appeared out of the blue and that it was a hologram produced by bluebeam! LOL what an idiot! GET REAL!

  • Deric Barner

    I’m not surprised at all about any of this non-reporting , and neither should anyone else be. if they are , then they must not be aware of the powers that control the media , I forgot the person who said this , but it’s a very true statement ,” he who controls the media can control the masses “. it wasn’t exactly said in that context , but that was the point of it. my thoughts on the no fly zones are simply this – there are other vehicles in the air they don’t want seen. some of these objects belong to the governments , and some of them belong to the e.t lifeforms. I have no proof of this , it’s just my personal theory.

    • Aaron

      That’s amazing. Last night I saw an intense red fire-like UFO last night with a sheeple friend as a witness. It then started to look more like a very slow plane… suddenly it stopped.. reversed direction.. reversed direction again.. At that point we headed outside and it turned into a star and faded until we could not see it anymore after only 5 seconds or so…

      Weird thing is about 15 minutes later all my cable TV channels went blank… about 7 minutes went by and my stove preheat timer went off at the EXACT MOMENT the tv came back on.

      My sheeple friend was more freaked out than I

    • Kayenne

      Hmmm. I would have thought flying things would be far less obvious in a busy sky, rather than a quiet one. In other words, any movement or flying vehicle is more obvious in an empty sky, than when it is being used as per normal by commercial flights.
      Like blocking all traffic on the highway, and a lone motorbike sneaks through. obvious to everyone, right? So the “no fly zones” theory doesn’t work for me. Hide in plain sight only possible when there are lots of airborne vehicles whizzing around. you expect to see a plane, oh look that’s a plane. No planes and something goes over…wow. What’s that?? kind of thing…

  • Chris B

    The Fort Calhoun nuclear plant is actually on cold shut down right now due to flooding. Cooper is the only operating plant right now in Nebraska, and if the river rises another 1.5 to 2 feet they will shut it down also.

    Just an FYI for some one from Lincoln Nebraska

    • Amber

      Thanks for the update Chris..seems nobody seems to want to mention much about it since the fire they had on the 7th….everything else has been directed more towards the flooding on the MO…am outside of Sioux City…south by bout 45 miles….pretty nuts to watch the landscape changing a day at a time and one road after another close…very devastating for many individuals in the area…please keep us posted on whatcha hear on your end!

  • Chris B

    As far as the Dodd-Frank act, from what I have been able to research it would only affect a company that did not provide the actual metals with in 28 days to the non-commercial consumer. Originally the congress wanted it to be within 2 days, but quite a few coin dealers went to congress and convinced them to extend it to 28 days. Midas Resources seems to not mention this at all.

    • misocup

      I agree. I can’t find any activity on this except for the usual “Panic Stations” alarm sounding from the overly excitable.

      • Robert M

        Strangely it’s usually the over excitable you’re later asking “Why didn’t you tell me SOONER?!”

  • dae

    The tea party is the only hope we have? oh please. Please, tell me you are joking. Rand Paul, Ron paul, all of them want to remove EVERYTHING holding the corporations back from total fascism. They want to give them everything they want. The ONLY thing Ron Paul Opposes that corporate america supports is the war.

    • Moby76065

      I get scared wen I read posts like this. These people acutally vote. The Tea Party ideaology is the only one that will save America. Ask anyone if they think government can be trusted and you know what answer you’ll get. These folks want much more government in your life. Obama and the liberal left is the most dangerous administration to freedom this country has ever seen. Remember last November? Make sure it happens again with the WH and the Senate in 2012. FLUSH LIBERALS FROM GOVERNMENT AT EVERY LEVEL!!!!!

    • SEEJAY

      Dae has absolutely no clue what he’s talking about. It’s people with opinions like his that people who have a clue hope never ever get into a position of power.

      • Jodo

        I’m with dae. If you two haven’t figured out that this is all just a puppet show for the benefit of the one at the top of the pyramid, then you’re in for a rude awakening very, very soon. I am amazed that this article even attracted your attention (less the opportunity to flame the “conspiracy theorists”). Why bother?

        No worries about about dae becoming one of our rulers, though. He’s likely disqualified due to his lack of blood relation to any of the people in charge – on either side. (Even Fox News has done a story on this…total control is ALL in the family).

    • Do your research

      ‘Rand Paul, Ron paul,’

      Rand and Ron Paul have completely different ideas, with little in common. Ron Paul has nothing to do with the Tea Party. He has his own group of followers who are complete isolationallists, and he is anti-Israel. The Tea Party’s issue is finance and the constitution-they want lower spending and taxing and less government. No comparision.

      “all of them want to remove EVERYTHING holding the corporations back from total fascism.”

      Facism is when the government, one entity, controls everything — kinda like how the EPA is telling us what kind of light bulbs to use. Corporations are many different entities with different issues. You can choose whether to do business with them or not, unlike the government.

      The Tea Party has no stated position on corprations. Again, they are about spending and the Constitution.

      “they want to give them everything they want. ”

      Check out both parties with this. Obama, Frank, Dodd, etc. are really tight with Wall Street and bankers. The Tea Party, on the other hand, is for private citizens, not government, not associated with corporations. It is a populist, grassroots movement.

      You are confused. I think you’re getting talking points about the Tea Party. The only reason to fear them is if you do not like the Constitution or if you want the government to have a lot of power. The TP people are just ordinary people.

      • Aargh U Joking

        regarding the comment by ‘do your research’
        (and I do agree with you on the degree of differences btwn Ron and Rand Paul…but have always found it peculiar, as they say, the apples doesn’t fall far from the tree.
        “Corporations are many different entities with different issues. You can choose whether to do business with them or not, unlike the government.”
        How does one choose to do business with corporations or not? If you did your research you would find this is a tough task. More and more corporations fall under the same umbrella or corporate conglomeration. For example who are you going to get your tickets from? Ticketmaster or Ticketweb, Live Nation or Tickets Now? It doesn’t matter because they are all the same corporate conglomeration. Ticketmaster cobbled up all it’s viable competition. I remember when Livenation was started up and tagged as Ticketmaster’s primary competition & now they are along with Another Planet and House of Blues all under the same name. Maybe you want to spend time at your timeshare with Interval Leisure Group in nearly 80 countries and 3000 resorts or stay at Aston Hotels or you want to trade out your time share with Trading Places International or Preferred Residence Network, all under ILG. So your not a timeshare person maybe stay home and watch the Home Shopping Network, or get on the computer for some home repairs on servicemagic.com or you use tree.com. Well possibly you need a date so you check out some websites and go to ask.com to find out where to go match.com, okcupid.com, singlesnet.com or you can’t think of a word to describe yourself so you go to thesaurus.com or dictionary.com maybe you want some humor so you go to collegehumor.com or have you used urbanspoon, mindspark, shoebuy, citysearch, dailybeast or newsweek or maybe spokspickle, or watched a video on vimeo or used a whole host of others websites that fall under the same umbrella as every company I’ve named, that being IAC or InterActiveCorp.
        What if “you choose not to do business with them” and them is Nestle, well they aren’t just chocolate bars. It would take quite a bit of work to avoid Nestle. I know because I avoid Kraft and Nestle like the plague because in our consumer society every dollar is a vote and they are two of the worst corporate villains out there. It took me quite a while figuring out all the subsidiaries of each and it has eliminated all most half the products in your average grocery store. It’s naive to think that you can simply choose to do business with corporations or not. To say you can’t choose to business with the government is a contradiction because the government is run by corporations. As for the EPA, when W. refused the EPA’s report on the air quality in Manhattan after 9/11 many of the decent people in the EPA resigned. Don’t think for a minute that the BP does not have the EPA in it’s back pocket. How do you think it was able to dump millions of gallons of Corexit made by Nalco (which is under Exxon and has BP exec’s on it’s board)? If your weren’t profiting some way, why would one use an oil dispersant to clean up oil? This would only make it more difficult not to mention the Corexit is more toxic to the environment as most all living things have lipids aka oils. The fact that a biological solution was not used in the cleanup is totally senseless. I am no scientist but I am pretty sure they have found an algae or bacteria that would eat the oil. I know that mycelia (possibly common oyster mushrooms) were used to clean up the shores in the San Francisco Bay when the oil tanker ran into the Oakland bridge. The EPA was given it’s marching orders, there were more Homeland Security working with BP forcing scientists (that were experts in their field) trying to save the wildlife there. So outside of Rand and Ron Paul seemingly having different political views I completely disagree with you and think you should maybe check your facts.

        • Robert M

          “the government is run by corporations”

          Thanks for including this point before the halfway mark in your post. I was spared from reading the rest.

          Besides, with our corporate tax being the highest in the world, what sane corp would want to be US based anyway?

  • dae

    you want to fix the economy really fast? lobby congress to impose a 40,000% import tax.

    • innertrader

      dae, I regret that you just don’t have a clue about what is going on in this country! After 40 yrs of upfront and personal experience, I can tell you that the Tea Party is our only hope, which means we have little to none, period!

    • Robert M

      to which the rest of the world responds by imposing a 41000% tax on any good WE produce. So we’d completely end both all import and all export, basically placing us, economically, somewhere circa 1890’s……as I assume this is what your definition of fixing the economy, then yeah, that would work.

  • Ed

    The media was silent on the arrest of yet another prominent banker, Mahmud Abdel Salam Omar a close friend of Strauss-Kahn. Such an unbelievable coincidence, he also has been accused of “molesting” yet another hotel maid, and only a WEEK AFTER the much publicised DSK arrest. Could it be contagious?

  • Hmmm… how come nobody worried about radiation from two open air nukes dropped on Japan in WWII?

    You people need a life, really. Go outside once in a while, feel the sun, talk to a neighbor, plant a tree.

    • Bertus

      Cuz there was no talk about radiation at the time
      and it was even believed it wasn’t such a bad thing

    • Robert M

      Or the thousands of subsequent open-air atomic tests, several thousands of times more powerful…

  • Filipe Morgado

    About the no-fly zones? Radars/goggles allow anybody to see what’s in the air without entering the zone. Maybe they have massive undergoing operations on the ground and they don’t want them to be seen from the air. Anyone has tried to access the zone from the ground???

  • INTERFERENCE, our minds are weak this time.

  • Dont forget obama being a muslim that wants to instate sharia law and give gay people rights.

    • kaysludge

      if you have rights then gay people should have rights. every living thing has rights that cannot be given or taken away. they are just there. all you can do with your naturally given rights is exercise them.

      note: the bill of rights doesn’t give you your rights, it just simply states what we’ve had all along.

      • Lance Elliott

        The idea of inalienable rights is based on high
        moral law (“All men are endowed by their Creator”). Impugning these rights are acts of self-deification, or replacing God. The limits on government in the Constitution are everything not specifically granted in its text. Its irony is that those who are within government, resist the authority enunciated in Romans 13. The citizen is the prime sovereign in the U.S. constitutional framework. They function by consent of the governed. Since I don’t endorse or accept crimes and misfeasance done in my name, they illegitimately infest my government.

      • Robert M

        agreed. And I say such because marriage is not a ‘right’. If marriage was a right, why require licenses?

        Do you need a license to exercise any other inalienable right?

    • interstateplates

      er… sharia law and gay rights aren’t exactly compatible.

    • Tom

      If Sharia law is instigated then gay people would be stoned.

      • misocup

        …and not in a good way

    • Do your research

      Huh. The two do not go together. Sharia law allows for the stoning, hanging, or other murder of gays. Therefore, Obama can be EITHER for Sharia OR for gay rights, not both.

      He makes a big deal about gay rights to get votes — from gays AND the left. His real cause is instituting Sharia.

    • Jojo

      Obviously these people don’t get sarcasm…

  • virgil phelps

    Is Britney Spears going to be all right through all of this happening all over the world?

    • norcalguy

      I hope so. I love her.

  • See – Google – Trapped in a Masonic World for the answers as to why…

  • Wow. That situation in Japan is freaking me out. As for the ‘super EMP weapon’, exploding a nuclear device causes a massive emp surge and if detonated in the air, say a half mile up, would take out half a continent’s electronic devices.

    All of these scenarios are scary, although I must admit, I don’t see the significance of temporary no fly zones…

    Anyway, thanks for the post. Very interesting article and nicely put together.

  • We are looking at a re-enactment of the Hunt Family with silver only this time they are going after the gold.
    The cracks in the planet are normal for a planet going through a pole reversal.

  • PLEASE! Stop saying the mainstream media is “inept” or “not doing their job”.

    They are doing EXACTLY their job: run cover for the wealthy/corporations/govt/military.

    What liberal media? The media is NOT “liberal”, what a joke that is.

    Watch this:

    Americans’ #1 enemy: the mainstream media


    • It’s not “strange” that they’re ignoring these stories, it’s their job and they are doing their job perfect.

    • Klaus

      They are bought and paid for. Soros and others of his ilk has got his hands into just about every mainstream news outlet.

    • Do your research

      The MSM votes approximately 90% Democrat. They are to the left of most Democrats. They are tight with Obama — people move easily from the MSM to the Obama administration, working for either or both, as the goals are the same.

      They overwhelmingly wanted Obama in, both for his globalist views (They are open-borders) and so they could write about a historice event. Also, they wanted him in because they, like all the left, are very infested with White Guilt and political correctness.

      Just as the MSM hid JFK’s affairs from the public, they hide Obama’s information about his real growing-up years, actual beliefs, his religion, and his sexuality.

      Don’t ever get an opinion from one video. You need to study the msm for years to figure them out. Do your research.

    • Robert M

      I guess the media is, more accurately that Liberal, an anti-conservative establishment.

      Semantics repaired!

  • Marvin Pullman

    My opinion only:





    • Troy Armel

      I like your opinion Marvin!And I agree with you. Lets hope Christ returns soon, and takes care of all this CRAZY shit.He’s the only one that can make this right

  • Nik

    Christian militants? What does that mean?

    • misocup

      Waco? Ruby Ridge? The Tea Party?

      • Robert M

        Um, Ruby Ridge ended with the Govt apologizing for accidentally murdering Randy Weaver’s wife without cause, including dropping all charges against him and paying him a monetary settlement.

        Waco nearly the same thing. All those people were charged with were having illegal firearms. Hardly a reason to incinerate hundreds of people, women and children included.

        The Tea Party? I’ve been to several large rallys here in St Louis. I’ve never heard religion mentioned. I personally consider Atheism as a faith based religion: that’s how religious I feel. Zero minus x = my religious faith. I wouldn’t be associated with the Tea Party if religion was involved. I know several Mormon, Islamic, Pagan, and gay Tea Party activists. It’s a diverse group like any other large group in such as diverse country as our own.
        Generalizing is just pure laziness. Don’t be lazy, misocup. Eat some soy an practice some of that tolerance you probably preach.

  • On the no fly zones: Almost all of the stated reasons given are for “hazards” or “security”. Is this related to the NE nuke plant, the flooding of the Miss. river and the biohazard incident in Mississippi?

    In seeing this list and the states involved, I am given to speculate that either martial law preperations may be coming into focus and/or a massive civilian evacuation due to radiation and or flooding could be in the works.

    There were reports of massive convoys of explosives being brought into Joplin, which is on youtube video.

    Something huge is coming and I fear this is the silence before the storm.

    • billybob

      I belive you mean silence of the lambs.

    • misocup

      Why on earth would anyone, even the lizard elite, bring explosives into Joplin?

      They may need to demolish the hospital. How sinister!

  • Chuck Geramita

    According to a ‘breaking news conference’ that Obama felt compelled to hold he told the US citizens that no radiation from the Fukushima situation would reach the US shores. So we are all safe right? Why doesn’t he have a committe to tell him to keep his mouth shut?

  • Just Some Guy

    If I had to guess, I would say that the temp No Fly Zones probably has something to do with 4th of July Fireworks shows…

  • Twelve more things to worry about! I’d enter them on my “Worry List” but my list is so long as it is that my biggest worry is I’ll lose the list and subsequently add another wrinkle to my very wrinkled brow.

    On a more serious note: Let’s just consider the human race a failure and let Mother Nature take Her course. If we all die in the process at least the MSM will have no more reason to keep the general public so ill informed. Their last headline will probably be:


    • misocup


      My main worry is that there are so many people buying into this crap.

      ATTENTION! RED ALERT! There is a kind of mental state that can actually bring about that which you most fear! and – Just discovered — self fulfilling prophecies —


    Like all information requested or obtained, the recipient must answer the question…”so what?”, meaning, what does s/he do with the information. If the answer is “nothing”, then the information is basically useless in the immediate sense. Having said that, I find that most Americans seem clueless in the logical next step…what to do….even if they were 100% informed.

    Granted, not discussing something does nothing towards finding a solution. But, the vast majority of Americans feel they are powerless to fight what they consider an already hopeless battle. Case in point; Obama ran on the platform of “hope” and “change” (who doesn’t?). And look at what they got? No hope and no change. Cynical is the word that comes to mind….and cynical is how the late-night comics portray the whole stinking mess which is why people tune into shows like Jon Stewart or Bill Maher. But even so-called “liberals” such as Bil Maher are fakes. When Maher was confronted on the issue of WTC Bldg 7 collapse by his studio audience, he did what he claims Bill O’Reilly does when confronted with hard-to-escape realities…he resorted to threats of violence and ad-hominem attacks.

    The alternative media is lacking the most crucial element for their audience…the logical next (effective) step in the process…What to do next? What are people to do with the truth about nuclear power? 911? Wall Street? Bilderbergs? If they are clueless in this next step, their interest in all truth will wane and it won’t matter what the truth is any longer.

    • Leah

      The only thing I have found to do that may help is for everyone to join their state militia and arm themselves. The reputation of the militia is another “mistruth” by news media. They claim they are antigovernment rebels and try to make people think that a militia is illegal. I used to think the same thing, until I actually read the 2nd amendment. So, everyone that actually wants to do something, and not just talk about doing something, should find and join their state militia and join with other patriots that are not willing to be ruled by the tyrants in washington.

      • Do your research

        Excellent advice. Was it Orwell who wrote “If there is any hope, it lies with the proles?” Also, besides militias, know about groups like SIOA, SIOE, English Defence League, etc. It’s bigger than the U.S.

        Read “The Camp of the Saints.”

      • Robert M

        Missouri actually has ‘The Missouri Militia”, which is an official civilian-branch of the Missouri National Guard and answers only to the State Governor.
        I’d be willing to bet that a few of the other 48/50 have the same.

    • Scared and Confused!

      Excellent response!!! I think to myself…ok…now I know all about this crazy stuff happening….I can’t do a @$%^&ing about any of it!!! Who can? It messes with my already huge anxiety problems…the world is coming to an end. What’s the point of living. I ask even the religious people…they all reply with…what to do you do, just live a good life and deal with whatever happens….well shit….I have little kids….what is going to happen to them??

    • Do your research

      Depends. If you believe in an activist media, then they are missing the next step. However, if you believe their job is to provide information so that individuals can decide for themselves, then the alt-media is doing what it is meant to do.

  • SuperGoy

    You left out the MOST important thing! That there is a Kenyan born illegal alien marxist muslim bi-sexual stolen SS# using multiple forged birth certificate holding punk stinking up the White House!!!!

    • Novamind

      Yes this is true

    • billybob

      Dude. There is no reason to be flaming on nobody. Guranteed Obama or his minions are reading this. Get over the ridiculous birth certificate notion. If it was possible to get him impeached over that, it would have already happened.
      It’s not. And Obama will be leaving so whether the birth certificate is real or fake is of no coincidence.

      And also, if your going to say his certificate is forged, show some proof, with a source. Even if the source is yourself. If you are going to say he’s muslim, show evidence. Same for saying he is born in Kenya, an illegal alien, or a marxist (just quote him or Van Jones or anybody that has worked with him; you are who you hang out with).

      As for saying he is a bi-sexual…dude, if he was doing it with other dudes, someone would notice. He is also married to a woman. Not logical.

      • Sandy

        Glass house?

      • Do your research

        Look up the Down-Low Club and Man Country in Chicago. Research Reggie Love. Look at the archives of Hillbuzz. Read the book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.” Read the book or columns by Jack Cashill. Not just one link for these things, as I’m sure you know.

        Sham marriage. Cover-ups by secret service doing as they are told. Missing hours in the presidential day, not accounted for on the official schedule.

        To see how sexual matters can be covered-up, look up info on Hillary and Huma. (Sham marriages for both)

        Good points in your post.

    • billybob

      Also, when you say comments with a lack of coherence, multiple misspellings, no sources, nor anything else, you simply look foolish. I’m sorry to tear you apart, but you need to back yourself up better so that people will believe you.
      Hope the best!

  • nix

    “Go back to sleep America!! Your government is in control.”

    • billybob

      Actually no, the government is not in control.

      The government has absolutely no control over the US Dollar. The Federal Reserve does. They are one of the most unconstitutional things ever implemented into our country.

      If you would genuinely like to hear more about this subject, then simply go to YouTube and type in ‘The American Dream Film’. Watch it. There are two segments that are each fifteen minutes.

      Hopefully it will be an eye-opener.

  • Max Schmeling

    Welcome to the final death throes of a global “beast” system that has programmed us all to accept the “party line” since our earliest upbringing. It is a hard to accept fact but everything we have ever been taught (including religion) has been colored by an establishment-think agenda that has deliberately steered us from the truth (reality)so that now you will not even believe the truth when you hear it. Our deceivers have even succumb to their own lies and cannot recognize the truth any longer either (if they were ever able to do so).

    Before this year is over, most of you will no longer exist. America, along with all other countries are about to be destroyed by global nuclear wars, disease epidemics, catastrophic earthquakes and other (man-made) weather-generated phenomena. Never fear. One-fifth of mankind will survive. After all of the earth’s armies, along with their weaponry are destroyed, there will be a new beginning. Men will no longer be taught artificial-truth by a ruling class that seeks to deceive them and subject them to financial bondage. Truth, peace, decency and fairness will rule the day and everyone will ultimately learn why things didn’t work the way we were doing it before.

    • Matt

      One-Fifth of Mankind will kill each other off, fighting for the meaningless material things that dropped their numbers to one-fifth in the first place. We haven’t learned one damn thing over a period of thousands of years. Do you actually believe that it will be any different this time around? Humanity’s chances are up, and their time is over. The clock is counting down now until the last human soul is collected. And we have no one to blame, but ourselves….

      • Max Schmeling

        The reason it will be different is because all men will be governed by and taught by Yahweh’s own family of righteous priests (right here on this earth). The reason mankind has never known fairness and peace before is because they have always chosen to be governed by themselves (democracy, sic. stupidity) rather than following the 613 Laws for living together peacefully that our Father gave us (found in the first five books of every Bible). The earth is currently experiencing all of the curses (judgements) that the Holy Prophets told us would occur if we chose not to follow Yahweh’s Way. The Messiah told us that anyone who didn’t believe the Prophets is a fool. (Luke 24:25) The world’s foolish people are plunging headlong to their ultimate destruction at this time. Only a few will actually repent and come to Yahweh’s House to begin the process of relearning.

        Everything negative that is taking place in the world today was foretold by the Prophets (Deut. 28th chapter, Matt. 24th chapter, et. al.). This is not the end of the world or the end of mankind. It is the necessary convulsions of a dying world system of corrupt governments that will soon be replaced with Yahweh’s righteous government…which, once established, will never be replaced. The current systems will resist this change violently, for fairness and equity are not part of their agenda. The moneylenders and politicians will fight to the death to try to maintain their advantage over us all…but if you’ve read the Book, you’ll realize that “they” lose.

        • Troy Armel

          I’m counting on it Max.I’m a born-again believer of the risen savior Jesus Christ, And my hope and faith is in him to make these things right in whatever way he sees fit.I am , as a human, and with kids still scared of whats going to happen to my children, but I have faith in God that He will take care of it before my wife and kids suffer or scared too much.Please come soon Lord Jesus. Tarry not.Your people are scared

  • Please see “errie noise” u tube video, not to mention mysterious bird, and fish deaths. A invisible space craft?What of Japan. Where will 170 million people go. What happens when the worlds third largest economy is destroyed in one swipe?What of the tremendous tornados and deaths?Yes strange days indeed.

    • Sophia

      “What of Japan. Where will 170 million people go.”

      Maybe they will go to China’s new ghost cities?

      • Stacey

        I have to say.. in the midst of all this scary talk.. this response made me laugh.. and laughter is the best medicine LOL.. thanks

  • robert

    With regard to the dispersed military, isn’t this a classic technique used by governments that are afraid of their own populace? Keep them busy over there so they can’t coup over here…

  • Beatrice A. MacGuires

    Easy to guess why Americans will be prohibited from buying and selling metals. When the economy crashes, as per the globalist plan, paper money will be worth zero. Gold can be traded. Therefore: this prohibition to convert assets to gold or silver, which are tradable commodities, to ensure that devastation will be total, sans loop holes. The plan? The economy crashes (intentionally) riots, food riots. Martial law is declared to put down those evil rioters. And life as we know it comes to an end. NOOOO!

  • Gerry Evans

    As for the media.. I am 74 years and remember when the government ws letting the big guys take over our media. It was said by certain news casters then (the Walter Cronkites and his era newscaster) that the big moguls taking over the media would be killing the news media as we knew it then. How right he/they were. The news caster of today is to lazy to go out and find the story and if they did the newspaper he/she would put it in is most likely out of business. So bottom line is, get use to it because unless we voters do a better job of electing our government with an eye on those who would be honest with us (vs) those who just tell us what we want to here and still plan their own adgenda. HOW do we know who is all talk? EASY.. Google, Wikipedia, every search engine (my pref is DOGPILE.COM, and read, read, read about who is running and who/what their associations are. Read their background as far as financial dealings and don’t just take one inquary’s word for it… Really dig..
    As for the sink holes and feasures in the ground… With all the stuff we take out of the ground, I’m suprised there aren’t more holes showing up.. Mother earth isn’t going to take all this abuse we give her and not show a little sign of aging.. If your afraid of a few deep holes and cracks starting to show up then, stop taking all the oil, coal, shale, rocks, natural gas, minerals, gold, diamonds, silver,. She is a living thing… Don’t expect her not to fight back sooner or later..

    • Do your research

      Excellent advice, except for the anthropormophism of the earth. Energy leads to technology, which leads to advances which allow for more energy, more advancement, etc. Once we start treating the earth as a person instead of a gift and a resource, the the whole system breaks down, and we go back to being Pagan earth worshippers with only the government having energy, cheap goods, and power.

  • todd

    #13- Obama’s birth certificate is still fake and Congress knows it. they don’t want to impeach him because they fear a black backlash.

    • Novamind

      Impeach him we are all ready for it.

    • Do your research

      Bingo! We have a winnah!

      Something odd about the mass wildings taking place over Memorial Day, doncha think?

    • TooStrange

      Is it possible that he was in fact born on the sixth of June, in the year 1966?

  • Jack

    Don’t fret about all this- God will save you if you’re good :)

  • WTF Oh Silent Ones

    Real problems only exist IF, you acknowledge them! MSM doesn’t have the will to stay with any story more than 5 minutes. As they say, “Don’t confuse me with facts!”

    • Do your research

      Problem is, there IS one story the msm can stay with — the crowning and further advancement of Obama-the-Great. They helped create and elect him, and they have hidden the mess he is making.

      P.S. This is a good site. Some strange , but a lot who, like me, are just angry about what it happening to our country and our world, It’s the Third-World-ization of the whole world.

  • Ironic

    Hello, the world does not start and end with the US- u know the place that has 50 united states that are not in fact united.
    U know the land of the free where the prejudice is worse than many other countries.
    U know where media is bought and it is they decide what the public believe because most of them havnt a questioning mind amongst them.
    U know the place that is so corrupt and dishonest and living in gaga land -the land is broke, on its ass, so people learn how to live, how to question and how to live as a community on the earth and NOT the community that thinks everyone needs to follow,,, cause people u do not have any of it right.

    • Do your research

      “the prejudice is worse than many other countries.”

      Facts, please. What prejudice, exactly? What other countries? Like Saudi Arabia? China? Japan? Sudan? Indonesia? Egypt?

      U.S. is astonishingly well-adjusted for a country that has opened its doors to the rest of the world for two centuries. Time to stop. Why are we the only country not allowed to close our borders and protect ourselves?

  • Adam Evenson

    To answer the question you posed in #2: Yes.

    Answer to question #12: They all mean that an ELE is happening before everyone’s eyes. But why not? Extinction level events always catch somebody, somewhere, somehow. This one is catching the present occupants of earth.

    This ELE has actually been ongoing for a long time, however, all but the fewest have flatly refused, by exercise of will, to see the signals. It’s called “over-the-top complacency.” I’ve been seeing the signs since 1968 and feeling them since about 1961 when I turned 21. I’m glad to see it finally happening on levels that allow everybody to see and feel the vibes. One can actually learn to live with the prospects of an ELE. I’ve known about it for about 50 years and my life could not have been better.

  • Ben

    Don’t forget 9/11. It’s been nearly 10 years, but the evidence continues to mount that it was an inside job. Anyone who looks into it at all knows the official story is bunk – and more people around the world are coming to this realization every day.

    This is truly the most important story of all – and discussion of it is entirely missing from the mainstream media. This must change.

    • Do your research

      Read the book, “The Cell.” Develop a library of books on the Saudis, Wahabis, Salafists, and the history of jihad. Read sites like “jihad watch” and “Atlasshruggs.” Know what the koran says about infidels, the Saturday people, the Sunday people, Kafirs, etc.

      Then take all that evidence and see if you still think the same.

      KNOW islam. Only by knowing the enemy can we have a chance of defeating it.

  • Heather


  • Fred Warsco

    Wake up all of you. We are already under martial law with no turning back except by revolution. America is broke. Your IRA and 401k will be replaced with govt. bonds. Get out while you still can. Buy gold and silver !! Its the only way we can beat them. Do not let them use YOUR money against you. Prepare for worst and hope for the best IF uoy want to survive.Trust in god only.

  • Bill

    Re: #11
    In a smililar vein, the local liberal radio station in Portland, Oregon is constantly running ads about “preparedness”, with a tag urging listeners to go to some “.gov” website.

  • How else do you suppose they are going to go about reducing the population by 4 billion? Now is the perfect time to finalize their agenda. Depopulation. If you were them wouldn’t you?

  • I have created a news website for progressives and the people who love them at http://www.antidrudgereport.com
    Please visit and share with friends!

  • Solution to the problem is one of us critic becoming a reporter and start reporting “the truth”.

  • ohio

    Stop trying to scare people loons !

    • Do your research

      What are “people loons”?

    • Glenderson

      more like prepare people… keep your head in the sand, we dont need your kind

  • jerry walz

    let me comment on the previous commentor’s reference to the section of the Bible know as “The Revelation of John the Divine” (not “Revelation” as it is refered to by most self proclaimed Biblical “scholars” AKA crack pot lunnies).
    I personally am of the opinion that “The Four Horse Men” mentioned in John’s writtings actually refer to the horsepower of their conveyences E.G. scooters or Mopeds, depending on their personal preferences.
    Think about it objectively, Sickly, Skinny, menacing dudes on horses would stick out like sore thumbs! But, on a scooter they would blend right in to our modern society able to freely infect, incite war and all the other tuff eluded to in the ravings of John the Divine’s feverish deluded mind.
    Oh here’s a revelation of my own……… I once dreamt I was eating a giant marshmallow, when I woke up half my pillow was gone! BAM!Prophetic!

  • Joy C. Krejcarek-Kaye

    Anyone connecting the dots? Well, the end of the world, of course. Remember that the dates given were bogus. (pardon to Bible fficianados) but maybe the end was not exactly as written – Apocalypse? maybe there is not one day –
    more and more frequent floods, tornados, hurricanes, holes and cracks in the earth, nuclear disasters and following devistation,
    ponder….make your heart right with God, however you perceive Him/Her and encourage new generational reporters, hungry and searching and reporting ALL the news

  • End of the world?
    I believe we’re in it. Can’t always go by writings written BC because things do change with time. Don’t believe it is any given one day.
    Ponder…..if your heart is right with God however you perceive Him/Her/ no need to fret. However DO encorage new generational reporters, those hunry fof ALL news
    Hey thanks for this web site – you’ve made me more aware and I’ll be watching, reading, and digging……

  • david

    @Aaron i saw simmiliar thing couple weeks ago didnt go back and forth but air trafic seemed nonesistant fore along time afterword besise the 3 miltary palnes during about 45 min time was weird obviously countroled star type thing palne idk thought it could have been weird star looking thing just falling but wen the first rreaally fast plane came it was obviously moving in controled path idk


    One thing causing the large Earth cracks could be pumping of groundwater. In central and southern Arizona large cracks have been appearing for years due to groundwater pumping. This causes ground subsidence, and then large cracks appear.

  • Cherokee

    Why doesn’t our country ever get in trouble for killing civilians? If someone kills civilians in the U.S. it is the start of another war.
    Also it seams like the U.S dose not even apologize for killing the innocent. This makes me ashamed of my country.

    • Do your research

      About the government “killing innocent people.”

      Are you talking about when we are at war? We’re not the only country who goes to war, you know. Are you talking about war against those who would have us “infidels” dead?

      War is not pretty or fun. Yes, people get killed in war — and innocent people, too.The problem is, there are bad people in the world. And I’m not just talking about “oh, the U.S. is evil” and all that.

      I’m talking about the real evil that is trying to overtake the Western world. This is not a joke and not talking points. Research it.

      P.S. Forgive me if you are talking of situations like the murder of Donald Young. Since you only pointed out the U.S., it sounded like you were coming from a “US is bad” point-of-view.

  • Tammy Terrell

    Yes, there are traumatic events about to happen around the globe. The one that concerns me the most and you don’t mention is the illegal alien who is our current president. He has provided a fake and fraudulent long form birth certificate which means he has thumbed his nose at our US Constitution and he dares us to challenge him. Are there any out there who feel we are being defrauded and have been suckered? If not, then we deserve him. I’m done with American patriotism. It doesn’t exist anymore.

    • Do your research

      Don’t give up. Hundreds of thousands of us know who/what Obama is. We all need to work together, and world-wide, as he is part of a larger problem of the marxist/islamist/left who are working harder than ever before to get Western civilization under its control.

  • annje

    to “scared and confused”
    your comment touches my heart…I have grandchildren I fear for immensely…so here’s what you do…start putting food back, stop spending on anything else extra until you have enough food to take you and your family through about 5 years of lack.buy 55 gal water drums, fill them up, as many as you have room for. purchase survival equipment as you go along, a flashlight here, a tent there, a heater/sleeping bags, batteries, items to process food w/out electricity, heirloom seeds to grow your own veggies, a solar stove when you get ahead a bit; woodstove if you can afford one, etc etc…things that help you live normally wihtout power. FOOD and WATER being the most critical. Bless your heart, and best of luck…but don’t be afraid sweety, put your bitch hat on and make it happen…be tough, calm, reassuring. You can do this….xo

  • Jodo

    The Big Picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Will

    I feel that almost every comment/argument stated above is missing the larger point. Regardless of your political affiliation, religious views, or personal opinions, we as a species are living a lie and are headed towards a “painful” realization… That we ARE NOT the “center” of the universe, and the natural processes that govern everything from cell division to the formation of nebulae and planets can and WILL exercise it’s power and dominance over us. To me, the belief in a Creator that has ANY remote resemblance to us as humans either through form or function is nothing more than a misguided symptom of our homocentric world view. Ever heard of the Hubble Deep Field? Astronomers aimed the telescope at an empty section of the night sky that was the size of a grain of sand HELD AT ARM’S LENGTH, and over the course of several weeks, took a picture. Guess what they found once they developed the picture? An image that showed GALAXY AFTER GALAXY AFTER GALAXY. Please keep in mind that our solar system of 9 planets is centered around a single star. In galaxies, there are potentially BILLIONS of stars. You do the math. What I’m getting at, is that WHATEVER created this universe and reality that we exist within, doesn’t give two rusty fucks if you had fish for dinner on a friday night or not. It doesn’t care if you steal, murder, rob, or maim. Need an example? Look to the Holocaust. Or rawanda. Or even your own personal trials and tribulations. Yessiree, ladies and gentlemen, WE ARE ON OUR OWN. Multiple examples exist thruout history that show this. I’m not disavowing the existence of a higher order or something to that effect, but I am saying that it sure as shit doesn’t think or feel or care the same way that you and I do. When we ascribe certain aspects to god such as Jesus Christ or the Holy Trinity or Mohommad or whatever, we are making something that is so immense, beautiful, random, and serendipitous into something base and vulgar. Just so we can “understand” and “be with god.” fools. Jesus Christ and all the other prophets in every religion were no more god than you and I. To give these individuals the title of “son of god” only removes them from the experiences of everyday human existence and gives us a father figure for us to look up to in the hopes that said figure will bail us out when we feel we need/want it. Dammit people, WE are responsible for our own actions and WE have already been given the keys to unlock our problems. They are called Rational Thought, Common Sense, Compassion, and Empathy. I believe that until we start looking at ourselves as part of the cycle of creation, life, death and everything in between that is readily apparent in everything from an ant to the words we speak to the creation of black holes, we will fail miserably. We were not given this world to lord over and abuse. We weren’t even given it. We are it. So, all the tea party/ democrat/ republican tribalism crap only serves to distract us from the larger point that we as a species are steadfastly racing to our own extinction. And in the end, our inability to truly value and appreciate what is right fucking in front of us will mean that we ONLY have ourselves to blame. When you give up your autonomy, you become like all the other sheep in the world. Mindless and stupid.

    • RightWing2012

      Will – Who do you think gave us those keys of Common Sense, Compassion and Empathy? God.

    • blackchip

      You are right on point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I am so glad that someone posted this link!
      I am filing your comments. Couldn’t have said it better myself!!

    • vball512

      SO WELL SAID, Will! Rational Thought, Common Sense, Compassion, and Empathy….excellent.

    • Max Schmeling

      Dear Will-
      While your rant might impress others as confused as you, it is distasteful and uninformed. The “natural processes that govern everything” are neither natural nor independent. They are laws. That means they had to be put in place by someone. There is a being who is responsible for all that exists and you are correct that He is not concerned with you or anyone else who refuses to recognize His authority or who disregards His counsel (teaching); such people cannot expect to benefit from his protection…you have discerned correctly that you “are on your own” in this world. He has said that it pleased Him to give us the opportunity to choose for ourselves whether we will believe and obey His instructions or not, noting however, that we will reap what we sow.

      That having been said, He is so compassionate that He allowed His first Son from humankind, (Who did follow all of His instructions to the letter) to pay the price for your folly so that you may at a later time be brought back to life to try one more time to get it right. I hope you will be successful in doing it.

      • Thats funny Max. Really it made me chuckle. Same old blah blah blah Ive heard my whole life. Note: I used to believe it with every inch of my being, loved it, and lived it. Then as an adult and through my own studies and awakening came to realize it is complete irrational BS. I second everything Will said.

      • “They are laws. That means they had to be put in place by someone.”

        Ummm…no, actually, it doesn’t.

      • Blix

        Please let us not loose sight. No religion should produce hate or closed mindedness. We need to concern ourselves with the survival of our earth. For with out her we have no belief no religion no mankind.Let’s prioritize positive actions over beliefs.

      • No

      • MARY

        perfect response Max!

      • Bob

        That’s cute that you still believe in that. That’s what people have done throughout time; Use a mythological creature to explain the unknown. You must find it very comforting.

    • WILL:
      You are comical. Just like a politician is comical. Ask you for an opinion and you launch into you ajenda. Spelling is optional.
      Maybe some day you will wake up.
      I have read (this in a nut shell) if you belive you belive if you don’t you don’t.
      We that belive see what you said as people see an x-ray black is white and white is black.
      Have a wonderful day and try to sugar coat your outlook just in case you have to eat it.

      • Will

        I’m not sure what you mean with your X ray analogy. Please explain?

        • Kurt

          He simply meant that we Christians, pretty much by definition, believe the exact opposite of everything you said. Your black is our white and our white, your black. However, I do agree with you that God is beyond anything that we could ever comprehend, and the full extent of His creation is unimaginable. Therefore we rationalize it and compartmentalize it into something we can understand. We become “homocentric” as you put it, making ourselves bigger than we are and pretending to understand the complexity of everything around us. But God is not to be understood. I’m sure you believe in some Creator, whether you view that Creator as a god or not. Well I tell you the truth, the Creator is God and we christians do not understand him anymore than you do. We are totally clueless about Him and His creation. But you were wrong on a very major point, God does care about us, and He loves us. Everything He created was intended for His glory to point us toward Him. His power and intelligence is infinite, as I’m sure you would agree the Creator would have to be as you look into the sky. Along with that infinite power though, comes the ability to maintain and understand all of creation while still caring about even the smallest things in out personal lives. To a God so big, what’s the difference between a billion stars and the fish I had for dinner? You may not agree with me, but I hope you see the logic in what I say. You are one of His creations, and He loves you. Whether you get anything out of this long-winded rant or not, I thank you for pushing me to think about my own faith. You may not want me to or you might just not care, but I’ll be praying for you. I hope God does something great in your life. I have a high regard for anyone who can enter a religious debate without getting angry.

          • Vryste

            Kurt. I also enjoy a level headed religious debate too. A belief in a omnipotent creator stems from a desire to be unconditionally loved. While completely understandable and a necessary comfort for many people, I tend to admire those that have the mental fortitude to reject the offer of an unconditionally loving creator.

            It would be prudent to live our lives as if we didn’t have a godly safety net, rather than live as if we do.

    • Michelle

      @Will – Incredible insight! It is nice to see a rational mind. My husband and I always say that these are our lives to live, and it is our responsibility to own up to our mistakes… We refuse to pawn them off onto some so-called savior who suffered horribly at the hands of his fellow men. When my life ends, if I have been wrong and there is another entity other than myself who will perform the judgment of my life, which I highly doubt,then I will humbly recall all of my mistakes and transgressions and accept, personally, any verdict that may be handed down to me. I refuse to bloody my hands with death of Jesus. Using the “sacrifice” of Jesus Christ as a means to avoid eternal damnation seems like an horrible cop-out to me. If I must rot in eternal damnation for my actions in this life, which I don’t expect to happen,then that will be what I have earned… Christians may be sitting in Heaven all happy and blissful, but I am unable to allow another, no matter how almost perfect he was, to suffer for MY PERSONAL actions. However, on the plus side of this belief, I am careful to live my life in a way that is morally and ethically superior, simply because I don’t want to sow the seeds of suffering and have to reap that harvest in the future. We are ALL the sons and daughters of man… to allow yourself to believe otherwise is to demean the greatness of this universe and whatever mysterious force that started it all. If you are in this universe then you are endowed with the spirit that created it. I plan to keep on going after this life… just keep on going.

      • Max Schmeling

        Your reaction to my post is as laughable as it is predictable, as sad as it is wrong. I’ll not bother to attempt to educate you as that is the responsibility of your husband but I will offer my condolences for your lack of humility and insight.

        Thank you for being brief. Blessed is the man who having nothing of value to say, abstains from giving written evidence of that fact.

        You are appropriately named. Would you like to inform us of where all laws came from? Or are you inferring that no laws exist at all. Logic demands an explanation since the many laws (such as gravity, physics, etc.) are undeniable. Are we to believe they morphed from swamp gas?

        • Will

          Max, since I haven’t figured out how to delete comments that are awaiting moderation, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize for my snarky comment. It would seem that I need to take the time to read ALL of your comments before I make a snap judgement as to your presupposed physical attributes and your conversational disposition. So with that said, I apologize. The reason I was quick to judge was because I feel that your comment to Michelle was unfair and misogynistic. While you are entitled to your opinion, and I mine, it’s not kosher for either of us to engage in conversation without allowing for a fair and considerate response no matter what camp it’s coming from.

        • Diane

          MAX: Your comment to Michelle, “I’ll not bother to attempt to educate you as that is the responsibility of your husband…”, shows just what type of person you are. I feel sadness when I read your comments.

      • Trace

        How do you know what is right or wrong, and how do you know you are doing a good job, or are worthy of punishment/reward?

        • Michelle

          Can’t you just feel when something isn’t right? I can feel it in my higher self, my self without ego tells me what is right or wrong. If one is still and listens to the truth within, the part of them that is truly divine, then it is simple to do the right thing. Don’t rush yourself, feel the truth, it is always within you, always at your reach. God is as accessible as that. Honestly… It doesn’t require books or teachings, or special houses for God to live in… God is everywhere.

          That is fine, but I wasn’t reacting to your post. I didn’t even read it. Now I have and I am sorry you feel that way. God does not pick and choose who he gives his grace to. God’s love is given freely to any, whether they choose to accept it or not. It is not accepted by saying some words that are akin to “Oh Jesus, come into my heart and forgive me.” No. God is already in your heart, and you are already forgiven. It is accepted by the physical actions of the person. Words of man are nothing. Only action has any affect on this world. While ideas may be great or horrible, they are only ideas. It is the hands of man, who works as God’s vessel, that actually creates change within the Universe.

          IMHO, we are practicing with this life to become perfect beings, we must take our mistakes within ourselves and learn from them, so as not to repeat them again. Confessing your sins to a priest only absolves your sins in the eyes of the Church, to truly absolve yourself, you must never make that mistake again. For then, your actions prove your views.

          Religion is an opiate for the masses, find the truth within yourself. Religion allows those in power to stay in power while saying, “don’t worry, your reward comes in the afterlife.” All while raping our land and mistreating our people, those in power expect us to sit along for the ride and wait for some glorious afterlife. This life is what matters now, and many are squandering their chances to do what they know is best simply because they were told to wait for an eternal reward. Act now! Don’t wait for a savior to return, be your own savior, God has given us the option to walk the path to Him, or to let others tell us what that path is. YOU KNOW. No one else can tell you what your truth is. If your truth is to pawn off your sins and responsibilities to another man, then bloody your hands and act like you are forgiven on the head of Jesus. It doesn’t matter to me. It will only come down to you and God in the end. When you are being asked the tough questions, like, did you stand up for what you believed in? Did you act according to what you believed? Did you treat others as you would like to be treated? You will have to HONESTLY own up to them, not Jesus. Jesus in this world is a tool to keep you pacified from doing what is right, so others can remain in power. Jesus was a great man, he was the exemplary man, put on Earth so we could have a map of how WE are supposed to live. Walk his path, don’t follow his wake.

          In my previous post I meant we are all the sons and daughters of God. I wrote man, oops.

          Yes,this is all very long-winded and extremely off-topic, but THINK FOR YOURSELF people… I cry often for the discordance in this world, but what cheers me up is the thought that there are many people out there who are doing what’s right on a regular basis. They do it not because of the promise of a glorious afterlife, but because it is the right thing to do.

      • purslane jungle

        Michelle, my family was raised Southern Baptist and our mother was a Sunday School teacher. All her life she made it clear that she hated torture above all other things. Finally, in middle age, she announced that she wanted nothing more to do with a god sho required that his son be tortured, and nothing more to do with a religion that had torture as its centerpiece. It was a heartfelt moral stand unlike any other I’ve ever seen.

        • Cat

          Your mom sounds like a smart lady..

    • Ides of Marc

      That was awesome Bro. You articulated a grand perspective that is unfortunately limited to so few people but for the narrow minded “opiate for the masses” / religious dogmas that has grossly shielded them /us from anything like those bigger TRUTHs.

    • Jeni

      high five, will ,)

    • NOAH2012

      Will: Your comment gives me hope that at least a few people will wake up. Thank you! One criticism: please refrain from insulting sheep. @Max, et al, If you ever get far enough away from your Bible & your church to experience “God” you will cease to make ignorant statements. You will be able to see others who know God. Michelle knows the living “God”. Will may not even realize he knows “God” but he does. This is how you meet Him, Max: live in the moment without thought for past or future (set aside time for planning & abstract thought), think & act without fear of consequence, become hyperaware, and love every person as though you will live their life in their skin seeing through their eyes. It’s just that easy & just that difficult. The sad fact is you fundamentalists not only disgrace “God”, you destroy culture & the commons. You would serve yourself well to grow some HUMILITY in accord with your Jesus’ teachings.

      • Michelle

        You give me too much credit. I only know what I feel to be true. I struggle daily with the battle I have going on inside myself. My ego and my higher self often disagree, and I am not yet strong enough to always make the decision that I know I should. I do know that someday I will achieve this power simply by my refusal to give up trying. Thanks, NOAH2012… you are a shining light in the vast darkness.

  • Meganite

    Well, the TFRs probably have something to do with all the flooding, fires, and giant cracks opening in the ground all over the place. Somebody’s got to investigate those things, and it seems that they are, even if it somehow doesn’t make the news.

  • Pete

    Someone wants to enjoy the sun”s warmth, plant a tree, and talk to a neighbor. I would rather enjoy the moon’s coldness, plant a neighbor, and talk to a tree.

    • PETE:
      Your funny as hell but at the same time you need counceling.

  • i will die soon? this iam 100% sure of ,now 73yrs old and the last 17yrs since my visions of jesus christ on th cross in a little village in bosnia called medugorje has changed my life and iam sure most of the millions who have gone there? i pray for you all with know faith , that GOD DOSE EXIST ?….WWW.PETERCAMPBELL.FAITHWEB.COM

  • ali

    You said it brother. <3

  • Gene Starwind

    How come no mention of COICA? The so-called Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeiting Act would give the US Atty Gen the power to shut down ANY site for even the slightest pretext of “copyright infringement” and make all such actions a jailable offense, including sending someone a link to a video.

  • Sharon

    Does anyone ever stop to think about what is happening in our world? Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, fires, cracks in the earth….and Obama? Everyone goes on as if nothing is happening. PAY ATTENTION people. Get your life in order and pray, pray, pray. We have been given everything, every chance to make it right…we have used and abused and those who think that livinge in total sin is okay, are about to find out that THERE REALLY ARE CONSEQUENCES FOR THEIR ACTIONS. If you don’t believe in a higher power, THINK AGAIN!

  • Bebe

    I feel terrified and helpless. Due to the recession both my husband and I were laid off. It’s hard to keep the lights on much less try to stockpile goods and emergency equipment. I have a 4 y.o. daughter. Are we just supposed to just roll over and die when the sh#t hits the fan? The government and their lies aren’t helping…they’re hurting us by not giving out this info…it makes me pissed off.

    • Mike IV

      Dear Bebe, I am ashamed at my fellow man and especially at the people that claim to be my fellow Christians.I understand that you are going through an hard time in this recession. It seems to take no sides, huh? It attacks both right and left, dem and repub, Christian and Will. I havre seen the same type of hardship that you have seen recently. My mom lost her job last year in January (2010). I got a bad cancer that was extracted in May of 2010 and still cannot go back to work. I just had a second cancer removed last Monday, taking away another few months before I can think about going back to work. We have bills, things falling apart, cars needing repairs, etc and all that is on top of Dr. Bills that can pile into the $x00,000 range every other bill or so. My goal other than staying alive and having a roof over me is to build enough slowly to get the supplies that you had made reference to. The food, water, saws, flashlights, batteries, a Hun and ammunition for protection, and more. With all the bills and supplies I want to get, I still maintain that the tithe is the Lord’s and always make first attempt to give it. I believe my faithfullness in this area allows God to show His faithfulness to me. I think the most important thing to remember in our situation is to cotinue in what we know is right and righteous. Prepare and do what can for you, your family, and your church. I will pray for you that you can get enough to prepare a little and that He comfort you along the way. Mike

      • Bebe

        Mike- Your post literally brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your kind words and insight. Sometimes we forget what’s important and you hit on so many things that seem to slip my mind as we go thru these trials. I will continue to pray and seek Gods help as well as tithe. You and your family are in my prayers.


    • Michelle

      How simply do you live? There are many excesses in this life that we are able to do without. Cell phones, cable, cars, etc… My husband and I live on a one income budget, I am a waitress, work 4 days a week, and my husband stays home and home-schools our 8 yr old son. We survive happily off that. I am sorry you are feeling anxiety in your life. Maybe simplifying would do you good. I don’t mean to assume that you don’t already. Sorry for my post if you do. Money is nothing to worry about, though. (Honestly, there is no debtors jail, and 1.5 billion people in this world live without electricity already.) Focus on the love in your life and teaching your daughter what is right. The rest of the stuff falls into place after that. If you keep your outlook positive, and constantly remember how good you have it, then things will always work out. What seems to be a hardship usually ends up as an incredible learning experience. Though you may not want to accept this writing as possible, but it has worked for my husband and I for 8 years now. We are incredibly simplified in our living costs and could not be happier. Keeping up appearances is more much more stressful than living without. Remember, it is not about what is in your life, but who. We recently completed our emergency supplies list of goods, now we are working on our bodies and minds to physically and mentally prepare for any conceivable disasters that may occur. While you may not be able to acquire the tangible goods as of yet, perhaps work on your physical and mental preparedness. Then, it will not seem so unbearable. You will be doing things to prepare, and it will give you the emotional boost to live without as much anxiety. That will be good for everyone, especially your daughter. We are all in this together.

      • Bebe


        That is a hard pill to swallow but you are correct in many ways. I was really sheltered by my parents growing up and then by my husband as an adult. so this way of life is new to me and definitely a learning experience. Honestly, thinking of my child without air conditioning in the heat of a louisiana summer would seriouly make me lose my mind. Do yall know how hot and humid it gets here? LOL

        But seriously, It took hard times for me to realize what was real. I love my extended family dearly but we grew up on the “american dream”…nice home, nice cars,nice clothes, college. The important things in life are vastly different from what I was raised to believe.

        It breaks my heart when my little girl asks me why we don’t have enough food in the fridge. So it is true that we don’t have it as bad a third world country but give me a break. I didn’t grow up in a third world country. A change is coming, whether I like it or not so I guess I need to stop getting upset and act.

        I admire what you and your husband have…I hope I can get to that level.

  • aubreyfarmer

    Don’t you just love it when a secular humanist goes into a rant that by any measure is just as much a religion as those he is ranting against. I have com to the conclusion that those that don’t believe in the Bible do not understand the Bible nor do they care to. If belief is an act of faith, then why would anyone take a leap of faith against God when that leap could doom them to the fires of Hell? Confusion is a tool of the devil. Using lies and deceit satan has used religion teaching false doctrine as a pretext for the committing of untold crimes against humanity. It isn’t a loving God that does all of the bad stuff, it is man ignoring the teaching of Jesus Christ. Please someone show me one teaching of Christ that if followed would make the Earth a less welcome place.

    • To say that you understand the Bible is absolute lunacy. The most intelligent minds on the planet that have spent YRS delving into that book cannot come into agreement as to what it means and you seem to think youve got it all figured out. Wow. Just wow. If you knew anything about the book maybe you know that there is no longer ANY original texts left on the planet. Or that the Catholic church had every document destroyed over a thousand yrs ago. Or that the book we have now called the bible was compiled by a few hundred of Constantines minions on an island for corrupt evil purposes. It was changed, molested, altered, rewritten and twisted to fit the church’s agenda of that day. -My point. Many of us who do not believe in the bible, dont believe in it for a damn good reason. Not because we dont care. I myself was devestated when I was FORCED to be intellectually honest with myself and admit it is a flawed book, religion and concept. Thats my rant. That is all.

      • Michael


        There is so much wrong with your comment I do not even know where to begin.

        You are wrong on every single point.

        The truth is that the Bible was never “rewritten”.

        Look, a good place for you to get started on learning the truth is right here….


        You should never again assume to instruct anyone on this topic until you actually do some research.

        I don’t know that I have ever seen a comment on this site that is more wrong than your comment.


        • Wazz

          Michael, shut up and listen!
          You are an idiot!.
          The bible was created by men to control people.
          Will and Sean can be proven correct, you can not.

          • Michael


            Yes, I may be an idiot, but I have researched this matter very, very carefully for years and I know what I am talking about.


      • Max Schmeling

        You are correct that the inspired scriptures were altered. Best example: They replaced Yahweh’s (our Father)true name with pagan names (god, lord) and even changed the names of the Apostles and Prophets to hide our Father’s Name. John:is actually Yahchanan, Matthew: is Mattithyah, Paul: is Shaul, Jeremiah: is Yeremiyah, Joel: is Yahyl, etc. The Messiah’s name is Yahshua. There is no letter “J” in the Hebrew alephbet, never was. For truth go to The House of Yahweh (Deut. 12:5) at Yahweh.com

      • plato

        and you know all of this exactly how?
        Were YOU there?
        Your statements contain many ‘facts’ that, in fact,are not factual…
        by the mere virtue of the overgeneralized and oversimplified nature of such a sweeing conclusions that empass such a broad range of reality , subject matter, viewpoints, cultures, details and hundreds of years of human history ….Facts come in much smaller packages with far more detail.
        Such overgenalization and oversimplication are far more likely to lead away from truth rather than toward it
        Making a statement of fact does not a fact make.

        • Max Schmeling

          If you believe my facts are not facts, you are obliged to present factual evidence that they are in error. Where is your proof that the facts I have stated are wrong? Upon what are you basing your opinion? Ample detail and proof to support what I have said is available for anyone seeking truth. As I have said before…go to Yahweh.com and ask.

          • Bob

            I just find it funny that people are arguing over a story written by bronze-age desert tribesmen. Come back to reality and love the planet for what it really is. Don’t be afraid. If you were transported back to ancient Greece, would you start to believe that Zeus was real and had sex with humans? Would you believe that the world was flat and attack those who tried to tell you scientific facts to the contrary? Life in a bubble must be nice. As they say, igrorance is bliss. I cannot trick myself into believing an irrational point of view, no matter how comforting.

  • These are all just the beginning of the birth pains. The earth is under the strain of the transgressions being committed against it.
    See Matthew 24 for more information and the truth.

    … it is all just the beginning. It is going to get much worse. But, rest assured, God is in control. He knows what He is doing, and those who love Him will not be alarmed but will find peace in Him.

    God bless.

  • K.C.

    Matthew 7:13-14 “You can enter true life only through the narrow gate. The gate to hell is very wide, and there is plenty of room on the road that leads there. Many people go that way.
    But the gate that opens the way to true life is narrow. And the road that leads there is hard to follow. Only a few people find it.

    I feel sad for you, Will. What if there is a true God of Jacob, Isaac, and Moses….and you? What if there is a Heaven and a Hell? If not, I’ll green up the grass. If so, I’ll live in eternal peace. You choice right now, is greener grass or Hell. I don’t like that much.

  • surferboy

    Great website.. Honestly things like this would and do scare the ************** out of people. Honestly I understand why this is needed. Only regard I have towards anything other then what I do and dont agree on is that if YOU HAVE NOT VOTED YOU CAN NOT COMPLAIN! People always say well my vote doesnt really matter… Well imagen if everyone that did say that ACTUALLY vote!? 2 cents.. and God help us all!

  • Will

    Ok. Here we go. I would like to open by stating that I appreciate ALL of the responses my earlier secular humanist rant has garnered. That said, I would like to ask a few questions… To Max: I disagree with your statement that natural laws necessitate a conscious omniscient entity to create them. One does not necessarily equate to the other. Just because of their complexity or even their mere existence does not mean that a human-like entity created them. That to me is the same thing as saying that the Earth is the center of the universe. To Aubrey Farmer: I completely agree with you in the sense that God does not commit these crimes against mankind. I agree that these events are mankind straying from valuable codes of conduct when one person interacts with another. I also agree with you when you ask for someone, anyone to present you with an example of someone driven to hurt, crime, maim, etc by truly following the teachings of Jesus Christ. NOW. I do however disagree with you and K.C. on one main issue: how am I to believe in a god that is willing to sentence me to eternal hellfire merely because I disagree with him/her/it? I don’t go out and hurt people intentionally, and if I do end up hurting someone it is out of my own ignorance and I take whatever steps I can to remedy the situation. Why would god send me to eternal pain and torment for thinking for myself? For finding whatever moral code I choose to operate by that doesn’t involve hurting someone else? What about all the law abiding Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddists, etc? Are they going to burn in your hell because they don’t believe in Jesus and the holy trinity? That seems to me to be very unfair and vindictive. I will openly admit that I’m not schooled in Christianity and the hours I’ve spent studying scripture could be counted on one finger, so I don’t mean to vilify Christianity itself and if it seems as tho I have, I apologize. I’m SURE there’s someone out there who can quote a passage from the bible that more or less says that “ALL godly men and women are gods children, no matter how you wind up at his/her/it’s door. (there’s my secular liberal pc nature shining through.) It just seems that some individuals are content to believe that I’ll suffer an ETERNITY OF PAIN AND TORMENT because I choose to go my own path. This whole tendency for us to say “I’m right and they’re wrong is tribalism in action. Not to be TOO trite, but I think chris rock hit the nail on the head in the movie Dogma when he stated the difference between a belief and an idea. Beliefs sometimes are like wearing blinders and are hard to equate with what we see, feel, or think. Ideas allow a little more room for human error and growth and change. I feel that if there’s anything that I’ve learned in life thus far is that life I based on change and an organism’s ability to change and adapt. Thats partly it’s beauty and curse. All rolled into one big great mess. And K.C.: I applaud your above message where you allow yourself the opportunity to be wrong about your own beliefs. . You may end up greening the grass. And you know what? I may also.

    • Kurt

      I just wanted to state the Christian belief on one issue you pointed out. You said that you didn’t understand how any God could send you to hell just for not agreeing with Him when you still led a morally good life. In the Old Testament, you would be correct. God forgave our ignorance of Him and His law and allowed us into heaven despite our sinning and unbelief (many Christians will disagree but this is how I’ve understood Jesus’ teachings in the book of John). However, that all changed when He sent His son Jesus to die for us. Jesus took away all the sins of those who believe on him. It is said many times in the New Testament that Jesus is the only way to heaven. God loves us and sent His Son to die for us. It’s understandable that He would be a little angry if we ignored His ultimate sacrifice. I’m not trying to humanize God by giving Him human emotions and temperament, that’s just the only way I know how to express it from one human to another. God has given us the answer so we have no excuse to live in ignorance anymore. God’s judgement is beyond my understanding so I can’t answer your question perfectly but that is my understanding of it taken from the bible.

    • Max Schmeling

      Each point you have stated, every question you have asked, each doubt you have opined are answered in the Scriptures. You will never figure it all out on your own. Unless you have someone “sent” to guide you and you humble yourself to listen to and believe them, it will remain a mystery. Why don’t you go to Yahweh.com and ask for answers and proof. They can and will oblige you.

      • plato

        I meant never learn to make different choices in the last sentence of my ramblings….
        Over and out ;-)

    • plato

      I wish I could type better or have an actual conversation with you but let me just suffice it to say that ,,,
      ,,,,hmmmm I think that you DO know God! What you reject is what you have been TOLD about God….Anyone who thinks they KNOW the mind of God, has not yet realized that is an impossibity. Humanity is to God as the 2 year old is to the parent. Our understanding of truths grow as we do and the simplified rules of behavior we teach our 2 year old are not lies but neither do they explain the truth,,, As our understanding grows we see the reasons and the love behind the rules our parents had. As a 2 year , it is a bad bad thing to go into the street but as an adult, it has nothing to do with being bad or good and it is a necessary activity sometimes. As a loving parent , You WILL also teach your 2 year old the same rules because it is a matter of life and death…. As your child grows and his understanding of the world grows, the rules you have for him change,,,And your goal is to raise him to the him to the pointwhere your rules are no longer needed because he understands reality and the world enough to navigate thru it and find his way on his own.
      The Bible is true. But many people’s interpretation of the words and what they mean are not…People are at different levels of understanding It is a salvation history and culminates with the laws of love….The myriad of rules have been based on this princple all along…
      The 2 years old’s rules are notwrong and they are not lies but they are not the adults truth and they will not work for him….
      God id Love and where love is , there God is—
      In Jesus name means in is spirit personality … That is what was meant by name in the time of Jesus…. The literal interpretation in much of today’s society to be ‘saved’ is a misuderstanding and misinterpretation… of what was said…Where love is there God is regardless of the name used …( I think many Christian would tell God himself that he was wrong if he told them a different understanding than the one they cling to as truth. God is more than any box we can put him into but boxes are necessary to build our understanding as we grow…..but when we think the box we have used to build our understandings is the ULTIMATE TRUTH and our understanding cannot expand beyond it then we have made our understanding of God into an idol.
      Last point, God created us with a free will,soul is the word used for the entity that we are which encompasses far more than our material body which Jesus tries to teach us and the time space existence is one small point in the reaity of eternity therefore our point if reference in material existence does not bein to encompass or understand the whole of reality.God sends noone to hell and God does not punish anyone….does not mean he cannot intervene or respond to us but to assume that what happens or doesn’t happen to us in this material realm is a judgement or punishment from God is a 2 yr old understanding of reality in an adult world– simply doesn’t work…does not encompass a true understanding of reality….
      Our choices that we make in our lives will determine the outcome that we have—more like cause and effect…. and I know eternity exists and that we have a free will and we can choose God or not God and Love or not love….If we think that all we are is material , that part dies and we die with it….but we are more,and that part lives, maybe death is cuttung yourself off completely from the spiritual… I do not know,,, I am a 2 year old compared to the mind of God and my understanding of it and the total reality…but at least i know that….God is Love and real. Religion is a good thing beause wwe are kids in the total reality but it is not the total reality and human interpertations of God and reality are imperfect- not bad— we are all growing….we must allow each soul to grow and find its own path….not try to make each us wakj the same path or outlaw devianes from a path—we growing toward and none is perfect but this is not supposed to be a perfect world or time and space would no longer exist….Suffering esists because of the chioies we make bt it also helps us learn to make different choices….It exists because we have free will and we are making our choices ,,,not because God does not love us—another perspective from the 2 yr olds understanding of reality…. Maybe the fact that God does not save from the consequences of our choices is Because he does love us and there is far more reality of esistence than this material perspective… If you let your 2 year do what wants and save himfromany consequences, you will never raise an adult that will make hiw own way suceessfully and happily in the world…and he will learn to make different choices

      • plato

        ( Will
        June 23rd, 2011 at 8:48 pm · Reply
        Ok. Here we go. I would like to open by stating that I appreciate ALL of the responses my earlier secular humanist rant has garnered. That said, I would like to ask a few questions… To Max: I disagree with your statement that natural laws necessitate a conscious omniscient entity to create them. One does not necessarily equate to the other. Just because of their complexity or even their mere existence does not mean that a human-like entity created them. That to me is the same thing as saying that the Earth is the center of the universe. To Aubrey Farmer: I completely agree with you in the sense that God does not commit these crimes against mankind. I agree that these events are mankind straying from valuable codes of conduct when one person interacts with another. I also agree with you when you ask for someone, anyone to present you with an example of someone driven to hurt, crime, maim, etc by truly following the teachings of Jesus Christ. NOW. I do however disagree with you and K.C. on one main issue: how am I to believe in a god that is willing to sentence me to eternal hellfire merely because I disagree with him/her/it? I don’t go out and hurt people intentionally, and if I do end up hurting someone it is out of my own ignorance and I take whatever steps I can to remedy the situation. Why would god send me to eternal pain and torment for thinking for myself? For finding whatever moral code I choose to operate by that doesn’t involve hurting someone else? What about all the law abiding Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddists, etc? Are they going to burn in your hell because they don’t believe in Jesus and the holy trinity? That seems to me to be very unfair and vindictive. I will openly admit that I’m not schooled in Christianity and the hours I’ve spent studying scripture could be counted on one finger, so I don’t mean to vilify Christianity itself and if it seems as tho I have, I apologize. I’m SURE there’s someone out there who can quote a passage from the bible that more or less says that “ALL godly men and women are gods children, no matter how you wind up at his/her/it’s door. (there’s my secular liberal pc nature shining through.) It just seems that some individuals are content to believe that I’ll suffer an ETERNITY OF PAIN AND TORMENT because I choose to go my own path. This whole tendency for us to say “I’m right and they’re wrong is tribalism in action. Not to be TOO trite, but I think chris rock hit the nail on the head in the movie Dogma when he stated the difference between a belief and an idea. Beliefs sometimes are like wearing blinders and are hard to equate with what we see, feel, or think. Ideas allow a little more room for human error and growth and change. I feel that if there’s anything that I’ve learned in life thus far is that life I based on change and an organism’s ability to change and adapt. Thats partly it’s beauty and curse. All rolled into one big great mess. And K.C.: I applaud your above message where you allow yourself the opportunity to be wrong about your own beliefs. . You may end up greening the grass. And you know what? I may also.

        June 24th, 2011 at 8:39 am · Reply
        I just wanted to state the Christian belief on one issue you pointed out. You said that you didn’t understand how any God could send you to hell just for not agreeing with Him when you still led a morally good life. In the Old Testament, you would be correct. God forgave our ignorance of Him and His law and allowed us into heaven despite our sinning and unbelief (many Christians will disagree but this is how I’ve understood Jesus’ teachings in the book of John). However, that all changed when He sent His son Jesus to die for us. Jesus took away all the sins of those who believe on him. It is said many times in the New Testament that Jesus is the only way to heaven. God loves us and sent His Son to die for us. It’s understandable that He would be a little angry if we ignored His ultimate sacrifice. I’m not trying to humanize God by giving Him human emotions and temperament, that’s just the only way I know how to express it from one human to another. God has given us the answer so we have no excuse to live in ignorance anymore. God’s judgement is beyond my understanding so I can’t answer your question perfectly but that is my understanding of it taken from the bible.
        Max Schmeling
        June 24th, 2011 at 4:56 pm · Reply
        Each point you have stated, every question you have asked, each doubt you have opined are answered in the Scriptures. You will never figure it all out on your own. Unless you have someone “sent” to guide you and you humble yourself to listen to and believe them, it will remain a mystery. Why don’t you go to Yahweh.com and ask for answers and proof. They can and will oblige you.
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        June 24th, 2011 at 7:01 pm · Reply
        I wish I could type better or have an actual conversation with you but let me just suffice it to say that ,,,
        ,,,,hmmmm I think that you DO know God! What you reject is what you have been TOLD about God….Anyone who thinks they KNOW the mind of God, has not yet realized that is an impossibity. Humanity is to God as the 2 year old is to the parent. Our understanding of truths grow as we do and the simplified rules of behavior we teach our 2 year old are not lies but neither do they explain the truth,,, As our understanding grows we see the reasons and the love behind the rules our parents had. As a 2 year , it is a bad bad thing to go into the street but as an adult, it has nothing to do with being bad or good and it is a necessary activity sometimes. As a loving parent , You WILL also teach your 2 year old the same rules because it is a matter of life and death…. As your child grows and his understanding of the world grows, the rules you have for him change,,,And your goal is to raise him to the him to the pointwhere your rules are no longer needed because he understands reality and the world enough to navigate thru it and find his way on his own.
        The Bible is true. But many people’s interpretation of the words and what they mean are not…People are at different levels of understanding It is a salvation history and culminates with the laws of love….The myriad of rules have been based on this princple all along…
        The 2 years old’s rules are notwrong and they are not lies but they are not the adults truth and they will not work for him….
        God id Love and where love is , there God is—
        In Jesus name means in is spirit personality … That is what was meant by name in the time of Jesus…. The literal interpretation in much of today’s society to be ‘saved’ is a misuderstanding and misinterpretation… of what was said…Where love is there God is regardless of the name used …( I think many Christian would tell God himself that he was wrong if he told them a different understanding than the one they cling to as truth. God is more than any box we can put him into but boxes are necessary to build our understanding as we grow…..but when we think the box we have used to build our understandings is the ULTIMATE TRUTH and our understanding cannot expand beyond it then we have made our understanding of God into an idol.
        Last point, God created us with a free will,soul is the word used for the entity that we are which encompasses far more than our material body which Jesus tries to teach us and the time space existence is one small point in the reaity of eternity therefore our point if reference in material existence does not bein to encompass or understand the whole of reality.God sends noone to hell and God does not punish anyone….does not mean he cannot intervene or respond to us but to assume that what happens or doesn’t happen to us in this material realm is a judgement or punishment from God is a 2 yr old understanding of reality in an adult world– simply doesn’t work…does not encompass a true understanding of reality….
        Our choices that we make in our lives will determine the outcome that we have—more like cause and effect…. and I know eternity exists and that we have a free will and we can choose God or not God and Love or not love….If we think that all we are is material , that part dies and we die with it….but we are more,and that part lives, maybe death is cuttung yourself off completely from the spiritual… I do not know,,, I am a 2 year old compared to the mind of God and my understanding of it and the total reality…but at least i know that….God is Love and real. Religion is a good thing beause wwe are kids in the total reality but it is not the total reality and human interpertations of God and reality are imperfect- not bad— we are all growing….we must allow each soul to grow and find its own path….not try to make each us wakj the same path or outlaw devianes from a path—we growing toward and none is perfect but this is not supposed to be a perfect world or time and space would no longer exist….Suffering esists because of the chioies we make bt it also helps us learn to make different choices….It exists because we have free will and we are making our choices ,,,not because God does not love us—another perspective from the 2 yr olds understanding of reality…. Maybe the fact that God does not save from the consequences of our choices is Because he does love us and there is far more reality of esistence than this material perspective… If you let your 2 year do what wants and save himfromany consequences, you will never raise an adult that will make hiw own way suceessfully and happily in the world…and he will never learn to make different choices.

  • DB200

    What are Christian militants? This term made me instinctively think about the Waco siege in 1993, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waco_siege

    And I guess a lot of people have common references to the term “Christian militants”. Such a subconscious reference is convenient to get the main stream of society to accept measures to curb Christians or signs of Christianity.

    The real Christian militant is far more annoying and more dangeruous to worldly people.

    This is a person who believes that the Bible is God’s word and should be taken literally. A Christian militant is a person who would use reasoning and proof to bring down common assumptions and hence undermine the institutions that dominate our society. An example of such a person is Mr. Kent Hovind. His ideas are strange to most persons, even Christians. It was strange for me when I saw one of his videos at first. But I could follow is reasoning and I believe he is right.

    You can see videos of him on http://www.creatie.info/videos.html

    A good one, that will take you two hours, is for instance:

    Don’t pay attention to the subtitles, it is english spoken.

    By the way, Mr. Kent Hovind is now spending 10 years in prison because he broke tax laws he claims he wasn’t aware of as he relied on his accountant. Well, the IRS thought differently, and the judge agreed. The only upside is that he is converting people in prison.

  • Rachel

    So first of all, I’m catholic. Second of all, I’m liberal. Third of all, all of you telling someone else how to live should respect one another. It’s scary debating abt belief. Pride is the greatest sin and here we are as Christians being proud, telling our agnostic brothers that they are doomed for hell. So what if there’s a God? So what if there isnt? Will’s right in how we should value those things in our lifetime but there’s nothing wrong with following the laws of jesus and God. You, however as a human are called to make the decision of what to follow and how literal you want to interpret it. Same goes for the information you process via media.

    • Kurt

      I don’t mean to start an argument, but I think that is a terrible way to think. If you are a Christian, you believe the only way to heaven is through Jesus. So then everyone you know who doesn’t believe in him is going to hell. And you’re alright with that?! I don’t care if you’re christian, muslim, jew, anything! If you think your way is the only way to heaven, you should be out there busting your ass trying to convince andme save everyone you see! Screw the awkwardness you might feel or if you’re worried that they don’t want to hear what you have to say! Screw not wanting to force your beliefs on others! If you think your beliefs are the only hope for salvation, which as a christian you do, then get out there and evangelize and try to save a few people from eternal damnation. You can’t just sit back knowing that your non-christian friends are going to hell. You’ve gotta do something. Please don’t take this to be an angry message. I’m just trying to make my point. God bless!

      • Rachel

        You are right about one thing. I should be evangelizing and I do, but how is the better question. I hope that through my service to homeless, starving, weak, and distressed that they will see Christ’s love and wish to follow it: out of LOVE not hate or force. I refuse to force people into believing because 1. That’s not true belief and 2. That’s not being a true christian in more than the evangelizing sense. Abide by the laws in whichever form or way you choose, but I refuse to make others hate Christians because they see unkindly talk or behavior. With love people will find their light, patience is key.

        • Kurt

          I think you might have misunderstood part of what I said. When I said not to be afraid of forcing your beliefs on others, I didn’t mean that you should force your beliefs on others. I meant that many people are afraid to evangelize because they don’t want to pressure others, but we can’t be afraid of that because it’s slowing down God’s Word. My way of evangelizing is not out of hate or force as you understood it. I do it out of love just like you. I care about my friends and I don’t want them to go to hell so I tell them about Jesus. If they don’t want to listen, I don’t force them to sit there and talk to me anyway. I just wanted to clarify that a little bit. I don’t know what you were picturing, but I can’t imagine anyone evangelizing with “unkindly talk or behavior.” That would be totally counterproductive. You’ve gotta shine your light and then let people know where it’s coming from.

  • JimmyJackson

    Lazy. Belief that ‘god’ will save you or this planet…is Lazy. It allows one to have absolutely no critical thought nor responsibility. You’re all just lazy. God helps those who help themselves. So…helllooooo. Fix you’re own damn problems, and stop waiting for someone else to do it. ‘Will’ had it right from the beginning (top comment). But nooooo…we have to throw bible versus and other excuses not to take care of your world and yourselves. Lazy!

    • Michelle

      Succinct and Apt!

  • Will

    To michelle: your comments make my heart sing. I couldn’t have written/said it better myself.
    I also am not trying to hate on those who believe in ANY religion’s teachings. Whatever works for you, works for you. The only thing that I have a problem with is when those rules and ethics are forced down my throat either socially or legislatively. I am REALLY enjoying this worthwhile debate and I would ask that anyone inclined to join in the debate (in as much as I have any right to do so) please refrain from quoting biblical text back to me. If I want to read the bible, I’ll read the bible. Personally, I’m more interested in what YOU have to say on the subject rather than what you think God would say. Conversely, if anyone from the conservative religious camp would like to make a request that would be in converse to my above request, please feel free. I just can’t think of what that request would be, at the moment.

    • Kurt

      I think your request to avoid saying what we think God would say is overlooking a key point about Christianity and all (as far as I know) monotheistic religions. Our own beliefs, which are what you requested, ARE what we think Got believes. So when you ask for someones thoughts on a subject and they give you a bible verse or a religious explanation, those are their beliefs, just not in the form you were expecting.

      • Will

        I can dig that.

  • Igor

    Has anyone ever opened their eyes. Have they seen a flower? I have.. once. I live in a small box. When will I REALLY live? When will I look over the edge of the cliff to the ocean crashing into the rocks below. When will the blue consume me. A small man may know?

  • Jim Flood

    Dam Will, you stirred up some shit, but from my view your 100 percent correct, love it.

    • Will

      Glad to.

    • Will

      And thanks.

  • J2201987

    …”WE are responsible for our own actions and WE have already been given the keys to unlock our problems. They are called Rational Thought, Common Sense, Compassion, and Empathy…”

    If “we” were/are already given the keys to unlock our problems, why haven’t “we” solved them yet? “We” are living in a time of profound knowledge that’s apparently completely unheard of since the beginning of man recording his history. Yet the majority of mankind, probably since the dawn of time, has lacked most, if not all, these elements.

    I feel that people look towards the bible or God (the profound worshippers and the detractors) that it is the answer to everything and we will be bailed out sooner or later when things go south. I personally could never understand that point.

    I believe that this world, this galaxy, this universe or whatever we’re calling it couldn’t have been created without a “creator” (that being God). But it is that “creator” that gave us these laws (natural, moral, etc…) and the freedom of choice as what to do with them. Yes I agree that freedom of choice also means having responsibility and accountability of one’s self. But I also feel that just because one holds himself/herself accountable doesn’t mean that there is no higher purpose or omniscient being.

  • Mike IV

    Dear Will, I think you are an hypocrite speaking hatred against God without following your own false sense of morality. You claim that the keys given us are “Rational Thought, Common Sense, Compassion, and Empathy,” but in your actions you set up an attack upon yourself to look like the victim/hero by attacking what you saw in previous comments as a dominate idea on how to avoid any coming evils that many predict. Pete, and Aubry, and all you others continued to fight amongst yourselves while someone with a real concern presented their fears openly to you all and not one of you addressed her or applied any of the keys with her. Rational thought would have dictated that you stop fighting and help someone in need, because fighting wins no battles, but an open heart can win all battles. Common sense would have said, “if I just said that I was capable of good qualities and meant it, I would do it without even thinking twice again about and wasting my efforts on people who don’t agree. Compassion would demand of you that caring for this less fortunate one is far more important than caring only for myself with trying to prove my point (that I deny with my actions.) Empithy would blind you to anything but her needs.
    If you are not ashamed, and all those that agreed with him or fought with him, then you really don’t care and the humility, righteous, and truth that you all claim from your own corners, are all hypocritically wrong and insincere at best.

  • Tom Farrell

    Re: “Chinese Govt. buying up huge tracts of land all over the U.S.” Since the U.S. has been out of funds for several years now, where does everyone think the money came from that we’ve used to fight all these wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, et al? We borrowed it from the Chinese. What do you think China will do when they want their money back? They’ll take over parts of the U.S. as payment. We should think about moving to one of those other galaxies pinpointed by Hubble deep field.

  • Ken

    The Bible does NOT teach that God torments men forever. I am a Christian and cringe when I here the “turn or burn” theology preached. It is an evil doctrine and has perhaps, more than any other teaching, turned more people away from the true good news that Christ is the Savior of all men and came to seek and save every lost sheep.

    Despite how the world appears, God is very much involved to bring about His purpose to reconcile all things to Himself and become all in all. (Col. 1:20; 1 Cor 15:28)

    For those interested, I have a free PDF book I will make available exposing the lie of “eternal” hell. Go to my website and email me and I will send it to you.

    Ken Eckerty

  • Gary

    Will, you’ve encapsulated everything I believe but couldn’t explain as well. Bible thumpers preach to others because it makes THEM feel good about themselves. It gives them power. But it doesn’t address the real world one iota.

  • RockB

    Any way you cook it, we are getting close to the point of having to bend over and kiss our asses goodbye – whether or not we expect to have anywhere else to go afterward!

  • surferboy

    I am in total agreement with Will. I do not think that anyone should have to believe in one thing or another to go through life and be an honest and respectful person. I don’t believe that anyone should shovel anything down anyone’s throat that doesn’t want to be informed. Hundreds of thousands of people have died doing so and to do so would mean we have not learned from our past. If god gave us the opportunity to choose then the choice is yours and yours alone to make. To say you are damned if you do not believe is the mind of a fool. I honestly do enjoy the idea of learning from others and hearing what they have to say about their religion and experiences that has come from it. I believe that knowledge is power and without it you will have no personal growth. Everyone knows that everyone has opinions and beliefs that some would and do die for. I for one do. I have had the opportunity to be apart of the military for this great wonderful country and been around enough death to know that for certain our body will end up at the same place one way or another. If you’re personal belief is a fire like hell or a place with big pillow like clouds surrounding you GOOD FOR YOU! Who am I to judge? I for one do not think that anyone’s Jesus, Buddha, ETC would condemn a soul to damnation for not going to church enough or saying a bad word… No matter what a book says.. We thank GOD have the right to choose… Who am I to say other wise?

  • Kissy

    I can say that the Arizona Fires is a big deal here in Arizona. The media is always talking about it all the time here and is taken seriously here in Az.

  • ablmu65

    My own personal thoughts on the subject are, I am in a great time of my life where many fantastic things are happening and will continue to happen. Who cares if this is the third, forth or fifth age of man, the world has been around for a long, long time and it will be here for a long, long time to come. I hope we do finally admit there are aliens, I hope we find ancient ruins on Mars, I hope we get to go to space and colonize the stars (again) There is no use getting upset about something on a global level I can do nothing about. Just my .02 worth and the best part is I am a live to have such thoughts and feelings. We can debate the end of the world, scripture, and ancient signs of the times, until we are all blue in the face and it doesn’t change the simple fact that I know who I am at this moment in time, I know where I am at this moment in time and I dream of where I want to be at some future point in time. Life is good and that is my choice to feel that way.

    • Will

      This may make me sound like a complete tool, but it is my MOST ardent wish that we had F.T.L. travel capabilities. It think it was stephen hawking that said the only way the human species will survive, is if we can get off of this rock. That said, I still think we’ve got a LONG way to go before we’re ethically, morally, and technologically (that last one goes without saying) ready. I mean, what’s the use if we’re only going to rape and pillage some other planet and lifeforms?

  • O yea GE owns most of media and profits from war just in case you didn’t know that. Manufactures and maintains engines for the F-16 Fighter jet, Abrams tank, Apache helicopter, U2 Bomber, Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV), A-10 aircraft, and numerous military equipment including planes, cruse missiles, helicopters, tanks, biological weapons, counter terrorism technology like facial recognition systems and more. NBC Entertainment, NBC News, NBC Sports, NBC Television, NBC Universal, CNBC, CNBC World (Arabia, India, Asia, Europe), MSNBC, Bravo, SyFy Channel, Telemundo, USA, Oxygen, Weather Plus, Mun2, Sleuth, Chiller, Universal HD, A&E Networks and much more.

  • Why does religion always take away from the truth? Do what you heart tells you to do not what other people tell you to do. GOD this GOD that. If GOD is everything than just let it be people. negative experiences are needed just as positive’s are. Its called Life on this Earth. Back up bible bangers and let people be who they want to be. After all GOD loves everybody right? So Relax they will figure that out on their own time. Ge Wizz.. What this report is trying to get across to you hard heads is the mind control over the US which is very real and until we break away from how we are supposed to feel and act like, we will slowly die like we are now. We don’t need to continue to cloud up the truth by stories about the past. Its OK we kill people and destroy Earth because the US government goes to church and they say its for the better good. OF WHO??? Get real and leave religious belief at the door for two seconds.

  • Amy

    Funny how pissed the Christians get when confronted with logical thoughts. They believe god created the heavens & earth in just seven days but what he’s dragging out the destruction for what? Why not just blink his eyes & stop it all. I’m 100% behind science & logic on the way we evolved. It god created man in his image we would all be neanderthals or what ever missing link came before them. Evolution is my religion. I live my life by just trying to do what logic tells me is right. Don’t kill, steal, batter, rape… these things u just know not to do. Help your fellow man, this is just plain old logic. If u can’t determine right from wrong as an adult it is a mental illness, not the “devil” pushing them to do the wrong thing. Also, I’m sorry for those people who honestly believe they have no free will & its either god or Satan that controls their actions. Like a previous post said, I know I won’t be floating around In the clouds when I die, I’ll just be making the grass a little greener.

  • realist

    None of these things are new. Gold has been illegal to own for years so you knew that trading it would be close behind. The nuclear plant is no surprise level 2 alarms happen literally everyday and must be reported to the EPA, what is a surprise is there is no talk of the raw sewage plants in the area contaminating homes and waters. Christians trying to overthrow a democratic majority government, no surprise there either. The reason these things are not reported is because they’re not news. They don’t report on them because they know gullible Americans will overreact because they have no idea what they’re talking about.

  • B.A.M

    Okay….. Well, firstly I’d like to say to everyone that human beings happen to be a programable species… Think about it for a sec– we’re ruled by our beliefs, feelings & emotions. And when one knows about mind control- BAM! Forget about it. Whomever is ” in charge of the bigger things who delegate certain activity tha lows for certain things to happen all over namely in USA are highly intelligent, lack any trace of humanity & of course power- .That said there is a very prestigious psychologist by the name of BF Skinner– look him up & his works. He basically said that anybody can be ” molded” into anything chosen upon them by the one who is mediating or performing the test so to speak. Moreover, if one were to live in a controlled environment then what else would the subject know- human being are very adaptable to change under the right circumstances and at the right pace. In addition to, look at the differences our country of the USA in contrast to other countries…. From education to health to lifestyle to stress levels & disease… Guys? We are all running on a wheel blindly unaware that we have men & women in lab coats trying to control us and mold us—slowly by taking our freedoms away. How is this achieve u ask? By breaking down ur health, ur humanity, and Godforbid ur spirit…. Don’t let them! Wake up to the haze; the illusion and delusional world we’re being made to live in. Why ate they doing this- why??? They wanna rule the world of course! And will do anything to get this accomplished. If you all do some real research you can all see how connected everything is and u can see their plan clear as day! Lol It’s kinda obvious, like all things are, when you remove yourself from the equation & step back and see the big picture! What to do?! Prepare for yourselves, families etc and SPREAD THE WORD! Devise a your own groups locally amongst yourselves where you can trade services and so therefore money is no longer necessary… BECOME A TEAM with your community! Start small and watch it grow like wildfire! Ppl ate hurting and down right now… Lift each other up– no cults plz! Lol Educate yourselves on the natural remedies found in nature and diff kinds of alternative methods of healing such as Rolfing, craniosacral massage, thai massage, etc. Acupuncture, Chinese medicine. Hey! It works! Lol Know thyself- inside and out! So that nobody has power over you to manipulate you into “believing” anything falsely about you, your emotions, feelings, body or thoughts… Watch movies and compate & contrast the similarities & the diff b/w them… There ate messages everwhere people! Ever ask why the heck the facination witth aliens, destruction smd spaceships in 75% tof the movies that have come out in the last year or so? Interestingly enough there were plenty movies on terrorism just before 911. They ate called subliminal messages and they are everywhere… Remember thawether ate trying to “mold” us to rake away the freedom we’ve had for so long… There is something called the”Darwin effect”— look it up plz. Basically, one island of monkeys took up a habit of a neighboring island of monkey without having contact with them.. Purely Bc of the mind… Great minds think alike remember! We all have great minds when we join to working with a team with each other and start working as one mind… That’s why some people who happen to be close friends, etc can think alike, finish each other sentences, etc. It’s called empathy, compassion, & love. If we have these qualities going on amongst ourselves- life can definitely change for the better. So lead by example I say and follow the ” golden rule” and we all will be straight! Lol.

    In refernce to God and namely Jesus Christ– my Lord and Savior…. Something rather interesting that perhaps most non-believers including myself for many years failed to acknowledge is this: if Jesus was indeed just a regular ol’ prophet like the rest of the ones who have been mentioned throughout history then why does His name hold sooooo much freaking power?! Call on His name over any other name and see what happens! Or how about you reflect on this for a sec… We are all living in a dualistic reality meaning- black & white, make & female, happy & sad, good & bad… The good comes from where? Sorry it cannot just “exist” Bc there is a root to EVERYTHING! We’re also living in a linear world … Beginning and end, therefore there is a root to all things…. So I’m going to say God- all purely good things come from God and all bad things, come from who or what? The evil one of course… And this WHOLE scheme of what’s going on with the media, the world, everything is about your soul… Where it will end up at the end of your life…. If this seems to far off the deep end to be true– just look at the media, look at our Hollywood “entertainers”… Compare & contrast based on what is kind, humble, compassionate, loving, generous, and morally right. Which entertainers are pushed into stardom rapidly and how come some aren’t. It’s your soul guys… Point blank! I recently discovered that when one starts to really get to know God- the evil in the world is so apparent it’ll take your breath away… Every nook & cranny… Just remember tho God is not the God that the new age believers believe… Some basics are there but God is Holy- Jesus is Holy. Therefore reverence should be present which it isn’t Bc the majority believe that they are all on the same level as Our One and True Creator.. This denotes the feelings of pride, entitlement, all-knowingness, and “mightiness” Lacking true Christ-like qualities-example humility. Be weary of everything and learn the root of it all… The very first Christians were Christs’ Apostles and they each individually started spreading “the Good News” (Jesus Christ) all over. This religion stands to this day unchanged ESP when 1/2 of their own brethren decided to change things around ( Roman Catholics). So they split and now you have the Orthodox (Greek Orthodox, Antiochian Orthodox, etc) and the Catholics… The Orthodox haven’t changed any of their prayers, systems, sacraments, etc since the time of the Apostles… Have you ever asked yourself where does the root of my religion come from? Who started it? How long ago did it begin? If you ever have the pleasure to attend service at one and meet the rest of the congregation you just might note how genuinely wholesome they truly are ya might fly off your seats! Lol.

    I’ll end on this very very important note: Forgiveness…
    Disease, depression, and diff changes in mood and emotions are naturally exhibited and prodecided from a “lack” of forgiveness. When one forgives another, that same person feels refreshed, relieved, as tho a weight has been lifted. Lack of forgiveness manifest in diff ways on the body– ur muscles, tissue and organs WILL record it and retai. It as memory until you LET IT GO! So with this said…. We “sin” everyday, all day long w/o fail Bc of the first fall of man- a long time ago I’ll say. Lol Now, the word ” sin” just means “missing the mark”. We aimed to hit the mark but we missed it and keep missing that mark but of our weakness, etc. Asking Jesus Christ for true genuine forgiveness is the ONLY way for true inner peace and fulfillment…We won’t be able to co nect to God if we are fuuuulllll of baggage… We gotta come to Him clean and this is through his son Jesus. Think of God as space- limitless and ever expanding and Jesus as the spacecraft. The only way up is to get on the spacecraft and have faith that the spacecraft will take you to space (God) and bring you safely back down when your voyage is done. Allowing you to tell the world the amazing wonders and awe-inspiring experience of being up in space (connected to God through His Son) Interestingly enough, both experiences will leave a person more humbled Bc the grand realization occurs rather quickly the closer one gets to God and the closer one travels through the atomosphere and into space that we each are minuscule in comparison to the the big picture…. And that big stoic “me, me, me,” syndrome quickly starts to disappear when the truth is surrounding your very existence……. Forgiveness for all our sins as a planet will save our species & our planet Bc God made us and we have the free will to break us if we don’t ask Him to intervene and save us….. God bless you all:)

  • Virgo41

    How interesting how all the christians are coming out telling non believers that they are right and you are wrong. everyone has their own belief/disbelief. WHO KNOWS WHAT THE TRUTH IS!!! I wasn’t there and neither were any of you. In the end I am the only one responsible for my destiny and I’m not about to believe in anything just because someone thinks I should. After all … you may be wrong too. All we have is hearsay from the past.

  • Dilliondo

    Hey I can make a bible just give me some shrooms, a bunch of paper, a bag of chips, and a pencil, and of course some cash for the time spent. Lol jk….. But yea how do you know the bible wasn’t changed by government or even religion??? You would get burned alive before for beliving in any other thing, that’s how they try and convert you fear….legalizing drugs, or atleast marijuana, which by the way has never killed anyone and it doesn’t judge you either like god does, which you roughy in school not o judge .

    • Will

      Yeah, I can’t WAIT till they legalize the herbals. SO much money saved. Although, it would probably take me 4 weeks to get to the point in my arguments as opposed to the lightning quick 2 weeks it takes me now.

  • Will

    I would like to tie up my initial comment about the moon and the stars and the galaxies and shit and how small we are by comparison. Sadly, it has taken me about 2 weeks to remember my point….. We as a species are subject to the laws of nature. Regardless of god or creed. Point: as we continue to multiply at a geometric rate, we are consuming more and more resources. Resources that are finite. And in the process of doing so, we pollute, destroy, and defile. As this process continues at an increasing rate, we destroy the habitats and resources of other forms of life on this planet. Thereby stressing those organisms to the point of extinction. As the varying forms of life on this planet are eliminated, we decrease biodiversity. Biodiversity which has, up to this point, ensured the continuance of life on this planet. As an example, if you have 10,000 forms of life in a given habitat that exist “happily” along side each other and you introduce a substantial change in their environment, by the Darwinian law of survival of the fittest, some of those organisms will perish and become extinct, while others will change, adapt (evolve), and flourish. If that number were to be reduced to lets say 10, the number of organisms that can change and adapt to those shifting environmental conditions is thereby depleted. Simple math. Regardless of religion, creed, sex, race, everyone (hopefully) agrees that 2 + 2 = 4. With this depletion of life forms on this planet, life’s ability to overcome these stresses is therefore weakened. As we virally consume this world and shit out ideology an dogma, we are killing this world and with it, ourselves. We like to sound all high and mighty by saying “We’re gonna save the whales!” Not to be flippant, but we ARE the whales. (I know, I know, that sounds REALLY lame, BUT I feel it is the truth.) THIS is what I mean when I say that we need to take our heads out of the echo chamber of our collective asses, and start taking this extinction thing MUCH more seriously. Everything from environmentalism to planning birth rates. I’m sorry, but I feel that the days of wanton screwing and babymaking (actually scratch the screwing, let’s focus on the babymaking instead,) I think that one of the MOST damning passages in any religion, is a theological sanction to “go forth and multiply.” I’m not sure that the ability to procreate should be an inherent human right. It’s one thing if the resources are there to support such an approach, but if they’re not? Well then, it’s only a matter of time till that wicked little 2 + 2 = 4 turns around to bite us in the ass. Yup. ANOTHER FRIEND OF ISHMAEL. Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael. Wonderful book.

    • Will

      Once again, for clarity, by “resources” I mean biodiversity.

      • Will

        I mean, dammit they’re now saying African lions are on the fast track towards extinction. LIONS, FOR ******* SAKE!

        • Will

          It just gets me SO frustrated. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

  • istya

    Seems like a lot of the same old stuff to me. Call doom and gloom or end of days all you want, the fact is that the world has been like this for as long as there’s been a human race. The main difference is that instead of only knowing what’s happening in your local area, now we hear about the whole world. It’s more info than we need, so it triggers our panic, especially since we only hear about the bad stuff. Don’t panic people, it’s business as usual…

    • Michelle

      I agree with the “Don’t Panic” part. In the style of Douglas Adams, not panicking is the way to be. However, this is not merely business as usual. For over 2000 years the elite families have run the world, controlled the banks, fabricated wars, etc. -BUT- now we have nuclear weapons in the mix. That is not something to just gloss over. They are devastatingly destructive and can wipe out miles and miles of land with one fell swoop. Definitely, don’t panic. Prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally for the destruction that will eventually be brought down on this planet. Jim Morrison said it best when he said “nobody here gets out alive,” so panicking is unnecessary, but turning a blind eye to what is going on behind the scenes is not. Research what is happening now. Look up the UN’s Agenda 21, look into the Bilderberg Group. Perhaps you know of these things, but if not, you should educate yourself. All these so called “business as usual” examples are culminating to one big thing… One big thing that is almost withing their reach. Don’t ignore it. It is our duty to take our planet back. Educate and prepare.

  • Steve

    I rarely watch mass media and haven’t since the mid nineties. This country lost its freedom when the tax system was installed almost a hundred years ago. A wise king once pointed out that citizens do not pay taxes but only those conquered by the taxing bodies. We are not citizens of the U.S. but we are subjects.

    • Michelle

      Right on… if you look it up, you really aren’t legally obligated to pay income taxes. I have a few friends who went out on a limb and did it. All you have to do is ask the Govt to show you the law that requires payment of income tax. There isn’t one. So you cannot be held legally accountable for not doing something that isn’t enforced by law. You may know this already, but it doesn’t hurt to share on the board with others who may not know this.

      • Will

        Were these individuals either imprisoned for tax evasion or audited and their wages garnished? If not, sign me the ****** up for doing this too!

        • Will

          Sorry for the foul language. I’ll no longer post expletives.

          • Michael

            No problem Will – I just try to keep the comments at a level where most kids can read them


        • Michelle

          Nope… there is no legal obligation to pay income tax if you are a citizen living in the US. I’m not quite sure of all the logistics of how they went about freeing themselves from it. But I do know that they run a cleaning service which charters out contracts from different businesses. They refused to fill out W-9 forms for a bank, and the bank then refused to pay them. They won a lawsuit and still don’t pay taxes. Watch a documentary that is available online called “Money Masters.” It is on Google video I know. It explains how all that is going on has been fabricated and slowly set in place by some of the richest and most powerful people for the past 2000 years. It goes into the income tax system, and the legality of the Fed. Once you know your rights, no one can make you pay income tax. Just ask to see a law, if they can produce one, go ahead and pay. If they cannot, tell them to shove their audit where the sun don’t shine.

          Shine on, Will.

  • gu lee

    Why would mainstream media report “#4 Members of Congress continue to mention Christians as a threat to national security”? In fact it’s Christian militants, not Christians, that are the subject under discussion. Very lame…

  • scott

    don’t any of you even know how to spell the word


    Ignorance is bliss I guess.

  • August

    Is God so powerful He can make it so I never existed?

  • Carrie

    Just wait for the meteor that will fall fromt he sky and hit you all square on the forehead. The world has been “going to hell” for millions of years. Get over it and love one another. Bad shit happens all the time. I say let the good times roll!

    • scott

      your an idiot

  • I’ve gotta say, Will has had a series of very well reasoned and completely on point answers. Bravo!

    What boggles my mind is that so many responders simply glaze over and start spouting words written by people in multiple contexts as a way to utterly and completely discount the marvels of our actual universe and life. Amazing levels of absolutely willful blindness.

    People (if we survive) will look back on this time and do exactly as we do regarding the beliefs of more primitive societies. Whereas we chuckle over anyone actually believing a giant turtle use the mud on their back to build the earth and snort at the idea of a bunch of Olympic gods cavorting with dirty sheepherders, the people of the future will look back and say, “They actually believed that? Were they stupid?”

    Oh..and Max, as for Laws…that isn’t like your judicial law and you’re showing a shocking level of ignorance. Scientific law isn’t even called by that same actual notion everywhere. English wasn’t even a language then. I’m hoping you’re embarrassed about such a comment by now and worried for you if not.

  • Ryan

    Has anyone even considered other options? Has anyone even read one chapter of the Quran? How about another religious text, before simply saying that the Bible is the final word? Do you know that we have the “old Testament”, the “new Testament”. We now have the “Last Testament”, which happens to be The Quran. These are the direct Verses from The God of Abraham, The God of Moses, The God of Jesus, and many more, including The God of Muhammed.

    • scott

      religion is for fools.

  • Will

    To those individuals who believe that I’m preaching all doom, gloom, and ecological apocalypse….. I feel your response to my earlier post about the dwindling variance in biodiversity is a perfect example of the homocentricity that I’ve mentioned in earlier posts. When I mentioned that the African lion is being fast tracked to the endangered species list, it would seem that you feel that I’m being alarmist and overly pessimistic as to the significance of this and our role as humans in it’s occurrence. @Michelle: you stated in one of your brilliant previous posts about religion that you have issues with anyone (even Jesus) bearing any responsibility or consequence for your actions. If we are to assume that pretty much every other life form on this planet has not been gifted the same kind of self awareness and consciousness as we have so graciously been endowed, then I think it’s safe to ascribe (for the sake of this argument) a certain kind of innocence/ignorance to those said life forms. All they’re trying to do is survive with the tools and means that have been given to them either through the process of evolution or divine accord. Your choice. Since we are the ONLY species on the planet that has the ability to significantly alter it’s environment to it’s own needs/wants, don’t we all bear some responsibility for what’s happening to them? I understand that in some of these instances where people find themselves having to choose between themselves living and a lion (read ANY other life form) dying, they’re going to opt for self preservation. I take no issue with this. If I was faced with the same choice, rest assured I’d be having lion burgers for dinner. BUT, to me, your response is a perfect example of sacrificing innocence at the altar of hubris. Do you understand that once a species goes extinct, it is extinct? Meaning that something that has taken millions of years to evolve is no longer? If you’re like me, and believe that this universe is somewhat of a combination of serendipity, chance, and randomness, then those things that we find beautiful, awe inspiring and breath taking AND conversely mundane, every day and ubiquitous, are that much more beautiful and breath taking because they randomly happened. And we are lucky enough to appreciate and exist along side them. My point is that what’s happening to these organisms is being done in your and my name. Not directly, but as a species. We’re saying: “oh well, it’s JUST another lion or spotted owl or whatever.” I believe THIS is why we’re headed to a messy, painful end. We do not inherently respect other life forms or the systems within which they (and we) exist. We think that we’re smart enough to circumvent those rules simply because we have opposable thumbs and can form rational thought and culture. Once again, if the last lion on earth was getting ready to eat my kid, I’m going to do whatever I can to save my kid. Even at the lion’s expense. Sorry, PETA. @the other impending environmental disaster naysayers: look at the website that you are blogging an participating on. I assume most of you are here because you don’t believe that the information you are getting from your other media outlets is balanced and fair. I would agree with you most points. But our inability to empirically verify factual information (in almost ANY sense) doesn’t mean that EVERY shred of information we come across is immediately false and riddled with lies. Which brings me to another hot button issue: global warming. (go ahead and groan, but PLEASE keep on reading. If for no other reason other than to disagree with me and state your point in future comments!) As it would seem that there are a lot of individuals that post and comment on this website that would rightfully pride themselves as decent Christians, I would pose this statement/question to you with a HUGE disclaimer. PLEASE do not take offense to what I’m about to ask/say. I mean no harm. You as a religious group believe in an omniscient being for which there is no empirical reproducible evidence. There is no evidence that we as a species, through experiments which maintain the exact same results time after time, that we can deduce would show with certainty that a conscious being created and watches over us. Hence, faith and spiritual hope. And all the beauties that that entails. My point is this: almost every legitimate scientific institution and community on this planet has agreed that we ARE having a deleterious effect on this planet’s atmosphere, ecology, and environmental systems. How can you NOT be concerned with our own future and every other living thing’s future as well? I mean, you’re willing to have faith in something unprovable, what about the things we’re finding out concerning the environment? I understand that mankind is inherently falliable, but that doesn’t mean that every natural law we deduce is false. If that were the case, we wouldn’t have things like the combustion engine and airplanes and stuff. I feel that if there is indeed an omniscient, conscious god, he speaks thru all of us with everything we say. I also feel that he has given the cats their fur, the dogs their bark, and mankind the ability to think, wonder, and deduce. To recoil and refuse ANY knowledge is tantamount to sin.

  • Paul

    Oh, these comments have done nothing but make me sad. The fact that people need to be told that theft, killing, and so on are wrong. As a humanist these things are just obvious as they are anti-humanity. Do you really need guidance from a higher being to understand that these things are wrong? Do you have to be threatened with hell to just be a good person? Are you not capable of making these simple distinctions on right and wrong yourself? Seriously, today I am embarrassed and scared. The embarrassment is the same feeling I get when watching a TV show where the protagonist is doing something strange…and I’m scared because I know there are people in power who thing the same way, who actually believe it is correct to base the values and laws of an entire society on something that can not be proven to exist. This was an amazing article that was basically ruined by the non-secular posts. Shameful.

  • Steve

    Since much of the discussion about this article on media ethics has been some sort of debate about religion, I add this classic: George Carlin – Religion is bullshit.

    • scott


  • Matt

    #6 is a misconception, and it most likely comes from a Zero Hedge article. Zero Hedge has since clarified the situation, and it only affects a small number of traders. The act even specifically mentions, “leveraged positions”.

    Although disconcerting, don’t be fooled by the “Over the counter” wording. This does *NOT* apply to physical metals.

  • Diane

    @ Steve Amen! LOL

  • Diane

    Not sure who wrote this, but I like how it sums it up…..

    “I like it that Death remains our ultimate mystery, and whether it is an opening door, ultimate peace, or nothingness, no one can say for sure. Humankind gets cocky, and it pays to remember that in the end, we know nothing, we own nothing, and we can only choose, as best as we can, between right and wrong, and hope that what we gave back was, overall, as much as we could.”

  • Brenda Schoolcraft

    In the last days, all of these things will come to pass. Find yourself a sanctuary, preferably somewhere in the mountains, where you can stash a little dry food, can goods,and some fresh water source. December 2012 is looming. Get away from the coastlines, danger. If you live near any of the nuclear reactors, move, sell, or just give your shit away. When you are dying from nuclear poison it will be too late.

    The prophets have sent their warnings. Earth mother is fed up, and retaliating. The world is no longer a safe place.

    May God be with us all. Don’t wait till its too late!!!

    • Bob

      Yes, people have to act to take better care of our planet, but there is no reason to panic and cause chaos which will only cause problems. Ironically crazy groups will do radical things which will inturn cause their warnings to become true. Also Brenda, you don’t need to believe in ancient mythological stories (created by unintelligent people of the bronze age) to help you get through life in the 21st century.

      • steve

        Those ‘unintelligent’ bronze age peoples you speak of are not only some of the best astronomers with world has ever seen (re: no telescopes) but also some of the worlds best builders of monuments we still cannot reproduce today.

        IMHO, your attitude towards the ancients is why people today are so jaded. We have divided ourselves from reality: WE ARE ANIMALS. We are not the uber-species that we think and hold ourselves to be. A Sperm Whale has the largest brain of all mammals – brain size is allegedly linked to intelligence.

        We just don’t know. But they did.

        • jPen

          Not necessarily just brain size. Surface area, really.

          Nice pseudo-history pwn, btw. Not too many people realize the pioneering that had to occur before the appropriate tools were invented.
          But I disagree- As much as I hate to admit it, we may be “uber” specimens. Terrible and terrestrially destructive, but “ubers” nonetheless.

          • sharky

            Most of the people I interact with on a daily basis aren’t very “uber”. They’re basically monkeys that wear shoes and have learned how to poop indoors.

        • Sean

          Nice come back indeed…

          It’s a shame when the blind try to lead the blind… they don’t get anywhere…

        • Clint

          Not to mention all the previous ice ages and global warmings our species has survived that your ancients tried to write out of history.

      • David

        Bob, “unintelligent people of the bronze age” is like saying pyramids precisely built and located along astrological alignments is from your view point, “a throw of the dice.” And they claim mind control and conditioning is conspiracy theory.

    • Ed Kilby

      I don’t think fleeing to a mountain with food will be of much value, but fleeing to our Lord and Savour Jesus Crist would be.

      • Agreed.

      • Judas


      • kt

        Amen! Jesus is coming and will finally exercise his authority as King! I can hardly wait for the day.

        It will do us no good to store our hope in anything but Him.

    • MonkeyChunkey

      Wow, you’re crazy. You probably believe in planet x Nibiru, reptilian people under the earth’s crust, shapeshifters, grey aliens among us, solar planet alignment causing trouple, etc etc
      seriously you need to stop using the internet for information.


    • wayne

      the mainstream media has become alost party controlled the fox network claims to be bias but they only tell storys leaning toward the conservatives and same on the other side some only tell story from the democrat side what ever happened to the news having integrity and reporting the facts no matter what particlular party it effected and not warning people that live and work near the 2 almost flooded nuclear power plants and for that matter when will we start feling the effects of fukishimo’s disaster as fallout will be global as in chernobyl acid rain polluted ocean and sick and dying people wtf americans wake the hell up and take our country back….thnx

  • Corynne

    #12 I believe that this has to do with Disclosure of celestial beings on Earth. This would have a mass awakening rippling effect on humanity as a whole not to mention bring technologicial advancements that could greatly assist our planet in this cleansing process she is enduring and the Dark Ones as some call them don’t want that. They have grown addicted to their power and so they resist the natural flow of our progression. I think that the air spaces are being monitored for activity, many people have been talking about sightings all around and it feels like were on the precipice of some great change and shift in world view so its fitting. Anywho thats my 2 and a half cents ;) enjoy your day.

    • bob

      i so totally agree…scary but cool!!

  • That_guy

    I myself do not presume to know anything about anything. I try as hard as I can to absorb everything and experience everything that I meet on my path through this life.

    When I look up at the stars, it is with a sense of wonder and curiosity; that in all that infinite blackness, this little world and its little denizens exist, in dazzling variety and vibrancy. Life is a miracle, and it is in no way insignificant. Regardless of how it came about, life is endlessly fascinating. There exists too much argument and animosity over a debate that should not be a debate. There can be no debate when arguing unquantifiable uncertainties, such as the existence or non-existence of a supreme entity. Such discourse is folly.

    Even considering the entire vastness of space, take a moment to reflect on the vastness of your own universe, the infinitely complex series of realities and layers of thought and electrical activity that is your own consciousness. Then consider the tiny, barely-studied and hardly understood building blocks of all it all: subatomic particles. When you get down to that level, we are all made of mostly empty space, and yet we think, we feel, we eat, we laugh, we make music, we destroy, we kill, we create art…

    We can only move forward as a species when we learn how to see beyond outer extremities to the beating heart of consciousness within us all.

    Why is not the question, How is not the question. There is no question; only the pursuit of Love. Love brings the gifts of knowledge and truth, however: Love is the most elusive of all the elements in the universe, only choosing to bless a special few, and then only for short bursts before it evaporates with little trace.

    It is my belief that Love, does not originate within the confines of a conscious mind, it must be allowed to come in. Love flourishes in conscious beings; it is the only place it can exist happily so to speak, but first the mind must be made a suitable, attractive habitat. This includes the body, which is the support vessel of the mind and consciousness. Love will never be able to stay long in an unhealthy, uncared for body.

    My purpose in this life is the pursuit of Love, and so should yours and all of humanity’s be. Though all emotions exist only as abstract concepts seemingly experienced only by those organisms that can be self-aware, Love appears to be the one path towards progress and ascension unto a higher plane of existence.

    • md

      Thank you for that beautiful idea so eloquently stated.

    • Great_White_Mudshark

      Thank you for the post and the wisdom provided.
      Too many people race through life distracted by material goods or the mindless drivel produced as entertainment. Consciousness is a mysterious gift that should be explored not squandered.

    • Will

      Hot darn. Right on the munney. Awesome insight and articulation.

    • Ed Kilby

      The best and most worthwhile statment said here today. God Bless Sir.

    • Love is?

      OK, That_guy, so tell me what is love. How do I know I love?

    • Sean

      Was that a Plato quote???

      “This I know – that I know nothing.”

      I agree though… The only way our species can survive is by, and through love.

      We’re screwed…

    • Sure, Not

      @That_guy – You’re the first person I’ve heard articulate the same positions/beliefs I’ve held for a few years now. Bravo!!

      Please accept my gratitude for doing such a fine job of encapsulating all of that so succinctly.It would be great and humbling to compare notes: sonic_sunrise at yahoo.

    • charles

      how can you claim to know nothing and yet offer a prescription for how we all “should” live?

      • John Williams

        Because true wisdom is only possible through humility or the admittance that one knows very little. In contrast try to teach anything to someone who believes they know everything. You can’t, it is impossible. This appears to be contradictory through a cursory or shallow understanding but it is not it is just one of many paradoxes common to human existence.

  • neo

    WTF does Obama have to do with cracks in the ground, Eugene? Damn you must be from North Carolina or something. All of you religious freaks are going to wait for the end of the world while the rest of us go about our happy lives warming up the earth…

    • The ClayMobile

      Neo, you must be one of those Obamacon’s that still believes in the HOAX of global warming. With your elitist/snobish east coast attitude, I bet you live in New York City!!! Would not live there if you paid me a million dollars! Neo, I will pray for you, you need Jesus real bad!

      • Bob

        I don’t think that Neo would find it very comforting that you will talk to your ceiling and mention him. Join the rest of the civilized societies of the world as we move away from beliving in ancient mythological fairy tales. We know so much more about the world now that we’ve moved beyond needing the mental crutch of religion to make us feel better. Embrace the awesome world for what it really is … not some silly fairy tale as believeable as Santa Claus.

        • jPen

          So apparently, the inability to gather evidence can prove something now? Until we can prove God doesn’t or does exist, please keep your “fairytail/myth” nonsense to yourself. There was nothing here to invite such hate rhetoric.

          Neo, one can be religious and intelligent. please be more specific when you say “religious freaks”. Maybe “bigots”?

          ClayMobile- Neo’s location isn’t so much a factor for his beliefs. ($5 says he’s really from california) One can be born and raised from New York and not be elitist/snobbish. Same thing goes for the correlation between who’s in the president’s spot and earth’s “natural” occurances. Which is Neo’s point (immature as it may have been put).

          • Michael

            Actually there is a massive amount of evidence that God exists


          • Roger

            Michael, there is absolutely no evidence for the existence of any God.

          • Michael

            You must not have heard. Here is a good place to get started….


          • Ben

            Michael is right I’m afraid, and many times when people here someone say that there is evidence of a god, they assume they are referring to the common conception of god that many religous people believe in (god sharing the image of man etc.). However, there is evidence of God as a force that goes beyond the natural laws of physics and such. Take the big bang for example. Most scientists agree that the big bang was caused by a “random event.” This is hard for many people to wrap their heads around because physics state that all motion is caused by previous motion (this idea is being argued through the experimental science of Quantum Physics but that is a whole other confusing matter). Essentially, Scientists agree that the big bang defied the laws of physics, because it was caused by a random event without any prior cause. In this way, God can be understood as the Prime Mover: the original cause of all motion in the universe. After all it hard to start somewhere. Most scientists believe in this random start to motion, and (whetehr or not they know it) this means that many scientists believe in the supernatural ( which means actions and events that go beyond the laws of nature). Once you believe in the “supernatural” it isn’t much of a stretch to believe in “God”.

          • John Williams

            Ben what if the big bang was caused by a prior big crunch and the universe is cyclical? Not that that is an answer to the prime mover question, nevertheless, it makes much more logical sense than the big bang from nothing theory and due to Penrose’s discoveries it is beginning to come into fashion.

  • John

    Neo – leave NC outta this. If you watched the election you would know that NC voted FOR Obama. Not everyone that lives here is a redneck and you just make yourself look more ignorant as the people you are trying to criticize when you say things like that…

    • Will

      Hey hey hey….. Everybody just CHILL OUT. What, are we in new jersey or something?

      • jenn

        hey wil, from nj and am CHILL. god does exist, extraterrestrials exist, there’s always a cover up and the guy from new york probably is from california

        • Will


  • Errie

    #12 Planned firework displays. To wit, Disney, Canaveral etc.

  • CherokeeStar333

    Thank you for some truth in reporting! LOVE is the key to our survival. We need to realize that just about everything we’ve been taught is convoluted & so untrue. We’ve been treated like children, not getting the real truths. But we all know something’s up…wrong. Look for Truth.Be willing to Listen. Investigate for yourselves instead of swallowing info without thinking about it. Does it resonate Truth in your inner self (your gut)? If not, then discard it. Trust your OWN instincts. It’s time to let go of all Fear, and think in terms of Love for all races, all planets.
    If you truly want to find answers, check out Project Camelot.com, Project Camelot.com, especially Alex Collier interviews. Listen intently & with courage. Be willing to talk with others about these things. But watch everything that is being “disclosed” before you judge. There are many parts of the puzzle, we all have pieces to offer. As doom & gloom is being suggested, there are also wondrous possibilities for us if we listen with open hearts & minds looking for a better way to exist. My Love & prayers for all of you..my brothers & sisters. If you need to talk,I will listen…

    • Elle

      U speak positive words of love, life, n existence.
      Eye so <3 ur beautiful energy.

  • Jim

    Hey, What’s the matter with New Jersey? I live in New Jersey.

  • CherokeeStar333

    Another issue that could be #13 is Monsanto bio-genetically engineered seeds. I am an organic gardener,trying to live close to the earth,share my foods with neighbors. Yet there are others who are losing their farms,their livestock because they agreed to grow sterile seeds that won’t produce crops without certain sprays sold by Monsanto. Why have we let this happen? Laziness, apathy,lost in TV, sports, dancing with the stars. It’s time that each of us start to make a difference, by WAKING UP to what’s around us. If it hurts You, it hurts Me.
    If it hurts the farmers, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Iraqis,the people in Mississipi or Michigan, it also hurts you & me. We need to start thinking as One Family. Thank You All.

  • Hashman

    I think #9 is the big problem, Somebody better do something about that little backward nation, before they do something real stupid that leads to the senseless deaths of millions of innocent people.

  • john

    For those who mock religion and people who believe in God…you are the same people who laughed and mocked Noah as he built a huge boat in the middle of nowhere then found yourselves pounding on the doors to get in when the floods came.Well my unbelieving friends it’s starting to rain again.The more man moves away from God and progresses through unnatural means the more nature will call out for vengence upon mankind.It’s all been foretold and it’s starting to begin.The time of Gods Mercy is ending and His Chastisement is about to come down,this is not going to be the end of the world…but the end of evils rein.The good with the bad shall be taken,,but only God loving and God fearing people shall remain to rebuild whats left.Google 3 days of darkness if you want to know more.But for you unbelievers there will come first a day where God shall make Himself known to all in the world at the same time..a mini judgement and you will see the state of your soul as God sees it.You will still have the free will to reject Him..and there will be many.Obama is not the blame for things happening,,rather he and his administration are just helping speed up the process.However we are all to blame and will be held accountable..we can choose to follow and obey or choose to turn away and sin…it’s a black and white choice with no room for grey.Whats it going to be?

    • Ross

      Hmmm, sounds like the rapture that was supposed to happen a few months ago, how did that work out for you…? You have the right to believe whatever the hell you want, that’s certainly your right. Just please STOP trying to impose your beliefs on others, nobody wants to hear it.

      • David

        First off, the majority of Christians, or people who claim to be Christians, thought that whole entire thing was totally bs.
        Second, John can say whatever the hell he wants. You don’t have to agree with it, and you don’t have to listen to him, but him saying what he believes on a message board is a lot different from imposing (or forcing) his beliefs on others.

    • zwenkwiel

      yeah that whole boat thing
      that didn’t actually happen you know
      most stuff in the bible didn’t XD

  • The Owl

    We are not paying attention to our Creator and He has spoken……..and until we listen, there will be continuing chaos. we are witnessing it now…and will be until we change for the better in how we treat each other and HIS world.

  • Carlos Ferreira

    Forbiden fly zones are happening all over the globe.
    Sink holes are happening all over the globe.
    Huge cracks on the Earth Crust are happening all over the globe.
    Very strong earthquakes are happening all over the globe.
    Global warming are happening all over the Solar system.
    Just think about it…

  • Carl Cooper


    We’ve known bout celestial beings for thousands of years — they’re called angels

  • Kat

    cool stories, well thought and put together. too bad that many of your readers seem to need profesional help, with therapy and lots of pills.

  • Ted

    For those to have ears let them hear – that times they are a changin’! The Lord is taking steps to adjust nature so that we do not destroy ourselves on this planet. His great Love for his creation is forcing him to take actions! All of the plans of the wicked will soon be brought to naught and they will be buried in their own sins in the fires of Hell. Unfortunately many, many will suffer in the meantime due to sin and it is time to repent and turn back to God. Get back to your roots!

  • victoria

    Those trying to understand the meaning of love, how to find it, check http://www.holylove.org

  • JD.

    Shut up. I’ve been listening to you religious people go nuts for longer than many of you have been alive. Every damn Sunday, every week, every month, and every year. “OHHHH the end is nigh!!!” “Ohhhh you’ll be sorry!!”

    Fine. All of us non-believers will be sorry. Rest assured, all of us are more sick and tired of your preaching than we are of your baseless threats.

    I’m sure I speak for all non-believers. Shut up. Please. Your threats are as meaningless as they are irritating.

    • Roger


    • Ross

      You gotta love how someone who constructs a well-formulated, well-researched argument that some historical event may not have went down exactly as the “mainstream” purports it to have gets labeled a “nut”, yet, people can drone on for hours about the invisible man in the sky, “prophesied chastisments”, “the grip of the devil” and other such bullshit and not a single ****** is given.

    • steve

      thank you! I was raised in a catholic family and was tried to be brainwashed but I decided to actually think about what i believed in and it made no ****ing sense at all, so now ive accepted atheism and never been more happy and sure of my beliefs. i know that anyone who seriously considers atheism will never go back because it makes so much sense once you arent talking to an invisible man in the sky. religious people dont understand how not worried we all are about their threats.
      They are just afraid that when they die its over and theres nothing they can do about it
      eternal dreamless sleep, doesn’t sound too bad to me

  • mk

    It says (in your links) that those planes have been diverted for air shows or hazards…hazards being the fire in Arizona. Look at them. They’re all near the fire area. The notices themselves say the don’t want to interfere with firefighters.

  • It is not the end of the world, but an end to an evil age. The Blessed Virgin Mary (the new Eve) is appearing all over the world with solar miracles happening in the sky and statues crying tears and tears of blood. Some of these have been approved by the Catholic Church (the church history proves Christ founded) and she is saying an evil time is upon us where we will see natural and man-made disasters increase up to a great chastisment, BUT NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. All those who make fun of those who fear God will be truly sorry if they don’t repent. Repent and change your lives while there is still time. (I first read about the BVM prophecies(back in the early 80’s) before all that is happening now was going on with disasters and I have watched everything slowly heat up.

    • Sorry, in the Bible God says He will share his glory with no man. Look at how the pope is treated.

  • AmyLynn

    In regards to #10, students are not going “through hours of terror as they think a hostage situation or a shooting spree is really taking place.” Lockdown drills, not “loose shooter drills” are common and necessary nowadays. Students are aware as stressed out during these drills as they are during a fire drill, that is, barely at all. This bit of uncovered news is as sensationalist as the stuff I see on FOX news. Makes me wonder how enhanced the rest of the information here is.

  • Smokey

    What we need is… A giant bug zapper for the religous nuts. A huge light you all run to,and when you get there zap end of an evil era. Jefferson Franklin Einstien Frued Galileo Lincoln on and on and on. The most highly regaured minds in history have refuted “The Good Word”. You are sheep

    • Ross

      I’m so down, when do we start building it…? :P

    • Duns Scotus

      Einstein and Galileo refuted “The Good Word”? Really? I admit I am not sure even what “The Good Word” refers to. Regardless, I highly doubt either mind put any effort into refuting such a thing.

      But more importantly, Freud and Lincoln make up 1/3 of the ‘most highly regaured[SIC] minds in history’? Seriously?

      I am astounded at your intellectual acumen, I will not lie, in much the same way I am astonished at Justin Beiber’s machismo.

    • David

      You do realize that most of the scary, the end is near people are trolling in the deep, yes?

      That said, you’re buying into the media and propaganda that’s telling you religion is crazy, loony, whatever.

      You’re just as much, if not more, of a “sheep” as them.

      What matters is who you’re following, not how much control over that relationship you have.

  • scot

    “Huge cracks opening up all over the world”?
    Are you kidding me? Whoever believes this nonsense has watched “2012” one too many times.

    So far as the wildfires and the bombing in Pakistan and Yemen, those stories do get coverage.
    I see news stories every day giving covering to both, all you have to do is look around

    Shelia Jackson Lee is one of the dumbest members of Congress and doesn’t deserve to have her nutty ideas given any kind of press.

  • Psych Bob

    Geting back on topic. #9 the one about a “Super EMP” weapon is frightning but no one is paying any attaintion to #11. A NASA “Major” preparedness initiative IS DEADLY SIRIOUS. If the people at NASA are freaking out everyone should. Silence speak’s quite a lot. Whatever is going to happen billions will die of that I am sure; if it is true that is. Looking over the intire post I think the movie ‘2012’ just might become reality. Bye Bye L.A. Good bye cruel civilization. Remember to bend back way way back and kiss you butt good bye.

  • pokmastgaw

    2012 dont you all get it watch the movie it all might happen all in order

  • Katrina

    I’ve never seen so many wackos in one place.
    –A Political Moderate

    • Jon

      Completely agree. Also, The majority of people on here are so self important. Very little legitimate discussion is taking place. What butt holes.

  • Carlos Ferreira

    Definitly this world is full of dumb people. This Blog is about hiden news and somehow everybody is talking nonsense about religion… I dont know if a big catastrofe is in the horizon but the world surely needs a cleaning of all this crap people.

  • katherine smith

    If u dont believe in god its not to late yet the bible is being fill filled daily. Every thing that is happening in the world was predicted to happen 2000 yrs ago

  • Amanda

    “Active shooter drills” aka lock down drills have been performed since the late 90’s-it isn’t new so it’s not news. I had them in high school and junior high and now as a teacher we continue to do them, it’s just the world we live in. Plus, most lock downs are conducted by the school itself therefore the teachers know about it, they can inform their students that it is just a drill so the students aren’t ‘in fear for hours’! That’s just silly.

  • pokmastgaw

    #7-9 are the ones that you have 2 worry bout

  • jarrod

    regarding alien life, i think this reporter has done one of the best studies –

  • Brianne

    Instead of causing alarm, you could have clicked on the no-fly reasons on the website and seen that fire-fighting aircraft need the airspace for drills.

  • muslims r evil

    The media is dying .PPL look for honest balanced news elsewhere and God Bless Them .We dont need reporters telling us what to think or what not to .We dont need them to tell us what’s important to us what’s not .


  • dfriendlydude

    I am touched to see so many people from all around the world who seem to have a glimpse of the perversity of the media industry. Do your own research, contribute your thoughts as that helps with others own research, and remain human. It is only through remaining a member of the human race rather than a citizen of a particular country that we can help each other…

  • Kristof Thunderfist

    Yeah, this comments section is filled to the brim with crazy people.

    How did I get here again?

  • Georgiaboy61

    The biggest and most important story no one in the media is talking about is that we have an illegal, fenonous president in the Oval Office, and a criminal Congress that made it possible.
    Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. over at Canada Free Press has written a superb series of articles on this de facto constitutional crisis that almost no one in the American MSM is reporting, with the exception of a few stalwart bloggers and iconoclasts. Our govt. now has more in common with the mafia than a free republic.

  • a student

    the “active shooter drills” is a bit exhaggerated. my school is implimenting drills they call “dr. bacon” drills in which they announce over the intercom some phrase containing the word “dr bacon” as a code to implement the drill.

    it’s not just for shooters, it’s also for any potentially threatening persons entering the school.

    the students aren’t really scared by the drills, even though you’re right about us not knowing they’re just drills. everyone basically takes them as a joke. if anyone actually heard a gun go off in the school it would be empty in about 60 seconds

  • Rob

    To any “Jesus freaks” on this website. None of us deserve any sort of heaven or afterlife. We’re all just as jaded, hypocritical, and ignorant as the rest of us. No matter what you believe in, we’re all sinners in the end and we’re all to blame for whatever happens to us. By the way, I think 2012 is a load of crap. But that’s just me.

    • Seneca

      I was reading this article a few months back that was quite interesting, it was talking about how 2012 isn’t necessarily “the end of the world” but a new coming. This earth purging itself of destruction and greed, all that jazz, and raising its vibration. So basically it is an end but its also the beginning of something new and better. I just thought it was a cool idea, I surely hope it manifests.

  • John Williams

    Here s a whopper story that is being ignored by the MSM:


    An audit of the Fed revealed a “whopping $16 trillion in secret loans to bail out American and foreign banks and businesses during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.”

  • lilbear68

    we will be soon sending troops to venezuela, chavez is withdrawing all his countrys gold deposits from depository banks such as BOE and JP Morgan oddly enuff JP has on deposit 10.6 tons of gold in its vaults and venezuela has 10.5 tons on registered deposit there after taking delivery he may demand that all oil be paid for in gold similar to what sadam hussein tried to do. forcing us to declare him a terrorist and invade his country mainly becasue we dont actually have enough gold to buy the oil we need

  • Sol

    The comments on here are frikin hilarious! Way more interesting than the “news” being “reported” here LOL.

  • zwenkwiel

    the mainstream media not reporting a direct attack on Christianity from congress?

    i could see why they would cover up most of the other points you mentioned

    but don’t conservative Christians usually grab any chance of being victimized?

    an aren’t they well represented in American mainstream media

    on a side note, I’m dutch and a lot of these wordly events haven’t made the news here
    but some have, like US troops preparing to enter libya for example

  • Meli

    This article sums up the fact that we’re ALL *****************. We have always been feed bullshit I just that God that the internet came around to kind of counter act all bullshit. But in the end they still have us by the balls.

  • I agree with you about MMA. Thanks and good post

  • Ms. Poppycock

    Cracks appearing in the earth is a matter of continental drift. the Earth is alive and moving. And I don’t think it’s Christians you need to worry about it’s the evangelicals. As far as the NASA thing, sounds interesting.

    • Robert Schmidt

      Yes ths Nasa warning sounds very ominous indeed

  • Bob

    Unquestionably believe that which you said. Your favorite justification appeared to be on the web the easiest thing to be aware of.
    I say to you, I definitely get irked while people consider
    worries that they just do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well
    as defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people can take a signal.
    Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

  • Ted Cruz Queen of Israel

    good job!

  • John Robb

    #12 no-fly zones
    nothing strange there
    air shows, military installations, and hazards
    The “Hazards” designation is not strange. For example, the hazard/no-fly listing for Hibbing, MN matches two hours this week in which a mining company shall be blasting explosives.

  • Yes, It is more important than ever to think for ourselves!!