An Increasing Number Of Americans Are Living In Their Homes With The Water And The Power Turned Off

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The U.S. economy is literally collapsing right in front of our eyes.  Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and their homes.  Others are trying to hang on any way that they can.  As more Americans than ever switch over to “survival mode”, some strange new phenomenons are occurring.  For example, an increasing number of Americans are now living in their homes with the electricity and water turned off.  That’s right – they are camping out in their own homes without any power and without any running water.  In the “richest nation on earth”, millions of Americans can no longer afford electricity and water.  Utility shut-offs have been rapidly increasing as more Americans than ever before find themselves simply unable to pay their debts.  So is this what the American Dream has come to?  Sitting in our homes with the water and power turned off?


The video footage posted below is absolutely jaw-dropping.  It contains footage of real California homes where families are living without any electricity or water….

The reality is that hordes of middle class Americans are really suffering right now.  Maybe that is why faith in the economy is plummeting like a rock.

The Conference Board recently announced that its Consumer Confidence Index slipped to 50.4 in July, which was down from a revised figure of 54.3 in June.

American consumers are getting scared.  They don’t understand what is happening.

But it is actually quite simple.

The U.S. economy is collapsing.

You better get ready.

  • Gary

    AS I always say there is way too much wealth in way too few hands. This is turning us into a banana republic. If this is the world you want keep voting the doltish repubes into office. Any tax cuts on the rich are really tax shifts to the lower and middle class. If tax cuts for the wealthy creates economic growth then we should really be doing good now-the estate tax is zero. Oh, wait, I guess all these Bush tax cuts did nothing for the economy except take a surplus and turn it into a deficit and further increase the wealth and income inequality in the country.

    I am starting to believe that people who are not rich that vote repubes are a few fries short of a happy meal.

    We need a special tax on the rich to pay peoples utilities. We also need to tax corporations for this also.

    Tax the rich and spread the wealth. This article is a glaring example of why this needs to be done.

  • Greg

    The plan for America is for the nation to maintain a semblance of prosperity so that the people will not revolt prior to the formation of the North American Union. There will be ongoing chaos and upheaval because the people have to be scared enough to believe that the NAU and the Amero are our only hope of saving us from total financial devastation but we will not collapse. The real horrors are going to come after the formation of the NAU and the other supernations that are being formed. When you see the world converted to ten nations, NAU being one, get ready for World War III.

  • Not so Mad Max

    Thanks for the article, I first want to say I think this is going to become more wide spread, lets face it we don’t make anything the last boom was driven by rising house prices. Listen to the Dave Ramsey show or a consumer show in your neck of the woods. People are calling up unemployed and eye deep in debt, looking for advice.
    That said how much is this happening in Southern California is a function of Illegal Immigration? Wages are being driven down they are adding stress on safety nets that should be only for Americans not Foreign Nationals.
    On the subject of business getting rid of people I’m seeing that in my neck of the woods Business don’t want their Unemployment Insurance rates to go up so they create any fiction to get rid of people. People have been winning their appeals but it’s one more stress I think people shouldn’t have to deal with to deal with. Get out of debt NOW!!!!

  • Nick

    Where is the beef? The author makes the claim that more Americans are living in houses without electricity or water but doesn’t provide sufficient data.

  • Mr Carpenter

    How many of these Californians voted Democratic (i.e. voted to have the government steal from other people for the benefit of themselves)? Probably a majority of them.

    How many of these Californians didn’t mind paying illegal aliens to do jobs, encouraing the practise of illegals coming over, just to save a few bucks on their monthly expenses or even in their own businesses?

    How many of these Californians had attitudes much like these union “leaders” in Detroit?

    The sad part of all that is going on in the once great United States, is that largely, we have either done this to ourselves, or have ALLOWED evil people to do it to us.

    Actions (whether voting or otherwise) have real-world consequences.

    Yes, it’s bad and sad to see people living in what was a 1st world country, in what are essentially 3rd world conditions. But our great grandparents lived that way pretty much their whole lives, and did fine.

    Yes, it’s obvious that our nation is collectively, literally committing the one unforgiveable sin – blaspheming the Holy Spirit. This is done by not just ignoring God and the fact that Christ IS God but instead, claiming that God is evil (both directly and indirectly by claiming that Christians are evil) and instead claiming that evil is good. Abortion. Greed. Homosexuality. Licentiousness. Hatred. Envy. Theft (directly and indirectly via the threat of force or death by government). Lying (including the entirety of the very money we use).

    So how will true Christians respond? They way we have for 2000 years. We’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work to help those who won’t help themselves. That’s why God put us here. To do good works, not because good works “save” us but because we honor and show love to Him through good works for other humans.

    My (just being curious) question to God when I finally get to stand in front of him will be – so, why did you put 98% of the REST of the human race onto earth?

    He’ll probably just laugh and say, “to give you Christians the opportunity to do good works, of course!”

  • Gary

    to the persons or person who feel the need to moderate comments-stop doing this-you take too long to moderate them and get them really posted. Also-why do you feel the need to moderate? This is not grade school.

  • Yarg

    I agree the repubs have got to go, but so do the dims. In case you havent noticed, we’ve been living your wealth spread idealism since obama. Free healthcare, massive speniding, anti business, and consequently, anti job politics are all weakning our economy.

    Producers don’t want to their hard work given away to have nots, employers are cutting back to cope,letting go of jobs and not hiring until there is an end in sight. People who do have jobs are not spending. This is what happens in state controlled economies or where there is threat of one. This is NOT a free market anymore and here is your result. Live with it.

  • Greg

    Gary – he has to moderate in order to maintain a level of morality. I wish that he would also place a limit on how many times one person can say the same asinine statement – your moronic statements would be instantly trashed by now.

  • Iron Horse Tamer

    Government spending exceeds GDP. Think about it. What is unsustainable will stop.

  • Scott Mollett

    Until the USA throws the self chosen tribe out of the media, politics, and banking nothing will change.

    How long before this reality sinks in is anybody’s guess. But make no mistake it will sink in sooner or later.

  • What ever happened to taking responsibilty for your actions? How many of these people have maxed out their credit cards, bought houses they couldn’t afford, cars they couldn’t afford and then lost their jobs for whatever reason and instead of going out to find even a minimum wage job demand that they get 100 weeks….2 YEARS unemployment? Grow up people and take responsibility.

  • Concerned Reader

    One reason why there are so many people living in their home without electricity or water is because of the rise in energy prices. With the emerging economies of nations like India and China along with the rest of the third world, more demand for global energy supplies are sqeezing Americans here at home in regards to paying more for utilities.

    Just twenty years would this topic even be heared of in a first world country? Most like no. The fact of the matter is that many Americans are finding themselves unable to heat their homes. Just recently I took my mother to sign up for a chairitable program that helps people with their heating bills. They provide aid based on your income and the facility was packed to the rim in regards to the amount of people there to get aid from the organization.

    If the cap and trade bill does get passed, the prices for utilities will reach the moon, if nor Mars. Going to flea markets and visiting Craigslist, I have found that the number of people buying and selling wood stoves is rising. People are seeing that a tie is fast approaching when the only way you will heat your home is to throw a log onto the fire and not crank the knob on a thermostat. People are going to turn to burning wood and other things inside their homes for warmth. Cities have implemented laws forbidding the burning of wood in city limits, but when people have to face the grim possibly to freezing to death, laws will suddenly not look so bad to defy.

  • Not so Mad Max

    I can answer Gary’s question the reason the site is moderated is to keep dimwits from posting allsorts of crap from pills to make your mister happy bigger, stock tips, canned food, porn you name it.
    I don’t mind having the posting moderated if it keeps struggling “Internet Business” from clogging the site up with crap.
    I’m on line allot and nothing is more annoying then perusing the pearls of on line wisdom in the comments section and some dunb@## is flogging something.

  • Gary

    As I have said we need to tax the rich and spread the wealth. There is no other solution. All congress cares about is the rich. We therefore need to make the rich not so rich.

  • Mr Carpenter

    Gary, you simply can’t understand the concept that taking something that doesn’t belong to you, is theft, can you? Theft is theft, whether you hold a gun to my head and demand the money out of my pocket directly, or whether you use the power of an illegitimate government to do it in your stead. (Which is by the way, the cowardly thief’s way about doing his business, if you ask me, because if you assult and steal from me in person, I might just defend myself and you might lose your freedom or your life).

    Your “redistribution” statements are getting kind of old.

    Now, do I personally believe that these people with multi-billions of dollars “earned” the money they possess control of? I seriously doubt that’d be actually possible, since nobody on earth is “worth” $200,000 an hour in their job, in my personal humble opinion. Is the money legally theirs, though? If not illegally obtained, then yes it is. That’s the law, whether you or I like it.

    So what is the ultimate solution? If there even is one?

    The actual free market will eventually take care of it all, in fact. To be honest and blunt, it’s already happening.

    What will happen is that the powers that be have gotten so greedy and infected so many of the “sheeple” with the same disease (“me, me, me, I want, mine, mine, mine”) – as evidenced by the fact that people (mostly dimocrats) have been voting themselves lucre out of the public money trough for decades – that the whole economic system will do like a massive top which finally slows down and spins out of control, then stops. With it will stop civility, safety, rights, law, and civilization which is but veneer thick.

    Think about the consequences of what I’ve just said, Gary.

    In short, you (and all of us) will wake up one day and will want to go down and get a haircut. If you can even find a barber’s shop open, the barber will have a sign saying “credit cards, checks and dollars no longer accepted – silver, only please”.

    When you go to the food store, riots and looting will have emptied it, and if you’re lucky to get there in time for an infrequent delivery (and lucky enough to find a store open), you might only find yourself “invited in” if you can show evidence of real money such as gold or silver to trade, and that you don’t mind having armed guards (paid with food) guarding over the place.

    As for electricity, water, sewage, or gasoline to run your car – forget it.

    No internet, no telephones – cellphones or land lines, no cable or satellite TV, and no gasoline to run your generator to try to get these to work.

    Then when you try to get your hard-earned bread home, you’ll find that you have to walk amongst the starving who haven’t anything to barter for in order to eat – but who are willing to sneak up on you to clobber you in the head and leave you for dead for the sake of trying to stay alive for another few days.

    That’s the nearly inevitable future that the foolish and evil joint-governmental and corporate “leaders” have aimed not only the United States towards, but the entire world.

    That’s the reality of what’s coming.

    And you think it can be stopped with a modern-day version of the French Revolution where the people allegedly took the wealth and privilege away from the powers that be and redistributed it? Maybe, young sir, you should go read your history. It didn’t work then, and only made France worse off. It didn’t work in Russia, in Fascist Italy, in Fascist Germany, and it didn’t work in any of the communist states. And it won’t work now.

    In my humble opinion, it may even be too late to stop the process even if Ron Paul were catapaulted to the Presidency, the Fed abolished, honest Constitutional money enacted, all banks closed and replaced by customer-owned credit unions and 100% of the US Congress were made up of Constitutionalists and Libertarians on either side of the aisle, instead of fascist-demoncrats and fascist-repugnicans.

    Why do I write that? Because, even if all of that happened, nearly one in two of the American public believes in their little greedy heart of hearts that THEY are more deserving of someone else’s property, than the owner is. That’s why.

  • Gary

    Not so mad max-thanks. I had not thought of what you said being the reasons for moderating.

    I feel like I am wearing a pair of orthopedic shoes because I stand corrected!

  • Gary

    Mr. Carpenter-I believe the rich are that way because they have stolen the wage increases that the middle/lower classes should have been getting due to productivity increases.

    Therefore-Taxing the rich is not stealing as it is not really their money. They stole it from us and we are taking back what is rightfully ours.

    The rich and corporations have simply purchased the government so they make their theft legal.

    Have you noticed all the vanity candidates running for elected office? Trying to purchase a senate /gov etc seat.

    For the record-I agree that both parties need to go, however, the Dems are MUCH better than the repubes.

  • Greg

    Mr. C – many accurate points but since there is absolutely zero hope for this nation apart from a true spiritual revival (that means Osteen would be removed from the pulpit, for example), why do you place any hope in a politician who flashes the baphomet hand sign and exchanges Masonic handshakes with other Masons?