16 Reasons To Move Away From California

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Once upon a time, millions upon millions of young people dreamed of moving to California.  Nearly endless sunshine, pristine beaches and a booming economy made it seem like paradise to many.  But now those days are long gone.  Unemployment is rampant, home prices have fallen like a rock, violent crime and gang activity are on the rise, local governments all over California are facing horrible financial problems, millions of illegal immigrants have poured into the state, traffic around the big cities is nightmarish and tax rates are absolutely outrageous.  Plus there is the constant threat that your home could be destroyed by an earthquake, a wildfire or a mudslide.  In recent years, hordes of hard working families have decided that they have had enough and have decided to move away from California.  In fact, since the year 2000 more than 1.6 million people have moved away from the state of California.


There are still a few pockets of the state that are still very beautiful and that have been sheltered from the economic nightmare that is sweeping the rest of the state.

But in general, most cities in California are rapidly becoming giant hellholes.

Without a doubt, the “California Dream” has now become a “California Nightmare” for most residents of the state.

The following are 16 really good reasons to move away from California….

#1 California Is Run By Elitist Control Freaks That Have No Common Sense At All

Politicians in California seem to love to impose absolutely ridiculous rules and regulations on the taxpayers.  For example, many local governments in the state are now seeking to require that most new housing be built with at least 20 units on a single acre.  This gives the phrase “being close with your neighbors” a whole new meaning.  The following is from a recent Wall Street Journal article….

Metropolitan area governments are adopting plans that would require most new housing to be built at 20 or more to the acre, which is at least five times the traditional quarter acre per house. State and regional planners also seek to radically restructure urban areas, forcing much of the new hyperdensity development into narrowly confined corridors.

There are many more examples of this “control freak” mentality.  As I wrote about recently, one California town is actually considering making it illegal to smoke in your own backyard.

In some California cities you even need to get permission from the government to gather with your friends.  For example, in San Juan Capistrano it is actually illegal to hold a home Bible study without a “conditional use permit“.

#2 California Is A Horrible Place To Do Business

For seven years in a row, CEOs ranked California as the worst place in the United States to do business.  Thousands of good companies have left the state in recent years, and yet California lawmakers continue to pile on more rules, regulations and taxes.

#3 The California Economy Is A Gigantic Mess

The unemployment rate in California is still well above 10 percent.  In fact, the number of people unemployed in the state of California is approximately equivalent to the populations of Nevada, New Hampshire and Vermont combined.  In 2010, only about 37 percent of the entire population of the state of California had a job.

#4 Municipalities All Over California Are Going Broke And Will Soon Need To Raise Taxes Substantially Just To Survive

Did you know that Stockton, California is so broke that it recently started skipping debt payments?  The following is from a recent Reuters article….

Badly hit by the burst of the property boom, California’s Stockton, with 292,000 people and east of San Francisco, has endorsed defaults on $2 million of debt payments and may file for municipal bankruptcy if it cannot reach deals with creditors. The California ski resort, Mammoth Lakes, is also bargaining with creditors in a bid to avoid bankruptcy.

But as bad as Stockton is doing, the truth is that Orange County may be in even worse shape.  The following is from a recent article by Chriss Street….

Like the Titanic a hundred years ago that ignored warnings and ran full-speed into a massive iceberg, Orange County is taking enormous financial risks rather than addressing its gaping cash-flow deficit. The county quietly entered into $518 million of illiquid and unsecured interest rate wagers, mostly financed from payroll and savings accounts of local schools and other government agencies. With spending rising, revenue falling, and liquidity drying up, the danger of hitting another iceberg is becoming extreme.

Despite falling property and sales taxes, Orange County inexplicably increased spending by $145.8 million for this fiscal year, which ends on June 30, 2012. In an exceptionally selfish move to bail-out the county’s gaping budget shortfall, the Orange County Treasurer in November skimmed off $73.5 of property taxes that belonged to local schools and community colleges.

At this point, the Orange County Employees Retirement System is estimated to have a 10 billion dollar unfunded pension liability.

How does a single county dig a 10 billion dollar hole?

#5 Desperate Municipalities Are Severely Slashing Government Services All Over The State

When you have no more money, you have to start cutting somewhere.  In many cities in California, government services are being curtailed dramatically.  Just check out what is going on in Costa Mesa….

Costa Mesa, a city of 110,000 south of Los Angeles, has slashed its payroll from 611 to 450. It is selling its police helicopters and has hired a neighboring city for air patrols. It’s also pursuing a controversial effort to convert to a charter city from a general law city, which would give City Hall more power to outsource more work, said councilman Jim Righeimer.

In Oakland things got so bad that the police chief announced at one point that his department would no longer respond to certain crimes.  The list of crimes included grand theft, burglary, car wrecks, identity theft and vandalism.  Today, Oakland is considered the 5th most violent city in the United States.

In Stockton the budget cuts got so bad that the police union put up a billboard at one point with the following message: “Welcome to the 2nd most dangerous city in California. Stop laying off cops.”

#6 The State Government In Sacramento Is Flat Broke

Earlier this year, newspapers all over the state ran headlines declaring that California is running out of money again.  Tax revenues are way down as many expenses continue to rise.  California state government revenues for February 2012 were down by about 22 percent compared to February 2011.

Will California soon be paying their bills with IOUs again?

California taxpayers should realize that it is only a matter of time before lawmakers try to hit them with more tax increases of one form or another.

#7 California Has Some Of The Highest Tax Rates In The Nation

The last thing many California taxpayers want to hear is that taxes might be raised again.  Californians already get absolutely hammered by taxes. California has one of the highest state income tax rates in the nation, one of the highest sales tax rates in the nation and the highest gasoline tax rate in the nation.

Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before the politicians come around for even more.

#8 Poverty Is Absolutely Exploding In California

Once upon a time, California was viewed as a land of great opportunity.

Now it is a land of crushing poverty in many areas.

Sadly, the number of children living in poverty in the state of California has increased by a staggering 30 percent since 2007.

In addition, 60 percent of all students attending California public schools now qualify for free or reduced-price school lunches.

#9 The Is An Epidemic Of Crime And Gang Violence In California

Many families are deciding to move away from California because there are fewer and fewer areas that are still safe.

For example, the following story from Rancho Cordova, California that one of my readers sent me was featured in one of my previous articles….

When I first moved here, it was not a bad place, it was quiet and clean.

However, over the past three years this place has gone to the dumps there are thugs and unruly people everywhere.

I have prevented two car break-ins by scaring these thugs away.

While I was home on thanksgiving weekend, someone decided to break into my apartment.

They trashed my place stole all my items and even took my law enforcement (LE) vehicle to include my equipment.

I’m sure they had been watching me for a while because they did not take items that contained my identification.

Thank god, I had my weapon with me.

Fortunately the gentleman in that story was not there when his home was broken into.  Thieves are becoming bolder and bolder and many home invasions happen whether there are occupants in the home or not.

The following home invasion story from Sacramento, California was sent to me by one of my readers a while back….

Somebody got into my sister’s house last night while she was out. My mom was upstairs, but didn’t hear anything. Whoever it was, they ate some chips and sorted through a stack of maternity clothes my sister had ready for selling on ebay. He left a dirty pair of boxer shorts and a bottom dentures on the dining room table. Fortunately, he was gone when she got home. I’m amazed, but the police actually came out and collected fingerprints and his boxers and false teeth. Probably a homeless guy. He may have switched his dirty boxers for a clean pair of maternity jeans, so the police just have to look for a guy wearing women’s maternity pants with no lower teeth. 

Who does that kind of thing?

Unfortunately, when people get desperate they tend to throw out the normal rules that most of us live by.

Every state has crime, but things are getting particularly bad in California.  A reader that works in law enforcement down in the Los Angeles area left the following comment on a recent article….

I work in law enforcement in LA (I fortunately don’t live there). LA is a third world country, trash everywhere, graffiti, gangs (mostly Hispanic). I’m sick of illegals primarily Mexicans (I’m American of Mexican descent). These liberal politicians will not stop aid to illegals which costs this state 21 billion dollars a year, which is about the same as our current deficit. I earn a pretty decent income and my wife has a meager salary, but it seems to get more and more difficult to earn a living in this state. If I can make it to retirement, I’m probably going to leave this state.

Another reader identified as Rob left the following comment….

I have lived here off and on for 42 years. Hellhole is not strong enough a word for it. One cannot go anywhere without seeing Graffitti from these gangs. Illegal Aliens are literally on every corner and every home depot. LA County alone spent 600 million in aid to illegal aliens not including education being factored in and the state spent 110 billion last year on just programs, welfare, aid to illegal entitlement programs, no ******** wonder why we are broke, the liberal agenda out here is astonishing, these liberals literally couldn’t see the forest through the trees. I am so sick of seeing Nortenos, Surenos, LaFamilia, and other hispanic gangs crowding our prisons, illegals underage having their anchor babies, illegals crowding the ER’s, crowding the schools. No wonder why the teachers are pissed off. I agree, this state sucks, and we will be moving very soon.

#10 As Poverty And Crime Grow Many California Cities Are Being Transformed Into Hellholes

Nature abhors a vacuum.  As successful businesses and hard working families move away from California, other elements are moving in to replace them.  Many formerly great California cities are now just a shell of their former selves.  The following is an excerpt from a New York Times article that describes what is going on in Vallejo, California….

Vallejo is still in bankruptcy. The police force has shrunk from 153 officers to 92. Calls for any but the most serious crimes go unanswered. Residents who complain about prostitutes or vandals are told to fill out a form. Three of the city’s firehouses were closed. Last summer, a fire ravaged a house in one of the city’s better neighborhoods; one of the firetrucks came from another town, 15 miles away. Is this America’s future?

There are some parts of large California cities that are an absolute nightmare.  For example, there is an area of San Francisco that is known as “Hunter’s Point” that is so run down that it is hard to believe that people actually live there.  The following is what one reporter discovered on a visit to Hunter’s Point….

Abernathy and I cut through the complex, tromping over an expanse of dirt and concrete toward the northeast end of the development, where a row of apartments looked down from a grassy hill. We paused next to a vacant, boarded-over unit to take in the scene: A stream of ****, piss, tampons, and toilet paper spewed from a dark hole in the sidewalk, poured down the hill, and formed a sort of **** lagoon next to the street. Weeds, about six inches tall, were growing in the little lagoon.

Raw ****, obviously, is not cool. Beyond the fact that it smells and looks nasty, fecal matter provides a haven for dangerous bacteria, most notably E. coli, a virulent pathogen that can sicken and even kill humans, especially infants.

But it is not just the big cities that are being transformed into hellholes.

The following is how Victor Davis Hansen described what he experienced during his tour of the “forgotten areas of central California”….

Many of the rural trailer-house compounds I saw appear to the naked eye no different from what I have seen in the Third World . There is a Caribbean look to the junked cars, electric wires crisscrossing between various outbuildings, plastic tarps substituting for replacement shingles, lean-tos cobbled together as auxiliary housing, pit bulls unleashed, and geese, goats, and chickens roaming around the yards. The public hears about all sorts of tough California regulations that stymie business – rigid zoning laws, strict building codes, constant inspections – but apparently none of that applies out here.

#11 California Has Some Of The Worst Schools In The Nation

Many families are moving away from California because the public schools are absolutely nightmarish.  The truth is that California has some of the worst schools in the entire nation.  In the late 70s, California was number one in per-pupil spending on education, but now the state has fallen to 48th place.

#12 Political Correctness Runs Rampant In California

In California, control freaks love to run for public office, and once they get power they love to shove their personal agendas down the throats of everyone else.  According to CNSNews.com, one new California law actually makes it mandatory for all public school children to receive instruction on the “role and contributions” that “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans” have played in the “development of California and the United States of America.”

#13 California Does Not Respect The Rights Of Parents

Over and over, the state of California has shown that it could not care less about the rights of parents.  For example, according to Natural News a bill was recently passed in the state of California that allows health officials to vaccinate children as young as 12 for sexually-transmitted diseases without ever having to get the approval of the parents….

California’s Assembly Bill 499 has already quietly passed both the California House and Senate, and today sits on the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown where it awaits his signature. The bill, which is only a single page in length, contains specific language that will allow children as young as 12 to opt for sexually-transmitted disease (STD) vaccines like HPV (Gardasil, Cervarix), Hepatitis B, and any future vaccines developed to treat STDs, without having to attain parental consent.

#14 California Has One Of The Worst Health Care Systems In America

All over California, hospitals are shutting down.  A big reason for this is because of the massive numbers of poor people and illegal aliens that are taking advantage of “free” medical care at hospital emergency rooms.  A number of good hospitals have been forced to shut down in recent years and now the state of California ranks dead last out of all 50 states in the number of emergency rooms per million people.

#15 California – The Land Of The Lawsuits

If you live in the state of California, there is a really good chance that you will be slapped with a lawsuit at some point.  According to the Institute for Legal Reform, the “lawsuit climate” in California is ranked number 46 out of all 50 states.

#16 The “Big One” Could Hit California At Any Time

The state of California lies directly along the infamous “Ring of Fire“.  Approximately 90 percent of all the earthquakes in the world happen along the Ring of Fire and the “Big One” could hit the state at any moment.

So what do you think?

What advice would you give to someone considering whether or not to move away from California?

Feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….

  • Cleo

    As the economy continues to falter and all levels of government spending continues to rise, I am afraid CA will not be alone. We are told the economy is slowly recovering because consumer spending is rising. I guess the pundits can’t spell inflation. The time when ordinary people get desperate is almost here. Get ready…..get prepared.

    • Maggie

      You couldn’t be more correct! A sad state of despair hangs over California now. It WILL get to the point people will get out, even if it means walking away from their homes, and taking a loss on their biggest investment. The laws are being written to punish the law abiders, while the courts are allowing the criminals to run wild, and prey on society – especially children.
      California literally looks like the Back To The Future II movie when a corrupt and stunted, GREEDY Biff took over Hill Valley and ran it into the gound. Sacramento – Jerry Brown, the special interest groups such as the UNIONS and La RAZA, and the OTHER TRAITORS in the State Legislature posing as elected representatives of the “People”…THEY ALL = Biff!

  • DownWithLibs

    Really!!! ONLY 16!! I can think of WAY more than that. Poor state is on life support and the Dr. is just about to pull the plug. Doesn’t get any worse than that (unless, of course, 1/2 of it finally slips into the Pacific).

  • Jaz

    Yes California has turned into a hellhole. I have recently relocated to another state. My family and I were fortunate that a job transfer to another state was offered…and we jumped at the chance. We were also fortunate that we were able to sell our house in Orange County even though we had to take a 50K loss. Still more fortunate that we had savings to cover the loss. It was worth it….every penny to get out of California!!

    The state we relocated to has no state income tax, gas is about a dollar a gallon cheaper, gas, electricity and water…cheaper. Everything costs less including the rural property (yes actual land with a home on it) that we purchased.

    I feel sad for my family and friends still living there…the have no idea what is coming, but they will and soon.

    • DebbieTom

      can you share what state you moved to? I live in CA and am thinking of moving as well.

      • wisefool

        If it’s Nevada, unless you are job transferring as the OP was, I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m just going off what I’ve read, but it sounds like Vegas especially is hurting for jobs. Northern Nevada might be in better shape though.

      • Willis

        DebbieTom…I don’t know where Jaz moved to of course. But I was born and raised in CA (San Fernando Valley). I watch old TV shows from the 60s and 70s and realize that was the California I remember. After getting out of the Army I moved away for good and would NEVER move back.

        I now live in North Carolina. Except perhaps for parts of Florida, Tennessee, or Texas, I wouldn’t live anywhere else than North or South Carolina. Consider Charlotte (NC), Raleigh (NC) or Charleston (SC) metro areas which are among the fastest growing areas in the US over the last 20 years. Because these metro areas have grown from small towns to major cities so recently they are very modern with good infrastructure, lots of jobs, house prices which will seem ridiculously low for a Californian especially…and the winters are mild.

        Don’t believe ANYTHING you read or hear about the South these days from the cultural media. Charlotte, for example, is the second largest banking center in the US. Look at NC or SC from the viewpoint of the Wall Street Journal or look up the “Best Places to Live” and you will see that the Carolinas are the place to be!


        • Robert B

          I agree with you completely about the Carolinas. I lived in Tennessee for 25 years right near the North Carolina State line. I decided to retire abroad (Panama) about 12 years ago because I like the tropics and the lower cost of living plus hardly any taxes. If I did live in the States I would pick your area.

      • Tim

        I moved from CA with my family to Utah about 3 years ago after living in CA all my life. I saw what was coming and was able to get out and have been happy here. My wife has family here which has made it easier.

      • lyle carmony

        As an over-the-road truck driver, I get to every part of the country. The state with the best economy, that I have found, is Minnesota. By the way, I am not from Minnesota so, do not have a dog in this fight.

    • Bobby

      Just keep running from state to state. Afterall, it’s your country, right?

  • CaliPrepper

    This article appeared in Pasadena Star News today, April 18:
    Document: List of Los Angeles County courtroom closures
    LOS ANGELES – A massive budget cut announced Tuesday targeted the vast county court system and will result in courtroom closures in Pasadena, Pomona, Alhambra, Norwalk, Whittier and downtown, officials said.

    Among the 56 courtrooms slated for closure will be the downtown Los Angeles courtroom of Pasadena resident Judge Lance Ito.

    Tuesday’s announcement came from Presiding Judge Lee Edmon and Assistant Presiding Judge David Wesley. In a press release the two said $30 million will be slashed from the nation’s largest court system.

    “We’ve been through difficult times,” Wesley said. “But, hands down, it has never been this bad.”

    The effects will be felt throughout the county.

    “We sincerely regret having to reduce our services to the public,” said Edmon, who predicted longer delays in getting civil cases to trial and administrative problems for judges who must share courtrooms and staff.

    Besides the closures, 100 non-courtroom employees will be laid off and court reporters in civil cases will no longer be paid for by the county.

    “Some judges may have to take notes on the evidence,” Edmon said.

  • Ken

    I just read where California spent $205,000 to transplant a bush in San Francisco. The article said you can buy the farm raised version of this plant in nurseries for $15. Not surprising they are broke.


    • Michael


      That is absolutely crazy.

      They just don’t get it, do they?


      • wisefool

        Oh they do. Sounds like a $50 aspirin to me. It’s a Get-What-You-Can-Now-And-Get-Out type mentality like Congress has. They know it’s going to crash and burn. Who knows how much of that $205,000 even went to the transplant.

  • DrDetroit

    Thanks for bashing something else other then Detroit

    • RationalGeezer

      There is no longer any point in trashing Detroit. Anyone remaining in Detroit is too stupid to move out and cannot read.

      • Steve

        Hahaha! If not so tragically sad and true that would be funny. There is no hope for that place. Ever. Soon even the golden years will be forgotten. Heartbreaking, really.

  • Jesse

    At least the Red Hot Chili Peppers still love to sing about California. It’s going down the crapper for sure and leading the country along the way. The rest of us aren’t too far behind.

    • mondobeyondo

      LOL!! :)

      As Nelly would say in his smash hit, “Cold In Here”:
      “It’s gettin’ cold in here
      So put on all your clothes
      (It’s getting so cold
      I just might have to put my clothes on…)”

    • Bobby

      jesse the reason the rest of us aren’t too far behind, is because we all(Americans)have this sick mentality that it’s someone else’s job to clean up our country. NOW WHO IN THE HELL WOULD THAT BE? WHAT FATER FIGURE IS EVERYONE LOOKING FOR? GOOD LUCK. ***********, our ancestors would be UTTERLY ASHAMED OF US.

    • gary

      jesse— California is still a good place for Liberals and Queers.

      • Gay Veteran

        poor gary, he missed living in the 19th century

  • mark

    We moved out of Vallejo in 2001. It was the best move we ever made. South west Oregon has it’s problems, but they are small compared to California. At least the air is clean and we have great water on our place. The job market is worse than most places but there aren’t a lot of people when things really go south. When the welfare checks stop things will get ugly. But a least you can still grow a garden.

    • Bobby

      Doesn’t matter. Oregon is a liberal *********. The same non-involvment you and your wife had in California will screw you in Oregon. RUN, AND JUST KEEP RUNNING IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY. THAT’S THE WAY TO SHOW EM.

    • levotb

      Good move, Mark! At least in Oregon, one can grow their marijuana without worry about being hassled (sic)! Oregon, it should be noted, also has a problem with illegal aliens both on the crime side of things as well as having taken Oregonian jobs. Maybe you, Mark, can make a difference up there by getting involved in the anti-Invasion movement in Oregon. Note of caution: Watch out for faux conservatives like Lars Larson!

  • g

    Leave California, and move to where?

    • Bobby

      It doesn’t matter where they move to. Their laziness and non-involvment and having their grass cut cheap and on and on will screw them wherever they move to. You’d have been left all alone at the Alamo with these “Americans”.LOL.

    • Steve

      Baja California! Australia, or Scotland. What does it matter, they are all screwed.yes, even Australia. At least Baja is safe, the girls crazy hot and the beer is cheap.

  • Diane

    My husband and I were lucky enough to be relocated back to my home state/area of the Twin Cities, MN. I was there in SoCal for 12 years – my DH born/raised there. The state has gone downhill so badly in just the 12 years I was there. When I first got there I was dismayed at the trash, graffitti in the Riverside area – then 2008 and the real estate market dropped out and it’s gotten so much worse. Honestly, I couldn’t wait to get out of there but feel sad for my friends/family still there.

    I’ve heard it said that, “where California goes, the rest of the states follow.” God, hope not. It has such awesome natural beauty but with the economy, natural disasters, etc, etc, etc. It’s simply not worth it. Glad to be in the Twin Cities.

    • Bobby

      Good riddance. You and your hubby just keep running, because you won’t be any different in Minni-soda than you were in California, my beloved home state. Run, is all you so-called American citizens can do. Good riddance.

      • Jordan

        Yeah and you stay there and waste your life and time “fighting”…while the smart ones who “run” enjoy their lives without all that bullshit. Dont get mad at others who have better things to do with their time. Stay there In your beloved home state and rot like the rest.

    • JF

      Diane, I was born, raised and still reside in Riverside. I’m 48, but even back in the early 80’s and even earlier, Riverside was a great place to live. It’s getting too crowded now and we have the influx of illegals too. I work in LA and of course its a total mess. I’m in law enforcement and most of the gang members are children of illegals. I believe one of the major causes of our fiscal problems is the massive population of illegals. Not to mention to stupid legislators who pass too many laws that are ridiculous.
      We have no money, but the people of this state voted to approve a “bullet train” that is now estimated to cost up to I believe, 100 billion!
      When the welfare checks and free everything stops, all hell is gonna break lose. People in California, especially those near big cities, your better prepare to defend yourselves.

  • Michael V

    Good article Michael. I have two other things I would like to add. One is general, one is about Phoenix, AZ.

    1. In the case of Phoenix, if/when the collapse comes, there is no way out of the Phoenix area without using one of the Interstates or state highways. There are no side roads leading out of the metro area. With a city population of 2.5 million plus, can you imagine if people decide to leave all at the same time? It would be like what you have seen in the movies. If/when martial law takes place and they block off the main roads, how are people going to leave? The airport would certainly be closed, except for maybe the political figures and “important” persons of business and other interests.

    2. If the gangs are able to overtake law enforcement after the collapse, what will happen to those left/trapped in these areas?

    I pray that things don’t get to this point, but harder times are coming. If you are able to, please make an escape plan, even if you never have to use it. I would rather have a plan of action, rather then get caught in the collapse. When/if this does collapse, I believe it will be swifter then most can imagine. Please consider preparing. It might make all the difference.

    • Michael

      Yes, I would not want to be living in Phoenix either. :)


      • levotb

        I wouldn’t want to be living in PHX either, not after seeing The Gauntlet!

        • Steve

          Ah, but PHXAZ was really nice in 1977, as was pretty much all of California. Yes, and AZ too. San Francisco was a paradise then. The Napa region was mostly wilderness, right up to Humboldt. The best days are well past.

    • Bobby

      Yeah, just keep running from place to place, when what you should be doing is to consider the whole U.S. your Place. Good riddance.

      • crowls

        Geez, bobby how about you stop bitching about people leaving and put forward reasons to stay is your failed state. America has many failed states and counties and your liberal approach to socialism is ridiculous and has NEVER worked. All you demi gods in the entertainment industries can afford to move. Most people cannot. What you can do is stop the welfare state approach, address the illegal immigrant issue, deal with the ludicrous inefficiencies of your government controlled non value added industries such as health. law, local government and education. Remember you have the government you voted for (deserve).

        I see in America what i see in Australia and South Africa and other countries I have lived in, a short sighted WIFM attitude so any glossy poli can just come along and promise you somethign for nothing and you buy it every time. No committment to the future. With all the asian immigration in America I am staggered we cannot learn to plan and sacrifice for our future. Bobby stop bitching about people making a decision (to leave) and do something to improve your part of california.

    • Doug G

      One good thing about Phoenix – since we are all armed (law-abiding citizens as well as criminals) we would stand a fighting chance. Water would be tough to find, but 1000’s of rounds of ammo will be easy to trade.

    • mondobeyondo

      You are right. There aren’t many ways out of the Phoenix metro area. If you don’t have a car, you’re pretty much screwed. Sky Harbor International Airport? Forget it. One million people scrambling for flights to Boston.

      There’s always Interstate 17 to Flagstaff, if you can survive the 4-5 hour backups that would happen if the SHTF. Or I-10 south to Tucson. Good luck on that!

      Me? I’ll take the back road to Payson, Arizona. Yeah, I’ll take the 7 hour delay. The scenery along the way makes up for it.

      • DaytoDay

        Agreed! Personally, I would take Bush Highway (Through Tonto Forest), to Beeline Highway and take Beeline all the way to either Tuba City or Flagstaff, but in all probability, if Phx collapsed, I would get the hell out of AZ….

        • mondobeyondo

          Sounds like a plan to me!

          (For those who are not from AZ – yes, there really is a Tonto National Forest here. It’s up close to the Rim. [Mogollon Rim]. Yes, I’m serious. It’s the 5th largest national forest in the U.S. So – no jokes about Lone Ranger National Park here.)

      • Steve

        No, not Boston. Boston sucks bad these days, Philly too. Both infested with Mex, white trash and gangs.

  • mondobeyondo

    371 miles due west of here, lies the glorious, golden Emerald City of Los Angeles, California. Home of Hollywood, Disneyland, Magic Mountain, the beach, Compton, the Crips and the Bloods, among other things.

    All I can say is – please don’t move to Phoenix. It’s not much better here. It’s very hot, very dry, and lots of weird looking plants called cacti. Although many Angelenos are not heeding my message (the eastbound traffic on Interstate 10 from L.A. to Phoenix has gotten noticeably heavier).

    And for heaven’s sake – PLEASE keep your left wing loony politics in California! We here in Arizona have our own right wing loony politics to deal with… (hey, wanna trade Joe Arpaio for Dianne Feinstein?!)

    • Bobby

      If you want Feinstein, there are millions of Californians who will oblige you. We’ll take Sheriff Joe, any time of the week. How about we take Sheriff Joe and you can hav Sheriff Baca?

  • OldPhart

    “In 2010, only about 37 percent of the entire population of the state of California had a job.” You need to add that nearly half of that 37% were public employees.

    I am a California resident. I agree that there are many reasons to leave (the idiots in Sacramento being a prime cause). We REALLY do produce some ‘outstanding’ politicians here. http://m.static.newsvine.com/servista/imagesizer?file=oldphartbsa500996B6-A496-B763-67E9-3E725B100A72.jpg&width=660

    However I have a pretty decent job, have a house with equity (no second, no HELOC, and a rapidly dwindling mortgage), and plenty of immediate family around. I want the rest to feel welcome to leave.

    As they leave the support base for all the liberal utopian bullshit will move into YOUR State and the dreadful “Californicapation” will commence. In short, they will try to convert your State into being what they wanted California to be. Good riddance to them. Best of luck to you.

  • mondobeyondo

    This is for all of you who think Arizona is right-wing loony (and yes, some of us are). Southern Nevada is rapidly gaining ground. I dare say, Las Vegas may be the new capital of right-wing loonyville!


    (yes, I know that commercial for Harry Reid is a couple of years old, but it’s still hilarious!!)

    • levotb

      Las Vegas is known for its tough court system, mondobeyondo. They nailed O.J. Simpson where a nearly all-black L.A. jury totally failed. Right now, Vegas is in the throws of terrible unemployment with many citizens out of work. Nevada as a whole is a moderate state, politically. What you call “right wingers” aren’t in large supply there. Are you referring to “law and order Conservatives”? If so, we prefer that moniker. Thank you.

      • Did you mean “throes” of unemployment? Maybe unemployment is elevated because no one can spell……..

  • Gary2wannabe

    Hard to feel bad for California. Having to cut out such trivial expenses as police helicopters (?). Housing has been unbelievably overpriced for a long time. Wait until other states refuse to divert water to Cali. Most of it will revert to desert.

    The answer to California’s water problem lies just west of L.A. (Pacific ocean). Start building large, very expensive desalination plants and then decide whether the sunshine is worth it.

    • Bobby

      RUN GARY RUN. Afterall, now California is no good, then it will be Nevada, New York, North Carolina,……. The problem is within us Americans Gary, not the places we live at. Think about it if you really give a damn about this country.

  • Uncle Sam

    Yes, sir. Californication.

    There are still some untouched areas of the Golden State, and thank God I am in one of them. High in the Sierras near Tahoe: Where the dream is still alive. I can mine my gold, walk out my front door and not see another man until I got to Nevada, 80 miles away. Open county, frontier style like the Argonauts of old. It ain’t all LA and SF.

    We will shake the fleas off and return to our former glory.

    There is a reason people come from all over the world to visit this state. You can’t beat the land or the weather. I have lived all over the US and been all over the world. You can not beat the land.

    No one ever made a song called “I wish they could all be New Jersey girls.” or “Utah dreaming” or “Georgia knows have to party.”

    There is a reason for that. This place kicks ass.

    That’s why.

    • Bobby

      Uncle Sam, I’m with ya. RUN COWARDS RUN.

    • levotb

      A great reply, Uncle Sam! I wish I agreed with you. By “shaking off the fleas”, do you mean getting the illegals out of CA? If so, that is something that Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Hesperia) tried to change with his AB 26 which the Dems easily shot down. Until CA has a tough 1070 law that the authorities have to abide by, the illegals will squat.

    • Wolfeinmaine

      Ahhh……I completely disagree Uncle Sam. I too have lived all over the US, and the state of Maine, now far outshines the ‘new’ California. Politics aren’t too bad there, jobs are few and far between though, that’s why it’s still nice!

      I was born and raised in Cali, like so many others here, and Cali has become an absolute toilet. We are getting out in 2018 (retirement), hopefully it won’t implode before then.

      And I also disagree with the conservatives here that say you must stay and fight rather than leave, they out number us by 20 to 1 at least, you can’t fight those numbers. Bye bye Cali, good luck.

  • MisterC

    Sounds like a version of utopia for Gary2

    • gary

      MisterC— Gary2 would do well here. He is Liberal; but I dont know about Queer. Lets say Odd.

    • DownWithLibs

      Yes. Round up ALL of the Gary2’s in this country and relocate them to Cali. Maybe a big fence around it. Razor wire, perhaps. Great idea!!!

      • DownWithLibs

        Oops! Almost forgot the guard towers. Wouldn’t want to forget them!

    • gary2

      My mom is from S.CA (high desert outside LA) and moved back when my dad died. I have been there to visit and could not believe how many people are there. we went to see the ocean/disney land etc and it was during a non rush hour and the freeways were still like a parking lot. Seems to me that people there hurry up and wait. Yes the weather is wonderful–had thanksgiving outside at the picnic table as it was snowing back here in WI.

      On the bright side here in WI there is no shortage of water!

      I agree the illegals need to be sent home and the border secured to prevent all immigration, legal and illeagel. We already have too many people here, most of who are unskilled. Nationality does not matter, its simply a numbers thing. There are too many unskilled people. Highly skilled can be granted citizenship but no more poor unskilled period.

      • DownWithLibs

        You must have taken your meds. today. You sound more rational than usual!!!

  • Mariusz

    I have seen the problem for a longer time… I just moved to Europe where I live now.

    God bless America (as it desperately needs such blessing).

  • bobby

    Where I live housing prices are down a whopping 10% from the top in 2007 and, overall, in the greater Los Angeles area there are many suburb cities that can match that.

    I hear all the doom and gloom but having trouble actually seeing it at ground level. For sure nowhere near as bad as advertised (at least not as of today).

    I can understand seeing the glass half empty if you’ve lost your job and are under pressure but the fact is most places near the big cities are not doing that bad.

    True, the cost of living is comparatively expensive but that’s always been the case.

    True, the State and County governments are whack but that also is not a new development.

    Gang activity and graffitti I would say are actually less compared to 15 years ago.

    Truth is new asian immigrants and businessmen are buoying the economy with money from our former economy we’ve surrendered over the past 30 or so years courtesy of our corrupt federeal politicians and too many of us forgetting there is no free lunch.

    This is perhaps the real disease and one we take with us wherever we go. Until we demand more of ourselves and those we vote into office the cancer will spread. Time to get back to our roots before we feel like we are visitors in our own country.

    • Bobby

      The first intelligent post on here I’ve actually read and from ny namesake none the less. Bravo bobby. Let the cowards that claim the U.S. as “their” nation keep running from state to state. One thing is certain,NONE OF THEM WOULD HAVE STAYED AT THE ALAMO. GOOD RIDDANCE TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MisterC

    Michael, you forgot to mention COMMIEfornia’s ridiculous gun control laws. People are less safe when they can’t have the tools needed to defend themselves. Just look at a catalog from Centerfiresystems.com, the majority of the rifles have “can’t be shipped to california” by them. The same holds true for “high” capacity magazines. A 10 round magazine vs 20 gang members is not a contest you want to enter.

    • Corpsman

      MisterC if you can’t get it done with a 10 round mag you need some more training. Gun Control, being able to hit what your aiming at. If you have no gun control, You will be lying face down with plenty of ammo left in your 10 round mag!

  • guido

    At least “the big one” might solve some of our problems. Seems like it would be easier to wall those idiots off in the paradise they created and make them deal with it. Instead, California’s moronic leftist population spreads like a cancer to neighboring states, bringing their failed ideas and beliefs with them. When I used to live out West, the news reported U-Haul had a year-long waiting list for folks wanting to rent and move from California.

  • A.S.

    I was raised in California. I lived most of my life there. Thank G-d I lived in an area where it was mostly white (I don’t care if someone gets offended–PC is anti-G-d!).

    But then I started seeing a lot of non-whites in even afluent cities. What is most disturbing is forcing kids to be vaccinated and taught anti-Biblical principles. Without a belief in G-d where will be no morals or at the very least accountability.

    All the people on top who demand or makes such laws (especially when it comes to affecting children) are disgusting and repulsive and deserve to never be employed ever again.

    If anything, save the next generation…pull your kids out of public school. If you can’t afford private schools, which most likely is the case in this hellhole economy, HOME SCHOOL. But wait…aren’t home schoolers terrorists according to the propaganda taught in those wacky drills in public schools? This should be even more reason than ever to home school our kids.

    They are scared. They are pulling straws to breath under water. They know their end is near. All we need to do is fight just one more day. Do whatever necessary to protect the your family, your kids, your friends, your neighbors, your community (whatever may be left).

    And one more thing: I am not married. If I were and had kids, I would not hesitate for a second to knock down cold, a dirty, disgusting, filty, immoral, pedophilic TSA agent just for laying even one finger on the shoulder of my child. They deserve worse in my opinion–the death penalty under a fair grand jury. But because I am a nice guy, I will only knock them down cold.

    • Hi A.S. yeah I think I remember you, since I grew up in california too. Weren’t you the guy that used to stand at interstate 5 freeway entrance at jamboree rd in O.C. with a sign that said “will sell my ***** for money”?

    • Gay Veteran

      “…But then I started seeing a lot of non-whites in even afluent cities….”

      OH THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too bad you missed the 19th century

      • Steve

        Yeah? You would have been burned at the stake in the 19th century, GV.

    • Jordan

      Here we go… This is one of the biggest problems yet… Still believing in fairy tales and myths… Taking old stories literal… Time to get educated and wake the ****** up already. How do people think they have any intelligence at all when they are still believing in this religion ********? Its the worst thing to happen to humanity. Non whites? What are whites anyway? A bunch of Europeans for the most part? Idiots. Take your asses back to Europe you thieves… You want to claim “religion” and “God” but are nothing but a bunch of decendents from rapists, murderers and thieves trying to be proud of what they stole from innocent people. The U.S was founded on “sin” according to your storybook. So what would make you think that “God” wants to “bless” America? How stupid are people? This is why nothing can get done or fixed. Too many people are in lala land.

    • Rich

      Semper Fi A.S. You da Man! I’m with you 100%. The schools today are Brainwashing & Destroying our poor defenseless kids! I’ve got 2 grandsons in Private Schools even tho my daughter can barely pay their tuition! We Refuse to allow Public Schools to teach liberalism to our grand kids. When OUR kids were in school, thank God we didn’t have a screwed up gov’t like we have now, so we didn’t worry about it. But TODAY? Forget it!

  • asd

    new york and florida have illegals and gang problems also , midwest- tornado alley, no jobs in georgia, tennessee, etc these states aren’t much better.

    • Bobby

      That’s right……………..

    • JD

      Um – those states dont have 30 million people (and 10 million more illegals) livng in them!!

    • levotb

      That’s exactly right, asd! After CA (the worst when it comes to having been invaded by Mexico which is what it is, let’s face that reality), TX is next with the second largest illegal alien population and sadly, Texans leave them be. It may be “a more conservative state”, but they have the same problems–horrible gangs, murders, rapes, molestations. Businesses there as the ones here like cheap, illegal labor. Until CA gets a 1070 law where that is made illegal, nothing’s going to change. Oh, btw: FL is third being invaded by illegals followed closely by NY, IL and GA. If one wants to go to a state where there are few illegals, ME, NH and VT are excellent alternatives. Of course, the Libertarians there have more clout than they do in CA…

  • anne

    I live in CA and I agree with the govt stuff. They keep voting for these people that have no answers or the same people who have created the mess. I am looking to leave this year hopefully. The taxation and cost of living is out of control. I just found out that they also penalize you for cashing out your 401K, so on top of 10% state tax, 30+% federal tax, 10% federal fee I got hit with a state fee too, for taking my own money out of the account. I will never do 401K’s or the stock market again.

  • Jake

    Hitchhiked through CA 15 years ago. I spent 4 and a half days. Was on a on a on ramp with my thumb up. It was so bad there people were driving by me and they would throw beer bottles at me.

    • Rich

      Jake, Imagine what they’d throw at you TODAY!!!!!! I wouldn’t be able to express it in full, on this site!!!

  • Rowell

    Michael, you forgot the most important reason to get out of California: Water.

    California pipes in much of its water from other states. As water rights issues grow, and as the Ogallala aquifer continues to deplete, I can see the quantity of water reaching California decreasing and becoming more expensive. Without water, there is no life.

    • Michael

      That is a good point.


    • Bobby

      Well, sir, If you allow millions of people into your state illegaly, water does become and issue doesns’t it? It won’t be any differnce where you move to, because water issues are a crisis in more than half the U.S. It’s people that are the problem, people with their ASSESS ON BOTH CHAIRS THAT REFUSE TO FIRE,VOTE OUT,ETC. AND GET RID OF THE TRAITORS IN OUR CITY, COUNTY, STATE, AND FEDERAL GOV.

    • That’s a great point, because with all of the bizarre weather patterns this year, I think that we’re heading towards a drought.

      Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and other cities, all get water from the Colorado River. If it gets cut off, those cities will die.

      Portable Katadyn Water Filters are used by the military and relief agencies worldwide, to create clean water from rivers, lakes, etc.

      Katadyn Salt Water Filters remove salt and toxins from ocean water, to make it drinkable.

      Better get prepared now, because it’s going to be a crazy year!

  • Michael,I enjoy reading your articles,because the information is accurate and easy to understand. I have shared these articles to many peaople to try to wake people up. I am an american who works in San Diego CA and lives in Baja Caifornia Mexico. my family and I Have been pushed out of California because the cost of living is too high. there are more and more Americans moving down here for the same reason. The crime rate has also risen in San Diego (Even though they will deny it). There are more and more people living in the streets. San diego is very expensive and pays sub minimum wages. The drug war violence has spille into california. there have been people kidnapped in the San Diego area and dragged over the border to Mexico for ransome. There also has been vengance killing in the San Diego area and shoot outs here. It is almost the same here as in Mexico. We have ourselves to blame for the situation. We as a society overall love to take drugs and these are some of the consequences.We complkain about illegal Alliens,but we employee them.I have seen home owners who will go to Home Depot to hire these people instead of hiring people with papers.then they will compain about the illegal Alliens. in the year 2010, there were som ranches in the imperial Valley(2 hour drive east of san diego) offeing employment for people with papers only. only 3 people responded and many people in san Diego unemployeed. Even durring this crisis there are many White,Black and Chicano people without work that still wont do these jobs. The illegal aliens are here because we invited them, by our actions We Are all Hypocrites.

    • Michael


      I am so glad that you enjoy the articles. :)

      It is good to hear from so many people that live in California or that have lived there in the past. It is so sad to see what has happened to such a beautiful state.


    • Bobby

      I completely agree with your conclusion. Illegal aliens are here because of Americans basic LAZINESS,and WORTHLESSNESS as citizens. That is why it won’t just be California,it will be every state, because Americans exhibit the same damned LAZINESS AND UNCONCERN IN EVERY STATE. RUN COWARDS RUN.

  • Rage

    How much did it cost us CA taxpayers to move a ROCK ! AN EFFFFIN ROCK ! Shut down freeways and streets because some artsy fartsy clown, found a big round rock ! and he wanted to display it ! Now, how much will it cost to look at a big round rock ? I tell ya we have anothe Picasso, Rodan in the making here !


    • Supposedly moving the 340 ton boulder, which cost $10 million to move 100 miles, was paid for by private donors.

      Let’s see… donate $10 million to worthy causes like feeding and housing the poor… or move a rock for the sake of art. :-P

  • tim

    Yes, run! Run far away from world’s 8th largest economy with some of the most forward thinking people on the planet! Real Californians want to secede from the nation anyway!

    Yes, cherry-pick the states’ most fkd-up towns and vocal minority government/individuals and call the whole state a hell-hole. In the end we’re all just frogs in boiling water anyway, right?

    Just remember, this nation-sized state historically crashes hard, and thrives hard. And change usually occurs right around the time articles like this start showing up in the media. Most folks are just too brain-dead to see the opportunity in such a great super-cycle.

    Thanks for the chuckles!

    • Bobby

      I Couldn’t agree more Tim.

  • wen

    In the 70’s and 80’s I spent 20 years working as a legislative advocate for a group of private companies. The state legislature was pretty well representd by Reps and realistic Demos. I worked with govs from the first Brown Duekmanian Reagan,and the Jerry Brown. During the last 7 or 8 years I SPENT there, it became apparent that left wing demos were gradually taking over the political scene. At the end od 20 years, I was happy to leave the scene. One thing that would help Calif would be to have a concealed carry law. It is amazing what happens positively with such a law on the books. In any event, I have been living happily in Florida.

  • Joe

    I live in CA. Its not perfect but living in South Orange County, where there is a beautiful 6K foot mountain range and Dana Point/Laguna Beach within 10 minutes of my house, it is by far the best place I have lived. I can mountain bike or hike and surf easily in a 8 hour period. I grew up in Northern MI and from 1992-1998 lived in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. CA is as good as it gets weather wise in the world. If you like the outdoors, this is the place to be. Most do not know that within 1/2 hour drive of downtown L.A. (non traffic hours), you can be in the Angeles National Forest with streams, pine trees deer, bear, mountain lions. I can ski Mammoth Mountain (5 hour drive) from December through July 4th most years. Guess that is why people like me put up with it; you only have one life and I live it to the max out here. MI with its union stronghold isn’t perfect as most states are not; how many actually are NOT broke – maybe 5 out of 50? All being said, we have discussed living on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe…no income tax by the state there. REgarding the “big one”; how many have died from winter storms, humid heat waves, Tornadoes & hurricanes in say, the past 20 years? People who don’t live here do not really know what is like to live here…and how great it is despite poor government.

    • Bobby

      Yes,all true. RUN COWARDS RUN.

  • Ted

    I’ve lived in California my entire life. I grew up in a beautiful state and watched it slowly turn into a hellhole. Over the last two years I’ve watched gang activity increase, and as the graffiti came closer and closer to my home, I put my house up for sale. I just sold it for a $75k loss, and the neighbor’s house across the street was tagged the day I left. I moved to a little town in Florida and bought an almost identical house in a fantastic neighborhood for a fraction of what I paid for my place in California. I’ve been out here over two months and haven’t seen one bit of graffiti anywhere. My property taxes, utilities, etc. are all half of what they were in California. I’ll never go back.

    • levotb

      Good point, Ted. I’ve lived in CA almost my entire life and I’ve lived all over the state. It’s pathetic what the left and the RINOs when they had control have done to the state. The most important problem? Crime/illegal immigration. If we forced the 10 to 20 million illegals living in CA out, rents would drop, jobs would pay (American citizens) more and crime would go down although getting rid of the illegal alien gang members wouldn’t be easy. It is estimated that 90% of the drivers on L.A. freeways are illegal–unlicensed. The cops there supposedly don’t even ticket them anymore when they pull them over. I hope that’s not true, that it’s just a rumor. One thing for sure–the LAPD and Sheriff’s deputies aren’t impounding the cars driven by illegals any longer. Liberal idiot Chief Beck saw to that!

  • Phil

    The deeper and wider roots of California’s mess might be shown by giving context to “school tax skimming” allegations in the Chriss Street article. It was actually clever retaliatory strategy (schools disagree!). The state years ago convinced counties / cities to let IT “administer” many taxes then collected and distributed locally, for “savings”. The State recently decided to balance ITS books by grabbing the funds (keep collecting, but NOT distributing). Another law required the STATE to makeup funding shortfalls in this area of Education, and the Treasurer was alert enough to know the law and use it. Mr. Streets mis- characterization as ‘selfish’ would have truer aim at the State Govt. and voters, who seem to feel opposing band-aids can replace solid (budget) structure.

  • Diogenes

    I sold my home in Calif. and left for Idaho in the fall of 2010 for all of the reasons cited here (plus a few local-government ones as well). At a goodbye lunch with an old friend, I ran into an acquaintance who is the CEO of an up-and-coming NASDAQ company that had its world headquarters in my old Calif. town. It turned out that he was there having lunch with his wife before leaving on a business trip to Texas to relocate his corporate offices out of Calif. Calif. is losing a lot more than just people.

    • Bobby

      And now you will become civicly involved in Idaho, no illegal aliens will get jobs and Idaho will be a paradise. HAHAHAHAHAHA……

    • JF

      I have thought of moving to Idaho, many retired CA law enforcement have moved there. Another problem with CA is that the people leaving are middle class and above, as well as businesses. They are being replaced by illegals and people from other states coming here for the free stuff and who will use more welfare.

  • Apathy and indifference have allowed CA to sink to this level. The majority 20 years ago decided the liberal/socialists life style was a better way, now they are running over one another to get out!
    The entire state is getting it’s just deserts! It should fall into the pacific, the rest of the country would be much better off!

  • GrantF

    California is the prime example of what happens when socialist thinking completely takes over the political process in a government that was founded and formed by traditional, small government conservatives.

    If California were in Europe, it would still have chronic deficits and endless government subsidies. It would also have extraordinarily high taxes and a “nanny-state” outlook or policy to govern the populous and there would be a vast network of regulations restricting or constricting the lives of most all citizens, with the exception being the wealthy elites. But if California were in Europe, it would not be losing as many profitable corporations and prosperous businesses because moving to another European state would not provide them with an advantage. And as a result, many of the brighter residents would remain in place as well.

    The US is not Europe, however. It never has been Europe and it never will be and to a great measure, this is why socialist policies and politics fail so miserably in any US state.

    What happened to Cali is that liberal and big government state policies encouraged the majority of the illegals who have been pouring into the US from countries to the south to settle there. And big government nanny state programs made it at least reasonably comfortable for them to stay in California, and for the wave of illegals to continue. The solution? Raise taxes, of course, for more and bigger state government programs to help the poverty stricken illegals and anyone else who is seeking a handout.

    Many commenters here have suggested that the rest of the US is heading in the same direction as California, but that is not necessarily so. Some places are going in that direction perhaps but several US states have recently changed course with the election of “unpopular” governors and state governments which have been enacting painful cuts to state government spending. Some say this has been unfair to the poor and disadvantaged, and likely it has been to some degree. But there is no perfect solution to our ongoing and everlasting problems in this world. There are however superior solutions and policies and when the right people recognize these and put them into place, perfection does not result but improvement does.

    So there are now a significant number of US states which are turning things around and are seeing their deficit problems shrink away. These states are also now attracting large numbers of relocating corporations which are coming from the non-business friendly, big government states, with California at the top of that list.

    What will likely be the result of all this in the long run is uncertain. One possibility though is a fracturing of the current US political structure, with some of the more successful states seeking to distance themselves from an increasingly draconian federal government and from other US states which share the same big government philosophy.

  • Ralloh

    I have spent all of my 62 years in Southern California. 32 of those years have been in the same house. I recently lost it to the bank. I despise what California has become. My wife was very ill for years and passed away 2 years ago so I no longer have anything holding me here. As soon as I sell off most everything I own, I’m out of here. Heading east with my two cats to start life over again.

    • Former So Cal Resident

      I am 2 years younger than you and sorry to hear about your loss, especially the lose of your wife and also your home. My question is this however: how did you lose a house that you had lived in for 32 years to the bank? Even with a 30 year mortgage taken out in 1982, the house would have been paid for by now. My mother lives in an assisted living arrangement in North Orange County so I get back there several times a year as I visit her. The Brea / Fullerton / Placentia / Yorba Linda area still seems like a nice place to live. I wish you well in your new endeavors.

    • mrbill

      After 32 years why did you owe on your house. Did you use it like an ATM? I done without a lot but paid for mine in 5 years. Have now been enjoying no payments for 20 years. Add up your payments for 20 years. Don’t overbuy, and pay for that sucker as soon as possible. Thank God, I owe no one and what money I have is mine.

    • Sammi

      Take me (and my cats) with you!!!! There are a lot of beautiful and inexpensive places to live in the east, where you can still have some peace. I’m tired of the filth, traffic, crowds, noise, and rude people who have no respect or consideration for others or the property of others. I lived in Glendale for years and was always treated like I was an unwelcome foreigner, even though I am American born and raised. If the state wants to save some money, they need to check out all the public assistant and Social Security office parking lots there and crack down on all the fraud, instead of doling out the benefits. They’re filled with BMW’s. Lexus’, Hummer’s, Acura’s, etc. I have first-hand seen the recipients of these handouts paying for their groceries with food stamps/EBT cards and then getting into their luxury cars and driving off to their lovely homes.

      Bobby: I understand your frustration. I also understand the feeling of sheer helplessness some of us have when we vote and vote and vote, and still nothing but idiots get into office, and everything you’ve voted for (or against)gets tossed aside. That’s what makes some of us want to throw our hands up and just leave. It all seems so futile. I sometimes wonder if our votes are even counted.

  • King of Cabugao

    What a bunch of cry babies. There’s nothing wrong with CA; in fact things are getting better there all the time. I say ‘there’ because we have our home on an island in the South China Sea. Now everybody repeat after me: I have full faith and confidence in our bureaucrats and elected officials. Amen.

  • Mike Purling

    California is a great place to live if you stay away from the big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and Fresno. I live in coastal town called Santa Barbara which is 100 miles north of Los Angeles. The population is around 100,000. While the rest of the nation is getting destroyed by tornadoes,floods, ice and snow storms, hurricanes, dust storms and drought, we have nice sunny days with 75 to 85 degrees and a nice ocean breeze. We have no smog and our median priced house is around $700,000 even after the real estate crash. I don’t like the liberal politics in California, but nothing is perfect. I have traveled all over the world and I am always happy to get back home in Santa Barbara, California.

    • levotb

      I lived in SB for years, as well, Mike. It IS a gorgeous place, but it too is run by libtards. It’s a great place for a single guy, that’s for sure (once the highest per capita of female citizens). Jobs there are almost nil–too many students and too many small businesses closing. If you have a lot of money and want to retire there, yes, it’s a great place. But to make a living? It would be rough unless you’re like me and have an online business that isn’t dependent on the area you live in.

      • Steve

        Carmel is better. Admit you know it.

    • Pamela Benett

      Can I come live with you? LOL. We lived all over So. Cali. Moved here from Santa Barbara. I just want to get away from this pollen, humidity and cold, frigid weather. Plus, I miss the ocean. :(

  • jerry

    Ive done auto detailing in San diego for 15 years and my most wealthy client was a retired Orange County police chief living in a 12 million dollar house in Rancho Santa fe and told me that on his way to his Oregon ranch he found a great deal and bought this 30 mill. water front property from this 90 year old lady which their family owned he paid 11 million CASH… how does he have more money than the Doctor clients i have , the money the gov. side has is off the charts… he didnt even give a tip

    its just wrong


    mr. Broke

  • AnswerMan

    #17 Smog! Walking and breathing in Los Angelos can be hazzardous to your health. And, if you happen to be in gang territory….. well, good luck.

  • Philip Parker

    God has smiled on me. I finished my doctorate in Carbondale, Illinois, having spent 29 years previously in California. I ended up doing my post-doc supervision in Indianapolis where I continue to live, now with a wife and two daughters. Would never ever move back to California. Never. When I grew up in Orange County, California, there were orange groves everywhere (hence the name, Orange County). I took my dog out on walks in open fields and chased rabbits. No longer. Just a mass of commercial and residential developments. Crime and gangs are everywhere. Traffic is miserable. I go back to visit family and friends who still live there. Ugh!! I feel sad for them. They don’t know what living an enjoyable lifestyle is anymore…

  • Phil

    The sad thing is, the voters from California are moving here to Texas and still voting with a liberal attitude, essentially trying to transform Texas into the state that they left from.

    • levotb

      That’s why Austin’s called “The San Francisco of Texas”.

  • jerry

    There I said it



  • You are witnessing what is in store for the rest of our country. We are now at the point where over 50% are getting

    Unemployments benefits 50 weeks then 99 weeks then to extended again? Lots of people getting these benefits are looking for jobs “off the books via cash”. They do not want to lose the extended money!
    Too many people think they are owed money by the state and
    federal gov.

    We are headed “off the”cliff” Feds printing money with nothing to back it! Iceland just announced they will not take dollars anymore. In Europe more and more places do not want our dollars China is buying all the gold and gold mines it can and getting the Yaun to be the new “money for trade”.

    Wake up America, “Yes we can” to “We are Broke”

    Thanks to the liberals and too many government employees!

  • witness the end

    Wait a second… According to Gary2, these blue states are economic power houses that drive the American economy and fuel the federal coffers!

    With the highest taxes in the nation, CA state and local governments should be flush with money and the poor should be living large!


    • Bobby

      The “blue states” are living from printed money, debt, and endless credit, with nothing to back any of it. When it all gets cut off, which it will, you Blue State geniuses can use your credit cards for glass coasters. The red states, where REAL WORK IS DONE, will honestly go about their business while the leftist coasts both of them crumble away financially.

  • I left a beautiful place called Cambria and now live outside Reno NV. So. Calif and parts of the Central Valley are Third World thanks to illegal immigration. The elitist politicians don’t care. They will do anything to get elected –not to help the state. It is not a question of IF, but WHEN the state goes bankrupt. The employed base cannot support the entitlements of the immigrants and the retired county and state workers. Too bad –I loved california and visit it but not to live there ever again.

  • you forgot the fall out from Fukushima. possibly worse than all these. check out enenews.com

  • Teddy Goodson

    As I recall, a lot of the problems started when they passed what I believe was called the Jarvis Amendment, severely limiting real estate taxes. This hit schools and municipalities hard, and the deterioration began. California fell behind the power curve and has never caught up. Sometimes you do have to spend money early to keep from having to spend more money later. The best things in life, especially community life, are not free, and you have to pay to live in a civilized society. You also have to think more than one move ahead—- voters failured to do so when they passed the no-tax Jarvis amendment, and now they don’t like the result.

    • Diogenes

      That’s called Prop 13, and the liberals always use it as an excuse for California’s problems. It’s not. It was passed because people on fixed incomes were being taxed out of their homes as assessed values skyrocketed with the terrible inflation during the Carter Administration. Property taxes would double and triple annually, and the government was evicting retirees from their homes and selling them at tax sales. (Prop 13 stopped that, but it still allowed property taxes to go up by 2% annually, and after all these years, inflation-adjusted property tax revenues are now higher than they were before Prop. 13.)

      After Prop. 13 passed, the state told local governments it would make up for the shortfall by raising sales and income taxes and sharing the revenue with them. Now Calif. has among the highest income and sales taxes in the nation. The state budget is larger than the federal budget was during the Eisenhower Administration, and they’re still going broke. But it’s not from too little revenue; it’s from too much spending. Unionized police and firefighters in Calif. over age 55 can retire after 30 years on six-figure pensions, and most cities now spend most of their general fund money in payments to the state retirement fund.

      Politicians get most of their election contributions from the government-employee unions in Calif., so they’re not about to call a halt to the gravy train. Basically, they’re playing a high stakes game of musical chairs–all hoping they’re dead or retired before the money runs out.

    • Former So Cal Resident

      Teddy, were you a homeowner in California when the Jarvis amendment passed? My parents were. Property taxes were beginning to go out of control. The Jarvis amendment succeeded in putting a lid on these taxes. Don’t forget that the politicians “sold” the public on the fact that the California lottery would raise more than enough money to cover the cost of public schools. As is the case in so much of government, the problem isn’t on the revenue side, it is on the expenditure side. Politicians love to spend “other people’s money.”

    • Bobby

      Are you crazy Teddy!!?? Money is most definelty NOT THE PROBLEM. Spending money on taking care of Mexico’s unwillingness to take care of their own people, combined with LAZY ASS GOVENRMENT WORKERS WHO HAVE RAISED THEIR PENSIONS SECRETLY AND PAY EVERY FEW YEARS IS THE PROBLEM. There isn’t enough money in the world that would satisfy corrupt Feinstein, Boxer and Sacramento traitors.

    • MAN

      Teddy Goodson – You are a fool.

      Prop 13 was passed by the legislature because old people were losing their homes by constanly escalating property taxes. It limited property tax hikes to 3% annually as I recall.

      Now, if government can’t limit it’s expenditures to 3% then we have a real problem here.

      What liberal talking points are you speaking from?

    • levotb

      WRONG, Teddy! The problems started in 1979 when LAPD Chief Daryl Gates shoved thru Special Order 40 thru the Board of Supes. That was “a green light” to gang members in El Salvador to come to CA and take over, which they did. That’s how the illegal alien gangs got settled in L.A. County. Then, the Reagan Amnesty of 1986. Prop 13 didn’t hurt CA economy. Even Socialist then-Gov. Jerry Moonbeam Brown jumped on the bangwagon.

    • Corpsman

      Teddy wake up!! I went to one Masrty Blocks meet and greets. Education K-12 takes about 30% of the California State budget, Higher Education sucks up another 25%! The people wonder why we are going broke? Let’s lump education together in one line item and restrict a single line item to 25% of the budget, budget crisis solved! Illegal aliens should be entitled to one item only a bus ticket back to the border!

  • chris

    My wife and I moved five years ago when property values were still sky high but coming down from the stratosphere of years earlier. It was not any inspired genius or astute academics to see that things were about to go south quick. I was at a party in Orange County in 2006 with a bunch of millionaire real estate agents who were crowing about their good fortune. I had the audacity to suggest that what goes up must come down. I told them about a certain Fibonacci who postulated the dynamics of price movement and their eyes glossed over and they corrected me with the concept of supply and demand which “favored” California and the 5% per month property appreciation. Needless to say I was not invited back for an encore performance. “Man that guys a downer! What a maroon!” Today that same place we sold has fallen close to 60% from its inflated value.

  • HammerDoc

    Don’t worry! You can check out any time you like!
    (But you can never LEAVE…)

    • Michael

      That made me smile. :)


    • Bobby

      Boom!! They’ll ruin the state they moved to with the same level of non-involvement, and laziness as they had in California. I’ll bet five thousand dollars on it.

      • I’m betting you’d need to max out a credit card in order to come up with five grand……

    • On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
      Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
      Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light
      My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
      I had to stop for the night
      There she stood in the doorway;
      I heard the mission bell
      And I was thinking to myself,
      “This could be Heaven or this could be Hell”
      Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way
      There were voices down the corridor,
      I thought I heard them say…

      Welcome to the Hotel California
      Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place)
      Such a lovely face
      Plenty of room at the Hotel California
      Any time of year (Any time of year)
      You can find it here

      Her mind is Tiffany-twisted, she got the Mercedes bends
      She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys she calls friends
      How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat.
      Some dance to remember, some dance to forget

      So I called up the Captain,
      “Please bring me my wine”
      He said, “We haven’t had that spirit here since nineteen sixty nine”
      And still those voices are calling from far away,
      Wake you up in the middle of the night
      Just to hear them say…

      Welcome to the Hotel California
      Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place)
      Such a lovely face
      They livin’ it up at the Hotel California
      What a nice surprise (what a nice surprise)
      Bring your alibis

      Mirrors on the ceiling,
      The pink champagne on ice
      And she said “We are all just prisoners here, of our own device”
      And in the master’s chambers,
      They gathered for the feast
      They stab it with their steely knives,
      But they just can’t kill the beast

      Last thing I remember, I was
      Running for the door
      I had to find the passage back
      To the place I was before
      “Relax, ” said the night man,
      “We are programmed to receive.
      You can check-out any time you like,
      But you can never leave! “

  • Until the power is taken away from the elitests California will continue to swirl down the drain to insolvency. They left loopholes in the term limit legislation that still allows these carpet baggers to move from one area to the next. A true term limit would give them 8 years total to serve and then return them home. Calif. also needs a part time legislature and repeal the 16th amendment thereby returning selection of senators to the state legislature. Calif. also has the two worst senators possible. They are both elitests and care not for the people who keep electing them (can you believe how stupid the voters are in Calif.?) I believe the state is preciptiously close to bankruptcy. If I could sell I would leave as fast as I could.

    • Bobby

      ROCKY HAND ON. Fight. Don’t be like all the cowards that call themselves U.S., LET ME REPEAT THAT, U.S. CITIZENS, but run cowardly from state to state. These kinds of Americans really instill confidence, don’t they. GOOD RIDDANCE AND DON’T COME BACK!!!

  • ZOO

    I used to be concerned about California’s problems, now I’m sick of hearing about it. The suicidal mongoloids that have ran the state the last 20 years show no sign of wising up, especially when it comes to welcoming invaders from Mexico.

    We’ve all watched the perpetual stupidy, now the only thing non-Californians should be focused on is to STOP any federal bail out of the Foldin State. “Over our dead bodies” should be the call of the day – and it will be in your face soon under the guise “too big to fail.”

    • Bobby


    • mondobeyondo

      Illegal aliens? Hee.. and they don’t even have passports!

      “Take me to your leader”… unfortunately, we have no leaders anymore.

      Imagine the shock of our extraterrestrial visitors. Even their primitive society has a leader. Ugh.

      “Take us to your Gaga. Yes, the female who sings. Is she the leader of your people?”

  • Dave

    The real S will hit the fan when the Big One finally hits. Can you imagine what it will be like out there when there is no food or water or medical help or law enforcement?? Trying to survive in the middle of gangs and criminals will make Port Au Prince seem very civilized. It will make Katrina seem like a picnic.

    • mondobeyondo

      Well, when the Big One hits and California drops into the Pacific Ocean, there will be plenty of beachfront property in Arizona.

      Surf’s up in Yuma, dude! Hang ten!

  • Tom Anderson

    I LOVE bad news about California! Please keep it coming. The only thing worse than living here is living anywhere else (IF you call THAT living?!). Hopefully your writeup and others like it will convince MORE people to LEAVE and we might get back to 1960s population levels, before all the idiots showed up.
    (3rd generation Californian)

    • Bobby

      Tom, I love your post. LET THE COWARDS ALL LEAVE. They’re all too cowardly to challange Mexico’s criminal conduct in sending millions of people here that they should be taking care of. They’re all too cowardly to challenge their city councils and state governments, to start enforcing EXISTING IMMIGRATION LAWS. They want to have their cake and eat it too, by supporting the democrats with their sick and corrupt public unions, and endless demands from hardworking taxpayers. RUN COWARDS RUN, Tom and I will enjoy a state with a lower population and nice climate.

      • Gary2

        bobby–I am with you on sending the illegals home ASAP and make the border such that no one can ever cross it ileaglly like between north and south korea.

        • Bobby

          Then aside from the public union employees, wer’e half way to agreeing on what’s completely destroying this country. The sick part is, that many people will conclude I therefore blame everything on Mexicans,etc. People that would think illegal immigration is all about Mexicans and only Mexicans are nuts. The reason the govermnment allows it, is to carry through its internationalist open borders agenda,and to fullfill the promises made by NAFTA, which was pushed through Congress by Billy the Bomber of Belgrade Clinton. Notice, the U.S. government allows,foriegn computer programmers to replace American programmers, doctors, dentitist, even hotel workers under the H-2 visa program. Bottom line wages is the reason, and an open society whos purpose is to replace the U.S. citizenry with pliant, and obedient people. Americans are too much trouble to the elite. Now, does all of this sound like illegal immigration is only about Mexicans??? Good luck if you believe this.

  • Glenn Crawford

    Hello, if you all would put Jesus back in schools, community and families, there would not be so much evil….Satan loves this turmoil!

    • DownWithLibs

      Yep, I agree.

  • Easydog

    I am fortunate to have been born and raised here in California. It has been a great run,
    however the land of oranges and honey has turned to a land of hogs and hornets. I say let the
    big San Andres earthquake come. Let’s just bury this wonderful state and say a quiet goodbye.
    88 years, it has been great. It is TOTALLY over now. “Move On ” time now.

  • Skptk

    I thumbed out to California in the late ’60’s and it was wonderful. I saw a big poster titled “Goodbye California” showing the imagined results of “the Big One”: the whole state was sliding off into the Pacific. Probably won’t physically happen, but metaphorically, the Golden State has been underwater for a long, long time. And the bozos who are causing it think the biggest problem is that second graders don’t understand the contributions homosexuals have made to the development of California? Sheesh.

  • Todd

    What about the radiation wave from Japan that is about to hit CA and the entire west coast. That one should have been mentioned!

  • Billsocal

    This is what happens when the Commie Democrats have been in charge to long. There is a man in Santa Clara that was arrested for killing a bobcat. That was killing his chickens because he didn’t have a license to do so. They also got him on other charges. But seems the dangerous animals have more rights than humans do.
    You can not hunt wild hogs at night. When they are the most active. We have a very dangerous event on the horizon. A out of control population of mountain lions. Due to fact that hunting of mountain lions are against the law. The mountain lion population is get out of control and move into urban areas looking for food.
    The one law about requiring 2p units on a acre is nothing more than UN Agenda 21. AB 32, the California Green Act is nothing more than the state law makers bowing down to UN Agenda 21. Other problem the people are being dupe into passing act that spend tax payer money on research it shouldn’t. The state spending billions of dollars on stem cells that are the wrong type. It Adult Stem Cel which isn’t funded by the government is having more success. Ask Bartilo Colon a pitcher for Oakland As. Colon has his damage elbow repair using Adult Stem Cells. Adult Stem Cell treatment are so successful that the FDA,. Now considers our bodies a drug and that they can control them.

  • Ron

    We have been laying waste to this wonderful land since 1607. We shouldn’t be surprised by the devastation. If you sow the wind, sometimes you reap the whirlwind.

  • Rich

    Not once is illegal immigration mentioned of these 16..
    Los Angeles is the Capitol of AZTLAN!!
    up to 38 million illegal aliens in the USA(CAPS 2007 study)
    check out AZTLAN on youtube..

    • Davo

      So point 14 which says “A big reason for this is because of the massive numbers of poor people and illegal aliens that are taking advantage of “free” medical care ” doesn’t mention illegal aliens once.

      Uh huh. right.

    • gary

      The repeal of the sodamy laws were not mentioned either. Im afraid there are many more than 16. Its not just the illegal aliens;but the immunity from our laws. The safe haven status.Freedom from profiles. Sancuary cities.

  • Benjik

    “As goes California so goes the nation”

    Quite the sobering statement, eh? :(

  • Bobby

    I am sick and tired of articles like this for one and only one reason. READ THIS CLOSELY.


    • Michael V

      OK Bobby. I’ve been reading your statements on here. What exactly are you doing to help California? I haven’t heard of anyone marching in the streets demanding justice. All I read from you is that if someone is planning to leave where they currently live, you call them a coward. mmmm. Some of us have no reason to stay at our current location for whatever reason and have families to take care of and their safeties to consider. All you seem to me is a blowhard and a simpleton. Nothing more.

      • Bobby

        I demonstrated with the group Save our State, when you guys and girls couldn’t spend one day on a weekend once a month. It was more important for most of the Californians that have left and ar now leaving, to go to the movies, soccer games, pop warner football, the Beemer dealership, or any other thing that served as your sublimations, will you smartly watched a few of your fellow Americans stand up. My message to you folks is, YOU WON’T STAND UP PROTEST, OR DO ANYTHING AT ALL FOR THE NATION YOU CLAIM IS YOURS. GOOD LUCK!!

        • YourBetter

          Protesting is about as useful as hope; both are vacant lies. Let California fall, the faster the better. Use their desperation as a warning to all who allow illegal, filthy alien’s into their state to demand that they are owed the money of hard-working citizen’s OVER said hard-working citizen’s.

          The lesson here, bobby-kid, is that protesting changes absolutely nothing. You voted for oppressive law’s; you allowed this to happen to your state; you did nothing as they took your right’s away; protesting is the same as inaction, which you, ignorantly, believe in; your failure to see reality and move yourself is a propaganda success for those elitist controlling you, who keep telling you to protest the very problem’s THEY created for you.

          For now, you have the right to respond to this post like a crying baby. For now. I’ll have tissue’s and Midol ready for you when you do, you need them.

    • jack nichols

      Bobby I understand your love for California but the state has collapsed into a cesspool. Yes it still has beautiful weather but that is the only thing we have left. Both my wife and I are retired and have great pensions. We are going to leave and go to a new state that has the same beauty but none of the problems. I will remember how great California was to us as we enjoy our retirement in a new place. Hope you enjoy it here. We will be thinking about you and of course laughing. Good luck staying, your going to need it

      • al

        Hey! is that a state pension plan? give that back since all our kids and grandkids will be paying it while you eat caviar and spend our tax dollars in another state or country..hehehe

    • John

      Just because I have a higher I.Q. than you doesn’t give you the right to call me a pathetic asshole. I never voted for a democrat or any liberal republican my entire life. I called my elected representatives and explained the facts to them on more than one occasion. As a former active duty Viet Nam veteran who actually bled for this country, I am more than capable of giving the enemy more than he gives. I refuse to fight an unsupported fight and die a martyr and not take care of those for whom I am responsible. Why don’t you direct your anger at your foe, the international globalists, who allowed, nae revel, in the destruction of not only California but the entire USA? Usually I don’t respond to ********** like you. I guess I’m feeling spunky today.

      • Bobby

        Yeah, I know you have a higher I.Q., Your’e a legend in your own mind.

    • YH

      Bobby, have you heard of the Four Boxes of Liberty?

      1) The Ballot Box
      2) The Jury Box
      3) The Moving Box
      4) And, The Cartridge Box

      In California the first three boxes have failed completely to stop the spread of liberal insanity that has commandeered the state and I am not willing to use the fourth option to solve the problem. I decided to leave in 2002 along with millions of other highly educated tax payers in order to protect my assets from insane liberals and their “wealth distribution” plans.

      I now live among other patriotic, hard working, freedom loving, American tax payers who have a loud voice in our state government and have thus far been able to prevent the spread of liberal insanity. California is a lost cause and any anyone who is still fighting “the good fight” to save it doesn’t realize the war is lost.

      I love California, but I will let it collapse and sink into a polluted, third world, war zone, hell hole. Let the corrupt liberal politicians figure out how to squeeze blood from a stone when the only people left in the state are illegal aliens paying little or no taxes. Let the liberal experiment fail.

      It’s my right to choose not to live under those conditions, and anyone who says I should stay and fight for a lost cause is an idealistic blind idiot.

      You think it’s bad now? Just wait. It’s about to get a whole lot worse. Good Luck, you’re going to need it.

      • Bobby

        You know what? Eighty percent of the people that DIDN’T, that’s right DIDN’T fight in the American Revolution had the same attitude you did. Twenty percent are the ones that made it easy for us. Nothing’s changed. But, make sure to tell the next soldier without legs, “thanks for your service.” Americans have become pathetic, AND I BELIEVE INSIDE YOU AGREE.

        • Gary2

          bobby–you know the 80/20 rule??20% do the work and the 80% talk.

          When all is said and done more is said than done.

          I rest my case!

          • Bobby

            Yeah I know the rule. I suppose I can’t argue with you there Gary.

        • YH

          If you want to quote history, remember that were it not for the intervention and assistance of the French government, the 50% of patriotic Americans fighting against England would have been slaughtered by the British troops and their German Hessian mercenaries.

          What is happening in California is not the Revolutionary War. If you want to engage in a war of attrition surrounded by voters who WANT to drink the cool-aid coming from Sacramento, then fine. Stay there while the lunatic liberals bleed you dry of resources till you are completely useless to anyone especially yourself.

          You don’t seem to understand guy, the deck is completely stacked against you. That’s not being defeatist, that is recognizing a fact. You don’t control anything in California. Take a look at who controls the U.S.-Mexico border in California. The U.S. government, that’s who. You’re not just up against an organized group of Nazi like progressive liberal state politicians, you’re up against the entire corrupted progressive U.S. Federal Government. You are behind enemy lines friend, not someplace I wanted to be when the SHTF and the final lines are drawn.

          When this fight finally comes to a boil, at least I’m in the company of others who will fight and live to fight another day. Barring a massive change in Federal immigration policy that begins to enforces the U.S. immigration laws and removes undocumented aliens from California en mass to provide relief for the state’s decimated resources, the problem will only get worst Bobby. All the talk in the world will not change that. You are being bled dry by design. Sooner or later you will come to realize that fact. Good Luck.

        • YourBetter

          TO correct your ignorance, the American revolutionary war was fought and won by only 3% of the population, not 20%. This fact is evidence of the failure of California to properly educate you about our history. And it’s further evidence of your ignorance to educate yourself.

      • Mextard1560SAT1993

        Blame “teh liberuhls” all you want, but the reality is that California (and the country) went down the drain during CONSERVATIVE administrations. Wake the ****** up: it is DEregulation of corporations and finance that has allowed the rich to TAKE from the poor–including YOU–and from the state creating the decay that you see around.

        (Feh, why am I even wasting my time with these idiots??)

        • YourBetter

          Hey, mextard, how appropriately named. The fall of California is due to illegal immigration from filthy, degenerate, ignorant countries, like yours. Take notice: All the money spent from all presidents from Washington to Bush has been spent in four year’s by Obama. And you can’t take from the poor, you can only control them and utilize them as slave labor. But I digress. Obama has instituted a policy of criminality in America wherein every citizen, rich or poor, will soon be viewed as a criminal. I don’t advocate Obamacare, but the beauty of it will make all but those who actually have a job with insurance a criminal. AND YOU BETTER TAKE NOTE THEN: Ever fail to pay a traffic violation? They issue a misdemeanor arrest warrant for failure to appear in court. Now…the fine for failure to carry insurance will be $5,000.00 and, most likely a federal felony as anything above $3,500.00 is classified as a felony. Can’t wait until all the mexitards fail to pay this fine. It will create an industry unto itself. Still think “back-door” naturalization was a good thing? AHAHAHAHAHAHAH You were set-up, walked into this brilliant plan, with eyes wide open believing it to be in YOUR best interest! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA And now, they know who and where you are thanks to the fact you applied for assistance. Study history for a billionth of a second and recognize what they’re really done. But you won’t.

          P.S.: mexitard, going to remember that one! How true, how true.

  • Bobby

    Why hasn’t all of Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, and every city council that enables illegal immigration been jailed for treason yet? Why aren’t state Senators Boxer and Feinstein behind bars? These are the relevant questions Californians and all Americans should be asking themselves. Not what time is the game on?

    • Justin

      I believe Obummer wants the votes of the Mexican people, that is my opinion why there are so many freebe’s for the illegals. Sad.

    • Good to see you, pal.

    • SupvBuckstopshere Ward

      Bobby: The leadership in these 3 (cities/counties) is comprised of the very groups of illegals that our leadership in fact is! Everybody’s a brother but maybe its a different mother. We have a broken system of checks and balances within our current government status because you have 3 levels of government (fed state & local) making decisions independently from one another whereby the rules they make, that the sooner the chances are for conflict within the levels particularly when imposing the penalties some of the punishments bring; at least according to which direction you interpret was is written.

      We have two senators who view the law from angle like a street person views a small cup of coffee on a cold morning. They are from the set that answers the law with a personal check with a l followed by as many zeroes as the as the poor chances of afforing that cup of coffee. Think of it as not being what you know as who you know in the society we have rapidly become upon departure of any employment less than highly skilled to offer our recent college graduates.
      Senators and Boxer and Feinstein are the belief that the more stupid fuckin immmigrants they lure into the contiguous 48 states, the better for them because its more consumers to absorb all the production that is pouring in here as fast ships are being unloaded in the busiest ports in the world.

      The what time does the game start? is about keeping the masses attention drawn away from whtat these policy makers have employed to ease them into shoving this into law faster so that should anyone with a modest level of intelligence try to intervene it will be too late as it will already be occurring. Don’t worry about who’s going to the Series or the Superbowl when you have our elected representatives committing of treason, grand theft, posturing, purgery and other heinous crims.

      What California and the rest of the country really need to start asking themselves is what it checks and balances in our system to prevent a socialist takeover or a complete of morals in accordance to the rights and liberties we were intended to enjoy and be protected by with Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. Those are document the two U.S. Senators from California are seeking to overthrow with their lavish tax dollar expenditures to assure these frankly unentitled get all they can for free.

  • Craig

    If you are still living in California you deserve what you get. I was in the Navy stationed at Concorde Naval Weapons Station in 1996. I am a resident of New Mexico where I planned to go back when I retired (Thank God I did) As a military resident of New Mexico I paid taxes to my home state. California sent me a bill telling me that I owed California some thousands of dollars in state taxes and that I had to register my car in CA and had ten days to comply. I called the 800 number on the letter and told them that what they were doing was a violation of federal law, namely the “Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act of 1945”. I told the nice lady that I was retiring in about a year and that I would be returning to my state of record and to tell the director of their tax agency that he or she can kiss my ass and that I would never pay CA even 1 dime. I haven’t and I’ve never heard from them again. I later learned that the Feds found out what they were trying to do and put the kibash on it because it was illegal.

  • Bobby

    Here is the reason this article is MOOT. YES, MOOT AS MOOT CAN BE. Most people are aware of the points made here. THEY ARE NOTHING BUT THE SYMPTOM AND NOT THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEMS. The CAUSE, is the American citizens laziness, unwillingness to OUST corrupt politicians because of STUPID PARTY AFFILIATIONS,ETC. THE “CAUSE” IS WITHIN US, and whether ONE, OR A THOUSAND such articles are written won’t change a thing,BECAUSE “WE” NEED TO CHANGE.

    • YH

      Bobby, wake up and get off your soap box, and look around you. Who do you think are voting these political Nazis into office??? Your fellow liberal idiot Nazi Californians, that’s who! That’s who you are up against. Don’t blame the politicians for their insane liberal agendas; blame the brain dead, liberal, Nazi, wealth distribution loving, bleeding heart California voters who are voting these narcissistic criminal @$$holes into office.

  • Bobby

    Point number 1# of this article says,

    “California is run by elitist control freaks that have no common sense at all.”

    SORRY, ONLY HALF CREDIT. THEY ARE CONTROL FREAKS, BUT BOXER,FEINSTEIN,and the rest of Sacramento have common sense, they are using it to ENRICH THEMSELVES. Feinstein alone, has commited so many improprieties, if not outright criminality when she keeps putting issues on the table that KEEP BENEFITTING HER AND HER HUSBANDS BUSINESSES. Yet, has the public fired her? NOT FOR EIGHTEEN PLUS YEARS. Oh, these elites have all the COMMON SENSE IN THE WOLRLD, IT’S THE VOTERS THAT DON’T.

    • MMN

      Bobby, using public policy to benefit their pocket book is not common sense, the word for it is unethical…or shady….
      duplicitous…..deceptive, …..dishonest….certainly not common sense.

      • Bobby

        I agree, but I’m saying that is their view, they believe they are not doing anything wrong at all.

  • As soon as i saw the title of this article I knew that a good portion of it would be dedicated to bagging on the mexicans and blaming them for most of the problems.
    I was born and raised in this state and it humors me to read all these apocalyptic articles written by people who don’t live here and who,s agenda is to promote discontent and peddle fear. Just look at the name of this website.
    If your american dream is to return to some idyllic time in the history of the U.S. when white folk had all the advantages and black and brown people were relegated to being ditch diggers and trash collectors then I rejoice thaqt it is the end of your american dream. And good riddance.
    I encourage all you frightened white folk to leave and find greener pastures in some other state. Speaking as a Mexican I have to say, no one ever invited you all to come here in the first place.
    California has many problems, but they’re no worse than the rest of the country, and most of those red states that you all like to lift up as paragons of virtue and examples of how this country should be governed are net recipients of federal largesse.
    That is they receive much more money from the govt. that they despise than they pay in fed. taxes.
    California on the other hand pays more in taxes than they receive back from the fed. govt. as do the vast majority of the blue states that people of your ilk love to villify.And frankly, as a hard working, taxpaying,California resident of Mexican descent I’m getting awful tired of contributing to a bunch of racist whiners that can’t pull their own weight.
    California is inhabited in large part by Mexican people, always has been and always will be. Until the good lord decides otherwise. So if you don’t like it or feel threatened by it I encourage you to leave and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Jerry

      “Speaking as a MEXICAN”. WTF. You said you were born in Calif, but you consider yourself a MEXICAN? What happened to being proud of speaking as an AMERICAN? As for not being “invited” here, most of you Mexicanos are derived from Spanish stock so who invited you? You so proud of being Mexican, don’t let the door hit you too hard on your way back south.

    • Bobby

      When white folk had all the advantages.

      You flake. Even before you wrote that sentence I knew where you were going. Listen,CLOWN, and listen good. “WHITE FOLK” AS YOU SO DERISEVLEY CALL US, BUILT THE WHOLE MODERN UNITTED STATES OF AMERICA, WHEN THERE WAS NO UNIONS, NO CHILD LABOR LAWS, AND NO MEDICAL BENEFITS OR FORTY HOUR WORK WEEK. What leftist rock did you crawl out from under?

    • Bobby

      P.S. Your thinking is inverted clown. All Mexicans ever did for me in California,my home state and which I grew up in, was steal half the things I ever owned. Car, tape deck, bike,etc. I don’t owe them squat,the owe me.

    • Bobby

      Chico, white folk, did the greater part in building this whole nation that your rear end now resides so comfortably in. “White folk” worked in the factories of the industrial revolution, dirty, hot, dangerous places. They had no forty hour work week, no child labor laws, no medical care, and got lung diseases and fell to horrible accidents, many deadly in those factories. In the midwest “white folk” busted the sod on the plains states, in the hot sun, from morning to night to feed themselves and a growing nation. They built the factories, bridges, airports, skyscrapers, roads, in fact, the whole infrastructure you now take advantage of. They were the ones with the dirty jobs, with the shovels and picks, and axes. You need to read some history of the U.S. before you shoot your ignorant racist mouth off.

      • YOU need to read some actual history. Your ignorance is pathetic.

    • Marilynn

      Lepew, you forgot to mention that Mexican farmers were forced off the land that their fathers once farmed when the irrigation water dried up… thanks to the damming of the Colorado River, which used to flow into Mexico. In fact, many of southern Cali’s woes, although not related to the Colorado River, are directly attributable to the water wars waged by politicians and corporations long before Mexican immigrants became a “problem.”

      There is also a history of legitimate workers from Mexico in the 1900s who were screwed by the controlling elites that promised remuneration for their labor, but who never paid up.

      There is no denying the problem of Mexican gang bangers, but saying that all Mexicans fit that description is like saying that all Italians are mafia hitmen. Too many people are anxious to blame our collective problems on a particular race or nationality or religion. Simplistic, wrong-headed, and just plain dangerous.

      California is in trouble, but so is just about every other state in this sorry nation.

      • Art

        Marilyn, if this nation is so sorry, why are you still sticking around. Have you bled for it, as many of your friends and family? Some even gave their lives.
        I blam most of what is wrong with this country, because anly about a third of us vote. If you haven’t voted, than
        “PLEASE SHUT up” !!!!

    • S

      Lol, Whites are leaving, don’t you worry. And what’s the end result? California is beginning to look like your homeland, Mexico. Viva La Mexico, right?

      If you like living in a filthy slum so much, maybe you and your kin should go back to it, before Whites finally grow a backbone and *make* you go back. Trust me, that day is approaching quicker than you think. Gringo’s won’t cower forever ;)

      @White People;

      You can’t run from this problem. You can’t ignore it, or wish it away. It’s infected the entire country, from top to bottom. Society is in a death spin and it won’t recover. This is IT. Quit running, stand and fight. Soon, you’ll have no where to run to. Then what will you do?

      Don’t want to hear it from me? Here’s someone you might listen to;


      What would your forefathers think of your cowardly flight? Did they fight and die in vein?

      • Bobby

        Thanks for reaffirming my lack of faith in my fellow,California “citizens.” I still say they’re pathetic, because they accept being forced out of a part of their OWN COUNTRY. And people wonder why Americans are so screwed up and have a basic “I got mine philosophy.” Idiots.

    • socal original

      As a Californian of Mexican decent as well, I am disappointed about the large illegal population in California. When my grandparents “crossed” the border “legally” and became US citizens over time, they did it the correct way. That is not the case today. Instead the undocumented people just use the services that our Government gives them and any other handouts and entitlements the liberals want to give them. That is why our education system has imploded, our state taxes have increased, our medical costs have increased….this has to stop now. Jerry Brown needs to go as well as Boxer, Feinstein,Pelosi and Obama. Maybe the Big One needs to hit. Level this place and have a do over…..

    • gary2

      Stop Wait–no facts are allowed on this site. It will offend the conservatives as they are mostly racsist homophobes.

      You are deflating their wrong headed world view! Pointing out that the blue states support the red states is paramount to treason!

      How dare you! :)

      • Bobby

        Ha.ha ha. “The blue states support the red states.”

        Oh, yeah, with what, Wall Street derivatives and printed funny money. If the “blue” states disappeared tommorow, the red states woudn’t even notice. North Dakota has banks that are honest and solvent, vs. the broke banks of the blue states. You clowns just don’t realize this yet. But you will.

        • Gary2

          Bobby–it is simply a fact you can Google for yourself to see that the blue states WAY support the red states,

          BTW I am white and yes conservatives are mostly racsist homophobes.

          • Bobby

            Gary, I was about to take you seriously until your last line. Then you lost all credibility Gary.You see, I’m not a conservative or liberal and never have been. I was the guy that always voted for honest people like Ralph Nader. You know, someone that actually DID SOMETHING ONCE FOR THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. As for gays, I haven’t the slightest thing against them as long as they don’t bother me. You can continue to play the liberal vs. conservative game, I find it vacuous and irrelevant. This nation is far beyond having its problems solved by either of the two main corrupt political parties. You see, neither of them have the sligtest respect for U.S. laws, and that means the citizens are in serious trouble. But you two party people can’t see this and never will until it all comes down on you. Peace.

        • Gary2

          North Dakota has state owned banks–socialism! ha ha

          • Bobby

            They aren’t state owned that’s a lie.

        • Gay Veteran

          oh really? red states receive more Federal money than they pay in Federal taxes, unlike the blue states

          so who is the parasite?

      • SandraO

        Gary2 labels anyone who disagrees with him as a racist homophobe? Gary2 sounds like a typical white feminized male Democrat who suffers from AIDS dementia. He should be taxed for his stupidity!

    • Bobby

      How come this jerk gets to diss “white folk” but you erase the comments where I challange his/her racist butt?

      • YourBetter

        Because this website, like all in existence, are controlled by a fear of speaking the truth. No matter what this website espouses, it is till cowardly and controlled by unfair practices and caters to the minority as if they’re above the majority, beyond reproach and without fault. They’re truly special, these minorities.

        But like all fad’s this will pass. For when the powers, principalities, thrones and dominion’s come for them, there will be no one who will stand-up for them. Who would? They are enabling our down-fall, so when it happens, thankfully, the minority base will be the first to be subjected to a tyranny not seen since the U.S.S.R., East Germany, Red China, Nazi Germany. At least we can relish this one boon of a horrible future.

  • Former Californian

    We were forced out of CA in 2003 because of the far-left mentality of “taxing the rich” while the leftist politicians in Sacramento were turning over every rock to find more ways to tax the productive, law-abiding citizen while illegal aliens were being catered to and paid for by taxpayers. The thinking by politicians in CA is upside down. “Taxing the rich” is a Marxist scheme that never works. Look at Europe.

    The state is much worse off today than it was the day we left. I don’t know how much more money they can squeeze from a stone before the whole state collapses into itself. People who love it – they’ll always make excuses for it, but hardworking people will not put up with being abused by the politicians and their grandiose ideas for a “fair and just” society. “Fair and just” for some, but not for all.

    • gary

      The state will not collapse unless you consider a Fed Bailout to be faiure.

  • Wayman

    Thats what happens when you vote leftists into office. Welcome to the Communist state of CA where there is a law and a tax for *everything* except the illegal immagrents who vote for such leftists. So much for freedom. Remember…..as California goes…so goes the rest of the United States. Its only a matter of time. Those leaving CA will move to more Free states and vote the same type of people into office again.

    • Bobby

      Wayman, DON’T LET THEM DO IT!!

    • gary

      This reminds me of those who move up the pacific coast from LA to avoid the big box mentality. Then they vote for Wal-Mart and Home Depot.

  • You forgot #17 – You can’t get a gun permit to defend yourself against the crime wave. This is nothing more than a takeover and invasion by the liberals and illegals – coming to a state near you after they trash California. And don’t think we won’t be paying to bail them out. If you love your freedom, fight for it now.

  • Harold

    Ken – who wrote a blog on transfering a bush for $215 pretty much sizes up the problem. I was born in Pomona, of which; is now broke. I moved out of the area years ago as I could see where the state was heading. I still have relatives that are self employed and run their businesses in the state, and they all tell me they are over regulated and just cannot make a buck due to government regulations and fines. When government has more people (51%) working for some type of government agency (city, state, county,or federal etc) then something has to break. The 49% cannot bear the burden of supporting the 51%. What would solve the problems – a very easy answer. First de-regulate the regulations. Second, send all illegals back across the border. Three, sub out most of all the services to private enterprise. ( need a new road, -make it a bid process to those self employed, need a police department, sub it out to a private police frm, need fire protection, sub it out to a private firm etc) Someone in the above blogs mentioned how power crazy the government has become and this is no surprise when your vote put them in office. The question is – are there enough responsible people left to vote the current leaders out of office? Sorry, but I do not see that happening, and I suggest you join the exit and go to a more favorable envirnment. Bye, Bye California….

    • S

      “vote the current leaders out”

      There’s the problem. Voting. Democracy.

      Hoping to vote the problem away at this stage is like trying to talk yourself out of a fight. After you’ve been punched in the face several times and are bleeding all over. How long before you quit talking and seek other means of resolving the issue?

      Voting or fleeing; the problem will continue anyways. And you WILL lose, guaranteed.

    • LP

      Sub out police are you crazy…
      Sub out fire ummmm noooo
      Sub some services with in house
      oversight I do agree.

  • Ferb

    How about the “Bullet Button” ? Theres a real gem for ya!

  • art

    I have lived in CA for over 40 years and agree that in general it was better when I arrived. Now the smog level has been reduced, the freeway system has expanded and the cost of living is about the same as it was. Taxes and real estate have always been high. I agree that our idiotic state government is a much greater problem than when I arrived due to unthinking voters who still haven’t figured out their is no free lunch. We have never addressed the water problem. Farmers use about 60% and yet pay only one third the price of home owners. Raise their rates, incentivise drip irrigation etc and this problem can be readily cured. Stop attracting illegals and other poor with the highest welfare payments in the country. Cut back on the absurd pension “handouts” to government employees and in general spending money that you don’t have. We have the best weather, beautiful national parks and in general intelligent people in the country.

    • Angela B

      Art, you are making sense here and your points are thoughtful. I moved to Santa Barbara 20 years ago, and of course it is expensive to live here: it’s a matter of supply and demand. A huge part of the rest of the US is horrible. Crappy weather, ruined environment, primitive social/political attitudes fueled by crackpot religious nutcases and dysfunctional economic climates, etc. California used to be a dream place, and now is decaying. Your solutions would go a long way to slowing the decline…but the real demon I think is exploding human population and the inability of any governing system to defeat the consequent and necessary correction, at local and state levels, as well as all over the world. There are too many of us demanding far too much. Nature will solve all these issues, and she will not be gentle.

    • al

      WELL SAID!

  • Ward Johnson

    I have lived in California for 52 of my 52 years of life. The State of California has been the land of opportunity for nearly all who have come here. However, lawmakers and those who set the rest of the rules have failed one very major step: They have failed to put back into the state what they have taken out. Just like a farm, California has been used up except for dreams and promises of what it once was to those outside who are seeking to obtain that pot of gold has long, long been gone gone. Families don’t survive on single incomes. Thanks to N.A.F.T.A we are no longer a production state. Thanks to not watching our borders we have anyone here no matter what. We have lost the ability to regulate and are now experiencing the return of disease we thought we had conquored here years ago. We pass initiatives like Prop 13 which was a stopgap for property owners only and not the rest of us who are merely renters. California is proud to say that it may no longer be the Golden State, but rather, the nation’s first 3rd World State.

  • Deshellmon

    I grew up just south of Pasadena, CA I have to say it was a nice experience. On several occasions I actually skied and surfed in the same day. For me it began with the need to learn Spanish, then Chinese. I soon found that Southern California was not the place where I could raise my kids in the way I was raised. In the mid 90’s I left and never looked back. Kidfs are all grown up now and think that CA is some kind of heaven, little do they know of the reality I experienced when I was their age.
    Wife and I now live on a large sailing vessel currently in South America. Our only regret is why didn’t we leave CA earlier.

  • illegal mexicans

    yeah you wonder why california ,s going down hill 21 billion on illegal spic mexicans useing califiornia like its mexico, yesterday the swat team busted the mexican mafia with 26 lbs of heroin. thats what the neighborhood said, I saw undercover cops before and after, they are draining california, arizona, and texas to the ground, deport all those ilegal chili, choking pepper magots back to mexico, and take your ankor baby borittos with you.

    • Moron. You obviously can’t write english. You probably read it at the same level. May I suggest you learn Spanish. Its because of morons like you that this state has declined in the past 40 to 50 years. You’re obviously too dumb to vote.

    • al

      if you were hungry you would jump that border yourself.just remember it wasn’t that long ago your great grandparents had to jump more then one border and go across the entire atlantic on a banana boat just to come here as well. many came legally and illegally as well and when they all got here did they ask the Native americans for permission? You think the immmigrants from Europe respected Native American and Mexican lands? Every single treaty signed between the immigrants of Europe and Native Americans has been broken. EVERY SINGLE OF ONE OF THEM. You think you have it bad ask the Native Americans they fared. Remember the trail of tears? Read upon it. The Trail of tears is now happening to you as you all leave California and moving into unused lands and states where guns, fishing poles, marrying your cousin and ignorance still rule. Karma is a bitch

  • The weather’s perfect,but the ground is unstable

  • Bobby

    Apologies, apparently the comments came back, since they needed to be “approved”.

  • txbluebonnet

    You’re asking for it if you DON’T get out sooner rather than later – and it sounds like it’s almost too late already!

    We lived in Pacific Grove for a year in 1973 and we left – it was too expensive there for us – plus we wanted to be closer to our relatives.

    Get while the getting good – and before the state tries to prevent you from leaving!

  • Dan

    Please don’t have any more articles like this. Don’t alert the residents of California that they are living in misery. I don’t want them moving in next to me after they messed up their own state.

    • Amen Dan! I’ve lived in Colorado for 47 years and they’ve moved here and Californicated it!

    • Bobby

      My only regret is that “Americans like you and your wife didn’t leave earlier also. Thank God that you didn’t live at the time of the Alamo. They wouldn’t have gotten any help from you. Happy days. Don’t come back. We need serious American patriots in this country. Personally I’ll take any race or culture, as long as they aren’t fifth columinsts for some other place, like Mexico,for example.

    • Bobby

      Dan, don’t worry wherever you live, you and your fellow citizens, will get lazy, want your lawns cut, baby sitters, dishwashers, and you’ll get them alright, right to the point of bankruptcy.Californias not so special,Americans are lazy, disconnected and unconcerned about their nation from one end to the other. don’t kid yourself.

  • John

    So this is new? LA was corrupt in the 50’s. CA was a nice place to visit years back but not even a free and a large cash payment could force me to get in the state for one day. In every sense of the word it is a good state to be FROM. Back in the 80’s and 90’s you couldn’t walk the streets of San Fran without a queer trying to hit on you, too bad it was a lovely,fun city. It was alwways a pain in the a$$ to conduct business in and now the rest of you know it. Maybe the old joke about it it breaking away due to an earthquake would be the best solution (with all the illegals and gang bangers floating away with it)!!!

    • Gay Veteran

      queer? hey moron, this 2012, not 1912, so take that garage and stuff it

  • tj

    We got out of CA in 1999, saw this coming…..

  • mondobeyondo

    As much as I miss the Mamas and the Papas….
    I’ll miss The Grandchldren even more.

    From California Dreamin’, to California Schemim’…
    to California Take What You Can Get And Run With It!

  • mrbill

    Do what I did. Contact your congressmen and insist that not one damn dime of my taxes be used to bail out these idiots.

  • Julie

    California does have the problems you mention, but I don’t really know where to go that would be an overall improvement. The whole country is plagued by similar problems, so I guess I will just stay put for now.

  • Mad Max

    I was born & raised for half my life in Southern California. The other half in Northern California. From 1955 to 1963, before the freeways took over the state, SoCal was a beautiful place to live. Taking field trips in school, one of many programs cut out of the education system, was a joy to visit dairy farms in Orange County, (yes,they had many of them along Artesia Bl, now the 91 freeway) weekend picnics with all the relatives in areas now riddled with gang related violence. From 1963 to 1966, the family moved to the Sacramento area. Still a “cowtown” with alot of state history with friendly & safe neighborhoods and centrally located to San Francisco & the Sierras. From 1966 to 1972, we moved back to SoCal due to the demands of the Viet Nam war in regards to my fathers’ job. Things were different. Freeways, more people, the “Jet Set” atmosphere, the demands for bigger cars, dirty air. My dad worked in Santa Monica while we lived in the south bay area but had to move up by LAX so he wouldn’t waist 1 1/2 hour on the freeway each way to & from work. His wages didn’t increase that much but housing was sure did due to increasing property taxes, not to mention all the other taxes. My dad retired in 1972 so we moved back to the Sacramento area and what a change for the worse that was. The neighborhood I lived in less than a decade before was populated by Vietnamese refugees, & had many crimes. The high school had racial riots, the whole county lost that “cowtown feeling”. After graduating and entering into the work force, I felt the pain of the economy from 1974 up to this day. During my entire adult life, I stood & watched the very state I was born in crumble to a getto like state. Where farms and ranches once flurished are now paved with asphalt & cement with pot holes the state can’t afford to fix. Now, I am disability retired and cannot find a part time job any where. Use to be in the 70’s & 80’s, one could walk into a business, talk to the owner, fill out a job application, and before you got home you were hired. Now, with all the big box stores headquartered in another state or country, you have to fill out a job app on line, then redo six months later. It’s unfortunate the state has got to this point and many times I ponder the thought of leaving. But as many, I am underwater in my home and can’t afford to leave.

    • European American

      That was a great story, MM.

      I was brought up in Washington State as a youth, but just half way through college I had to satisfy an impulse to return to the state we had almost moved to, back in ’66. That summer we were planning to move to Santa Cruz and so we took a trip there to check it out. I can remember how incredibly beautiful everything was. The girls, the landscape, the sea, the waves, the Beach Boys music blaring from radio’s all over town. I was in Heaven. Unfortunately, we didn’t move and after my second year in college, the impulse was to great and I moved to the Bay area in ’71. It was the tail end of the “good times” of California. I saw the slow melt down take place during the 70’s and eventually had to move out. It’s a sad commentary on how illegal aliens and multiculturalism can break down the very fabric of a once proud community. As much as I’d love to see it return, it never will. It’s gone, it’s over. The “have not’s” and “wanna-bes” are now the majority and it is they who dictate California’s plight. Just read some of the posts in this thread. California is the state of entitlements and the vast majority feel they are owed what is really not and never has been, their’s. But they will get it and deeper into the socialist abyss the state will fall. I’m sorry to say, but Mexico has infiltrated the state and the very consciousness that made Mexico a third world country is now doing the same to California. I don’t blame it on the Mexicans for coming here, we let them. It’s our fault.

      Maybe in a couple hundred years things might be different. But then again, there’s the ‘fuel fleas’ from Fukushima that might postpone the expansion of life in that state as we know it.

  • Crystal

    I lived in California for one year only and left. (I had heard negative things about California but I had to see it for myself. Besides, I’ve always wanted to live in California!!)

    There are places you can go and not hear a word of English. How divisive this is! I remember thinking “How divided this country is now. What happened?”

    When I was nearing a bus depot of a major intercity bus transportation company in Los Angeles for a layover, I looked out the window of the bus and saw gangs everywhere. I had never seen anything like that before. It was scary!

    In the 70’s I had always wanted to move to California, especially Los Angeles. To me, LA was representative of the culture and activity of California in general. I had patiently waited decades before I could afford to move to California. While I did not move to the Los Angeles county area, I still lived in California. How sad to see that it had gone from a “Golden State” to a “Third-World State.”

  • Zapata

    I will share this with ANYONE that will consider how poor conditions have become: American and non-American gangdrugthugs of Asian/Black/Mexican/Central American backgrounds have managed to grow so large in some sectors that a man who currently lives and KNOWs tons about the “underground econmy” in the southern Calif area says there’s so much dread of running afoul of these goons that decent working or looking for work people live in serious FEAR. Where, oh where has the LAW men & women been? It is too much for them alone, maybe the National Guard needs to step up. It’s a crying shame that Madison Avenue and pop TV and gangster rap have helped gloify the worse crap, let’s be totally honest there’s European-American white guys also deep into the drugthuggoon thing as well, some on two-wheels shooting down the highway. Well, the WILD WEST is back and maybe the earthquake of all earthquakes will help clear things up.

  • Leah

    The problems listed are all problems that demonstrate a nation NOT on BENDED KNEE before GOD ALMIGHTY.
    1. We accept sexual immorality as normal. This includes sex outside of marriage, sex with someone other than you spouse after marriage, and g/l/b/t sex.
    2. We fail to obey the commands of God about money. OWE no man. In other words live within your means. We don’t do it as individuals very well and we fail to hold our local, state and federal government to this standard as well.
    3. We fail to uphold God’s law about social welfare. If a man won’t work, that man shouldn’t eat. This does not mean that if a man is to sick to work that we don’t take care of him. It is referring to an able bodied person who sits on their backsides and does nothing while the welfare check comes pouring in.
    I could go on, but those three are pretty sufficient. Why would God want to bless our nation? We pretty much leave HIM out of our lives, except when the poo is hitting the fan, and then we want HIS saving grace, but only on our terms.

  • Chuck K

    Please don’t come to Texas. We don’t need you dumb asses driving up the cost of property by paying to much for homes, and we don’t need your liberal voting to ******* up our state like you did your own.

  • Zactly

    The Commenters as group seem like a mosaic of this state, and those that have left report they are much happier. It will get a lot worse and it will be heartbreaking and brutal in places. Sure it will be happening in many other cities and towns across the country too, but as long as the people remain numb, the future is burnt toast, and California IS a state of mind for many numbs. Good luck with your recruiting Bobbie.

  • mondobeyondo

    Planning to make the 8 hour drive down the Horror Corridor (aka Interstate 10) to Los Angeles in a couple of months. Nice place to visit – wouldn’t want to live there though.

  • ********** and I’m about to move to Los Angeles for work reasons. Pssssttttt

  • Brad Johnson

    I placed a curse upon CA. You got what you deserved. I placed a curse upon a nation of backstabbers. Enjoy.

  • Gay Veteran

    “#12 Political Correctness Runs Rampant In California
    In California, control freaks love to run for public office, and once they get power they love to shove their personal agendas down the throats of everyone else. According to CNSNews.com, one new California law actually makes it mandatory for all public school children to receive instruction on the “role and contributions” that “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans” have played in the “development of California and the United States of America.”

    OH THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You mean kids are taught in history class about people other than white male heterosexuals?!?!?!?

    • BP

      Yeah, what have you ************************ done for the country other than introduce HIV?

      • Gay Veteran

        we help build the country just like everyone else

        HIV? you hets are responsible also

    • Crystal

      Gay Veteran said:”OH THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You mean kids are taught in history class about people other than white male heterosexuals?!?!?!?”

      It was white heterosexual men who founded and established the United States. Not all groups contributed equally to the creation of this country.

      • Gay Veteran

        and slaves built much of the country, including the Capitol Building

  • Invaded in Arizona

    We don’t want all the people from California who are invading our towns either.

  • Mark

    California was once the economic miracle of the nation, when it was Republican of course. It then allowed an army of parasites to invade, treated them as citizens, and gave them as much of other people’s money as they could. A collapsed state is the fruits of this madness. Enjoy it when it happens nationwide. Half pay no taxes and half get some sort of gov’t check. When the currency collapses and starvation comes you lazy degenerates will get what you deserve.

  • I got fed-up about fifteen years ago. I packed my stuff up and moved out, with about $500 and an SUV to my name.

    Everything described in this article is somewhat understated. I grew-up in the San Fernando Valley (SFV), when there was no HUD Housing, farms, ranches, dairies and orchards were present. We had film studios, like Republic Pictures, in Encino, the GM Plant and Hughes Aircraft Company in Van Nuys, Lockheed Aircraft in Burbank, Rocketdyne, in Canoga Park and more Aerospace and Aviation companies that you can shake a stick at. We had Little League fields, one of the finest school systems in the nation Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), where only 5% of the students were on the free lunch Program. Today it has expanded into the breakfast, lunch and dinner, with not only over 85% having their noses in the trough, but LAUSD bragging about it.

    Today, the warehouses that once had assembly and test facilities, and the storage of material, has been converted into porn studios. The tens of thousands of good paying jobs, have disappeared, the City and County of Los Angeles is in the verge of bamkruptcy, but the stae, County and City just keep spending all that money on social services programs.

    I remember when there was no sales tax on gasoline. I remember when the sales tax was 4.5%. Granted that roads and freeways have been built, why does the state seek more from it’s citizens?

    This is not the Southern California I grew-up in. On a recent visit to my folks, I went up to a country club, which I am affiliated with. The dining room cionsisted of people my parents age. It seems all of the succesful children bailed out of California and moved elsewhere. Van Nuys Blvd., which was for cruising on Wednesday nights, has become “Tijuana del Norte.” There is more Spainsh than English Language signage, on “The Boulevard.”

    By the way, I parlayed that $500 and SUV into a great career, have a million dollar home and drive a 2012 Lincoln. Most of my debt is paid off and I am living the good life, outside of DC, in Virginia.

    I guess now I’m considered one of the “1%.” Well, I earned it through industrious labor and nobody handed it to me.

    Risks do have their rewards.

    • Minor correction-
      It should have read “No HUD Housing.” also, the HUD Housing they do have, is aprtments surrounded by Cyclone fencing and topped with barbed wire, around the apartment complexes.

      We did have farms, ranches, dairies and orchards were present. You could walk down a street and pick plums, walnuts or oranges, right off a tree, on your way home from school. We had film studios, like Republic Pictures, in Encino, the GM Plant and Hughes Aircraft Company in Van Nuys, Lockheed Aircraft in Burbank, Rocketdyne, in Canoga Park and more Aerospace and Aviation companies that you can shake a stick at. We had Little League fields, one of the finest school systems in the nation Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), where only 5% of the students were on the free lunch Program. Today it has expanded into the breakfast, lunch and dinner, with not only over 85% having their noses in the trough, but LAUSD bragging about it.

  • Alee

    I never wanted to move to California, but my husband transferred here. I came along. I found the people to be arrogant, selfish, and a bit Nazi-ish. I don’t find the climate all that great. We are looking to find a house in AZ or TX soon and move the heck out of here.

  • Gary2

    In my experience–95% of the conservatives I have the unfortunate need to interact with on a regular basis are racist. They are to a lesser extent homophobes but it is way less than the racist.

  • Flightnurse

    What is this..it seems like it is written by some 12 year old home schooled kid with his 6th grade dropout lower-income-conservative father behind him dictating every word. Leave the state for fear of earthquakes? Are you F-ing kidding me? Where you gunna go? Midwest-Tornadoes. South,gulf coast-Hurricanes.Northeast-Killer snowstorms. And I, for one, am Glad we make CEO’s pay their taxes. This is a GOOD thing; and our schools are bad? You want to see bad schools. Check out Texas. Mississippi.Alabama.Oklahoma.Kansas.Louisiana..’nuff said? And, if our schools are so bad, how ‘come we have the highest percentage of college grads of ANY state?
    The one that made me laugh the hardest, though, was number 1..ALL STATES ARE RUN BY ELITISTS!! Perhaps the author should GO TO CALIFORNIA before writing such an absurd article..

    • Charles

      Well spoken, thank you.

  • Hey Steve..its 2012, not 1975. The Place you describe does not exist ANYWHERE in this country. “Our” Government got rid of that when it sold us all on switching to a “service” economy..and sending ALL blue collar jobs that paid more than minimum and now many white collar jobs overseas..

    My Father was an engineer at Rocketdyne for 24 years..Now all engineering is done in S. Korea. Just as well, with only Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon left in the Aircraft business, there wouldn’t be that many jobs, anyway. This is not unique. look at the Midwest. It has been totally DEVASTATED due to outsourcing. This is not a California problem, it is a corrupt Federal Govt. Problem..

  • Hi Alee, same here. I also never wanted to move to California.

  • Devo

    I think Obama and his cronies have an agenda. It’s all planned. It is to make us ready for a one-world currency with the continent as one, so that’s why illegal immigrants is running rampant. They need chaos to get this done.
    The pieces are in place for their one world system. A curse is on this land and it’s because of our rejection of God’s laws which O. detests.

    • al

      ************.. not the one currency argument again. blah blah blah…

  • girlinworld

    Yep, that’s right: California is HORRIBLE, a HELLHOLE. Get out now!!!

    :) There is no place I and millions of others want to be. Yep, problems, yep, lots of Mexicans and concommitant issues and problems that come with an influx of uneducated, poverty-stricken immigrants who don’t speak English. Who raise and pick YOUR food, btw.

    So, I say: go now everyone.

    p.s. A lot of these 16 are grossly exagerated and/or not true at all.

  • Charles

    I’ve been to CA several times. If you act like human being, you’ll get to live like one.

  • Mark Sivad

    Illegal Aliens are THE problem in Califonia.

  • Straight Veteran of California

    This comment will probably not be posted, and if so, will be deleted shortly, but here goes. I am as happy as I can be that California is experiencing the social tsunami I predicted way back in 1980, when the “authorities” of that even then hellhole-for-some-of-us were grinding me under heel just because it made heels feel good. I told one of the cops, “I have a vision of a great social tsunami that is coming to sweep California away, and I hope its epicenter is right here at the Sacramento County Jail.” He laughed in my face and replied, “We gots all the power, punk, and your ‘tsunami’ gots none!” It looks as if I am getting the last laugh. I wonder if that Sacto cop is laughing in his victims’ faces today and whether he is still calling prophets by that name.

  • Di, Cerrillos,NM

    When we changed from a republic to a democracy, our fate was sealed. Civilizations come and go. Even one as successful as the Roman Empire decayed from within. This one is in decline. It is a shame because it was a dream of freedom from it’s beginning.

    We have accepted certain ‘truths’ that are not true at all. Hitler knew what he was doing when he had water flouridated, it created apathy. People are waking up and asking what happened? We were busy leading our lives and willing to let our politicians lead us into this mess. History repeats. A thorough house cleaning in the next election would be a good start. Stop electing incumbents!!

  • 200,000+ UNlicensed attorneys can’t be all wrong …
    … many became “judges” [sic].


    /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, Private Attorney General

  • 1NativeOregonian

    as an oregonian, sick to death of the influx of california into our state, let me just say, Can we saw it off and let it sink into the pacific now?

  • Sir2You

    You forgot the biggest, and scariest reason; nuclear radiation coming over now from Fukashima. It is spreading all over the US, but on the West Coast in particular. Read more at Above Top Secret.

  • eric

    I wish more people understood what is truly happening in these Government Corporations (ie- cities, municipalities, districts, etc.)!!!

    For everyone’s info, the city of Stockton, CA is NOT broke at all. Simply review their 2010 CAFR, which is on their website, and you will find their Net Asset Value (Net Worth)is in excess of $1.1 Billion!

    That’s right, and furthermore, they have in excess of $178 million in Cash alone.

    If all of the 230,000+ Gov’t Corps CAFR’ers were added together, total assets under their control exceeds $100 Trillion and Net Asset Value exceeds $30 Trillion.

    Simply stated, ALL USA debt could be paid-off and there would still be around $14 Trillion remaining on their balance sheets.

    NOTE to American Dream: STOP lying about these Gov’t corps going broke and get educated about this issue!!!!!

  • Italics Mine

    Is it possible that you don’t understand that the reason things are so bad is because that’s the goal? For instance, when taxes are raised beyond the ability to pay, government seizes the home for non-payment. EZ pickins. Government 1, homeowner 0.

  • Rex

    A prime reason Illegal Aliens are being treated like such sacred cows is because of the plans of the NAU (N. American Union) and SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) to MERGE: Canada, the USA and Mexico together.

    RECONQUISTA-AZTLAN (the plan to reclaim the former Mexican territory ranging from CA to CO-TX) is being taught in our schools at the higher levels through: Hispanic, Latino, Mex-American studies and chapters of LA RAZA and MEChA.

    This RECONQUISTA-AZTLAN is being piggybacked onto the NAU-SPP.

    This NAU-SPP is a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT scheme to destroy all national sovereignity across this planet and to merge the former nations into blocs.

    The EU (European Union) was first. We’re next with the NAU-SPP and many USA Politicians (at all government levels) are in on this plan.

  • Rex

    AGENDA 21-ICLEI-the CLUB of ROME and the UN are also very active in CA.

    AGENDA 21-ICLEI (the U.N.-GLOBAL GOVERNMENT) is what is behind all the the Wordsmithing of (“SUSTAINABILITY,” Climate Change, Global Warming, Going Green, Smart Growth and Smart Meters-Grids). Smart Growth is about removing most people off the land and packed into cities.

    AGENDA 21-ICLEI is also about control of water, food and herbs, NO Private Property and DEPOPULATION. If you don’t believe me about DEPOPULATION, then plese check out the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES–which are in Elberton, Georgia, USA.

    TRAVEL Restriction is also another goal of AGENDA 21. That’s why so much emphasis is being placed on Trains and bikes. (Look at that expensive Bullet Train and Critical Mass in San Francisco).

    CARBON FOOTPRINT-VALUE ADDED TAXES: AGENDA 21-ICLEI is also behind the scheme of taxing us for the Carbon Footprint-Value added taxes.


    KLIV RADIO gives a regular voice to CARL GUARDINO of the SILICON VALLEY LEADERSHIP GROUP (he’s hosted live once a week, there’s a repeat of that show on Saturdays at noon and he plugs events and “Food for Thought.”

    SHILOH BALLARD (ICLEI) who “cares” so much for the environment also pushed for FLUORIDE into SAN JOSE’s water supply. She also mentioned that dentists support FLUORIDATION.

    Q: I have to ask: Why did she listen to dentists who still insist on putting toxic mercury in our mouths while we are constantly warned not to eat any fish in any waters emanating from the Almaden Quicksilver mines? Doesn’t SHILOH BALLARD also know Fluoride is toxic, lowers the IQ, makes bones brittle and makes the population docile and that the NAZIS used Fluoride on their targeted populations?

    CLIMATE CHANGE-GLOBAL WARMING (but ignores Blatant WEATHER MANIPULATION via CHEM TRAILS): We also hear constantly about Climate Change, but then our skies are constantly sprayed with CHEM TRAILS.

    TO LEARN MORE TO OPPOSE AGENDA 21-ICLEI: Please check out MICHAEL SHAW and ROSA KOIRE. Ms. KOIRE also mentioned that the supporters of AGENDA 21-ICLEI who hold meetings and invite people to their meetings use the DELPHI TECHNIQUE. It’s called the (DELPHI TECHNIQUE) and the RAND CORPORATION created the DELPHI TECHNIQUE.

  • Rex

    MULTICULTURISM is also pushed in a major way here as well as ENGLISH just isn’t heard much any more in my area.

    While it’s great to know another language, there should be a uniting tongue and it’s bad when stores like TARGET advertise on their doors and kiosks for filling out applictions to work at their stores (in SPANISH).

  • Rex

    Lastly, we had a disasterous HOUSING BUBBLE. The FEDERAL RESERVE (actually private centered in the City of London, England-also responsible for causing Greece’s problems in combo with European Banksters)and the Banksters DELIBERATELY Crashed our economy by causing the Housing Bubble and Derivatives fiasco.

    None of these FED RESERVE Members and Banksters have been accountable and none are in jail yet for their crimes.

    I’ve written a few times to my politicians and to Gov. Gerry Brown, but no avail of course.

    What’s amazing to me though is that people still keep going to these “Too-Big-to-fail” Banksters instead of boycotting them and avoiding them. Why do the people tolerate these criminal banks like CitiGroup, Wells Fargo and BofA? Why aren’t these Banksters in jail? At the very least, they should be treated like the Plaque and leprosy, but the people keep coming anyway.

  • paschn

    The solution is so simple, yet, as usual the sheeple can’t quite seem to grasp it. You have a Fed government that has become nothing more than a huge, incompetent extension of a foreign nation,(Israel), taking this country from one war to the next to benefit them, the laws they force on sovereign states are inept, incompetent and harmful. Simple solution, (for ALL states)? Put the “beast” out of our misery….secede from the Union, collaborate with states adjacent and form independant republics. Consider how the “old” republic used loop-holes and ignorant citizenry to destroy our nation, block/remove those loopholes and form a better one. The only direction continued support for this failed mess is DOWN.

  • Harry

    Yes, the decline started with the long ago passage of Jarvis amendment, also known as Proposition 13. This law stopped the government from raising property taxes, thus setting up a 2 tier property tax system which was to protect homeowners from being taxed out of their homes.
    This of course was followed by a 2000% increase in home values, thus really screwing those who have bought in the last 20 years.
    I speak as a second generation California native. And my family left long ago.

  • anthony

    I grew up in california, moved away 20 years ago, moved back there 2 years ago and left again. California SUCKS now. The cost to buy a house is too much, the cost to rent is sky high. The worst part about california is that the mexican’s have pretty much taken over california. The school my son went to was 96% mexican and my son was being called ” white boy”, “whitey” and some other names that were worse. The state name should be named calimexico. California SUCKS!

    • Ward Johnson

      One small favor, as you are leaving California for the last time and seeing that proverbial Welcome to California sign in your rearview mirror disappearing and you accelerate into Nevada, would you kindly take 1,000 undocumented illegal aliens along with you because the rest of whiteys don’t like them either.

  • Mike V

    Business Friendly California?

    I started an LLC in california last year and the first piece of paper was one of the following:

    a) Welcome to Business in California
    b) if your LLC doesn’t pay it’s taxes, you are personally liable

    Golden state my @55 !!

  • Wayne

    What a whiner.

    Try living somewhere that has had generations of hardship, like where I grew up: appalachia.

    Living in California has been heaven compared to the future I would have faced back “home” (I left in 1979).

    But by all means, vote with your feet.

  • James Kennedy

    If California were a stock, Warren Buffett would be buying it like crazy and hoping no one realizez how cyclical California’s problems really are. Crime in many cities in So Cal is already declining. illegal Mexican immigration is declining, Support for laws like Arizona’s Immigration enforcement law, are increasing, and ever more people are waking up to the realization that there have to be limits to government spending. At the end of the day, California is where the sun is, where the creators are, and where the next big idea is going to be created. To leave California now is like selling IBM when the Depression was already ended.

    • Um… no. CA is simply not a competitive place for growth in a global environment. When new tech hubs are springing up in India and China (where engineers make 20% of US wages but live like the top 1% here) how can CA compete? In CA, you have to pay an engineer $150k a year just so they can rent a dumpy 1000 sq foot house and be a one-car family. Silicon valley is the most *expensive* place to live and operate a biz in the US. Smart companies will learn they need to put their US operations in other US locations where they can pay workers less and make they happier at the same time. Employees will have a higher quality of life on lower wages, because their expenses and taxes are much lower. Win-win for companies and employees. The only reason tech start-ups are still found in SJ is because the old school VC’s are still there. That is changing. The head winds in CA are way to strong to be ignored.

  • Mr. Zheng

    It’s too late now, but California and the whole nation needs to export the Mexicans back to Mexico. Tell them if they come back, we will imprison or shoot them. Big a huge wall from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico.

    I am an American citizen living in a foreign country. I like said foreign country. However, I have to follow the rules and laws here and have the correct visa so I can stay. I can’t just stay without their permission or I will be deported and not allowed back. In the USA, the illegal can stay, get food stamps, their kids can go to public school and everything else. This is what is ruining California.

    Government does not work well. It just doesn’t even in the best of circumstances. The more the government taxes, the less that the people themselves have to save, or better yet use for commerce which makes businesses grow and thrive. Duh. Small government, minimal taxation, school choice, minimum regulations except to protect the citizenry (Cops, Firemen, Marine Corps, OSHA, EPA and Air traffic controllers is all that America should pay for. Everything else can be privitized.

    This was a few years ago, but there was a story about a guy with a family who was making $100,000 a year in the Bay area and could not afford a house. Supposedly his kids were little terrors and somehow got on some landlord blacklist so they could not rent anywhere. So this poor bastard and his family are living in motels like methheads.

    There is no excuse that California should be like this. None. This is the wealthiest state in the nation. The government has robbed the people and allowed millions of pests to eat all the harvest.

    • al

      if you were hungry along with your family you would be move too. ilegally. hunger is a bitch!

  • Kevin Beck

    California will probably get exactly what it deserves, and they’ll get it good and hard.

    It’s been said that it’s always darkest before the dawn. Yet California finds a way for it to keep getting darker. Soon there will not be a dawn….

  • Alfred Scoma

    The California neighborhood I grew up in was quiet and friendly. As the years went by, the riff raff started moving in and the problems began. Gangs, graffiti, burglaries, drugs and then the murders started. I literally capture the murder of my neighbor on video. The beautiful town of La Puente, turned into to a dope ridden, third world, Hispanic hell hole (I’m Latino). If you simply look at someone the “wrong” way, you risk being assaulted or killed. So nobody looks at each other. It’s beyond disturbing. Not only am I leaving California, I’m leaving the US for Europe. I’ll take my chances over there.

  • Nancy Schrader

    I left the Union of Socialist Kalifornia on the “DAY” I retired. I had to get away from the cowardly gangs, young children 8-12 years old walking around pregnant, and illegal trespassers draining the State dry. I never go back into that hell-hole and never will. When our community see’s a vehicle with the Kalifornia flags on it, we run them off. Kalifornians are NOT welcome in our community, Town or State. We don’t need your filth and gang-scum. Our kids dress like NORMAL people, their clothes “FIT”, their shoes are useful and not a gang statement and the radios don’t play “KRAP”. Kids that think the gangs are kool are taken to the Prison and shown what they will look like if they don’t follow their parents rules. There are NO democrats in our town. NONE ! ! We have a balanced budget, good schools, practicing religious families that are Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Jews and we ALL get along just fine. BTW, I grew up in this Town and the people know me and my family, and that is the ONLY reason I was allowed back. You Liberal Nazi slobs will never get a hold on OUR Town, not now or ever. We have the one thing you can’t live with, GOD.

    • Your ignorance is stupefying. Please define a liberal-nazI ???????

    • Corpsman

      Dear Nancy;
      I live in California and would like to know where you live. I’ll bet that where ever it is there is an embilical cord that goes all the way to Sacramento. Don’t feel bad i have a Calpers retirement too, I hope everything works out in Sacramento either that or I may have to go back to work.

  • What is absolutely amazing is that everybody seems to know that California, (and many other states like it), are in the mess they are in because of Government program and entitlements, yet the people continue to elect politicians that are addicted to those programs and entitlements. More than 50% of voters now get Government help. Why would anyone vote for a politician that want fiscal responsibility?

    • al

      good point

  • Jeanne

    I have read through about 1/2 of these comments, looking to see if anyone mentioned the “Diane Sawyer”, ABC investigative report (ya, they actually investigeated this one, must have been on vacation for 4 years) on the building of a new bridge in San Francisco/Oakland area, going over the Bay. This was a “shovle ready” project that our “Stimulus Money” went to that U.S. taxpayers are paying for. Remember the ones Pres O’Bama said would put Americans back to work? Well I guess you missed this one since no one mentioned it….in the report, interviews were shown with the State of California Dept that accepted the bids for this project. They showed that a Chinese state controlled company “won” the bid, using Chinese workers that are either living here or have been brought over. And they said one of the MAIN reasons was that American Companies “don’t have enough welders” to fill the positions! (I guess they mean union welders) as I know a lot of unemployed welders and steel workers in AZ alone (including my husband) that could have been hired and I am sure many other states would have available welders, too. There is a federal law that is supposed to help “equalize” their chance of getting these bids when foreign companies bring over “cheaper” labor but it is not being enforced (That came from the report too, it is not my ramblings) How about retraining many of the unemployed of California to do a skill that can be used in these “shovel ready” projects? We have lots of unemployed veterans who would love to work in a “physical” type job but with construction down, it is hard to find those jobs. Also, with an “aging” society, that group cant do the physical work but needs the services that many can provide if trained or retrained. It was California’s government sector that let this happen. Doesn’t China get enough of our money than to take our jobs too?

  • Billy Club

    I love California. Just do your job and no one will bother you.
    I have worked in LA for 10 years with no problem what so ever.
    I’m a Tail gunner on a Budweiser Truck in East LA.

  • Packing

    17th Reason – California DMV Offices…

  • Billy the heretic

    California is being turned into Mexico because there are so many Mexican’s. Mexico is a rotten place to live because the people there make it so. The same is happening to california.

  • Sean

    Here is the reason why California became the biggest fiscal mess on the planet: It is not a Democrats or Republicans issue. It is fiscal irresponsibility on both sides. What happened was is that the California government has not invested in any time and energy for good things such as helping people to get back jobs and if not, help people to start businesses. Also, they need to invest in programs which will create modern rail/infrastructure systems and get them going ASAP, rather then constantly expanding the freeway lanes and causing more clogged freeways (Los Angeles and San Diego are famous for clogged traffic, but Los Angeles is much worse). Another thing is spending money on useless stuff, such as expanding freeways, bailing out failing Lawyers (due to the anarchic legal system in California), as well as not controlling the anarchic financial system. Republicans whine about how Democrats caused a huge fiscal mess in California. Look at Arnold Schwartzenegger, he supported the mass expansion of government, jacked up taxes for people with average/working incomes, spent money on useless investments in the state economy, and substantially increased the debt ceiling. FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILITY AND STUPIDITY IS RAMPANT FOR BOTH DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS AND INDEPENDENTS.

    The problem was is that California let in a huge influx of people from other states and countries, by being inable to control the mass waves of population coming in. Also, people were not able to control the state budget either and spent money on bailouts of unncessary things such as saving lawyers and bankers from dumb decisions, rather then enhancing business, creating jobs, investing in infrastucture, reducing unemployment, helping people find accessable ways to get work, enhacing educational systems and so on. It is all these lobbyist groups who control Sacramento and Washington which are tied with businesses which get involved with shady/weird business practices and cause the economy to be screwed up, that’s why. There are many Liberal States that are not a mess. Look at Colorado, Oregon and Washington. They are doing just fine.

  • Gary

    I moved from California to Washington 6 years ago. It was the worst mistake that I ever made. Californians do not do well in other states. You think the People are better in Seattle or Tacoma than in San Francisco? Ha Ha What a joke! i will take the Mexican crowd any day over these schmucks! Give me back the flea market please! where is the Sunshine? Oh and the crime? The worst strangest sickest stuff in the world is all happening in the great state of Washington.I worked in the worst areas of Oakland and S.F. and I say the same thing to everyone that slams California. Shut Up Man, you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. California is the best hand down!

  • Tina

    I was born and raised in California.

    I remember when California was a great place to live.

    Now it’s a rathole. Everone I know wants to leave. I can’t leave: family and friends are HERE, and I can’t go anywhere.

    The illegal Mexican assholes rule the scene here.

  • tom

    Have no desire of ever going there.

  • This guy

    California isn’t the only ones with gangs, natural disasters, illegal immigrants( you rasisct assholes), or homeless people. What about the east I’m sure they have tons of hobos and hurricanes, Hurricane Issac. And the middle states have tornados. And pretty much every state are having money problems.

  • JustanOguy

    And some of the same loony left wing arseholes that helped wreck California have been flooding Nevada..

  • Look, you people deserve everything you’re getting out in old CA. You vote the same stupid Democrats in to office time and time again, so that’s what you get. That’s what they have to offer, like Obama ……. absolutely nothing but destruction to our country and to your state. Elections have consequences and for two long you guys out there put them right back in office. Now it might be too late. You did it to yourselves!

  • Blaming it on the illegals is the easiest thing to do, but the fact of the matter is tha whites have declined to the point of being a sad spectacle here in California. Tatoos, meth, laziness, no family structure, abandoning their kids, no discipline, no want for education and the greatest and saddest of all, they want to get paid wihtout having to do any work. Thw decline of the white people here is the real reason why California has gone down hill. Mexicans here are the ones doing the work and not getting paid what they earn. Whites are living in a fantasy world that they are the best and that this is their Gog giveng right to be on top no matter how stupid they are or how lazy they get. The only place I see white people working hard is at the gym just to look good. Everywhere else they are to good to shed some sweat. It is pathetic to see how low they have fallen and how high they are on themselves. Wake up and stop blaming the mexicans. The mexicans don’t run the state, they don’t own the land and they sure don’t make the laws that have crippled Califonia. If anything one of the things that has held this state from collapse is the fact that they are still willing to sacrifice everything for a chance to work here. One day they will stop coming and then you will have yourselves to blame for whta happens here.

    • micki

      That’s funny I go to work every day & I’m not Mexican.

  • Jim

    Ok, lets get this straight. The “Mexicans do run California.” Mayor of LA, Speaker of the Assembly, etc. All children of immigrants. There is a deep-seated sense among the Hispanic population here that California was taken from Mexico illegally and they are entitled to control it. Then, the public employees unions are controlling a majority of elected officials through electoral support. Ben Franklin said “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” The end has arrived. For those of you who say “work toward change…” I say the numbers of tax, borrow, spend and give us benefits voters is overwhelming. No one is willing to sacrifice. Universal government-backed cradle-to-grave education & health care, ever-rising minimum wages, fat pension, benefits, EBT cards, subsidized housing, free childcare, etc. There is simply not enough money to pay the bills. The state borrows more and raises taxes. It has got to implode sooner than later. Real industries are leaving California in droves. We are turning into a service economy for people living on government benefits. Shame on American’s who are too lazy or who have fallen for the guilt trips. LBJ called them the silent majority. They are the only way America can be saved – but they won’t do it.

  • Jim

    And, oh yea, you keep hearing about the great resources, the mountains, deserts, beaches, entertainment, and so on. It took me an hour today to drive 12 miles to downtown L.A. Everything is relatively close but it’s become too much trouble to drive anywhere with mind-numbing traffic and near-fascist parking restrictions and regulations. Public transit is a joke unless you live on one of the half dozen light rail routes and are going to someplace they stop. In fact, one light rail line ends a mile from LAX airport because of transit bus/taxi union pressure. Can you even imagine that. And if you do take the bus or rail you have to ride with the dregs of society who can’t afford a car if they wanted one. The only time to drive normally is between 11 pm and 4 am – unless you hit a construction zone that closes 3 of 4 freeway lanes (without any signs giving you a chance to avoid it in time) and causes a 10 mile backup at 2 in the morning, which happened to me the other night. Try parking near the beach if you get there later that 8 a.m. Ski & board resorts are packed whenever it snows and you have to be expertly dialed in to get there in time before it’s packed like a WalMart sale. The weather is the ONLY good thing about SoCal. If you’re lucky enough to have a secure back yard not next to a raging freeway or offensive low-class neighbors – and don’t have to go anywhere, then life could be very pleasant

  • SupvBuckster Ward

    We all seem agree that California is in some serous trouble. And its entertaining to read each story of how much California sucks and eager you are to move out. We Californians are so unfortunate to have a governor who can only do what he promised not to do if we gave him yet another 4 years on the public dole. We have two United States senators Feinstein and Boxer who advocate for the entitlements of which we have paid for be just willingly handed over to the illegal aliens while leaving We the people in the dirt awaiting our entitlements that we have suddenly become ineligible for. We are about to see, at least after November elections the return of our service people from fighting three wars we didn’t even come close to winning or even making a statement at. We will see these fine service men and women come to no jobs because the illegal aliens are doing the jobs they formerly did-only for about a third the cost. There is no water in California, thanks to the drought.
    Honestly folks, if you can get a better deal out of California, then by all means pack up and get out. You are going to see California inundated with these illegals wanting their hand outs and whatever else the former senator from Illinois is promising for votes all getting nothing. Here’s the big secret: The well has run dry. We have zero manufacturing = zero tax revenue = already credit extended too far to the state and cities within = financial meltdown.
    We also have a bullet train promised from Lancaster to Corcoran. An attraction resort town like Corcoran. Just think, a state prison and lots of lettuce to pick. Who gets to pay for this one? The same people who paid for Jose and Maria’s 8 pound bundle of joy’s entrance into the world at the local trauma center also known as a bottomless money hole.
    The less informed shrug their shoulders and think oh well, government will pay for it. Isn’t that how it is done in the states? Like Governor Brown told us two years ago when he defeated the self nominated Republican candidate Meg Whitman, “I have a plan.” Those ought to be the 4 worst words a politician can say to the voters, or at least a warning sign of status quo to continue.
    The biggest accomplishment in Southern California has been these metro trains throughout the Los Angeles County. Here even people with class and dignity have the opportunity to not only try to avoid, but get to sit next to, listen, smell and God only knows what other senses will be employed interacting with those so much less desirable than they. Yet gas is going to hit $5 a gallon by 2013 if the Aztec Calendar does not end it all for us come December 12 2012. WE will see….

  • JJ

    In 2005, I had the rare opportunity to drive from D.C. to Los Angeles. I happily did it, as it was not my car, almost leaving the guy’s Mom still waving the fou $100 bills, running down the walk. The money was meant for me to get fuel on the way. I mean I couldn’t get under way too soon. Good thing I got the money. The fuel and my return flight came out of that. And this was just before that “thing happened” that made fuel jump up over $2 a gallon.

    This was such an opportunity, I asked the guy one final time, before I climbed into the Mercedes, I asked “No, let me get this straight: You want me to drive this car from here, to Los Angeles California”. He said “That would be great”. I was still awed at the opportunity.

    . . . (I need a moment of silence here, whenever I think about that trip, in February, 2005). . .

    . . . Ok, enough reverey . . .

    The 5 day road trip was by far the best vacation I’d ever taken – even from the time I was a kid with the folks or otherwise. My final destination on this trip was Santa Monica, to deliver this Writer’s Mercedes E430.

    A year later, I duplicated the trip to take the guy’s other car to him.
    Just 2 years ago (2010), I took a final trip for the dude – this one coming from Cali, to here.

    Now, I come across to this forum, and I read all sorts of depressing things. I’m glad to at least have gotten that 2005 trip under my belt, as I doubt I’ll be able to do it again, or even to visit CA again. But it sounds like I’m better off staying away from Cali.

  • dpkoon kumar

    the same histroy is repeating in indian cities…

  • I’m born and raised in orange county, in california, and I’m sorry to say this article rings true. Now that I have children I’m moving them to a safer and better state

    • Snoop8765

      Just leave any California liberal voting back in Cali please

      • Valerie

        I think anyone wanting to leave California is conservative. All of my conservative friends and family have seriously thought about leaving “home” because of this nightmare we are living in.

        • Amber

          Yeah seriously. This list is the most bias piece of garbage I have ever seen. I have ZERO sympathy for the idiots who got all upset that CA is forcing their kids to get vaccinated. OH BOO HOO! Get over it. If you move to this great state, don’t expect people to bend over backwards for your backwards beliefs.

          • Heather Barber

            You must not have any children, or a brain.

  • Ceri

    I live in Wales (UK), I run a successful business, I was looking to relocate to USA for a better family life. I’ll give CA a miss. Thanks, saved me a lot of heart-ache.

    • Joe

      I love my country, but if you own your own successful business you might want to reconsider moving to the US. It is extremely tough to run a business in this country due to government interference, taxes, and regulation after regulation.

      How are things in the UK?

      • Hammer75

        Joe, believe it or not the taxes and government regulation are even worse in the UK. It seems that a few states here in the US are the last satellites of free-market capitalism and freedom in the true sense.

      • Will Mentesh

        Hey Joe, do you have any better suggestions? If you’re asking how things are in the UK, you probably don’t know what you’re talking about. So please, provide us a list of countries that are better to start or operate a business.

        • mrwright

          The USA has dropped down to- The 5th best place in the world, to do business.

      • Man with no name

        Very true, business here in America is declining heavily. I live on the other side of the nation in Virginia, and finding a job here is next to impossible, and many businesses open up and fail within a month or two. I have watched many businesses shutdown that I grew up with. More and more the commonwealth is becoming a destitute and sick state, and being so close to Washington DC doesn’t help either. This isn’t just California, this is nationwide. The whole country is going for broke, and across the nation, police departments are becoming more and more excessively violent, taking liberties and becoming a domestic military. Even more concerning is the fact that our DHS (Department of Homeland Security) have purchased billions of rounds of hollowpoint ammunition, military MRAP vehicles, assault weapons, MRE’s, medical vaccines and supplies within the past couple of years, and their purchase orders only become more frequent. This nation is headed for total collapse, which will lead to chaos, riots, and starvation, at which point the Federal Government will step in to be the hero, feeding and helping those in need, and in turn taking all civil liberties and declaring martial law nationwide. Do not come here, this is no longer the land of opportunity or the land of the free….we are a prison state headed for a death spiral…

      • SS

        Texas is business friendly. Polar opposite of CA.

        • Alex

          I want to move to Texas. At least they know not to spend $110 billion on welfare.

      • Warren Wilson

        UK is far worse than California.
        Try Texas or Utah where white Christians don’t get blamed for everything but civilization.

    • LaTisha Jackson

      exactly! Do yourself a favor – do NOT come to Crapyfornia! It’s the place for the inferior. let them choke on their own excrement.

  • JR

    Last year I pulled the pin, took my retirement and moved east where my money goes so much farther. I pay in one YEAR what I was paying per MONTH in property taxes. State tax is half, utility taxes half, gas is a dollar a gallon cheaper. And now instead of living with smog, lines, traffic, press 1 for English and 13 million people (Yes, that is the population of Los Angeles), I live on 25 acres in a town of 1300. My only regret is not doing this sooner!

    • brad hart

      Moved out in 2005 and never looked back. Taxes are 1/5 of what they were, home prices 1/4, gas prices 1/3 less and unemployment is 4 points less. I live on 11 acres and lovin life now and can actually afford vacations now.

    • Ann

      JR, I completely agree with you on the “press 1 for English” bull $hit. Now, here in Sacramento, I’ve been seeing more and more Mexican billboards! Man that pisses me off!
      I was wondering, where exactly you moved to? Cuz our family is planning to get out of here too. If you don’t mind sharing, that is. :)

    • Ann

      Where exactly do u live?

  • Now a lot of those libtards are moving to other states and taking over with their libtard politics.

    • Snoop8765

      That is a crime

    • Averroes

      Wow, what an intelligent, well written comment. /sarcasm

      • Joe

        So you think liberals are doing a good job?

        Hold on I’ve got this bridge in Alaska you could invest in and the returns are huge.

        • Guest

          No I don’t. But it makes us look bad when an idiot like Pioletprincess says stuff like that. You shouldn’t have to resort to childish name calling if you believe what you are saying is right. Use facts and statistics. Debate 101.

        • Averroes

          No I don’t. But it makes us look bad when an idiot like Daisy or Pilotprincess say things like that. You shouldn’t have to resort to childish name calling if you believe what you are saying is right. Use facts and statistics. Debate 101.

          • Hammer75

            Averroes, a quick study of voting patterns will legitimize both Daisy and Pilotprincess’s posts. I do agree about the name calling, however, but they’re correct regarding the liberal infestation of surrounding healthier states.

          • CynicalGuy42

            Good point.

            We’re stooping to the left’s level if we resort to name calling instead of facts.

    • Pilotprincess

      Libtards have ruined this entire #%^*+¥ country!

    • ScottinVA

      That is what’s happened to Colorado. What was once a nice, well-run, conservative state has turned into an anything-goes, over-regulated, pothead-invested mess. It’s turned into California’s easternmost county.

      • cat

        This is one of the reasons I am leaving Denver. I love Southern Colorado, but a bit too isolated for me. Denver just turned into a crap hole and is getting too expensive – like the next Los Angeles. I met so many assholes and was practically attacked by strangers there on a few different occasions. Weird people. And the potheads definitely suck with all their overly hyped and exalted weed culture. I gave up on pot last year and feel really good about it. See through it now and I could not go back to live in Denver.

  • I would like to get out of Southern California and move to Oregon or Washington state(my husband less so because he loves the sun too much. I can’t stand the heat & prefer a cooler, wetter climate. California has been in drought for years), but hard for us to be able to at moment, and then there is his job also to consider. For now, we will hopefully move to the Central Coast within a few years where the climate is a lot nicer, not so crowded, not so many illegal aliens & gangbangers(for now), but unfortunately, still not really much cheaper than L.A. area, and still in California:( I’m a native Southern Californian, and thought I’d never want to leave, but my tune has changed in last several years. The older I get(I’m 48), I just get more sick & tired of living here.

    • Snoop8765

      Leave your leftist voting back in Cali Alma

      • spark-o-matic

        who are you snoop? You can’t tell people how to vote?! Two wrongs don’t make a right. smh

        • Snoop8765

          I just did. These liberal Californians flee the Tate that liberalism has ruined, invade a decent pace a bring their liberal voting with them. It’s stupid, and they need to stop. Period.

          • Averroes

            Nothing you can do about it. Stop complaining.

          • Snoop8765

            Actually, there is. I can complain and march around just like liberals do (Madison, WI for example). Leave your leftist voting in California when you leave the place that liberalism ruined!! Ya fools!

          • Averroes

            You actually listen when liberals do that (marches, whining, etc.)? I certainly don’t.

          • Snoop8765

            The MSM certainly does. Duke Lacrosse …

          • Goldwave

            I have to say that many Californians I know who have left, including myself, are Republicans. It’s a myth that California doesn’t contain a lot of conservatives; it’s just that the liberals tend to be media/entertainment industry people who know how to use the media more effectively and that lends them the appearance of being more in force than they really are.

          • Snoop8765

            Perhaps, but that doesn’t explain what has happened to Colorado, now Colofornia.

      • pt

        You are silly

    • Never Again California

      I so agree. The weather to me is nice but it’s too dry! And the worst part, it’s not even interesting. I mean watching snow fall on those sundays, or rain pattering on the windowsill? I think that is so fun. And besides, I like all of my seasons not just one. Fall, winter and spring. I used to hate it being freezing cold, but now I wish I had it! (And yes, I do know that it CAN snow in some parts of california)

    • BronzeChariot

      Yeah, I agree so much. I’d much rather live in Ore/Wash states. beautiful states and I hate the eternal summer weather here. The cool wet weather I find much nicer. Plus I so sick of having to live where all the weather wimps want to be. I’m originally from the bay area but when I returned to Ca and located in the south I found I really don’t like my home state. So many of the problems listed here are further reasons to dislike this state. But I’ve found that there are many others who are living here that share my dislike.

  • Goodbye Cali!

    This article is so true. We left Santa Rosa (Northern California) one year ago to move to Arizona. Our property tax for an equal value home went from 16,000 a year to $4,000 a year, no kidding! I am a native, fifth generation california, a product of the excellent public schools of the 70’s. We saw the quality of schools deteriorate for our children, the cost of living skyrocket, and the quality of life go down. Yes, I had a frivolous lawsuit at my business. And the state EDD-employment department is always against the employers, giving deadbeat employees the ruling every time. Sonoma County was a horrible place to do business. We are so glad we left and there is no going back, except to visit, that overpriced, over-rated rat race called California!

    • Karlatta Countrissimo

      Yep.. it’s not worth it wow. YOu guys are saving so much more money now. Also Arizona isn’t bad either it’s hot but hey who cares. As long as you have central air you’re good. Carry water in Car. It’s hot in TExas too but I don’t care about that. It’s very clean here and people are more realistic except the ones who’ve moved here from L.A. but I hope they don’t change TEXAS into California. There is a lot of traffic in Dallas.

  • Jason

    I have been in California for 35 years and seen the decline. I am moving out of state. Oregon here I come!

    • ScottinVA

      Careful… there’s been a liberal infestation from CA over the past two decades.

  • Mariola Novakovic

    Goodness, this saddens me. Me and my sister spent a week on the Cali coast last summer and loved it so much we planned to move there from shitty grey boring England eventually. It was the most beautiful, friendly, heart warming place we’d ever been and we still feel soul sick when we think about it now. I could cry, my dream is shattered :(

    • Karlatta Countrissimo

      UHHHH I hate to bust your bubble but vacationing in Los Angeles is totally different then living there full time, working there full time, and having your friends/family with you. Vacation vs Living there full time are totally different experiences. Let us all know how you feel after the high taxes, fees upon fees, and crappy attitudes of most of the people you come in contact with. There are some nice people especially when they want you to buy something, spend/donate money on their CAUSE, or “VOLUNTEER”. Everywhere you go in L.A. they want Volunteers especially companies who are already Fortune 500. Guess what they also get volunteers. I don’t see why anyone would volunteer to do anything that doesn’t pay as expensive as everything is there.

  • Wow this is so true. My wife and I work so hard and have to pay high taxes to help the lazy freeloaders live a decent lifestyle. We Are so tired of the illegal immigrants ruining our once beautiful state. California is like an aging beauty queen. I have lived here 51 years and now we are moving to Idaho. Good bye Ca. The liberal politicians should be proud of what they have done to this state

    • Guesty McGuesterson

      Similar story here. Been here in SoCal since the ’70s, raised my kids here (they already left CA and have sworn they’ll never come back), and have always wanted to get out. The difficulty with ‘pulling the pin’ and just doing it is the uncertainty. I have a great, stable job I love and good friends, and I live in one of the last remaining family-friendly towns still in existence in this state. I’ve wanted to move to Idaho for more than 20 years, and my concern is that if I do, I won’t find a job there, and will be stuck in the unemployment spiral. Otherwise, I’ve watched CA turn into a liberal cesspool. Tax hellhole.

    • Karlatta Countrissimo

      So true. Maybe it was great back in the John Wane, Lauren Bacall, and James Stewart days. but now it’s just filthy and nasty. There are some parts of Tustin or Santa Maria, San Diego that are ok but in my opinon it doesn’t look like much progress. Also there are many times I see construction workers just holding up the roads and pretending to work, yet I never see any finished products. I’m so glad to be away from there.

  • Snoop8765


    • Joe

      Don’t forget blacks, they do their fair share of crime and entitlements.

      • CinnamonRoll

        Forget about Mexicans and Blacks, it’s the Arabs that are the real problem! They are the ones that are ruining our state! They come as refugees and get everything handed to them free and tons of money too. The more babies they pop the bigger paychecks they get so it’s not rare to see them with 7 -12 kids families. It makes me sick to see them buy tons of groceries and supplies for their restaurants on EBT food staps and then on a separate transaction they buy TVs and all the electronics the working people cannot afford in cash, they have their wallets exploding with $100 bills. And unlike the rest of us, they are not required to look for a job or anything when getting public assistance.

        • zumgang

          Forget about the blacks? The blacks have been doing what you are saying for GENERATIONS!!

        • Diane

          So VERY true! Plus they DON’T have any manners! Rude AF!

      • NYClater

        Shut up

      • akjm

        Slow down, Blacks are citizens and those who could left ca to the .illegals.

      • Korey

        Don’t forget blacks. They did their share of slavery while not getting the same rights as well. They did their fair share of that in which no one else did for the sake of generations coming after them. Don’t forget..

        • V J

          Did you know that Black muslims sold the Blacks into slavery? Yes, they did. And, did you know that 1/4 of southern slave owners were Black men? Yes, that’s true too. And, those Black slave owners had the reputation for being the most cruel to their slaves. Blame your own people for being inslaved.

      • Amber

        You need to read a book that doesn’t involve made up stories.

      • mono

        Could white people be any more stupid than this?

      • LaTisha Jackson

        same thing…there are blacks like Hermann Cane, or Dr. Carson, and there are blacks that are a genetic garbage. DO NOT EVER mix superior with the inferior.

    • discover

      No it’s the white heterosexual Christian people. They breed and consume and create wars all over the world, destroy the environment, take corporate welfare at alarming rates, corrupt the banking system, cheat the justice system by paying off judges and elected officials, then blame everyone but themselves for their problems.

      • Warren Wilson

        See? Libtards everywhere.

    • KaayC

      Don’t reduce it to rascism, it isn’t. I edited my comment above, because it maybe kinda came off that way too and it really isn’t the issue. Unsustainable overpopulation is! Though I gotta admit sometimes I think if only we could take all of the leaf blowers and point them south.. Lol. The Republicans brought these poor people here for cheap labor and the Democrats brought them for the votes. Who got screwed was the middle class, schools, roads, bridges, hospitals, police forces etc. ad infinitum.

    • LaTisha Jackson

      exactly. Not that I am against the Mexicans, but the last thing you want to do is to MIX the superrior with the inferior. Not in a family, not in a nation.

  • California Sucks

    As a business owner who was born and raised in San Diego, I have watched it turn from a beautiful state, to an absolute disaster. The taxes, extreme liberalism, frivolous spending etc. have made it a horrible place to live.

    ya I know at a glance or a for a weekend vacation it seems nice, but when you really get to know California, its anything but nice.

    Hollywood and Downtown San Diego for example. You will literally have to step over people sleeping in the streets and it smells as bad as most construction out houses.

    Sea world, Disneyland and magic mountain. Sure, fun for a day if you want to spend 17.00 for a cafeteria hamburger.

    And not that I have a problem with Mexicans, but when I cant understand half the store clerks, or read the majority of our signs then I think we have an immigration problem.

    Highest gas in the nation, highest taxes and highest government control (here and NY)

    Stay away from Ca. Trust me!

    • CynicalGuy42

      California is a great place to vacation. We’ve theme parks, Yosemite, good weather. But I’d recommend against moving here because of th’economy. I admit theme parks are overpriced but it’s a once-in-a-while treat anyway.

      • Andrea Papke

        The economy has gone down since 2007. Jobs are scarce & the middle-class has just about dwindled down to a very scary fine line. Your either rich or poor. You have to work all-the-time to pay the rent. It’s great weather but I’d imagine soon w/more people moving out of state that the vacany rate will go up again like it did in 94. Think that will take about 3-4 years though, I’m luck I’m an apt. manager.

        • KaayC

          Yes and when you age and run out of steam where working 18 hour days is no longer an option, the prices continue to rise.

        • Pamela Benett

          Andrea, where do you rent apartments?

    • Pamela Benett

      Wow. That makes me feel so sad. I was born in California, have a son who moved to San Diego, (and insists on staying, by the skin of his teeth), and a sister in San Diego. I’ve been seriously thinking about moving back, because the weather in Kentucky sucks (and has caused me multiple health problems). My sister’s discouraging, yet you couldn’t pay her to leave?

  • pilotprincess

    Someone must hate me because I was born here and 45 years later I am still stuck in this hellhole called Los Angeles-LA, Smell A, Hell A… I have my entire family and friends here plus a job. I don’t know how I can get out and begin a better life, financially, politically and certainly seismically. I don’t know if I would rather die or wait 20 more years in this hell to retire. Then what? This place is a toilet and the wise will not come here.

    • Karlatta Countrissimo

      You know I was so depressed this entire weekend because I felt like simple things seem like it’s hard for most californians to do. Like I paid my phone bill, but for some reason my phone was cut off. I called the phone company the woman said, “What are you talking about it shows right here your phone is on. We didn’t turn it off. ” I said, “Lady I am calling you from cellular phone. Do you honestly think I would call you just to make up a story about my phone not working?” She had the nerve to say I was rude and she would disconnect if I yelled at her again. OkAy that’s L.A. Atittude and Mentality. Seriously LIke why was that even happening? I’ve got to wait until Monday. But why are people so rude and have such lowsy service when You’re paying them. I totally understand its almost like one can get STUCK here and the sun just shinning everyday really pisses me off too. It’s like the sun is laughing at us. LOL
      In anycase I do feel like I live in Hell and the movie business which is why I wanted to work in it. That’s turned out to be a money pit and worthless

      • Karlatta Countrissimo

        I meant to say, I was living in HELL.” I moved there to work in the Film/Tv business. However, it turned out to be a real MONEY pit and worthless. Mainly because in order to live there you have to work and make a lot of money. I found myself working on other types of things NOT always related to Film/TV because sometimes you worked then other times you weren’t working. I needed to be stable. I would suggest if someone wants to move there to work on writing, acting, etc. They need to live with a group of people where they don’t need to pay much for rent, food, travel, and they must do only that. Because if you do it the way I was doing it, it will not work. However, I personally am glad I moved I was getting sick there. The stress, traffic, the filth, and it really changed there. As a kid sure I wanted to live there but as an adult I see the Fed Tax, Local tax, State TAx can drive you broke 30% to FED Tax, Then Local Tax neary 20%, then another 20% to State. Nearly 70% of your income can go to just taxes. Then you have to pay taxes at the store, pump, and even online now. So seriously as a kid it sounded great but I grew up there and realized I won’t have a pot to piss in nor a window to toss it out if I stay here. Maybe some people don’t mind but I worked so much I wasn’t even going to the dam beach. I’m glad to have left. I don’t even want to even visit.

      • Diane

        Same feeling here!

    • Andrea Papke

      Lots of people come here for fortune & fame. Once they get want they want they buy a home else-where. It’s the very few who make it here anymore. I still like Los Angeles but it’s increasingly hard to enjoy it. My best pal left (3) years ago & I see this again and again. I still think it’ll revert back to what happened in the early 90’s. Owners were giving residents money to find them tenants. Their are nice people here but few and hard to find. That is why I was sad when my best-friend moved away. It’ll get better here, but it will take time.

    • Mary Carlisle

      sadly I agree. I cant believed I was dying yo move out here 13 years ago I should have listened to my intutition when I moved out here instead of sticking it out

      • Mary Carlisle

        now like you Im struggling to get out

    • LaTisha Jackson

      you are absolutely right. I will get out of this last resort for the idiots called Los Angeles ASAP.

  • ravenhair49

    I was born in Altadena, California and grew up in Riverside. I went to California schools when they were in their prime. It makes me sick to see how the liberals have ruined this beautiful state. I won’t ever live there again.

    • KaayC

      It must have been so beautiful! I used to listen to Beach Boys , Mamas and Papas and do some California dreamin’!

    • LaTisha Jackson

      you all have to understand thet the problem is THE INFERIOR (communists, liberals, DemocRATS, totalitarianists – it’s all the inferior). DEATH TO THE INFERIOR!

  • Xhon malaj

    No problem…there Are people like me that never get angry with cali. Cali still the best place ever

    • Chu Long dong

      Business loan, no pay back..haha! Apaltment voucha, house voucha, haha! Put parent grandparent on S.S. with no put any in..ha ha! Sell business relative, he get loan too! Haha!

      Cali best of in all..haha!

      • Vern

        can someone explain to me wth this guy is saying? that cali is good or bad?

        • Nonya Bizness

          BAD. Great for people from other countries who come here. Bad for everyone else.

  • Ha

    I’m sorry to say but this is A LOAD OF CRAP! Gosh you people annoy me.

  • CaliDreamingForever

    I’ve lived in San Diego for the past seven years and have
    fallen deeply in love with California. It is by far the most beautiful state in the country and, having been to many countries, I have to say that California is also one of the most beautiful places in the world. The people are friendly,
    open-minded and fun-loving. It couldn’t possibly be easier to get around SD due to the wonderful infrastructure and amazing freeways. There is no traffic in SD unless you have to take the 5 to work. So if you don’t like traffic, just move a little inland so you don’t have to rely on the 5. Yes, the taxes are high (think of it as a sunshine/perfect weather tax!) and the politics are terrible. But just put your blinders on to that and enjoy all the wonderful aspects of
    SoCal and Cali in general. Sadly, my dad passed away last year so it’s time to move back east to help my mom but not a day will go by that I won’t think fondly of beautiful California. I may even move back someday. You can be going through the worst time of your life but the beauty, warmth and sunshine of California will make even the darkest time much more tolerable.

    • Leaving for good!

      You’ll get over it.

      • Karlatta Countrissimo

        oh you’re so lucky. I’m trying to move myself..everytime I think I’m out .. I get pulled back in. but this time, i’m going to be outta there.

    • Goldwave

      I’m sorry but many people can attest that this just isn’t true. The traffic is horrendous in San Diego now. But I do understand that for people who have lived in worst places, San Diego still holds its charms! But we remember when the coast didn’t smell of sewage (which many newbies assume is “seaweed”), and the bay wasn’t filled with garbage, and Balboa Park wasn’t riddled with graffiti ruining things that have been there for 100 years….

    • Jodi

      I so agree with you!! California is beautiful!! I will never leave the state I grew up in!!! :)

    • PJB

      I feel the same way. When I visited my late sister five years ago (who’d lived in San Diego for 40 years), it still felt like home. I agree with others about the horrible politicians elected there (they just can’t seem to elect anyone but a.h.’s), and taxes are higher, but most jobs pay more (or in my field anyway). My other sister has lived there for years and makes it just fine. I could breath there and wasn’t in excruciating pain. This is no way to live. I want to be near the ocean, that’s all.

  • OC-born-n-bred

    Yes! PLEASE stop moving here! There’s tons of Liberals, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians and Middle Easterners. You guys wouldn’t like it here. Plus, we don’t like you.

    • timeflies

      so racist.

    • pt

      Yes you are all correct don’t move here and to the rest of the country stop taking CA’s money CA pays more to Feds then we get back. (many southern states get more from Feds then they pay in.) Leave us alone we don.t need all you backward people. Thanks for listening. Bye bye

      • Karlatta Countrissimo

        I think you have it twisted. California is taking most of other cities money. Cali is bankrupt, no water. They are already giving out 750 dollar tickets. Soon y’all are going to have no green foliage in the front or back yards. They must cut/reduce water consumption.

  • Reasonable Democrat

    What a biased article. And just so you know, not all liberals are for letting illegal immigrants in the country, and saying so is shallow minded.
    While it’s expensive here, it’s pretty nice as long as you know where to live. The town I live in is clean, safe, and in a very beautiful area. It is also close to SF and has good shopping. I’d say Seattle is better though if you don’t mind cold weather

    • ScottinVA

      Unfortunately, the liberals who run that state enact and continue policies that openly invite colonization by Mexico.

    • Formerly Known As..

      And if it’s where I think it is (since I live there), it is a huge, elitist welfare state, with half the population working on the taxpayer’s dime (the other half pays for it all). Pension double-dippers, millionaire cops and firemen, and the only thing that sets it apart from much of the SFBA is that illegals aren’t permitted to hang around after their day of cleaning your house and babysitting your kids.

      As an old boss of mine once said of NYC, it’s a great place to live-if you’re stinking rich.

      I’m S.F. born and raised, and now I can’t even see the place I grew up in. What a shambles. I can’t wait to get out of this “Lil’ Slice of Hebbin”, thank you VERY much. Ugh.

  • E.A.

    I’ve lived in California for the last 18 years. The article is true. We are moving out of the state this month. The crime is horrible, you need to make at least 500k per year to get by, it’s dirty, the trees are brown from the smog, road rage is a rampart disease, the public schools are a nightmare, More & more homeless people, most places are run down… On the positive side, the smog is pretty colors–the city of Rancho Cucamonga has a green layer of it that hangs over the city.

  • debbie johnson

    and I a and I am moving. I’ve been here for 61 years and loved it. I am li I am living in Anaheim I hate I hate it. I feel like I’m living anEnsenadda

  • Julie

    Been in California 16 years. When I first moved here I thought it was a neat place. Couldn’t ever figure out how there were shapeless clouds with a slight purple color in the lower part of the sky that seemed to hang just over the city but there were none higher up in the sky. Or why things seemed kind of hazy. Thought maybe my vision was going bad. Nothing wrong with my eyes though. The purple clouds and haze are the smog. I’ve never smoked but was told for as long as I’ve been here my lungs probably look like that of someone who’s been smoking for a couple of decades. I’ve become sicker over the years & developed uncontrollable allergies & have multiple sinus infections every year. The trees really are brown. There are more & more men, women, & kids begging on the streets since the economy turned. If someone has something nice, people seem to think it needs to be covered in graffiti. I’ve been chased in my car by gang bangers holding a gun out of their window for a gang initiation. My purse has been stolen. Money has been stolen. My neighbors house gets raided at least once a month. Drug dealers everywhere you don’t expect them to be. I live in Whittier, Ca which is considered on of the best ‘family friendly’ towns. The neighborhoods are run down now & no one fixes them up. If you want to live in a decent neighborhood, you get a house with no yard for about 500k. Need to make about 130k just to get by–no vacations with that. Morals around here are a thing of the past. This place has become a cesspool of grime, grease, & all the crap you find on the bottom of your shoe. I’ll be leaving this month.

    • Debbie Lynn Gaydos Guido

      I have part of my family that are native Californians. I grew up in Ohio and have lived in Texas since 1980. I was 23 when I came here- now I’m 57. I always loved California and have spent most of my vacations there and visiting family. I always knew it was going down hill. My Ca friend is 58 and has never been able to buy a home. It’s a most beautiful place but if you want to get ahead get out. Come to Texas, we have it all here. No state tax, low gas prices, lots of jobs, good weather, normal people, great schools and low priced housing. I’m a real estate broker and have loved life living here in N. Texas. Come on over to Big D. Debbie in Dallas

    • Karlatta Countrissimo

      OH yes me too. I started getting allergies and sneezing all the time. I also lived in two apartments in Culver City that didn’t even have real air conditioning. They had window units. Central Air is much better in my opinion. But those air filters would become dusty and the landlord acted as if they couldn’t switch out until I said that I would give them a doctors bill. Then they put a cheap crappy new filter in and that worked for a bout two weeks and I was coughing again. finally I did research and was able to get the hypo allergenic ones but they cost a Fortune.
      The rents were too HIGH and the areas are all run down. All these people walking around at all times of the night as if they didn’t ever take baths nor slept. I think the weed causes people not to care.
      Yeah I thought Whittier was nicer than most of West L.A. not as crowded but yeah I hear ya on that. You’re sure telling the truth. NO VACATIONS always working just to pay bills. I was sick of it. I am back in Texas.

  • Uh oh

    Yikes. I am moving to orange at the end of the month. C’est la vie!

    • nick

      Orange is Nice. Most people are talking about LA. Don’t worry and have fun. Most of these people are have finished their careers or are much older. Not sure where you are at in your life, but you should be excited to move to the beautiful weather! I lived out there it was fun. I did not leave because of these reasons and would go back in a second.

      • Getoutnow

        get out of CA now before they impose an exit tax on your wealth and assets, don’t think this will happen? just watch and see

  • Steven Palmer

    I purchased propert in another state and will never come back to this craphole. I should burn my california birth certifcate, as it only reminds me that the once great state was taken over by scumbags. Have fun with all the illegals, gangs, and other… oh yeah, keep voting in the worst of the worst… you deserve the gov you get..

  • ScottinVA

    I escaped CA in 1976 when I joined the Air Force. It’s nice to go back to visit family and friends, but I will never move back. This article is spot on… and the current, ballyhooed flush of $$$ into the state’s is directly attributable to the massive hike in taxes that passed via proposition in November. But corporations are still continuing to flow out of there, and with them, jobs. Violent crime is devouring CA’s cities, and that entire state is being overrun with illegal aliens.

  • ScottinVA

    Consider the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

    • outer banks rules

      No libs in obx for 3/4 seasons of the year. I’ll take that any day!

    • KaayC

      Having survived Storm Sandy, I would have to say ” hell no” to Outer Banks.

    • Karlatta Countrissimo

      It’s nice out there. I just saw a documentary about it and one of my friends moved out that way. Nice beaches, nice homes to.

  • Yo Mama


  • Name

    If you all want a nice place to live. I would recommend Kansas. A nice, low-regulated (from my perspective), conservative state.

    • Barbara Allen

      No! Please stay out of the Midwest, don’t destroy my home!

      • HeadOnShouldersStraight

        Don’t you worry Barb. I wouldn’t trade my ocean, my mountains, my deserts, my hillsides, freeways or smog for some of the small minds of small towns mentalities that hold in their narrow small mind that the world is still flat.

    • Lisa Venezia Giannotti

      The Midwest? Goodness, no. Tornados, no oceans, flat boring land? No thanks. There’s a reason certain areas are very cheap to live in.

      • Lisa Hernandez

        Couldn’t agree more lol.

  • Joe

    Maybe you visit one of the Carolinas or Eastern Florida. Almost anything’s better than CA.

    • Hammer75

      South Carolina, Northeastern FL, and the west coast of FL; great beaches, lower taxes, etc…

    • Cat

      Thank you. Part of my heart really wants to return to CA (where I grew up) and after leaving Denver, but Denver is turning into the new L.A. and it sucked for me as well for some reason after giving it two separate tries for 5-6 years at a time. Can’t live in Montana or Michigan (where my family now lives) due to seasonal affective disorder, so now looking seriously at the southeast. I loved that part of the country the two times I went, cultural differences aside. Anyway, I am glad to read this article because I know these things would bother me – especially waiting for the big one, which I think will be coming in my lifetime at least.

  • Jujubejess

    when i lost my job for the very first time in my life (company moved to Texas) I couldn’t even get a job in fast food because I don’t speak Spanish. the illegal immigrants are all you see in a hospital, at a restaurant or on the corners selling fruit. the taxes are high, the utilities are always going up (i live in Sacramento, we get heavily fined for having to send water to LA) no one appears to speak english or be of any help in any store you go into. when people gush over living in CA i offer to sell them my home – they can have it. this state sucks-i can’t find one good thing about it and I* have moved from so cal to nor cal to the bay area v- it is all a festering sore

  • Goldwave

    I was born in Southern California and grew up in San Diego. It was a beautiful place, filled with many wonderful features that made it an ideal city for people who liked to do lots of different things, including outdoor activities and cultural ones. There was always plenty of good work, lots of technology, science and medical employment. The place was color blind, filled with people from all over the world, who all truly enjoyed each other and the blessings that various cultures contributed to the community. I was deeply grieved to watch this all change over the past 15 years. It is clear to me now that San Diego is truly going to just become a southern extension of Los Angeles, which is indeed a Hell-hole. The only reason so many people still like Los Angeles is either because (a) they are illegals, and it is a place that is conducive to them; or (b) they are star-struck and hope to either make it in the entertainment industry or hook up with someone who has. Note to those people: The entertainment industry in L.A. is dead, too; you are going to want to start looking elsewhere for that. A couple of years ago, I moved to the Gulf coast, and I couldn’t be happier about it. In many ways my new region is quite similar to how Southern California used to be. True it lacks the cultural amenities; but after suffering through the slow death that is California’s demise, I am very grateful to have found another place that isn’t totally trashed. Yet, anyway….

  • Lampwick, ES

    I live in Central America, when I was younger I visited L.A. frequently, a year before I went for the last time and it was just horrible, everything is very much expensive compared to maybe 15 or 20 years ago. I miss old LA I was thinking aboutn moving there but not ever again!

  • Lisa Venezia Giannotti

    From over here in NJ, I’ve read the heartache going on in CA. Honestly, though, hightailing it out of there is going to turn CA into Detroit. The way to fix things is to work from within, vote and spread the word. The same issues you all say Mexicans should take care of in their own countries, you should take care of in your own state. I want to move to SoCal, primarily for the weather. I’ve had my fill of Jersey winters. My best friend spent 2 years in Calabasas and she really liked it there and then another year in Pleasanton (by SF) and liked it just okay. We have friends in Huntington Beach and they love it, so there must be areas that are still really pleasant to live? I’ll tell you this — your property tax rates are a breath of fresh air next to what we pay in Jersey. The list of most expensive states to live in, NJ ranked higher than CA so I’d be getting a bargain I guess lol?

  • Eliseo Cardenas

    I used to live in Texas. Then I moved to California. What a hell hole this place is! Were moving back after 3 months of this horrid land.

    • Departingcommitteemember

      Would funneling about 5,000 illegal immigrants that somehow funneled in from El Paso to the golden state of California only to take all the jobs under the auspices of being under student loans or some other cover. You’re free to go and at least take yourself out.

  • Jodi

    I was born and raised in CA. I love the state I live in! I don’t care what other people say about this state. I’ve visited many states before and nothing compares to home. There are so many beautiful things in CA. We have great beaches, Yosemite, Tahoe, loads of hiking, historical places and towns, San Francisco, Hollywood, Death Valley, Bodie, and so much more!! Do other states have all those wonderful things? I can go to the beach in the summer or head to the snow in the winter. We have beautiful mountains in CA. Some places in CA we get loads of rain. Our winters are so much fun here!! We get good thunder storms ! I never say bad things about our state! I don’t care if our state is underwater and in trouble. So many other states are in just as bad shape as we are. You can go live somewhere for super cheap but you might pay high prices for gas, food and other amenities. If you live out in the middle of nowhere, it’s not any cheaper. I grew up in the country and remember my parents driving for over an hour just to go shopping or visit friends and family. All my family is in this state. I would never pick up and move away and leave my family behind. I don’t care if the prices are cheaper to live in other states. It’s not worth it to me. People I know who have moved out of CA have moved back home. Why… because it’s where they grew up! The grass isn’t always greener on the other side!!! That is a true statement!!! There is crime in other states and also there is illegals in other states too. Other states aren’t perfect!! I’ve been to many states where the people were strange. Some states, the people where ghetto. There are nice people who live in CA… I’m one of them!! People who live in CA are proud to live here. Even people who moved out of CA still support their Giants baseball team. If people who hate living in CA don’t want to live here, then they better just move out of this state!! We don’t need people living here if they are just going to hate it!! What makes me mad is the fact that so many people are populating our state! Why don’t people just stay in the state they grew up in? Leave CA alone so others like us can enjoy our beautiful state.

    • Vanilla-Lover

      Well, you have to admit at least one thing can turn it off. I think it’s a matter of opinion. Most of us agree with the article, and most of us don’t. We can’t pick fights over ideas and opinions, can we? No! Because most of us are also mature

  • Robert Velasco

    Although some things from this article are true the majority of these statements are false and have no sources to prove themselves. I have lived in several places throughout the United States such as, California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Washington D.C. And i can speak from personal experiences. California is an extremely expensive state to live in and lets face it its still a privilege to be able to live there and the number of residence as compared to the rest of the U.S. is living proof of what i’m saying. No where else in the U.S. offers such diverse geological locations with amazing weather year round as compared to every other American State. Also the threat of your home being taken down by a natural disaster is far less as compared to rest of the U.S. and happens far less often (Hurricanes, tornado’s, and snow storms plague the rest of America year round). The truth is although California’s economy is not the best the U.S. would be unable to sustain itself without it California makes up of 13.06% of the worlds economy no state comes even close to that. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_California). Conclusively the statistics are there its no hidden secret as to why California has 38,041,430 residence. California still holds its value and no where in the world comes close to California in all aspects. Its a matter of money if you have it you can live comfortably here for century’s to come.

  • Karlatta Countrissimo

    That’s because she was VISITING and not staying here for a long period of time. It’s always great when you visit because you don’t have to worry about finding a job, living your life, and etc.

  • Jason

    News flash: Mexicans have always been here. In fact, California wouldn’t exist without Spanish colonization in late 1700s, which arrived via Mexico. Where do you think all the missions came from? Many of you really need to study college freshman level California history.

    Addressing the topic: this state does suck to live in. Though, people who complain about the property taxes have obviously never looked into owning property in neighboring Oregon. The northern 1/4 of the state is where it’s at; the redwoods are absolutely stunning. “Yeah but all the weirdos and potheads are up north” – walk around downtown L.A. some time and prove yourself wrong about that one.

    As soon as I finish up my degree out here in Riverslime…er, Riverside, the family is leaving without looking back. I’ve been to many countries all over this globe, and by far this is the most depressing, congested, overtaxed and financially destitute place I have ever lived. Suck it, CA!!

    • Cynical Guy 42

      Totally agree. I disagree with the comments that blame Hispanics. However, CA has some serious problems to be dealt with. Regardless of skin color, the cost of living, crime, and economy will take a toll on you.

  • Vanilla-Lover

    This article is soo true. I moved in with my family as of a few months ago, and so far so bad. One of my family members got a big time job and she keeps trying to secure and convince us California is a safe, great place. She also says that this place is one of the top for medication. We used to live in virginia, and let me tell you, I think it was WAAY better.
    Where I am living now, there isn’t much of a variety. Many people from asia as in china, india, japan and places like that. I don’t have a problem with them, it’s just that I was expecting more americans, mexicans and yes asian people.
    And most of the attractions here you have to pay A LOT. Nothing is free unlike in virginia where you can just walk into a museum or a zoo and call it done.
    So, maybe after showing her this article, we can move back, I still don’t really like this place

  • Vanilla-Lover

    Really sorry about your dream(s), but that’s why it turned from California Dream to California Nightmare. The east coast isn’t perfect with the miami drivers and the new york stuff. Legalizing gay marriage and that stuff, but at least they have something running through their heads! I know Washington DC could be the most dangerous city in america with the bombing, but it’s the most effecient. Trust me!
    Mariola, don’t worry. You’ll find many other places in America to live if you wanted to. No where is a perfect place, but you’ll find something.
    Just from this article, I’m making the suggestion of not going to California…

  • Robert177

    I’m in my 50’s now. I was born and raised in San Diego. I still live in San Diego County.
    When I was young, this was a really nice place to live. But, starting in the 1980’s, it started to slowly go to he*ll. In the 90’s it got worse, and now it is outta control.
    There is a lot of blame to go around for the failure of this state, but the lions share of the blame goes to Sacramento, which has a supermajority of Democrats, and has had a Democrat majority for over 20 years in the Senate.
    Sacramento is a disaster. It’s full of liberal do-gooders who constantly try to impose utopian ideas upon the state, so long as anyone who has a job has to pay for them. The state is a big, huge, mess.

  • Robert177

    I’m in my 50’s now. I was born and raised in San Diego. I still live in San Diego County.

    When I was young, this was a really nice place to live. But, starting in the 1980’s, it started to slowly go to he*l** In the 90’s it got worse, and now it is outta control.

    There is a lot of blame to go around for the failure of this state, but the lions share of the blame goes to Sacramento, which has a supermajority of Democrats, and has had a Democrat majority for over 20 years in the Senate.

    Sacramento is a disaster. It’s full of liberal do-gooders who constantly try to impose utopian ideas upon the state, so long as anyone who has a job has to pay for them. The state is a big, huge, mess.

  • Grant Harwell

    Wow. This all is so true. I was born and raised in LA. I know all of its parts from the inside out. When I had the opportunity to go to college I moved as far away as possible from the overcrowded congested wasteland as possible. I thought about moving back to a “nice” part of Southern Cal but after reading this I have come to my senses. I now live in the Midwest and own a new 4000 sqft home and paid 6X less compared to california, as well as paying less taxes and being surounded with great hospitals. Just make up your mind and go. Let me tell you, it doesn’t cost much to find an apartment in nice parts of Denver, Houston, Kansas City, or other large cities in the middle of the country. LA people have that mentality that they should work their butts off just to survive in life. My father did that , worked two 40hr jobs for 18+ years in LA and it almost killed him. All you need is decent job and a few hundred dollars saved up to get out of there. I encourage you to do so. Life is much better outside of CA and NY.

    • Karlatta Countrissimo

      Wow.. thank you so much. I have to admit your story moved me to tears. I’ve printed it out and I put a copy on my mirror, my purse, and in my car.

      I’m trying to get out of here in January. I’ve already started looking for apt in North Texas. I submitted to be readmitted to my old college and I’m in school this semester here In LA but I’m so done with it. I just got back from first day of class here. Yeah in my opinion the community colleges SUCK here too. You would have thought I was trying to pass a law in congress just to get credits from my old schools added so I could get their lowsy Associates Degree. It took them nearly 5 months just to do that. Now I’ve realized that a lot of people here are Mentally Sick.

      I am so happy that you gave me a nice message. I know it probably was no big deal for you but. I needed that encouragement. Also you’re so right. I can’t believe that I’ve put up with California for so long. These ridiculous taxes. They let these illegals run rampid and milk the system while most of us have to pay for everything. Then the huge companies pay no tax. I’m tired of being the idiot.

      Working and working for nothing. Most of my friends don’t own their own homes, not even their own cars. i have 11 payments and my car will finally be paid off. So I am paying extra just so I can get that paid so when I am in new city in Texas I don’t have a car payment. that will be such a relief. Can you believe the car dealership asked me if i wanted to upgrade. i was like NO WAY. My car is nice, I love it. I’m going to have it tuned up, put some wax, detail, oil change, and vaccum and it’s good. it doesnt’ need any paint for a while. It took me forever to pay it off here in LA.

      Yeah and it seems to me like L.A. takes everything from people and gives nothing back. It takes your time, money, health, and your life. So many people never have time to have good friends. When I lived in Texas I had much better REAL friends who weren’t trying to hustle me.

      Well I’m getting the heck out of here. Thanks again.

      • cali for life

        News flash people. There is crime everywhere. If you dont want to be here….leave and shut up. Ive lived in the silicone valley my whole life. And done a year or two in the northern half. Sure there’s places that are more ghetto than others. But all you have to do is just stay away from those parts of town. I grew up in the ghetto parts of around here. And when I moved…I vowed to never go back. And I have not. But to say the whole state is horrible is ridiculous. Anytime you have an extreme population…you will get higher poverty rates. More crime. High gas cost and so on. We are one of the biggest states. And a border state. Of course its like that. Look at new York as well. But I guarantee you none of them are downgrading their own state. Its called having pride. The average rate of a 1 bedroom apt in my area is around $1800 a month. And I still wouldnt want to live anywhere else. Sure san jose has a somewhat high crime rate. But its still a cool place to live in certain parts. As for surrounding cities. Sunnyvale, los gatos, Cupertino, campbell, mountain view, Saratoga, etc. All pretty safe beautiful places to live. With awesome schools that focus on science and tech. Plenty of very intelligent young people coming out of here that are making the tech and medical that save and enrich all our lives on a daily basis. You can go to the beach. The forest. The desert on and in any given day. And as for an earth quake….please. I rather have a huge earthquake in house and build specially engineered to deal with it every few years that any other natural disaster that takes out full county’s in other states every year.

        • Karlatta Countrissimo

          We don’t have such expensive gas in Texas. I totally get your point. But there are people who came to L.A. from other cities and had hopes and dreams of making a GREAT life for themselves. Many of them succeeded and others didn’t. There are some and I was one of them who was almost stuck there. It’s a cycle much like being on a treadmill built for a small pet mouse. It’s easy to say MOVE or STOP.
          There is not high crime everywhere. There are a lot of GREAT cities in America, small towns where the gasoline isn’t $4.89 a gallon. People have decent manners even if they’re uneducated by our standards. Yet one doesn’t need as much money to live off of. Everyone has access to clean surroundings, decent shopping centers that aren’t filled with trash, nasty fecal matter filled diapers, and high RED Light Camera tickets. Los Angeles is set up against the citizens. Also I tried applying for many jobs online and most of the big name online jobs didn’t hire people who reside in the state of California. The majority of all the big name companies who hire workers from home or combination of home/work will not hire California residents. So that’s not fair especially saying how many people need jobs in L.A.
          Everyone has their own experiences. If it was so great then why do you suppose so many celebrities commit suicide just to get out of there? Sure mental illness is one. However, there are so many people in L.A. who are walking around crazy just mentally sick and it’s scary. Many of them need to be put in an institution or get the treatments they need so that they can live at home. Yet most of those people are homeless. If you don’t believe me check out Skid Row the next time you’re in L.A. or ride the train, bus, or walk over to Venice Beach. You will see Mental ill humans at their peak. I personally needed to get away. San Fran is too expensive.

        • SS

          Silicon Valley, not Silicone.

          • I.M. Pistoff

            Hollywood could be Silicone Valley.

          • Joan Wilkins

            Well, it kind of is silicone too… lots and lots of cheap boob jobs, fake butt implants you can make payments by using your EBT card when you get cash instead of use it for food.

        • Amber

          Seriously! These people are so bias and most of these “reasons” are NOT reasons, just a few stories from only a couple people, which really means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Also, some of the things listed such as ghetto areas are the same if not worse in southern states. Education isn’t the best there either! The rate of high school graduates in other states such as NC is dramatically lower, which leads to crime. Also, did anyone ever consider that the poverty level is higher because the state is gigantic? Not to mention that our produce is better than any other state, hands down, and feeds most of you people. I hope these ignorant people leave and never come back. Our state education level will go up. Good riddance.

          • Karlatta Countrissimo

            Most of it’s coming from Mexico, Peru, China, and sure you might have some from local farms. BUT you have no WATER. They’ve gotten rid of advocados, nuts, some wineries are going under. the DROUGHT is for real it’s not a joke. TECHNICALLY Alabama can grow the veggies, etc. IT’s the most fertile land in America. California only thrived because of the weather and after the dust bowl Okies migrated there and most of the world but there was a depression and that’s why they had good land, water, etc. But now you have no water and your produce era is gone. Are you aware of that?? Wait a few months when the water bill shows up.. Then come talk to us
            Red lIght Camera Tickets all over the place.. $460 plus dollars. So much that Jerry Brown is trying to get it where people can have amnesty and some sort of break if they cannot afford it. So many people in CA don’t even have valid drivers licenses because of the lowsy too HIGH tickets. But they can still get car insurance without a license in CA.. Now how is that even fair?
            The schools in California are the WORST. TEXAS has good schools and so do many other states Utah, Nebraska, NY, Boston, and etc. California teachers most of them do not care and it’s hard to fire them because of the union.
            L.A. has lost most of their movie industry but according to LA411 they’re getting it back… LOL where will they get money for rebates and tax breaks? More parking tickets, More traffic tickets? More taxes?
            Nearly everyone there owes the IRS have you seen how many celebs owe back taxes? Pamela Anderson, Mary J Blidge, A whole lot of them. But how could people who make millions owe so much?
            I hear what you’re saying.. I’m definitely not trying to recruit anyone to TEXAS we already got too many people here it’s very nice here and people are moving here by the thousands. There is a lot of space though. IN CAL it’s too crowded for me.
            Most people RENT.. They won’t EVER own their own house nor apartment. If they do it will take most of their lives to pay it off. Here in TEXAS one could be a duplex or a country house, or land and build two small houses and rent one out to pay for the land and two houses. I was stupid to waste so much time there in CALI.
            When a DUMP runs out of water it’s time to go.. They are going to overcharge like crazy and then the stores won’t order enough water just so they can jack up prices. No ice in drinks at restaurants. what’s next you can’t go to beauty shop to get your hair done because of the WATER issue? Too many people. Drained economy. The system is broken.

          • Pamela Benett

            You’re rigbt about the produce. Rarely find California grown. All it’s done here is rain. Wish we could send it their way!

          • LaTisha Jackson

            Absolutely!!! All if it is true. If you have that Italian spirit in you – no wonder that you are so much on target, as opposed to the overfed, overentertained and the purposeless COMFORT JUNKIES, who have NEVER developed the spirit, and therefore are unable to get the truth (bare intellect is not enough, you have to FEEL, not just comprehend.

        • Karlatta Countrissimo

          Sure but I rarely here of anything happening where I live. Every once in a while we might get a lost dog, or some type of animal stuck someplace, or one side of road closed. WALMARTS is the busiest store but the rest of them are farely quiet, nice country roads, GREAT food, nice clean land, green trees, RAIN.. lots of RAIN, Sunshine. YOu know the sun shines in other states not just CALIFORNIA.

      • LaTisha Jackson

        Karla, you are on the right track! You WILL succeed, just don’t EVER give up!!! Screw Crapyfornia! And you’ve notived absolutely corrrectly that many people here are mentally sick. Pressure of everyday life. The American Dream, instead of your own.

    • Karlatta Countrissimo

      Hi I just wanted to update you. I finally was able to leave L.A. this past summer. I even paid off my car. I had my car repaired and DROVE it all the way to TEXAS. I’m much happier. I live in country. It’s getting pretty busy in Dallas Texas area but I can assure you. It’s not so stressful here as it was in L.A. After I read your post that time I started planning to get out. I just wanted to say THANK You! You were so right!

      • Grant Harwell

        Well it is my pleasure. I am a LA survivor. I wish that on no naive human being. Texas has lots of land as you can tell! lol. However there are many fantastic places that you could live in that will remind you of home. Southlake, North Richardson Hills, Grapevine, and my favorite Colleyvile! No thanks needed! Dallas is a great place indeed, but those towns mentioned are 10X better with ultra affordable homes and fantastic venues. Let me know if I could provide you with any more info! Cheers!

        • Joan Wilkins

          My husband and I have been seriously thinking about leaving CA for the last couple of years. We live in the Central Valley which is a giant $hithole. Good jobs are scarce, and when you find one it’s like a revolving door because there are so many unemployed, you are easily replaced usually with a temp or someone OK with making $5 per hour less than you were. I’m talking decent jobs. I have since been doing better working for myself as a personal chef. My husband had brain surgery last year but recovering and should be up to speed in another 6 months if things continue to progress.
          I have been looking at houses for the last year or so in Texas – you have offered some great sounding areas I will start to look at as well. I anticipate 2 years or less until we are out of here.

          • Grant Harwell

            Awesome! Yes. So many great places outside of the large brand named cities. Recently places like Austin have been getting more popular and expensive, yet still affordable to any californian ( average is 300K for homes). In addition, there are some really popular places in North Texas that are absurd. However most of North Texas ( Mansfeild, Colleyville, Frisco, Southlake, Richland Hills for example) have new neighborhoods coming up that are very affordable. Averages are 150-350k homes that are huge and made to your likings.

            Just remember that the closer you get to the major lakes the more expensive it gets. Yet still the max you will ever see is 700k on average. In that case you would be buying a 5000 sqft mansion. New homes start at 80K in new suburbs!

            And yes, Texas economy is very stable compared to California. Governors should have never invested californian funds in the housing market.

      • Grant Harwell

        Since the last time I replied to you my job relocated me to Houston and paid off my home loan just to do it. lol. Now I enjoy nice warm weather 24/7 with even better things to do in Houston.

      • Mary Carlisle

        congrats I will be out of here by the end of the year!

        • Karlatta Countrissimo

          AWESOME!! Good luck! Even little animals have sense enough to leave when the watering hole dries up, barely no jobs, Over paying for CRAP.. I wish you the best of luck. I actually found this group when I was very depressed about being in L.A. and the people in here were VERY encouraging. I heard great advice… Don’t worry about all your CRAP.. Just get the min stuff and LEAVE before it traps you. I sold a bunch of my stuff and just started over in TEX. It took me a while to get out, but I would come on here and read posts… I finally got out. WHEW… L.A. SUCKS no water, nasty facilities, people have attitudes. It’s a DUMP compared to DALLAS seriously. RAGEDY STREETS. All those filthy people on streets begging it’s like a third world country.

    • LaTisha Jackson


  • Grant Harwell

    Bravo for writing this. All hardworking human beings deserve great healthcare, great jobs, and great schools for their children. CA is not the place for that at all. I am a native LA resident and got the heck out of LA when I was 17 for college. I have not looked back since then. After finishing my Ph.D.-MBA degrees I had dozens of well paying job offers in South San Fran as well as in San Diego. Then I looked at the home prices traffic, cost of living, taxes and was convinced that only an animal or slave would live under such conditions. The average normal home in a safe place is around 800K to start. I spent 500K on a new home in Denver and have too much space 4000+ sqft ( pool, mancave, you name it), yet I pay very little taxes and my kids have access to the best in schooling and medical care. I’ve got the mountains in my back yard and wonderful lakes just down the road. Average temps here are 78-85 until besides 3 months of coldness. Now let me ask you, what normal hardworking American would turn down such an amazing opportunity to live? California continues to ruin people because the people let it. Save up all you can and just leave. You will never work your way to financial security in CA unless you hit the Poweball lottery.

  • Ben P.

    I run a Smog business in Ca, I could write a book on the Air Nazies after 10 years of being in business. Dont forget the tree hugger idealist to. Everything you do pollutes the air and dont let crap get into the gutters either, we wouldnt want to hurt our whales either.

    Eco Idiots!

  • jsl55

    I was born in California and have lived here my entire life, almost 60 years. I have seen it turned into a cesspool, largely due to the liberal politicians. I will be leaving within 2-3 years when I am able to retire.

  • Peter Bazooka

    What happened? I thought legalizing weed was gonna solve all their problems. Don’t move near me you p.o.s.s.

  • Yonis Crantz

    HELLO! That’s my town! Belmont, California!

  • Yonis Crantz

    LOL Orange County is the most conservative county in California. How’s that for libtards?

  • jnr2223

    People need to stop and think about WHY this all happened. It came directly out of Washington DC. It was orchestrated. It was due to the lobbying and efforts of AIPAC & the ‘dual-citizen’ Senate we have. THEY have wreaked total, unbelievable carnage upon our once great nation. They changed the immigration laws, outsourced our VITAL industries & tore down the empty factories to add the coup de grace. LOOK IT UP!!! Look up who owns the media. Everything we see, hear or read.. is in the hands of 5 people. LOOK IT UP!! These wonderful people used the media to dumb-down & denigrate our American citizens. Just as they did to Germany… Bye-bye.. American Pie.

  • j j

    get the hell out and leave diane Frankenstein there for the big one

  • Guyfrom_theSouthBay

    I live in Northern California (Cupertino, CA) we are WAY different than those people in Los Angeles

  • Man with no name

    I live in the state of Virginia, thousands of miles east of California, and since I was young I had dreamed of moving to Cali, one, to move out towards the deserts and start living independently, and two, to enjoy the scenic beauty and amazement that is the Cali countrysides and beaches. I no longer can say that I wish for this dream, as Cali has turned into a police state, rampant with illegals, gangs, poverty, and violence. I feel for those living there now, and only hope that it’s residents can rid their government of liberals before it is too late. Across the country, more and more states are becoming police states, trying to control the daily lives of it’s residents. Here in Virginia, there are horror stories of police raids for no reason, businesses going out of business and always the risk of a gun grab if one of these liberal agenda politicians makes it into our government. For a long time, Virginia has been an advocate for gun rights and gun owners, solidified in the traditions of the rural people, but nationwide, I see this coming to an end. The time for words is over…..the federal government doesn’t listen…..like california, the entire nations government is involved in rampant spending to no end, corruption with no justice to those involved (remember benghazi?), and endless wars on the horizon (Russia, China, Iran???) Anyone considering moving here from another country, you’re probably better off staying where you are, unless you want to be here firsthand when the sh*t hits the fan, martial law is declared, and full scale civil war escalates….God save America….

  • Avrie

    I’ve lived in So Ca for 30 yrs but in the past 5 have gotten over it. The houses are over priced. I don’t like living on top of people. There’s too many illegals, iranians, chinese, etc. the taxes are out of sight. I’d like to go back to the east coast where I come from & plan to do just that in the near future

  • DrAnon

    Many of these problems are self limiting. As conditions deteriorate, many people will die from sanitary conditions, or lack thereof. The big push for immigration reform (amnesty for wetbacks) will bring a huge burden of social services and bankrupt the government.

    The secret lies in living rural. The climate makes CA the best place in the nation to live off the land year round, something that cannot be done elsewhere. Be prepared to defend yourself from the rats as they flee the sinking ghettos and you’ll be fine. Human varmint hunting will begin in CA.

  • EdBoca11

    Im only 16, and I hate california… I live in fear literally, Im afraid to go to school because of the “thugs” gang members. But i have a problem i was brought to the US when i was little, luckily we didnt pass the border cuz my mom sister gave us the citizenship but the thing is that my mom doesnt want to leave CA beacuse of the Hispanic (Latino) population. I dont like it in LA and to all of you that are planning to move here just dont do it, youll be making the biggest mistake ever unless you want your child to grow and become a useless scumbag gang member.

  • *liberal

    Such a shame to read so much liberal bashing. Those of you doing the bashing are showing yourselves to be un-educated, intolerant, and ignorant. Choosing a place to live depends on a lot of different things. There are so many variables. It really all boils down to what makes you happy as a person. There is no need to insult groups of people based on political views, race, ethnicity, or sexual preference. Open your minds, stop hating, find love and be happy. If your dollar will stretch further somewhere else, then go. No one is stopping you, it’s up to you to better your life.

  • Tony

    I read all the top comments over mexican aliens trashing california , taking all the welfare money and California Mexicans over papulated ca with no Heath care forcing hospital to close cause the use of Mexicans having medi care? Mexicans all are la familia,sureño, norteños, rasa gangs??? WOWW!! I hate scooping down to you all negative level to belive & Blame Mexicans ruining california.

    My parents are Mexicans; I’m Hispanic born in Glendora California both my parents born in Mexico from small pueblos; with no childhood life soon they begin to walk ready to work & hard labor or won’t eat cause won’t get paid the pennys they earned day by days & I was told from my uncles and aunts parents bros and sis,& worse and worser as they grew!! Fast forward to now you people that Blaime Mexicans destroying california, yea anyone born in Mexico & know how the life was back in the early late 60s in Mexico never attended a school. To even know who my family is and how proud I am to have a dad and a mom smart strong very hard workers & no education!
    NowAnyone calling out Mexicans don’t know a dam thing about mexican cause I due oh & my parents hard working giving me and my bro best child

    why my dad and mother are were they at now

    • murphrdn murphrdn

      Sir, everyone admires those hardworking Mexican Americans doing it right the problem are those abusing the system jumping the border with their middle fingers at us while they have their hands out for benefits!

  • Johnny B

    All of this is true for any state. I have lived in one town in NC my entire life. I have seen and felt the decline first hand. This country on the whole is going down hill rapidly. Obamacare is just an example of what is wrong. Hard working people having to pay for the lazy to survive.

  • Mom who is fed up

    My husband and I are leaving orange county ca and are moving to a suburb of Austin Tx. Yes we are conservatives and although Austin is the most liberal part of Tx it is far better than ca. Schools are 20 times better and we are doing this for our 3 little children. Ca is overly populated and everyone is part of the rat race. I need a slower pace life and more substance. We are leaving all our friends and family but we can make new friends and have quality visits with our family. We don’t even see them anyway because everyone is so busy keeping up with the ca lifestyle. We own our own business and the Ca govt has put us through hell because they are so broke. This state is running into the ground and this liberal Hollywood lives in fantasy land not the real world. We are looking forward to our new life in Texas. Texas doesn’t take any crap it is like it’s own country!! I do love some parts of ca but bad out weigh the good!

  • The Liberator.

    you conservatives have such a black and white view of everything. You hypocritical homogeneous ignorant fascist scum of the earth. You reek with self-entitlement and narcissistic delusion. You are parasites thinking there are unlimited resources while getting your comfort from websites like these. Do yourself a favor and fact check all these statistics in an academic database.

    • Leaving CA 4 Good

      LOL! Project we, much? Libtard fool. I LIVE HERE. Have lived here for 49 years. This state has been destroyed by MORONS just like you. Whatever “academic database” you base your comments on is WRONG. The worst thing about CA, never mind the crowding, all the illegals, the high taxes, packed freeways, unaffordable housing, etc., etc., etc, – its all the arrogant self-absorbed assholes who have infested this state. Assholes like you who don’t know what they’re talking about but keep insisting that what you are saying is true and normal. I’ve watched this state degrade. I have experienced the decline in quality of life here. I don’t need an arrogant libtard moron like you to tell me what I have lived isn’t true. CA’s glory days are over.

  • Jamaal


  • Armoftruth

    I think I will skip the opinion of bigoted racist conservatives, thanks.

  • CA16191

    Sounds like a bunch of racist in California too, always talking about the Hispanics, Blacks, and Arabs – I know I know, the whites are flawless. Denial is a travesty.

  • Shelley

    I’m a single parent with a disabled son living in CA. I lost his SSI which caused us to lose our home. I tried numerous ways to get help but couldn’t find any. I also lost his Medi-Cal and cannot qualify for Medi-Cal myself even though we live at poverty level. It was hard to find an attorney that would take his case. I was told I would be getting my son’s SSI back but I don’t know when. I was told the government does the paperwork very fast when they think you owe them but take forever when they owe you. I haven’t gotten his SSI back and lost even more income this month when his In-Home Support Services were stopped too. I was also given a hard time when qualifying for my food card. I’m planning on moving out of CA. I feel that I’m being prevented from providing care for my son. My advice is don’t move here!

    • bamtastic123

      You better stay in California….Most Conservative states don’t give out free stuff.

    • Mary Peterson

      I’m sorry that you’re going through all that. And to the other commenter I live in Florida and even though it’s Republic State my disabled sister qualified for Medicaid (United Health Care) and food stamps and in-home care services that accept her managed plan. I also am getting paid by taking care of her thanks to Consumer Direct and saving money so me and sis can live together in an apartment. Our mom is not helpful and lazy. I am a student preaparing to move out to continue my studies so I can get a decent job and help my sister more financially. She has a muscular disability. And we’re both 24. Please don’t give up and work really hard for your son. You’re not alone. I’m still fighting so my sister can get career/employment services (she wants to work) and it’s hard but don’t give up.

  • Daniel


  • Daniel

    also i had to do something like this on my homework and this really helped so i want to say thank you. Also i was thinking about going there but after doing research on this and other sites i change my mind

  • Captain Canuck

    I think you should stop bashing lesbians, gays and transgenders. Also immigrants. It’s un Christian.

    • Voncent

      I think you should go back to your mom’s basement, because you can’t handle reality. California is paying for your immoral and stupid policies pajama boy!!!

    • murphrdn murphrdn

      Captain Schmuck-You’re an idiot asstard!

  • skydoll

    If everyone bails on California, who’s going to be left to make it a better place to live? Grow where you’re planted. Makes sense to me.

  • Me

    I live here.
    You are dramatically understating the case.
    There are parts of this city that make Detroit look like heaven. Interestingly however, these areas are all contained in some manner I don’t pretend to understand (most likely racist cops nailing you for driving while not being white).
    Yeah that won’t last.

  • Cali girl

    Conservatives please do move to Texas! I’m moving back to California just as soon as you get out of my way!

  • Kaleta

    My storage is still in Stockton…and I MUST get down there this year to bring it up to WA state where I currently live…but now I wonder …will I get out alive???

  • Kaleta

    I have beautiful memories of CA in the 50’s, 60’s…and now live in WA state… that’s good enough for me….

  • It’s really pretty great here

    Written by some conservative who is mad that he lives in some landlocked state thousands of miles from any nice, warm beach. It’s easy to rationalize living elsewhere when your circumstances don’t allow you the luxury of California Life. But whatever makes you feel better about yourself :)

  • stashgal

    I was born in California & in part, grew up there.

    It was once a beautiful state with nice banked roads, clean cities, open roads, nice beaches & I got to watch that all change for the worse as the population bloated with mainly immigrants. While I appreciated the diversity that immigrants brought with them, there are simply too many people living in CA.
    The roads are dirty, poorly maintained & gridlocked. Frustrated drivers stuck in traffic go crazy.
    When my job was automated & eliminated I became unemployed & afraid of eviction when the money ran out, I got a chance to leave & leave I did as fast as possible back to Oregon where I had lived several times before.

    While the job situation in S. Oregon is still poor as a retired person that no longer matters. What does matter is the lower population, clean air, clean water, uncrowded roads, nice clean recreation areas, lower taxes & better quality of life.
    Thanks to the corporate control of the government, we are fast becoming a 3red world country with a small elite in power while the rest of the population rots in squalor.

    It was a depressing thing to watch a once beautiful state descend into squalor, crime & poverty, it’s once fine roads potholed & trashed, it’s beaches priced out of reach as well as their parks & too full of people to be worth the difficulty of getting to them from gridlocked “free” ways. There is a fee for every activity, you can’t even watch the waves without paying a fee.

    The “golden” state may still glitter but that glitter is now broken bottles, cans, trash & the cups of the homeless begging for change.

    Farewell forever, California, the dream is dead.

  • Nelson Phillip

    You know I read all these entries of people living in CA keep saying over and over and hear the blame over and over on the Liberials. Well who voted these worhtless people into office. I see the same pieces of crap in congress and senate that were here 10 years ago and they already had lived their lives in these elected positions. I returned and already after 7 months again realized my mistake and am preapring to take a beating on my home I bought and heading back to the midwest I hope, that is if I am not killed by a gang member or illegal.

  • Nelson Phillip

    Sorry one more thing someone needs to rename it for what it is the American nightmare, Mexifornia. Formerly California. I lost 160k on a home I slod in Escondido because no one would buy my 3 bdr 1600 5 year old home surrounded by illegals,

  • HiudsonBaySurfer

    Born and raised in Monterey. Educated at USF. Worked Northern California all my life. Saw this mess coming and left 15 years ago!!
    It isn’t your fathers California anymore. In fact, it is now definitely not even part of the United States. You’d have to live in another state to know what I mean.
    “Creating new jobs”? False. Replacing minimum wage workers turnover is their idea of new jobs. It’s a joke.
    CRIME? No law enforcement.
    Other laws, no enforcement
    State, county, city “employees and officials”?……No help at all, WORTHLESS.
    Used to be if nothing else, you could count on making money in real estate……those days are long gone never to return.
    Over run by illegal immigrants?…UNBELIEVABLE!!……TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL!!
    Legislators?………..Worthless…….. another joke.
    What’s left?
    Crime and a bunch of people who won’t do a thing about it except………pretend every things ok when it’s not (the state is rampant with posers)…….when its a total disaster……….and whine all year long!!!!!

  • Leaving CA 4 Good

    So it’s MY fault your life sucks? I’m supposed to sacrifice the quality of MY life because you’re trapped in CA because you haven’t got any transferable skills? Are you insane? CA is a lost cause – and apparently, so are you.

  • Karlatta Countrissimo

    Wooo hoo! That’s three of us who’ve left!

  • Grant Harwell

    This is an old thread, but again I want to encourage anyone who reads this to get out of CA now. Don’t think twice, save up as much as you can and leave. It will be the best decision of your life! The rest of America is much more forgiving and your dollars have much more purchasing power here. Places like CA really defy the laws of economics by maintaining a level of hyperinflation amongst an american economy that is currently experiencing a relatively neutral demand period.
    I’d say all you need is 5000-6000$ max to completely leave CA for good and find a new apartment in a major city within the central parts of america. After a few months of living you will find a new job ( if not already) and realize that the best places to live in these regions only cost a fraction of what California does. If you have tons of crap in your garage, sell it for a fraction of the price since the CA movers will charge you twice the value just to ship it!
    If you live in CA you have to realize that you are slaves to the CA economy, there is no end to the amounts of massive debt you will get into by living there. You will die with your debts in CA! You are the source of tax money used to leverage CA’s borrowing of even more debts. Tell you children that there are better alternatives for schooling in other places. They will amass just as much debt trying to live in CA as they will paying for tuition. Just think about it.

  • I.M. Pistoff

    I spent most of 30 years in Detroit watching the blacks destroy it; i’ve now spent almost 29 in Kalifornia watching the same thing happen at the hands of blacks and mexicans. It also has the worst drivers i’ve ever seen. At least it’s not snowing, but i wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. In fact, if it were possible, i’d be off this continent without a second thought.

    • mono

      Typical stupid white people.

  • Discover

    It’s the white heterosexual Christian people. They breed and consume and create wars all over the world, destroy the environment, take corporate welfare at alarming rates, corrupt the banking system, cheat the justice system by paying off judges and elected officials, then blame everyone but themselves for their problems.

  • Amber

    Too much diversity? Wow, you must be white.

  • Mary Carlisle

    I cant wait to get out of here I want to be out by the end of the year. I lived here for almost 13 years and struggle every month,came out here 13 years ago for the entertainment industry . Im so turned off by this over priced over crowded town I can barely stand it

    • Mary Carlisle

      another thing I noticed in socal is their is no middle class youre either struggling barely making it or living in the hills in a million dollar home over looking the city

  • Karlatta Countrissimo

    AMEN BRO.. LIBERALS screwed up where they were.. We don’t want them coming to TEXAS messing up things. Get somewhere sit down, be happy, don’t mess up anything. LOL OH I can’t wait for STATE FAIR.. There’s a lot of stuff to do in TEXAS.

    • Alex

      I wish some Texans and Republicans from other states could come improve Commiefornia.

  • Karlatta Countrissimo

    Thank you Gamer Chick!!! First thing I did when I hit EL PASO was to get a WHATABURGER.. There were NO Whataburgers in CAlifornia.

  • Karlatta Countrissimo

    WOW.. Yeah that’s happening in EUROPE too it’s like an swarm of them just infesting. I didn’ t know about NY. Wow.

  • Warren Wilson

    Let’s face it: California is the greatest place to live if you can afford it. If your wallet’s not fat and you want freedom, look into Republican states like Texas, Utah, and some of the southern states. If your priority is weather, buy a 1700 square foot condo in Malibu, CA for just $1,390,000. Call my friend Beverly Taki at Seabreeze realty. I think you can still get a house with a beach key on Dume Road for under twenty million.

  • mickrussom

    You have to be loaded or figure out how to live for free for California to be enjoyable. For middle class its a nightmare.

  • LaTisha Jackson

    Beautiful! For sure, Crapyfornia is bad and doomed. ALL OF IT! Same thing happened to Rome. I noticed the same exact tendencies in Rome 20 years ago, and told the locals that they are DOOMED. Look at what’s going on there now. Reason – the influx of the inferior. GET OUT, before it’s too late.

  • Pamela Read Arnone

    I left for ONE REASON/ILLEGALS…………..really unfair and unamerican to allow people to take your HOME! YOUR FEIENDS!
    Family! Have never recovered!

  • danielboone72

    Illegal-Mexicans and Mexicans are big part the problem. CA is turning into a third-country! The majority of these people vote demorcrat, and they control what goes on in Sacramento. They fill up our prisons, ruin our hospitals, ruining our schools, drive down the wages of jobs, turned once nice neighborhoods into ghettos.
    I was born and raised in California and I have seen this state going into the crapper starting about 20 years ago with the repeal of Prop 187. I think THAT started all this crap!! I am really scared of the future of this state: Crime, job security, etc.

  • forbes mag

    California is headed over the cliff. It’s what happens when jews move in and take over as they did with California. Cheap immigrant labor and chaos is encouraged, local government wrings every cent it can out of people, and a nice place turns into an immoral cesspool. This is what the jews create everywhere they go.

  • Tina

    have lived in California for 27 years. I now live in Florida going on 3 years Everything in this article & the almost all the comments are true! I weep for our California, i weep for our nation, i weep for the judgement coming upon this land. Before leaving California i had 3 major dreams of catastrophe hitting California . It was devastating. it impacted not only the United States but the entire world. As a result of disobedience, rebellion, pride, reprobation, degradation, debauchery All of America stands in judgement. The bible is fulfilling itself before our eyes. Maythe LORD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL FOR WE will see these events unfold in our lifetime.

  • Alex

    I’m so jealous. My dad moved us from AL to Commiefornia when I was 4, and I’ve been pissed of since.

  • democrat CockRoach

    What a bunch of dumb LOSERS.

    I see them all on I-10 with their mattresses AGAIN.

  • Andrea Lee Morgan

    My son and his family and my husband and I are planning to move to Tennessee next year. I am worried the two men will not be able to find jobs there. I am retired and my daughter-in- law wants to homeschool their daughter and will do some kind of work-at-home job. Right now my son is a hardware store manager and my husband, a security officer. They are hoping to get the same type of jobs in Tennessee. Everyone I talk to who is familiar with Tennessee says it is a lovely place to live, but no one ever talks about job opportunities. Does anyone out there have advice on this?

  • Metalhead

    SO happy I don’t live there and never did, Jerry Brown wants to ban cars that are not electric on the basis of China doing it, someone from California must have read the book “1984” and recommended it to Jerry Brown and Jerry said “Oh! That’s a GREAT idea!”

  • William Kerr

    And the libtard maggots want to do this to the whole country while claiming they don’t have an agenda.