Why Are The American People Mad? Maybe It Is Because Millions Of Their Jobs Have Been Lost To Outsourcing And They Aren’t Coming Back

As you read this, there are tens of millions of people in China, India and dozens of third world nations who would love to do your job for one-tenth the pay.  They are willing to work 12 hours a day.  They don’t expect a benefits plan or a pension package.  They aren’t going to waste countless hours chatting on their cell phones or updating their Facebook profiles.  All they want is a chance.  And increasingly, the big global corporations that dominate the world economy are giving it to them.  It is called outsourcing, and if you don’t believe that it can happen to your job, you might want to think again.  It is not just Americans who are chasing after the American Dream these days.  We now live in a global economy with a global workforce and the rules of the game have fundamentally changed.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. 

The truth is that the big global predator corporations that dominate the global landscape don’t care about you.

They don’t exist to give you a good job.

They don’t exist to enable you to pay your mortgage.

They don’t exist to put your kids through college.

They don’t exist to provide you with a big, cushy pension in your old age.

They exist to make money.

So why should they hire you, when they can hire someone else on the other side of the world for one-tenth the pay?

Why should they hire you, when countries on the other side of the globe will allow them to hire workers in an environment of extremely low taxes and almost no regulations?

Why should they hire you, when a worker in a third world nation is not going to require health insurance, employer contributions to Social Security and unemployment, a benefits package or a pension plan?

The truth is that it is very complicated and it is very expensive to hire an American worker.

Millions upon millions of jobs have already been offshored and outsourced, and tens of millions more are about to be sent out of America.  In fact, Princeton University economist Alan S. Blinder estimates that 22% to 29% of all current U.S. jobs will be offshorable within two decades.

All of our technological advances have made the world a very small place.  In this new global economy, you had better get to know your competition.

So just who are you competing against?  Well, in China a garment worker makes approximately 86 cents an hour and in Cambodia a garment worker makes approximately 22 cents an hour.

Are you willing to work for 86 cents an hour?


You had better start getting used to the idea.

For decades, the American people voted for politicians from both parties who promised us that “free trade” and “the global economy” would be so good for us.

But what they didn’t tell us is that our standard of living would inevitably be forced down to the level of all the other workers around the world as labor became a global commodity.

So now we reap the bitter harvest of our poor decisions.

For example, Detroit was once the 4th largest city in the United States, and it was a shining example of how U.S. heavy industry was providing millions of jobs for middle class Americans.  But just look at it today….

The millions of jobs that have been offshored and outsourced simply are not ever coming back.

During the really bad 2001 recession, the U.S. economy lost 2% of its jobs and it took four years to get them all back.  But this time, the U.S. economy has lost more than 5% of its jobs and there is no sign that the bleeding of jobs is going to stop any time soon.

Yet the top politicians in both parties continue to insist that our trade policies are fine.  They have no problem with the fact that we ship millions of jobs overseas and that the lopsided tariff and trade agreements the U.S. government has entered into have caused our trade deficit to balloon to ridiculous proportions. 

The truth is that people need to start talking about the high cost of “free” trade.  The video posted below starts a little slowly, but by the end it will have your jaw hitting the floor….

But nobody takes all of this seriously enough.  The once great American economic machine is being dismantled in slow motion, and nobody seems to really care.  Now NBC is even promoting a new television show called “Outsourced” which makes a big joke out of it.

But the tens of millions of Americans who are currently out of work probably are not going to think it is too funny.

In fact, an increasing number of American people are getting really mad.


Well, because they are finding it really difficult to provide for their families.

According to a poll taken in 2009, 61 percent of Americans “always or usually” live paycheck to paycheck, which was up from 49 percent in 2008 and 43 percent in 2007.

But an increasing number of Americans are not even doing that well and have gone flat broke.  More than 1.4 million Americans filed for personal bankruptcy in 2009, which was a 32 percent increase over 2008.

The truth is that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer at an alarming rate.

The bottom 40 percent of income earners in the United States now collectively own less than 1 percent of the nation’s wealth.

1 percent of the pie for 40 percent of the population?

How long do you think that is going to last before people start getting really pissed off?

The American people don’t need more handouts though – what they need are good jobs.

But oops – we shipped all their good jobs to China and India.

The truth is that it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why the average time needed to find a job in America has risen to a record 35.2 weeks.

There simply are not nearly enough jobs in 2010.

Big corporations don’t want to hire American workers anymore.

In the new globalist system, there are far too many much less expensive options.

The new playing field is governed by organizations with initials such as NAFTA, GATT and WTO and in this new game American workers are the big losers.

Perhaps you are reading this and you think that I am wrong.

Well, I have a challenge for you.

In the comments section below, please answer this question:

Why in the world should big global corporations hire American workers when they are allowed to hire good workers on the other side of the world for one-tenth the pay and they don’t have to give them benefits or a pension either?

Hopefully someone can convince me that I am wrong, because I simply cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel for middle class American workers right now.