What Does This Mean? Benjamin Netanyahu And Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei Were Both Born During Eclipses

The war in the Middle East continues to heat up, and many believe that we will soon see a major escalation.  On the Israeli side, Benjamin Netanyahu is the one calling the shots, and as you will see below he is absolutely determined to conduct a military operation in Rafah.  On the other side, the guy at the top of the food chain is Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.  Hezbollah and every other Iranian-backed terror group in the region ultimately answers to him.  The decisions that these two men make during the months ahead will literally be felt all over the globe.


It is being claimed that both of these men were born during eclipses.

If this is true, that would be an extraordinary “coincidence”, and so I decided to investigate this for myself.

According to Wikipedia, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei was born on April 19th, 1939…

Seyyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei[5] (Persianسید علی حسینی خامنه‌ایromanizedAli Hoseyni Xāmene’ipronounced [ʔæˈliː hosejˈniː xɒːmeneˈʔiː] ; born 19 April 1939)[14][15] is an Iranian Twelver Shia marja’ and politician who has been the second supreme leader of Iran since 1989.[16][17] He previously served as third president of Iran from 1981 to 1989. Khamenei is the longest-serving head of state in the Middle East, as well as the second-longest-serving Iranian leader of the last century, after Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.[18]

I went to timeanddate.com, and I was able to confirm that there was an annular solar eclipse on April 19th, 1939.

So the claim that Khamenei was born during an eclipse checks out.

But what about Netanyahu?

According to Wikipedia, Benjamin Netanyahu was born on October 21st, 1949…

Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu (/ˌnɛtənˈjɑːh/ NET-ən-YAH-hoo;[3] Hebrewבִּנְיָמִין נְתַנְיָהוּromanizedBinyāmīn Nētanyāhūpronounced [binjaˈmin netanˈjahu] ; born 21 October 1949) is an Israeli politician who has been serving as the prime minister of Israel since 2022, having previously held the office from 1996 to 1999 and again from 2009 to 2021.[4] He is the chairman of the Likud party. Netanyahu is the longest-serving prime minister in the country’s history, having served for a total of over 16 years. He is also the first prime minister to have been born in Israel after its establishment.[5][6]

I went to timeanddate.com, and I was able to confirm that there was a partial solar eclipse on October 21st, 1949.

So the claim about Netanyahu checks out too.

In fact, as the Supernatural By Design YouTube channel has pointed out, the partial solar eclipse that Netanyahu was born on actually fell in the middle of a blood moon tetrad…


So what could all of this mean?

Could it be possible that both of these men were born during eclipses because God knew that they would be leading their nations during the Great Middle East War?

Last week, the simmering conflict along Israel’s northern border escalated quite dramatically

This week Israel carried out more air strikes on the Bekaa valley, deep into Lebanon, taking the death toll in Lebanon since the start of the conflict to more than 240.

In retaliation, Hezbollah fired a barrage of 100 Katyusha rockets on northern Israel, its heaviest attack since the war began, with targets including Israeli army bases in the Golan Heights. At least 17 Israelis have been killed in attacks from Lebanon and Syria since October.

The rockets this week prompted an angry post by Israel’s far-right National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, addressed to the Defence Minister Yoav Gallant: “The military is your responsibility. What are you waiting for? We have to start responding, attacking – war, now!”

The good news is that an all-out war between Israel and Hezbollah has not erupted yet.

But is that coming?

Hezbollah has warned that Israel will be crossing a red line if it conducts a military operation in Rafah.

The Biden administration and the EU are also both adamantly against such an operation.

But none of this opposition is shaking Netanyahu.  He says that the IDF will go into Rafah because Hamas must be eliminated…

Netanyahu stated unequivocally: “No international pressure will stop us from realizing all of the goals of the war: Eliminating Hamas, freeing all of our hostages and ensuring that Gaza never again constitutes a threat to Israel,” he said.

To achieve “total victory” in the war, Netanyahu stated, “We will operate in Rafah,” because it is the only way to eliminate the Hamas threat and “to free all of our hostages.”

The prime minister affirmed that the operational plans for the Rafah incursion have been approved, including “steps to evacuate the civilian population from the combat zones,” which he called “an essential stage ahead of the military action.”

When the Israelis move into Rafah, things will start getting really crazy.

Meanwhile, we should all keep a very close eye on what is happening in Ukraine.

The Russians clearly have the upper hand now, and French President Emmanuel Macron has once again warned that western troops may eventually be deployed there

Even after his first round of comments resulted in significant pushback from among European allies, French President Emmanuel Macron has once again declared that NATO should not rule out sending troops to Ukraine, which would set the West on a path of direct nuclear-armed confrontation with Russia.

He said in a Thursday interview on French national television that while the “situation” is perhaps not ripe at the moment to deploy troops there, it remains that “all these options are possible.”

But perhaps more importantly, Macron framed Russia’s war in Ukraine as an “existential” threat for Europe and said that “if the situation should deteriorate, we would be ready to make sure that Russia never wins that war.”

When Vladimir Putin was asked about this, he admitted that this would put us “one step away from a full-scale World War Three”

“It is clear to everyone, that this will be one step away from a full-scale World War Three. I think hardly anyone is interested in this,” Putin told reporters after winning the biggest-ever landslide in post-Soviet Russian history.

Putin added, though, that NATO military personnel were present already in Ukraine, saying that Russia had picked up both English and French being spoken on the battlefield.

“There is nothing good in this, first of all for them, because they are dying there and in large numbers,” he said.

Nobody can deny that we are living in a time of wars and rumors of wars.

Personally, I am entirely convinced that 2024 will be a year of war.

During the months ahead, Benjamin Netanyahu and Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei will both be faced with historic choices.

And once the missiles start flying, there will be no turning back.

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