We Wanted Our Lives To Be Just Like What We Saw On Television, And Now We Have The Demonic Society That We Were Wishing For

Americans have had a love affair with their televisions for decades.  Most of us consume more than a thousand hours of “programming” each year, and the vast majority of that “programming” literally celebrates evil.  Just think about it for a moment.  When is the last time that you watched a program on television that focused on things that are noble, true, honest, pure and virtuous?  From time to time you can find a show like that, but most of the content on our televisions is full of garbage.  And if you pour thousands of hours of garbage into the minds of the American people, you are going to get a demonic society in which just about every form of wickedness that you can possibly imagine is exploding all around us.


For example, on our televisions you can find endless content that features occult themes, and now Satanic displays are literally being set up in public spaces all around the nation.

The “sparkling demonic ram’s head” that was just set up in the Iowa Statehouse is currently making headlines all over the nation

The Satanic Temple has set up a display of a sparkling demonic ram’s head in the Iowa Statehouse as an expression of ‘religious freedom’.

Alongside more traditional menorahs and Christmas trees, the group have erected an altar topped with candles, a large banner and a ram figure with a skull covered in mirrors, a red cloak and wreath.

The Temple reportedly went through all of the correct administrative channels for the display, and only had their original request to use a real goat’s skull denied.

Of course this isn’t the first statehouse to feature such a display.

Meanwhile, After School Satan Clubs continue to “gain popularity” all over the nation.

This week, I came across an article about a chapter that is opening up right in the heart of the so-called “Bible belt”…

An After School Satan Club plans to begin offering activities to children at a Tennessee elementary school following Christmas break, officials said, and the move immediately proved controversial.

The Satanic Temple plans to host the club at Chimneyrock Elementary School in Cordova, news outlets reported. It will begin meeting on Jan. 10 in the school’s library and run through the spring semester, according to an announcement Tuesday posted on social media.

Needless to say, you don’t have to actually take your children to such a club to expose them to Satanic content.

All you have to do is sit them down in front of the television and turn on Netflix.

Sadly, reality often exceeds the horrors that our children see depicted on their screens.  Child abuse has become a national pastime, and way too often children that are being systematically abused end up dead

An Illinois boy was found beaten and starved at his home before he tragically died in hospital had a sign on his bedroom door read: ‘Don’t give Navin any food.’

Navin Jones, eight, was found unresponsive in a skeletal and emaciated state at his Peoria home on March 29, 2022. His father now faces up to life in prison if convicted of first-degree murder – while his mom already pleaded guilty to the heinous crime.

The little boy weighed just 30 pounds, and he was found in a locked room that was covered in urine and feces. He had signs of physical abuse across his face, body, arms, and legs.

How can something like this happen?

Well, the truth is that a demonic society produces demonic results.

We wanted our lives to be like what we saw on television, and now it is really happening.  We love to entertain ourselves with shows about crime, and now crime is out of control in much of the country.

Organized gangs of thieves have become accustomed to taking whatever they want, but once in a while they run into someone with a gun

This is the moment an elderly employee scared off a gang of robbers with a gun after they attempted to ransack his Bay Area store on Monday.

Albert Marcu faced down a group of would-be robbers with sledgehammers after they stormed the Estates Consignment Store in Pleasant Hill.

Surveillance video shows an apparent coordinated attempt to rob the store as a woman on the phone held the shop door open, allowing a group of men to run in.

There is endless violence on our televisions too.

And these days we are witnessing acts of violence that are almost too horrific to describe

A 46-year-old naked man, covered in blood, was reportedly on top of the body of his decapitated mother when police arrived at the man’s Jersey Shore apartment building.

Jeffrey D. Surgent called 911 on Friday afternoon confessing he’d just killed his mother, according to NJ.com. Police arrived to find 74-year-old Alexandri M. Surgent dead in her son’s hallway.

The victim’s severed head was found a few feet away from where the Surgents were lying.

What in the world has happened to us?

We were once a “city on a hill” to the rest of the world, but now we have become a bad joke.

Right now, we are in the midst of the worst drug crisis in our entire history, and things have gotten so bad that even elementary school children are consuming fentanyl in their gummy bears

Five elementary school students have received medical attention in Virginia after ingesting fentanyl-laced gummy bears, something that one of the children brought from their home, officials say.

The incident happened Tuesday at Central Elementary School in Amherst, a town north of Lynchburg.

The Amherst County Sheriff’s Office said seven students in total “experienced a reaction to ingesting gummy bears at school.”

Of course those that are pushing legal drugs are often more demonic than those that are pushing illegal drugs.

Pfizer is one of the most demonic corporations on the entire planet, but fortunately they have started to fall on hard times

Pfizer’s shares are plunging downwards to their worst performance in over a decade after the pharmaceutical giant put out a stark warning about its projected revenue as hysteria over the Covid-19 outbreak continues to wane.

Recent financial results and projections alike have not fared well for Pfizer; shares dropped 8 percent on Thursday morning, and the company has lost $140 billion in market cap this year alone.

I could list a whole bunch more examples, but I think that you get the point.

From the very top to the very bottom, our entire society has become saturated with evil.

So why can’t we just stop what we are doing and start focusing on things that are good and righteous?

Oh no, the elite certainly don’t want us to do that.

Recently, Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked why he doesn’t go to church anymore, and he responded by saying that his “personal ethics” are “enough to keep me going on the right path”

During an interview with BBC News, Fauci pointed out Dahlgren Chapel of the Sacred Heart, where he and his wife were married in 1985. That gave rise to the question of whether he still attends church.

“No, I don’t,” he said, which natural led to the follow-up question from interviewer Katy Kay: “Why?”

“A number of complicated reasons,” he said, but Kay wasn’t satisfied with that, and encouraged him to go on.

“First of all, I think my own personal ethics on life are, I think, enough to keep me going on the right path,” he said, adding that the “organizational church” had “enough negative aspects,” though he didn’t clarify what “enough” meant in that context.


Does he define performing sadistic experiments on dogs as being “on the right path”?

In our time, an unspeakably evil doctor like Fauci is greatly honored and celebrated.

We live in an upside down world where good is bad and bad is good.

And those in power just want to keep us pacified with entertainment so that they can continue to “transform” our society.

Let me close this article by sharing Jill Biden’s White House Christmas video with you…

What in the world is that?

Some have suggested that it looks like something out of the Hunger Games movies

Right-wing blogger Ian Miles Cheong said that Dr. Biden’s 2023 efforts were gave off a ‘Hunger games aesthetic.’ Anti-vax activist Alex Rosen chimed in saying: ‘The second hand embarrassment is off the charts.’

‘This should’ve come with a sensitivity label. This is horrendous,’ wrote the infamous Libs of TikTok account. ‘ABSOLUTE GARBAGE,’ was another person’s opinion.

‘It’s a mentally ill Christmas at the Biden White House,’ comedian Tim Young tweeted. ‘You are so strange. Bizarre. Freaky,’ said another person.

Conservative activist Brigitte Gabriel said: ‘Children should not be watching this smut.’

Our culture is going downhill very rapidly now.

If we stay on this path, there is no future for our country.

Unfortunately, the clock is ticking and right now there are no indications that we will see a national turnaround any time soon.

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