This Is How 21 Celebrities Responded On Twitter When They Found Out An Impeachment Inquiry Is Going To Happen…

Well, that sure escalated quickly.  Rather than waiting until the end of the week, on Tuesday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to announce that a formal impeachment inquiry is being initiated.  Needless to say, leftist celebrities all over America greatly rejoiced at this news.  In fact, for many of them it was essentially the equivalent of having Thanksgiving, Christmas, a birthday party, the Super Bowl and winning the lottery all rolled into one giant drug-fueled celebration.  After “suffering” so much since Donald Trump won the election in November 2016, this surprise announcement gave many of them hope that they may soon be rid of their orange-haired tormentor forever.  Of course in the end the only thing that is really going to matter is what the 53 Republicans in the Senate decide to do once the House inevitably votes to impeach, but for the moment the Hollywood elite couldn’t be happier.


The following is how 21 celebrities responded on Twitter when they found out that an impeachment inquiry is actually going to happen…


We haven’t seen this much euphoria in Hollywood since the state of California legalized marijuana.

Of course if Trump is ultimately not impeached and he goes on to win the 2020 election, Hollywood will become a pit of bitterness and despair unlike anything that we have ever seen before.

So perhaps they should not celebrate too much just yet.  The game is far from over, and there are many twists and turns still ahead.

As I was pondering how these celebrities responded to the latest political developments in Washington, a very profound question popped into my mind.

What do these ultra-liberal celebrities have to look forward to in the years ahead?

For many of them, the peak of their careers is already in the past.  Yes, maybe they can stretch out their careers for a few more years, but their looks are declining and big time producers are forgetting about them a little bit more with each passing day.  As the consequences of age take their toll, many of them are facing a future of declining health, declining fame, and an inability to do all of the things that they enjoyed so much when they were younger.

And as far as what comes at the end of the road, most celebrities would rather not think about that at all.

I mean, honestly, what is the best case scenario for these aging celebrities?

I know that I have been a bit harsh, but I just wanted to point out the complete and utter emptiness of the worldview that these celebrities are so proudly espousing.

One of the big reasons why they are so excited about taking Trump down is because they don’t have much else to really get excited about.

On the other hand, the future is exceedingly bright for those that are not just living for the temporal pleasures of the moment.  When you start focusing on what really matters, life holds more meaning and purpose than most of these aging celebrities would ever dare to imagine.

But for the moment, leftist celebrities all across the country are rejoicing, and most of them actually believe that their side is going to win.

Unfortunately, what is about to happen is going to tear this country apart, and nobody is going to win in the end.

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