There Will Be An Explosion Of Terrorism In The Western World Unlike Anything We Have Ever Seen Before

I believe that the war that has just erupted in the Middle East is the biggest news story in decades.  This is bigger than the war in Ukraine, the pandemic, 9/11 or the Iraq War.  Once Israel sends troops into Gaza, the Great Middle East War will have begun.  There is going to be so much death and destruction in the months ahead, and it will not just be limited to the Middle East.  There will be violence in the United States and other western nations that support Israel.  In fact, I believe that eventually we are going to see an explosion of terrorism in the western world unlike anything we have ever seen before.


Over the past couple of decades, vast numbers of migrants from countries where radical Islam is the dominant worldview have been allowed to relocate to western nations.

Needless to say, many of those migrants are very strong supporters of terror organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

What we just witnessed in Israel is a preview of what will eventually happen here.

And that should chill you to the core.

In one town in southern Israel, Hamas terrorists killed “at least 40 babies and kids”, and some of them were actually beheaded

HAMAS terrorists massacred at least 40 babies and kids in a sickening rampage in one town – with some found beheaded, Israel claimed.

Israeli soldiers discovered scenes of unimaginable horror in Kfar Aza – a village close to the Gaza border that was captured for two days by the Hamas militants.

I have never heard of anything like this in my entire life.

Words such as “barbaric” and “demonic” simply are not strong enough to describe what these terrorists have done.

The entire purpose of Hamas is to destroy the nation of Israel, and their fighters have been infused with a supernatural hatred for the Jewish people.

So when they had an opportunity to slaughter women and children in their own homes, they did not hesitate

Armed with guns, grenades and knives, Hamas terrorists beheaded men, women, children and babies in their beds early on Saturday morning after storming over the border.

Speaking from the scene of the bloodbath, i24News reporter Nicole Zedek said a soldier told her they had found women and “babies with heads cut off”.

At least 40 babies and children were slaughtered as entire families were burned alive in their homes and shot dead.

You can’t negotiate with people like that.

This is a moment in history that none of us will ever forget, and for those that actually had to go into these homes and see the carnage it will be something that changes them forever…

In a statement on Tuesday, Israeli Major General Itai Veruv said: “You see the babies, the mothers, the fathers, in their bedrooms, in their protection rooms and how the terrorist kills them. It’s not a war, it’s not a battlefield. It’s a massacre, it’s a terror activity.

“It is something that I never saw in my life. It’s something that we used to imagine from our grandfathers, grandmothers in the pogrom in Europe and other places. It’s not something that happens in new history.”

So why would Hamas do this?

To most people, their actions seem completely and utterly senseless.

But Chris Bray believes that there is a very specific reason why they are being so brutal…

Group X, as a group and deliberately, rapes women from Group Y in Neighborhood Z so women from Group Y never feel that they can safely return to Neighborhood Z, in a tribal memory passed down to later generations. Now the space belongs to Group X.

Hamas is making sites of trauma. To empty them, and to keep them empty.

Their military objective is to use the witnessed mass rape of women, the documented hunting and torture of families, and the videotaped murder of children in front of their parents to keep Jews out of southern Israel in the future.

I tend to agree with him.

From this point forward, mothers are not going to feel safe raising families in those areas.

And if Hamas is given more opportunities, they will continue to use the same tactics.

So Israel has no choice but to go into Gaza and deal with Hamas.

Shockingly, there has been a great outpouring of support for Hamas and their tactics all over the globe.

In Australia, protesters were chanting some of the most vile things imaginable right in front of Sydney’s Opera House on Monday night

Pro-Palestinian protesters were allowed to chant ‘gas the Jews’ and burn the Star of David in front of Sydney’s Opera House on Monday night – while a counter-demonstrator was arrested for attempting to fly the Israeli flag.

The ‘despicable’ scenes have been roundly condemned by leaders from across the political spectrum.

We have seen similar protests all over the United States.

In the old days, that never would have happened.

But thanks to our politicians, there are more radical Muslims inside the United States than ever before.

Many of them have been crossing our wide open borders illegally.  In fact, Fox News is reporting that thousands of “special interest aliens” have been arrested while trying to cross our southern border…

Thousands of “special interest aliens” from numerous countries, including the Middle East, have been arrested by Border Patrol agents while attempting to cross the U.S. southern border illegally over the last two years, according to internal Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data leaked to Fox News.

“Special interest aliens” are people from countries identified by the U.S. government as having conditions that promote or protect terrorism or potentially pose some sort of national security threat to the U.S.

But even more radical Muslims have been allowed to come in legally.

It is being widely reported that there are 3.45 million Muslims now living in the United States, but that is a number from 2017.

Since Joe Biden entered the White House, the floodgates have been thrown completely wide open, and so by now that figure is undoubtedly far higher.

As a result, incidents of anti-Jewish hate in this country have risen to an all-time high

Last year, there were 3,697 times that someone vandalized, harassed or assaulted in the name of anti-Jewish hate.

And against that backdrop — a domestic hostility that has steadily increased year after year — the massacre in Israel feels palpable and even foreboding here in America, where hatred of Jews is very real.

Donald Trump clearly understands what Biden has been doing.

On Monday, he accused Biden of allowing “tens and thousands of terrorists into our country”

In speaking to a massive crowd on Monday in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Trump drew ties between the Biden administration’s flooding of young male, military-aged unvetted immigrants into the country and the Pearl Harbor style-attack by Hamas.

He referred to the immigrants as “some of the same people who just attacked Israel” and said that under Biden’s open border policy, the United States has allowed “tens and thousands of terrorists into our country.”

I agree with Trump on this point.

If anything, Trump is understating the seriousness of the problem.

ISIS never had a very strong presence in North America, and neither did Al-Qaeda.

But even before Joe Biden entered the White House, Hezbollah had a very extensive network of operatives on this continent.

Hezbollah operatives are engaged in a vast array of criminal activities, and these operations have helped to fund their activities in the Middle East.

And now that war has erupted, all of those operatives can be used for other purposes as well.

Just imagine the chaos that even just a few thousand jihadists could cause.

After a handful of bombings and mass shootings, the entire nation would be paralyzed with fear.

At this moment, only Israel and Hamas are at war.

But if Hezbollah, Syria, Iran and the United States all get involved in this conflict too, we will see crazy things happen all over the globe.

So enjoy this time of relative peace and prosperity while you still can, because it won’t be too long before terror attacks completely shatter our false sense of security too.

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