Are The Economic Riots That So Many People Have Been Warning Us About Already Starting?

For years, researchers such as Gerald Celente have been warning that the coming economic collapse is going to spark mob scenes and riots that are unprecedented in U.S. history.  Many have scoffed at these predictions and have refused to believe that anything like that could ever happen in America.  But if what happened on Wednesday near Atlanta is any indication, we could be on the verge of something really bad.  30,000 people turned out to pick up only 13,000 applications for government-subsidized housing.  Some people had waited for over two days just to get their hands on an application.  The “chaotic mob scene” that developed as the applications were being handed out left 62 people injured.  It turns out that there aren’t even any vacancies in government-subsidized housing at this time in that area.  These people were going wild just to get an application to get on the waiting list for government-subsidized housing.  Yes, this is what the American Dream has degenerated into – thousands of people rioting in an attempt to get on a waiting list for a government handout.


This is how one person who was there described the scene….

“Lot of people. People pushing people, knocking people over. People getting hurt.”

As you watch the video news report about this incident below, keep in mind that these people were going crazy just to get an application to get on a waiting list….

So what is going to happen when real hunger and real economic hardship comes to the streets of America?

What kind of mob scenes will we see then?

But it isn’t only in Atlanta where this type of thing is happening.

Just check out the following scene from Detroit from late last year….

Is this the beginning of a whole new trend of economic riots?

Let’s hope not.

But things are certainly not getting any better out there.

*New applications for jobless benefits rose last week to their highest level in almost six months.

*U.S. banks repossessed the second highest number of homes ever recorded in July.

*The number of Americans who are receiving food stamps rose to a new all-time record of 40.8 million in May.

*Even the mainstream media is acknowledging that something really historic is happening.  Recently, CNN published an article with this stunning headline: “Is This Finally The Economic Collapse?”

Things are getting really bad out there already, and when the economy truly collapses the American people are not going to have the character to handle it with grace and dignity.

No, when the poop really hits the fan the American people are going to go absolutely berzerk.  They are going to throw a temper tantrum that will top all temper tantrums.

When that day arrives, you and your family will want to be somewhere safe with plenty of food and water on hand.  Let us just hope and pray that day does not come any time soon.