A “Parade” Of 6 Planets Will Line Up In The Sky As The 6th Month Of 2024 Begins

Dramatic things are happening in the heavens at the same time that dramatic things are happening here on Earth.  As I started to write this article, the entire nation learned that a New York jury has found Donald Trump guilty on all 34 felony counts that he was charged with.  Meanwhile, the coalition government in Israel has collapsed and it appears that there will be a new election by the end of this year.  And all of this is taking place just as things are starting to get very “interesting” in the heavens once again.  In fact, as the 6th month of 2024 begins we are going to see a spectacular “parade” of 6 planets line up in the sky


Point your eyes to the sky this June!

Summer in the cosmos is off to a spectacular start due to the astronomical activity taking place, from the upcoming full moon display to a rare planetary alignment.

June will kick off with the alignment of six planets in the solar system, a phenomenon being dubbed a “parade of planets.” The dazzling display follows a slew of recent celestial events, including the rare total solar eclipse in April and the solar storm that triggered the Northern Lights across the United States in May.

There are 7 other planets in our solar system, and 6 of them will be involved in this “parade”.

The only one that will not be involved is Venus

Just before dawn from May 31 to June 3, a parade of six planets from our solar system will come into alignment — but only a lucky few will be able to spot all six.

The orbits of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune will enter into something like a morning procession.

We are also being told that the Sun has started to pummel our planet once again.

So if you live far enough north, you may have another opportunity to view the northern lights as the month of June begins…

A powerful, three-day long solar storm is expected to hit Earth today that could trigger ‘power grid fluctuations,’ experts have warned.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) noted that the geomagnetic storm, which is a major disturbance of Earth’s magnetosphere, could disrupt satellite orbits, cause radio blackouts and push incredible northern light displays as far south as New York.

The upcoming storm is due to an active sunspot that has unleashed at least 18 flares this week.

The good news is that no significant damage is expected from all of this solar activity.

But we should keep a very close eye on the Sun during the months ahead, because I believe that this is a story that is far from over.

At the same time that so much is going on in the heavens, there is also a lot going on here on Earth.

On Thursday, it was announced that a jury in New York has found Donald Trump guilty on all 34 felony counts that he was being charged with…

Former President Donald Trump was found guilty on all counts in his New York criminal hush money trial, which centered on allegations that he falsified business records to hide a hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 presidential election. Trump is the first former U.S. president convicted of a crime.

Prosecutors initially charged Trump with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records. They alleged Trump falsified the records to conceal unlawfully interfering in the 2016 presidential election through the $130,000 hush money payment, making the falsification charges felonies.

I suppose that we should not be surprised that a jury in a deep blue state has decided to stick it to Trump.

Ultimately, the only hope that Trump probably had was to get one of his supporters on that jury, and that obviously didn’t happen.

Sentencing is scheduled for July 11th.

If New York sentencing guidelines are followed, Trump will probably be hit with probation or a very large fine.

But if Trump is slapped with the maximum penalties allowed by law, he could potentially be facing 136 years in prison

Theoretically, Trump could face 136 years in prison if given consecutive sentences on all charges.

But even before the verdict came down, legal experts suggested Trump was unlikely to face time behind bars.

Trump at 77-years-old has no prior convictions. The charges also involve a nonviolent offense.

New York law recommends no prison sentence for non-violent felonies where the defendant lacks any prior felony conviction in the last decade.

In any event, Trump will almost certainly appeal this conviction, and that will mean that his sentence will not take effect until after the presidential election in November

Trump is expected to appeal the decision. His sentencing will not take effect until after the appeal process plays out, which is likely to extend past the November election.

I understand that everyone here in the U.S. is very focused on Trump right now, but something of historic importance also just happened in Israel.

Benny Gantz has just called for a vote to dissolve the Knesset, and that means that we are likely to see a new election in Israel before October

Israeli war cabinet minister Benny Gantz is mounting a new challenge against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the coalition government, on Thursday announcing his centrist party is proposing holding a parliamentary vote on dissolving the Knesset.

“The head of the National Union Party, Pnina Tamano-Shata, has put forward a bill to dissolve the 25th Knesset. This follows the request of party leader Minister Benny Gantz to move forward in broad agreement to an election before October, a year since the massacre,” the fresh statement from Gantz’s party said.

I think that Benny Gantz wants to be the next prime minister of Israel.

And I think that there is a good chance that he will get what he wants.

During the months ahead, there will be tremendous political chaos here in the United States, and there will be tremendous political chaos elsewhere in the world too.

And all of this political chaos is just part of the overall apocalyptic scenario that is rapidly coming together.

We are moving into one of the most chaotic periods in all of human history, but even though so much is happening all around us many people out there are still convinced that life will “return to normal” eventually.

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