4 Ways That Joe Biden Could Get America Into A Nuclear War

Have you ever looked at Joe Biden and wondered if this guy is going to get us all killed?  If so, you are definitely not alone.  Biden is an ill-tempered lunatic that is not all there mentally, and his foreign policy team includes well-known warmongers such as Jake Sullivan, Antony Blinken and Victoria Nuland.  Over the past two years they have been provoking our enemies every chance they get, and that has pushed us to the brink of war with several of them.  They keep telling us that they know exactly what they are doing, but if they get this wrong we are not going to get a “do over”.  Once the missiles start flying, there will be no going back.  The following are 4 ways that Joe Biden and his minions could get America into a nuclear war…


#1 Russia

The war in Ukraine has evolved into a full-blown proxy conflict between the United States and Russia, and both sides just continue to escalate matters.

So where does this end?

At this point, the Biden administration has already announced 36 different military aid packages for Ukraine since the war started…

US President Joe Biden’s administration announced $325 million in new military aid for Ukraine on Wednesday to help its military in its war against Russia, including additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), advanced missiles and anti-tank mines.

It is the 36th security package for Ukraine since the Russian invasion in February 2022, and brings total US military assistance for the Kyiv government to more than $35.4 billion in that time.

On the other side, the Russians keep framing this crisis as an existential conflict between east and west, and western leaders have certainly bolstered that perception by publishing maps of Russia broken up into dozens of little countries.

At this point, the Russians believe that they are fighting for all the marbles, and Dmitry Medvedev is openly warning that they will use nuclear weapons when push comes to shove…

He spelt out that Russian doctrine “makes it clear that nuclear weapons may be used if Russia faces an act of aggression involving other types of weapons, which threaten the very existence of the state”.

He added: “In fact, it is about using nuclear weapons in response to such actions.

“Our potential adversaries should not underestimate this.

“All these speculations about how the Russians will never do this are worthless.

“The Western analysts and Western commanders – both military and political leaders – should simply assess our rules and our intentions.”

Why won’t our leaders take such threats seriously?

I am entirely convinced that the Russians are not bluffing.

And it should greatly alarm all of us that Russian submarines are becoming increasingly active in the Atlantic Ocean

“The Russians have been more active than we’ve seen them in years,” Army Gen. Chris Cavoli, the top commander for NATO and U.S. military operations in Europe, told Congress on Wednesday of Moscow’s undersea capabilities.

“Their patrols into the Atlantic and throughout the Atlantic are at a high level most of the time, at a higher level than we’ve seen in years,” Cavoli testified before the House Armed Services Committee. “And this, despite all the efforts they’re undertaking in Ukraine.”

Eventually, the Russians could use subs to launch a surprise first strike on the U.S., and if that happens it will be the end of our nation as we know it today.

#2 China

As I have detailed in previous articles, the Chinese have been feverishly expanding and modernizing their strategic nuclear arsenal.

At one time, their capabilities paled in comparison to our own, but now they have substantially closed that gap.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration is still choosing to treat them like a vastly inferior power.

We do not want a war with China, and under previous administrations such a war was not even a possibility.

But now the status of Taiwan has become a major international issue, and the Chinese just keep sending more military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone

Taiwan’s defence ministry, in an early Friday update of Chinese military activities over the previous 24 hours, said 19 military aircraft had entered the island’s air defence identification zone.

One of those was a TB-001 drone, which flew around Taiwan, first crossing the Bashi Channel that separates Taiwan from the Philippines, then up the east of Taiwan before crossing back toward the Chinese coast, according to a map provided by the ministry.

In addition, sovereignty over certain areas in the South China Sea is another matter that has caused tensions between the U.S. and China to rise

The US has warned the Chinese Coast Guard to stop harassing Philippine vessels in the South China Sea, it was reported.

On Saturday, the US state department said in a statement: “We call upon Beijing to desist from its provocative and unsafe conduct.”

Last week, the Philippines accused China’s coast guard of “aggressive tactics” and “dangerous manoeuvres” in the South China Sea, amid simmering geopolitical tensions between the two nations.

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and our relations with China will take a turn in the right direction.

But I wouldn’t count on it.

#3 Iran

As I have warned over and over again, a major war in the Middle East could erupt at any time.

And just to make sure that tensions go a little bit higher, the U.S. has deployed aircraft equipped with “bunker-busting bombs” to the region…

In a show of force to Iran, the United States military has equipped aircraft sent to the Middle East with advanced bunker-busting bombs, American officials told The Wall Street Journal on Friday.

According to the report, around a dozen A-10 Warthogs were refitted to allow the attack aircraft to carry up to 16 of the precision-guided GBU-39/B bombs.

Of course the Iranians are also choosing to make things even worse.

In fact, the Iranian military just illegally seized a tanker that was headed for the United States

Footage has been released by the Iranian navy that shows the seizure of a foreign vessel in the Gulf of Oman.

The Marshall Islands-flagged oil tanker Advantage Sweet was taken Thursday by Iranian forces after leaving Kuwait en route to Houston, the U.S. Navy announced.

“Advantage Sweet was seized by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy while transiting international waters in the Gulf of Oman,” NAVCENT said.

Unlike Russia and China, Iran does not have intercontinental ballistic missiles.

But the Iranians are getting very close to being able to produce their own nuclear weapons, and some analysts believe that they already possess older nukes that have been provided to them by others.

If a major war does erupt in the Middle East, Iran will throw whatever it has against Israel, and Israel will do the same to Iran.

Let us hope that such a conflict can be put off for as long as possible.

#4 North Korea

You would think that the potential for 3 cataclysmic wars would be enough.

But no, the Biden administration has also decided to greatly provoke North Korea by sending “nuclear-armed submarines” to South Korea…

The United States will deploy nuclear-armed submarines to South Korea for the first time in decades — part of a new agreement that will signal Washington’s commitment to defend Seoul against rising nuclear threats from North Korea, U.S. officials said.

The plan to dock the ballistic missile submarines in South Korea, which hasn’t happened since the 1980s, headlines an effort to make U.S. deterrence against Kim Jong Un’s regime “more visible,” according to senior administration officials. It will also see the U.S. vow to give its ally a greater role in any response to a potential nuclear attack.

One rule that I try to live by is that you should never provoke crazy people.

And in this case, the Biden administration is provoking crazy people that are armed with nuclear weapons.

The North Koreans are not happy with the Biden administration’s latest move, and they just issued a very angry statement that contains the words “nuclear war”

North Korea will step up its “military deterrence” against South Korea and the United States, state media said Sunday, blasting this week’s summit agreement between the two sides on strengthening the U.S. extended deterrence as a “product of heinous hostile policy” against Pyongyang.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) ran a commentary criticizing President Yoon Suk Yeol’s state visit to the U.S. this week as “the most hostile, aggressive and provocative trip and a dangerous one for a nuclear war.”

In April, North Korea tested a solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile that is capable of hitting the United States.

If Kim Jong Un gets angry enough, he could order his military leaders to nuke several west coast cities.

Of course we could nuke North Korea in return, but nothing would ever bring those cities back.

Most Americans don’t realize this, but at this moment we are closer to nuclear war than we have ever been before.

Biden administration officials seem to believe that none of our enemies are crazy enough to actually use nuclear weapons, and so they are not afraid to be extremely aggressive with Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

But what happens if Biden administration officials make a mistake and push one of them too far?

This is not a game.

One really bad mistake could result in hundreds of millions of deaths.

So let us hope that someone can talk some sense into Joe Biden and the warmongers around him, because right now they really do have us on the brink of the unthinkable.

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