4 Absolutely Massive Bombshells About The War In Ukraine That Every American Needs To See

No matter who the American people elect as their representatives, the permanent ruling class in Washington D.C. remains the same.  Unfortunately for all of us, this permanent ruling class has become absolutely desperate to win the war in Ukraine.  One member of that permanent ruling class, Victoria Nuland, is pleading with Congress to approve more funds for the war.  One of her arguments is that “we have to remember that the bulk of this money is going right back into this economy to make those weapons”.  Oh yes, pouring giant mountains of money down the gullet of the military-industrial complex would certainly be good for economic growth.  But if we allow the permanent ruling class to drag us into a shooting war with Russia, millions of Americans could end up dead.


The permanent ruling class in Europe has also become extremely desperate to win the war.

The power elite on both sides of the Atlantic can see Russian troops advancing all along the front, and they know that the Ukrainians don’t have the strength to stop them.

So now there is apparently talk of sending NATO troops into Ukraine.


According to Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico, “a number of Nato and EU member states are considering that they will send their troops to Ukraine on a bilateral basis”…

The prime minister of Slovakia has claimed that Nato and EU member states are preparing to deploy troops to Ukraine.

Robert Fico, a pro-Russia populist, offered no details of how Western soldiers could be sent to assist Ukraine, and commentators said he was probably just trying to stir up trouble.

He was speaking ahead of a hastily-arranged meeting of European leaders in Paris because of what his advisers say is an escalation in Russian aggression over the past few weeks.

The meeting implies that “a number of Nato and EU member states are considering that they will send their troops to Ukraine on a bilateral basis”, Mr Fico told a televised briefing following a meeting of Slovakia’s security council.

I was hoping that this was a misunderstanding somehow, but then French President Emmanuel Macron seemed to confirm that ground troops are being considered.

He told the press that there is currently no consensus on deploying ground troops, but that “nothing should be excluded”

French President Emmanuel Macron announced Monday that a new coalition would be created to supply Ukraine with longer-range missiles and munitions, adding that not even the sending of Western ground troops to fight the Russian invasion should be ruled out.

“There is no consensus today to send ground troops… but nothing should be excluded. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that Russia cannot win this war,” Macron said after a meeting of European leaders in Paris.

Whatever it takes?

Does that include bringing us right to the brink of nuclear war?

The second bombshell that I have to share with you today has to do with a shocking report that was published in the New York Times on Sunday.

According to that report, the CIA has had a network of 12 secret spy bases inside Ukraine for many years

On Sunday The New York Times published an explosive and very belated full admission that US intelligence has not only been instrumental in Ukraine wartime decision-making, but has established and financed high tech command-and-control spy centers, and was doing so long prior to the Feb. 24 Russian invasion of two years ago.

Among the biggest revelations is that the program was established a decade ago and spans three different American presidents. The Times says the CIA program to modernize Ukraine’s intelligence services has “transformed” the former Soviet state and its capabilities into “Washington’s most important intelligence partners against the Kremlin today.”

This has included the agency having secretly trained and equipped Ukrainian intelligence officers spanning back to just after the 2014 Maidan coup events, as well constructing a network of 12 secret bases along the Russian borderwork which began eight years ago. These intelligence bases, from which Russian commanders’ communications can be swept up and Russian spy satellites monitored, are being used launch and track cross-border drone and missile attacks on Russian territory.

How can we possibly claim that we are not responsible for missile attacks on Russian territory when we are the ones supplying the weapons and we are the ones telling them where to shoot?

This is so maddening.

They are literally gambling with all of our lives.

If they miscalculate and a nuclear war starts, it will be the end of society as we know it today.

Both sides should be looking for a way out while that is still possible, but instead both sides just continue to escalate matters.

And both sides will try to use anything that happens to get people even more riled up.

For example, here in the western world we were told that Vladimir Putin murdered Alexei Navalny for political reasons, but now even the Ukrainians are telling us that it is “more or less confirmed” that he died of a blood clot

In a very unexpected plot twist, Ukraine appears to be in agreement with the Kremlin on Alexei Navalny’s death inside a far northern Russian prison which occurred on Feb. 16 and was listed by Russian authorities as officially due to “natural causes”. The dominant Western narrative has thus far been that Putin had him “murdered”.

Yet now Kiev sources are saying that the anti-Putin activist supported by the West died of a blood clot. Surprisingly, this explanation is being advanced among Ukraine media sources after none other than Gen. Kyrylo Budanov, chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (HUR), bluntly stated it to a group of journalists on Sunday. “I may disappoint you, but as far as we know, he indeed died as a result of a blood clot. And this has been more or less confirmed,” Budanov stated.

Personally, I don’t have access to any of the evidence, and so I have no idea how Navalny died.

But what really disturbed me was that his death was being used as justification for pumping more money into a war that could get millions of Americans killed.

And now we are finding out that he may have died due to a blood clot.

The madness needs to stop.

Hundreds of thousands have already died in Ukraine.  Why can’t both sides just sit down and talk?

Unfortunately, it appears that leaders on both sides do not intend to be reasonable at this point.

I have one more bombshell to share with you before I end this article.

I cannot vouch for the veracity of this information.  But since tons of people on social media are talking about it right now, I figured that I would present it to you and allow you to come to your own conclusions.

It is being claimed that the Russians have captured a man that had been paid $4,000 to put an explosive device on Tucker Carlson’s vehicle when he was in Moscow to interview Vladimir Putin…

Russian counter-terrorist forces have foiled a terrorist attack in Moscow, which had been planned, directed and financed by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine. The terrorist cell was operated by “Ukrainian handlers” in order to carry out an attack on American journalist Tucker Carlson during his visit to Moscow. The terrorist confessed to the plot and gave details on it. He was provided with IED (improvised explosive device) for the attack. The plan was to target Tucker Carlson’s vehicle in the Four Seasons hotel underground parking lot.

In his interrogation Vasiliev recounted receiving instructions and the location of IED, but said that he was arrested before committing the attack. He also mentioned that his Ukrainian handlers promised him $4000 for a successful execution of the attack.

A video of this assassin supposedly confessing what he did has been posted on YouTube.

According to a transcript of his confession, he was not told who the target was in advance, but now he understands that the vehicle that he was supposed to put the explosive device on belonged to “journalist Tucker Carlson”

“In November 2023, I was recruited by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“I was trained in working with special communications, collecting, and detonating explosive devices.”

“On January 31, I received a task from the curator to pick up an explosive device from a hiding place and use it to blow up a car.”

What was promised to you?

“Four thousand dollars.”

Where was the explosive device supposed to be used?

“In the underground parking of the Four Seasons hotel in Moscow. I was supposed to pick up the explosive device from a hiding place and place it under the car.”

Who was it targeting?

“I wasn’t told.”

Do you know who the target was now?

“Yes. American journalist Tucker Carlson.”

What went wrong?

“I was detained at the preparation stage.”

If you have not seen it yet, you can watch the video of his supposed confession right here.

Hopefully this is not true.

Hopefully the Ukrainians were not really trying to kill Tucker Carlson.

But tons of people on social media are buzzing about this today, and so I thought I would discuss it.

Like I said, I am seriously hoping that this is not accurate.

Because if it is true, the implications are staggering.

Everyone that writes about the war in Ukraine has an agenda.

I have an agenda too.

I want peace.

Long before Russia invaded Ukraine, I warned my readers that we were on a path that would lead to a final showdown with Russia.

If we end up in a shooting war with Russia, both sides will be strongly tempted to be the first to push the button.

Because whoever strikes first has the best chance of surviving a nuclear war.

I don’t want a nuclear war.

I want peace.

Sadly, the people running our foreign policy don’t want peace, and so the threat of nuclear conflict looms larger than ever.

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