3 Very Unusual Things That Are Happening In The Heavens Right Now

Within the past few days, so much has been happening in the heavens.  There has been an enormous geomagnetic storm that has caused “a major disturbance in Earth’s magnetic field”, a comet that only comes around once every 71 years is racing through the inner solar system, and a lunar eclipse just painted the sky red over much of the planet.  And of course we are just a couple of weeks away from the Great American Eclipse of 2024, and I will have much more to say about that eclipse as it draws closer.  But in this article, I want to focus on 3 very unusual things that are happening in the heavens right now…


#1 A massive geomagnetic storm hit the Earth on Sunday.  

The good news is that this storm was not strong enough to damage our power grids.

But it did create “a major disturbance in Earth’s magnetic field”, and CBS News is reporting that we should keep a close eye on the sun because “more X-class flares are possible through Wednesday”…

The planet was just slammed with what government officials dubbed a severe geomagnetic storm, the second-highest level of NOAA’s rating system. The event brought “a major disturbance in Earth’s magnetic field” that may have impacted infrastructure and made the northern lights visible farther than usual, officials said.

NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center issued a geomagnetic storm watch on Saturday, saying that a coronal mass ejection was detected and expected to hit the planet late that same day with impacts into Monday. Coronal mass ejections, or CMEs, are when a large cloud of plasma and magnetic field bursts from the sun’s corona.

This particular CME exploded alongside a solar flare on Friday, an event that occurs when electromagnetic radiation suddenly erupts from the sun. NOAA says these flares can last hours and the eruption “travels at the speed of light,” meaning it can impact Earth as soon as it is observed. An X-class flare, like what was observed with the CME, is the strongest type of flare, although this particular one was not the strongest on record. NOAA forecasters did say, however, that more X-class flares are possible through Wednesday.

#2 The Devil Comet continues to race through the solar system and could soon be visible to the naked eye.

It only comes around once every 71 years.

Now the “Devil Comet” is here, and we are being told that it is likely that we will be able to see it with the naked eye by the end of this month

“The Devil Comet” — a rare galactic phenomenon the size of Mount Everest that can only be seen by humans about every 70 years — may soon be visible with the naked eye as it barrels toward Earth.

The especially bright extraterrestrial treat — formally known as Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks — is making its way through the inner solar system and can currently be seen with a telescope or binoculars.

But by the end of March, the comet may be able to be seen with the naked eye at dusk in the Northern Hemisphere against the zodiacal constellation Aries in the western horizon, according to Space.com.

#3 A lunar eclipse painted the sky red over much of the planet on Monday.

In recent years, there has been a tremendous amount of speculation about what blood moons might mean.

Very early on Monday morning, we got to witness one of these blood moons…

On Monday, March 25, at 3 a.m. ET (adjust for your time zone), a lunar eclipse in Libra will paint the sky red … kind of. As the moon reflects the Earth’s shadow during a lunar eclipse (rather than the sun’s glow, as per a typical full moon), the moon goes through a visual transformation, shifting from its signature silvery glow into a dark, tawny red. And, thanks to these beguiling optics, lunar eclipses have their own spooky nickname: blood moons.

Interestingly, this blood moon just happened to fall on the second day of Purim.

And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is linking the festival of Purim with the current war that Israel is facing

Today we mark the holiday of Purim (https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/purim). More than 2,000 years ago in ancient Persia, an antisemitic enemy arose, the wicked Haman, who sought to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the Earth. The Jews stood up, united together, fought and won a total victory.

Today in modern Persia, there is a new enemy – the Iranian regime, which seeks to destroy the state of the Jews. We have already seen what Hamas, one of this enemy’s proxies, did on October 7, which President Biden also called sheer evil.

It is impossible to defeat the sheer evil by leaving it intact in Rafah. As in ancient times, like our brothers, we are also united. We are fighting and will be victorious. We will enter Rafah and achieve total victory. We eliminated Haman and we will also eliminate Sinwar.

Happy holiday to you!

When the IDF goes into Rafah, it is likely that the entire Middle East will erupt and as a result there will be great bloodshed.

Meanwhile, the conflict in Ukraine seems to be entering a very dangerous new phase.

The Russians have been pounding Kiev with hypersonic missiles, and for the first time it appears that Ukrainian leadership is being specifically targeted

For the third time in the last five days, Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, has been targeted by a Russian hypersonic missile attack.

This time, the attack is clearly part of the ongoing – but barely started – retaliation for the Ukrainian false-flag terrorist attack at the Crocus Hall in the Moscow region.

One of the targets was the Zhulyany airport, where Patriot air defense missile systems are said to have reportedly been hit.

But the most relevant information so far is that the Security Directorate SBU building has been leveled to the ground.

Since the terrorist attack, Russian and Ukrainian sources have reported that the promises made by Russian President Vladimir Putin about not targeting the Ukrainian leadership are all null and void now.

Many believe that it is just a “coincidence” that a blood moon has appeared while all of this is going on.

And many believe that it is just a “coincidence” that the “Devil Comet” is making a dramatic run through our solar system at this time.  By the way, the “Devil Comet” will still be racing through our skies when the Great American Eclipse of 2024 arrives on April 8th.

And many believe that it is just a “coincidence” that solar activity has risen to very alarming levels.

But could it be possible that there is some sort of a link between all of the chaos in the heavens and all of the chaos that is breaking loose all over our planet right now?

On April 8th, we will witness one of the most spectacular astronomical events in human history.

There are literally dozens of “coincidences” associated with that event, and millions upon millions of Americans will be watching the eclipse that occurs on that day.

I know that a lot of people out there do not care about “signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars”, but if God is trying to get our attention those of you that are skeptics might want to start listening.

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