Why Are Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Moving From California To The Interior West?

Vast throngs of people have been relocating from California and other coastal states to the region of the country known as “the Interior West”.  The states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Arizona have all seen a tremendous influx of new residents in recent years, and this has especially been true since the start of the pandemic.  So what is causing this mass exodus?  Without a doubt, there are multiple factors at work, but one of the most important is a growing consensus that our society is headed for big trouble.  Millions of Americans can see that events are starting to spiral out of control all around us, and they don’t want to be stuck in a highly populated area when the big meltdown inevitably happens.


Over the past decade I have written many articles about why people choose to leave California, but we have never seen people leave the state at a faster pace than we have during the last two years

California has witnessed a sharp decline in its population in recent years, with 500,000 residents leaving the state over the course of the last two years.

The COVID-19 pandemic contributed to the population loss but is not the sole cause. High housing and cost of living prices, high crime rates in urban areas, and long commutes have all also contributed to the exodus, as residents move to less populated states, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Large numbers of these ex-Californians are deciding to relocate to the Interior West.  In Utah this has become such a problem that the governor of the state is actually telling them that they are not welcome

Utah’s governor told reporters outside the White House Friday that Californians should stay away from his state.

Gov. Spencer Cox took questions as he and other governors left a meeting with President Biden. Outlining a few key issues in his state, he said the population movement from California to Utah is a real problem and has to stop.

Utah was the fastest growing state in the nation over the last 10 years, he said, and much of the growth is coming from Californians fleeing the Golden State.

Of course he can’t legally block ex-Californians from moving in, and so it is just going to continue to happen.

Many of those that are buying homes in the Interior West would be considered to be “preppers”, and a Vanity Fair reporter named James Pogue interviewed a number of them for his recent piece entitled “Inside The Dissident Fringe, Where The New Right Meets The Far Left, And Everyone’s Bracing For Apocalypse”…

Wealthy and well-connected preppers and back-to-the-landers have been moving west, many of them at least tangentially involved in the edgy online realm of thought known as the dissident right. Tech executives and crypto investors are creating secretive groups to help people “exit”—a term that has taken on almost mystical significance in some circles recently—from our liberal society, tech-dominated lives, and fraying system. And there are grander plans, for whole secessionist movements using crypto and decentralized autonomous organizations to build whole mini societies, many on the model of what Balaji Srinivasan, the former partner at Andreessen Horowitz, calls a “Network State.” (Wyoming recently became the first state in the country to allow DAOs to incorporate as private companies.)

I would encourage you to read the entire article.

I found it to be quite revealing.

Americans from all walks of life hate what is being done to our country, and they want to get as far away from the cultural rot as they possibly can.

Let me share an example that demonstrates how detestable our culture has become.  A young girl named Yana was put into a public school in California after arriving from Ukraine, and her experience has been so horrible that she “longs to return to her war-torn country”

A Ukrainian refugee girl who settled in San Francisco with her mother is finding public school in the city so violent that she longs to return to her war-torn country, where she feels children are less cruel to one another.

Just think about that.

California schools are so horrible that she would rather face the possibility of being blown to bits by Russian missiles.

According to Yana, students are completely and utterly out of control in the school that she has been forced to attend…

Students interrupted classes, jumped on desks, cursed at teachers. At first, Yana wondered what was going on, but then, “nothing happened.” Students were not disciplined or prevented from repeat behavior.

So now she wants to go home, but that isn’t going to happen.

Speaking of the war, Russian president Vladimir Putin just suspended the last nuclear weapons treaty with the U.S. that was still in force…

Russian leader Vladimir Putin announced in a nearly two-hour speech on Tuesday the unilateral suspension of the longstanding New START agreement that limits American and Russian nuclear development, describing Western support for Ukraine amid an ongoing Russian invasion as an existential threat to Russia.

Putin also took the time to reiterate his claim that the administration of current Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was “neo-Nazi” in its ideology and to denounce “perversion” and “spiritual catastrophe” in the West, spending particular time condemning the Anglican Church for allegedly considering “the idea of a gender-neutral God.”

If you are considering moving to the Interior West, I have some advice for you.

Unless you want a very quick death, don’t move close to a military base or any of our missile silos.

When nuclear war comes, those will be high priority targets.

In addition, much of the Interior West has been struggling with drought.

So if you do decide to move to the Interior West, pick somewhere with sufficient water resources.

In my new book entitled “End Times”, I have a lot more advice for those that desire to get prepared for the tumultuous times that are rapidly approaching.

If you think that things are chaotic now, just wait until we get a couple more years down the road.

Our society is in the process of unraveling all around us, and it won’t be too long before the mass exodus out of heavily populated areas becomes a stampede.

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