Our Dec. 31st Federal Fundraising Deadline Is At The End Of The Month, And We Desperately Need A $30,000 December Miracle

December 31st is the most important deadline that our campaign for Congress has faced so far. All over the country people will be watching to see how much money we raised in the fourth quarter, and a good result could mean lots of support and contributions from Republican organizations all over the country. But a bad result would be disastrous. The key will be to show that we raised more money during our second quarter than we did during our first quarter, and right now we are behind that pace. This time of the year people are so preoccupied with holiday preparations, and so many political campaigns go into “hibernation mode” until after the first of the year. But we cannot afford to do that, because what will happen over the next few weeks could be the deciding factor in whether we win or not next May. If we can raise $30,000 by December 31st we will be where we need to be, and if you would like to help you can do so right here



We won the most recent online poll by a landslide, and it was wonderful to see such enthusiasm for our campaign, but the truth is that most voters here in Idaho are still undecided. Whoever reaches those undecided voters the best is likely to win, and we need resources in order to do that.

At this moment, nobody in this race has raised very much money at all, but a couple of my opponents have been raising more money than I have. So even though I am the most conservative candidate in this race and I have the best message by a very wide margin, there is a danger that they could do a better job of reaching the undecided voters by simply outspending me.

I very much need your help. If every one of my readers were to donate just $10 today, I could permanently stop raising funds for the campaign tomorrow, but so far only a very small fraction of my readers have responded. Even with such a small response, we are still on the same playing field as the other guys, but if more of you join the team we could pass them easily. Please help us this month, because we very much need it


We have been working really hard, and we believe that we will have some game changing announcements in the coming weeks. That is all that I can really share right now. This campaign is a 24 hour endeavor, and there is one key member of the team that has literally been sleeping just a couple of hours a night for the past several weeks.

We are pouring our hearts and our souls into this thing, because we believe that fighting for our country is the right thing to do. A good friend told me today that I look tired, and I had to admit that I am actually quite exhausted. But the election is now just a little over five months away, and so we are in a mad sprint to the finish line.

If you appreciate what we are doing, please consider adding us to your gift list this December. When you give the gift of liberty, you are doing something far more meaningful than giving someone a fruitcake or an ugly holiday sweater that they will never use. If you would like to send us some desperately needed help, you can find everything that you need at this link


This campaign has been such a walk of faith for all of us. We are putting immense amounts of time, effort and energy into this campaign, and we don’t know if the resources that we need are going to be there in the end. We are just trusting that our Father will move in the hearts of our supporters to send us what we need when it is time. Our reputations are on the line, and there have been times when it has looked like we could fall flat on our faces, but God keeps doing little miracle after little miracle.

The next three weeks are going to tell us a lot. During this time we are going to be meeting with some of the most important Republicans in the entire nation, and it is absolutely imperative that we have some good news to share with them. We just can’t show up with a bunch of happy talk and hope to persuade these individuals that they should get involved in the campaign. We must have some good numbers to show them, and so that is why I am pleading for your help tonight


I have said it before, but now this is more true than ever – it is do or die time for our campaign. This campaign belongs to every single one of you that has volunteered, donated, promoted the material on our campaign Facebook page or has emailed friends and family about what we are trying to do. Everyone that has gotten involved is invested in the outcome of this campaign, and after all of the sacrifices that so many of you have made, I feel such a duty to work harder than I have ever worked before all the way through election day on May 15th.

Tonight I am so exhausted that I didn’t really want to sit down and write a campaign update. But I must keep going, because there is no way that I am going to let down the others that have sacrificed so much for the team. Just recently, a precious friend of mine that lives in another state sent a 5 dollar bill to help our campaign. In a note she explained that she was retired and was living on an extremely limited income, but she very much wanted to do something to help our efforts. That note pierced my heart, and it redoubled my determination not to let anyone down. Even if you can only give just a single dollar that makes you part of the team, and if you would like to become part of what we are doing you can do so at this link


I can’t promise you that we will win, but I can promise you that we are going to work like mad all the way through May 15th. Some of the best political minds and most influential conservatives in the entire state are on our side, and we are gaining more momentum with each passing day.

I believe that we are on the verge of some major breakthroughs, and I believe that we will have some extremely exciting news to share with you very soon.

But for now please keep praying and please keep spreading the word about our campaign. Our efforts are making a huge difference, and in just a few months we are going to shock the entire country with how well we do on election day.