Obama’s ‘Deal’ Would Allow Iran To Start Building Nuclear Bombs In About 10 Years

Nuclear War - Public DomainShould Iran be permitted to build as many nuclear bombs as it wants just a decade from now?  Shockingly, this is precisely what the “deal” that the Obama administration is currently negotiating would allow Iran to do.  Even the Washington Post, an enthusiastic cheerleader for Obama all these years, says that this deal is the equivalent of “giving Iran everything it wants“.  Sadly, ever since negotiations with Iran began several years ago, the stance of the Obama administration has been to retreat, retreat and then retreat some more.  Back in 2005, the western world was insisting that Iran was not going to be allowed to have any centrifuges at all.  But now we are going to allow Iran to keep all of the nuclear infrastructure that it has built up, and a decade from now it will be allowed to start building nuclear weapons.  This is a country that is run by genocidal Islamic fanatics that consider the United States to be “the Great Satan” and that wants to wipe the nation of Israel off the face of the planet.  Under no circumstances should Iran ever be allowed to build even a single nuclear weapon.  If Obama goes through with this deal, he is betraying the United States, Israel and the entire western world.


Needless to say, the Israelis are expressing dismay over this potential deal.  The following comes from the Wall Street Journal

On Monday, Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said Israel considers the negotiations “totally unsatisfactory” because it would allow Iran to be “extremely close” to a “dangerous breakout program.”

Referring to the latest suggested compromise, he said, “for a 10-year delay [in Iran’s nuclear program] you are sacrificing the future of Israel and the U.S., and the future of the world.”

And Steinitz is right.

Any “deal” that gives the Iranians the right to build nuclear weapons a decade from now is a betrayal of our future.

This “deal” is so bad that even the Washington Post is speaking out against it…

So Iran gets everything and we put the good seal of approval on it. This is even more absurd when one considers how ephemeral the inspections “safeguard” would be, since Iran has never come clear on the extent or whereabouts of its illicit nuclear program. Michael Makovsky, CEO of the pro-Israel JINSA, says bluntly, “If this report is true, and it is consistent with the trajectory of the talks, it would mark a reckless capitulation and disaster.”

It would be inconceivable were we not talking about the Obama administration. “What is most troubling about this emerging deal, apart from the way in which the Obama administration appears ready to cave on every Iranian nuclear demand, is that the deal will only be of a short duration after which even the limited constraints on Iran’s nuclear weapons program will disappear,” says sanctions guru Mark Dubowitz of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD). He observes, “It is remarkable to think that in a decade or so Iran’s nuclear program will be treated no differently than Japan’s or Germany’s. The passage of time alone will be sufficient to convert Iran from nuclear pariah to nuclear partner.”

And it is critical to remember that Iran has lied over and over and over again.

Would the Iranians actually be willing to give international inspectors full access to all of their hidden nuclear facilities?

That seems very questionable at best.

In addition, the western world is getting very little except for a shaky 10 year delay in this deal.  In return, the Iranians will have everything that they originally wanted ten years from now, including the ability to build all the nuclear weapons they want

Such a deal, so obviously one-sided and inimical to our national security interests and to those of our allies, would stoke vehement, overwhelming bipartisan opposition and refusal to lift sanctions. “Within a decade or so, Iran will be poised to develop an industrial-size nuclear program with massive enrichment capacity, rapid breakout capability, and an easier clandestine sneakout option,” says Dubowitz. “Iran’s supreme leader soon will get what he always wanted: nuclear weapons, regional dominance and a growing economy. As they say, game, set and match.”  It therefore would give Israel no choice but to act militarily, since the alternative would be unimaginable.

This is yet another example of how clueless the Obama administration is when it comes to foreign policy.

Ever since negotiations with Iran began, the Obama administration has been consistently giving ground.  The following comes from a recent New York Daily News article

Why have the negotiations with the Obama administration and Iran become such a critical national security issue? Look at the record of betrayals of trust that have enabled Iran to operate 19,000 centrifuges and another 1,008 IR2m machines that can produce bomb-grade, fissionable material five times faster than the other centrifuges. Back in 2005, the West was saying to Iran “zero centrifuges.” Let me repeat: Zero. Next we were talking of a compromise at 5,000 centrifuges. In seven negotiations from 2005 and 2013, the negotiations can be summed up in one word: Retreat. A series of capitulations have left Iran with “the right” to enrich uranium so now it has thousands of kilograms of enriched uranium. That’s enough to produce a bomb, contrary to the Obama’s commitment to Congress that he would not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons.

All of this would be funny if the stakes were not so incredibly high.

A nuclear-armed Iran is absolutely unthinkable.

A nuclear weapons program would give the Iranians the capability of destroying the nation of Israel any time that it wanted.  And even if some Israelis survived, life in the aftermath of any attack would be pure hell.  The following comes from a piece authored by Louis Rene Beres

By extrapolation, overwhelming health problems would afflict the survivors of any Iranian nuclear attack upon Israel. These problems would extend beyond prompt burn injuries. Retinal burns would occur in the eyes of persons far from the explosions. Many Israelis would be crushed by collapsing buildings and torn to shreds by flying glass. Others would fall victim to raging firestorms. Fallout injuries would include whole-body radiation injury, produced by penetrating, hard gamma radiations; superficial radiation burns produced by soft radiations; and injuries produced by deposits of radioactive substances within the body.

After an Iranian nuclear attack, even a “small” one, those few medical facilities that might still exist in Israel would be taxed far beyond capacity. Water supplies would become unusable. Housing and shelter could be unavailable for hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of survivors. Transportation would break down to rudimentary levels. Food shortages would be critical and long-term.

The Holocaust is still seared very deeply on the national psyche of Israel.

The Israelis are determined to never again allow their enemies to have the power to systematically wipe them out.

If Iran starts building nuclear weapons, Israel will feel that it has been left with no choice but to attack.

And thanks to Obama, the day when that will happen is now closer than ever.