Let’s Talk About The Ancient Three-Fingered “Alien Corpses” That Were Just Shown To Lawmakers In Mexico…

Did we just witness the unveiling of the most amazing “alien discovery” in history, or was it all a hoax?  2023 has been a really weird year, and it just got even weirder.  On Tuesday, an independent researcher named Jamie Maussan brought two small mummified specimens with him when he testified at a congressional hearing in Mexico about UFOs.  The mummified specimens were contained in two glass display cases, and so they could be very clearly seen.  By now, you have probably come across photos or videos of these creatures on social media.  But are they actually real?  According to Maussan, carbon-14 dating that was conducted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico has “determined the remains were 700 and 1,800 years old”


A journalist and researcher on unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), or UFOs as they’re better known, presented the remains of purported “non-human” beings to lawmakers in Mexico on Tuesday during the country’s first public congressional hearing on the topic.

Jamie Maussan brought two boxes containing what he said were the small, stuffed bodies of extraterrestrials recovered in Peru in 2017. He said carbon-14 dating carried out by the National Autonomous University of Mexico had determined the remains were 700 and 1,800 years old. Each of the figures has only three fingers on each hand and elongated heads, resembling, at least superficially, the Hollywood-born character ET.

Assuming that this testing was conducted properly, there is probably little doubt that these specimens are extremely old.

But that doesn’t prove that they are “aliens”.

Maussan says that the fossilized bodies of these two creatures were discovered inside mines in the Peruvian city of Cusco

He claimed the purported bodies were found fossilized in mines in Cusco, Peru, in a layer of diatomaceous earth, or ancient phytoplankton algae.

“These aren’t beings that were found after a UFO wreckage. They were found in diatom mines, and were later fossilized,” he said, later adding, “Whether they are aliens or not, we don’t know, but they were intelligent, and they lived with us. They should rewrite history.… We are not alone in this vast universe, we should embrace this reality.”

So who originally found them?

Was it Maussan, or was it someone else?

That is a very important detail.

DNA testing has been performed on the creatures, and it was determined that 30 percent of the DNA is “unknown”

The National Autonomous University of Mexico conducted tests on them, which Maussan claimed revealed that more than 30% of the specimens’ DNA was “unknown,” indicating that they are “not part of our terrestrial evolution,” he said.

If this is confirmed, it will go a long way toward verifying that these specimens are not human.

Hopefully more tests will be done.

It is also being reported that X-rays showed that one of the entities “carried ‘eggs’ with embryos inside them”

Experts in congress showed apparent X-rays of the specimens and told deputies that one of the beings carried ‘eggs’ with embryos inside them.

They said they had implants of cadmium and osmium metals.

Osmium is one of the most scarce elements in the Earth’s crust and considered the rarest precious metal.

So obviously they were capable of reproducing.

And where did the creatures get those implants?

There are so many questions that need to be answered.

Of course there are many that are skeptical that these creatures are the real thing.  One of those skeptics is Paul Joseph Watson

One of the reasons why a lot of people are skeptical is because mummies from Peru that Maussan previously touted as “aliens” turned out to be human children instead

The Independent noted that Maussan, an investigative journalist who has been researching extraterrestrial phenomenon for decades, has been connected to previous claims of debunked alien discoveries, including five mummies discovered in Peru in 2017 later determined to be remains of human children.

So I certainly can’t blame the skeptics for being skeptical.

And it is true that these two new mummies are “much smaller than an adult human”

The corpses, displayed in glass boxes, were much smaller than an adult human. Eyes, a nose and mouth were clearly discernible on their faces.

So could this simply be another case of mummified children?


But the DNA tests that have been conducted would appear to cast doubt on that theory.

Maussan insists that these entities are the real thing.

In fact, he is absolutely sure that they are “non-human specimens that are not related to any other species in our world”

“This is the first time it (extraterrestrial life) is presented in such a form and I think there is a clear demonstration that we are dealing with non-human specimens that are not related to any other species in our world,” Maussan told the lawmakers, urging them to consider the topic, which he said should not be viewed as “a political topic — it’s a topic for humanity.”

He said DNA evidence could prove the specimens were not of this planet, but it wasn’t clear if any such tests had been carried out.

Maybe he is right.

Maybe he isn’t.

Personally, I would like to see more tests be conducted by multiple independent labs.

If multiple independent labs come back and tell us that these creatures are not human, that would be quite compelling.

But whether these creatures are “the real thing” or not, nothing can change the fact that UFOs are constantly being spotted all over the globe.

I have been repeatedly warning my readers that the stage is being set for a deception of epic proportions, and when that day arrives most people in the general population will buy it hook, line and sinker.

Novels, movies, television shows and video games have been mentally preparing us for the arrival of “visitors from another planet” for decades, and so we have been perfectly primed to believe a colossal lie.

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