If They Are Openly Admitting That They Have Recovered “Non-Human” Bodies From UFOs, What Do They Have Planned Next?

I definitely understand that this is a topic that a lot of people don’t want to talk about.  If there really are “non-human” creatures flying around in the skies above us, that is a really big deal.  What are their intentions?  Are they hostile?  Most people have enough problems without having to consider such things.  For a long time, the U.S. government worked exceedingly hard to suppress legitimate information about the UFO phenomenon, but now there has been a dramatic reversal.  All sorts of extremely shocking things are being revealed to the public during congressional hearings, and that is something that never would have been allowed in the old days.


So why is this happening?

Are they trying to prepare us for something?

As I write this, highly anticipated testimony from former intelligence official David Grusch continues to make headlines all over the globe.  He had previously given interviews to a couple of news outlets, but when he testified in front of Congress he was under oath.

So if he didn’t tell the truth he could potentially go to prison.

During his testimony, Grusch dropped bombshell after bombshell

He testified that the U.S. government possesses multiple alien craft and the remains of their crew; that government contractors have “misappropriated” money to fund these ongoing programs and that there have been efforts to silence those who come forward that may have even included murder. In addition, Grusch said the U.S. was working to reverse-engineer alien technology and that people were hurt in the process of attempting to do so. He said he had a list of witnesses, both cooperative and hostile, for future hearings that could provide additional answers through firsthand accounts.


Hopefully we will get a chance to hear from that list of witnesses.

Because the American people deserve the truth.

To many, the most interesting portion of Grusch’s testimony came during an exchange with U.S. Representative Nancy Mace

MACE: Okay. You say that the government is in possession of potentially non-human spacecraft. Based on your experience and extensive conversations with experts. Do you believe our government has made contact with intelligent extraterrestrials?

GRUSCH: Something I can’t discuss in a public setting.

MACE: Okay, and I can’t ask when you think this occurred. If you believe we have crashed craft as stated earlier, do we have the bodies of the pilots who piloted this craft?

GRUSCH: As I’ve stated publicly already in my NewsNation interview, Biologics came with some of these recoveries. Yeah.

MACE: Were they, I guess, human or non-human biologics?

GRUSCH: Non-human. And that was the assessment of people with direct knowledge on the program I talked to that are currently still on the program.

MACE: And was this documented evidence, as video, photos, eyewitness? Like how would that be determined?

GRUSCH: The specific documentation I would have to talk to you in a SCIF about.

MACE: Gotcha. Okay. So and you may or may not be able to answer my last question and maybe we get into a skiff at the next.

So Grusch is claiming that the U.S. government is currently in possession of non-human spacecraft that have been recovered.

And he also says that “non-human” biologics were discovered with at least some of these craft.

If this is really true, members of Congress need to follow up on this really hard.

In fact, if I was a member of Congress I would be absolutely furious that the intelligence community has been keeping this a secret from lawmakers for so long.

On the same day, a couple of fighter pilots also testified to Congress about their experiences with very strange UFOs while in the air

The House Oversight subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs heard additional witness testimony Wednesday from former U.S. Navy fighter pilots Ryan Graves and retired Commander David Fravor, who both claimed they had encountered aircraft of a nonhuman origin. “These sightings are not rare or isolated,” said Graves, who served in the Navy for over a decade. “Military aircrews and commercial pilots, trained observers whose lives depend on accurate identification, are frequently witnessing these phenomena.”

Graves told lawmakers that his aircrew encountered UAP during a training exercise off the coast of Virginia Beach, Va, when their lead jet came within 50 feet of what he described as a “dark gray or black cube inside of a clear sphere.” He estimated it to be five to 15 feet in diameter, motionless against the wind, fixed directly at the entry point. The mission was immediately terminated, and his squadron submitted a safety report that he claims received no official acknowledgement of the incident.

If U.S. military pilots really are “frequently witnessing” UFOs during missions, we have a right to know.

But even though all of this has been revealed under oath in front of Congress, most Americans don’t seem very moved.

One commentator has suggested that this is because the mainstream media hasn’t told them what to think about all of this yet…

the reason the alien news isnt “sticking” or taking off for most people is that there is no meta-narrative provided. the people in charge arent telling them what to think about it.

they dont have their own meta narrative about this topic, so its just, bizarrely, useless info.

I think that is such a great point.

Time after time, the general public doesn’t have a strong opinion about a particular issue until the mainstream media tells them what that opinion should be.

Isn’t that sad?

Eventually the mainstream media will develop a narrative about these new UFO revelations, and millions upon millions of Americans will eagerly adopt that narrative.

But will it be the truth?

As I have repeatedly warned my readers, I believe that the stage is being set for a grand deception.

So much is being assumed about who these “non-human” creatures are and where they are from.

And I believe that most of it is a bunch of nonsense.

For years, we have been waiting for our government officials to tell us the truth, and now they are revealing a little bit.

Unfortunately, I am entirely convinced that the limited amount of truth that they are allowing to reach the general public is simply setting the stage for even greater lies.

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