You Can’t Eat Gold And Silver

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Empty Supermarket - Photo by InfrogmationIn the event that a major crisis or emergency strikes the United States, you are not going to be able to eat your gold and silver.  If we get into a situation where supermarkets get cleaned out and food supplies get very tight, you are going to wish that you had stored some things away for your family.  Now don’t get me wrong – I actually love gold and silver.  I believe that they are both going to multiply in price during the years ahead.  I particularly love silver for a couple of reasons.  Unlike gold, silver is used in thousands upon thousands of different consumer products, so the physical supply is constantly diminishing.  And historically, silver comes out of the ground at about a 10 to 1 ratio compared to gold, but right now the price of gold is about 65 times the price of silver.  At some point there is going to be a massive adjustment there.  But if you just rely on accumulating gold and silver and you never store up any food, you could end up deeply regretting that choice someday.


If things get bad enough, people are not going to want to trade you their precious food no matter how much gold and silver you may have.

When a real crisis arrives, priorities change very rapidly.  When you realize that you can’t feed your family, the need for basic supplies become extremely important.  Just check out what is happening in Venezuela right now

Alvaro Villarueda starts his morning the same way every day — putting in a call to his friend who has a friend who works at a Caracas, Venezuela, supermarket.

Today, he’s looking for sugar, and he’s asking his friend if he knows if any shipments have arrived. As he talks on the phone, his wife Lisbeth Nello, is in the kitchen.

There are 10 mouths to feed every day in this family — five of them children. The two youngest are still in diapers.

“The things that are the scarcest are actually what we need the most,” Nello says. “Flour, cooking oil, butter, milk, diapers. I spent last week hunting for diapers everywhere. The situation is really tough for basic goods.”

And the truth is that what is happening in Venezuela is just a very small preview of what is going to happen in much of the world during the years ahead.

In such an environment, people become extremely desperate, and desperate people do desperate things.

That is why self-defense needs to be another high priority for preppers.  When desperate people in search of supplies get desperate enough to break into your home, things can get Medieval very rapidly.

For example, one homeowner in Detroit was recently forced to use a hammer to confront a man that had broken into his home late at night…

Police say an elderly man fended off a home intruder by hitting him on the head with a hammer.

On Sunday, March 9, 82-year-old George Bradford was asleep when he was woken up by the screams of his daughter and granddaughter.

Someone had broken into their house through a basement window.

“I could hear him walking up the stairs. … I had my choice to get ready,” Bradford tells FOX 2’s Andrea Isom. He says he went into the kitchen and got a hammer from the drawer.

Bradford says he asked the intruder to leave but he wouldn’t so that’s when Bradford says he “let him have it.”

Could something similar happen to you and your family when things start really getting crazy out there?

That is something to think about.

And even without a major emergency, food supplies in this country are already starting to get tighter.

The size of the U.S. cattle herd has been getting smaller for seven years in a row, and it is now the smallest size that it has been since 1951.

But back in 1951, the size of the U.S. population was less than half of what it is today.

A few days ago, we learned that during the month of February the price of beef increased at the fastest pace since November 2003, and it is now at a new all-time record high.

Earlier today, one of my readers sent me the following photo.  It shows a price of $24.32 for 0.695 pounds of beef tenderloin steak.  This isn’t even prime rib…


And don’t think that you are just going to switch to pork either.  A highly contagious virus known as “Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus” has killed more than 4 million pigs in the United States since last May, and it continues to spread rapidly.  Experts acknowledge that this is going to drive up pork prices significantly as well.

In addition, the crippling California drought threatens to drive fruit and vegetable prices up to unprecedented levels.  Below, I have posted a recent video news report about the drought.  As you will notice, in this clip they use the term “Dust Bowl” to describe what many farmers fear may be happening…

So now is the time to get prepared while food prices are still relatively low.

They certainly aren’t going to go any lower than they are now.

To some, this type of talk is “gloom and doom”, but I do not believe that is the case at all.  I believe that there is great hope in understanding what is happening and in getting prepared.

These sentiments were echoed by a Canadian prepper named Daisy Luther in one of her recent articles…

Preparedness: It means that whatever may come, you intend to not only grimly survive, but to thrive. It means that you foresee a day when the imminent threat, whatever that may be, diminishes, and you will rebuild. It means that you have taken responsibility for yourself and your family, and that you will not be forced to rely on others. It means that your mind is focused on life itself, not some imaginary life of some reality star that actually has no grasp on reality whatsoever. You have chosen not to be misguided by the lies that the media uses to pacify you.

Preparing yourself is the most optimistic and hopeful thing you can do in a world that would prefer to choose immediate gratification over a firm grasp on reality. Readying yourself to deal with whatever might happen is a joyful act, an expression of gratitude to the Creator, peace made tangible, and the personification of faith itself.

So what do you think?

Is now the time to ramp up our preparation for the years ahead?

Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I agree with you can’t eat gold and silver, but both are worth having but food and water have to come first as well as a way to defend what you have. I’ve said this before but the LDS pantry is the best kept secret in prepping. You to have to can your own stuff but now you can jusr by it and price is unreal. Can meats like span bacon, ham, beef, tuna can store for a while, and are still pretty affordable. Even if you don’t have a lot of money you can still prep.

    • Uh-hUh

      yes, but the government is intent on closing the LDS pantries down – enjoy them while you can.

  • Rodster

    Yes, I totally agree regarding purchasing gold. I have kidded many by saying when the SHTF and someone with a bag of gold is starving. A box of 69 cents Mac-N-Cheese will have more value than bag of gold. Just exaggerating but you get the point.

    What good is gold if you drop dead from no water or food? The best thing to do now especially as events unfold between East vs West is to stock up on food and water while it’s cheap.

    This week I plan on buying five, 5 gallon water bottles.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      This summer my wife and I plan to take our prepping to an entirely new level. I truly believe that this year and especially next year is going to represent a major turning point.


      • Rodster

        It sure seems to be heading in that direction. I need to make sure I can get a handle on what’s causing my sinus infection. I’ve had one for over two and a half months.

        I’ve never had a sinus infection before and honestly, i’d roll the dice with H1N1.

        • K

          O.K. you have a real problem. If you have seen a Dr. he does not know what he is doing.I just had a Dr. allow my sister to have one for seven weeks. At her age it almost killed her. Sinus infections are often combined infections. Which means they have both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Only a broad spectrum antibiotic works on both. Once that starts to work, a heavy antihistamine and decongestant is required.Because if you do not drain it will reinfect as soon as the antibiotic runs out. I am not a Dr. or any kind of a medical professional. I have just had to deal with this myself. By the way once the Dr. gave my sister the proper meds. She was fine in 10 days.

          • Rodster

            Yeah, my doctor prescribed a 7 day antibiotic and steroid based nasal spray. I’m actually feeling better today but I have to stay on a regimen of Mucinex, nasal spray.

            I think my problem is a bad tooth because my problems happened the day after I went to my dentist. I asked my doctor and he said I should give it a total of 3 months before seeing my dentist. I just past the 2 month mark.

            I should make an appointment with my dentist this week.

          • Miss M

            You could always try oil pulling with coconut oil. I hear this is amazing, although I haven’t researched it yet.

          • Rodster

            Thanks for the tip. I went and ordered some from Amazon. I’ll give it a try.

          • steve

            For your tooth problem, look up xylitol on the internet. Xylitol may solve your problem.

          • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

            My wife and I will pray for you Rodster.


      • HecatesMoon

        Yeah, we are too. I started getting this nagging sensation recently… that I am running out of time, and if I don’t get myself together this Summer I won’t have another chance.
        No trips and hotel stays, no visiting 4 day chicken swap camp outs half way across the state, no frivolous or wasteful purchases. But it is Spring! I want to load up on flowers and such :(
        Instead we are going to funnel everything into our home and its operation.
        Fencing the full property, getting our pond dug, getting the animals in order (trying to grow feed and making a more self sustaining situation for my birds during the growing season at least) and I’ll be on the ball with the garden and canning and all that.
        And then it is time to quietly pull back from people. I already kind of am :( …..

        • K

          Hello Hectes, glad to hear you are continuing on the right path.As to Michael statement about this year and next. I am not sure we have next. A lot of tests and drills have been run this Winter. I truly think that next Winter is their target. The question now will be, can they hold it off that long? I wish you and your family the best. I know how hard you have worked to get ready.

          • HecatesMoon

            I really don’t think we do either…
            Good luck to you and yours, K! If the lights ever go out I’ll remember and wonder about you!

    • Gay Veteran

      what are you going to do in the early stages of collapse, when there’s a “bank holiday”? those 1 ounce silver Eagles will come in mighty handy

  • Vanessa

    I would like to start buying more stuff in bulk, but what would you recommend as being the best way to store bulk dry goods eg rice, flour etc without getting wheevils or anything in them?

    • BeckyP

      Store them in 5 gallon food grade buckets. You can also store them in basic 5 gallon buckets from your local home improvement store if you put a food grade liner in them. The lid will keep them airtight and bug-free.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      5 gallon buckets – the Home depot or Lowes variety are food grade. A mylar food grade bag (5.4 mils thick) , dessicant and oxygen absorbers. It’s important to separate the dessicant and the oxy absorbers. Put one of them on the bottom, then the food, then the other on the top and seal the mylar.
      Mylar bags seal with a regular iron and a flat, hard surface

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        If you are sealing something like sugar or salt or flour, you’ll likely find that it’s extremely difficult to seal the mylar bag because the powder is all over the bag. I’d suggest you put the product into a paper bag and tape that closed and then put that inside the mylar bag. Makes sealing MUCH easier.

  • Sid

    FYI The price of beef tenderloin has always been much higher than for prime rib as it is a much more desirable cut.

    • Kim

      I think what he meant was it isn’t a prime cut. It’s choice beef, not prime. If choice is that expensive, people will start buying select, which is basically crap.

  • j r

    Gold and silver are great…until the government confiscates them like they did in FDR’s time. SO much for the price multiplying.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Let us hope that we don’t see government confiscation.

      Of course the government can confiscate anything they want under martial law. That includes your food, your supplies, your bank accounts, etc. etc.


      • Uh-hUh

        the government can TRY to confiscate all they want…

  • DJohn1

    There is ground work for the President to confiscate all your food in the event of a national emergency. Then redistribute the food to everyone that shows a need. Not my rules. The only hope in that case is if no one even knows you have the food.

    But gold and silver? I suggest you look at what the Hunt family found out when they tried Silver as an investment. I believe that was in the late 80s or early 90s.

    The government controls the market place for commodities and I believe they shut it down for silver. They will shut it down for gold someday.

    What is disturbing about all of this is that there is no way to win when the SHTF.
    We as a people have gradually been moving in the direction of a communistic or socialistic government with a huge backing of bureaucratic regulation. So much regulation that no one even has a grasp of what the regulation actually says in many instances.

    Ali Baba and his forty thieves would be so proud.
    We look at people out there that are working and hardly making it with full time jobs, with multiple part-time jobs, and in some cases overtime. The idea is to save up enough money to last you during the times coming of famine. Yet the currency is no good. It fluctuates and inflates. So a dime today is worth a cent tomorrow. How does one save in that environment?

    If I were a betting man, I would bet on the banks coming out ahead over the people. Even in the 2008 financial crisis, the bankers better known as the banksters(with a b instead of g) figured out how to make us pay for their mistakes. So I would probably go for banking type stocks.
    In the next twist, I believe the entire Democrat Party will go down where ever they are up for election. That won’t change things, but it is a reaction to things like Obamacare.
    Recently they had a survey of states with the least taxation. I would have liked to see them correlate that with the states with politicians of the Democrat vs the Republican persuasion. Because I think the ones controlled by the Democrats have a much worse record of taxation than the ones controlled by the Republicans.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    Buy a wide variety of grains in liquid form

  • krinks

    I dropped all interest in gold and silver after reading about post-WWII Okinawa. The economy collapsed. People had gold and silver to barter with only to find you can’t eat either one. Only the person with food could buy anything and thrive. Everything else was irrelevant. It seems the only people pushing gold and silver are those selling it. Besides had you purchased either one in 1979 you had to hold them for 25 years just to break even.

  • Kim

    Along with self-defense and storing up water non-perishable food, it’s also important to get into good physical shape (as much as possible).

    There is actually a very good list of prep items on economic collapse news. Google “22 items that disappear from store shelves” and you’ll easily find the link.

    One item I bought recently was a well-built bicycle. I ride it everywhere I can so I can get used to it. When fuel becomes scarce or priced out of affordability, bikes are going to be in high demand.

  • Bluetides

    Bring it on!
    My freezer and pantry are full of delicious food. Anybody can see what’s coming in the inevitable economic collapse. What they can not see is where technology eclipses the science. LENR element forming technologies have arrived. Proven and now patent pending gold making technology has been developed by Canadian researchers. We make real gold from artificial barren seed ores. See:

  • Hiroshi Yamamoto

    There’s a story about a frog.
    If you put it in boiling water, frog will jump out of the pot.
    But if you put it in cold water and gently heat, the frog will get drowsy in warmer water and later she will be boiled alive.
    The point is – that frog is us.

  • Richard

    You’re righter than you know about gold and silver not being eatable in the event of a crisis. That’s just the point. That’s why they are absolutely useless. Just ask the inhabitants of Cyprus when their crisis hit. You couldn’t sell your gold and silver even if you wanted to because nobody had any MONEY with which to exchange it. what people wanted (and couldn’t get because they closed the banks) was MONEY. Gold and silver were useless. Euros were rationed to 400 per week for several weeks after the crisis hit.

    Here’s what you need to know: Beware of those pushing gold and silver. Usually they are precious metals dealers or have some connection to or interest in the price going up.

    Those who are bullish on the precious metals DON’T BELIEVE THINGS ARE GOING TO GET AS BAD AS THEY ARE GOING TO GET. They will NEVER admit this but it is true.

    Anybody who REALLY thought things were going to get critically apocalyptic economically would never buy gold and silver because, just like in the case of Cyprus above, they will be useless in a real crisis. But the gold bulls all think that things might get…well… maybe a little hairy for a while… but in reality everything will work itself out OK in the end. Again, they won’t admit this but it is the only explanation for why they ignore the grim reality of what financial Armageddon will do to the price of EVERYTHING (not just PMs).

    Look, the VALUE of PMs against OTHER assets may very well increase but the COST in U.S. dollar terms is going to collapse.

    DON’T buy gold and silver.

  • PointofVue

    If you also read the label, this is not your standard supermarket beef. Harris caters to the high end market that buys aged beef, as noted on their web site:

    “Known as the home of great tasting and nutritional beef that is aged to
    tender perfection, the Harris Ranch Beef Company is part of the Harris
    Farms group of companies”

  • FirstGarden

    Learn wild edibles.

  • FirstGarden

    How to Perform the Universal Edibility Test

    Determining what you can safely eat and what is not safe for you to ingest is a key to wilderness survival skills. Knowing how identify edible wild plants is critical. Learning to complete the universal edibility test should be a priority before you set out on any camping trip or even a hike in the mountains. Preparation can save your life.

    Prepare to Perform the Test

    1) Fast for eight hours to insure that test results are accurate and any reaction comes from the plant ingested rather than an unknown source.

    2) Separate the plant you’re testing during this eight hour
    fast. You’ll want the leaves separate from the stem and any flowers
    separated as well.

    3) Test for reaction by placing one portion of the plant
    against your lips. Wait fifteen minutes to see if you react. If there is
    no stinging or burning, you can continue.

    4) Place the portion you’re testing against your tongue. Do not
    chew or swallow. Wait fifteen minutes to see if you react. If you do
    not, you can test another portion of the plant in the same way. Continue
    until all sections have been tested.

    5) Reacting during any part of this test means the plant portion has failed the universal edibility test and is not safe for ingesting.

    Complete the Test

    6) Take one portion of the plant that passed the tests above,
    and prepare it as you would plan to eat it if it were an edible wild

    7) Place a small amount in your mouth and chew, be sure you do
    not swallow at this time. Wait three minutes. If there is no reaction,
    you can continue the test.

    8) Swallow the portion of the plant you’ve chewed and wait eight hours. During that time frame, if you experience any reaction, induce vomiting to remove the toxins from your system. If there is no reaction, you can continue the test.

    9) Prepare a 1/4 cup of the plant portion and eat. Wait an
    additional eight hours. Again, if you react at all, induce vomiting. If
    there is no reaction, that portion of the plant is safe to eat and has
    passed the universal edibility test.

    10) Test each part of the plant for edibility. Just because one
    part is safe to ingest does not mean that other sections of the plant
    are safe to ingest. Each portion needs to be tested separately to insure that you are dealing with an entirely edible wild plant.

  • Pig Farmer Bill

    Best to cover all your bases now, don’t wait for the rain to start falling before you buy an umbrella. Many people are not going to have a chair to sit in when the music stops. Best get a move on.