Will The Globalists Use The New Net Neutrality Rules To Shut Off Access To Alternative News Websites?

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Many are applauding the FCC’s decision to repeal net neutrality, but I believe that this is a huge mistake.  Hopefully the worst case scenarios will not play out, but if they do we could be looking at the end of the Internet as we know it today.  We have all become quite accustomed to going anywhere on the Internet that we would like, but thanks to this decision the big Internet service providers could start to turn the Internet into another version of cable television.  Websites that are not part of your “Internet package” would either load much slower or would not be accessible at all.  Essentially, the big Internet service providers could eventually become “gatekeepers” that would decide what you would and would not be able to see on the Internet.  So if they didn’t like the views of a particular website (such as this one), they could simply block access to it and their subscribers would no longer be able to get to it.


A free and open Internet is one of the key tools that we are using to wake people up all over the world, and the globalists have been desperate to find a way to clamp down on us.  That is why the FCC’s decision today is so chilling

In a partisan vote repealing net-neutrality protections, the FCC has lifted restrictions that prevented internet service providers (ISPs) from blocking certain websites or from charging companies and customers more for internet “fast lanes.”

Those so-called fast lanes could mean the difference between a smooth, TV-like experience watching online videos or a frustrating frozen screen — a vital distinction as services like entertainment, news, and education shift to online platforms.

As long as the Internet has existed, Internet service providers have generally treated all websites equally.  But now these new rules will give large ISPs unprecedented control over Internet activity.  The following comes from Rolling Stone

The existing regulations, put into place by Pai’s predecessor Tom Wheeler in 2015, codified longstanding Internet practice by explicitly requiring ISPs to treat all Internet traffic equally. In contrast to a cable provider, which can decide exactly what networks or services customers get for their monthly fee, ISPs are forbidden from discriminating among their customers. When you pay your fee to get online, you get everything. But under the new regime, a handful of the most powerful telecommunication companies in the U.S. – Comcast, Verizon, AT&T – will have unlimited freedom to slice and dice the Internet ecology as they please.

Today, nearly 50 million homes in the United States only have access to one high speed Internet provider.

Now those high speed providers will be able to pick winners and losers, and you will not have any control over the decisions that they make.  You could choose to go with another provider, but they will probably be engaged in the exact same type of activity as well.

So much of this debate is centered on Internet speed, but to me the greatest danger is the fact that Internet service providers will now be able to block any website that they want

Under the new rules, called the Restoring Internet Freedom order, ISPs also must disclose any cases in which they prioritize some content, whether its their own or that of a paying partner, over other content. The new order also eliminates an Internet conduct standard meant to prevent ISPs from unreasonable interference with consumer’s access to destinations on the Net.

The big Internet service providers are owned by the globalists.

Could the globalists try to destroy the alternative media by simply blocking their users from ever going to alternative news websites?

I hope that it doesn’t happen, but these new rules open that door.

If you don’t think that this is serious, I would like for you to consider what a Rolling Stone article is saying on the matter…

It gets worse. Because under the new rules (or really, lack of any rules whatsoever), ISPs won’t just be free to charge more for better tiers of access, they will also be free to block access to whatever part of the Internet they feel serves their financial interests. AT&T could cut a deal making Microsoft Bing its default search engine, and block Google entirely. Comcast might decide that it makes no sense to allow Netflix to compete with its own streaming services, and strangle off access to the site. Verizon could decide that Fox News’ reporting is more in line with its corporate interests than CNN or The New York Times.

We should all fight as hard as we can to keep the Internet free and open.

If we don’t, someday we may only be able to access a few thousand websites that have been “pre-approved” by the big Internet service providers.

If I was a company such as Netflix that depends entirely on the large ISPs to deliver their content, I would be scared to death by this decision.

But if we lose Netflix, our society would still be okay.

However, if we lose our ability to communicate with one another over a free and open Internet, the loss to our society would be incalculable.

As a member of Congress, I will fight to make sure that Internet service providers cannot deny access to parts of the Internet that they don’t like.  This is one of the greatest threats to free speech that I have ever seen, and this decision literally has the potential to destroy the Internet that we know and love today.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.

  • summer of love

    Download everything they don’t want you to see and organize it in folders. Sites like YouTube and Facebook already have political censorship.

    • iris

      Yep, and Yep.

  • Isaac

    Who allowed Ajit Pai to do this – approve the repeal of the net neutrality? Trump!
    Your blind devotion to Trump is clear to see. Soon Trump will be forced to resign because of his stupidity and corruption. You wait and see.

    • adidas

      Trump is not a liberal so it doesn’t fit the agenda to criticize him as much as Obama.
      Same with Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Joe Walsh, etc.–critizing Trump is not part of their agenda as they could lose their salary.

  • James Joyce

    All societies seem to have done better with less regulation in regarding freedom of choice. This deregulation did not invalidate the 1st Amendment. Even though there will be court challenges and some struggles, the door is open for less restrictive innovation and competitive advantages under NN not available to the enterprise. Never forget history-more government regulation leads to entitlement and subsequent Socialism. Freedom is less expensive.

  • Richard Broberg

    Having the government regulate the Internet is just plain stupid. Look at the people who want the net neutrality rules to remain in place. That’s enough to make any thinking person to want the rules removed.

    Keeping the rules in place is just the beginning of a government takeover of the Internet.

    All the young people want is net flicks to be free. In that would happen they wouldn’t care about anything else.

    If the government was put in charge of the Sahara desert, within five years the Sahara would have a shortage of sand.

  • DJohn1

    Ruling by Bureau.
    The real problem isn’t the FCC.
    The real problem is the many agencies of government that actually have control over our lives.
    None of these people ever stand for election and they are all long term employees.
    Keyword being employed and under someone’s management.
    The problem is the people that manage these departments set up operating regulations that are way beyond the bounds of the agency’s jurisdiction.
    A friend of mine was writing a book about the EPA agency years ago. So he asked for a copy of the regulations concerning the agency. The agent said you do not want to do this. It would require 10 semi-trucks to deliver all the regulations of the EPA.
    Further some regulations actually contradict one another.
    In the rush to regulate the environment, our Congress made it popular to write laws concerning the environment. No one checked to see if the laws contradicted one another. That little problem is a very big problem for industry. You need a specialized law degree to even understand what they are often talking about.
    Same goes for the IRS in many cases.
    I once foolishly told an IRS agent he ought to go find another job.
    He asked why and was amused by my comment.
    I said because unless they uncomplicate the law someone will do away with the IRS and collect taxes on outgo instead of income. Simply because a national sales tax is much easier to enforce and far less complicated meaning even small business can deal with it easily.
    That is the entire “Fair Tax” concept. I suggest big money interests want nothing to do with any Fair Tax.
    Instead we average a bundle of “new” regulation every day these bureaucrats survive in government.
    That is the real reason industry was chased out of the country.
    The wages being lower was simply a real bonus. It is offset by transportation costs of freight both here and abroad.
    The entire country right now is run on paper money backed up by nothing more than a confidence game. Once that game is exposed for what it is the powers that be will move elsewhere.
    The parasites will destroy the host.
    The host in this case is all of us.
    I have dealt with a “no win” situation in the work place as a Chapel Chairman(Shop Steward) with the advent of automation.
    This also is a “no win” situation concerning every average person out there.
    I won. I won by convincing management of their own free will that this would profit them most.
    And that is the only way you will win after you are elected to the Congress.
    You have to convince the opposition to vote your way as well as those in your own party. And that will take a lot of salesmanship.
    What we have to change is the rich people have to determine for themselves not to kill the hosts. They really do have to give something back and re-establish the American work force in a manner that gives them the ability to buy products again.
    Otherwise the entire economy and the entire money behind that economy will be worth about as much as a counterfeit dollar bill. We are not talking about new money. We are talking about the existing wealth that will be lost if the dollar goes down the tubes. And it will if something does not change.

    Some really powerful republican supporters put Trump where he is.
    He sold them on the concept of change to preserve what they have.
    If he cannot produce that then he will be kicked out.
    Someone else will take his place.
    And that is what tax reform is going to have to be all about.

  • “Many are applauding the FCC’s decision to repeal net neutrality”

    Not any of them are Libruls though.

    The Left has been *h*y*s*t*e*r*i*c*a*l* about Disastrous Donald’s open intent to repeal net neutrality.

    I hope the few Donald voters who still somehow defend their vote in 2016 are proud of themselves. All of the misery and misfortune he’s bringing to America AND to the world, this is something you’ll be lucky if G-d ever forgives you for.

    • oilheater

      It’s also upsetting Trump is going after national monuments but then conservatives don’t care about wilderness preservation anyway.

  • iris

    But it’s all a moot point anyway, imo. Obama gave the larger parameters governing the internet, away, many months ago. Supposedly, entities in the EU now are taking care of its oversight, but a theory is that it will eventually be turned over to the UN, and we know all about the level of freedom of speech and personal rights involved with the countries which seem to have the most power in that organization, as in, 90% of their focus is against Jews, Israel, and Western culture. The Internet was invented by the DOD with taxpayer dollars, so no POTUS had the right to do that. I think we can expect to see websites such as this one, loading very slowly, if at all, in the future. This is another sign of the lateness of the hour. History as we have known it, is wrapping up rapidly. If you think about it, the level of freedom we have had in the U.S. compared to other countries and cultures, has been miraculous. But it certainly won’t fit into a one world economy, political paradigm, and religion. We need to “look up, our redemption is drawing near”.

  • Live wire

    The real question is “At what point do the people take back their rights?” ……and this is why the want control of the internet. It’s the singular mechanism that allows people to unite as one. It was seen in the “Arab Spring”. And that’s why they want to take control of it. The fact is, the world is heading for a huge depression. The economy never got better from 07-08 crash. They just propped it up with false stimuli. Those with much want to make sure it stays that way

  • Al

    Amazing the blind devotion some of you have to the Republican party & or Trump so much so you’re still supporting the very man & party which appointed Pai to head the FCC & wanted to repeal Net Neutrality. The amount of cognitive dissonance y’all engage in would be funny if it weren’t so serious.