Will The Bizarre Weather Of 2010 Set The Stage For A Major Global Food Shortage In 2011?

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Record-shattering heatwaves all over the world, massive wildfires in Russia, truly historic flooding in Pakistan and China and devastating droughts in many other areas are playing havoc with harvests all over the globe.  This is leading many analysts to predict a sharp rise in food prices for the rest of 2010, and there are even whispers that 2011 could see the outbreak of global food riots that are even worse than what we witnessed back in 2008.  The truth is that things are starting to get more than a bit frightening out there.  One quarter of Russia’s grain crops have already been wiped out by the unprecedented heatwave and the massive wildfires that have been ravaging that nation.  In fact, the Russian government has announced that they have banned all grain exports for the rest of this year.  This has caused a dramatic surge in the price of wheat on world markets.  Unfortunately, Russia is far from alone in dealing with bad harvests this year.  So what happens when global food prices go so high that the hundreds of millions of people existing on the edge of poverty around the world can’t afford to buy food any longer?


That is a very sobering question.

The truth is that due to rampant greed and corruption, humanity barely grows enough food to feed itself, and major crop disasters can change the global landscape very quickly.

In fact, the price of barley has already more than doubled over the past six weeks due to concerns about what is going on in Russia.

Not only that, but Germany, Europe’s second biggest grain producer after France, has announced that its harvest will decline by 12% or more in 2010.

There are even media reports that food prices in Russia may jump 100 percent by the end of this week.  That seems a bit far-fetched, but as you can see from the video posted below, the situation in Russia is becoming very, very serious….

But it is not just Europe that is experiencing problems.  In Australia, farmers are bracing for what is being called the worst locust plague in a generation.

In other areas of the world, intense flooding has created a crisis that is so immense that it is almost impossible to put into words.  Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani says that as many as 20 million people have been affected by the horrific flooding in his nation.  In fact, at one point approximately one-fifth of Pakistan was reportedly under water.  Entire villages and towns were turned into vast lakes.

Take a moment to think about that.

Could you imagine one-fifth of the United States under water?

The United Nations has already named the flooding in Pakistan as the greatest humanitarian crisis in recent history.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The UN says that the flooding in Pakistan is worse than the earthquake in Haiti, worse than Hurricane Katrina and worse than the massive tsunami which devastated southeast Asia a number of years ago.

Needless to say, all of this flooding has absolutely destroyed crops and food supplies in Pakistan.  The misery that all of this flooding has caused in incalculable.

But most Americans don’t care much about what is happening on the other side of the world.

Most Americans only care about what affects their wallets and their stomachs.

Well, all of this global chaos is going to have a big impact on Americans as well.  For example, it is being reported that Wal-Mart has already hiked food prices substantially in response to these global events.

Are you ready to pay more for food at the supermarket?

But the reality is that this is just the beginning. 

It is being projected that global demand for food will more than double over the next 50 years.

So where in the world will twice as much food come from?

Even now, there are areas in Africa that are experiencing horrific starvation….

But you think that this can never happen in the United States of America?

Think again.

For most of the past decade, the U.S. government has only had enough grain stored up to provide half a loaf of bread for every man, woman and child in the country.

In the event of a true food emergency, exactly how long do you think that our “strategic grain reserve” is going to last?

Each year, world food supplies continue to get tighter and tighter and tighter.  One day, we will reach the breaking point.

Will you be prepared when that day arrives?

  • Greg

    There is a lot of talk about buying gold as a hedge against the coming disasters. Revelation 6:6 tells us that it is wheat and barley, i.e. food, that will be of value in the last days. If we are in the last days, as it appears we are, we should expect to see some major food shortages.

  • concerned Reader

    In the Bible it says that during the end times the four horsemen will be unleashed upon the world. On particular horsemen, the black horse, represents famine and he is growing restless in his stable. Such things as the green revolution in the mid twentieth century helped keep the black horse in his stable, but as the world’s graineries begin to dry up, the latch on the paddock of the stable will open up and the horse man will be unleashed onto the world.

    Since the industrial revolution in the mid 1800s, the human population has nearly doubled thanks to petrochemical based agriculture. A farmer went from being able to feed ten people(his family) to be able to feed 1,000 people and then eventually tens of millions of people. World food supplies are strictly dependant on abundant oil and we all now that oil is going to scarcer as well. Unless a miracle happens and we manage to pull of another green revolution, it is only going to get worse.

    Food scarcity is going to be the driving force behind the conflicts of the coming decades. If one country is starving and their neighbor had food, they will invade and capture their food supplies.

    A good example here at is a personal experience that I have witnessed. A resturant that I eat at regulalry has good food, but their food prices have went up to the point that it cost me nearly nine dollars for a hamburger, french fries, Dr. Pepper and a bowl of chili. When I was growing up in the mid 90s, a meal such as this only cost four dollars.

    The world’s total population is nearing seven billion people.

  • Gary

    I do not think we should be worrying about other countries food problems when there is 22% of children living in poverty in our country. When there are so many barley getting by on food stamps and going to the food pantries. Let the rich middle east countries help Pakistan, their muslim brothers.

  • Gary

    PS-If they quit having so many babies in Africa there would not be such mass starvation. This is not brain surgery.

  • John

    Yes, but Gary, the US didnt have lots of babies and yet the US has lots of people on food stamps. Not rocket science.

  • Another John

    Gary it’s not third world babies that have contributed to global pollution and global climate change. It’s the relatively rich developed nations that consume, consume, consume and that offload all our resource processing and harmful work to the impoverished third world. The carbon footprint of a person in a developing nation is just a tiny fraction of the average for an American.

  • Gary

    John-The reason we have so many people on food stamps is that there is huge inequality in wealth and income. We need to tax the rich and corporations and spread the wealth. Problems in USA=solved when this is done.

  • Andyb

    even more bizarre, here in northern California we have been having the coldest summer since 1971.

    I read all of these horror stories about heat, drought, etc. while sitting here in wool socks and a sweater. Morning temps are about 45 and it hasn’t been near 90 since June.

  • Kenton

    @Gary Wealth distribution is a pipe dream just like anarcho-communism in the present state of humanity. Money is shipped all over all of the time with no effects. Take Pakistan for example. How much money does the US send them?? And now with the floods, we send them more. Do they have enough? No. Some one always has sticky fingers.

    And this nonsense about the end days and the bible. :rolling eyes: It’s not as if we humans are the end all be all of species and the first to see these types of natural systems. Perhaps we are the latest species to overpopulate and stress the earth’s resources though. It’s either depopulate and live or continue to expand and kill ourselves including our host, the earth we live.

  • concerned Reader

    The Iowa state and neighboring portions of the region have experienced mass flooding in the last couple of days. That area is where a lot of America’s major grain supplies are grown. If our ability to produce food is crippled, not only are we in trouble, but the entire world be in a even bigger mess because we are the world’s bread basket.

  • Justa Guy

    Again with the man-made global climate change? Really AJ? Look up HOAX in the dictionary. Man is really not as powerful as some desire to believe. Start considering that geological and astronomical processes have way more impact on climate than mankinds’ ego. Man-made climate change is dead, just as evolution is dead (scientifically proven by irreducible complexity, along with the myriad inconsistencies of the THEORY of evolution).

  • Greg

    Kenton – such a comical irony that you roll your eyes at those who believe what the well-proven Bible has to say yet you consider yourself wise to believe in the preposterous and proven-to-be-mythology evolution. The foolishness of the worldly astounds me.

  • Bill

    Gary & Kenton – interesting comments – But did U know only about 3% of the earths surface is covered with people? The earth could EASILY handle 10’s of billions more people – the problem is improper use of resources & tribal wars,”sticky fingers” ect., In Africa & Pakistan that prevent the food getting to people who need it. There is a family in Pasadena, CA that grows 6000 LBS of fruits & vegetables a year on only 1/10th of a cultivated acre. I think individual families growing more of their own food could really help the situation (check out http://www.pathtofreedom.com, or google ‘Sepp Holzer’ the Austrian ‘rebel’ farmer who produces astonishing amounts of food with very little or NO WORK using a growing technique called ‘permaculture’ (see also http://www.permies.com ) Individual self-sufficiency can solve the food shortage problems. There is not too much population – just too many people crammed into cities and small places like. Ig cities…the majority of the world is actually empty…I was astonished. To discover this fact! If U don’t believe me, just go for a long drive in the country! I saw nobody for almost 2 days on a recent drive through MT and N. Dakota. ANY land can be made productive and brought to life with proper stewardship, permaculture techniques, water gardens, raised beds with logs under the dirt that trap and store rain water, etc. Thanks all – interested in your feedback ;-)

  • Ezek

    Jeremiah 17:7-8 (New King James Version)
    7 “ Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD,
    And whose hope is the LORD.
    8 For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters,
    Which spreads out its roots by the river,
    And will not fear when heat comes;
    But its leaf will be green,
    And will not be anxious in the year of drought,
    Nor will cease from yielding fruit.

  • teresa

    I would start stocking up on beans,rice canned goods,non-hybrid seeds,store in food grade buckets, Check the ready store.com for food. A wood stove, kerosene heater for a back up source of heat, and to cook on.Space blankets to keep warm if electricity goes out.Say plenty of rosaries. God bless the world. We need his Mercy now through these end times.

  • Peetem

    Wealth distribution??

    Please tell me you are kidding. It has failed everytime it has been tried. Ancient Rome went bankrupt; modern-day Agentina, Greece, most of Europe, the US, Cuba (yes, read it Cuba – go check the fact is you don’t believe me – the utopia Cuba is failing big time); the list goes on an on and on.

    You want the rich, you need the rich. You may hate their ways and lifestyle (which is a personal problem), but they make the world go round.

    I never roofed a poor man’s home, landcaped a poor man’s yard, or re-modeled a poor man’s bedroom (except out of charity when 40 other people helped).

  • Greg

    Bill – so true, but the media has been too effective and we are not going to overcome the death culture that has been instilled in the masses. Most people are going to go right along with the slaughter just like the Germans did and will cheer the genocide until it lands on their door.

    teresa – mind boggling that “Christians” think chanting to Mary is pleasing to God. Why don’t Catholics read the Bible?

    Peetem – so true.

    Justa Guy – excellent post!

  • When will the food police show up to see is we are hoarding. This is no joke under marshal law this could happen. I think every one should try to have a 6mo susply of food .Dont for get the water you will need more water than food. Dont for get the food riots.Most people in the USA have no clue what real hunger and suffering is. We trash a lot of food. Most of the people in the USA have turn a blind eye and dont think this can happen to them .It can and it will . Better stock up .

  • CC

    QUOTE: “But most Americans don’t care much about what is happening on the other side of the world.

    Most Americans only care about what affects their wallets and their stomachs.”

    I disagree about Americans not caring. We just raised and gave over a billion dollars for Haiti relief.

    American’s are losing jobs and houses and they are still giving. The billionairs and King’s of the world should step up to the plate and help the world too! Prayers and Donations go out to the poor every year. From and American.

  • chris

    Forget the gold and material items it is going to be the food that is gonna be worth more than any of that. And as far as relying on our government? Yea right barack was out golfing while this oil spill was going on so that tells ya a little about our government.

  • Glenn Dallaire

    Multiple studies over the past decade have shown that food production is not really the problem, as advances in farming have increased production significantly. The fact is up to this point the world produces more than enough food for each person on earth.
    The problem is a distribution problem closely tied with the corruption in the governments and militaries of the countries where hunger is prevelant.

    What makes the whole matter of hunger even more scandalous is that other recent studies have shown that approximently 1/3 of all food in the USA and Europe is thrown away–not just at restaurants, hospitals, cafeteria’s etc, but in peoples homes. It is really a tragedy when in some countries one-third of all food is thrown into the trash, while in other countries people are starving to death. Such facts show that hunger is both a corruption and a distibution problem.

    Glenn Dallaire
    Connecticut, USA
    -webmaster, Mystics of the Church

  • moronsreign

    Overpopulation!!!!!!!!!!! Nuf Said

  • Joe

    Greg- From the Bible… Commandment #5 “Honor your father and your mother.” Who is the mother of Jesus our brother?

    What did the Archangel Gabriel say to Mary? “Hail (Mary), full of grace, the Lord is with thee….. sounds a lot like “chanting” scripture to me (speaking the Word).

    We “Christians” know a thing or two about the Bible. But where was the Bible before the Council of Trent? Who copied it by hand in monastaries? Catholic monks. Not until the printing press did most individuals have access to one, but the Church has been here since Jesus established her upon the the rock … Peter.

  • colleen

    @Greg…….gotta step in for truth sake…the rosary is prayer ‘with Mary’ who prays for us constantly as our Holy Mother. She was given to (John)/us by Jesus: ‘Woman behold thy son, Son, behold thy mother’.at the foot of the cross. Mother only is interested to bring us to her Son. God Bless the truth, in Jesus name, amen.

  • We cannot grow food in unstable weather – the scientific evidence is incontrovertible on this issue. REF: ‘Runaway climate’ – criky.com.au (Google)

  • judy

    @ Greg…Practicing Catholics do read the Bible and at every Mass we have 1 Old Testament reading, 1 Gospel and 1 New Testament reading and why wouldn’t Jesus us want us praying to His mother who brought Him into the world and raised Him and was there at the foot of the cross to intercede for us. Don’t you love and honor your mother???

  • Mary C

    “The fact is up to this point the world produces more than enough food for each person on earth. The problem is a distribution problem closely tied with the corruption in the governments and militaries of the countries where hunger is prevelant.”

    A resounding “YES!”, Glenn. Governments and militaries are groups of individuals, the glaring corruption arising from the most deadly of starvations – that of the human heart. But, thanks be to God Our Father, hungry hearts availing themselves of His love abound all the more in the face of so much destruction and need today, busy in works of mercy, charity, sacrifice and prayer for the poor and suffering.

    The natural and man-made disasters will only intensify until we selfish human beings get a clue. When tragedy touches us personally – then we will understand the indispensible imperative of being one another’s keeper…

  • Perelandra

    Greg, If you are going to speak about the Catholic faith, please inform yourself first. I can assure you that we Catholics DO read the Bible, as well as having it spoken in our Liturgy every day, both Old and New Testaments. Also, if you understood the Rosary, you would know that every prayer is Biblically-based, and that it is a meditation on the life of Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ. The last socially acceptable prejudice in America is anti-Catholicism, in fact it is de rigueur. You would not dare speak about Islam, Judaism, or Buddhism the way you do about my faith, and I am here to tell you that you sound like a bigot. I hope you’re not.

  • Laura

    As the holy bible says, when you hear of such things remember these are only labour pains, the worst is yet to come. I fully agree with Teresa, say the holy Rosary and the Blessed Virgin will surely intercede and help those who seek their refuge in the Lord. Remember what she did at Cana, in the gospel of John chap 2, even though His time had NOT YET COME, Jesus heeded the words of his beloved Mother and did the needful. Believe in the Lord Jesus, you and your family will be saved. Don’t be foolish like the people of Noah’s time. understand and humble yourself before God’s mighty Hand.

  • D

    You forgot about the 6 million fish, turtles, alligators, etc… that died in Bolivia from extreme cold. All life in 4 rivers died.
    I agree with Glenn. Their is plenty of land. It is all govt corruption that is the root of all our misesry. When you pay farmers not to farm so they can keep prices higher, what do you think will eventually happen? What is worse is if you start to look at the ingredients in our food and read about each one. Our current medical ailments are because of what we eat. The EPA, FDA, drug companies, American climate scientists are all corupt. It’s all about money. We no longer love our neighbor.

  • D

    Pesticides and even arsenic are fed to turkeys to get rid of stomach parasites. This irritates their stomach and they eat more, which in turn fattens them up. I have heard that some people have fed dry cement to cows before selling them since they get paid per pound. These things along with hormones and antibiotics are not good for us. Flouride is bad for us (read about it) and yet it is in all our drinks. KERA mentioned last night that some in Africa have a water system to remove flouride because they recognize it is bad for us. Other countries have banned it from the water.
    My point, since their will be food shortages and it’s bad for us anyway, grow your own. Learn how now.

  • CJ Hames

    Are we REALLY back to talking about “Global Climate change?” REALLY? Give me a freaking break. How long must we put up with this MADNESS?

  • T

    I can tell you what is controlling the weather. Ever hear about the Haarp (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in Gakona Alaska? Project Blue Beam. The Russians are blaming the U.S. for its weather worries. No warning. Look out New Madrid Fault! Same in Pakistan, no warning.

  • DT

    @Judy and Perelandra

    Great posts it is sad there is so much misinformation about the catholic faith.

    @Greg yes catholics do read the bible…who do you think wrote it??
    There were no other Christians besides catholics until the protestant reformation in 1517…think about it

  • cooper

    These are just signs that Jesus coming is very soon as predicted in Matthew 24, People let’s get serious about our soul’s salvation, allow Jesus to cleanse our hearts. TO think that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Religions around the world will soon say that this ( all the disasters) are a result of us disobeying God’s commandments. Then the field will be ripe for the passing of laws declaring us to keep the first day of the week as a sabbath and this is where people will receive the mark of the beast. Please check the website: aochr.wordpress.com for more prophecy and relevant bible studies for our learning. God Bless

  • Greg

    Catholics – my mother is also dead but I don’t pray to her. Lots of reasons I state you don’t read the Bible – perhaps better stated is you don’t believe the Bible – call no man father, only mention of saints were the ones that Paul, for example, wrote letters to (were those only to be read at cemeteries?), make no graven images, etc. I am in no way anti-Catholic but I am anti twisting scripture. That happens in a lot of “Christian” churches but especially in Catholicism. Essentially, you place the teachings of man over the Bible. When you pray to dead people that you believe are “saints” you are actually opening yourself up to demonic deception. Finally, why in the world do you even want to pray to a dead person when we are told to go straight to the Father? Do you think that these dead people are going to manipulate God for you? That is as stupid as Bill Gates telling you to come to him anytime you need any software or money and instead going to his kids, brothers or mother. He would rightfully call you an idiot for not coming straight to him as he told you to do.

  • some of you sound as if you know what you are talking about and others just sound like you are out there in some other universe, come come back to earth. Just get prepared for what ever it is you think is going to happen, pray if you believe in prayer, prepare to take arms and defend what belongs to you, and love your family and friends, live today like there is a tommorrow, PLAN ahead

  • karen

    Your article is so true, people in the US could give a crap about anyone else, all they care about is themselves, go to wal-mart and set there and watch the 300 pound people squeezing themselves in to motorized shopping carts, can’t walk because they are lazy, I see it where I work they could care less about anyone but them. And if you think there is food saved back for you like that lying man on the film said you are truly ignorant, like that old saying ignorance is bliss, well the US is truly the most blissful place in the world.

  • Judi

    @Greg You are correct, you can’t eat or drink gold. In Europe in the 30s people were trading grand pianos and furs for a bag of potatoes.

  • Judi

    @Gary I agree charity begins at home. But we still need to have concern for our global neighbours. Unfortunately, some of the people receiving food stamps and social assistance are there by choice, please note I said some, not all.

  • Judi

    @Gary People are starving because of politics and economies. You only have to take a look at the people in the streets and malls to know we are getting way more than our share of food. What Africa needs is political and economic stability.

  • Judi

    @Another John As a north American I agree, we are fat and lazy. The American dream is to have everything and to hell with everyone else…It’s time to wake up. We should be happy with enough and not waste so much.

  • Judi

    @Gary That will never happen until government stops protecting their rich patrons and does what’s best for everyone. Too many special interest groups like Big Oil have their finger in the pie.

  • Judi

    @AndyB on the east coast of Canada we are having one of the best summers ever…seasonaly we are ahead…When we first moved to our location in the 80’s we had frost as late as June and as early as August, not anymore.

  • Judi

    @DT I’m pretty sure the old testament was written by the Jews…also the Catholic church did not exist (as it does today) when the New Testaments were written either.

  • bro43

    Remember all, there’s a distinct possibility that you’re wrong.

  • Unbiased_Verdict

    My goodness gracious me. So much misinformation floating around in these comments, it’s overwhelming my robot brain. I’m gonna blow a circuit.
    There is:
    Anti-Catholic nonsense (mostly been addressed, good job on that, and yes I’m Catholic – but Greg, good heavens you have no idea what you’re talking about),
    misinterpretation of Scripture (won’t delve into it as this isn’t really the place),
    totally incorrect assessments of earth’s carrying capacity (the earth couldn’t carry anywhere near tens of billions more people – without petroleum the carrying capacity is 1-2 billion and with it’s around 5-10 billion),
    poor knowledge of history (the population of the earth has increased six-fold since the early 19th c., not two-fold),
    poor assessment of the realities of agriculture and food production (there’s far more to any assessment than simple tonnage; one must consider soil depletion, chemical and energy inputs, local variations, the loss of arable land, issues like the recent bee pandemic and resistant pathogens, and on and on),
    misunderstandings of simple terminology (they said wealth distribution, which is a simple metric, not REdistribution, which is a leftist political philosophy),
    irrational arguments on climate change (not stating whether it’s real or not, just that no one provided any evidence to back claims)

    There’s more but I’m gonna stop. To summarize: please, please don’t spout things with utter certainty when you don’t know what you’re talking about. Do some research, fact check, ask questions, or say you’re not sure; just don’t make bald assertions that are manifestly false.