• Rodster

    And if you happen to oppose TPTB they can quickly turn off your device and you can’t buy or sell within system so you starve.

    I’m sure the next chip will turn off your heart if you go against the will of the govt. I don’t put anything past these criminals

  • Can you say scanning the eyes . . .
    Optical scans are even now used to id people at top secret bases in the military. All this electronic stuff is expensive.
    Optical and fingerprint scanners are much cheaper.
    The biology is all ready set up so no need to introduce artificial means.
    All security is a joke! For every system set up someone has figured out how to break it.

    The only real security is not to rely on machines. Sort of hard to do in a modern world.

    If you do rely on machines don’t use Microsoft Windows on the internet. People in third world countries are working full time to break it! They often succeed.
    Don’t put financial information on your machines.
    Personally I use Linux. It is written in a different operational language. Windows uses C plus plus. Apple smartened up and uses a form of Unix. Linux also uses a form of Unix.
    But even with all of that, occasionally someone makes a real blunder and it can infect anyone when they do.

    I have had one attempt since 2007 that even got to first base. That doesn’t mean it cannot happen though.
    All of this electronic control the people in charge want is expensive. And that is its downfall.

    • jrube

      I have a Lenux that needs a new power supply and loved it, hope to have it fixed soon. Totally different that windows but I felt secure using it, more so than any other.

  • joe smith

    Interesting take on mark of the beast can be found at http://www.thetrumpet.com. They make the argument that a mark on the hand and on the forehead is about working 6 days a week and resting on Sunday (God said the sabbath is Friday evening to Saturday evening). They quote other scripture that refers to this. Let’s be honest, none of the 1 billion + Christians will take a chip in the hand or forehead.

  • Clinton Balmain

    Nice scare tactics, Michael. You’re taking three completely independent ideas (biomonitoring, Internet security, and brain-computer interfaces) and somehow tying them into a hypothetical Evil Technology. Throw in some vague references to a Biblical mark of the Beast and you’ve got people’s attention. But you never actually show a trend toward any government actually doing what you suggest, and much of your hypothetical is just a “what if this happened” scenario. If your point is that technology can be used for evil, well, congratulations on stating an extremely obvious point. If your point was to show that we’re actually headed toward a mind-control device that you can only get by declaring allegiance to a tyrant, then you did a pretty bad job of it. If your point was to scare people so as to generate attention, then let me say: job well done.

    • Chloe

      There are no vague biblical references. I don’t know if you’ve been watching the past, oh, 2 or 3 decades but what Michael says can be rationally put together.

      • Thinking gal

        Chloe: a follow-up to you and to fill in Clinton:

        ‘Revelation 13:16-18 (NRSV)

        16 Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, 17 so that no one can buy or sell who does not have the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.’

        If he believes no words are necessary; if he doesn’t, no words are possible.

        • Bithiah Amnon

          Technology like this can appear to look like the mark of the beast described in Rev. 13:16. But it’s not that easy. Look at Rev. 14:1. Does this mean that true believers are going to literally have God’s name on their forehead? Look a little further to Rev. 14:12. No, the sign on the forehead is referring to true
          knowledge, understanding and wisdom of God’s way. The Bible clearly interprets what a mark or
          sign on your hand and forehead actually means.
          Look at Deut. 6:5-8 and Exo. 13:9. The mark of the beast is rejecting
          God’s way by going our own way. I
          challenge you and anyone else to try to live in this world according to the Commandments carved by the finger of God including the forth commandment to not work for personal gain on the seventh day of the week and see how much buying and selling you can do. Try finding a job that allows you to take Friday nights and Saturdays off without sacrificing pay. Try to live even a single day loving your
          neighbors as you do yourself. Then you will clearly see what the Bible means because then you will have the sign of the one true God rather than the mark of the beast.

          • Charlie

            No it doesn’t say that at all. The believers will be gone and then the beast will come. Check all that we won’t live what’s written in Revelation for we will be gone! Those who didn’t believe will have the mark of the beast if they want and those who stand till the very end will get saved AFTER Jesus-Christ came to pick the believers up.

            Only 140 000 will be saved during the Great Tribulation!

          • xnx

            Its true we can not do all that God says without sin because we are not perfect. The reference of you saying the mark will not be a literal mark because in another piece of the bible it says the same thing about takeing the mark of God and then it explains that as works not as an actual mark. This is different from the mark of the beast because you are taking them out of context. The Godly version is saying people will know us buy the
            Mark of him in our hearts. Thats what that means I believe. Also the mark ofthe beast is ddescribed with the emblem of 666. How exactly are you supposed to act out a number?.

    • Clearhead

      @ “Clinton” — See below: “Chloe” Double down and wise up.

    • xnx

      Well clinton, if something is false then you must try to scare, but I do not think Michael was trying. I would not put anything past the so called “leaders” of America. The would kill there neighbors and yours two if they could get away and gain something in return. The chip in the forehead or what ever it is, would just be any easy way to exact all their will on you without you being able to do anything about it.

  • seth datta

    At the risk of losing credibility, I still feel that it is important to point out that we are not told the real technological progress that is being made, as this information is restricted by the military-industrial-complex, backed by wealthy financiers. These advances have a release rate where someone ‘discovers them’ and mainstream films also depict technologies and future scenarios to prepare us for the day when these things are imposed upon us.

    Think 1984. George Orwell was not a visionary. He was told the ‘plans’ to the future.

    Worst thing is what I am about to tell you. Though it doesn’t matter anyway as it is ‘too out there’ for most to believe. The mind’s ‘entrainment frequencies’ have been decoded for some time now. It is now possible using satellites to interface somewhat with the human brain. Look up ‘EEG heterodyning’. Some disinfo out there, but much of it when you look into it is solid.

    • Chris

      Interesting post, thank you. I’ve got a feeling the hat will need to be lead not tinfoil though. I have similar thoughts about Orwell. He died a bit young i think. Punishment for revealing the plans?

    • FreeThinker

      I agree that those in power likely have technology many of us don’t even know about yet.

      When I went to see the movie “Minority Report” I remember commenting “Well, I guess we will be seeing some of this stuff soon.” A while later, I read about the robotic spiders in a magazine. The movie “Loopers” showed the currency to be from China and the US looked like and impoverished wasteland. I agree that media, and entertainment, us often used to condition people and get them to accept what is coming.

      I watched a late night talk show once that had a scientist as a guest. He explained how one day man and machine would be merged, and he went on to say how excited he was for that day to come. Then, I see a cell phone company that has an ad that seems to merge man and machine. So, certainly seems something is up.

      What is sad is that the robot cars would be so nice for a person that is unable to drive. Having a robot clean homes or do work that might physically damage a human’s body seems like a great idea. What is sad is that things meant and created win good intentions are often corrupted and used for the wrong reasons.

  • FreeThinker

    Thank you for discussing the different technologies. I learn something new every day. I can envision how they can all be used together, and how they all can be used for good or evil.

    According to the KJV Bible, in Revelation 13:16, the mark will be “in.” However, a barcode on a human is crossing the line too, in my opinion. People are not cattle and should not be treated as such.

    • Yes

      The Greek text from which the KJV was translated (Textus Receptus) literally says “on” the hand or forehead. It is the Greek preposition “epi.”

  • Chris

    There is a current craze among the youngsters to get tatooed at the moment, i think this may be helpful to the powers that be. Get your groovy new Mark of the Beast tat!

    Problems i can see are that in this day the level of vanity is so high i really can’t see women in particular accepting anything obvious on their forehead. In addition i think most people using this site and most youngsters affected by the current economic climate when faced with the choice of accepting the ‘mark’ and continuing to live as a virtual slave in shite world to the powers that be or refuse and go down fighting will choose to go down fighting.

  • Kukye

    Looks like the writer works for the other side. See how he mentions long passwords were broken? This is to make you believe you have no choice but to accept the Mark of the Beast.

  • Charlie

    You can’t even dare talk negatively about corporations, the government and public sector workers without being targeted as a conspiracy theorist or gossip-spreader. Maybe they will turn off the chips of those who are against them.

  • Had0k3n

    lol reminds me of when blu ray came out and it was said no one could copy them.. what will stop this from being hacked ? it’s the same story that was said when they discovered finger prints or retina scans which have done nothing to aid reductions of identity theft, and who would control the perameters ? would you force children to take them from birth ? i guess we are nothing more than products of the system why not tagg us as if we are owned by a goverment or corporation. a reminder no one owns the world.


    WE WILL START A RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HerrinSchadenfreude

    I’m going to hack my government mandated Mark of the Beast barcode identification tattoo and become Max Guevara, Jam Pony bicycle messenger. And, of course part time cat burglar and crime fighter working with underground anarchist Eyes Only, who is actually Apu from the Qwick-E-Mart down the street.

    Either that, or I will go with plan B or C. the Sea Hag, or Raggedy Ann.

    Can I pre-order at Best Buy?

  • Bithiah Amnon

    Good call Joe. It’s not only referring to keeping the forth commandment, that is a great example,
    but about living by every word of God verses living according to the ways of man. Compare Rev. 13:16 with Deut. 6:5-8. Also look at Rev. 14:1. The Bible is not referring to literal markings. It has to do with having wisdom either of God or of the world and what
    we do with that knowledge. The mark of the beast, simply put, is rejecting God’s way for our own and unfortunately until we repent and turn to Him we are all already in line to receive it.

    • Charlie

      No it’s not Bithiah! You’re interpreting!

  • xnx

    I do not understand why people must have every aspect of there lives. Controlled or helped by technology. Kids at my school literally can’t think of or do anything without their phone! This is a sad reality that I think must take place before the end of days when Christ comes back.

    • jrube

      I wish more kids were as smart or aware as you are xnx.

  • xnx

    Trust in God and except Jesus Christ as your personal savior. If and when you do this with all honesty, then he will be with you at all times and you truly DO NOT have to worry about anything. It says in the bible once you are in the hand of God, know one can take you out of his hand. Also it says if God takes care of all the birds and fish and animals and all his other creations, won’t he do even more for you? (I am paraphrasing)

  • xnx

    Well we as Christians won’t be here when this happens anyway. The beast appears after the rapture Is my interpretation.

  • Tusense96761

    The American people should never submit to this type of identification, in the bible this is the mark of the beast. We must be observant to the arguments put fourth of those who try to persuade why this is good and know that that is all they will tell you. These are the same people that made us believe that killing our unborn children was a good thing, and the women’s movement was all about equal rights for women when it was really about getting women to start working so they could get the tax money and take control of our children earlier. These are the same people that want to end Christianity. So before you start begging for this kind of identity protection as the call, which they have said that you will be begging for this RFID chip, yeah that’s right you will be begging for it .Just like you gave up your privacy and now you get groped at the airport, or it is okay for the NSA to listen to your phone call all for your security. Ponder this let’s say we become a cashless society and all you money is put on your chip and let’s say the government doesn’t like what you are writing on the internet they can cut off your money just like that, total control. NO way should we ever accept this much control over our lives.

  • rkb100100

    I think it’ll be biometrics instead.