Why The Next War With China Could Go Very Badly For The United States

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Chinese Military Most Americans assume that the U.S. military is so vastly superior to everyone else that no other nation would ever dream of fighting a full-scale war against us.  Unfortunately, that assumption is dead wrong.  In recent years, the once mammoth technological gap between the U.S. military and the Chinese military has been closing at a frightening pace.  China has been accomplishing this by brazenly stealing our technology and hacking into our computer systems.  The Pentagon and the Obama administration know all about this, but they don’t do anything about it.  Perhaps the fact that China owns about a trillion dollars of our national debt has something to do with that.  In any event, today China has the largest military in the world and the second largest military budget in the world.  They have stolen plans for our most advanced jets, helicopters, ships and missile systems.  It is estimated that stealing our technology has saved China about 25 years of research and development.  In addition, China is rapidly developing a new generation of strategic weapons that could potentially enable it to actually win a future war against the United States.  At one time such a notion would have been unthinkable, but as you will see below, the next war with China could go very badly for the United States.


The Washington Post is reporting on a confidential report that was prepared for the Pentagon, and what this report says about the extent of Chinese cyber espionage is absolutely startling.  Will China know ALL of our secrets at some point?  The following is a brief excerpt from the Washington Post article about the theft of our military technology by China.  It turns out that Chinese hackers have gotten their hands on plans for almost all of the new cutting edge weapons systems that we have been developing…

Some of the weapons form the backbone of the Pentagon’s regional missile defense for Asia, Europe and the Persian Gulf. The designs included those for the advanced Patriot missile system, known as PAC-3; an Army system for shooting down ballistic missiles, known as the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD; and the Navy’s Aegis ballistic-missile defense system.

Also identified in the report are vital combat aircraft and ships, including the F/A-18 fighter jet, the V-22 Osprey, the Black Hawk helicopter and the Navy’s new Littoral Combat Ship, which is designed to patrol waters close to shore.

Also on the list is the most expensive weapons system ever built — the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which is on track to cost about $1.4 trillion.

One military expert that the Washington Post showed the report to was absolutely stunned…

“That’s staggering,” said Mark Stokes, executive director of the Project 2049 Institute, a think tank that focuses on Asia security issues. “These are all very critical weapons systems, critical to our national security. When I hear this in totality, it’s breathtaking.”

The experts said the cybertheft creates three major problems. First, access to advanced U.S. designs gives China an immediate operational edge that could be exploited in a conflict. Second, it accelerates China’s acquisition of advanced military technology and saves billions in development costs. And third, the U.S. designs can be used to benefit China’s own defense industry. There are long-standing suspicions that China’s theft of designs for the F-35 fighter allowed Beijing to develop its version much faster.

But it isn’t just hackers that the U.S. military needs to be concerned about.

The truth is that the Chinese are stealing secrets from us any way that they can.

For example, the Chinese use attractive young women to seduce our defense contractors.  In fact, as the Washington Times recently reported, one 59-year-old American man was recently charged with passing very sensitive secrets to a 27-year-old Chinese “honeypot” that he was seeing…

A U.S. defense contractor who works in intelligence at the military’s Pacific Command in Hawaii has been charged with passing classified national security information to a 27-year-old Chinese woman he was dating.

Benjamin Pierce Bishop, 59, is accused of sending the woman an email in May with information on Pacom’s war plans, nuclear weapons and U.S. relations with international partners, according to the complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Honolulu and unsealed Monday.

The complaint goes on to allege that Mr. Bishop told the woman over the telephone in September about the deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons and about the ability of the U.S. to detect other nations’ short- and medium-range ballistic missiles.

Another way that China is gaining a strategic advantage over the U.S. is by getting the U.S. military to become increasingly dependent upon them.  According to Forbes, now the U.S. military is even leasing a Chinese satellite for communications purposes…

American dependence on China grows by the day. The latest news is that the United States has been reduced to leasing a Chinese satellite to handle communications with U.S. military bases in Africa. Surprising, isn’t it? The nation that launched the world’s first communications satellite (I remember it well – it was called Telstar) has so lost its manufacturing mojo that it has to rely on its most formidable military adversary to provide the hardware for some of its most sensitive communications. This at a time when underlying unemployment rates among U.S. manufacturing workers remain at near-depression levels.

Isn’t that crazy?

And a recent Senate report discovered that many of our most advanced weapons systems are absolutely riddled with counterfeit Chinese parts…

A recent Senate report, titled Inquiry Into Counterfeit Electronic Parts In The Department Of Defense Supply Chain, “uncovered overwhelming evidence of large numbers of counterfeit parts making their way into critical defense systems.”

The investigation found 1,800 cases of counterfeit electronic parts involving over one million suspect parts in 2009-10 alone, thereby exposing “a defense supply chain that relies on hundreds of unveiled independent distributors to supply electronic parts for some of our most sensitive systems.”

The report concluded, among other things, that China is the “dominant source” of counterfeit products that enter the DoD supply chain, that the Chinese government does little to stop it and that the DoD doesn’t know the “scope and impact” of these parts on critical defense systems.

Who in the world would be stupid enough to allow one of their greatest strategic enemies to supply large numbers of parts for key weapons systems?

Apparently we are that stupid.

Things are particularly bad when it comes to semiconductors

Senator John McCain commented: “We can’t tolerate the risk of a ballistic missile interceptor failing to hit its target, a helicopter pilot unable to fire his missiles, or any other mission failure because of a counterfeit part.” Calling the issue “a ticking time bomb,” Brian Toohey, president of the Semiconductor Industry Association, commented: “The catastrophic failure risk inherently found in counterfeit semiconductors places our citizens and military personnel in unreasonable peril.”

It would be bad enough if we just had to worry about counterfeit parts failing.  But what if China has a way to shut some of those parts down in the event of a conflict?  What if some of those parts contain “Trojan Horse” computer chips or malware?

That may sound crazy, but unfortunately Trojan Horse chips can be extremely difficult to detect.  The following is from a recent Forbes article

As the Defense Science Board pointed out, Trojan Horse circuitry is almost impossible to detect even with the most rigorous analysis. This is particularly so if a saboteur can accomplish matching subversions in both software and relevant hardware.

And as I mentioned above, China is rapidly developing a vast array of new strategic weapons which may enable it to actually win the next war with the United States.

For example, China has been developing a new generation of inter-continental and submarine-launched nuclear missiles.

The submarine-launched missiles are of particular concern…

The Ju Lang-2 intercontinental missile is the second generation of Chinese submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

It’s a closely held secret, and details are sketchy. If it lives up to what public military intelligence says it is, it’s a huge get for China, especially with their new sub fleet.

The missile is believed to have a range of 8,000 km, and can carry conventional or nuclear warheads.

Do you remember a few years ago when a Chinese sub fired a missile from just off the west coast of the United States?

We didn’t know that the sub was there.  If that missile had been fired at Los Angeles it would have been destroyed long before we could have ever responded.

And don’t think that a first strike by either China or Russia is inconceivable.  As I have written about previously, the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal has already been reduced by about 95 percent, and Obama seems absolutely determined to whittle it down even more.  In fact, there has been talk that the Obama administration ultimately wants to reduce our arsenal down to just 300 warheads.  If Russia or China knows exactly where those warheads are, it would be very easy to take them out in less than 10 minutes with a submarine-based first strike.

And China has also reportedly been developing very sophisticated EMP weapons.  The following is from a WND report…

In 2011, it was first revealed that China was developing EMP weapons to be used against U.S. aircraft carriers in any future conflict, especially over Taiwan, according to a 2005 National Ground Intelligence Center study.

That center study said the Chinese were developing a family, or “assassin’s mace” of EMP and high-powered microwave, or HPM, weapons to be used by a technologically inferior force such as China’s, against U.S. military forces.

The once secret but now declassified study pointed out that the Chinese could detonate an EMP weapon some 30 to 40 kilometers over Taiwan or – by inference – a U.S. carrier strike group – and destroy the electronics capability on which U.S. network-centric strategy depends.

But an EMP weapon does not have to be a high-altitude weapon that affects a large area.  Smaller scale EMP weapons could take out a wave of fighter jets or a carrier fleet.

In a future conflict with China, we could see U.S. planes falling out of the sky or great naval vessels sitting dead in the water after being hit with EMP blasts.

But isn’t China our friend?

That is what most Americans and most American politicians seem to believe.  They seem to think that China is our “buddy” and “trading partner” and that we will never have a military conflict with China.

But that is NOT how the Chinese see things.

The Chinese regard the United States as their greatest strategic threat and as an enemy that needs to be vanquished.

That is why they are constantly spying on us, hacking into our computers and stealing our technology.

That is why they are feverishly building up their military and preparing for a future war with America.

So what do you think?

Do you believe that war with China is in our future?

If so, do you think that we will win?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

  • ResilientNews

    as i read this they are talking on pbs about china stealing weapon systems………

  • Clark

    I suppose the passage from the book of Revelation might apply:
    Revelation 9:15-16 So the four angels who were prepared for the hour,
    day, month, and year were released to kill a third of the human race.
    16 The number of mounted troops was 200 million; I heard their number.

    The CIA World Factbook entry on China (https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/ch.html) states: ”

    Manpower fit for military service:

    males age 16-49: 318,265,016

    females age 16-49:

    300,323,611 (2010 est.)

  • James

    My biggest concern is what happens to our jobs in a 70% consumer based economy, when we can no longer get the things we consume. Go to K-Mart, etc. pick a bunch of items, many are made in China. China has been stock piling commodities over the past few years. We no longer make what we consume. We spend more on military than the rest of the world. We consumer their cell phones, computers, appliances, clothes, TV’s, etc. If they decide they no longer want our dollars for real stuff, what happens to all our jobs in the US?

  • Casper

    I suspect who wins depends on who lands the first strike.

  • Dave Webb

    Anyone besides me think we are deliberately feeding them information? False information with enough truth in it to make them believe the whole thing.
    I just know what I would do if given the opportunity to sucker them.
    The real problem is food. If China does away with us the entire food supply goes bad. That could be more of a problem than a war.

  • Michael

    Not only will America not win a war with China. US Society has deteriorated so badly that, even if the American way of life were better than the Chinese, it is simply not sufficiently better to be worth defending.

    • Gary

      True, U.S. society has degenerated so bad, and look at who is at the core of it; The entertainment industry, mass media, Hollywood, etc. Can’t blame that on anyone else but the real masters at power.

      This U.S. vs China stuff is a smokescreen of BS. Israel pulling the U.S. into Syria is more likely to happen than a war with China, truth be told.

  • Sometruth

    Don’t worry about a war with China. There is about to be a paradigm shift that will lay waste to all these current plots to destroy America and the west in general. This change will cause China to implode before they can realize their “Dream”. After China looses its power corrupt Americans currently holding power and undermining America will be exposed. This change is inevitable and will avert a future war with China. After all The west can win a war without fighting too.

  • Richard

    “Apparently we are that stupid.”
    You didn’t know that?!

  • MIchael in Chicago

    China lacks clean water, clean soil to grow crops and clean air. They are going to have to expand if they want to survive. I know there is a city of Chinese up in Canda already.

    Deng, who was working for a Hong
    Kong based magazine at the time, focused on the impact of water pollution in
    rural China.

    “Since water is so important to
    people, the pollution has a more significant impact on people’s health,” he

    “China is suffering from the
    negative impact of improper economic growth patterns. And the country will
    continue to pay the price for heavy pollutants in the future.”

    • Hammerstrike

      images.sodahead.c om/polls/001972639/ 394759074_church_of_climatology1_answer_1_xlarge. jp eg

      Global warming is a scam! Medias uncovers why the Chinese governement needs to invest more in Obama´s green energy schemes!

  • what if China and Russia double team up against the US? – what if they’re plotting right now? the what ifs can go on and on and wreaks havoc on the body, mind and spirit because the capacity for evil is so vast – live for today folks and don’t forget to prep just in case the worst is yet to come!

    • Gary

      Will never happen. China and Russia both are the U.S.’s favorite enemies. They are too busy following Israel around and begging to get into Syria.

      Read the Wolfowitz Doctrine, pretty much tells you right away they are slaves to Israel and Russia is meant to always be the favorite enemy to them.

      • HerrinSchadenfreude

        It’s already happening. Both China and Russia are already part of a coalition seeking to remove the dollar from inter-nation trade, especially of oil, and replace it with their own currencies and gold.

        They are already collaborating on decisions that have effect directly on battlefields, by shutting down the UN security council’s attempts to act as NATO patsy in Middle East regime changes and Israeli-appeasement.

        Perhaps you need to expand your definition of the word “war”?

        • Hammerstrike

          Good on them, cut the parasites off world trade!

  • ElvisPresley

    The globalists try to corrupt both the US- and the chinese government. Since China is allready a slave state, their goal is to let China win a war against the US, so they can employ marshal law to get the American peoples guns and freedoms, too. “The Chinese” do not want war, the globalists want it. They are the ones doing the spying (using their chinese stooges), which is just the backside of their bankrupting of America (using their US stooges).

    The Chinese and the American people are both the enemy of these globalists.

    • shaman_hotep

      Spot On!

    • Sometruth

      Spot off. Chinese were killing Americans in Korea and Vietnam long before anyone heard of Globalists. China’s hacking of American companies is all on China.

      • Hammerstrike

        What where “americans” doing in Korea and Vietnam?

  • WarriorClass III

    The US government was taken over by foreign interests who own the Federal Reserve. If you think your representatives represent you, you are mistaken. Even the Tea Party favorites like Ted Cruz is owned by Monsanto and voted against GMO labeling, and for increased immigration into the US. America is not the country it was even 50 or 60 years ago. The massive immigration invasion has changed America into just another third world dictatorship with the same amount of corruption in both government and business, and police state mentality. The communist take-over of the public schools is complete and Americans have been dumbed down to the level of the mass of immigrants that have enrolled there. This was all by design, and is meant to prepare America for foreign domination in a New World Order; an order controlled by the international bankster cartel. No matter, Americans can pat themselves on the back knowing how progressive they are, how diversity is their strength, as they are reduced to utter poverty and put in chains for service to their new master.

    • Sometruth

      All true but technology will thwart this. Currently the average worker in China makes 320-350usd a month. China has deindustrialized the rest of the world luring capital to follow cheap labor driving trillions into China. America as well as other nations have lost millions in jobs. What you don’t realized is that the painfull past years of decline is the best thing to happen to the west. How could this terrible displacement of jobs and wealth be good for America and the west? This gutting of jobs and wealth was slow and meant to be unnoticeable until it was too late. Americans and other western countries were meant to wake up one morning with no freedom and new masters but the very gentle decline over 10 years has resulted in a safe adjustment to a new norm. 1. Rapid changes are destructive. 2. The new blue collar robots are cheaper to use than labor. This means that trade imbalances with China will dissapear in the next two years. America will get back a portion of lost jobs in the form of higher skilled engineering, design, and technology jobs. But with this change will come massive job losses in China. Capital always chases cheap labor but in the new future the cheapest labor is at home with blue collar robots. How do I know this will happen? Your favorite fruit based computer company is replacing 1million Chinese workers with Blue collar robots.

      • Cato

        Our basic infrastructure has been shipped overseas, and one cannot replicate that overnight with “blue collar robots.” This leaves us vulnerable in all too many ways, especially if there is a real war on the horizon–one with real enemies, who could actually destroy us physically, as Europe and Japan were destroyed during WWII.
        Your “favorite fruit based computer company”
        does not produce any longer the layers of precursor chemicals necessary for the production of said computer–or the production of the myriad items this country used to design and supply. We no longer even have a basic toolmaking industry–it has also been shipped abroad. About the only things left that we do make here are weapons, albeit with Chinese chips…

        • Some truth

          intels newest production plant is in America. Most graphic chips are also manufactured in America. The current leaders in robotics are German manufacturers and the latest GE appliances are being made in America. Simply put the tooling that you speak of in China will be adequated with the new manufacturing processes. Technically speaking chip and circuitry manufacturing in America is still more advanced that China it has just been more expensive due to labor costs until now.

        • Sometruth

          Take a case in point. Computer graphic chips. How many are designed in China by Chinese .. Zero. How many engineers does it take to design a graphics processor … 350. China simple does not have the talent. They are great at copying everything. Until they can get 350 engineers to work on a problem with ingenuity and creativity they will continue to steal and copy tech. They are simply not innovators that is why they are stealing in the first place. They can’t copy innovation it has to be grown from the proper environment.

          • J.M.

            Take into account that your “robotic blue collar factories” will generate almost zero jobs in the long run, except for a few specialized workers, the U.S. and most likely the rest of the West will get much less than 5% of what was lost in manufacturing jobs…

          • Sometruth

            True. But it will also erase billions in trade deficits since anything manufactured in China will be cheaper to manufacture in America. Not sure about the 5% in jobs but for every manufacturing job you get back there will be spin off jobs as well and my point is that these jobs have already been lost. It would also reduce the technology transfer that has happened from American companies being forced into joint ventures in China. China created a law in 2010 forcing all foreign partners of joint venture companies to transfer Technology to their Chinese partners.

          • Hammerstrike

            “China simple does not have the talent”
            Actually yes, they do.

          • Alan Henderson

            We said that about South Korea and before that we said it about Japan. It was true for a time.

            And then it changed very quickly.

      • HerrinSchadenfreude

        You should have stopped at “wake up one morning with no freedom and new masters” because that’s where “what’s evident” in your post disappeared and was replaced with “what’s possible to sell oneself after mass quantities of E and acid”.

      • Hammerstrike

        Nope, not cheap labour, there is a lot fo that in the middle-east, africa and India.

        • Sometruth

          Firstly the labour rates in the areas you mentioned are not less than 250 per month which is the amortized cost of the robots. Secondly all three have infrastructure and logistics problems that make it nearly impossible for goods other than textiles to be a good fit for manufacturing goods for export in those areas.

          • Hammerstrike

            US have an environement hostile to industry because most of the profits is being printed out by the cartel of banks that is the federal reserve. Factory makes 200 in profit? Bank just print 500 in profit.
            The game is rigged, put simply.
            So it is just going to be easier to automatize factories in China than in the US or europe.

      • Renaissance Girl

        Show us the facts. Where can we read more about this latest move in economic chess?

    • GenEarly

      You nailed it. What’s next? Only a fool predicts the future, but the statistics, any statistics you choose, point to the demise or even dissolution of the USA.
      The core is morally rotten, the people beguiled by socialism and irresponsibility, and money transformed into toilet paper. And still the sheeples sleep, or ridicule any attempt at rational discourse. Take care for your own survival and that of family and friends….

  • Not paying taxes

    China is busy doing business, stacking up on gold, and sending the dollars back “home” and undermining the petrodollar…

    It knows that this will cause a collapse in the dollar and US economy and imperial power.
    History shows that a power losing its grip will fight it literally till the end.
    Thus it also preparing to defend itself against a military action from the USA.

    It will not attack first, but be sure they will defend and win.

  • TomDark9

    As China’s quick march to high military tech had to do with its “brazenly” buying out everything at the Redstone Armory, sold to them just as “brazenly” in Clinton’s administration, this article sounds like a press release from the Minitruth.

  • Kukye

    A church recently stated there is a verse in the Bible that states the horn will blow but no one will hear.

    Could this be related to the electronic sabotage the Chinese are doing to US with all the satellite gear we have?

    • Mexal

      Did you know that the Bible doesn’t mention anything about America?

    • Mr.Gee Marino

      Did you know that the Bible is a Fairy tale? Let me ask you something: Do you remember that the Bible was “Translated” by King James? Well… If there was anything in the Original Bible that would have caused people to question his Rule, do you really think that he would have left it in there? LOL!XD

      • Sometruth

        Wow again with the ignorance. The King James Version was an English translation long after many translation into Latin and long before king James. If your so enlightened to have read the bible as you claim you would know this but I guess in your case ignorance is bliss for you anyway. It’s probably the only think keeping you from drowning yourself in your bowl of cornflakes each morning.

        • Guest

          I know that it was Translated Many times. My whole point is that if has been Corrupted. Nobody Translating that book was going to Leave anything in there that would cause people to question the Power of the Leaders of the tome. When Jesus said “Give unto Caesar…’ He wasn’t telling people to “Pay their taxes”, like Good sheep.// He was telling them to BOYCOTT Caesar’s money and give it ALL Back to him. Jesus knew Then, as I know today: That Money is the only REAL Power that they have over us. If we don’t use their Money, trhey cannot Tax us

        • Mr.Gee Marino

          I know that it was Translated Many times. My whole point is that if has been Corrupted. Nobody Translating that book was going to Leave anything in there that would cause people to question the Power of the Leaders of the time. When Jesus said “Give unto Caesar…’ He wasn’t telling people to “Pay their taxes”, like Good sheep… He was telling them to BOYCOTT Caesar’s money and give it ALL Back to him. Jesus knew Then, as I know today: That Money is the only REAL Power that they have over us. If we don’t use their Money, they cannot Tax us

        • Mr.Gee Marino

          If it was SO HONESTLY Translated, why are there so many books missing? The Bible only accounts for approximately 6000 years of Man’s Existence. Science PROVES that we go back MUCH further. So… Where are the REST of the Books? Secondly, any religion that bases it’s faith on a Book is Blasphemy. If there is a God, He is certainly NOT bound by Man’s books. He can do what He wants and that includes Changing His Mind… None of the Books tell us THAT… They all act like they have God on a Leash, or something…

      • Calwins

        Ignorant little minion among the millions of perishing folks- all because you dare despise The GOD of the bible. Wake Up!

        • Guest

          I don’t despise God. I despise the Bible. A fictitious work of Men, used to enslave other men… A tool that is used to get people to believe in some Uncertain Fairy-Tale Afterlife, while they get screw the Entire only life that we Really can only be sure of…

        • Mr.Gee Marino

          I don’t despise God. I despise the Bible. A fictitious work of Men, used to enslave other men… A tool that is used to get people to believe in some Uncertain Fairy-Tale Afterlife, while they screw us the Entire only life that we can Really be sure of…

        • Hammerstrike

          Sounds more like the “God” of the Quran.

        • Mr.Gee Marino

          “Perishing Folks? -lol. I have NEWS for you: We ALL Perish. And who cares? As many species as we have wiped out….

        • Mr.Gee Marino

          Anybody who puts puts his belief in a Book has more Faith in Man, than he does in God.:/

  • Sometruth

    There are a lot of doom and gloomers everywhere. And there is a good reason. Do you know the favorite method of murder in China? Slow poisoning. That says something about the nature of China’s secret war with America. In China the victim does’t know they are being poisoned. They just feel les and less well each day until one day they don’t wake up. People that know them look at this decline daily as a new norm so when they die its not unexpected. This is why American’s are feeling less well emotionally and somewhat accept the nations decline as the new norm. America is being poisoned but its not in the food, air or water. It’s theft of Intellectual property, trade imbalances all the result of silent economic warfare. Meanwhile people know they are felling less healthy and point fingers all over the place while complaining about the decline while they continue to ingest China’s cheap and well liked economic poison.

    • Susan

      Beg to differ that its not in the food, air or water, lets see, GMO in the food, Chemtrails in the air and flouride toxicity in the water, so that area is covered in the slow killing as well as intellectual property.

  • John

    When are they going to get it? When they pry those greasy strips out of my cold dead hands!:


  • Good. We Deserve a Royal Azzz Kicking. Our Government has become to Big, Greedy and Arrogant and the People are too Brainwashed, Stupid and Lazy to do anything about it… they’re too busy arguing over Republicans v. Democrats, when everybody is getting screwed by BOTH of them… And they want to let Monsanto kill the world’s bees. SCREW This Country. I don’t care if I get vaporized, too. The World will be better off without us.

    • tommydog

      Putin gave a warning not long ago to the USA saying that the killing of the bees will be the reason for the next world war.. I agree with you better off without man on this planet, I only hope whats left off the animals live.

    • Sometruth

      You realize when you say this you mean loss of American lives and rule under a regime that would put you in jail, and threaten the lives of your family for posting this comment in the first place. You should thank god that you can complain at all about the government. In china you would be in a work camp for at least two years for this comment or worse. If China kicks America’s butt then reeducation camps will be a reality in America as they are a reality currently in China. If they treat their own people so badly that Tibetans are lighting themselves on fire imagine what they will do to Americans. You may want to die because you are so unhappy with your government but what if you don’t die and are forced to endure confinement and torture instead? What if you are forced to see your loved ones endure the same?

      • Guest

        Are American lives worth more than other people’s? Do you realize how many people WE kill around the World, every year? That Murderous traitor, Obama, is killing BABIES. maybe, if something hits close to home, Americans will no longer be so Cavalier with other people’s Lives… If we destroy the World’s food supply, Everybody dies. If I was Russia, I would already have Nuked us.”Rule under a regime that would put me in Jail”? I grew up under a regime that put me in Jail… even when I was Innocent. I had a complaint against a NYC Dept. of Investigation Investigator… They falsely arrested me,; denied me a Trial and had me sent to a State Mental Hospital, because THEY Were (maybe still ARE) using illegal apartments to inflate their Section 8 rolls and steal Federal Housing subsidies. Mental Hospital, Reeducation camp – Same difference. The Constitution is Nothing but a Piece of Paper and they wipe their asses with it, Regularly…

      • Mr.Gee Marino

        Are American lives worth more than other people’s? Do you realize how many people WE kill around the World, every year? That Murderous traitor, Obama, is killing BABIES. maybe, if something hits close to home, Americans will no longer be so Cavalier with other people’s Lives… If we destroy the World’s food supply, Everybody dies. If I was Russia, I would already have Nuked us.”Rule under a regime that would put me in Jail”? I grew up under a regime that put me in Jail… even when I was Innocent. I had a complaint against a NYC Dept. of Investigation Investigator… They falsely arrested me,; denied me a Trial and had me sent to a State Mental Hospital, because THEY Were (maybe still ARE) using illegal apartments to inflate their Section 8 rolls and steal Federal Housing subsidies. Mental Hospital, Reeducation camp – Same difference. The Constitution is Nothing but a Piece of Paper and they wipe their azzes with it, Regularly.

        • Sometruth

          Did anyone arrest you for posting this. Are you worried that they will come for you now that you have posted this. No …. I didn’t think so. Proves my point. As bad as you think this is you are wrong. My friend died in a Chinese prison after being forced to drink boiling water as torture so while you obviously have a computer, opinions and are alive and well and you now know the difference.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            Well, i don’t know what he did to bring that on himself. But, I DO know that this country has gone Downhill, since I was growing up… If we get it, we asked for it. that is what we get for running around the world Bullying People and forcing our Poisons on them.

          • jaxon64

            You are sick…I’m deeply disturbed that you harbor such hope in your heart that an evil communist regime will slaughter, nuke or torture and kill my family and little grandchildren. I’m sorry for events that have turned your heart to such vile hatred for your fellow man.
            I’ll pray for your healing of heart and that you can get past an unfortunate past circumstance that left you wishing for the death of hundreds of millions of people…..

          • Hammerstrike

            Evil communist regime?

            Cold war have been over for a while now…

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            “EVIL” Communist Regime”? THAT is Propaganda! What is More Evil about that regime than our own, w where Our politicians sell us all out for the sake of Corporate profits? You think that it is OK that we force GMO’s on the World? You would be Deeply Disturbed by Honesty. It is the affliction of the Brainwashed American… What we do is OK, and Nobody should Dare challenge us, because We are ‘Murica! That is One Effed Up Attitude and the reason that we Deserve Our Azzzes Kicked.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            If we were Truly created in God’s Image, don’t you think that it would be wise to Respect Each other as such? Israel is an Apartheid State. Their is Nothing “Respectful” about it. they are a Bunch of Arrogant Pigs.

        • Sometruth

          Suicide bombers are killing babies and anyone else within the blast radius of a homemade bomb all in the name of some false religious extremism. They don’t represent the majority of kind peace loving Muslims but they have killed thousands of Christians and Muslims over the past 10 years. Everyone’s lives are precious regardless of their race creed or color including Americans. Mr. Gee you are preaching hate pure and simple. You hate Obama and Americans its clear. To wish a nuclear war is Hate of the most extreme form. Carrying so much hate is only hurting yourself.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            No. I don’t preach hatred. i am Jewish, myself. I am against the Expansion of Israel. I am against THEIR Racist actions. They OWN our media. How often have you seen Muslims portrayed in a Human Light in the mainstream media? THEY are preaching hate, subliminally. Most might not catch it; but, I do… I studied psychology, as well as the Bible, Quran and Torah. They all started out as the ONE book. There is NO “Lost Tribe of Israel”… They are hiding in plain sight. We are ALL Jews. Judaism runs in the Bloodline. Regardless of what nonsense they taught people to believe, they are STILL Jews. The people claiming to be “Jews” today are the Thirteenth Tribe. The rest of the World’s population is the other twelve. religions were created to Divide and Enslave us,

          • jaxon64

            you’re off you’re rocker …sorry…and if you have European ancestry then sorry again..you most likely are not jewish of the twelve tribes…you are gentile

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            If you believe the Bible is True: We are ALL Jews. Adam and Eve, Remember? Whatever people choose to BELIEVE is another story. But, if Judaism is a Bloodline, we are ALL Jews. Religions were created to Divide and enslave us. Let me ask you this: You really believe those books weren’t corrupted, you are crazy. Moses hadn’t even come back down from the Mountain and the Morons had already built a Golden Calf.. How likely do you think it is that they never tampered with the Scriptures? LOL!XD

          • Renaissance Girl

            Adam and Eve weren’t Jews, Mr. Gee. And Judaism isn’t a bloodline. :0)

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            Actually, I was raised Catholic and Converted to Judaism. I am now thinking of converting to Islam, so I can be ashamed of Everybody Equally. Anybody who looks for God and settles on the first book he reads isn’t looking very hard. I’ve studied Bible, Quran AND the Torah. The people who CLAIM to be “Jews” today, are that “Lost tribe” of Israel. The rest of the World’s population is the Other Twelve.

          • Hammerstrike

            Face it, state it you craven coward, it isn´t “religious extremism”, that IS Islam!

            Difference between the “moderate” and “extremist” worshipers of the moon god is the the same difference between dormant and active tuberculosis bacillus.
            False, not everyone ´s lives re equally precious, far from it.

            No he doesn´t but he SHOULD preach hatred, because doing so is justified.

            Good thing the Chinese are not willing to feed you for much longer, so the scum tide can recede.

        • jaxon64

          you sound like jeremiah wright…why don’t you just say it, “America’s chickens have come home to roost”

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            I never heard of Jerry Wright, but he sounds like a smart man… If not smart; at least, HONEST.

      • Mr.Gee Marino

        I Bet the Sleazy Politicians and the Monsanto execs will be in Bomb shelters…

  • road1171@aol.com

    This is a huge problem, it is estimated that 30% of the microchips in the military supply chain are counterfiet! The DLA Defense Logistics Agency has recently mandated the use of DNA marking technology supplied by a company named Applied DNA Sciences that is using DNA to mark microchips to prevent counterfeiting. DNA cannot be counterfieted, it is like a fingerprint! This DNA marking is infused into ink, plastics, textiles, etc. The Defense Logistics Agency recently mandated that ALL Department of Defense suppliers must use this DNA marking technology for mission critical parts. In the future it is expected that eventually all equipment will be required to have this DNA marking. This DNA marking technology is truely amazing and is being used to prevent counterfeiting in many area’s. Here is a profile of this company;
    Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. is a provider of botanical-deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) based security and authentication solutions that can help protect products, brands and property of companies, governments and consumers from theft, counterfeiting, fraud and diversion. SigNature DNA, Cashield, DNANet and BioMaterial Genotyping, its anti-counterfeiting and product authentication solutions, are used in industries, including cash-in-transit (transport and storage of banknotes), homeland security, textiles and apparel, identity cards and other secure documents, law enforcement, pharmaceuticals, wine, and luxury consumer goods. It uses the DNA of plants to manufacture encrypted botanical DNA markers, or SigNature DNA Markers. Cashield is a family of cash degradation inks that stain banknotes stolen from cash-handling or automated teller machine (ATM) systems.
    This is great news for our military and also a huge investment opportunity, APDN the stock is currently trading at less than 25 cents a share! Do your own due diligence. They have a website that is full of information!

  • thomas jefferson

    MANY of americas children “are having dreams and visions” of living in chinese slave labor camps,IF YOU MORONS who call your selves PARENTS DON’T WAKEUP,all these dreams the children are having are going to happen,OBAMA has brought in chinese troops in every state,along with other nations to take your country DOWN,IF you don’t wake up ,this will surely happen……george washingtons vision in valley forge in 1777,needs to be read by ever “adult” in america,IF YOU CAN READ……………………………….

    • PD1979

      Yeah, go on! Blame the sionists!!!

      • Mr.Gee Marino

        You must be an Israeli Troll. The US Is and Has been controlled by the duplicitous sionist pigs who run Hollywood and our media propaganda machine. What do Arabs control in this country that can cause them to have undue influence? We are an Nation founded on the Principle that there should be a Separation of Church and State. We have No Business supporting Israel. Israel is an Apartheid State and they are committing Genocide. They are Nothing but a friggin Parasite…

        • jaxon64

          man, you are so mis-guided. Hollywood and the American media HATE the state of Israel. I read never but sympathetic articles about the mythical nation of Palestine and intentional disinformation.

          If Hollywood ever mentions the issues of the middle east in programming on TV an expose in one of their news programs or in a movie–it is always with Israel as the big bad evil bully…

          Don’t confuse the rich and powerful Jewish people here in America with the Israeli’s…they have little in common except for a common ancestry that spans millenia.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            *According to Ancient books that have been corrupted a thousand time… As for Hollywood: Every war Movie ever made, Glorified Our role in those wars… We are NOT “Liberators” and just because our kids are suckered into believing they are “Fighting for US”, we never get a damn thing out of it, except our kids in Body bags and higher taxes to pay for thei crap. People today actually get mad when the People of the countries that we are invading for Israel don’t welcome us with open arms… LOL!

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            If Holly wood and the American Media hated israel, we wouldn’t be supporting them. Hollywood has a Very BIG Influence on People’s awareness and, if they told the American people how they suck our Blood, they would demand that support for Israel be Stopped. It hasn’t and will NOT happen. Half of the people who OWN Hollywood are Jews living under their stage names.

          • Hammerstrike

            Orly? Hollywood sure doesn´t depict that country a evil.

            You won´t read the news that someone is a Jewish Hispanic.

            Back in 1990-1991, US officially went to war to save Kuwaït.
            They can seize everything from the Nile to the Euphrate but that without a single dime from North American or European workers.

        • Hammerstrike

          No, the guy is just an STD-spreading ***sucker.

    • HerrinSchadenfreude

      No. That labor camp they dream about is actually in the back of the Facebook main building. And the labor they have the nightmares about is composed mainly of clicking “Like” an estimated 3,278,772 times per day, per kid, at gunpoint.

      Please update your files…

  • Yes, there will be “wars” because the transnational banksters will go for broke to consolidate their hegemony over the power to continue to make “money” out of nothing, while governments continue to force everyone else to accept that fraud. The biggest gangsters are the banksters. Following from that are a list of other well-organized criminals, that correspondingly control what the American government actually does. The whole system is based on debt slavery, backed by wars based on deceits. Since the financial numbers in those debt slavery systems have become INSANE, the wars are going to be driven to become INSANE TOO!

    Since the debt controls depend on the death controls, and the financial numbers are NUTS, therefore, the death numbers are going to also become NUTS. Our civilization is a runaway system of craziness, where the most criminally insane people have been able to take most control. Money is backed by murder, and must necessarily be. However, since that basic social fact is as denied and suppressed as is possible, there is no reasonable chance that the basic facts can be sanely debated within the “public” spaces, which spaces have already been almost totally privatized.

    Political economy is always within human ecology. The murder system death controls are always the central controls to the whole system. The PROBLEM is that technologies have amplified human powers by trillions of times, while the ideologies and religions which still most direct things are totally obsolete, and looking backwards, while we rush faster and faster into an unpredictable future.

    NOBODY WILL WILL WIN WARS WITH WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. There is also no possible coherent theory about how to have any civil war revolutions after the development of weapons of mass destruction.

    The first generation that grew up with weapons of mass destruction is still alive today … NOTHING ABOUT THE DESIGN OF OUR SOCIAL PYRAMID SYSTEM, NEOLITHIC CIVILIZATION, HAS ADAPTED TO WEAPONS BECOMING TRILLIONS OF TIMES MORE POWERFUL … We simply are running on autopilot, and social inertia, faster and faster, towards doing things which are more insane than we can possibly comprehend.

    We are already committed to having the people who were the best at being dishonest and backing that up with violence continuing to control civilization. We are already locked inside of the resulting vicious spirals of the people who are the most psychopathic and sociopathic being able to direct what happens, while the vast majority of others continue to act like political idiots, who have been well-conditioned to be apathetic.

    The government of the USA was already captured by the international banksters more than a Century ago. The government of the USA is already more than 99% based on legalized lies, backed by legalized violence. The government of the USA is already the worst enemy of the majority of the human beings living in America. The apparent incompetence of the American politicians is due to the fact that they are almost all puppets, performing for muppets, on a mass media stage that is also directed by the banksters.

    Therefore, OF COURSE, the interest that the American people pay to China for holding the American debts is enough to pay for the Chinese military. The reasons for that are the same as the reasons for everything else, which track back through the FUNDING OF THE POLITICAL PROCESSES. Just look at the relative funding by different special interest groups of political activities in America, and one will be looking at a well-correlated set of explanations for WHY the government of the USA is runaway organized crime, serving the interests of the previously best organized gangs of criminals.

    I REPEAT, just look at the list of who funds American politics, and one will be looking at a well-proportioned list of the sources of political corruption, and the real reasons WHY American politicians have become nothing but puppets, whose strings are pulled by the vicious spiral tornadoes of money and power, which have resulted in a total system of mass media and mainstream morons, who have been brainwashed to believe in bullshit.

    The real world system has become a privatized, globalized, electronic fiat money fraud, backed by the force of atomic bombs, and other weapons of mass destruction. EVERYTHING IS CONTROLLED BY LIES BACKED UP WITH VIOLENCE, BEING ASTRONOMICALLY AMPLIFIED IN SIZE BY TECHNOLOGIES WHICH ARE TRILLIONS OF TIMES MORE POWERFUL THAN ANY THAT EXISTED IN PREVIOUS HUMAN HISTORY.

    Civilization is controlled by the best professional liars and immaculate hypocrites, who are successively able to achieve their incremental short-term goals, which will accumulate to become longer term collapse into chaos, causing genocidal wars, along with democidal martial law.

    It is practically impossible to have any rational public debates about any of these things. The established systems are operated by the ruling classes, which have co-evolved with their controlled oppositions, which both promote similar kinds of false fundamental dichotomies, along with their matching impossible ideals, which actually cause the opposite things to happen in the real world.

    Militarism is the supreme ideology. Warfare is the oldest and best developed social science. HOWEVER, since success in war was based on deceits, and civilization was built through the crucible of conflicts, wherein those who were the best at deceits, backed by destruction, prevailed, we are now living inside a BIZARRO MIRROR WORLD, where everything is proportionately backwards, and distorted. The War Kings developed the powers of sovereign states, (such as the USA and China, etc.) whose powers were covertly taken control by the Fraud Kings, the transnational banksters, and related other levels of organized crime, which have captured control over the powers of those states.

    To try to understand the real relationships between China and the USA is to enter into an almost infinite tunnel of deceits. That relationship is still basic gangs of stupid little monkeys, who now have atomic bombs to throw at each other, instead of handfuls of their own shit.

    THEORETICALLY, we need to revolutionize our political science as much as we have revolutionized our physics and biology, etc. … We SHOULD breakthrough to profoundly different paradigms regarding the money/murder systems that we operate, since, IN THEORY, having weapons that are many orders of magnitude more powerful ought to motivate us to go through radical changes in militarism.

    However, obviously, instead, we are rushing towards almost omnicidal collective suicides. Therefore, yes, I believe that the transnational banksters will continue to try to create a world government based on the social pyramid systems of control through lies, backed by violence, amplified to even more astronomical sizes. However, I also therefore believe that will fail to work out, in ways that are worse than we can possibly imagine.

    The successive steps of the short-term triumphs of controlling civilization through being the best at deceits and destruction will drive longer term megadisaters. The only genuine solutions would be better death controls. However, the theories about how to do that are practically non-starters, since the established systems depend upon maintaining the maximum possible deceits regarding how the established money/murder systems actually operate.

    The ways that we understand energy systems is BACKWARDS, because the basic way we understand entropy is backwards. The ways that energy systems work is that the most labile component controls the system. Therefore, human civilization developed to be controlled by the people who were the most dishonest and violent, in order to operate their systems of organized lies, operating organized robberies.

    The only theoretical solutions to resolve the chronic political problems better require paradigm shifts in political science, which make that become more consistent with radically different understandings of energy systems. However, meanwhile, the paradoxical problems that we have are that advances in sciences and technologies ARE making human beings become many orders of magnitude more powerful and capable of doing the same old stupid things that they were already doing more and more of for thousands and thousands of years …

    After a series of profound paradigm shifts in other sciences made weapons of mass destruction possible, it became necessary for our survival to change our political science through equally profound paradigm shifts. Since warfare was the oldest and best developed social science, there is a THEORETICAL imperative to go through profound paradigm shifts in the ways that we think about how to operate murder systems doing death controls.

    However, all signs point towards us “learning” those lessons in the hardest possible ways, within the foreseeable future, since all the established systems are based on their history of being built on the maximum possible deceits, which is why the relationships between countries like the USA and China take place through almost infinite tunnels of deceits, whose depths are not possible to perceive at the present time …

  • Michele

    I didn’t know that China was an enemy??????????????????
    I think you are completely crazy!
    China an enemy?
    however if they will attack and conquest us we will have a better administration

  • whoisbiggles

    Have to grudgingly admire how China is reasserting itself.

    Stealing technology – it is cheaper and quicker to reverse engineer someones elses tech.

    Potentially infecting an adversaries critical systems.

    Engaging in economic warfare – see Lajes Air Force base closure. If US abandons this base in the Atlantic – China has graciously offered to take up the lease. So somehow the money will need to be found to keep the Chinese out.
    Convincing greedy CEO’s to gut US manufacturing and set up in China. Idiot consumer who only buy what is cheap – leading them to wonder where there jobs went.
    Politicians of all stripes need to read there history books – what China is doing to us, is what we did to the Brits a couple of centuries ago. Then plan accordingly because the big difference is China wasn’t an American colony and they don’t speak American / English.

  • unity100

    Very ironic article. Especially remembering that usa had been stealing everyone’s state and corporate secrets via the ECHELON global listening system since 1970s – ally and enemy alike. So, chinese did to us what usa had been doing to everyone ? tough luck.

    • HerrinSchadenfreude

      Don’t forget how we’re building that data center so we can get back to our old ways and regain the lead over such “upstarts” as China and the others. There’s no second place remember? Only first loser.

      • Mr.Gee Marino

        China is an Upstart? HAHA!! China has been around a LOT longer than us and will kick our azzzes on any battlefield in the World. America is always talking crap and bullying other countries. America doesn’t say “Boo”, when it comes to China. “Regain the Lead? IMPOSSIBLE. They sold all of our jobs overseas. China has Cheaper labor. Those joba aint comin back.

    • Sometruth

      Wow another lie paid for by Beijing. US has never hacked a companies systems to steal data. You fifty cent party posters are amazing. Lets see what current Aerican weapon designs are copied from foreign tech in America …. Hmmm … Zero. Chinese copies of foreign tech 100%. But I don’t have to tell you who is lying … You already know that you are.

      • Hammerstrike

        “US has never hacked a companies systems to steal data.”

        They are too incompetent to do that, hahahaha!
        Yeah, US governement have never left US Citizens be gang-raped and murdered either.

      • Mr.Gee Marino

        The CIA does ALL kinds of Dirty Sh-t. Aren’t we funding Al Qaeda in Syria? The fact of the matter is that “Al Qaeda” is just a loose confederation of Mercenaries (Some of whom MAY be Muslim ) that the CIA put together and Hire whenever we need some “Bogeyman” to justify attacking one of Israel’s supposed enemies. Those mercenaries alternately play the roles of “Terrorists” or “Freedom Fighter’s depending on Our government’s need… They’re probably affiliated with Craft International and the rest of the mercenary scumbags.

    • Hammerstrike

      Their philosophy: How can it be stealing and truancy if we are the ones doing it?

    • Mr.Gee Marino

      But… But…. But, when America does it It’s OK! We are only doing it for Freedom and Justice! HAHAHA!!!! LOL. What RUBES…XD

  • cherylmeril

    Americans brought this on themselves turning away from God almighty who has protected their once great nation from harm. It’s going to fall and millions will die. Repent and turn to Jesus Christ, the true and only Messiah. He will forgive your sins and bring you into eternal heaven.

    • crackdennumber1


    • HerrinSchadenfreude

      So in other words, if Americans went back to setting people on fire or drowning them at the first sight of a birthmark on their bodies, we could all re-thwart the Devil (and his infernal marks) and return to the utopia we were back during the 13 colony times.
      Right on! I’ve got a book of matches right here. Oh wait. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you a better way light fires than by rubbing sticks together. Matches are the work of the Devil anyway. Pure witchcraft…how the flame just – appears. Like that.

    • Calwins

      Yes! for once I’ve heard someone say the truth that will save America

    • Mr.Gee Marino

      Where in the Bible does it mention America? I’ve read the Bible, the Holy Quran and Torah and Never once did I see America mentioned in Any of them… What page was that? New Testament or Old?…lol.
      Keep in mind that your interpretation of these corrupted and incomplete books is Not necessarily what was intended when they were written…lol.:)

      • HeIsComing

        Right here chief…….America is Manasseh, England is Ephraim, as explained below…

        Genesis 48:19 And his father refused, and said, I know [it], my son, I know [it]: he also shall become a people, and he also shall be great: but truly his younger brother shall be greater than he, and his seed shall become a multitude of nations.

        Israel was doing our Father’s will and making Manasseh a great nation, the 13th tribe of Israel. The United States is marked with the number 13, 13 colonies, 13 stripes on the flag, 13 arrows on the seal, 13 olive leaves on the seal, the pyramid on the seal has 13 steps.
        Ephraim will become a multitude of nations or a commonwealth of nations. The British colonized most of the world and became the multitude of nations, The British Commonwealth of Nations. Friend you can only colonize the world once, the British did this, no other nation can claim this.

        Genesis 48:20 And he blessed them that day, saying, In thee shall Israel bless, saying, God make thee as Ephraim and as Manasseh: and he set Ephraim before Manasseh.

        Ephraim was before Manasseh, The United Kingdom was the greatest nation on earth before the United States was.

        Genesis 48:21 And Israel said unto Joseph, Behold, I die: but God shall be with you, and bring you again unto the land of your fathers.

        This is by birthright and it is unconditional. The multitude of nations is the British Commonwealth of nations and the United States is the great nation.

        Genesis 48:22 Moreover I have given to thee one portion above thy brethren, which I took out of the hand of the Amorite with my sword and with my bow.

        Ephraim and Manasseh will be blessed double portion above the other 11 tribes or nations of Israel. It is amazing that the world is still trying to put all 13 tribes as the Jews.

        • Mr.Gee Marino

          I have NO idea if the people who claim to be Jews, today, are actually the same people mentioned in the Bible. I do not accept the Bible as Literal Truth. It has been in the Hands of Humanity for too long. One thing in there that I do take Very Seriously is Jesus’ Instruction about Many coming in His name… and to Not believe them.

        • Mr.Gee Marino

          THAT is how You INTERPRET it. We are ALL “God’s People”. Those books aree MEANT to divide and enslave us. Tell me: Do you Realy believe that God is OBLIGATED to follow Man’s books? Can’t God change his mind? Pretty friggin Arrogant for people of ANY Religion to claim that they have a Monopoly on the Creator. And Very Foolish of others to believe them – lol. “America is “Manasseh? America didn’t exist to the people who wrote the Bible. They thought the earth was FLAT.

      • Renaissance Girl

        Wow. For someone who boast reading the Bible again and again and again, you didn’t come away knowing much. I can read German, but it doesn’t mean I UNDERSTAND it! So, just because you read it means diddly squat! I pray that when you read the Bible again you repent, humble yourself, and pray for understanding from the one true God.

    • Mr.Gee Marino

      “Eternal Heaven” is the Grave.

  • Unfortunately, the loss of Taiwan as the legitimate government of China took a turn during Nixon’s acceptance tour in the early ’70s. This opened up Clinton’s “selling out ” to China many of the wrong info., instead of just economic trade.Communists leading China began an “up close and personal” relationship that included visiting U.S. government sites. So… yes, I believe that since we “volunteered” much dangerous info. whether directly or indirectly, China will sooner or later, attack the US. Irony is we enabled them to do it with our own defense information.

  • disqus_ybpMFugLdq

    brazenly stealing our technology??? CLINTON gave it to them…

  • Johnny1990

    I find the US regime controlled by the Zionists (both democrat and republican) to be a far greater danger than China can possibly be. If there ever is a war with China it will be the genocidal US regime that will instigate it, just like they instigated every other war (including and especially WW2).

    • PD1979

      No you are controlled by Arabs, not Jews you sad Antisionist troll!!!

      • Mr.Gee Marino

        You must be an Israeli Troll. The US Is and Has been controlled by the duplicitous sionist pigs who run Hollywood and our media propaganda machine. What do Arabs control in this country that can cause them to have undue influence? We are an Nation founded on the Principle that there should be a Separation of Church and State. We have No Business supporting Israel. Israel is an Apartheid State and they are committing Genocide. They are Nothing but a friggin Parasite..

      • Calwins


        • Hammerstrike


    • Sometruth

      Johnny you are clearly a racist against Israelis and Americans and have no clue about history. Do schoolbooks in China teach that Germans started WWII? Guess not.

      • Guest

        When they sold our jobs overseas in the 70’s and then jacked the Price of an education and put our economy in ruins, they recreated the same conditions that existed in Post WWI Germany. That is why everybody flocked to the Government for jobs and they were mostly Military and Security… Sound familiar? We have No business supporting Israel. It is an Abomination to Our Founding Principle of Separation of Church and State. Israel is also an Apartheid State that is presently committing Genocide. Israel is Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity, whether or not they will ever be Tried…

      • Joe

        Um.. you got your facts wrong, Americans are not a race of people, but we are a united group of people made up of a multitude of different races. That makes me proud.

    • Hammerstrike

      How did the US start WW2? France and Bitain would have declared war without Roosevelt´s blessings.

  • Tatiana Covington

    “If so, do you think that we will win?”

    Cue the laugh track.


  • Dave

    Should we be concerned about a 200 million man army, most of which have no chance what-so-ever of finding a girlfriend or wife?…..naaaahhh

  • TexasLadyJuanita

    My first thought is “make my day”. . . . there are too many of us common folks who work for uncommon folks in the US who claim that giving away our weapons secrets contintually for decades is just to embolden our enemy to give us a good excuse to decimate them with the weapons that only people at the top of the military and some real rocket scientists know about. :) I used to think I was imagining this phenomenon . . . but not any more. I belong to the Lord and this earth ruled by Satan is not my real home anyway – I trust I will be in the Lord’s arms before this happens – or when it happens. :) Yes, all the smiley faces are to relay that I live each day with my beloved husband, and we are at the last stretch, and I do understand that affects my calm and happy self as compared to our young folk / our adult children who do seem to get their panties in wads when they start talking about all of this. But, in the last 24 months or so, they seem to be finding their happy calm selves and are enjoying every day as we know it with our grandcchildren.

  • George Tasker

    It seems that we have forgotten that one of their own Sun Tzu who wrote “The art of war” which many regard as the pinnacle of war strategy.

  • decembre

    If, in the final, there is a fight between China and the USA, the winners will be the few who financed the whole deal for both sides and watched their profit grow on tv.

  • Hammerstrike

    US military technologyy and equippement is not as good as what most in the US and western europe would like to believe.

  • Zenith

    I’m a Chinese. I wouldn’t say that China has never stolen tech from US. Every county does that, of course including US. But if you attribute recent rapid development of China to tech theft, you are totally wrong. Find 10 Chinese people around you who don’t need to have college degrees. Check if your math is better than 5 of them’s. I’ve met too many American who are ignorant at basic math and tech. A country full of such people should not be surprised by the fact that another country is quickly catching up.

    Chinese people don’t regard US as an enemy, even after being bullied for so many times. After all, there has been nothing like Nanking Massacre between us. US was the only country who gave back some money for Chinese to establish a university after burgling China together with other democratic countries around 100 years ago. If you knew a little Chinese history, you would learn that China barely invaded other countries even when she was the super-power in the world. China is not like US. Don’t assume China will do the same as you have been doing.

  • Zenith

    My American dream was broken, for my mild and rational post was censored and deleted.

  • war_debunker

    Perpetual warfare fostered by neocons will serve no ordinary folks but more Peace and Harmony is what most people want.

  • John

    Stealing our technology he says…Didn’t you know that the U.S had an agreement with China and F-15s, the mainstay of the U.S. air-force before the new F22s rolled were manufactured in China among other things? No they wouldn’t copy them and most assuredly the U.S. didn’t expect that….And thats only an example.

    Munitions, parts, everything is manufatured and SHARED across the globe, do you really think that nobody knows the workings of the brand new shining tank, missile or cruiser manufactured? Sigh…..

    The Ju Lang-2 intercontinental missile is the second generation of Chinese submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

    It’s a closely held secret, and details are sketchy….”


  • Alex

    Why is it that whites do not have to hyphenate and that everybody else does, such as African-American, Asian-American, and the most ridiculous, NATIVE-American.

  • Lars Lonte

    The Chinese do not have to fight a connventional war – they just have to get back the debts the USA made by them…Dollar currency for oil trade will be replaced as world currency soon!

  • Jor

    A war would be good. And if we lost there’s always revolution

  • Lars Lonte

    Peak Oil and 9.11.: Michael C. Rupperts daily Peak Oil Blog
    LaRouche Movement
    American Free Press

  • Daniel

    Well the good thing about that is. Once they have all of the secrets of the US military, they won’t have a clue how to improve on them. Hacking and espionage will only give them the same tool as the US but never more. Something tells me that even with the exact same technology (minus nukes) that the US could probably wield those technologies a little more skilfully than the guys who merely stole it.

  • George MacDonald

    I’m looking around me and what I see is okay. The internet has revealed too much of what is going on far outside our local lives. My community is good, the economy is good enough. Even if everything collapses, I will survive. We all face death, people will always be corrupt.

  • Seth Bradley

    China may be stealing technology, but they are unable to surmount the U.S. Armed Forces budget. Secondly, they would be ruining themselves by going to war with their biggest asset to their economic flow.

  • John Connor

    The article doesn’t mention the legions of students from Asia in American universities and the the fact that India controls a major portion of Information technology infrastructure and personnel that the United States is dependent on. China, using American resources, could develop a new biological weapon that the U.S. has no defense against. India shares a border with China and will not be willing to antagonize a nation with near 1 million soldiers, the largest air force in the world and with nuclear weapons. China has a continuous civilization going thousands of years while the U.S. is a relative newborn. That gives it a long cultural memory and patience that the average American lacks. So it doesn’t have to resort to a short fight on the battlefield to feel victorious. It just needs to take over all means of production, take command of the money supply and make the decadent, totally dependent and mindless population mentally numb. (research the opium wars). It has been a treasonous, greedy corporate America that brought this about and a corrupt government that allowed it to happen.

  • ysw

    After WWII, USA treats CHINA as enemy and JAPAN as ally. The results is that …

  • John Connor

    No, not Socialism, but Capitalism. Students from the People’s Republic of China are allowed to carry on leading edge scientific research in American universities at U.S taxpayer expense. Information technology infrastructure and administering has been handed over to experts from India. American corporations handed over all manufacturing to Asia. This is not Socialist at all. It’s only Socialist insofar of strengthening a Communist country. BUT, it would not have happened unless Capitalistic leaders had permitted it