Why Most Of The Western Half Of The U.S. Is Completely Unsuitable For Strategic Relocation

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Average_precipitation_in_the_lower_48_states_of_the_USAIf there is one thing that you cannot live without, it is fresh water.  Just try it some time.  Seriously – try to live for 24 hours without using a single drop of fresh water.  You will quickly learn how indispensable it is.  Unfortunately, a lot of people that are “strategically relocating” to another part of the United States are not taking the availability of fresh water seriously when making the decision about where to move.  If you live in an area that receives very little precipitation and that is not close to a consistent source of fresh water, what would you do if something happened and the water got shut off?  Without water, you cannot grow food, you cannot cook, you cannot wash your clothes, you cannot take a bath and you cannot even use the toilet.  The most basic things that we do in life are totally dependent on the availability of fresh water.  So why are so many “preppers” considering moving to some of the driest areas of the entire country?


Thanks to the drought that never seems to end, there are some southwestern cities that are now rapidly running out of water.  Just check out what is happening right now in one city in Arizona

In the northern Arizona city of Williams, restaurant patrons don’t automatically get a glass of water anymore. Residents caught watering lawns or washing cars with potable water can be fined. Businesses are hauling water from outside town to fill swimming pools, and building permits have been put on hold because there isn’t enough water to accommodate development.

And in some areas of southern Nevada, the authorities are actually paying people to remove their lawns because there is so little water.

So why would anyone that wants to become independent of the system actually move to those areas?

It doesn’t make sense.

Over in California, the multi-year drought just continues to get even worse.  In fact, the Climate Prediction Center says that the drought in California is likely to intensify throughout this upcoming summer.  As a result, we could soon witness an unprecedented water emergency in the state.  In a recent article, I quoted a New York Times piece that discussed how some rural communities in California will soon have no water to drink

The punishing drought that has swept California is now threatening the state’s drinking water supply.

With no sign of rain, 17 rural communities providing water to 40,000 people are in danger of running out within 60 to 120 days. State officials said that the number was likely to rise in the months ahead after the State Water Project, the main municipal water distribution system, announced on Friday that it did not have enough water to supplement the dwindling supplies of local agencies that provide water to an additional 25 million people. It is first time the project has turned off its spigot in its 54-year history.

If you truly are interested in strategic relocation, you should want to avoid such areas like the plague.

Below, I have posted a map that was produced by the federal government.  It shows average precipitation levels for the lower 48 states.  A lot of preppers are attracted to the western half of the country due to the low population density, but as you can see, most of the western half of the country is extremely dry…


If you do want to move somewhere in the western half of the country, you need to choose carefully.

Personally, I would generally avoid the west coast completely.  As the Ring of Fire continues to heat up, it is going to become increasingly likely that we will see major earthquakes and/or significant volcanic activity along the west coast.  For many more reasons why the west coast is a concern, and why I would particularly avoid the state of California, please see my previous article entitled “16 Reasons To Move Away From California“.

Once you get past the west coast, there are very few areas that are not really dry until you reach the middle part of the country.

For example, it has been estimated that the state of New Mexico only has a 10 year supply of fresh water left.

So why would anyone want to “strategically relocate” there?

Or just take a look at what is happening to Lake Powell.  It is fed by the once mighty Colorado River, but at this point the flow of water into the lake has been reduced to a “trickle”

After 14 years of drought, Lake Powell is less than half full.

Water flows into Lake Powell, nestled between Utah and Arizona, from high in the Rocky Mountains via the Colorado River. More than 30 million people in seven states depend on the mighty Colorado for water to grow crops, fuel power plants and keep cities such as Las Vegas alive. But this year, the worst drought in a century has slowed the flow to a trickle.

In August, the federal Bureau of Reclamation cut, by 9 percent, the amount of water people in the southwestern United States could draw from Lake Powell. As states and counties squabble over their allotment of water in the coming years, hydroelectric plants (including the one on the Hoover Dam) could idle, and farmers are bracing for reduced crop production.

It is hard to believe, but the Colorado River doesn’t even run all the way to the ocean any longer.  If something is not done fairly soon, even the Hoover Dam could be forced to shut down eventually.  For much more on all of this, please see this article.

Over in Texas, drought conditions have helped fuel an epidemic of wildfires in recent years.  In fact, a major wildfire in Texas made national news headlines on Monday

A wildfire that raced through a North Texas community destroyed or damaged 100 homes and forced evacuation of thousands of people, authorities said Monday.

Wildfires burned an astounding 3.6 million acres in the state of Texas during 2011 alone.

That is something to consider when choosing a place to live.

I am not saying that preppers cannot make it in the areas that I just mentioned.  But you have got to do your research, because according to some scientists we could potentially be facing “a century-long megadrought“.

The truth is that last century was far wetter than usual in the western half of North America.  During that era, we built teeming cities in the desert and we farmed vast areas that are usually bone dry

Scientists say their research shows the 20th century was one of the wettest centuries in the past 1,300 years. During that time, we built massive dams and rerouted rivers. We used abundant water to build major cities and create a $45 billion agriculture industry in a place that used to be a desert.

But now things are returning to “normal”, and that is creating a crisis of epic proportions.

And the goal of most preppers should be to avoid crisis areas.

Look, I love the western half of the country.  I live there myself.  But if you are going to live in the western half of the country, it is imperative that you choose some place that either gets plenty of precipitation or that has easy access to a supply of fresh water.  Take a look at this map again.  Unfortunately, those areas are fairly rare in the western half of the country…


Survival expert James Wesley Rawles recommends an area that he calls “the American Redoubt” that includes parts of Montana, Idaho, eastern Washington and eastern Oregon.  As you can see from the map, there is quite a bit of green in those areas.  So if you are seriously considering relocating, perhaps you should take another look at that part of the country.

For most of our lives, most of us have been able to take water completely for granted.  But that is going to change.  We are entering a time when the entire globe is going to be facing a massive water crisis.

Right now, an astounding 60 percent of all groundwater in China is already too polluted to drink, and one recent UN report projected that two-thirds of all the people in the world will be dealing with “water stress” and 1.8 billion people will be facing “absolute water scarcity” by the year 2025.

So if you are interested in “strategic relocation”, the availability of fresh water should be near the top of your list of considerations.

Without an independent supply of fresh water, it would be foolish to ever think that you are actually “prepared” for much of anything.

  • K

    Michael you hit that one out of the park. It is how I ended up in the mountains of TN. Within 200 yards of my place in 2 different directions there are natural springs. Also my well by today’s standards is not very deep .But even during the drought we had 5 years ago, nothing up here in the mountains went dry. Out west some of the wells are so deep, you could not hand pump them no matter what. Electricity is one of the first things expected to fail, in a real emergency. So no electricity, to deep to hand pump, you are going to get awful thirsty. I looked at the west, when I retired. What I saw was too dry, or too cold. So I will stay put, in my little version of paradise.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I really like the mountains of Tennessee. Before my wife and I moved out west, we seriously took a look at eastern Tennessee. It is really beautiful out there.


  • Test

    Western half of the US is great for those who actually knows how to find water there, they won´t have to worry too much about looters and so on.

    I am not so sure if there will be 1.8 billions humans in the entire world in 2025.

    • Knew it!

      About the 60% polluted water in China thing.

      “The Ministry of Land and Resources reportedly notified state media that an overwhelming 60 percent of the groundwater in China is now too polluted to drink, up from 57.4 percent two years ago.”

      Unsurprisingly perhapse, there is no Chinese website sources at all, only ones western ones, including the huffingtonpost and theguardian.

      • anonymous1

        Perhaps this is why China is buying up land in the USA?

        • Jackie Puppet

          They’re also getting Great Lakes water shipped to them, at least to those in power.

      • gomurr

        Since they have been buying water from the Great Lakes for several years now (at least), I would say it’s probably true. That, as well as photos of hundreds of dead and decaying hogs floating down one of their rivers, gives it credence, in my opinion.

        China’s pollution problem isn’t a secret. Why would their water remain unaffected? Given that much of our own waterways are polluted, also, and we are being bombarded with predictions of an imminent water shortage, it doesn’t seem there are that many people who are working on solutions to render that water safe for consumption.

        Certainly the EPA hasn’t done a lot to enforce any “regulations”, or demand much, from their crony industrialists who are mainly responsible, but just try putting a pond in your backyard, and see where it gets you.

    • Booo

      What the hell are you talking. The politician’s have been looting tax dollars for years. If a guy could jail all those thieves. It might be bearable.

  • Tim

    I would love to move to a state with a low population density. I moved from Maryland to South Carolina several years ago because Maryland was so congested. But it’s almost as bad in SC. If I had the means, I would move to western Montana.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I didn’t mean to make it sound like low population density is not important.

      It is.


      • MarkDC1600

        Excellent article. However, you can move the yellow transitional line (under Canada) 300 miles further east to include eastern Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. Scary… Mark

  • Harry Paranockus

    “In the northern Arizona city of Williams, restaurant patrons don’t automatically get a glass of water anymore. Residents caught watering lawns or washing cars with potable water can be fined. Businesses are hauling water from outside town to fill swimming pools, and building permits have been put on hold because there isn’t enough water to accommodate development.”
    I saw the same thing in water rich New England 20-25 years ago

    • Aubryn

      I saw it in the Sierra foothills in the early 70’s. No one has died from dehydration there that I knew. There is nothing new under the sun. Be wise. Be prepared. Ignore hysteria

  • dmyers

    So, we reached the west, in all our fossil fuel glory, right in the middle of a rare wet period. No! Oh no! That couldn’t happen to us. We’re special,…exceptional!! The wet shall continue. We have golf courses, don’t you see?!

    Well, then,…surely something that happened before, like a hundred year drought, couldn’t possibly happen again. We’ve moved on to better times. Hollywood is in California for Chrissake!

    If there’s already been a hundred year drought, and a hundred year wet period, then climate change must have preceded human intervention. Imagine that!
    We’re not as important as we thought. But man is still the measure of all things.

    • armando espinet

      I´m a recently retired US Naval Officer and after spending almost half of my 22 years living overseas, I´m amazed at how few Americans realize that there are many places to relocate to (as I´ve done) outside of North America. The ¨Land of the Free¨ line we´ve
      been sold is now little more than propaganda. While the US has
      historically provided many financial advantages and ¨liberties¨ not
      easily available in most other countries – sadly, times have changed.
      In fact I generally feel much more ¨Free¨ in almost any other country
      and I certainly spend alot less to live comfortably. People need to expand their horizons thereby expanding their possibilities…

      • armando espinet

        [CONT] The country I´ve chosen is not necesarily the ideal place for everyone, since there are many factors to consider (such as your economic situation and your willingness to adapt to another culture or language). I personally like Central and South America but Southern Europe, Southeast Asia and possibly Australia or New Zealand may be more suitable options for some.

        • armando espinet

          You´ll have to research the availability of water but to give you an idea, minimum monthly income (for a family of 4):
          $1,000-$1,200 – Ecuador, Philipines
          $1,200-$1,500 – Panama, Belize, Mexico, Thailand
          $1,500-$2,000 – Dominican Republic, Spain, Portugal
          $2,000-$2,500 – Chile, Costa Rica, Italy
          $3,000-$4,000 – Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland
          – Note: Belize, Australia and New Zealand are English speaking.

          • Aubryn

            This doesn’t say anything without knowing what wages are. It’s like saying 100,000 lira is a lot of anything.

          • It depends on your age and employment situation. For retirees or the disabled, moving to cheaper places makes lots of sense. You still collect disability or retirement savings while overseas….money goes a long way when things are real cheap. Also, those who are working remotely – internet or phone work can take advantage.

  • DJohn1

    At least 70% of the planet is covered in water and less than 3% of that water is drinkable. There is a message there somewhere.
    Most of our winds come from the South West. The main reason we have water is the Gulf of Mexico sends it to us.
    I suggest that we need to get the water from the pacific ocean. It needs to be a natural process causing the water to form into clouds and then turn loose of the water over the western half of the country.
    That involves heat energy and lots of ocean water to occur.
    I suggest also we need to know what has changed that makes the water not do what it is supposed to do.
    There is an island of plastic bags in the pacific supposedly larger than the state of Texas. We know that could not have anything to do with it.
    Or the liberal nature of government on the West Coast has nothing at all to do with what is happening, right? Then why do I smell a rat? What has changed the nature of things?
    California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico have a lot in common. They are all in a tropical zone. They are all governed by people 5 to 10 years ahead of the rest of the country or so it is said. A lot of liberal programs are started first in California.
    Just like the terrible problem with utilities in California over the last 10 years. Most of which has been brought about by changing the game rules.
    Or possibly pissing off the God of Abraham. Removing the shield of safety that God provides this country with. Now we wouldn’t have anything like that going on in say San Francisco would we?
    Or course not, that would mean there is something to the religious beliefs of a whole lot of Christians.
    What does have to happen is to survive a lot of game rules are going to have to change on the West area of our country.
    It means finding a different way of flushing a toilet for instance. Or a whole new toilet altogether.
    It might mean going to hardy plants like dandelions to hold the soil in place. They have tap roots that go down into the ground.
    It might mean pumping the water out of the ocean, distilling it, and using it directly from the ocean minus the chemicals that make it undrinkable. That is going to take a lot of money and energy to put together. Cowards need not apply to retaking the land.
    I suggest we need a whole lot less governing and a whole lot more engineering if this west side of the country is going to survive.

  • Richard

    Why the obsession with moving to this or that part of the country? Just get out altogether. ANYWHERE ELSE you go to will give you a $96,000 annual IRS tax exemption right off the bat. Medical costs/insurance will cost a fraction of what you’re paying now and the doctors themselves will probably be a lot better. What are you waiting for?

    • anonymous1

      Where do we go?

  • mleblanc138

    Here in Provo/Orem Utah there’s Utah Lake almost right next to us, and the Provo, American Fork, and Spanish Fork rivers coming out of the canyons. The water in Utah Lake is fresh as in not salt water, but I’m pretty sure it’s a bit dirty. However I’ve heard some people with Lifestraw portable filters say that they would be perfectly willing to drink water right from Utah Lake using their Lifestraw.

  • Oldphartbsa

    There are springs in the desert, and they’re still flowing.

  • gary

    We have vast aquifers and where I live in most places you hit water with in 30 ft.Better water then that surface water you have back east that’s for sure and it’s not likely to be effected by nuclear fallout.We have a 12 month growing season and no fears of ever freezing to death,low population and lax gun laws.

    • Dee Check Meadows

      Amen to that Gary, I also live in a place where the aquafiers are close to the surface,30-35 ft. its a place that is overlooked by most with a very low population density. If you look on the map above you would think it is not a place you would relocate to.., and that is a good thing for those of a us that do live here.

      • Aubryn

        That is exactly so for the place I live. What should this tell us? What is the common denominator here? Throw out the dxxm map. Quit looking to these ‘experts’ to tell you where to live. Think for yourself.

  • Magdiel

    I am going to the Alaskan wilderness. There are plenty of rivers and creeks over there. It is a shame I have not been able to do it just yet. I pray God to lead my path.If I don’t go this summer then it’s going to be next spring.In the meantime I am still preparing and bying all the necessaries. It shakes me to the core just to think that I might have to spend one more year among this crooked,abominable,extremely wicked,ungodly,pleasure lover and totally corrupt society!!! I feel deep in my heart God’s voice urging me as he did Lot: “Get out of Sodom!”

    • David Rossback

      Alaska is not that hard to live in as long as you understand how to deal with the cold , and you will need a wood heated green house , but you still have a lot of wicked folks in Alaska . But i understand what your saying i picked the coastal mountains of NW Oregon myself for similar reasons .

      • Aubryn

        I have family in Tillamook. Beautiful.

      • Magdiel

        Thank you for the advice David. I am planning to live in Fairbanks first for 1 or 2 years to somehow test and try to get used to the extreme cold while around other folks and to get my Alaskan residency,which will enable me to hunt and fish for subsistence. Once again thank you brother! God bless you!

  • Taking care of business!

    Then the only solution is to send all the liberal/progressives as far West as we can!!!

    • Spook89

      Uh, they’re already here! That’s why they call it the “left coast”.

      • Taking care of business!

        Sorry. Well get out of there or at least find a red-zone to live in.

    • BonusGift

      You already did it. Remember, California was once ‘conservative’ before the invasion.

  • Spud

    This is a good article on water but does not cover the sources to look for and those to avoid. IMHO any surface water which is to depend on is not a good choice. In a crisis event fires will burn endlessly and toxic chemicals from unchecked building and industrial fires will pollute the skies. What goes up does come down and streams, ponds and lakes will get saturated with these toxins. Especially stream which collect surface run off. Same for people expecting to collect rain water. It will kill you.

    In addition surface water found on map or which are knowledgeable to others will be an attractant to life and the living dead…your worst nightmare. ARMED INTRUDERS

    A good and quality prepper has redundant electrical sources to draw water from their well which will have pure water. Filtering the air which goes into and out of a well as it rises and drops is also critical. Always protect and secure your wells so no evil doers can drop some dead rodents down inside which will poison you and leave you doubled over in agony as they walk up and double tap you. Covered springs are a good back up but all springs can dry up. I have seen it with my own eyes.

    Multiple wells are even better. A high static level like 2-4 feet from the top allows for a secondary 12 volt water pumping system to be used and or a simple pitcher pump. KISS

    On the top of any good and quality preppers list is a flow through underground non freezable high capacity water storage tank or two. That way water (several thousand gallons) is always at hand. Good for fire supression as well ;-)

    Last make sure your water always is being pumped into your abode because having to expose yourself to go outside to get water is a predictable great way to get observed, and then ambushed..double tapped of course. Same for using an outhouse. Always have chemical toilets or a sort for back up so in a dangerous period you can avoid going outside.

    Michael is a new addition to us here in Northern Idaho and he is welcome. I certainly would hope he at least has all the above in place, tested and ready to go with spare parts. I would also hope he has the secured means to endure an extended crisis event with others at hand because safety in numbers only really works when all those numbers are of like mind and of like supplies on hand.

    Living in an area with water still requires vigilance….

    • K

      Spud your observations are accurate, and your solution is very complete. The main drawback, is the expense of your solution. Systems to produce electricity, flow through tanks, additional wells. Doubt most people could manage all that on less than 50 thousand. A sum most people do not have access to.

      • Spud

        Actually having wells in Northern Idaho in the country is about 98%. Having storage tanks to draw from so the well is not cycling all day long is fairly common. Filtering the air exchange is easy. So all the above is just the cost of doing business to living countryside up here. if you can not afford it you will not be living here. Simple.

        The alternate non grid power to run all this is what good and quality preppers have because they are preppers. Prepping correctly is not a poor man’s game. I did not set the costs to build an alternate life to have on hand so when the current one crashes you can survive either. But water is life and life is not cheap.

      • m rapp

        nowdays VERY FEW can afford Montana or Idaho, cost to high land to scares …no jobs long drives etc

  • Craig

    Why does NOBODY mention the terrible radiation that is already starting to contaminate everything in the northern hemisphere & worst at the western 1/2 of north America? Fukushima, for those who have not heard, is STILL going full blast. Radiated Pacific ocean rain water, evaporates and then falls down as rain, hitting everything along its path.

    Not to mention anything like a “Carrington Event” (solar flare or EMP bomb knocking out ALL the electrical grid for months and this would cause EVERY nuke plant to melt down because all the pumps and backup generators would run out of power.)

    It also looks like the storage pools (and all the plastic radiated water storage tanks) will be going “full hot meltdown & release” in the next 24 months or less. Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Vancouver, L.A. all getting higher beach readings, etc. Tuna, salmon, kelp, clams, seals, pelicans, bald eagles, etc, all starting to suffer increasing die-offs and bio-accumulation (radiation).
    So, a REAL good researcher / prepper’s radiation survival map, would prefer places like Brazil & west Africa.
    Within DAYS of 3-11-11 (Fukushima day), the highest levels of radiation, were recorded on SALT LAKE CITY-UTAH.
    Some people in New York state, Michigan, Ohio, etc,, recorded “metallic taste in the mouth” and bleeding gums, noses, etc. Since those days, radiation damaged plants have been documented all across the USA (from Fukushima).

    Best places to live are SOUTH of the normal flow of the JET STREAM. Away from cities, yes. Good rainfall needed for living and growing. (but you may need to grow food under a greenhouse or hoop house to avoid radiation-rain. Well water will be needed.)
    HEPA filters pressurizing home and greenhouse will keep “hot dust” out of your spaces. Solar panels will be your only source of power when the grid fails forever.

    When Fukushima storage pools go “hot”.. will release enough radiation downwind, (according to some scientists), to KILL everybody downwind (California), and the California grid will go down, and this will melt down ALL the west coast reactors (because nobody will be there to operate anything). and then more nuke clouds will drift across the globe. Eastern Brazil and Western Africa will be the longest surviving areas, away from ocean sourced rainfall, etc.
    Short of that “maximum death” scenario, south eastern USA is better than N.W. USA. Every nuclear power plant on earth, was built in a way that REQUIRES active cooling of reactors & storage pools. Lose grid power (& when the diesel fuel runs out), every reactor and storage pool will go 100% meltdown, melt-up, vaporize, etc. Game over.

    • Kim

      TEPCO recently admitted that the radiation leaks are exponential worse than first reported by TEPCO. so I guess we can assume that the radiation is exponentially worse than that.

      It’s never going away.

    • Bradley James

      Sooo…how deep should I dig my grave to escape this gauranteed death? I’m pretty sure the tin foil supplies will run out before we all melt.

      • Aubryn

        No no! you save all the tin foil, even the candy wrappers in the basement……tin foil can be found just about anywhere if we spend every waking hour looking. You can actually CAPTURE it by using lots!!!!! of capitals and ex!!clam!!!ation!!! MARKS and “””plenty”””” of quotat”””ion marks”” It’s a draw!!!

        • Aubryn

          Sorry Bradley, that clearly was not directed at you

    • Gino Schafer

      The only thing you said that is remotely true is that nuke plant spent fuel pools require cooling. And in a grid down scenario, the diesel generators will run out of fuel in ~7 days time. Once that occurs the spent fuel will heat up the water in the pool until it evaporates, at that point there will be a release of fission products to the atmosphere. Is it game over? That depends on how far you are from the nuke plant and which way the wind is blowing.

      By the way, it was Jimmy Carter who created this mess. He is the one who outlawed reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel and forced nuke plants to store their spent fuel on site forever. Jimmy Carter: democrat.

    • Aubryn

      Just fyi any time I see a post with a lot of CAPS and exclamation points!!! and “quotation marks!” it is so obviously hysteria, I just pass on it. If you have nothing to say that doesn’t require all the high decibel punctuation, you have nothing to say.

  • I don’t understand why anyone would want to live in California

    • Kim

      California is beautiful. I lived there for ten years. It’s lovely.

      • Boooo

        Yep calf. is a nice place on earth. Would be tolerable if you round up all the scum politicans and jailed there a$$

    • poorman75

      You need to stop thinking all of California is LA and Hollywood. That is southern California and it should be a different state than northern California. Try looking up the Sierra Nevada mountains. That is where I live. Right smack in the middle of that green spot on the map. Some of the most beautiful country in the world. We have a Sheriff that encourages folks to get a CCW. W have some of the best weather and soil for growing in the world. You might want to explore a little before you make comments like that.

      • El_Tigre_Loco

        Yes, but you are still subject to the nightmares of the politicos in Sacramento.

  • Kim

    I have read online discussion that they are considering to let Lake Powell go and sacrifice the Glen Canyon Dam in order to save Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. It will buy some time.

    Californians are going to relocate to Portland and Seattle in droves. I am considering relocating to Spokane WA or Boise, ID. Boise is lovely. It’s one of the most charming cities in the northwest.

  • Wanda Whitehead Tumlin

    Major error here. Eastern Oregon, Eastern Washington and a good part of Idaho are very dry and arid. I’ve lived in this area for 35 years.

    • Aubryn

      Yep! The credibility is suffering here. Rawles description of how to handle childbirth in his survival tome was so absurd he lost all credibility with me

  • mitch

    The time will soon come when women and children with very few men (most of the men will be dead from war) will be walking their way to the Rocky Mt’s for the word will go out that therein will be the only place of safty.

  • Trixie

    What I find interesting with this article is the map is almost the same as the UN’s Agenda 21 rewilding program….. The UN wants people to relocate to the mega compact cities…. This just didn’t happen…Then we have all the fracking which is going on which uses just a horrible amount of drinkable water, which kills your ground water as well…. Then you have the geoengineering which is a form of weather control for which there are a huge number of patents…. Yes they can control the weather….Then you have to ask the question as to why the Chinese are buying up so much of the land in those areas in the west…..Then you have the EPA and enviromental agencies working their magic shutting off water to farmers because of some endangered animal which has shut off 40% of the food production for our country. GMO’s haven’t helped either..

    The Elite are creating these shortages. All of this is tied together…. Water shortage, food shortage, control the weather…..Their goal is to reduce the world population by 85%…… and its being done thru the agencies which are currently running this country….. and the world. Your local governments are getting paid to push half of this crap…. Start doing your homework…. Take a look at TBow Pickens who owns the largest aquafer in TX….. These people are sick and need to be stopped. America was the bread basket to the world, and now we are having most all our food shipped into this country…… WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED…..

    • gomurr

      You’re absolutely right. Unfortunately, it seems most people can’t think beyond the first bit of propaganda they hear.

      Everything is tied together (of course that belief makes one a “conspiracy theorist”, now known as a domestic terrorist).

      “UN wants people to relocate to the mega compact cities…. This just didn’t happen..”

      They aren’t done yet. First they need control of all the public lands in the west. You don’t really think they sent 200 plus armed Federal agents in full body armor, trained snipers, dogs, paid contractors, and helicopters while creating a “no fly” zone and disrupting cell tower transmissions, just to collect grazing fees from Cliven Bundy, do you? Since when do you enforce what is a civil, not criminal matter, in such a way? He’s just one example of what they’re doing.

      Once they accomplish this goal, they’ll start on seizing private property. Of course, that’s why it’s so important to disarm America.

      Yes, UN Agenda 21, no longer a delusion of “conspiracy nut jobs”, has arrived with a vengeance. Now it’s up to us.

    • Diane23

      Very succinctly put. A perfect description!

  • europa3962

    Yes see “Alone in the wilderness” on youtube

  • Houtex77

    The rapture will happen before the tribulation starts. Don’t panic. Look up and rejoice.

    • Guest

      But we don’t know how bad things will get before the Lord returns.

      • Sunshine49

        If you read Revelation you’ll know. What brings about the world rule by the antichrist is all the natural disasters that will hit the earth. Besides killing millions it will also bring about pandemics and starvation. The antichrist will be given power by Satan to do miracles that will make people think he is Jesus returned. Even most Christian religions will glorify him as the returned Christ. Satan will deceive the WHOLE world. Then his three and a half years reign will begin. During this time people who refuse to take the Mark of the Beast will be martyred. You won’t be able to buy food or do business without the Mark. The followers of Christ and the commandments of God will be hide in the wilderness for those three and a half years. If you are martyred during this time for the testimony of Jesus and the word of God you will be in the first resurrection and be priest and rulers with Christ during his thousand years reign. You have to endure until the end to be in the rapture which happens right before Armageddon. Trust in God’s promise of eternal life no matter what happens and it will give you the strength to endure to the end.

    • watchmanonthetower

      “The rapture will happen before the tribula…”

      Um, no it won’t. Sorry; no rapture before the Final Trump. That’s one of those tactical trip-mines employed by the Enemy. So watch your step; and don’t accept the ‘first Jesus’ that appears on the scene…he’s a counterfeit.

      Anyway, Houtex, for what it’s worth…a word to the wise.


  • Son of Liberty

    A far right (leaning libertarian) here, and I acknowledge global warming – and it has been going on for at least 15,000 years!!!

    At that time much of your Canada and my Alaska was under a sheet of ice. Thank God for global warming, and according to a number of scientists, global warming will be a good thing for many third world cultures in the southern hemisphere. Let’s not be so self-focused that we think of the northern regions alone! The thing I object to is the ideology that places all the blame at the feet of human interaction with the environment.


    • watchmanonthetower

      Were ‘blame’ the only punitive consequence surrounding ‘global climate change’, Son, we might be more intellectually accommodating on the subject.

      But the issue reaches well beyond the human inevitability to ‘feel guilty’ and into our wallets, pockets, purses, accounts and livelihoods to fully fleece us completely in a well-coordinated confidence game which only furthers our collective demise as a society as well as freedom-inclined citizens, and eventual bondage to a world governance system which is quickly gaining control over all the basic components of a life even worth living.

      The reality of a changing environment is, if nothing else, observable and quantifiable.

      But the scam that is now being considered the “solution” to climate change (Carbon Taxes, et al) is, to us, as transparent as well-squeegee’d glass.


    • K2

      It is ongoing…nobody said that it isnt…the difference is….humans are contributing to it now.

  • David Rossback

    I have no problem finding water in the western U.S it is the best place to relocate Oregon ,Washington , and Idaho ,Montana , Wyoming are great places .Rich in wildlife and natural resources . Western Oregon is the Best State except Alaska to Survive a Nuclear War due to the winds and Few Nuclear Targets within the State and no Nuclear Power Plants to melt down during a nuclear war . as every nuclear power plant will melt down within days of a nuclear war with Russia or China . And the only people who will survive is people in Oregon , North California and Alaska .

    • Mary Brown

      Hanford nuke site in WA, how many nuke plants to your west? Prevailing winds!

      • David Rossback

        zero nuclear power plants in Oregon , the only Nuclear target would be Portland Air Base, it has B1 nuclear bombers plus fighter jets +refueling air craft , Kingsly air base near Klamath falls Oregon has fighter jets and can have same bombers and refuelers from Portland . Umitilla Army Depot 1 of 13 largest munitions storage areas in the U.S and not far from hanford site in Washington it is on the Oregon side of the Columbia river . one other Possible military target north east of Klamath falls . The only Target West of the Cascade Mountain Range would be Portland Oregon And the winds would carry the Radiation NE/E/SE due to the winds coming from the ocean .

  • Hiroshi Yamamoto

    There’s no problem with water in Ireland. So many rain. And water is for free but Troika banksters demanded to install one million+ of water meters (one of the condition to give Republic of Ireland a Bailout). This is causing an national outcry and protests.
    Now I’m living in remote place with own source of water and forest nearby (free source of heating). Water heating stove in kitchen and a plenty of place to start a grow some veggies. Things are deteriorating and not only because of a Ukraine crisis.

    • Aubryn

      This is a man thinking for himself.

  • Dan

    McCandless had his head in the clouds. Its a shame. Basic research before his trip would have saved his life.

    • Tim

      I agree.

  • Mary Brown

    Why I am staying put in western MN. Population density here is 13 people per square mile. Sustainable even with little water.

  • Mike

    Although I agree with the basic concept of the article, it is deceiving.
    Living in the arid regions of the West requires acquiring a local knowledge of water supplies. They are actually fairly abundant if you know where to look. The difference is that most of the water is below ground only surfacing occasionally. Regardless of “dry” conditions, lots of wildlife and cattle survive quite well in these regions.
    If you are a looking for an area that will “shed” itself of the unprepared masses, these are the perfect areas. However they are not for the weak or the stupid, as they will kill you quickly if you do not know them well or treat them with respect. But then that really goes for most areas.
    No matter where you choose to go, know the area and prepare for its climate and locally unique challenges. Otherwise in a SHTF situation you won’t survive no matter what the location is..

    • Aubryn

      sssshhhhhh, no no, don’t any one come here. Be afraid. Stay where you are. Or move to that little circle on the map, the one with the noose around it. People, wake up and think for yourselves.

  • Go Blue

    Lets see I relocate to the desert of Arizona and I have a problem… Geez what a concept… You do know that if you go to the moon you will have green cheese… How about moving to Florida and there might be a hurricane… Or how about this one if you relocate to Oklahoma there is a chance you might see a tornado… Great article.. stupid

    • Dan

      My thoughts exactly. So…if I move to Montana or Idaho I might get blasted by the Yellowstone super-volcano…..if I move to Washington State, I might get blasted by Mt. Rainier. If I move to Oregon, I might get blasted by Fukushima radiation….and on and on.

  • Arizona

    A safe place for democrates is the coast of california,LOTS of sunshine and millions of other democrates,and plenty of water if you don’t have a farm……….otherwise you don’t get any……THREE GOOD PLACES for democrates,CALIF. TEXAS,.NEW YORK,best places in america for you democrates,………….

  • Fifth_Disciple

    Yeah! Texas is on fire! Do not move here! Especially if you are a liberal.

    • MBama the Magic Negro

      Dearest Liberals, we all carry guns here. It’s vewy scawy. Stay away!

  • Aubryn

    I too live in an interesting climate. Many have said it’s too hard. I find it exhilarating. btw my sis lived in Wasilla till she died-MS took her.

    • Chuck

      Sorry for your loss Aubryn.

      • Aubryn

        She is no longer in pain and in a wheelchair. She is dancing before the Lord. Thank you

  • Aubryn

    and an unfair hater : ( and part of the greedy 1% and and probly even a white male!!

  • Aubryn

    gloabl, yep……

  • Taking care of business!

    Here’s the reason for the dry condition–HAARP. And you can thank your Government for the Air Force controlled weather-weapon, which they love to use against us (US). Ever heard of UN Agenda 21? Yep, our government, Dems and RINOs backed it, to kill off 90-95% of the world’s population. So you out West are just in the bulls-eye. Kinda make you want to keep voting for liberals/progressives and RINOs, doesn’t it? Or just call it global-warming. (HAARP man-made global-warming.) And you don’t have to believe me, but it’s happening anyway.

  • Sernaite523

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  • Tim

    You’re very gracious.

    I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do. But, if you do decide to venture into the wilderness, please prepare thoroughly before you go. I’m certain that it would be extremely challenging.

  • Sunshine49

    I’m just reading this now so I didn’t get in on the discussion a month ago. I have been living in mid Florida for the past 60 years and I can tell you that the bottom half of Florida is not that green. We have been on water restrictions for the past 20 years. In my area we had a three year draught that dropped the water table 16 feet and a lot of people’s wells went dry. Salt water almost broke into the aquifer. Our floating dock was sitting on the ground. Our once beautiful gardens are full of wilting weeds. The ground is so dry that when it rains the water sits on top the ground and won’t go in or runs off. Tampa, Florida built a desalination plant that cost a fortune and isn’t working out so well. I’m now in the process of moving to North Florida where there is more water. Another point that people don’t realize is that electric companies in Florida make up half the water usage in the state. The more people that move in the more water that is used for producing electricity. Also, the more the water table drops the more sink holes you get. If you consider Florida to move to, think of the top half of the state as a better choice when it comes to water.

    • robert h siddell, jr

      And people…

      • Sunshine49


        • robert h siddell, jr

          What what? We already have a large population in God’s Country that fled NeoYork (Miami to Orlando) and are becoming converts. Good water, pastures, fences, neighbors recreation and low crime.

          • Sunshine49

            Okay. I didn’t understand what you were trying to say.

  • Peatbogjeff

    Most of the fresh water on this planet is in Minnesota and southern Ontario. Don’t even think about it people: we are prayerful, and peaceful, but also well armed.

  • Scoopie

    Williams az is high desert and usually gets adequate rainfall, unlike phoenix a few hours south.