Why Israel Is Going To Bomb Iran

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Israeli Fighter Jets - Public DomainThanks to Barack Obama, it is only a matter of time before Israel feels forced to conduct a massive military strike against Iran’s nuclear program.  When that happens, Iran will strike back, and hundreds if not thousands of missiles will rain down on Israel.  This exchange will likely spark a major regional war in the Middle East, and that could end up plunging the entire planet into chaos.  If Barack Obama was attempting to prevent such a scenario from playing out, he failed miserably.  Personally, I think that the deal that was just made with Iran is absolutely horrible.  Perhaps you disagree.  Perhaps you believe that it is the greatest piece of diplomacy of all time.  But it doesn’t really matter what any of us think.  If this deal was going to work, it had to be strong enough to convince Israel that Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons has been completely stopped.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sworn that he will never, ever let Iran get a nuclear weapon, and he has pledged to use military force if necessary.  So what Barack Obama needed was a deal that would calm Israeli nerves while satisfying the Iranians at the same time.  Such a deal may have theoretically been impossible, but that is what it was going to take to prevent war.  Instead, Obama has made a deal which has utterly horrified the Israeli government.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu even called it “a license to kill“.  So now the odds that war will happen have gone way up, but Barack Obama is too busy congratulating himself to notice.


And it isn’t just the Israeli government that has responded very negatively to this deal.

One recent survey found that a staggering 74 percent of Israelis do not believe that this deal will prevent the Iranians from developing a nuclear weapon.

A different survey discovered that 47 percent of Israelis would now support a military strike against Iran and only 35 percent of Israelis are currently against one.

Of course the Israeli government would very much prefer not to have to bomb Iran.  Before resorting to military action, the Israeli government will certainly try to encourage the U.S. Congress to derail this deal.  And we should probably expect to see more covert action against Iran’s nuclear program.

But in the end, those methods will almost certainly not be enough.  At that point, the Israeli government will have a decision to make, and I think that the following exchange between Netanyahu and Steve Forbes gives us some insight into what Israeli officials are thinking right now…


BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: I think if the deal goes through we’re in danger of war, and it might be the worst kind of war we can imagine. Because this deal will open the way for Iran not to get a bomb but many bombs. Within a decade it will be free to enrich uranium on an unlimited basis. And it will be able to make the fissile core for dozens of bombs–indeed, hundreds of bombs–which it can then put on the hundreds of ICBMs it already has.

Under this deal Iran is going to get $100 billion to $300 billion, which it will be able to use to fund its terrorism and its aggression in the region–its aim being to destroy Israel. Given Iran’s history of aggression, I’d say that this double bonanza of a guaranteed pathway to a nuclear arsenal and a jackpot of money to continue its aggression actually makes the danger of war, even nuclear war, a lot greater.

SF: You make a very important point. Even if Iran sticks to the deal, which is highly problematical, in a decade it will be a major global nuclear power, and it will have ballistic missiles.

BN: Iran is producing them, and guess what?  Within a few years they will be able to reach the Eastern seaboard of the United States. And then every point in the United States. But this deal will also enable Iran to tip those missiles with nuclear weapons, with atomic bombs. And I think it’s a huge mistake to allow the foremost sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran, to have nuclear weapons, as well as the capacity to give such weapons to its terrorist surrogates. This is a big, big mistake. Not only endangering Israel and the entire Middle East but the entire world, specifically the United States.  The mullahs, the dictators in Tehran, they call us the little Satan; they call America the big Satan. You are their ultimate target, and you should not give such a terrorist regime the weapons of mass destruction.  Because I think the greatest danger facing our world is the marriage of militant Islam with nuclear weapons. Here you have a militant Islamic state, Iran, arming itself with nuclear weapons and receiving a huge cash bonanza in the bargain.  That’s a mistake.


Let there be no misunderstanding – as long as Benjamin Netanyahu is in power the Israeli government will never, ever allow Iran to build nuclear weapons.

This deal that Barack Obama just made with Iran guarantees the Iranians a path to a nuclear weapon, but the Obama administration is apparently hoping that regime change will happen before that time if they are able to kick the can down the road far enough.

But the big mistake that almost everyone in the western world is making when analyzing this deal is that they are assuming that the Iranians will actually keep their promises.

Just like the U.S. government, the Iranians have a very long track record of blatantly lying.  And they were caught lying even in the midst of these recent negotiations.  The National Council of Resistance of Iran produced evidence that the Iranians were enriching uranium intended for nuclear weapons at a site known as “Lavizan-3” just outside of Tehran.  But even after this information came out, the Iranians and the Obama administration just continued with their negotiations as if this facility did not exist.

This is how utterly incompetent the Obama administration is.  The Iranians were hiding things and blatantly lying to us before the negotiations were even completed.  And the truth is that it is possible that Iran might already have developed nuclear weapons.

Let us hope that this is not the case, but if reports about Lavizan-3 are accurate, the Iranian nuclear program may be far more advanced than any of us have been led to believe.

Sadly, most people in the western world end up believing what they want to believe about Iran instead of what the facts on the ground actually tell us.

Not too long from now, I believe that we will see some sort of “trigger event” which will motivate the Israeli government to finally conduct a massive military strike against the Iranian nuclear program.  Israel has a history of conducting these kinds of assaults, and the Israeli military has been preparing for just such an attack for a very long time.  The following comes from a recent article by Joel C. Rosenberg

Israel has used surprise military force twice to neutralize foreign nuclear programs. In 1981, the Israeli Air Force attacked and destroyed Iraq’s nuclear facilities. Then in 2007, the Israelis attacked and destroyed a Syrian nuclear facility being built with the help of the North Koreans. An attack on Iran’s facilities would be far more complex, and the possible retaliatory blowback could be horrendous. But yet, the Israelis certainly have the capability to do what they need to do, and they’ve been preparing for years for that moment. Given Israel’s historic track record, it is possible Israeli leaders will come to the point of feeling they have no choice but to launch attacks on Iran.

And just because Iran has made a “deal” with us, the American people should not assume that we have now become “friends” with the Iranian government.

In fact, the president of Iran recently led a march through the streets of Tehran during which the crowds were chanting “death to America”

“Even over the weekend, as Iran continued to receive more and more concessions at the negotiating table, Iranian President Rouhani led a march of hatred in the streets of Tehran in which the masses cried, ‘Death to America! Death to Israel!‘” Netanyahu said, describing Iran’s recent “Al Quds (Jerusalem) Day” in an address to the Knesset Monday.

What a horrible thing to want.  Even though I am very pro-Israel, I would never wish death to Iran.  The Iranian people work hard, they take care of their families, and most of them want peace.

Unfortunately, Iran is run by a cadre of radical Islamic nutjobs that are obsessed with wiping the nation of Israel off the face of the planet.

For a long time, Israel and Iran have been on a collision course, and now time is running out.

War is coming to the Middle East, and it is going to be absolutely horrifying.

So who will ultimately be victorious in this coming war?  Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

  • K

    Iran can not be trusted at all. And most likely, the war will come sooner than later. Now with the sanctions dropping, Iran will modernise their military faster than you can imagine. Israel can not afford to wait for that.

    • iris

      I agree about Iran. Praying Israel will look to God, and trust Him, although there are some there who have been doing just that. Many miracles have happened concerning His land before, and they will happen again. I do have to wonder though, if we’re just this close to the battle of Armageddon. Movies and books have Hollywoodized the whole thing, probably scriptures have been misinterpreted, but still, it will surely occur. Just a matter of time, I guess.

      • K

        Armageddon? Not yet. Are we close to those actions, that start us down the path to Armageddon yes. How long is that path? Only God knows.

    • Gay Veteran

      more like the U.S. government cannot be trusted

  • Jim Davis

    And why is it OK for Israel to have nukes? For that matter why is it OK for the USA to have nukes? We are still the only nation to use them in war, thanks to mass murdering Harry Truman who incinerated and horrifically burned hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians in two of the most evil acts in history.

    • Robert L.

      The alternative to bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki was an invasion of Japa, in which many hundreds of thousands of Americans would have been killed.
      Better them than us.

      • Guest

        And I’m sure that’s exactly what terrorists think…”better them then us”. And not too many like their view so tell me what’s the difference again?

      • Zenithon

        It’s not just “better them than us”. There is no doubt that hundreds of thousands of American lives would have been lost in a full invasion of Japan, but also millions of Japanese would have lost their lives. Dropping those two bombs was a horrific event that will hopefully never be seen again, but in that particular case, it brought a very quick end to a horrible war, most likely saving millions of lives compared to the alternative. Sadly, with more and more nations getting there hands on these things, the odds of never seeing it happen again go down every year.

      • TheLulzWarrior

        Yeah, never mind that Manchukuo and a part of Korea had just been lost to the Red Army, an area greater than west Germany in just 2 weeks.

    • Son of Liberty

      Yes, you are positively correct, the U.S. used nuclear bombs during WWII against Japan. It is estimated that those two bombs, that did kill thousands and burned thousands more, saved up to a million U.S. servicemen’s lives had we gone into Japan to bring a successful conclusion to the war.

      The Japanese would have fought tooth and nail had we landed on their shores in an effort to bring the war to a close. The use of atomic weaponry in this instance saved a million or more lives on both sides in the end.

      While horrific, was less horrific than a land war on Japanese soil would have been.

      • Gay Veteran

        don’t forget that use of the atomic bomb was a message for the Soviet Union

      • Joe

        A million lives? Really? I’m putting that in the pure speculation category. When they sell it to you that way it’s easy to justify bombing innocent people. To I believe lives would have been lost otherwise? Sure they would have been, unfortunately. However, that’s what soldiers do, they fight and daintiness die for their cause(to which I greatly respect). However, to say a million lives were saved, highly doubtful!

        • folgers21

          You don’t know what you’re talking about. Read about it. EVERYONE assumed the war would cost another million in Japan and would stretch on for years of mopping up. And yes, soldiers die, but they don’t really want to and a good commander looks for ways to keep them from dying. Killing a few hundred thousand up front is an acceptable trade for a million on the other side. And nobody ranked an Axis life as equal to an Allied life-just look at Dresden.

          Don’t forget, it took two bombs to get them to surrender-one wasn’t enough. After the war, we found caves filled with weapons and last-ditch aircraft; enough to prolong the war for years. The Japanese did not believe in surrender as an honorable option. When we invaded Iwo Jima, for instance, the civilians committed suicide, rather than allow us to take them, too.

          The planners for the invasion estimated we would lose 1000 men AN HOUR. Everyone knew it was bad. My own father (b. 1930) thought he would have to grow up and go fight in Japan, too.
          When you contrast the estimated loss of life with a few hundred thousand up front, it’s a reasonable proposition to drop the bomb. Also, the targets were legitimate military targets. Hiroshima was home to over 40,000 troops and the HQ for all forces in Southern Japan. Nagasaki was a major port and industrial city. Personally, I would have just A-bombed Tokyo to cut the head off the chicken and end it with 1 bomb, but I’m kind of simplistic.

        • folgers21

          By the way-whose side are you on? Did you happen to forget they attacked us unprovoked and only declared war after the initial assault? Did you forget they tortured and starved our captured troops? Did you forget the Rape of Nanking? The years of oppression of the Chinese? The slavery of the Korean “comfort” women? These weren’t nice people. They were fanatical AHoles who believed their emperor was a God and who firmly believed in their racial superiority to everyone else. Acting like they’re somehow victims is really laughable.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…Did you happen to forget they attacked us unprovoked….”

            you do understand that our embargo against them was strangling them

      • TheLulzWarrior

        Never mind that Japan had just lost Manchukuo and 1.5 millions Soldiers to the Red Army.

    • freedomlover

      Some countries threaten other countries (which they are not currently at war with) repeatedly with nuclear attack or total annihilation, i.e. Iran toward Israel. The US and Israel, or other countries with the Bomb, like India, England don’t engage in such dangerous and terrifying rhetoric. If Iran’s leaders talk like homicidal maniacs, then just maybe they shouldn’t have nuclear weapons.For example, the law abiding citizen doesn’t scare me when he owns a gun but a criminal does. As for WWII if my husband or son had been fighting in the Pacific I’d want him home ASAP. So Japan should have left us alone to begin with. If the US apologizes once more for bombing Japan, I for one, will be sick. Still waiting for them to apologize for Pearl Harbor. Hasn’t happened. Won’t hold my breath.

      • Gay Veteran

        which nation has Iran invaded in the past 100 years? ZERO

        • TheLulzWarrior

          Past 200 years.

          Thought, did you hear amendihad wanted to turn Israeli babies into French fries?
          He really did, any statement that it was a deliberately faulty translation is complete hoghwash!
          If you disagree, you are an Islamo-Nazi Apologist!

    • folgers21

      You’re a fool. If you actually read about the issue, since all the vets of that period who could tell you about it are sadly passing away, you would hopefully learn the US faced the choice of ending the war as soon as possible or risking untold thousands of casualties PER DAY in an invasion.

      I met one of the developers of the atomic bomb from the Manhattan Project, Mr. Leon Smith. Mr. Smith was pulled into the program in the early 40s and famously designed a bomb test unit in 30 hours that was used to test bombs enroute to target on the bomber. Mr. Smith lost a coin toss to be the bombardier over Japan, but did drop the weapon in Crossroads Test a few years later.

      Mr. Smith was on Tinian as soon as we took it from the Japanese, helping prepare the loading pit for the modified B17 that carried the bomb to Japan. During that time, he could see the pre-invasion preparations going on and he sat in on the planning sessions ahead of the November 1945 landings. He stated the planners expected to lose 1,000 men AN HOUR in the attack!

      We now know the Japanese had stockpiles of weapons in caves; enough to arm every man, woman, and child. They were preparing a fanatical fight to the death against us.
      If you were faced with a fight like that, with potentially hundreds of thousands of caualties and an enemy who refused to surrender, when would you consider dropping an atom bomb? How many thousands of your own people have to die before it was worth it?

      I’m glad Truman dropped the bomb. That war could have continued for a long, long time. And I’ll remind you, many of us wouldn’t be around here, either, since a lot more troops wouldn’t have returned. They thought of alternatives, like bombing an uninhabited island, but they believed the Japanese wouldn’t be impressed enough to surrender. Please remember, it took TWO bombs to finally convince them to stop.

      Mr. Smith stated he was relieved. Once the bombs were dropped, he was relieved the war would be over and everyone could finally go home. Truman did nothing wrong dropping those bombs. It saved lives on both sides and ended an insane regime. To claim otherwise is proof of an ignorant and deluded mind.

      • Jim Davis

        At the very least he could have dropped the first bomb on a sparsely populated area. But no he went after cities to kill civilians. Truman was a mass-murdering sociopath. You have so much flag-waving propaganda embedded in your tiny brain it is simply not worth a discussion.

        • folgers21

          Ad hominem attacks on me do not prove your point, nor do they disprove mine. You know you can’t back up your argument because it’s based on a mountain of ignorance and knee-jerk emotion, not facts.

          First-they went after legitimate military targets. Do some reading. Both targets were real strategic targets. We didn’t just look for a city with the most schools and hospitals to hit-we looked for vital targets. Hiroshima was the HQ for all forces in Southern Japan and housed approx 40K troops in the area. Nagasaki was a vital port city and big industrial area. Both were legit military targets. If you could wipe out up to 40K troops in one shot, wouldn’t you?

          Second-and this is a bit controversial, but allow me to point out that in an All-Out War, even civilians are not really innocent. Farmers and Manfucturers are vital to the war effort and destroying them and their infrastructure is, regrettably, one method of ending a war. After all, it’s logistics that win wars, not troops. You’ll note we never shied away from bombing factories, trains, bridges, warehouses, airfields, mines, dams, etc. We generally try not to hurt unarmed civilians, but if they’re clustered around those high value targets, what do you want us to do? Targets still need to be destroyed. The deaths of those civilians, while unfortunate, DID speed the end of the war. I think it’s perfectly fine because we saved a lot more lives in the long run.

          Third-They considered bombing an island and discarded the idea because they didn’t believe the Japanese would be impressed by our ability to destroy uninhabited islands. Again, it took 2x atomic bombs before they surrendered. One F-ing bomb wasn’t sufficient to convince them. Why would blowing up an uninhabited area be any more impressive than the first city?

          It’s not like we were made out of atom bombs at that point-how many “demonstrations” would you drop before you were ready to go for realsies? Would you drop the last one, then threaten to come back with a few more in a few months?

        • Scott Campbell

          Name calling is the first evidence of a loss argument.

    • Scott Campbell

      Actually, the alternate to Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have been an invasion of the Japanese Mainland and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans AND hundreds of thousands of Japanese. The decision by Truman was a difficult one, but it saved probably over a million people. Also, had the Japanese not surrendered when they did, there would have been a third detonation over another Japanese city. The 3rd nuke was in California ready to fly to Tinian when word came of the surrender.

  • Richard

    Sny der is a Je vish name, is it not?

  • Jordan

    Michael should mention how many bases America has on Iran’s border. Maybe that is why Iran doesn’t like America. What if Iran had bases on our border. I don’t want to hear about the dictatorship in Iran because if I recall, what is Obama to America? I get tired of hearing about Iran killing our troops. Iran couldn’t kill our troops if we changed our foreign policy and brought them home! China, Russia, Iran and Syria are being demonized for one reason. Because they are the only countries remaining free of the globalists control.

    • kfilly

      You are wrong about part of your assessment. The globalists control China and Russia. They have central banks. They are owned by the same people who own the U.S. These people just pit one side against the other. It is no different than Democrat/Republican here.

      • iris

        Yep. God usually uses geo political events as prophecy is fulfilled.

      • gayle anderson

        Kfilly, you are exactly correct. Any country that has a central bank is owned by the elites. People wake up!! Don’t fall for their dog and pony show. It’s all an illusion designed to make you pick a side. Remember, they control the world, except for North Korea, Cuba and Iran. Those are the only countries without a central bank.

        • Mike

          Those are your poster children for nations without a central bank? If I had to make a choice for which type of government control to live under, I would choose the central bank over North Korea, Cuba and Iran. What a joke!

    • CRAT

      Also need to add that Netanyahu, along with ex UN ambassador John Bolton, for many years have been saying Iran was on the verge of getting a nuclear weapon. A few years back Bolton declared we had only weeks to bomb Iran to stop them from acquiring such a weapon. All those statements inciting us to war were false!

      • klwashb

        How do you know? You have connections in Tehran?

      • TheLulzWarrior

        Iran have been on the verge of having nuclear weapons for over 30 years now.

    • Gay Veteran

      why do Iranians hate the U.S. government? gee, wonder if it has anything to do with us overthrowing Iran’s democratically elected government in the 1950s and replacing it with the TYRANT shah

      • klwashb

        Wrong. It is the radical Islamic leadership that hates America. They hate all who don’t follow their way.

        • Gay Veteran

          noooooo, we support dictators in their countries. that is why the Iranians hate the U.S. government

      • TheLulzWarrior

        Dey H8 erw freedums and Put-it-in wanna invade Yurope!

      • Jim Davis

        Stop mentioning factual history. People prefer to sing “patriotic” country songs about ‘Murica kicking mooslim butt.

        • Gay Veteran

          certainly distracts them from American jobs being shipped overseas and our economy going down the toilet

    • I’m tired of American bogeymen Psy-ops…Its either North Korea or China or Iran while America and Israel go butchering half of the planet.

      • TheLulzWarrior

        What is this commie propaganda, don´t you know that North Korea could single handedly invade the US all the way to Chicago?!?

    • Jim Davis

      Don’t confuse the sheep. They have already swallowed the propaganda. US good. Israel good. And anybody else the neocons dislike is bad.

  • CRAT


    Repeating what Jordan said: look at the number of bases or military installations the US has around Iran. Also look at how many countries the US has invaded in the last, say 100-150 years compared to how many Iran has invaded (answer: 0 ). Iran is now enemy du jour.

    I don’t know if Iran is really after the bomb,(the CIA and IAEA say NO), but if I were in power, and seeing how the US behaves with other countries, I would want a nuclear weapon with good delivery capability. See how the US treated Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, vs Pakistan, North Korea, China, all of which have nuclear capable arsenals.

    It seems we have painfully ignored the advice of our forefathers “trade peacefully globally, avoid foreign entanglements.” (paraphrasing)

    • JasonD

      The Libyans don’t have nuclear capability. If you recall, Doc Emmet Brown only gave them a “shoddy bomb casing filled with used pinball machine parts.”

      • CRAT

        What I meant was that Pakistan, China, and North Korea have nukes, unlike the other countries. The US is more circumspect when dealing with these actors.

        • TheLulzWarrior

          So does Iran, Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, probably Taiwan too.

      • Gay Veteran

        the U.S. government overthrew the Libyan government and now there is total chaos, with 1000s trying to flee to Europe

        • Tatiana Covington

          The real reason Europe overran Libya was to secure vast areas of cloud-free desert, to eventually build vast solar farms to harvest terawatts of fuelless power.

      • sally_dice
    • Gay Veteran


  • Paul F

    The GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob will destroy the enemies of Israel through MESSIAH YESHUA
    (Zechariah Ch 12). Right now we’re seeing the chess board being set up,
    but the check mate belongs to Israel. This is a fact. through all the
    political games and global units, the bare scene shows that the world
    will fall and Israel will stand in Glory. The countries of the world are
    doing just as GOD said they would.

    • Gay Veteran


      • Paul F

        the truth hurts, doesn’t it, troll. YESHUA IS KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS FOREVER! Long after you’re dead and rotting, the truth will still be eternal!

        • Gay Veteran

          whatever you say


          Fundie FRUITCAKE

    • folgers21

      Does that mean we don’t need to worry about Iran and Israel? Cuz’ if God has it well in hand, then it’s hardly our place to go disrupting His plan. In fact, we don’t even need to pay attention to this story, since He’s got this one.

    • stevor

      90% of Israel’s inhabitants are NOT SEMITES. THey’re ashkenazi jews. Look up “ashkenaz” in Genesis or wikipedia and see that they’re descendants of Japheth whereas Semites descend from Isaac or Ishmael.
      So, when talking about “the GOD of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob”, they don’t have much to do with Israel’s inhabitants of today (who in general are atheists and definitely anti-Semitic since they’re against the Sephardic Jews and the Palestinian Semites)

      • Bill the Cat

        Ashkenazi — white, Eastern Europeans noted for their longevity and having the highest group IQ in the world. Einstein etc.

        I’m still not sure why they seem to make some people absolutely, bat5hit nuts.

        • stevor

          maybe because, with Rothschild and Satan behind them, they want to enslave the rest of the world (even though they’re not real jews, they love to think of everybody else as the “goy” who only exist to serve them)

          • Bill the Cat

            Excellent example of my point. I assume you understand that there are lots of people who have the same genetics and aren’t ashkenazim? BTW, I suspect the Rothschilds are mostly concerned about theselves and the other NWO folks.

    • NYCpatriot75


    • iris

      Yes, indeed. Thanks, Paul F., for the reminder.

  • Sandbagger

    “But even after this information came out, the Iranians and the Obama administration just continued with their negotiations as if this facility did not exist.
    This is how utterly incompetent the Obama administration is.”

    I am sick to death of hearing people excuse Obama with terms like “utterly incompetent”. He’s VERY, VERY competent; in his agenda, as directed by his keepers.

    Please stop referring to his deeds as incompetent, unfortunate, silly, nutty, silp-ups, etc.

    To quote BN recently on this “deal”:

    “Can you imagine giving a drug dealer 24 days’ notice before you inspect the premises?” Netanyahu said. “That’s a lot of time to flush a lot of meth down the toilet.”

    I agree Israel will not allow anyone to harm them.

    • Gay Veteran

      Netanyahu is a psychopath

  • chriscas

    Just figure that by 2020-30 many of us will be dead and prepare to meet God accordingly.

  • Gay Veteran

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a psychopathic warmonger

    • Not true..He is a good actor…like Obama…The decisions are taken at a much higher level.

      • Gay Veteran

        oh I think they are BOTH psychopaths

    • Avner

      Netanyahu is like Mikhail Shakasvilli…. US educated hothead who speaks perfect Neocon.

  • Pia Sparrow

    Russia & China signed off on the Iran deal also ..thats a game changer

  • Icarus

    In order to understand what’s really going on here you need to understand cultural differences. I’ve been to Iran 30 times. I know the country and the people. “Death to America” does NOT mean what you think it does. It’s just a saying, like “Death to traffic” or “Death to red lights”. It means i don’t like something, it doesn’t mean I’d like to destroy someone or something! It’s like when your kid does something wrong and you blurt out “I’m going to kill you!”. And we’ve all done that. You don’t literally mean it!

    Second you can NEVER make deals with Iranians. Lieing is perfectly acceptable behavior. It’s approved in the Koran if it furthers your goals. As a matter of fact it’s expected behavior. You make a deal with them EXPECT them to ALWAYS go back on the deal if it’s in their best interest. Their word is not as important in their culture as it is, or used to be, in ours.

    I’m not defending Israel, the second most evil regime on the planet behind North Korea, but I do agree with Michael. This is a horrible deal. “Trust but verify.” Never were truer words spoken.

    • LOL….You are totally main stream…when you said North Korea being the most evil…You really have No clue ..just eating main stream propaganda.

      Please research North Korea’s true history…and why US killed 40% of north koreans while during the entire world war 2..only 3% germans died….I bet you don’t know it was America that divided Korea not North Korea, also, even today North Korea wants Unification…Guess who comes in the middle and says NO…

      • Icarus

        How can one argue against such ignorance? Korea lost between 2 and 2.19% of their TOTAL population during WW II (see wikipedia) mostly to the Japanese not the US! (between 483,000 and 533,000) It wasn’t America that divided Korea it was the occupation of the North by the USSR and the South by the US. And yea the north want’s reunification….what planet are you from? What other countries kill dissidents with mortars? What other country starves their people? And what other country is more militarized than North Korea? Answer. NONE!

        • Joe

          Can’t be that bad, Dennis Rodman vacationed there…twice that I know of! :)

        • Алексей К.

          You are wrong. The US of A is this other country….

          • Icarus

            Now that I can’t argue with. One can make some very compelling arguments that the USA is right up there on that evil list. I would venture to say however that you would get an argument from an educated North Korean about it……….

          • Gay Veteran

            we started a war of aggression against Iraq

  • GetReal4U2

    God himself will defend Israel in the last days…get ready…time is shorter than most think…

    • Paul F


  • Mike Molyneaux

    People who take sides in any international, political, religious or racial dispute are probably unaware of the fact that their attitudes and actions are contrary to what Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel instructed His followers. The only political authority that followers of Yeshua can support is none other than the organization that will soon replace all the political systems of the existing world order; the only nation that will eventually receive greater prosperity than others in the new political dispensation is the chosen nation of Israel and only when this nation acts the way Yeshua instructed them to act; and the only race that will eventually win greater honour than others is the race that descends from Jacob, and only when they do what deserves such honour. And no religions will be allowed in the next age, only the truth.

  • Tatiana Covington

    The correct statement is, that some Israeli free agents would feel forced to do that. Others would not. Further, if Israel attempts Iran’s destruction, then Iran will be within its sovereign rights to retaliate in kind.

    • klwashb


    • TheLulzWarrior

      Go back to yurope, u librul natzee!

      • Tatiana Covington

        I am not a “librul”. Why, I’m so offended at being called a liberal, that I could just cry!

        • TheLulzWarrior

          I know, just making fun of the pro-war imbeciles.


          hahah! Great response! You Win!

    • Scott Campbell

      Where did that come from? When has Israel ever said it wants to destroy Iran??? The leaders of Iran (not the people) say they want to wipe Israel off the map…..on a daily basis. Israel may have to attack Iran’s ability to acquire nukes, but that would hardly result in the “destruction” of Iran.

      Now if Iran lobs a nuke or two at Israel, Iran WILL be instantly destroyed, and rightfully so. I wish the people of Iran would take out the nuts running their country.

  • hon788

    Obama is actually a very pro war president, and has blindsided the weak that voted for him.

    • Avner

      The most sleazy warmonger ever in that office, bar none. What I think is funny, is how the neocons and right wingers will howl about him being weak. Do you really think for the minute the liar in chief actually tells the truth to foreigners at all???

      • klwashb

        He is actually a lying coward who hides behind the power of his office. And yes he is above all dangerous.

  • rentslave

    Benny and the Jetsssss!

  • Алексей К.

    Don’t fall
    a victim to considering Washington
    being stupid and don’t think you are smarter than they are. And don’t look at
    the US-Iran deal at isolation as well. If you think that a prominent political
    leader acts irrationally that can be nothing short of your complete failure to
    decode his proper intentions.

    ultimate goal of Washington
    is to preserve global hegemony of the waning dollar over emerging centers of
    power. I’m sure few will disagree that failure to preserve dollar hegemony implies
    a soon-to follow collapse for the US as a super power and will most
    probably instigate cessation movement within the country.

    The only way
    for the dollar to be preserved now that the dollar is nothing but a piece of
    paper not backed by anything but trillions of debt that can never be repaid and
    to make the dollar look strong and attractive is through making all the other currencies
    look inferior. That’s why world instability and chaos is a primary part of the Washington
    policy-making. They tried to get Russia provoked in interfering directly in anti-russian
    coup in Ukraine to no avail (I live in Ukraine and witnessed how this US-orchestrated
    and funded coup unraveled here and despite mass brutal killing of pro-russian
    population on May 2 last year here in Odessa where I live Russia didn’t
    intervene cause that was exactly what US was expecting). Now they’ve changed
    their strategy and try to ignite the Middle East by striking a deal that is
    100% certain to get Israel
    provoked into an offensive. Just ask yourself what in the world changed that
    coerced Washington to rush into reconsidering its
    stance towards Iran,
    something contradicting its long term policy? This is a two-way no-failire deal
    for the US.
    By flooding markets with cheap Iranian oil the prices of the vital commodity are
    set to plummet even further than they are thus dealing a very serious blow at
    the Russian oil-exports dependant economy. On the other hand, provoking Iran into an offensive against Iran can have Russia maintaining a pro-iran
    position involved in the conflict. Anyway, the regional instability benefits dollar
    hegemony anyway. The little drawback of this strategy entails sacrificing Israel as a
    pawn in this game. Sorry, folks, nothing personal when the perseverance of DOLLAR
    is at stake.

    • Avner

      If you listen to our “mainsteam” political jitbags, they will insist “Putin invaded Ukraine” whereas our coupmaster, Vicky Nuland, actually helped install that Neo-Nazi Yatsenuik into power. There are some who are smarter than you think here.. however, we’re a minority. Young men in your country learn to strip Avtomats and wrestle and engage in martial arts. Young men here as told to “check their privilege” if they are white, and are told that their desires to talk to women are bad. We’re even starting a “unisex” clothing line for both men and women, and it totally feminizes the men and makes the women just look weird.

      • klwashb

        WOW!! LOL. Thanks for the comic relief from the real world. Lol

        • Gay Veteran

          interesting you buy into the korporate propaganda about Ukraine

  • Avner

    Netanyahu has been screaming since 1992 that “Iran is six months from the bomb.”

    Guess what? The bomb is 1930’s technology. Maybe a better question is, who doesn’t have it?

    Howcome no one talks about the Saudi nuke program anyway? They are the ones along with us who finance the aloha snackbar dirtbags who shot up our draw contest and our Marine Corps recruiting station.

    No, lets howl and scream about Iran, a country that hasn’t attacked anyone in almost 300 years. I’ll come out and say it – they already have the bomb. Whether they built it, or bought it. They have it already. If Israel attacks another sovereign country, they deserve the blowback.

    NOW whether this “deal” is good or not… maybe the better question is, that as part of the deal, does Iran have to stop selling oil for gold?

  • klwashb

    You have quite a distorted world view.

    • Gay Veteran

      and yet you were utterly incapable of rebutting a single thing he wrote

  • TheLulzWarrior

    ““Even over the weekend, as Iran continued to receive more and more concessions at the negotiating table, Iranian President Rouhani led a march of hatred in the streets of Tehran in which the masses cried, ‘Death to America! Death to Israel!‘” Netanyahu said, describing Iran’s recent “Al Quds (Jerusalem) Day” in an address to the Knesset Monday.”

    Ya trust the dude? He has been yammering about Iran soon becoming a nuclear power for +20 years now.

  • SantosGarcia
  • Gay Veteran

    you need to look beyond the korporate media propaganda.

    from Paul Craig Roberts:

    “…you can free yourself from the brainwashing from the presstitute media, three BIG reasons jump out at you. One is that the neoconservatives’ perception of the threat has shifted from “Muslim terrorists” to Russia and China. Unlike Muslim terrorists, both Russia and China are constraints on Washington’s unilateralism. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Washington has grown accustomed to being the Uni-Power, able to exercise its will unchallenged in the world. The rise of Russian strength under Putin and Chinese strength under the new policy has destroyed Washington’s Uni-Power privilege. Washington wants the privilege back.

    Washington is not in good shape, economically or militarily. According to Nobel Economist Joseph Stieglitz and Harvard University budget expert Linda Bilmes, Washington has wasted at least $6 trillion dollars in its 14-year old wars in the Middle East. Despite the extraordinary cost, Washington has been defeated, and is now faced with the Islamic State, a new entity arising out of Washington’s mistakes that is creating a new country partly out of Iraq and partly out of Syria.

    Despite its gigantic hubris, Washington has figured out that the US cannot simultaneously take on Russia, China, Iran, and the Islamic State. This realization is one reason for the nuclear agreement with Iran. It removes Iran from the mix….”

  • Gay Veteran

    more from Paul Craig Roberts:

    “…A second reason for the agreement is that Iran is opposed to the Islamic State and can be employed as an American proxy against the Islamic State, thus freeing Washington for conflict with Russia and China.

    A third reason for Washington’s agreement with Iran is Washington’s concern with Europe’s energy dependence on Russia. This dependence is inconsistent with the EU going along with Washington’s sanctions against Russia and with NATO’s military moves against Russia. Washington wants to end this dependence and has hopes that money can bring Iran into becoming a supplier of natural gas and oil to Europe.

    The explanation I have provided is realism, not cynicism. All that the agreement with Iran means is that Washington has belatedly realized that the concocted Iranian and Muslim threats are using up time, energy, and resources that Washington needs to apply to Russia and China. Moreover, there were too many threats for the American people to know which was paramount….”

    One of the reasons that Greece has to be destroyed is to block the entry of Russian natural gas into Europe from the Russian pipeline into Turkey.

  • Gay Veteran

    sure took his time destroying Rome.
    what, was he busy?

  • Horse

    “foremost sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran”
    Seriously ? the correct answer to that is the USA, right here.
    No one ever has overthrown more legitimate governments, caused more death and corruption that Our less than loved leaders.

  • Nick Belardo

    You asked who will win this coming conflict. According to God’s word recorded in Jeremiah 17, God will destroyed Iran. Israel will eventually win in the end.

  • Scott Campbell

    Who will ultimately be victorious?

    I think without a doubt, Israel. The horrendousness of the war depends on if Iran has the bomb at the time of the attack by Israel. If they do, Israel will suffer greatly, but Iran will cease to exist.

    Israel has sub-based nukes which can strike even if its land-based nukes are taken out. Saudi Arabia and at least Jordan will probably stand with Israel. SA can get nukes with very little lead time from Pakistan. One day we’ll wake up to pictures of mushroom clouds over the Middle East.

  • SkippingDog

    Israel won’t be going to war or attacking Iran’s facilities. The IDF doesn’t have the refuel capability or the safe transit routes needed to do so, and there’s no reason to believe either the U.S. or the U.N. will provide them with that level of support.

  • Roger Maximus Hutger

    the next war is gog and magog. YESHUA IS COMMING SOON. THE RAPTURE IS IMINENT.

  • this is típs on how to fìll-up Your bank account with additional money every week – check for more ínformatìon in my profile


    Leave it to the fruitcake Tinfoil hat wearing FUNDIES to use GODs name to say its ok to murder innocent people. These are the same quacks who caused the Inquisition, the crusades, where millions of people were murdered in their imaginary fairy gods name. Same people who tried to EXECUTE Gallileo, because he discovered the earth revolved around the sun, NOT as the christian idiots believed, and were WRONG ABOUT. Same people who said rock n roll was satanic. Ask yourself this question: Do the Israelis act like GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE? Of course not! YOU KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS! They want to murder innocent people, they own the largest open air prison in the world, Gaza, and if they are attacked and are losing, they will ANNIHILATE the entire mideast with the SAMPSON OPTION. Is that from the Bible? Of course not! These people are WACKOS, and they are the same ones you see on tv every day banging little kids, embezzling money, and covering up their crimes using the name of God. No, its time for people to wake up that the Israelis are TERRORISTS, period.

  • Pam

    I’m sickened by/with Iran due to, last year, the gov. making it legal for the men to marry 10-year-girls !!! one child bleed to death because her body couldn’t accommodate this 52-year-old man she was forced to ‘marry’ – both Iran / Iraq practice ‘thighing’ – these men are nauseating !